Black Friday: What Could Go Wrong?

This is the day a good part of America goes nuts.  Bonkers, bahzitsu, meshuga… We expect treatment stations for seasonal illnesses such as “click sprain” and “credit card burn” plus “package-induced back strains” will be full by mid-afternoon. This being Black Friday, as always, odds are good that you’ll be hitting the major sites, too. Sadly, we already are seeing reports like “Huge Black Friday brawl inside mall as ‘shopper throws shoe which hits baby’ and women wrestle on floor…” in a frenzy that started last night with “U.S. online sales surge, … Continue reading

Coping: The Annual “Turkey Leftover’s” Column

We roll first with a second cup of extra strong coffee.Then we share the best turkey leftovers recipe  we’ve ever found.  Our Ode to 13 Coin’s SST Sandwich column from 2013.  I don’t remember if Gale, the daytime bartender at the ‘Coin’s place across from the Seattle Times had retired yet, or not…might have.  Great guy and always poured me a “editor-sized drink” back in the day… Then (from 2014) a “gift that keeps on giving” from a reader named John. First, my own contribution to “turkey science:”  I baked … Continue reading

Everyone’s Happy! (Except the Turkey)

But then again, nothing really good using happens without some sacrifice…. Here’s the Thanksgiving video we did back in 2001 when we were still living on the boat and sailing SF Bay.  Land behind us was SF Airport area.  Hunter’s point is off to port somewhere…   Have a blessed and marvelous day.  Don’t lay down after eating… Write when you get full… Elaine, George, and Zeus-the-Cat … Continue reading

Trump’s Tumbler

With a year from the election of Donald Trump, it’s time to begin work on our economics (and therefore market) outlooks for 2018. As a starting point for this seasonal review I wanted to begin this morning with a look at two years of data in order to assess whether economic  progress has been “real” or “perceptual.”  After coffee, headlines and those damn bullish charts that as of last week had been calling this bull market run spot-on for over a year.. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber … Continue reading

Markets are the Turkey; Pass the Paint

While we’ve been yammering on about how there would likely be a “turkey rally” ahead of the holiday, this is getting downright stupid. Monday’s trading session saw a liberal dose of tape-painting – which is what you call it when one index soars while the rest are left in the dust. Monday it was the Dow, up 0.36% while the S&P and the NASDAQ Composite were stuck in the lower fractional teens. Today, looks like Hype-fest 2.0 with Dow futures up another 86 points.  What’s interesting is how much of … Continue reading

Coping: The Magic of a “Better Future”

Time for a discussion about personal magic.  The kind that really pays off, is honest, and ethical. Odd topic?  Maybe, but let me explain:  The other day, I was talking to a friend and the subject of unlimited personal energy came up. You see, this person has known me for a long time, and still didn’t understand how I always seem to have unlimited energy and I’m also remarkably “mood-free.” As we talked, it became clear that I’d never really explained myself well on this point so perhaps sharing some ideas … Continue reading

Turkey Week: Toms or Stocks?

The market (an hour before the open) was set to open right about even with last week’s close.  We would normally expect a bit of a pullback after options week, but it’s not a regular-enough pattern to make any dough with. Not that I haven’t tried. For now, a one-half percent decline in Japan overnight rippled into Europe early, but was shaken-off leaving this 3 /12-day workweek for investors as a probable small rally to flat one here. While we could do a half-hour of “stand-up” on what a joke … Continue reading