The “Murder Cycle” is Not Dead

Longtime readers of this website will remember we have written many times about an oddity in human behavior: it appears humans (in this age of mass media/hysteria) have evolved something we label the murder cycle. This popped out of the data many years ago.  I noticed that mass murderers seem to do their dirty deeds within 135 to 150 days of one another preceding event.  It is very difficult to be more precise than a date range because we are dealing with something that on a scatter chart looks like … Continue reading

Coping: Prepping Paranoid – the Short Course

I assume by now you know that every single piece of mail that is delivered to your home is photographed by the US Postal Service and is shoved into a database which features an entry for every American, right? You did know that, right? What you are looking at in the photograph is the email sent to me yesterday by the Postal Service, which contained a photograph of every piece of mail that I would receive later in the day from my local carrier. They do not get all the … Continue reading

Occam’s Update

Our Peoplenomics update Wednesday suggested a methodology to figure out if we are on the right side or the left side of that mega bubble that popped in the fall of 1929. This morning, we offer subscribers an update based on the close of trading Wednesday and looking at the futures (up strongly) this morning. While this is not trading advice, it is nevertheless very useful information to have at a time of nearly unpredictable markets.  We hope you enjoy it! More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help … Continue reading

Occam’s Spreadsheet

Two new charts arrive this morning (amidst a long-winded discussion on method and where we are in the rhyme financially) which may in coming days and weeks help jus to figure out when to get on either the “last train out” to the upside, or get out  of in front of the bus on the downside. This being Consumer prices and retail, let’s do those first, shall we? More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading