Markets Facing “Kiss or Bounce” Moment – Job Cuts Data?

“Ure must have flipped out today – talking sh*t like “Kiss or Bounce”…)

Well, not so much, sorry.  It’s just that we may face the decision-point today whether markets are turned back up at the likely bounce area (the lower right red support line in this chart):

The BOUNCE would work out like this:  We hit the line sometime during trading today.  Then – because there’s a holiday weekend ahead (and liquor stores will be open) America gets its buzz on and we rally under the delusion that our country hasn’t been sold out from under us by incompetent leadership across all parties and bureaucratic levels.

The Kiss?

Well, that’d be different.  In that Future, we drop on down to around the previous (since 2021 lows) (or a bit lower) and then the sleazy-geezer with the Democrat Hallelujah Choir will spew forth another Voter Pay-off ahead of the Elections which will drive the market all the way back up – to the red decision zone- before collapsing in a heap as everyone on Earth points at America and with tears in their eyes, rolls on the floor laughing at our stupidity on just about everything.

You see, in Russia, China, and the rolling BRICS world – the one with a new currency to replace the Dollar – kids don’t go to school for brainwashing and gender-checks.  They go to learn math, writing, engineering.  And when they graduate, they pay their bills and work on the super computers in the hills west of Beijing where something akin to a massive MS-Project-like econometric model as it counts down the hours until America folds and busts into four or five little Kingdoms.

We lose by design of lefties worldwide, but especially the domestic terrorists who sell Special over Teamwork.

It’s only a coincidence we chose to hang out in one of the regions with energy, food, and usually rain, where people remember there’s a God/Universe in charge and where a good burger is still a fine thing once in a while.  Where skins don’t matter but results do.

Oh, well.  Vote with your feet while there’s time.  Even with the Drought, we’ve still had almost 24 inches of rain this year.  which leaves us an inch and a half behind Seattle.  A gap likely to close in September.

Not like we’re the only ones telling you how bad it could get:  Grantham says worst to come as markets enter end of ‘superbubble’ (

Daily Data Dept.

Labor is out with productivity and cost data:  Is this what the onset of economic Depression looks like, we wonder?

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 4.1 percent in the second quarter of 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output decreased 1.4 percent and hours worked increased 2.7 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.)

The 4.1-percent decrease in labor productivity reported today for the second quarter of 2022 is a 0.5- percentage point upward revision from the preliminary estimate of a 4.6-percent decrease, primarily driven by a 0.7-percentage point upward revision to output. From the same quarter a year ago, nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 2.4 percent. This is the largest decline in the series, which begins in the first quarter of 1948.

Too much media time at work for the mollycoddled little darlings? I mean seriously WTF where is “get ‘er done” gone?  Whoosh – replaced by woke?  GMAFB.

Also, just out is the latest on UI Filings:

Which doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, to us.

About Those Job Cuts

No sign of the report for today yet – looks like the Challenger website may have been attacked…but that’s only from our view.  Check as the morning moves along and see when it comes back.

Tomorrow, the Federal employment report is due.  Based on the data this morning and the ADP report yesterday, we don’t expect much job growth.  And what is claimed will be suspect since it’s likely to mainly come from Estimated Jobs in the CES Birth-Death Model.  We shall see.

Winds of War Check

Winds in Taiwan – plus favorable tides this weekend – have us eyeing the odds of Taiwan changing hands to Chinese, shortly.  Going into this auspicious weekend, Super Typhoon Hinnamnor has closed down parts of Okinawa which means difficulties for US air assets at Kadena.

Winds around Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, will be moderating Sunday to westerly at 23 dropping as next week unfolds, so a 3-day cliff-hanger there.  We’re still undecided on whether president Xi’s CCP meeting October 16th kick-off will be ahead of or following the taking of Taiwan.  All in due time.

UKR Nukes

Winds in southern Ukraine are important when trying to figure out what’s with the Shelling halts UN inspection of Ukraine nuclear plant and prompts emergency shutdown of reactor.  With winds in the region Northeast, now, we’d venture the Russians are behind the shelling.

Then There’s Iran

Honestly, we haven’t got much faith in Joe Biden – who just transferred the bills of college students onto the tax backs of real working people who paid for their kid’s educations.  Don’t get me started.

