Coping: Christmas System 1: Room-by-Room

Hate to admit it, but I am a compulsive manager.  Which is to say when there is something to be done, the first thing I do is sit back with a big cup of coffee and think about how to accomplish the task in the most methodical & efficient way possible. This applies to Christmas, as much as anything else.  So, now and then over the next few weeks, I’ll show you a couple of ways to make Christmas shopping a very short, joy-inducing, event.  Nothing but brain cells and clicks, as … Continue reading

What Will Drive Markets? Bitcoin Dims

I felt much better after writing up the worthless media reports that pass for news in today’s Coping section.  Now we can get down to cases… I’m  looking for the market to go down a ways from here.  It would be extremely graceful if we could have a decline this week that carries into next and then turns for a rally into Thanksgiving. In Elliott terms, that would be a first wave down with the rally to come at the holiday.  Call that a wave 2… (Continues below)   Then, … Continue reading

Coping: With the “News Void”

We have arrived at a day – long-predicted here – where the over-built media doesn’t have enough “real news” to keep the bloated information channels full. As I looked through the overnight server runs it was, more or less, the same news I was looking at last Thursday before this pitiful “pseudo-holiday” got underway. You want some examples?  Sure… (Continues below)   We have plenty of ’em: CNN put this out on their RSS feed: Do these photos make you queasy?  Like we’d care? World stocks lower on U.S. tax reform … Continue reading

D153: The "Crazy Beam" Caper

Economics is often best-understood through the use of a “thought-model.”  Around here, when enough pieces of the Big Picture aren’t fitting well, we fall back to a hypothetical “super agency” that is in charge of delivering an agreed-upon future to those of us who are blissfully ignorant of the game’s highest levels. With this in mind, we launch into a discussion of “The Crazy Beam.” And, as you’ll see as our “fictionalized” story unfolds, there is a case for 18 (or more)  mass shooting events in the US in 2018. … Continue reading

Another One Bites the Dust

I was telling Peoplenomics subscribers recently in our crooks of Hollywood story, how I was predicting another one – maybe two – Big Name sacrifices would be offered up as The Network continues it’s house-cleaning. The real rulers (the ones with the muscle) have been messaging when the house-cleaning is sufficient.  Which, as we wildly speculated, was why the L.V. shooting – and there went Harvey and Kevin. Then came the Texas shooting and within days?  There goes Roy Moore.  Notice how the Establishment minions are trying to make the … Continue reading

Coping: America’s Crooked “Holiday Gap”

I love veterans (and thank you for your service).  But I hate the day in one way because it symbolizes two of the Great Problems in America that we could fix, if we had any glue left to hold us together as a country. The first problem is the “holiday gap.” If you’re in the private sector, you likely get a whopping half dozens days per year off.  More than that (and IF that) you get docked  Ready to be ticked-off?  Let me show you how “tough” federal workers have … Continue reading

Taxes @ Heartbreak Hotel, Markets to Follow

This ain’t our usual serving of high-brow economics this morning.  Naw…this epistle is dirt simple. When taxes go down, markets go up.  The rational is simple:  People will have more to spend, corporations will pay lower taxes, and there will be cries of joy and spending in the streets.  The roar of the clicks, the churning of debt.  And we will all be saved by the rising inflation that floats all banks. Until, of course, people figure out all the tax-talk is bullshite and there’s a flip side to such manic behavior … Continue reading