Dependencies and Bug-Out Deluxe

Two items besides a very “toppy looking” market on the agenda today. One has to do with the critical nature of having the right partner if TSHTF.  While the other is an update for a long-time friend who is updating his bug-out strategies. So, with Big Winter (*where’d that “climate hype” go?) bearing down, we boil some bean and get after it… More for Subscribers   ||| Not a Subscriber? SUBSCRIBE NOW! ||| Subscriber Help Center

SatGourmet: Crab Cakes and Cheese Puffs!

Been a wild week around here.  So my special thanks for us for a couple of readers who have generously shared from great ideas to roll with this weekend. First up, our star gem cutter up in  Albuquerque checks in with? “Nancy’s Most Excellent Crab Cake Recipe” First, I use a 10 1/2 inch seasoned iron skillet to make my cornbread. Many recipes for crab cakes call for bread crumbs, but I like to use homemade …

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A Couple of Real Adventure Stories

Two Big Adventure stories hold focus this morning:  Where the markets go from here and how to deal with some remarkable healthcare issues.  Since Urban is about economics and prepping (mainly) let’s start there. Mo Money – Mo Money! Yeah – after calling for a war-time-like effort at Job Creation, the Fed Boss this week seems to have missed one of the “current realities of contemporary life.” People don’t need much more stuff.  What’s worse?  Well – …

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Super-Bubble Road Map

These are times that our grandchildren will hear-tell about.  Because we are now in process of working through the biggest financial bubble since at least the South Seas Bubble and, arguably, Tulip Mania (1632-1637). Is this an Economic Bubble? The answer, at least to us, is hell yes!  Let’s look at one asset class – stocks – and see how this bubble matches up with the 1929 blow-off and collapse: We need to consider why the …

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No Column Today *(for a while)

The adventure of Elaine’s hip surgery takes priority over…well….everything. So because we are up to so-deep in medical issues, 11please excuse missing a day. As of click time:  Dow futures were up about  100.  Big winner in markets was the Hang Seng overnight. And  our cherry on top is Bitcoin, which was quoted this morning $46,280. Periodic updates to follow including perhaps more this morning. Prayers appreciated, George & Elaine

Market Divergences – Expectations Dim

Right out of the chute today,  a nod to the National Federation of Independent Business.  Which issued a not-so-happy outlook today:  “The net percent of owners expecting better business conditions falls 55 points in 4 months.” Additional Details: “WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 9, 2021) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index declined in January to 95.0, down 0.9 from December and three points below the 47-year average of 98. Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months …

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Another Polarizing Television Fiasco – Buc’s Drive Stox

Welcome to another in our series of idiotic time (and taxpayer money-wasters) from the mean-spirited Congress. Which will gavel in today to another distraction to keep Amerizuela fired-up so as to avoid the plebes asking questions.  Like “Where the F is our stimulus checks?” Much more important that getting bills beat-back, roof over the head, or food on the table, is the democrat drive to keep Donald Trump from holding office again. Yessir:  Country survived …

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ShopTalk: Ure Plays Wine Receiver + Avoiding Falls

Worth having a discussion about senior housing accessibility for two reasons this week.   First is wife Elaine who will have a hip replacement sooner, or later.  We went to “hip school” last week (more on this in a minute) and learned a lot about what to avoid. Second was – when I went to the store on the semi-weekly food run this week – I managed to trip and fall in the parking lot.  Yeah …

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