Coping: An Oven for the Shop?

Making:  Ah.  Another weekend arrives.  And with it, the chance to get out to the shop and get some Make! on. Don’t ask me why, but this weekend I happened to be looking at Craigslist and I noticed that where were a lot of cheap ovens for sale in our area.  One could get a used electric oven for about $65 bucks with  a little bit of shopping. I started to kick myself.  About 5 or 6-years ago, I managed to put my knee through the cooktop of or previous kitchen stove.  … Continue reading

Your Thursday Fishing Report…

This is getting to be a lot like fishing.  I mean, with apologies to Robert Mueller, the markets are where the fishing is much better. But, even at the “best spot on the lake” sometimes you just sit in the boat, take a bite of sandwich, wolf-down more coffee and…..wait. The Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ are off recent highs. But historically, we get 55-days from the peak to significant downsides.  While we wait, there’s damn little news.  So instead, we endlessly game how the Future might arrive. (Continues below)   If the recent … Continue reading

Coping: Monetizing Your Time

Financial Mindset:  Here’s a terrible secret that most people aren’t aware of: Nearly 100 percent of the time, you are either a) making money or b) spending money.  Even while sleeping. That’s because there is still the HVAC, a light on somewhere, and even those ubiquitous “wall warts” sucking down small but measureable amounts of power keeping your toys “at the ready.” (Continues below)   The point is, just like your “wetware computer” (brain) is a bipolar device – doing either input or output – so too, your personal balance … Continue reading

Best Investor: Buffett or Trump?

Hmmm… not sure if the (lazy) mainstream media is willing to tackle some stories because they involve math, but this morning we run out some numbers to settle the question. Depending on party, and whether you like the teach of Apprentice, or the Sage of Omaha, we’ll see who puts what kind of returns on the board. After charts, a press release, and the morning’s overview of the world gone mad… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

The FedGov’s “Clean Hands” Problem

Please don’t take this as another attack on former president Obama, but the Federal government has a serious “clean hands problem” leftover from his time on Pennsylvania Avenue. If it were only the matter of the FBI’s mishandling of the purported Russia story – which nearly a year on still has only produced irrelevant process charges – it would be one thing. But it’s not.  Just yesterday in Nevada, the Fed gov was dressed down by a federal judge in another case.  The famous over-reach of the Bureau of Land Management … Continue reading

Coping: Retooling of UrbanSurvival Site

Reader Input Request (RIR):  As you know, I have started working on the periodic updates and upgrades planned for UrbanSurvival. Just by being here, you’re already a highly esteemed member of our Board of Directors. In order to make sure we continue to deliver a quality product, please take the time to send an email to and let me know as many of your thoughts as possible on the following points. Display: First question is “What size device screen are you using?”  This one is important because unlike the … Continue reading

5R Monday: Recent Rallies Raise Real Reservations

We are fast approaching that part January where we have been eyeing a confluence of events in our charts, channels, technical indicators, and entrails of small animals, where a change of winds will be worked out. Specifically, now that Bitcoin has reached our $16,279 target level (and then some), we could be set for a re-test of recent lows.  There was some weakness overnight in the lead crypto, which a couple of hours before click-time (used to be press time, lol) Bitcoins were down to the $15,360 range. We are … Continue reading