But do pay attention to this:  U.S. will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon, Biden tells Israel’s Lapid.

The problem is Joe and his “political mindset” – which goes off making reasonable promises – like this one – but then allows for a 1oo percent reversal with no more angst than saying “Well, the facts changed.

Which is why with a handful of exceptions in almost 60-years of reporting, there have been so few political office-holders we’ve admired.

America Tango Uniform Dept.

You know America is going “tango uniform” when you see items like these:

Check me here, but is this Corporate Racism?  Bank of America: Zero-down-payment mortgage for first-time buyers.  But you gotta be Black or Hispanic, not White?  We must be the only people who understand the word “equal” is the root of “equality.”

California’s unbounded EV-hype is crashing (as we told you it would).  As California asks residents not to charge electric vehicles, days after announcing gas car ban.  Wry sense of humor, this Reality has, ain’t it?

Here in the Outback, we’re braced for more Climate Change hysteria.  Not because it’s real, but because UN weather agency predicts rare “triple-dip” La Niña in 2022 — the first time this century. So, we’re planning on food shortages next year and drought again.

Solar Cycle Progression has been updated:

Not much case for solar heating, but no “next Maunder Minimum” either, so good news for food.

Sticky Management issues?  3M Plans Job Cuts to Rein in Expenses as Legal Troubles Grow,

Along similar lines:  Snap Reportedly Plans 20% Job Cuts, To Scrap Several Projects | Nasdaq.

OK, no added comments- ton of work to get done around here.

Write when you get rich,

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55 thoughts on “Markets Facing “Kiss or Bounce” Moment – Job Cuts Data?”

  1. From Deep Dust to Deep Flowing Mud in only a few days time around here and green grass and Forbes all around for the deer where none existed a couple of weeks ago. That’s West Texas for ya, George. I think the swinging gates in the fences’ low areas are good for now but we’re just one good, hard rain from rebuilding a few of them. At least the livestock has quit their daily routine of showing up at the barn looking for food at 9am. They were nowhere to be found once the rumor that there’s green stuff out there now was spread around. Guess I can keep that last half ton of corn and cubes in the barn until later this Winter. Good thing we didn’t do a major sell-off of livestock like a lot of people had to. Came real close, though. This is the real meaning of “Texas Hold ’em”.

    • By the numbers:
      An estimated 386,000 to 900,000 Shia Muslims live in the United States.
      The 2020 Jewish population estimate is approximately 7.5 million in U.S.

      Shia Iran has repeatedly threatened to nuke Israel.
      ergo sequitur

    • I don’t hate anyone from Iran.. I believe that if you check it out.. the general rule is the ones that the administration hates is not following the present business model and we want them to live by our religion and customs rather than their own.. their religion in turn sees us as the great Satan!/

      • They are hard-line Muslims over there, taught the Koran from birth (or ELSE!). They just are never going to accept the West’s value system. They are ragingly offended by our acceptance and promotion of “Woke-homosexuality,” women’s rights, rock and roll music, western style clothing, and visible women’s skin, skipping prayers 3 times daily just to mention a few.
        The U.S. is trying to CRAM western values down the world’s throat and the CRAMEES are backwards enough to choke on them and fight about it to the death.
        No matter how much B.S. is spewed by BIG; government, banks, psychologists, political figures, or religious leaders, this just will never be “One World” with One economy, One language, or One religion.
        These are all ‘deal breakers’ between the differing peoples and are points of failure in international relations in spite of the current big wheels that apparently believe themselves to be infallible in their leadership.
        Someday we may evolve to a point where we realize how stupid we are to put the kinds of power we possess into the hands of people that basically use it to force people to act in ways they won’t accept. Good luck…

      • I’ve come across two things to ponder when it comes to Iranians.
        One: they consider themselves Persians…. not Muslim per se.
        Two: they do not use “Usury” Banking practices.
        ~Now, just Imagine a world without USURY BANKING~

      • Ed C wrote:

        “… this just will never be “One World” with One economy, One language, or ONE RELIGION … These are all ‘deal breakers’”

        Once you get away from the Echo Chamber that most of us here live in, myself included, that ONE RELIGION’S BELIEF concept that is now being shoved down the throats of Americans is being HIGHLY RESENTED by many people, mostly women, who are NOT CATHOLICS, like 5 members of our Supreme Court are.

