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This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.


We do not collect additional data of users posting comments.


Our images do not include location data.


If you notification of comments on our site you may opt-in to saving your name, email address and website in cookies. These are for your convenience so that you do not have to fill in your details again when you leave another comment. These cookies will last for one year.

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We provide links to news source URLs.  Be aware if you click any of these, those websites have their own privacy rules.

Who we share your data with:

Google (AdSense) and Amazon (Affiliate) programs.

How long we retain your data

We don’t retain personal information ourselves.  Google and Amazon have their own rules.

What rights you have over your data

Since we don’t collect your data (this is Google and Amazon material) it is they (not we) who have data privacy responsibility.

Where we send your data

Visitor comments may be checked through an automated spam detection service.  Comments are also scanned for profanity.  These operations are conducted on our own server.

Legacy Privacy Policy

Yes, We Have Ads participates in Google’s AdSense program as well as the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program;.  These are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide publishers to recover some of their operating costs.  By earning fees by linking to, and affiliated (third party) sites.

Why We Use Cookies

Two reasons.  First:  We  update this website often.  Cookies help identify your last visit and can update your browser content when we add new content.

Second:  If you click on a link or ad on our websites, we may receive a small commission.  Not always, though.  On when a link is to the Amazon Affiliate program (not all our Amazon links are!) or you click on an ad supplied by Google’s AdSense program.

What UrbanSurvival, Peoplenomics, and related sites collect:

We use cookies only to support:

  • Google AdSense (we don’t work free)
  • Amazon sales  (We might make a penny here and there from ’em)
  • Google Analytics (So we can see if people like what we’re doing)
  • Signup for email alerts  (People have asked for this service) when a post on a topic of interest is requested.

The opting in and out of the email alerts is handled by, not us.  Instructions are on each communication.

When it comes to subscription to our premium service,, we do NOT handle any credit card information.  That all goes through  If you send us a check, we deposit it in the bank and that’s the end of it.  In fact, if it bounces, we may not even get back to you…we just end access.  Life’s too short waste time on dead-beats.

Near as we can tell, we don’t collect anything really sensitive, but still, we take pains to keep our computing assets secured, as much as anyone can in these days of a million hackers.

Eventually, the web will collapse under its own weight, as I outlined in my 2012 book Broken Web.  Just so’s you know…  Don’t be surprised when.

Cookie Policy and Advertising Relationships

Google advertising cookies

Google uses cookies to help serve the ads it displays on the websites of its partners, such as websites displaying Google ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a Google partner’s website, a cookie may be dropped on that end user’s browser.

Google Analytics cookies

We may set a cookie in order to track how many readers are visiting our website.  The purpose of this is not to spy on you or collect personal information.  Rather, this helps us to understand which articles are of greatest interest to our readers.  We try to do more of what people want information about and less of stuff that is of lesser interect.

Amazon advertising cookies

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.  We don’t get rich, believe me.


Neqar as we can figure, our opt out of cookies should keep runaway, power-mad bureaucrats both in Sacramento anbd Brussels happy.  But, you can never be sure.

User Provided Content

User Submitted Materials

If you submit a comment, article, or other, we don’t owe you any money for it.  It’s a  free and freely-given without compensation contribution to the discussions on our websites.

What’s more, if you submit ideas, articles, notions, and so forth, we reserve the right to pursue derivative works.

Say, for example, you send in a comment that is a poem.

We add a stanza and  turn it into a chart-busting multi-platinum hit music album.

We don’t owe you anything.  Harsh, but welcome to the world of “derivative works.”

Anyone Can be Banned

Piss us off and Ure out!  What’s more, if you send us material (email, comments, etc.) we are under no obligation to publish or promote it.  Hell, if it strikes us wrong (or if we don’t get to it) no obligation to even reply.

This is our “place of business” and while we don’t ban for being trans, bi, gay, or any other minority labeling schema, we do ban people who have what are bad attitudes or people who threaten us, our loved ones, or country..

Fair Comment

If you post a comment, or respond to one, and another (third party, reader) takes a ‘verbal shot’ at you, we have no liability for any damages, consequential, or otherwise.  You are a grown up.  Besides, first names only in comments, please!

We may use short quotations from anything on the web when we feel we genuinely meet the DMCA Fair Use rules.  We do try to provide links to sources until the pricks in Brussels start again with link-tax BS.

We are a strong community of readers and independent researchers, so plase treat others with respect and maintain adult decorum.

ADA Compliance Statement,,, and are NOT public accommodations under Title 1 (we have no employees!) or III of the ADA (we do not have a public location).

We do endeavor to use high contrast text coding for ease of use. (The site owner is visually impaired.) We also regularly test pages for use with standard voice reading apps to ensure usability for the greatest number of readers and subscribers.  We are not responsible for browser behavior.

A Little Surveillance and Tracking History

(Updated 10/16/2013)

Our website advertisers may install short-term tracking as part of measuring our audience response to various advertising campaigns.  There are several ways you may opt out of such programs, but first a general discussion of tracking and why it’s done.

UrbanSurvival, and ComputationalFuture (all dot coms) do not charge visitors for the use of these sites.  Only an access cookie is set for use of Peoplenomics which is ad-free on the inside.

Since we are not millionaires, volunteering 70-hours a week and continuing to eat just aren’t in the cards, yet, without at least paying for their own web service costs.

We sell ads and a dandy subscription service called Peoplenomics

Advertisers track response rates using a variety of means.  Some use simple session-length cookies while others use more advanced techniques such as short snips of Java code to see where ad site visitors are coming from – and more importantly – who’s buying.  Some even hold your “curiousity” about a product or service and will feed you a reminder via another website you visit down the road.

