Another Last Chapter

It will be a couple of weeks before “The 100-Year Toaster” shows up on Amazon.  Proofreading is something I hate. It’s just so “nit-picky” – make me crazy(er). This being an American holiday, we will still do our ChartPack. Besides, Europe and elsewhere are “business as usual.” A longish read – and an extra cup … Read More

Weather, Retail, Joe Slows

A nice, simple column today. Though we somewhat nervously eye both TS-One – which looks bound ashore in Mexico and that yellow “X” up northeast of Haiti and the D.R. Also Blowing Higher: Stocks Market did it again Monday, moving higher again in our Aggregate Index work.  But, either it has much further to go … Read More

Opt-Out Pressure Grows, Retail & War Loom

There is a very telling long-term statistic from the UrbanSurvival website:  People seem to flock here when the market is bent-over, doubled-up, and (ahem) dumping. But the number of people reading the site drops when the market is in a long-term rally.  It’s a very telling stat because it gives us a huge insight into … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Summer Safety Issue – Papa’s Day!

9:45 AM Update – Father’s Day New panels are in place – done before breakfast as implied: They should make 240W each – which means the only action points (into hour-long blocks) will be removing the old wiring, measure and premake the extensions, mount junction boxes, complete wiring, taping. Memo to DIY home solar builders: … Read More

Wait State Workplans

Let’s begin at the beginning: “A wait state is a delay experienced by a computer processor when accessing external memory or another device that is slow to respond,” It is precisely analogous to the problem faced by people (like us) who can see what the Future may hold, but there could be some time – months or … Read More


Short for “Very Bad Week Ahead” OR “Fake-Out-Correction”? Yes., here in the land of unforgivable idiotspeak, the early headlines were running “Stock futures fall as S&P 500 and Nasdaq rally to record highs cools…” Which signals us that it could be an Ice Age, not just a little “cooling.” Computational Modeling of the Future is … Read More

WW III: Coming Attractions, Sept Rate Cut Looms

We might as well begin with a check of how WW III is expanding as most Americans seem intent to sleep through it. The highlights – mainly whitewashed by the corporate -globalist press: Turkey says it is quitting NATO over a lack of action on Gaza. But the U.S. – which wants a ground corridor … Read More

CPI, Fed, Anti-Aging

Yes, the money angles are important but Anti-Aging: a Shotgun Approach  is equally important.  If you are old enough to have faced off with your own mortality. We have another one of those longish reports today, But we try to hold a balance between the money coming in on the one hand, and the sands … Read More

NFIB, Fed Meeting Starts, Taking Down Canada

A full plate today, so let’s take a quick look again at the menu. Down Opening – Will it Carry to Close? Markets may be signaling “good/constructive” news from the Fed tomorrow afternoon when the new Rate Policy is released after lunch.  The “pro’s” will often run the market down (sell the rumor) so they … Read More

France: Warmonger’s Notebook, Future Reveals

Elections in Europe this weekend should mean a great deal both as to the immediate future of life on Earth, as well as for the upcoming elections here (planned) in November. Warwongers-in-chief of German and France have a problem. A “thinking middle” (for now labeled “right” by the globalist press) scored major victories.  Resulting in … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Kill the ‘Maters? Rethink Design

After we hold a 7-second religious observance, we’re likely to take the tomatoes off Life Support this week.  “Hang on till Tuesday, little ‘maters!” I finally had time this week to follow-up on my own advice in the recent Tomato report.  One of my open items on the list was to pick up a good … Read More

Concretizing the Future

A short lesson today on how the future news events do move in tandem with the future.  That is, if you’re one of the “intelligencia” who understands how news is often-times a sheep shearing tool for the rich. The word “concretizing” may not be familiar to you. The word, Oxford Languages tells us, really began … Read More

Jobs – Sifting Important from the Urgent – Open Skies

It’s a key concept of effective time management.  Sorting out what is important – and it bounds how the desired future comes about.  Which can be an entirely different animal than what seems to be urgent. With summer rolling by already (since Memorial Day), though “officially” not for two weeks yet, we are seeing the … Read More

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