Publication Questions

Question:  Is that all you think about – money?

Answer:  Yes.  But it’s a plenty-big topic, since it covers everything from buying lunch today to what to cook for dinner, how we entertain ourselves…

But hey!  There are people that think of everything in terms of food, hours of work, and what about gear-heads who idly wonder about the 0-60 times of a Kenworth, huh?

Question: How Long has this site been around?

Answer:   Since 1995.  It started as my MBA capstone project.  I didn’t get ‘papered’ until late in life.  Found the importance of degrees to be over-rated, but necessary if you plan to work in the field of higher education as I have.

Question: What’s the charge for this site?

Answer:   Zip, nadda…This whole thing is free unless you subscribe to my weekly (here lately bi-weekly) premium content offering at www.peoplenomics.com for $40/year.  Most subscribers tell us it’s the best newsletter value on the internet.  The revenue from subscriptions is what keeps the UrbanSurvival.com site and the mirror site  www.ruralpioneers.com going.

We spend a lot of money on projects (hosting for our www.nostracodeus.com project, for example).

Question: Why do you have a ‘mirror site’?

Answer:   We don’t.

If you EVER find our content on anything but this side, please send a note to George@ure.net because we pay huge fees to our copyright pit bull.  We want to get our money’s worth…

Question: Are there other ways to get to UrbanSurvival from behind a firewalled office computer?

Answer:   One thing to try is accessing via our http://www2.urbansurvival.com  or if that doesn’t work (although it usually does) try the http://www3.urbansurvival.com layer.  Most ‘workplace-police snoop’ packages don’t include the www2 and www3 prefixes – just the plain www. and http:// named servers.

I’m not a huge fan of HTTPS…but I didn’t take my paranoia meds today.

Question: How many people read UrbanSurvival – or am I the only nutjob out there?

Answer:   No, you’re not alone.  Apparently, there are lots of us nutters about because most weekdays we serve up to 40,000 page views.

Interestingly, readership goes up when the markets go down.  People love bad news.  Go figure.

Just to give you an idea how many ‘fellow’ thinkers are out there, in 2009 UrbanSurvival served up 15.7-million pages to more than 701-thousand visitors chewing up 228 GB of bandwidth along the way.

Question: What if I send you email…will you read it?

Answer:   I usually read everything – eventually. However, I often won’t send an individual reply if it is something of general interest – that’s where column ideas come from.  My email address is no secret:  george@ure.net gets here.  Try George@urbansurvival.com if it makes you feel better.

Emails are answered in the following priority:

  • Consulting clients
  • Peoplenomics subscriber questions and logon issues
  • Everything else as the mood strikes me at the time

Question: Can I come and visit you at your ranch sometime?

Answer:   Hell no.

We’re very private – keep to ourselves kind of folks. Virtually interesting on the web, we hope.  But you’d have a warmer reception trying to visit the White House uninvited than our ranch.  Except for what’s on the site here, we hold privacy to be a fundamental and holy right. If we wanted people around, we’d move back to Boca Raton or Burbank.  You don’t see any moving vans, right?

Question: So you & your wife are what…armed gun-nut hermits?

Answer:   No.  Most hermits don’t write economics, produce music, sip martinis, or work 80-hours a week.  So we must score them as smarter, at a minimum. Eccentric recluse and reclusette might b e closer.

Question: So why should I believe anything on your site?

Answer:   You shouldn’t.  But neither should you believe the rip-and-read press release rewriting Mainstream Media.  Frankly, I don’t care whether you do, or don’t.  You know:  Kind of a bit “Whatever, dude…

Question: So, is this a government disinformation site?

Answer:   Nope.  But if anyone wants to buy the site, $1-million and I’m out.  I’d keep Peoplenomics and writing for subscribers.  Everyone has their price, right?  Strangely, no offers yet…damn it to hell.

Question: You get up every morning at 5 AM to do this for nothing?

Answer:   No.

I am a greedy old SOB and I don’t want my brain rotting from lack of use.  I’ll be 67 this year.  I keep up 30-acres of ongoing brush war with everything from Kudzu to coral snakes.

I do it because it really has been quite rewarding (helps me be a better writer) and there are enough Peoplenomics subscribers that I feel like I owe it to them.  At some point, I may post only for subscribers…but that won’t happen until the real crackdown on dissent starts up.  Or the collapse in 2017 is well underway.

I expect at some point, those who question the paradigm will become targets during the last gasps of paradigm-defending by the old order.

Got More Questions?

Send general interest / FAQ kinds of questions to george@ure.net