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  1. how can I download TIMETRAKS for my android. What happened? Are you guys being threatened by the powers to be to keep this from the mob? if you are, this alone proves that it works. I hope you have a link for me.

    • No idea what timetraks is…

    • Mr. Ure is not one of the C2C’s frequent guest-pair proffering TimeTraks \

      Search for them [ using the search-term “TimeTraks” ] either in C2C’s site, or in a general Net search \

      ( — & i’d take a close look at evidence offered for its “reliability” \ )


  2. Hi George,

    I have appreciated your insights for years. With the current state of the world it seems that an alternate means of communication would be wise to
    have. Any recommendations for an easy to learn ham radio that won’t cost a huge amount?

    • – free – find a local ham club
      Get you and the spouse a Baofeng handheld or two on Amazon


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