        I am seeing LOTS of posts now popping up elsewhere by people saying WHY should Catholics FROM ON HIGH be SHOVING THEIR version of Morality (abortion) upon the entire country?

        Ireland, which even now is still vast majority Catholic, voted via a nationwide election to Allow Abortion. The US polls consistently show that 65%+- of the populous believes in Abortion in many case (the majority of cases?).

        The original decision of the USSCt decades ago was imo a total stretch into Fatasy Land … but alas the current crop of legislation coming out of State Legislatures is also out there in Fantasy Land though at the opposite end of the spectrum.

        Our state law which REQUIRED a 10yo who was raped by an illegal immigrant to carry the baby to term and then birth it shows imo just how Out Of Touch MALE lawmakers are. If MALE lawmakers could have gotten pregnant at that age if they had been ass raped I dare say they wouldn’t have made our State Laws against Abortion so draconian.

        The overturning of Roe v Wade by the majority CATHOLIC US Sup Ct looks to already be swinging some Senate races to the Democrats , maybe by enough that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will not be enough to block the craziness that some Democrats may try to work through Congress AFTER the mid-terms.

        The rout of Democrats in the House is no longer assured either. There is a very good chance that because of overturning Roe v. Wade and the unpopularity of that decision imposing CATHOLIC THEOLOGY upon the populous, particularly among women who are NOT practicing Catholics, that the Democrats may be able to hold onto the House too.

        I personally am against Abortion … but the polling data clearly shows that I am in the minority on that issue, as is the US Sup Ct AND virtually all of the Republican office holders in DC.

        Other issues may well appear before the election that end up concerning women more at the time they walk into the voting booth, but make no mistake about it assuming NO War breaks out and they can hold the economy together until the election many women will VOTE on just the abortion issue … and all these great gains the Republican are expecting in November may end up just being a mirage.

      • Ed, I suggest you search out “Reza Pahlavi” and read some of his writings.

        Iran under the Shah was a modern, Western nation. Men had their problems with Sunnis and with Israel, but not with the Persian Jews (or Christians, Gnostics, Assyrians, etc.) The Shah came to the U.S. for an extended medical treatment and the Ayatollahs pulled a coup. Within a few months, there were no longer any girls in school, or business, or behind the wheel of a car, and the country has been thrust a thousand years into the past, into a feudal theocracy which murdered its Christian, Jewish, Gnostic, Assyrian, etc. population for sport (and any of its Shia who objected, hence the Iranian colony in OOW Steve’s back yard.) Israel has been designated the “Little Satan” and the U.S.A. as the “Great Satan.” Iran declared war against the U.S. in late 1979 and has vowed to annihilate us, on its way to annihilating Israel.

        We have never reciprocated Iran’s Declaration of War (or even acknowledged it), nor drafted Articles, which probably pisses them off as much as (or more than) our intolerably sinful lifestyle, because it is a slap in the face which indicates we do not take them seriously.

        The Ayatollahs take themselves very seriously.

        BTW, as of 16 years ago, there were roughly 12,000 Hamas imbeds in CONUS. They had a training facility in Arizona which DHS raided some years back, but for the most part, the FBI couldn’t find any substantial laws that they had broken. [Literally] God only knows how many more have walked across our southern border since Obama was sworn in (Obama is a Shia sympathizer…)

      • “The overturning of Roe v Wade”

        My wife calls them dead horse issues… it is a popular political issue and will be dragged around the political arena long after all of us are dead and gone.. my wife tells me often.. Quit dragging that dead horse around the arena.. @Stephen 2..
        This year they went a little off normal course and tossed the supreme court under the wheels of the bus.. I believe there were a couple of reasons why.. one was to cover over the massive issues of corruption that kept popping up about the unethical and moral corrupt lifestyles of some of the families and their family members in the news and being held in the coffee houses… It also played a role in getting the supreme court to do what they want when they want.. Rather than discuss those issues that were being discussed.. the conversation changed to Rowe Vs. Wade and abortion …

    • “We” dont, They didnt.

      Aryan “roo”t race – Mithra – SUN god….Cyrus the Great – Zoroaster..

