Fed Dread, Obama’s Ukraine War, III in the Wings

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Ukraine will also get F-16s: Fighter concession debate has begun – “In six months the Ukrainians will be trained” – WarNews247.  Let’s see: tanks, guns, missiles, drones, and now F-16’s?  Russia called war with NATO right.

Fed Dread: Measures of Suck

The Federal Reserve meets tomorrow.  Rather than reading reports denominated in U.S. Federal Reserve Notes (colloquially “dollars”) we’re thinking their study of America’s future should be based on Pascal units. Because as this site explains:

Pascal is the official SI unit for vacuum pressure and consequently widely used in physical sciences. One pascal is the force of one Newton per square meter acting perpendicular on a surface. Pascal is named after the French mathematician, physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal.”

Here all this time, you thought Pascal was all about a programming language.  See how Big the world is?  If you’re a non-programmer, be advised that…

Pascal is (also) an imperative and procedural programming language, designed by Niklaus Wirth as a small, efficient language intended to encourage good programming,”

We firmly believe that Peoplenomics is a far better approach to National Managment than pure “dollarization” of everything.  Because runaway financial fascination leads to things like over production (and the periodical boom/bust cycles) and a yoyo like experience of life driven into cycles of war and peace by resource demand and arrogant pricks in office which is a global phenomenon, now.

We think the Fed adjudication of economics could be best addressed with a simple “Ben Franklin Ledger”.  First column heading?

“This Sucks” (N...Pascals). Opposite this column of measures would be a “This doesn’t suck” column.  It will be mostly empty.

Our “Sucks List” includes: Inflation, China’s rise, Mexico’s Invasion, Goading Russia into War, Attacking Iran (but when you build bombs, people will get pissed and not sit idly by waiting to be offed), Overseas dependencies, and let’s toss in a dozen eggs because they’re hard at work making shoplifting fashionable.  In other words:  World mostly sucks.

Of course, the Fed cannot think in Pascal terms (even though it’s a useful data simplification tool).  Because their sole purpose is to get money out of the hands of a Crooked Congress and into the hands of the even more Crooked Bankster class.

Monday Thought: Dump Dollars, Trade Pascals!

Down at the Repo Depot

Your Fed at work is revealed with a daily scan of Markets Data Dashboard – FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK (newyorkfed.org).  Where we read how the repos were at a low-level Friday.

Given the Dow futures were being measured in “Pascals” way over into the “Sucks!” column (-200-ish on the dollarized Dow futures) we would expect easy money soon come as our end of the month “Settle with the Devil” day will be today, or tomorrow.  And we like to be short which explains our downside hedge placed near the close Friday. Seven minutes before the close.

Whee! How many minutes and how much “lunch money?”

Obama’s Ukraine War

Unlike copyright infringers, we like to give credit where due.  In this case to Barack Obama for setting up the U.S. coup that toppled the honest government and installed the far-right Ukrainian government which then dicked-around with Russia’s water and power and thence to the loss of the Crimea which brings us to this morning’s Brink of WW III.

See, people have terribly short attention spans.  Usually, the memory holes are big enough crooked warmongers can drive a Kenworth through.  Something on the order of a T680 Next-Gen.

Here’s how the neocons, embedded into the pseudo-liberals, got their war set up: PolitiFact | The United States spent $5 billion on Ukraine anti-government riots before the U.S. backed coup to bounce an elected president.  Now, remember who was president in 2014?  A US-Backed, Far Right–Led Revolution in Ukraine Helped Bring Us to the Brink of War (jacobin.com).

The Progressive which I don’t often agree with gets a good star for The United States Is Reaping What It Sowed in Ukraine – Progressive.org. Which is echoed in other content around the web like the Cato Institute’s view: America’s Ukraine Hypocrisy.

Why’s no one else mentioning the foundation dug by :O who walks on water?”

Now It’s Biden’s War

Let’s see how he’s playing it, shall we?

We see hypocrisy as the inline media report stories like Short on time, Biden sought new Ukraine tank plan to break stalemate – The Washington Post. Thing is, Biden tries to demonize Russia, pretending he’s after Peace.  Which is a crockashit more like starting a gun fight and then talking piece while swapping out your .22 boot gun for a long-magazine Glock 19.

