Election Proximity: Markets Sell

Are We Past “Peak Biden?” Looking at the early futures today – offers a view – to us – of a market trying to figure whether to “pack up and leave town this week” or wait until the (democrats have been planning for months) Election Chaos.   We figure it will tee-off next Tuesday night, … Read more

Sunday Studio Projects: Audiophile 101

Ear Yee! Ear Yee! Hear all about it!  This is a fine weekend to work on your home sound system, isn’t it? We are going through a modest upgrade to the home studio here at UrbanSurvival in order to get back into podcasting with gear that sounds (slightly) better than run-of-the-mill podcasts. In the process, … Read more

Noncomputational Economics & the Network of Creation

While looking for reasons why human telepathy doesn’t work, we may have found some (effectively) “CHMOD” locks built into humans. These may effectively control “interpersonal read-write access” at the psychic level. Which has what to do with economics?  Well….that’s what the new book is about.  How the lower-level contexts work. In an odd way, humans … Read more

Trump Blows It – Is the Stimulus Toast

After a useless debate last night, both political parties are ready to sacrifice America for political ends, seems to us.   And there is a legit need for a stimulus bill before voting: Officials Call for Quick Stimulus Deal to Forestall Lackluster U.S. Economic Recovery. Call all they want… we don’t see it. Politics over … Read more

Mercurial Trump Means Manic Markets +Jobs Data

Kudos First As always, my friend Chris Tyreman up in Saskatchewan came through with the PERFECT heading for our Ultra-Make.com 3D printing website.  Take a look.  As you’ll see, the “feel” (graphically) of Urban, Peoplenomics, and Ultra-Make is now somewhat in alignment.  Revealing how “deeply conflicted” we get around here sometimes:  There are many ways … Read more

Race, Retroculture, and Some Rural Reservations

We pass a major milestone in the ongoing adventures of Peoplenomics.  Today marks our 1000th weekly since we first published deeper thoughts online in 1999. Our focus today is on two prospects competing to dominate our future.  One is called “Retroculture.”  A concept of returning to those “…thrilling days of yester-year…” But this is offset … Read more

Housing Data, Seismometers, Market Bouncimenter

Instrument Check! Takes me back to my flying days.  Checklists Galore! And they work great for keeping a lot of variables arranged for safe travel into an uncertain future. Checklists facilitate something called RKA.  We don’t talk about it much here (*more on the Peoplenomics subscriber site).  It means  Rapid Knowledge Acquisition. When you couple … Read more

Currency-Driven Monday – Invest in Insanity?

What We Said About Currency Early Futures on a ‘do-nothing’ Monday gave us an ideal example of how to discern whether Forex (foreign exchange/currency trading) was in the ‘drivers seat’ or whethere  value mattered any more. The answer is not particularly encouraging. We noted on the Euro to Dollar chart from Kitco that the dollar … Read more