Coping: With “Made-up” History?

My buddy Oilman2 sent me a link this week.  He was excited to find a long discussion of how the Iroquois band had a “Great Nation” centuries ago and how the Native American traditions were largely borrowed-from by the Framer’s of America’s Constitution. It’s an interesting theory, plain enough, so I put it on my reading list. What I found was not exactly comforting… (Continues below)   First, let’s start at the link OM2 shared:  “1100 – Great Law of Peace, Constitution of the Iroquois Federation.” The article begins with … Continue reading

How 12% of Your Lifestyle was Stolen

It’s all in the numbers this morning as we behold one of the most interesting spectacles of human history.  We have been screwed out of 12 percent of our real lifestyle and it takes some clever work in statistics to see it and understand how it’s been pulled-off.Before we get you straightened out on that, headlines and charts.  We may be going down the road of Rome, but no reason not to have a few Didrachm along the way. More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

War and Water-Cut, Where to Stack Cash?

Headlines today suggest the rest of this week will be exceptionally busy for the one-percent.  The world is “trying to break” out from under them. The headlines deal with two topics and one if an “oldie but goodie” that keeps everything in context.  Perhaps, it is best to start there. We go back to Matthew Simmons book from several years ago (2005 to be precise): Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy.  In it, he lays out the problem the Saudis are now beginning … Continue reading

Coping: Android Pets

Elaine finally decoded our “Great Topic” note for today’s report. As explained Monday, the note didn’t make much sense Monday, but after several hours thinking back on it, things came into focus for Elaine. We’re planning to come out with a new kind of “Android Pet.” (Continues below)   The idea is simple:  Our forthcoming Android Pet will have as many bad and negative aspects of pet ownership as we can.  Everything wrong with pets should be in our app. We’ll also get fabulously wealthy for reasons that will become apparent. First, though, the … Continue reading

Three Novels from the Future

It may sound odd for what is nominally an economics website to mention Monday morning news in terms of three novels.  However, these are odd times, and anything goes. Novel #1 involves the present Trump trip. As yourself the following question:  What you really know:  If Robert Mueller were to convince a grand jury that president Trump had in some way acted improperly, and he was pressing for an indictment, could this explain the president taking a long overseas trip – out of the country? (Continues below)   Both the New … Continue reading

Coping: With Incomprehensible Notes

I know what’s wrong with America now:  We don’t make useful notes. A short story to illustrate the point. As promised, I baked bread Saturday.  While it was on the wire rack cooling, Elaine and I stepped into the “180-room.”  That’s our room, made out of mostly recycled windows, where we can see at least 180-degrees of view.  Maybe I had a cold adult beverage, too.  It was hot in the kitchen baking the bread, after all.  Break-time for “cheffy.” (Continues below)   While we were reviewing one thing and … Continue reading

How to Fix Hollywood

This morning we go through a review of what has gone wrong in Hollywood.  Long list.  And, as our contribution to “public service” we also offer some free consulting advice on how to fix what ails the silver screen crowd. Except, in mid-report a mystery pops up and it leads to the underworld… After charts and news bits, or course.  I mean, what’s the movies without having to sit through some “previews of coming attractions,’ right/ More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading