Are the Job Numbers Believable?

The government’s latest Emp-Sit (employment situation report) has just been released.  But before we go there some contexting is useful.

First, we had Wednesday’s ADP hiring data.  This reported “ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by
132,000 Jobs in August; Annual Pay was Up 7.6%”.

Key part of their press release was that it was ” a step down from the month before, when the economy created nearly 270,000 jobs. Payroll growth also slowed in July when compared to June of this year.”

Our takeaway here is hiring slowed.  Now, the good news – when they finally got their server-side issue fixed up at Challenger, Gray, and Christmas Thursday, was their Job Cut Report was actually positive.  By one report (because we still can’t get their site to come up) US Layoff announcements fall by 21 percent in August, Challenger says,

This gets us around to the actual data of this morning which STILL hasn’t come up to late 2019 and early 2020 employment levels:

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 315,000 in August, and the unemployment rate rose to 3.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Notable job gains occurred in professional and business services, health care, and retail trade.”

What’s more, while we still don’t have as many people working as we did 2 1/2-years ago, we also had to rely on a big increase in the CES (*Current Employment Situation) Birth-Death (of businesses) model for much of in the increase.

All of which is OK *(except it means we haven’t had more people working really than 2 1/2-years ago.  Which means the economy is still miles from firing on all cylinders.

By our reckoning, the market reaction to the New Global Reality is that the entire world is undergoing a shift right now in how the different financial centers have self-arranged in a new hierarchical manner.  Which is where displacement and Depressions can be found.  The latter is a feature of saturation economics and may be thought of as the wing of an aircraft stalling.

And to carry that a bit further, we think of the Velocity of M2 money stocks as a kind of economic airspeed indicator.

Which is stuck in stalled and no sign of recovery.

Bottom Line as We See It

From the BLS Database:

We STILL have not caught up to pre-bioweapn employment levels yet.

But they will keep making up jobs and failing to account for the additional load of illegals in the country until they get to something saleable.

Say just ahead of Elections.  Which I mention for the dunce hat posse.

Crisis-Driven Hiring

Two books to put on your reading list to understand how the Next Crisis which either will be fallout from a nuke of some kind, or Environmental Cop gone rogue by Wokees.  Or it will be a kind of financial Gestapo.  All have certain “moving pieces” that make law-abiding, truth-seekers uncomfortable.

In fact, popular national news commentator Glenn Beck got wind of what was going on in Canada and devoted a lot of pod time to it this week.  Then, here comes the government of Canada saying it’s not true: Environment Canada says online reports of ‘climate police’ are false.

It’s because of this this Big Picture stuff that we’ve added Nigrini’s savory “Forensic Analytics: Methods and Techniques for Forensic Accounting Investigations to our reading list.  Along with the older (2011) but still useful (cheaper) “Forensic Accounting For Dummies Paperback.”  This latter is less expensive so it will go into the brain-mill first.

My point is that whenever there is a major financial crisis – like the meltdown of the Internet Bubble in 2000, there seems to be an emergent pattern of a crisis-driven hiring episode to throw buckets of money on an uneasy (feeling cheated) civpop.

So, for example, the “nominal” terrorist events of 9/11 we the cause for a massive hiring program under which not only did TSA and other national LEOs go on a hiring spree, but there was also a huge increase in surveillance software, Fusion Centers, and even scanner technologies to see who’s really wearing underwired bras at the airport.

The Housing Bubble collapse might have spawned more of a reaction, but about all that came from the Housing Bubble was a $550-million fine of Goldman and little else.  But this may have been because Government wasn’t sure (back then) who the Boss was.  Was it We the People – or was it Corporations?

You see, the Citizen’s United v. FEC decision (2010) let corporations continue (even expand) their high-level purchase of the elected government of the U.S.  Touted as a “victory for free speech” (as here: Citizens United: Affirming Government Can’t Ban Speech – Institute For Free Speech ( we have always held that corporations have no human rights.  They are legal fictions – a point which has been conveniently swept under the rug.

The fictional units (owned by the very rich, very powerful, and totally power-driven) proceeded with their amalgamation under president Obama and that’s why the humans (backing Trump) tried to get back in control.