      All exactly opposite in their worship of the Light, versus the current satanic pedophilia cult running/manipulating things for the “corporation” – who worship in the synagogue of satan, the Darkside/ Satamic. The Satam = the great Overseer” adversary of Humanity..Setes/Zeus in later times and places.

      Who/What does Israel worship everyday when you see them “humping” the wall ?

      – See Vlad (the Great) Puteeens direct quote “new world order agents are satan worshippers”.

      Fun-da-mentals = cycle ends/new begins with a catastrophe – as the returning Light/NRG increases in vibration/frequency. The Sun will have something to say about all this soonly, just amatta of timing – hence GU advice for EMP proofing Ure electronics..

      Dark vs Light – the never ending “War”

    • If I may add my .02…

      My understanding is that this all started in the late70’s.

      The Shah was a really fucked up dude and the people got tired of his schtick.

      The Shah fled to the west.


      Carter had two choices. Neither of them good.

      Send the Shah back to Iran , or protect him in the West.

      If sent back , what would any current or future allies think of us flipping on an ally. The message would be dont get in bed with the US. Cant trust them.

      Carter refused. The people kept demanding that the Shah be sent back. When that didnt happen , anti US rhetoric and hatred were the norm. Hostages taken for over a year didnt change anything.

      Think of how different the world would be right now had Carter sent the Shah back to Iran and Iran was still allied to the west.

      Hell , we were so in love with Iran , and versey vicey , that they were receiving brand new F-14 A/B’s. ( lesson learned ? )

      Please correct me if my memory is out of whack ( again ) !

      BTW , I know a few Farsi types. The most common comment that people in Iran want Americans to understand , is that they dont hate us. They want to be friends. ( derived from a very small sampling size ! )

      • David,

        Thanks for the thoughts to ponder. Mr. Carter is arguably the most unlucky president when it comes to historical timings, and lends credence to the saying that nice guys finish last (at least among rogues). As far as the rogues gallery of Iran, I wonder… What if France had not given safe exile haven to ayatollah Khomeini, and then returned him to glorious welcome in Tehran when they did via chartered Air France jet? The initials JEC might otherwise have become carved into the American mindset much like FDR and JFK. I guess we’ll never know.

  2. I wonder just how much we would be involved .. IF… there wasn’t some involvement in the business activities there.. I visited with a gent.. on a game platform from there and another from Poland and the stories I heard five years ago.. were enough to curdle your hair.. pure evil.. why would we support such an evil country where the vast majority of the citizens want the help to get the corruption cleared up.. and had asked for the help

    • “why would we support such an evil country where the vast majority of the citizens want the help to get the corruption cleared up.. and had asked for the help”

      Because the EU is a neo-fascist political entity, and as such, must have an ever-expanding base (Ukraine, and now Sweden and Finland) and must have a State enemy (Russians.) The EU acquiring Ukraine’s land mass and resources is far more-important than the Ukrainian people living in a corruption-free country, and in fact, is far more important than the Ukrainian people living, at all.

  3. “We lose by design of lefties worldwide, but especially the domestic terrorists who sell Special over Teamwork.” I wonder if those of us that survive will get a participation trophy?

  4. Had my coffee and bagel toasted with butter this morning. The grill staff member handed me the bagel, she half-apologetically delivered me the latest headquarter’s spiel on process improvement. “We don’t slice bagels in half now unless specified when ordering”. So I figure to myself, wow, good to know for tomorrow. I get settled in, unwrap my bagel, and wouldn’t you know it. It isn’t sliced in half.

    George, further to your B of A zero down mortgage ethnic grouping qualifier example, I looked at buying a membership in a local park. I had to pass on the $75 fee (plus federal tax) that would apply to me being part of the colonizer cohort. Those of Aboriginal or Metis descent enter the facilities at no charge whatsoever. I’ll let my Silver graze in greener pastures.

    • I paid a similar “Senior Lifetime Pass” fee for the Volcano national park here. I go there a lot, so it’s a bargain for me. But the native Hawaiians get in free for ‘cultural practices’ there.

    • why would they not slice a bagel… that is just not right..that is almost as bad as saying we won’t put honey in our cream cheese.. or strawberries..

      • Loob,
        This is a company whose managers measure and set quotas of the time interval from order placement to fulfillment. I imagine the managers have determined there is hitherto unrealized labour savings hidden away in 50 slices of time per hour for example which could otherwise be used to churn out another bagel. I’d compare it to consrvng kebord kestroks in a cal ctr settng 2 get mor muny 4 de bozes.

