Job Cuts Tame; Market Spike Up?

This is one of those slow-motion roll-outs that happens every month:  The latest job numbers come in three ways:  ADP has a job creation report.  Out yesterday and up.  Meantime, Challenger job cuts is just out and reads like this: “The nation’s employers announced plans to cut 35,369 jobs in February, down 20 percent from the 44,653 cuts announced in January, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. Last month’s total is 4.3 percent lower than the 36,957 announced job cuts in … Continue reading

Coping: Have Shoe Shines Disappeared?

A couple of times in the last month, I’ve been to town for things like the doctor’s office, the Tractor Supply store, and a “cheater burger” along the way; the usual stuff. On these trips, I started to notice people’s shoes.  They’ve changed – even here in the outback. When we moved here 2003’ish, this part of East Texas was clearly divided between local and city slickers.  The latter were universally noticed for their footwear.  Locals, whether at the barber shop or hardware emporia were wearing the ‘uniform of the day’ … Continue reading

An Overlooked Statistic

Starts our quest in the Focus section this morning. After a few bends and twists on the road tracking down the future, we are gob-smacked by a mutha-giant of a fact.The Information Age is over.  Right there in the data.  Which we’ll get to after coffee, headlines, charts and a discussion about my “shorts.”  Which maybe should begin with “Gee thanks, Gary!” More for Subscribers       ||| SUBSCRIBE NOW!       |||   Subscriber Help Center … Continue reading

Bitcoin: Breaking Out to the Upside?

Sure looks that way to us as we tend to make investments based on the concept of “price channels.” When I take a snip from the website and toss my trend-channel view at things, it looks like the way is opening for a rally to north of $35,000 – but this is not investment advice! What we can see in this chart is a way to count a rather odd 3, 4, and 5 that may have already completed.  If this is the case, this older count could already be … Continue reading

Coping: Intending Your Way to Wealth

So, want to be rich, do you? I get that from a lot of people.  But when I ask “What have you done about it?” very few people actually have a solid answer.  Mostly, I get a look like “What?” To my way of thinking, though, the odds of anyone being rich is a very doable thing but it may take you a decade (or several) of hard work to get “there.” (Continues below)   Let me start with some basic questions about “wealth.”  How many books and audio series – … Continue reading

Decision Week for Markets

As I disclosed to our subscribers this weekend, I took decent-sized (anything over $25,000 is “decent-sized” around here) leveraged short position in the market right at the close Friday. Nerves of steel, momentary trading-insanity, or a wild speculation?  This week, we should find out which. Our odd-ball approach to investing deserves a bit of explanation:  We look at “global hot money” as being the outer layer of the Big Financial Onion.  The US markets comprise the second layer in.  So, goes our nutter-in-the-woods armchair economic theory, if the Global Picture … Continue reading

Coping: Taxes & Getting Ready for “Daylight”

We have quite a number of things to go over this morning – some routine, some not. Sunday morning, Ure’s was up at 3:45 AM – unable to sleep – so I finished up our taxes and got them filed.  I also got the year’s “tax box” done. The year’s “tax box?” (Continues below)   Lots of people are sort of haphazard when it comes to taxes.  They make a good effort, but when it’s finally all done, they tend to throw it all in a big manila envelope and … Continue reading