Since the matter is considered “settled” now, we see the resultant merger engaged in building multiple civil control police state tools.  These include:

  • Health and Welfare police (Covid-19 got this part of the police state at least to the “framed up and ready for roofing” level.)
  • Now, Canada (with the US to follow) are launching Environmental Police which explains why the Weather Service bought firearms en masse, does it not?
  • We have racial police.
  • And we also have Energy Police.
  • Should I mention Water Police?
  • Money police are coming, too – with how many is it that IRS is hiring?

With the money drivers paradoxically hidden from most by the “Defund the Cops” movement.  Which we genuinely paranoid will see as the busting up of a unified system of Law Enforcement.  The FBI has already been seen setting up its own internal political unit which – unsupervised- had a big hand in the Trump ouster and ongoing prosecutions.

From Ure’s Constitutional perspective, a good battleground to watch has been the takeover of penal institutions by the private (for profit) Prison Industry.  This smacks of a globalist harmonization (*since China got there first) using social “non-compliant’s” (like you and me) as free labor to fund State (and corporate) profits.

It’s actually pretty interesting at this level of play.  We can see when Depression arrives (be patient) on the heels of China taking back Taiwan and throttling our chip capacity, THEY will be in the Globalist Catbird Seat – which was the whole point of the super computers in the hills West of Beijing, was it not?

At the uber-macro level, shit rolls down from here, the rich will profit from the coming shortages and unleash waves of crisis (as the tools of control) in the Second Global Depression, which will end in 2025-ISH when enough polarization has occurred in the bloody competition between natural warring enemies to set off Global War.

Which is why we don’t visit nuclear targets much (top 100-cities) anymore.  There won’t be warnings.

Our task out here in the boonies is to ensure we have enough seeds, housing, health, ammunition, friendly neighbors, and comms gear to stumble through things while not falling victim to one of the numerous competing police-state operations which are now coming hard and fast.

Boy!  Bet that warms up your Labor Day spirits, huh?

Because data mining and online habit aggregation may be a simple vector for such future “enforcement” I’m studying the idea of putting up a nominal $12-year paywall for this whole site so people’s thinking (and our own being shared) won’t bring down the rath of OfficialDumb when a half century of corruption implodes.  Governance tends to serve only one master – the highest bidder.  And that’s no longer US.

We just report things as best we see them – not our circus, not our monkeys.

Distractions Potpourri

Forget this critical Big Picture stuff.  Instead, focus on minutia:

Dangerous Joe:  Biden sounds newly strong alarm: Trumpism menaces democracy.  Which is fine, but we have alarm bells going off that President Forgiveness has completely spaced on the Constitution.

Trump’s Toast:  Stupid American voters are swallowing the idea left and lefter that the main issue in the Nov. election is Donald Trump.  Surprise!  He’s not.  But this will be dragged past the election as Judge withholds ruling on special master in Trump, DOJ battle.  Mock trial, jail after.

Anyone who doesn’t turn Left will be suspect as Biden targets ‘extremist’ Trump allies as democratic threat in fraught political moment.  How dare you hold to Black’s Law Dictionary definitions and the precise letter of the Constitution on things like free speech and privacy in papers and…oh, I’m going to be in trouble…

Buying off voters!  Gas Prices Decline Going Into Labor Day; Drop Since Independence Day Nears $1/gal/  Want in the $5 bucks again by Christmas pool we have set up?

Ridiculous Rhetoric Dept:  What the end of the Pelosi era could cost California.  Um…safer roads for Novato area drivers?

Say, what did we get for all that Obama era infrastructure money?  Wondering because Jackson MS water crisis deepens as state deploys National Guard because of decades of infrastructure collapse.

OK – off to pre Labor Day laboring.

More with Peoplenomics tomorrow and ShopTalk Sunday…

Write when you get rich,

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60 thoughts on “Are the Job Numbers Believable?”

  1. “Accounting For Dummies Paperback.”

    Hmmm.. I think someone needs to send every congressman one of these books.. OH WAIT… they can’t read it they are out on recess.

    • Send them the pdf and they can read it on the beach. Test immediately on their return with the results to be published in the Federal Register!

      • “Send them the pdf and they can read it on the beach.”