        Today my bagel was sliced in half as ordered. Now it took probably the equivalent of 20 slices of time and the intervention of 3 order clerks to decipher why I was asking for my bagel to be further sliced in half beyond the already present preslice slice from the bakery. Apparently their best efforts fell short of standard as the grill cook flipped her lid when my order came up on her screen. “JUST TYPE ‘SLICED’, I DON’T MAKE THE RULES, she screamed.

        Don’t worry, Loob. My patience is undeterred in the face of corporate greed. I’m a Canadian after all.

    • G & J, 3rd paragraph of your linked BofA article:
      ‘ no $ down for first time buyers, applicants do NOT have to be Black or Hispanic to qualify’

      G, keep attacking any attempts at social justice for minorities, it’s the only response your foxed news mind can respond with….Everybody’s out to get Whitey, aint they? You are so victimized, aint cha?

      Trident Mortgage paid 2nd biggest redlining suit in history:

      Sarah Palin got her scalpin’ by the Natives (first Native elected to Congress in AK, got more votes than Sarah):

      • We refer to the headline (clean your glasses) “Bank of America announces zero down payment, zero closing cost mortgages for first-time homebuyers in Black and Hispanic communities nationwide” which doesn’t mention Whites.
        The program is specifically being marketed to a non-White market.

      • Alaska has a convoluted voting system where the lowest receiver of votes are reassigned to lower vote receiving candidates, 3rd place comes out the winner, the new way to cheat, Alaska is fucked up, ranked choice voting is like an unwiped ass hole, cover with shit. Speaking of which did you hear poopy pants speech last night, he fears me, I AM the majority and he stole my vote, he best fear me , fear Trump and fear the Q.
        In reality it is not Joe, he is a demented sock puppet, his handlers are shitting their collective Depends
        SloJoe did not address America’s problems, he addressed his party’s problems. The divide in America has not been greater since the demoncrats wanted to keep their slaves. Currently it is the the uni-party control over the debt slaves and pay the mobsters 30% of their income, IRS,, anyone love the IRS like the demoncrats/RINOs do, lets hire a bunch more and give them guns to audit you with. The diseased temple is coming down, abolish the Federal Reserve ,and their collection agents, IRS.
        This world has been controlled by ,,, Permanent Capital, the owners that George Carlin warned us about

      • Since you appear to disagree with almost everything George writes, as well as continually spew general TDS venom, why do you waste your time here? Wouldn’t your time be better spent on the CNN website? Your resemblance to an internet troll is astounding.

  5. George, the collapse that is happening in the equity and commodity markets now would have happened in 2020, but for the CARES act passed on 25 March 2020 and signed into law on 27 March. There will be no 2022 repeat of the CARES act.

  6. Post-Colonialism strikes again. After collapse I wouldn’t be surprised to se the U.S. taxed for last 50 – 100 years.

    Poland seeks $1.3 trillion in WWII reparations from Germany

    The leader of Poland’s governing party says the official demand for the reparations will be submitted to Germany.

    Poland has estimated its World War II losses caused by Germany at 6.2 trillion zlotys ($1.32 trillion) and announced its plan to officially demand reparations from Berlin.

    ““The sum that was presented was adopted using the most limited, conservative method, it would be possible to increase it,” Kaczynski told a news conference before the release of a long-awaited report on the cost to the country of years of Nazi German occupation as it marks 83 years since the start of World War II.”

  7. “Even with the Drought, we’ve still had almost 24 inches of rain this year.”

    Only about 100 miles north of you, we have 31.7″ for the year to date, and August (usually our driest month) brought us out of the drought with 7.9″. We got 0.85″ in July. September may be off to a good start if the wx prognosticators are correct for a change.

  8. Heard on Glenn Beck’s show today, hour 3, first item he discussed –

    The Canadian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has built a new facility in Winnepeg, the major ag region of Canada. Its blue prints that have been leaked include:
    A Firearms Armory
    Interrogation Rooms
    Media Relations Offices
    Biological Labs
    Controlled Quiet Rooms (…..??)
    Intelligence Facilities

    Down the hall from the firearms armory are evidence rooms, interrogation suites with adjacent recording rooms (think CSI and a host of other television police dramas).

