Income Tax to Court, War, Lessons in the WOG

The study of Long Wave economics is always complicated. Because there is such an abundance of data to make sense of.  You take the stock market of today.  We should not be this high.  And yet, on this Monday we have all three possible Futures (good, bad, and indifferent) laid out in the charts before us. … Read More

Market Mystery, Data and FedSpeak Warmup

Personal Income is our first fairytale today.  Theory is we’re all making more money, but what’s the old saying?  “The harder I work the behinder I get.” Unless you’re the gubmint.  Because the more you make, they bigger the tax bite.  That is to say, when it comes to real disposable income, we haven’t seen … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Electroculture Experiments Begin!

Awe crap! I don’t need another hobby, really, do I?  Unfortunately, this one just sort of sneaked up on me when my attention was diverted elsewhere. “What is Electroculture?” The best “quick read in” is my friend Robert A. Nelson’s RexResearch site summary and overview paper here: Electro-Culture: Stimulation of plant growth with electricity, magnetism, … Read More

Power Density Friday – Markets and Woo-Woo

Yes, that’s right: PDF Friday. Power Density Friday.  And, because I’m in a long-winded mood, this will be a two or three-cupper. So what’s this power-density idea? As humans, we are uniquely underqualified to see hidden aspects of Nature.  By reason of our “lock on Time.” Trust me, this all relates to Markets and recent … Read More

Markets, Amazon, War – All “Past Our Prime”

Before we get into the morning fray, a bit of data has just dropped: May I present?  Producer Prices! The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.1 percent in June, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices declined 0.4 percent in May and edged up 0.1 percent in … Read More

AYSM? War is Coming – Market Collapse

My, ain’t ole Mr. Ure chipper and happy? Well, no. Some of the best shopping of the year (Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow) at the very time the Economic Sunset of America gets rolling with Wave 3 down. I mean the juxtaposition of this is flat-ass amazing. 1929 Meets WW 1 We’ve been here before, right?  … Read More

ADP Jobs Blow-out! Higher Hiring, Rates to Follow

Give that Economy a big spin! (If you haven’t noticed, there is HUGE spin on nearly every data point and news story even remotely connected to People’s Wallets…) Jobs Blowout ADP job creation numbers, the Challenger Job Cuts, and the Labor data on new unemployment filings. Let’s start with the 497,000 new hires which blew by … Read More

China to Replay U.S. 1929 Role?

While not offering advice, I did mention to subscribers I’d gone short last Friday. Odd things happen in the long wave economic cycles.  Positions of power and influence change.  With it, nations rise – and as we fear out west – they can also fall. This will leave the U.S. to reprise the role of … Read More

Celebration Day & ShopTalk Tuesday

Celebrate while you can. Financial markets are closed today in faux Americana. But they’ll be along tomorrow. In the meantime, the Big Predicament has not changed. Let’s begin with the Labor and Income ledger.  Raise your hand if you are making more – on a real purchasing power parity basis – than you were a year ago.  Or, … Read More

France Plays Babal? More ATS-25 Answers

According to reports out of France early today, the widespread rioting has calmed down.  Only 157-arrests overnight, according to this report: French police arrests fall sharply to 157 during sixth night of unrest ( Still, the French experience raises some troubling questions for us about how modern communications channels allow for “social contagious” – like … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Survival Radio – ATS-25 School

Today, we’re going to turn you into a competent basic radio operator.  It may be a much longer report than usual, but it’s a four-day weekend for many, so what the hell, right? Much of this morning’s discussion will apply to radios other than the ATS-25 (and its many variants) that may be purchased on … Read More

Pick a Reality: Schrödinger’s News – Housing Data Due

This morning’s “second cup brainchild” is some insight into how “Reality” is manifested at the macro level. The key aspect of which is how the GMC (global mass consciousness) is always, continuously, voting on the Future. This harks back to the Schrödinger’s Cat principle of quantum mechanics.  Which posits whether a cat, placed in a … Read More

Good News About Nuclear War, Survival Shopping

If you think the flight of the Wagner Group’s leader from Russia ends the chance of nuclear war this summer, maybe you haven’t really been asking the right questions. Think back on your history.  And in particular read on the Trojan Horse – Wikipedia. Was Wagner Group a….. WW III Question Stack A starting point … Read More

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