Washington Psychodrama, Boring Markets

Although we are now about 16-months into the liberals bashing Trump, and continuing to live the lie that Hillary would have been better, we aren’t seeing much progress by either side. Instead, the game of “He said – she said” continues…and it has absolutely nothing to do with Russian influence.  Anyone every really look into Uranium One?  No?  Email server?  No. Tawdry affairs of Trump long before he became president?  Oh hell yeah.  Which just this morning we’re reading how a former Playboy model has reached a negotiated settlement allowing her to talk freely … Continue reading

Coping: The Danger of Owning Tools

You ever hear the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Owning tools – lots of them, enough suitable for every aspect of home building and remodeling, farm equipment and auto maintenance – is that at some point, the intention that causes one to collect tools will also manifest the need to use them. Take this week, for example…please! (continues below)   I was almost done Monday putting together my “octopus” for the built-in shop vac. This gets us into a short sidebar discussion about how shop vac components are not designed … Continue reading

Basic Charting Technique

Over the years, the two simplest and most rewarding charts I’ve used have been trend channels and Elliott Wave counting. This morning, by request, an expanded ChartPack which will deal with how – and why I draw those lines on otherwise perfectly inscrutable charts… More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center. … Continue reading

A Do-Nothing Year for Markets

We have a strange way of looking at markets.  Theory I cobbled-up called Aggregate Market Theory (AMT). The thinking is very simple (with me, it would have to be, right?)  If you have 10-dollars on you, it doesn’t matter whether you have a five in your left pocket and a five in your right.  Or, if you have all $10-bucks in your back pocket.  It’s still just $10-bucks. Likewise, it doesn’t matter where the Dow, S&P 500, or NASDAQ Composite like.  What matters in our way of looking at markets … Continue reading

Coping: A Case of Co-Dreaming

I’ve been sitting on this for several days, coming to grips not only with the event I’m about to describe, but also its ramifications for a new field of science I quite accidentally stumbled-over in the past few years. I will hold off on naming the “new field” until my next book is done.  But I will explain the concept of “co-dreaming.” If you’ve read my novel “DreamOver: Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality,” you have a head-start on grasping the concept.  In that book…. (Continues below)   …a U.S. … Continue reading

High News-Noise Monday

But not a lot of substantive change seen today.  My buddy (the major) and I were talking Friday, as friends of 65-years will do.  He was stuck in Seattle’s big city traffic enroute to guest lecture.  I was having a sip and reading my Kindle Fire HD 10, on the screen porche and listening to the wildlife.  Birds are awesome in East Texas this time of year. I made a note to contrast noise floors people experience based on where they live.  My buddy was able to get great fish and chips … Continue reading

Coping: With a New Form of Art (Part 2)

We began our discussion of this new form of Art in Friday’s column where we offered the radical idea that consciousness may not be “nailed down” to a single point inside your head, but may instead be able to “move around” a good bit. The problem, as explained using the analogy of broadband over power line technology, is that consciousness studies will not make much progress until they expand their thinking to allow for more than just electro-chemical reactions to move on the nervous system. While this is everyday stuff to RF … Continue reading