    According to the ministry is planning to recruit a battalion of Climate Pollution Officers to a group named the “Environmental Enforcement Directorate”. That ought to give C and the other libs here an orgasm of warm fuzzies. It’s a 50,000 square foot facility enabled by The Impact Assessment Act. This ministry
    Enables warrantless entry to premises to verify compliance or the lack thereof by taking photographs, access computer systems and communication devices and direct any person to put any machinery, vehicle or equipment into operation or shut it down and prohibit entry or egress from the location entirely.

    “Climate Enforcers” have already been accused of trespassing on private land in Saskatchewan in an attempt to collect nitrogen samples. The land owners were told they were there to test the nitrate levels in their stock ponds and no warrant was needed because they were the “Climate Police”. Canada has passed legislation that instructs farmers to reduce nitrogen use by 30% which is widely criticized by Canadian farmers as well as European farmers now.

    Crimany….. Do you people up North feel the walls closing in on you now?? The EPA has had its share of horror stories here in the U.S. over the years but I don’t think it was carried out, for the most part, at the point of a gun. At least the EPA tended to deal mostly with endangered species and real pollution but these people in Canada and Europe are deliberately choking the flow of FOOD to the World.

  9. “The problem is Joe and his “political mindset” – which goes off making reasonable promises – like this one – but then allows for a 1oo percent reversal with no more angst than saying “Well, the facts changed.”—a-sun-tzu-perspective.html#:~:text=In%20The%20Art%20of%20War,as%20the%20Tao%2C%20or%20way.

    from my perspective.. he is promising to be in ukraine in taiwan in israel and going to defend everyone else.. Hmm looks a lot like the poisong pawn trap.. we dumped our strategic reserves.. and now split up our defense..
    you can’t be everywhere at once and protect what you are ignoring.. I believe that the last two years is a nightmare we will all wake up and discover that it was all a dream.. . and if its true.. then all of it is being laid out by someone that has never had to work for a living.. money has been tossed at him.. he lives in the bubble.. Time will tell…

    I am sick that it may all be just to cover the butt of some sick pedophile pervert with so many alleged crimes that it would make satan blush..

  10. Unforseen consequences: Power company takes down one of two oil fired plants for maintenance. Our 3% hydro is out now due to low water on the Wailuku river… lack of rain up in the mountains. Private power plant supplier up on the north end suddenly had to shut down the plant due to lack of ammonia supply for the pollution control systems. Seems the worldwide fertilizer (read: nitrogen) shortage has made bulk ammonia difficult to procure. The result now is rolling blackouts for the Big Island.

    This morning my rural cable is out of service… TV & Internet down. Posting from my iPhone hotspot. Good practice for the collapse. Maybe I’ll go play on the ham radio.

  11. We had a power outage last week for about 3 1/2 hours, then yesterday afternoon became a struggle with 105-110 degree temps and no power for 2 hours. We were lucky..they predicted it would take 2 more hours.
    Somebody needs to tell Californians when everyone is driving an EV, we will need to turn off our AC on really hot days so the cars can charge. Hell, they can’t even keep the power lines from sparking giant forest fires, much less improve it to the point of supporting what they propose.

  12. Ever wonder how the indigenous people of what is now the United States felt, as millions of Buffalo were killed so the trains could come through ? – I seem to get a real sense of that as the (same?) government kills bit by bit of our economy. Each business closure is a Buffalo and, each individual who loses their livelihood are similar to those Indians.

    I won’t be accepting any blankets as gifts from anyone in the future.

    Trail of Tears, just up the road.

  13. Folks,

    Hold the pitchforks! No sooner does Editor Ure oversee a piece on African water strategies than stories of taps running dry in predominantly impoverished, Black, Jackson, Ms. hits the msm. Derelict infrastructure appears to be the culprit behind this local regression to third world problems. Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba is a lawyer, self-declared socialist, and political revolutionary according to Wikipedia. Wow, break open a bottle of clean water and let’s have a toast! Apparently his late father, Chokwe Lumumba (formerly Edwin Taliaferro in pre-revolutionary days in Detroit), was a 2nd vp in the Republic of New Afrika. The Chokwe of course were a warring slaver tribe in Angola who themselves became enslaved. It seems the Republic of New Afrika desires its own Black majority country in the SE USA to be bordered by Texas on the west and Florida would be cut off from the rest of the Mainland. Federal reparations would be paid to descendents of Black slaves. Blacks would vote in a referendum if they wished to have USA or RNA citizenship.