        Lol lol lol the same people that will gladly give you a thousand and one reasons why the don’t need to lol.
        Now I must be the biggest idiot of all I knew all the answers lol..
        Kind of like asking..
        What does a cow have four of and a woman only two? ( Legs)
        Or what does a dog do on three legs a woman sitting down and a man standing up.. ( shake hands)
        What is a four letter word ending in K that means to have intercourse? ( Talk)
        What is it on a man that is round and hard, and sticks so far out of his pajamas that you can hang a hat on it? ( Head)
         I assist an erection. Sometimes big balls hang from me.  I’m
            called a big swinger. What am I? (A crane)
         am a protrusion that comes in many sizes. When I’m not well,
            I drip. When you blow me, you feel good. What am (nose)
        I seriously doubt any of those morons could answer those simple questions…
        I believe that it’s like a candy’s easier to debate the value of the candy bar by not knowing.. that way they can say what you don’t like salads..fruits vegitables and dairy products..

  2. “Environment Canada says online reports of ‘climate police’ are false.”

    Surely not here in the “True North strong and FREE”

    And don’ call me Shirley.

  3. Snarf !

    “Are the job numbers believable?” ! AYFKM?!

    Moar gaslighting from bitcoin bad man..writing 4 joe, no .

    No really at this point in the Upside down – that is Ure lead in headline?
    again – AYFKM?

    How about is ANYTHING Believable Anymore coming from the RFIC (retarded fraud in chief) Administration? Anything?

    ? The only question that really matters at this point in the game – When does Mother Russia punish USA/NATO for attacking their Homeland “with boots on the ground” next door in nazi ukraine.

    Ready for prime time showcase of US/NATO/Israhell “fighters” captured in the kraine by Russian forces ? Canadian general, US Admiral, Brits, Krauts,Poles..the list is getting longer by the hour.

    Yeah yeah all those career foreign svc. types in embassy doing diplomatic kinda things..Spying/Targeting/Coordinating Satellite data with non existent ukraine forces.
    Where did all the .mil equipment go ? Dont look at angry Muzies in ME, they got NO need for modern weapons, perish those thoughts, they are all about Peace and Prosperity, NOT defending themselves.

    Order of kinzal targets – wondering here where I can get some “action” on which city (s) gets lit-up 1st ..
    Must be present/alive with no visible glow or skin actively melting off..
    Current favs – Munich, DC, London, Rome, Jerusalem being the DARK horse in this race. Very dark .

  4. Sept. 2 (UPI) — Microchip billionaire Robert Tsao says he has reinstated his Taiwanese citizenship and will spend $32 million of his own money to train “civilian warriors” to be prepared for an invasion from China.
    – This is a complete about-face for Tsao, who previously supported unification.

      • Very much so. Did he discover that when he gave up his citizenship that the Mainland was not interested in talking with him? That there would be no negotiations.., just “orders” to follow?

    • A day or two ago I think I saw an article about Xi being up for re-election this Fall. If he’s re-elected again he’s eligible for “President for life” status but there was some doubt expressed that he’d make it this time. If, for some crazy reason, he doesn’t what philosophy would be replacing him? Would things get worse in China in terms of pressuring people into compliance or better? What would it mean for Taiwan? I don’t know of any competing factions that are still alive over there so this was a bit of a surprise to me.

      • China is at a once-in-a-lifetime point in history WRT military, colonial expansion (they call it “unification”). They have probably 7mln people they can put in uniform, 100,000 ships which could be used as “landing craft,” an Australia that’s down-armored, a Japan which has not yet up-armored, and the weakest United States since before the Spanish-American War.

  5. “Annual Pay was Up 7.6%”

    We don’t know what that means. Nobody to ask and would they give us a concise definition? We’re left jumping to conclusions.

    This is what we do know.

    “As the nation’s largest employer, the federal government must model effective employment policies and practices that advance America’s ideal of equal opportunity for all.”

    “Biden officially plans 4.6% average pay raise for federal employees in 2023”

    But maybe the “Annual Pay was Up 7.6%” means the raises from yesterday. John Deere staff hit the mother load in raises last year so they are the example.

    According to the Desmoines Register last year….

    John Deere “salaried staff will receive 8% raises”…..

    And last years Forbes report on John Deere raises….

    “The new six-year contract includes an immediate 10% raise for all workers, an $8,500 signing bonus and this will be followed by additional 5% pay raises in 2023 ”

    The average of 10 and 8 +the bonus.