The good news, but bad for the War Party, is that the lefty’s screed on climate is being tossed: Global carbon emissions forecast cut due to Ukraine war and Biden, says BP | The Guardian.  Don’t you LOVE it when what goes around comes around? DUDE maintains balance even on disorderly worlds.

Meantime, Biden is the salesman for the Obama-based Ukraine debacle which continues to escalate even as Zelenskiy: Ukraine needs more weapons, faster. Yessir, a fine time will be had by all (*survivors) at the soon arriving Global Flash-Bake Sale.

Meanwhile, no one in the Oval took that HR Hiring seminar we recommended a while back.  Because now we’re learning Biden’s Reported New Chief Of Staff, Jeff Zients, Linked To Allegations Of Fraud And Questionable Business Practices | The Daily Caller.

Questionable business practices?  In this administration, what isn’t – everything from Corvette files, to sonnyboy’s NFT scammery.  Yee gads. “Have a beach house and shut up, Ure.”.

Crackamamie Headlines

Which country will bring back the draft first?  Betting is officially open as US general: ‘British Army is not top-level force and can’t protect UK’ | Metro News.  We are wondering how soon the Waracrats will offer up similar entertainment in advance of WW III – the extended play UHD version – which comes after the intermission after nukes hit Middle Lower Europe. Planning your own world war?  Then you need cannon fodder and flash powder.

Flash Powder flashes:  Iran plant: Israel was behind drone attacks, US media report | CNN. Remember, if you’re just returning from off-planet, the Big Game is Israel vs. Iran slow enough (drone pricks) in order for Russia to be goaded into tactical first use of Nukes.  THEN Israel can roll the nuclear bunker buster to take out Centrifuge Central, and THEN China will take Taiwan and throttle America down.  But up on the top-level of this 3D Chess fiasco, Russia will have grounds for first use as soon as the first depleted uranium anything (armor, bullets/shells) lands inside Russia.  We figure that’s their “red line” because it would be the West tossing the first (dirty) nuke material. (Stunning insanity with such a nice interleaving layer with human reality, is it not?)

Spiral Gyros in the wings as Turkey continues to act more belligerent and the U.S. fans the flames: US warns citizens of ‘imminent’ terror threat to synagogues, churches in Istanbul | The Times of Israel.  Keep in mind that war between Greece and the Middle East is coming over the Leviathan oil and gas complex. (Background, maps, and baseline info.)

And Ukraine not only used to have wheat, but lots of titanium and plenty of petrol, too. Oil lands in blue, getting it?

These are Resource Wars since the global “keep it in your pants” index is near zero self-control.  Resulting in too many (and more stupid) people.  Crumb-following going a little fast for you?

War’s (contrary to liberal quackery) usually have a “system of economics” woven in. At present, food, water, energy, and real estate comprise the key complex.

Back to point, what else is calendared?  Ah!  US House speaker McCarthy to discuss debt limit, spending with Biden.  Crumpets and Crap sandwiches? Because neither side is desperate enough for a solution. High Tea in the Oval for our own aristocracy?  Because, let’s face it, the thought of military retirement and social security checks being late is still on the hostage-taking list. We’ll see which gang of crooks goes for it!  Bets on?

Stephen King Alert!  This is genuine 100 percent FDA pure scariness for you!  Biden Approval Rating Jumps As He Pivots Toward Center (investors.com). Sleepwalking to war followed by idiots who can’t think. (What was it Tony the Tiger said???)  GRR-reat!

Postcard Incompetence Dept.  (Look surprised, right?)  DOJ ‘working’ to share info on classified Trump, Biden docs with senators: reports | The Hill.  WTF is “working to share” supposed to mean?  Tell you in simple terms:  Ass-covering time is needed and plausible deniability studies and control files to consulting.  Regular stuff in a sham Democratic Republic which has been taken over by a corporate kleptocracy owning the public bureaucracy of fumblement.

Fools and their Digitry’s are soon parted.  But not until the market really turns sour, then $10,000 BTC ought to be a slam dunk.  For this morning BTC is $23K plus a bit.  Making today’s crypto note BTC Fear & Greed Index Eyes Extreme Fear to Signal a BTC Breakout (fxempire.com). We’re skeptical, but major wave four’s can be fugly.

