ShopTalk Sunday: Ham Radio Field Day Weekend

Ready for the Internet to Collapse? Of course not.  No one is. I mean picture a world where… Credit cards no longer work. Food and groceries can’t be delivered. Trains don’t run. Fire, medical, and police dispatch may not work. No social media work. Your bank’s offline until….who knows? Oh, and you’re locked in whatever … Read More

Charts Whisper a Grim Future

IF (and is still iffy) the top of Wave 2 is in – and the market continues sliding into a major Wave 3 Down – certain aspects and timing about Future become clear.  Because while there was much hype Friday about a “coup in Russia – like it was good news in some way – … Read More

Biden’s (Internet) Hostage Crisis?

Digital preparedness has been one focus on the site this week.  Now the “reason why” is coming into focus with headlines today like U.S. Energy Dept gets two ransom notices as MOVEit hack claims more victims have been crossing. Normally, were it a corporation, there would likely have been a major uptick in Bitcoin … Read More

Market Rally? “Double Holiday Weekend” Driving…

In fairness – although no one has a clue about that, anymore – the market had already rallied to a potential key-reversal level Tuesday and Wednesday.  What many simply forgot was the old saying “Beware pre-holiday rallies.” One holiday is “unofficial” – Father’s Day  (like Mother’s Day), as notes Wikipedia: “The single most common date … Read More

Remedial Econ: War in Wave 3 Down? Retail Sales, Trantifa

Start time:  03:25 AM Ure is up early because the scent of Money is in the air.  Too early to be certain, so were glued to the “events horizon.” (news flows) Big Money on the short side of the market may arrive shortly because of where we are in long wave economics. “Where’s that?” Retail … Read More

Cause Economics

Two remarkable events are tabled this morning. Our BrainAmp spreadsheet projected Wave 2 Fibonacci high was hit at Tuesday’s close (within a point).  And in the other, we are increasingly concerned that non-banker socioeconomic tools are wresting control of our economic future away from those entrusted to manage it. Pretty serious stuff. Plus, we’ll look … Read More

Hot Mess Monday – Tactical Market

We ain’t just “whistling Dixie” when we say “Hot Mess.”  (Has the song Dixie been banned by the ‘righteous’ yet?) We got us a blue light special on Mess going, yes sir. Buy one and get a free “hot”. Of course, it’s summertime, so what were you expecting?  Climate change? Mess #1 – I-95 In this … Read More

FedThink Thursday and Market Waffles

On the surface,  today is starting off as another ho-hum.  But, when we look beneath the surface, there are some Big Important Moving Parts creaking into place. Fed Consumer Spending+ We detest the Fed’s lack of “data candor.”  A familiar example began when St. Greenspan decided to hide the broadest measure of Money Stocks – … Read More

Should “Prepping” Become “War Planning”?

We’ve been writing about Prepping almost from the beginnings of the Internet. Now, things are changing.  Well in advance of the Y2K “non-event” we were prepping.  I’d even gone so far as to position our “escape pod sailboat” at a safe harbor outside of the Seattle metro area.  In the event something did go wrong, … Read More

On Ancient Humans and Modern Markets

We enjoy contrast.  Without it, life is blurry, unclear.  Meaningless. Yet today, we may be working toward the answer to the big “Where we came from” story. Two important pre-prints have landed.  One Evidence for deliberate burial of the dead by Homo naledi | bioRxiv while the other is 241,000 to 335,000 Years Old Rock … Read More

Economic Reality Check Monday

Once again we will try for a shorter column.  1,000 words max is the new goal. Tighter and brighter, as they say. What Matters this Monday? The epidemic of raging idiocy in America continues.  If you have time to sink into pointless debate on such trivia, have fun with that.  On the other hand, if … Read More

First Job Data, Pack of Fools, Phrenology’s Return

Two snips of Jobs Data ahead of the “Offishall” numbers tomorrow. ADP Job creation report?  Still strong-ish but pay’s going up. ROSELAND, N.J. – June 1, 2023 – Private sector employment increased by 278,000 jobs in May and annual pay was up 6.5 percent year-over-year, according to the May ADP® National Employment Report. To us, … Read More

Time to Spin Off the West?

Socialism’s darlings on the West Coast are starting to find their future is dimming quickly. Today, we consider latest Housing numbers – where the declines are clearest in financial terms.  But, even beyond this, the ancillary data supports the notion of moving “Back East.” Toss in a barrel full of liberal Constitutional abandonment and excess … Read More

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