  6. Climate police would have more than a full time job around here. People cut down their old trees for the hell of it and have fire pits in the back yard that get a lot of use. Every driveway in my neighborhood has at least one big suv or 4wd pickup to go with the rv and boat. Almost every camper in the campgrounds have a big fire going and the campgrounds that have rv hookups are booked solid all season. Also in the land of 10,000 lakes there seems to be 10,000 boats for each lake, try gassing up all those engines. We still have wackjob wokies around here that push for other-than-thems to be forced to use electric heat with -40 degree winters.

    • Oh! The horrors. BIG fires, BIG trucks, BIG suvs, What are we to do? These folks are cutting THEIR trees for the hell of it AND they have FIRE PITS. People need to remember there are only 10,000 lakes. So crowded, so noisy, we need electric outboards ASAP. Solar power for boats NOW. Recreation must be stopped immediately, lest it becomes a trend. This sort of enjoyment has no place in NEW O’Biden America. How dare they!!!

      If you are serious, Do us a favor-Go jump in the lake…

    • I went from an inexpensive natural gas heated house to an electric heat pump heated house last winter.

      No way in hell is the electric heat pump up for the job. It sucked. Froze our asses off.

      It is criminal what is going on.

      They are doing the same in the UK, moving them to unaffordable electric generated heat pumps.

  7. Nvidia (NVDA) and AMD stock fell overnight, dragging down semiconductors after they said that the U.S. government has imposed new export restrictions on certain chip sales to China. [ and Russia – even though neither one sells chips to Russia.]
    – First in-the-open salvo in the “chips-war”?

    • In Italy, expired health ID cards “tessera sanitaria” will be replaced minus the chip because of the chip shortage, so it can’t be used for online services. For now, the old one can be used even if expired for online services.

      ‘La crisi dei microchip ha un impatto diretto anche nella fruizione dei servizi pubblici online e le tessere sanitarie sono il primo tra i documenti rilasciati dalla PA sui quali impatta la situazione internazionale.’

      Waiting time for an Italian passport, new or renewal is now six months.

    • Approaching value stock territory NVDA in my eyes. Two-handed catch for that “falling knife” imho. Think Kathy what’s her nutz at Ark sold it out of Fund last week & is buying some back in new position. Top tech co with a crypto kicker- yes please.

    • AMD=ATI

      ATI and nVidia are the 800 pound gorillas when it comes to video processors. While super high-speed graphics might make WOPR’s display wall more “camera-friendly,” it is totally unnecessary for anything else either government would be doing.

      This would be like our government banning the sale of 160x DVD players…

  8. G, a pair of B52,s spicy51 spicy 52 have been on russian border doing race tracks for hours now. less than 50m. from St.petersburg & making runs to Klinagrde….from flightradar24……Peace & Love too all.

  9. Here’s a another example of local ripoff goes Fed-Bux.

    “Jackson, Mississippi, residents told to shower with mouths closed as water treatment plant repairs continue on Day 4 of water shortage.”

    Basically, the Jackson, Mississippi municipal water service imploded. The maintenance money went somewhere. There should be a record. A receipt of some kind. Claw the money back from them!

    Instead we get the following cryptic message from the governor:

    “Whether Republican or Democrat, white or black, Jackson residents deserve better. Mississippi needs a strong capital city,” Latino writes.


    • How do you claw money back spent on hookers and blow? Money at risk goes into hiding! I was amazed to watch videos of people in Jacksonville waddling back from a distribution point with plastic bottles of water, past massive ponds full of water. Have these people never heard of a Burkey filter or equivalent? Did they never read about how to survive when things get bad, especially since this has been going on in their lives for a decade or more? What will they do when the get home and the power is out?

      • “How do you claw money back spent on hookers and blow? ”

        Can’t. Nobody will concede a dime. Got to tilt the machine.

        I’ll try to find the “Gone with the Wind” scene showing Rhett telling a guy with a bag full of Confederate money, his life savings, is worthless. The guy didn’t accept it, he turned and went on, “I have money. I have money”

        The new fleas get the dog unencumbered. Unless your Germany….

      • “How do you claw money back spent on hookers and blow?”