Around the Ranch

Wow!  My neighbor – who I just remembered had a brush grapple on his big tractor with the huge stump grinder on it – came by Sunday. Insisted he come over and both fix my tractor flat AND move the brush.  Makes my life a lot easier.

“Shoot bubba, you don’t gotta pay me anything, I don’t want your money.”

“Check with your wife, or better, put a hundred on the table and ask if SHE wants it because you don’t need it.  I figure that will be a different answer, but let’s test it. Howzat?”

This whole tree adventure has almost been like a Divine Guidance sequence.  To begin with the same guy had quoted me a few hundred more several months earlier.  Then he tossed in two additional trees for $200 a tree which was dirt cheap.  Next, the job wasn’t supposed to be done until three weeks out.  But no, a last-minute cancellation and “Mr. Ure, can we get you in tomorrow?” kind of thing.  And THEN the brush moving will be done by my neighbor, a once Mercedes shop wrench for a dealership in Dallas. (Also a bodacious hunter, BTW.  Totally great neighbor!).

Thing is, like reader Andy, sometimes you can’t help but appreciate the Grace of the DUDE to arrange things for you, just so, for a kind word of thanks. Thanks!

Rained Like Hell: a good part of the weekend.  Six inches and some overflow in the gauge. And the local weather emporium up north of us has 3.85 inches for the month to date. Last January a year ago, we had an inch-and-a-half.  No Sahara at least for now.

Breakfast and Markets and polishing of Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report which was roughed out while it rained.

Our Short Position Friday is green.  To the tune of a 2.8 percent gain in the preopen.  The “when to sell the short” will depend on how paranoid the talk gets about Fed increases.  Believe it, or not, 2.8 percent for what’s likely to be only 35-minutes of market exposure ain’t a bad way to start off Monday. Seeing money go up ain’t that tough.  It’s the timing of taking a trade OFF that tells the story at the bank.

Write when you get rich,


ShopTalk Sunday: Tree Week, Dancing Alexa

Old Ure is tired and sore today – because knocking on the door of 74 (in mid-February) it’s not part of God’s Plan to be riding roughshod on a tractor moving wood.

The wood, of course, came from removing two 100-foot plus trees with a diameter of over 40-inches.  Two additional 90-footers, too. While sliced up into 8-to-16-foot hunks (depending on weight) should have made the leftovers easy to move, there’s always a snag, seems like.  In this case, it was a flat tire on the tractor.

Now, the whole project is on hold until the rains pass – because there’s no point in driving a tractor on turf (or what used to be turf) when wet.  That just creates the world’s biggest mud pies.  This is even more of an issue if your Big Tools include a Caterpillar bulldozer (they sink in, get stuck, which I personally accomplished with a D-6 way back in my youth).

If you ever get stuck in soft ground with a tractor (or with a Cat) the “secret sauce” is using the blade correctly.

What you do is push the blade (or bucket in our case) all the way down.  This will (if your hydraulic pump has good seals) raise the front of the tracks, or for us, take the front wheels off the ground.  (This is what makes changing front tires on a loader equipped tractor so easy.)

Except, I wasn’t dealing with a big Cat, my wimpy 25-HP Kubota simply got a flat tire on the left rear.

think it was stupidity on my part.  I had occasion Friday early to start up the tractor (25F outside) and go slamming and galloping down to the west side of the property.  Sound of big tree clearing equipment was heard and property lines matter. There are “timber rustlers.”

So, coming back, since I hadn’t checked tire pressure in a while (6 mos.) I likely (while semi-airborne going over deadfall) popped the bead seal.

Which allowed for a slow leak and then progressed to an almost flat with the weight barely supported by the sidewalls and the bead loose.

Which means what?  Waiting for the Truck and Tractor service rig to come out Monday or Tuesday, take off the 120-pound tire and rim, and then (likely) install a tube in the 11.2-16 tire.  While simultaneously uninstalling about $150 from Mr. Ure’s wallet.

The rural Arizona phrase “Shit fire and save matches” came to mind. Which as ancient invective goes is ever-so-more cognizable than “Why? Cat why sewn up in a rag.”  Either one is Zen Koan-like when you’re young.  Neither one, though, has made any more practical sense than “Oh f*ck” as I’ve gotten older, though.

One of these days, we ought to have a course in “Shop Swear Words.”

