Managing Retirement Time

No joke!  For a lot of people I know it’s harder to manage their time in retirement that it was in the business life.Sure – sounds weird, but we’ll explain.  But first we go through the charts an d indicators as the sounds of a 1929-like Crash get louder.  And wait till you see the technical chart on Bitcoin! More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Crash — or Dash?

The clock is ticking. I’ve been telling you for some weeks now – in fact a few days after the all-time-high in our Aggregate Index January 26th – that it is time to be extremely cowardly.  Not that we didn’t score some nice lunch money on the recent bounce.  But the clock is ticking. We’re also not the only ones to notice. Bloomberg this morning rolls with “Morgan Stanley Says Stock Slide Was Appetizer for Real Deal.”  Unlike Morgan Stanley, we’ll even tell you an idealized date based on our work:  Around March 22nd. … Continue reading

Coping: A Note from “The Realms”

Been a while since we’ve talked about some genuine serious woo-woo.  That’s the part of life not well-understood, let alone documented, by science.  This morning, some things science hasn’t made clear. People have two lives.  One is the “normal” (*waking-state) that we are sharing right now.  The OTHER is the world you go to – when you are sleeping. This other world we visit is connected to thing one by thought forms. (Continues below)   Those thought forms perform an important function, I believe and let me share a bit from last night’s “birthday … Continue reading

Holiday Notes

Remarkably little is going on today.  In fact, when stories like the movie Black Panther are the “above the fold” content on websites, we have to breathe a bit easier.  No planet killing asteroids in view. Still, the bashing of Donald Trump for his latest (what media call) “tweet storm” (which you can read for yourself over here) is in full swing. As we have explained previously:  The reason the MainStreamMedia has such a hard-on for Trump is his direct Tweets give him a way to communicate with the public without the crooked toll road … Continue reading

Coping: National “Imagine Your Life” Day

Ever say to yourself “My Life would be better except for…” (fill in the blank)? I think loads of people give that some thought in passing but I’ve seldom met the real-deal Self-Actualizers who methodically look at their lives and go about living it creatively. Since this is a holiday (and conveniently close to Birthday #69) I spent some time in that personal review space this weekend and there are many ideas that will now ramble past that you MAY find useful. (Continues below)   First, let’s talk about the imagining your life part. … Continue reading

Timing the “End of the World”

“How Long Do We Have?” is this morning’s focus.  That’s because, every so often, one of the children will call.  Besides the “Hey dad, how are you?” there is often a “What do you think is going to happen?“They will plug-in whatever the news story du jour is – not that it makes a difference.  I then patiently (or not) explain that news is only of ANY value if it is specifically actionable.Today, we’re going to focus on the “How long do we have?” question. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE … Continue reading