        Lol that’s simple enough.. just make it part of the family business model..

      • We are familiar with survival stuff because George’s take on finance involves safety rather than the spectacular. Part of being financially-safe is doing what we can to be personally safe.

        WE take things like filters and Life Straws for granted, but over 90% of Americans have never heard of such stuff and don’t realize they can build a capillary filter with a bucket and an old tee shirt, boil the captured water, and be golden (unless the pond is livestock runoff). They don’t know they can capture rain runoff or dehumidifier or A/C extract — heck, put up a sheet of metal and capture dew, filter any of the above with a scrap of natural fabric, and drink with impunity. Want a bath? Pour the daily excess into the tub and cover with empty trash bags (to keep evaporation down.) Eventually you’ll have enough to bathe — and you reuse the bath water. If you don’t have a bathtub — sux to be you…

    • OowS,

      Democrat mayor, republican governor, and Mr. Biden appears in msm saying “We’ve given them (Mississippi) everything there is to offer.”

      According to the official WH schedule, the president and vp should be pretty much washing down the last crumbs of their joint working lunch. Marine 1 crew are likely running through their final checks before the weekend jaunt to Camp David.

    • PURE WATER, water distillers American made,
      “Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Pure & Secure, LLC. is the leading manufacturer of premium water distillers for families and businesses. For over 40 years, our Pure Water brand of water distillers has been recognized as the single most effective way to protect against the full range of possible contaminants that can be found in water. Pure & Secure, LLC. is a family owned business that still manufactures our products in the USA to exacting standards. In addition to manufacturing the best water distillers in the world, we feel that it is our mission to educate the people of the world about the vital importance of consuming only fresh distilled water. ”
      I have the mini classic model, works great for me as I live alone. I feed it soft water. Before I installed my softener it would load up on calcium deposits,,, like Slo Joe’s brain. The calcium required more frequent de-scaling with their acid based cleaner

    • I thought the backdrop was more Hitlerian than Satanic — especially with the red wall and Biden flanked by Marine soldiers.

  10. Warnin warning Will Robinson & Dude G,

    “Dont cry, dont raise Ure eye”

    Serious as a heart attack here – Urban Survival’s stance on cutting taxes on middle class IS EXTREMIST Thinking now – according to the RIC & his rainbow farting Lesbicorn press secretary..

    Now aint that a truth leak -Baa Baas? The idea of cutting taxes on middle class is extreme. The idea that I have go out and get more flats of ammo – 4-PRATICE , cause as everyone knows – The More You Shoot, the more you shoot . Missed the pidgeon shoot in Philly last night down independence hall area – thats a F-ing joke – independence hall -bwahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Sure right next to Broke ass liberty…bell.

  11. the article says Quoted from Yahoo
    ‘Lab-grown meat may be a potential way to feed the global population while fighting climate change, but can you stomach the idea of steaks or cured meats grown from human cells?”

    did you see that Aunt C ? fight climate change?, and you call US Trump supporters “cultists”
    Bite Me, the satanists are going Gaga, lab grown human meats
    these people are sick cannibals. “Climate Change” is the weapon of the elite satanists, using fear porn to control “their” cows, sheep and lemings. They falsify, pollute truth with lies, and omit information that does not go along with their agenda, 100% ownership of the human animal. Being from cattle country, I see the same methods used to herd each population, human and bovine (migrant invasion is herd management, here and Europe),, control freedom of movement, control food and medicine,, hell we neuter and dehorn the males soon after birth and steal mama’s babies for eating, yearlings, ie: heifers and steers, fatten em up in a feedlot,
    they own nothing and think they are happy to see the feed truck fill their feed bunkers, as they lay in their own shit and piss.

    “I Told You so”, second time I share this song , join me for a chorus from , Conspiracy Music Guru

    (-: and that is how I really feel ;-)

  12. Sometimes ya just gotta do it. I played a hunch this morning as the markets shot-up on the opening bell. As it went up nicely, I bought two put options. The Dow closed down over 330 points. Good chunk of “Lunch Money” !

  13. Which country would you most trust holding your money – USA, China, Russia, UK, Swisserland, Canada, India, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Yeman, etc.

    The answer is the USA. None of the others would remain solvent without the USA. Your money would vanish. Ask yourself this question, Why do countries buy Trillions of US Debt? Answer: We are the least evil of the bunch. A sad commentary on world economics.