Before, During, After

The getting ready part:

Which, a couple of hours later turned into this for the first tree:

Notice, center right, the size of that brush pile as a result.  Well, this is my little project (there are two similar sized piles up hill from the three other trees).

Vendor recommendation?  Hell yeah!  Ryan’s Tree Service, Palestine Texas gets a five-star (and 6 if I could figure how to do it) for a perfect job.  Tree limbs overhanging the shop, tractorport, and house with a hot service entrance pole about 12 feet from one of the trees.  Takes art and skill.

Got a couple of other ideas on how to move the brush piles.  Buddy up the hill has that big (*45 HP) stump grinder on the back with a brush grapple on the front of the machine. It’s a beaut.

I’ll talk to him, but he’s busier than a pig with two dinks because he works 50-hours a week and has a young family.  However, it’s another experiment to test his hearing.  “Money talks” and we’ll see where his hearing kicks in.

Failing that, (Claude) Roberts Timber whose timber outfit did our last thinning/biomass cutting has a machine about the size of a 20-foot container that has a grapple and eats branches and smaller logs to like 6-inches in one end and spits biomass out the other.  Overkill.

And the next fallback is just waiting for the mobile tire outfit and for the ground to firm up.  Then doing the 25-hours of (very small, wimpy 25-HP) tractor work to push it all up in burn piles.

This is definitely something that would have been easier to “do as you go” but I’m not part of the tree crew and an old man in the way isn’t what they needed to be focused on.  So, it is what it is.

“Dad, you’ve got to stop putting pressure and artificial deadlines on projects.  Just chill.  You’ll get it all done,” offered the (still out of town) BIG jobsite firefighter/EMT/site medic son.  But one of the things that runs deep in the Ure genes is an almost compulsive need to get things done ASAP.

Which you’d never guess, looking at my workshop, lol.

Rain Day

With the tractor flat – and now the ground too soft to work anyway for a few days (yeah, if you’re a ‘slicker’ bet you never considered that reality of life in the woods, didja?) got us a “rain day.”  Which means inside projects will hold sway.

For one, another shop cart will be taking shape.  And then a whack at the set-up of a couple of more voice-controlled devices around our place.  Since we figured that Alexa was probably the greatest safety aid for seniors ever (it has alarm functions, it’s an intercom system, speakerphone with voice dialing, radio stations with programmable music, and control of lights and switches, a couple of new additions will be added to our voice control system array today.

Here’s the existing devices:

  • 180 Room Online
  • Bedroom Online
  • Bench Offline
  • Egypt Online
  • Guest 4th Fire
  • Echelon Offline
  • Elaine’s 5th Fire Online
  • Focus Offline
  • Garden Room Online
  • George’s 6th Fire Online
  • George’s Alexa for PC Offline
  • George’s Fire TV Online
  • Greenhouse Online
  • Hobby Shop Offline
  • Kitchen Online
  • Nightstand Offline
  • Office Online
  • Overhead Offline
  • Palmtree Offline
  • Paramount Offline
  • Porch Online
  • Shipping Offline
  • Shop Online
  • Sky Offline
  • Studio Offline
  • Vacuum Offline
  • Yankee Online

Many of the “offline’s” are downstream from another switch in order to reduce RF and save power.

Which makes sense, I suppose, only to us.  But, for example, we both already know that when I say “Alexa turn on vacuum” the big central vac in the shop will come on.  Echelon is the home comm’s center/ ham shack.  The next bank of radios will be either Menwith or Alice Springs.

Or, if it’s late at night (dark) and I want to see all over the backside of the house “Alexa, turn on bench” lights up the east shop workbench which in turn lights up the area between the house and shop because the shop walls on that side are polycarbonate clear.

Today, I will get voice control set up for “Spa” to turn on the pleasure center devices (back, foot, hand massage machines) that I wrote up a while back.

The “Northwest Room” will have a ceiling light switch by the name of “Alameda” just east of the Bay Bridge picture we commissioned years back.  A table lamp south of that painting will be “Fremont” although San Jose, and Los Gatos are still in the running.  If you’re familiar with South Bay geography and since we lived on our sailboat down that way for six months, the humor should be obvious.

A voice (and remote) controlled light in the guest bath off the Egypt-themed second bedroom in the house will be called “PooFu” because we don’t go in there to Khufu.

Disney-like mindset?  Well, duh.

Write when I grow up…