5T Day: Tuesday’s Terrible Truths about The Trends

Say, don’t want to run this stuff in your face, particularly if you’re a Coiner and haven’t laid-back enough to buy a subscription to Peoplenomics (and pay all those short-term capital gains you’ll owe this year), but I just have to point out that with Bitcoins trading in the $12,250 range, you will want to look again at where we are per our trend channel work: Does this mean The End is here (or near) for cryptos so dear?  See our Monday discussion of what “momentary” means.  Can’t say for sure, … Continue reading

Coping: How Social Media is Killing America

Communications:  There has been increasing chatter in social media circles about what the ‘next business model’ will be.  Social is running its course; like a bad case of flu. To refresh:  The social hoodwinking of established web sites and creative content for all, began with the simple premise that if established websites (like Urban, for example) wanted to increase readership, the smart thing to do would be set up social media pages.  Let people talk. We saw right through it, of course, and figured what the real “mater plan” for what … Continue reading

A Half-a-Holiday Bitcoin Rant

There is no mail today.  Banks are closed.  The U.S. markets are closed…and what the hell am I doing up? Well, this is another one of those half holidays we talk about.  Fine time to introduce non-subscribers (to our Peoplenomics newsletter) to some sharper thinking than appears in the mainstream. Were it not for the pending winter storm (tonight in Texas) and a few headlines, you’d have been spared this morning’s report.  But, such is not the case.  You need to be lectured, again. (Continues below)   Let’s start with macro-econ: … Continue reading

Coping: Winter Storm Preps, Again

Prepping:  Here we go again:  The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for our area.  The weather, starting tonight, could be downright crappy for a couple of days.  Cold as hell, especially. By the forecast, we will get a spot of rain starting this afternoon.  Not normally a bad thing by itself.  But it’s character changes when one of those winter storms comes barreling down from the northwest.  That will freeze the rain on the ground and turn whatever falls next it into ice and/or snow. This … Continue reading

Peoplenomics Server Maintenance

From our server team: A number of serious security vulnerabilities affecting multiple CPU architectures were recently disclosed by Google’s Project Zero team as outlined in our support annoucement on Jan 4. In order to address the disclosed vulnerabilities, the physical hardware on which your website resides will need to undergo maintenance. This maintenance specifically patches the Meltdown vulnerability; the Spectre vulnerability will be addressed in a future maintenance cycle. We will inform you of these maintenance cycles via additional communications. The maintence begins at:Jan 13th 2018 – 11:00PM EST During … Continue reading

The Trumpstorm and Terraforming

As always in Peoplenomics, we are not whiners – we deal in solutions.  In fact, turning lemons into lemonade is our stock-in-trade. This week, what the pseudo-media was screaming about (the Trumpstorm) is actually a marvelous opportunity to move in the direction of making America great, again.  But, you need to grok terms like neocolonial business models to see it.  When you do, Trump’s candor is distinctly anti-racist contrary to the MSM pitch. We explain – after headlines and the charts… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help … Continue reading

Markets Push-out Crash Date, CPI & Retail Data

Sure, we’ll get to this morning’s latest hysterical over-reaction to Donald Trump’s immigration comments in a minute.  But, honestly, there are much more important things going on that will impact your life in the short-term, so should be ready to deal with them. First, and foremost, (because we are unabashedly capitalistic at our core) the market has just put in new highs, as we were hinting at in earlier columns.  The case is building for the S&P 500 to close OVER 3,000 in the not-so-distant futures.  And despite the hand-wringing of … Continue reading