  14. Re: Danzig to Kaliningrad in 83 Years

    Two days ago and one day before the 83rd anniversary of the start of WW2 at Danzig, now the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, Mr. Putin stopped in for a visit. And now Russia’s newly constructed (2021) Portovaya compressor station supplying gas to Germany (and Kaliningrad) stopped. Leaking compressors are to blame according to Russia. Apparently the same ones refurbished (new?) just months ago by Siemens according to the CBC. Is there warranty coverage? Who would ship out dodgy compressors for such an important enterprise? Don’t they realize winter is right around the corner?

    Did things seem brighter looking back? Alright then, over to DJ Ure in studio, ready to chill out with more Fab Four:

    This is a video that is important enough for you to download and keep for later reference not to mention pass around.

    This is the newest video by Robert Keitz’ GoldSilver Pros. It’s a republishing of one he made in July of 2021 about how the BIS is putting together its CBDC blockchain system to be a Supra-national banking system that allows for faster transfers and significantly more control of all currencies of the World both to combat inflation as well as control people on a granular level. I’ve started the video at the 24:58 mark which is Bob’s synopsis of the BIS’ presentation of their proposed system. International borders will fall, anything you have will be controlled according to their rules. Precious metals will go up but probably taxed into oblivion so black markets are going to be the rule. If I go into more details of it I’ll, no doubt, get things wrong but his condensation of those details covers what the little guy needs to know.

    • This makes me wonder who’d really wagging the dog? A bunch of dick-taters with nukes or the bankers we’ve been warned about since the Founding Fathers gave a truthful description of their true ambitions.

  16. “all that came from the Housing Bubble was a $550-million fine of Goldman and little else. But this may have been because Government wasn’t sure (back then) who the Boss was.”

    Nobody mentions the lending “policy” initiated during the Clinton Administration, which forced all lending institutions to make home loans to people who could not possibly qualify for a loan under any reasonable metric, or be logically expected to be capable of repaying same. Understand, I don’t blame Clinton. This policy was continued under Bush43, and I believe, came not from Clinton, but from someone who’s paygrade was above that of da Prez…

  17. “With the money drivers paradoxically hidden from most by the “Defund the Cops” movement. Which we genuinely paranoid will see as the busting up of a unified system of Law Enforcement.”

    …unified system of LOCAL Law Enforcement.

    Remember, your County Sheriff is the highest-ranking ELECTED law enforcement official in the United States. ALL State and Federal cops (by any name) answer to a bureaucrat, not the voters, as do the local po-po in the city nearest you.

  18. What were they thinking… my goodness.. a first grade boy finds a pretty rock.. then as he’s all excited about his special discovery.. some one says.. it’s not special uts just a rock…
    Poor boy was heart broken.. as he’s telling me that it wasn’t special almost tears in his eyes..
    Who said that to you.. just look at it.. it’s beautiful.. let’s see if it really is a special rock.. so..out to the old man’s hide away we go..get us a paper towel..put a copper wire on one side and a zinc plate on the other.. wrapped the towel around the rock.. put it in the vice..then an led on it the two leads .. turn the crank honey..lets just see if it is special.. there your rock lit up the little light bulb… whoever said it’s just a rock was just jealous.. now we can put it in the rock polisher for an extra special gift..

  19. “Which is why we don’t visit nuclear targets much (top 100-cities) anymore. There won’t be warnings.”

    Bear in-mind there will be a lot of nuclear targets that’re not in a Class “A” city. I know the location of two missile silos, one in Michigan, one in Indiana. Neither is within 50 miles of a major city or any known target.

    I know of their existence, strictly through observation and logical inference. Y’all can betcherass a covert or embedded agent from any of probably 80 different nations could find, if tasked to do so, hundreds of them, perhaps even the one that’s six miles down the road…

    • When 5g started it turned a DUMB big enough to house a small city..into an outdated communication facility.. completely stocked..a friend of mine said it sold for a million dollars.. a little over a year ago..
      I seen it would have loved to have seen the inside.