There are a number of ways that a typical home user can reduce the odds of being tracked.

According to our hosting service, probably the simplest way is to use the Google Chrome browser, which you can download free from Google’s site, and run it in the incognito mode.

The second choice is to use an open source product like Firefox which has a very large and highly aware user community.  If you use Firefox, we suggest you install their Lightbeam add-on which will reveal what advertising (and other) tracking services are being used.

There’s a growing feeling that Microsoft products among the least desirable browsing options.  However, even here, there are ways to reduce your “footprint” including a thorough read of Microsoft setting options.

A number of cookie cleaning products may be used on your computer to  improve security.  One of these is CCleaner while another is MalwareBytes.  Ghostery may prevent cookie abuse but you may not get access to some sites as part of their paywall strategy.  Google ‘em for details.

Since installation of JavaScript is becoming popular, you can choose to disable Java on your browser, except then, some websites may not operate correctly.  You see, Java is also used for menuing systems and some kinds of displays (particularly trading platforms) so it’s not a “happy” solution, either. Especially because some of us who are active traders use Java-based real-time trading platforms.

The bottom line is we’re not installing cookies for anything other than ad tracking and if you find otherwise, we’d sure appreciate a note with details.

To Reiterate

  • No Compensation for Emails, Comments, or Ideas


All emails sent to  and/or  as well as those communicated telephonically, electronically, or by other means become, upon receipt, fair use for discussion of the wide range of topics covered by this site.

If a person doesn’t not wish material used, don’t send it!

Look:  I’m a writer, for God’s sake, and if you share an idea with me – and for the sake of clarity I choose to use a quote (of any size) that does not constitute any contract or liability for payment upon use of said ideas, quotes, or concepts.

Statement of Loyalty (“UrbanSurvival”) is an economics oriented news and commentary web site that represents the personal views of  a 70+ year old geezer by the name George Ure.  Being a throwback, he figures it’s his right to public, constitutionally-protected, news gathering, analysis, and dissemination enterprise.  Publishing and speech.   Mr. Ure is an American Citizen and supports, without reservation, the ideals of the Founders as embodied in the United State Constitution and Bill of Rights.

On the other hand, he has a few issues with non-elective government, particularly those which deny constitutional rights under the “color of law.” The European Union, for example, is one such non-elected bureacracy.

Open and Gray Literature Sources

UrbanSurvival supports the lawfully elected government of the United States and will never knowingly report or reveal information that it believes would place the lives of Americans, American Military Personnel, or legal government interests in harms way.  UrbanSurvival uses exclusively Open Source defined by the Director of Central Intelligence [26 Sep 2000] as:

“Open source information…is publicly available information (i.e., any member of the public could lawfully obtain the information by request or observation) as well as other unclassified information that has limited public distribution or access.”

UrbanSurvival may also, from time to time, use Gray Literature as source material, defined by the Interagency Gray Literature Working Group as follows:

“Gray literature, regardless of media, can include, but is not limited to, research reports, technical reports, economic reports, trip reports, working papers, discussion papers, unofficial government documents, proceedings, preprints, research reports, studies, dissertations and theses, trade literature, market surveys, and newsletters. This material cuts across scientific, political, socio-economic, and military disciplines.”

When UrbanSurvival reports express a viewpoint, or conjecture,  it is usually labeled or identified as Mr. Ure’s views, opinions, or conjectures and are based solely on his own research which may include, but it not limited to, Open Source and Gray Source material.  Oh, and press releases.  Billions of ’em.  Mr. Ure does not publish reports based upon information already not available to other law abiding Citizens including members of the press..

Press releases may be used in whole, in part,.or as media extracts.  It’s a press release, for heaven’s sake!

No Liability by Urban Survival, Peoplenomics, ComputationalFuture

Urban Survival does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information displayed on this web site.

The information is supplied by Urban Survival and its related websites is provided with the express condition, to which everyone using it is subject, that no obligation, responsibility or liability shall be incurred by Urban Survival, its related sites and/or its principals for any loss or damage, whether incidental, special, indirect or consequential, in connection with, caused by or arising from, any use of, or reliance upon, the information contained on the Urban Survival or related web sites.

We do our best, but what value our sites offer is for you to discern with no liability on our part.

Independent Opinion

No Advice Given by Urban Survival

We do not pass judgment on the investment merit of companies, options, futures, bonds, commodities or any other financial instruments or physical properties mentioned or discussed on the Urban Survival and related web sites.

We do not give investment advice and our comments are an expression of opinion only and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock, option, future, bond, commodity or any other financial instrument or physical good at any time.

We are not registered advisors and don’t want to manage your money.  Ours keeps us busy-enough.

A qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction, should be consulted prior to the purchase or sale of any investment.

No Promotion or Investor Relations Activities by Urban Survival Urban, Peoplenomics and Related Sites

George Ure, and his web sites, are not principals, do not play promotional roles, do not perform investor relations activities, and do not accept payment of any kind from public companies, directly or indirectly, in connection with these two functions.

Promotional role is defined as communicating with investment dealers, advisors, and shareholders – both current and prospective- to increase awareness of and interest in a particular publicly traded company. Investor relations is defined as various services rendered, from the preparation of corporate brochures, to shareholder communications, to specific campaigns designed to increase trading activity in the shares of a particular publicly traded company.

We do accept adverting in order to fund our websites, however all advertising is clearly labeled except for those incidentals to product reviews which may include links to sources.

If there is something about all this rigamarole that’s not clear, send me a note.

George Ure