A New Economic Paradigm?

This morning we take a jaunt into the very heart of economic thought.  We’ll be looking at the component-level as to what “makes up” price discovery. What we come to is the idea that we have emphasized the wrong thing. E.G. the existing paradigm has promoted high unit-volumes of goods.  But, QUALITY has been abandoned because of our belief that “more work is good.”  With Robotics on the horizon, this is plain stupid thinking.  Which we will discuss more deeply after some headlines and where the charts and models have … Continue reading

Coinsters, Banksters, and Jobsters

Before we get into the fresh press release from the Labor Department, a word or two about bubbles.  Bubble?  What bubble?  Oh…this bubble: Bitcoin hits $17,000 as bubble fears mount. They never end well.  Read that again: never. I mention this because we are witnessing the parabolic rise of Bitcoin.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been highly entertaining and all that.  When I checked prior to posting, they were at $15,447.  I know, the TB’s (true believers) in Bitcoin are oh so proud that they have a secure blockchain.  What they can’t … Continue reading

Coping: With the COL vs. COF Ratio

Finance:  I laughed when I went back and read Thursday’s UrbanSurvival column.  Reason?  I’d forgot to mention that FOMO is ‘netese for Fear Of Missing Out.  Not that anyone flagged me on it; most of our readers have well-above room temperature I.Q.s. Following up on the Coping article from Thursday – about G2’s pal who lives in her delivery van and uses her upscale gym membership as her auxiliary living space, we’re still impressed.  Because she’s nailed something incredible:  A perfect 1-to-1 ratio of the Cost Of Living (COL) to the Cost Of … Continue reading

Bitcoin: The Bubble and FOMO

I love it  Bitcoin was all the way up to $15,361 when I looked.  And, since I sold my short position in the market, I’ve been more than pleased to watch Bitcoin because it’s a sort of “coincident indicator” of the National Delusion we’re all presently living under. Seriously?  A year ago Bitcoin was what?  Do I see any hands?  $768.  But everyone’s getting into the game now: Bitcoin to start futures trading, stoking Wild West worries. That pencils out to just about exactly twenty-times its price of a year ago.  If you … Continue reading

Coping: Gaming the Housing System

Housing:  I hadn’t heard too much from my son for a while – and got to wondering what was up with him so I rang him up and he’s got a new GF.  No news there EXCEPT:  The new GF has figured out how to totally game “the system” in a crowded big city – like Seattle. I won’t give away any personally identifiable information, but this is totally cool.  As my son put it “It’s up there chill-wise like when you moved onto your sailboat…”  Which I did in … Continue reading

What’s NOT in "Dimensions Next Door"

Ure is tired this morning — that’s what happens when one stays up all night and talks on CoastToCoastAM with George Noory.  As a result,, this morning we will have a blissfully to-the-point discussion of the charts and the new book (and print edition with free Kindle version) is just out, Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time .  You see, the problem is I left something out – and it’s important.  So we will get to that after a few headlines and a look at the market.. More for Subscribers       ||| … Continue reading

Markets: Shortage of “Good News” Ahead?

A special note for CoastToCoastAM listeners: (You will need to click on this post to see the chart) We have been tracking the apparent “resonance” between the psychological mood of the country now as compared to the Roaring Twenties.  In the chart below, you can see how closely the advances fit. (Continues below)   Just be cautious that things are not completely the same! The main thing to remember about markets is that they tend to front-run actual events.  And right now we may be looking at a forward lack … Continue reading