    I haven’t looked at the official White House schedule yet. Is Air Force 1 at Andrews being readied to ferry the President and a cargo full of Amazon-tapped water bottles to Jackson? Maybe a few pallets worth of Benjamins would help the cause too?

    We’d break away here to do a soundcheck with DJ Ure, but apparently he is otherwise engaged in a thirsty work project.

  14. Got a “Smart” home?

    22,000 Colorado Residents Prevented from Turning Up Air Conditioning during ‘Energy Emergency’

    Xcel Energy, an electric provider based in Colorado, prevented 22,000 people from using their thermostats on Tuesday due to an “energy emergency.”

    Colorado resident Tony Talarico told the Denver Channel that he was met with an “energy emergency” alert when he tried to cool down his partner’s house. “I mean, it was 90 out, and it was right during the peak period,” Talarico said. “It was hot.” (LOL … 90! … LOL – Bill)

    “Normally, when we see a message like that, we’re able to override it,” he continued. “In this case, we weren’t. So, our thermostat was locked in at 78 or 79.” Other Xcel users reported on social media that they also were unable to turn up the air conditioning. (78 is what our t-stat stays at all the time – Bill)

    Romine (vice president of customer solutions and innovation at Xcel Energy) said it’s not typical for customers to not be able to access their smart thermostats, adding that this was a unique event that can be attributed to an unexpected outage in a nearby area, as well as intense heat and heavy air conditioner usage.

    Ain’t Technology wunnerful? – Bill

    • Got a screwdriver? Wally World sells thermostats for under $20. That would be my response (IF I was dumb enough to put a “smart” thermostat in my house).

      • olfart,
        Along the lines of adhoc handyman repairs to smart thermostats outside the envelope of official rubberstamp, my building smoke alarms carry a warning. It says in effect that unauthorized tampering can be subject to a $1000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

    • I’d leave “their thermostat” alone. A well placed jumper wire at whatever passes for a contactor/shutoff relay should solve the problem long enough to get past the “unique event”. No need for the high granularity of a thermostat. Just make sure you know what you’re doing. You still have the privilege of paying for the juice after the fact.

      This works best without a “smart” meter, but even then, you can claim you were welding or using a large portable A/C at the time.

    • @Bill

      Personally, I think it’s real f*ckin’ funny.

      I don’t have “smart appliances.”
      I won’t have “smart appliances.”
      I own a large supply of 1′-6′ wires of various gauges, with alligator clips on each end.
      I also own a large number of bits of X-10 kit. This enables me to have an “intelligent home” which is 100% under my control.


      “my building smoke alarms carry a warning. It says in effect that unauthorized tampering can be subject to a $1000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.”

      I suspect alarms in the U.S. do also.

      I hereby authorize myself to tamper with any or all of my extraneous electronics, at any time, and for any reason…

      Problem solved!

      Mike: Amen…! :-)

      • Those of us that know how to “tamper” are a tiny minority. The Sheeple are always ready to be fleeced on some level and live in exuberant euphoria until it happens.

      • @Bill

        “Those of us that know how to “tamper” are a tiny minority.”

        Bill, when I moved into my “wedding home” it had a Honeywell T86/T87 round thermostat, and I had a wife who thought winter thermostat settings were too cold if they were not in the mid-80s. A small piece of plastic, cemented into the bimetallic coil, caused that thermostat to reach 73° and if it were set above 73, would lower its setting to where 85° (or above) would equal 58°. This didn’t require genius on my part — just simple observation as to the mechanical action of the thermostat and a knowledge of what that little spring-looking coil really did.

        Anybody can figure this stuff out. The problem is, the vast majority of people don’t realize that a device should serve its owner or master, not the other way around, and they don’t realize that anything mechanical can be “adjusted.”

  15. “Here in the Outback, we’re braced for more Climate Change hysteria. Not because it’s real, but because UN weather agency predicts rare “triple-dip” La Niña in 2022 — the first time this century. ”

    Oh, so it has happened before…?

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