    • “I know of their existence, strictly through observation and logical inference. ”

      I seen a silo twice.the latest was when I was still in a wheelchair and needed to get out.. anyway a gentleman I had met that was interested in getting into the new field of solar power.. had been asking my opinion..anyway a govt. Facility in the middle of nowhere was wanting a bid on a solar instalation.. was I ever up for a road trip.. anyway he was curious as to why they would want such a big soul system.. lol lol he really couldn’t see it..
      When I was a boy and in the boss wanted me to ride with him while he delivered some papers..we stopped at a house nice back yard they were grilling in the backyard.. he handed them the papers and signed off on it.. we had a cookout.. later as we were heading back..he said..nice place wasn’t it.. that was a silo disguised as a house..
      My guess is in the day they were all though we are more inclined to be mobile. I have seen missile launchers drive by a few times now..

  20. Let me be, so far, the only one to comment on George’s proposed annual fee (‘proposed’ means it’s likely set in stone).

    I followed George long before he bought his aircraft, not that long after he started the blog (10-12 yrs plus??) When I complained about his appalling spelling/grammar, stating that, if he paid the same disrespect to paying customers, only mugs would pay for such rubbish, George told me in reply, on his blog, to jack it.

    Which I did and literally forgot George & his blog.

    Then a few weeks ago I saw his name somewhere and logged on again.

    George is always quite interesting ( & quirky & likeable ) but things have changed. Now, there’s so much free, good stuff I just don’t have time for it all and have to discriminate or I’d be on the net all day.

    So George, let greed get the better of you and go ahead and charge an annual fee for your words of wisdom.

    And my response? Jack it.

    PS bet you censor this old mate…but that’s OK, it’s a personal message; no offence intended.

    • Thanks for dropping by Ian. I wish I had known George when he had his airplane and his boat. Would have been a fun time.

      As far as appalling spelling/grammar, this mug cancelled several high cost useless economic services with perfect spelling and grammar written by advisors that never had a real job. None of them had a sense of humour like George but they could hand out market bullshit by the truckload. My financial “advisor” lost me a lot of money but did very well with fees.

      The 40 bucks a year I spend for Peoplenomics is worth it in entertainment and real life experience value alone. The input from a wide range of readers that don’t live in an ivory tower but share their hard working dirty hands experiences is a bonus.

      P.S. George very seldom censors a post.

      • Got a question bob that you’d would be the best person to ask..
        I was asked a simple question..if everything did go bad and the grid went down.. In heavily polluted maiden with toxic chemicals.. And modern convenience like RO filters were not readily available..
        Is there a practice way to make a Matrix Assembly Cluster Source water purification system.. I can make a general water filter..but something like benzene or other toxic chemicals would need modern technological advances that would not be available…

      • Fair enough BIC – happy for you. Don’t know about ‘fun times’ but having leaned to fly on C 150’s & 172’s I always enjoyed George’s aviation adventures.
        PS And your PS is correct

      • @LOOB

        Distillation in a pressure cooker. It should be possible to get any petrochemical or VOC to either “flash off” @240°, or be left behind in the distillation process.

        At least that’s the avenue I would explore.

        My drinking (well) water periodically gets laced with crude oil. The Berkey won’t take it out, but boiling will…

      • “Distillation in a pressure cooker. It should be possible to get any petrochemical or VOC to either “flash off” @240°, or be left behind in the distillation process.”

        Thank you for that @Ray.. I was asked a question I couldn’t answer.. My filtration system now would
        Or process sea water.. But heavy metals and chemical the water in the outback of Texas ours is heavy with arsenic and radium..where Texas water has chemicals for harvesting petroleum.. Pem membrane won’t be available.. I have almost as many distillers as I do coffee pots..

  21. If one were to write a book about 21st century politics in the US, it would have to be entitled “Fifty Shades of Brown”. We have brown shirt elites and their brown shirt corporates; we have brown shirt patriots and the most vile of all, brown shirts in black shirt drag. All of them wag their fingers at one another and accuse “Brown shirts!”.
    I’m not buying any of more of the lies from any of the honor-less scheming, thieving, hate-mongering brown shirt warlords in all their different disguises, crying “democracy” while they and their minions loot and vandalize. The situation appears to be being escalating with assistance from the brown shirt media whores and bureaucrats who believe they answer to no one. Hold the brown shirts and their dupes accountable for attacks on your community.

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