PWoP’s Paradox

“What’s a PWoP?”  [ PWoP, N. pronounced pee-wop] That’s shorthand around here for People (or Person) Without Purpose.  And, it’s a mighty-fine topic to take up on a Monday morning when so much of the daily news-flow, here in the summer doldrums, is like reading an amateur’s attempt to re-write the always-entertaining Hints from Heloise.  … Read More

Coping: Project CO-MIND Notes

First off, a morsel of science and conjecture  – arising from my recent research – about the world of Dreams. As I continue working on my next book (Psychocartography:  the Reality Stacks) something quite extraordinary has into view as a low, but greater than zero, possibility.  I’ll try to mash this down as compactly  as possible … Read More

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