Market Rally? “Double Holiday Weekend” Driving…

In fairness – although no one has a clue about that, anymore – the market had already rallied to a potential key-reversal level Tuesday and Wednesday.  What many simply forgot was the old saying “Beware pre-holiday rallies.

One holiday is “unofficial” – Father’s Day  (like Mother’s Day), as notes Wikipedia:

“The single most common date among world countries is the third Sunday of June, which was founded in the state of WashingtonUnited States, by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910.”

We should all remembers that Monther’s Day dates from 1907.

The OFFICIAL holiday is Juneteenth – this Monday.

Stock market will be closed, along with banks and no bills showing up in the mail.  This weekend is only the third official Juneteenth:

“Deriving its name from combining June and nineteenth, it is celebrated on the anniversary of the order, issued by Major General Gordon Granger on June 19, 1865, proclaiming freedom for slaves in Texas.

Democrats led by (non-dictator) Joe Biden made-up signed us up for the National Holiday in 2021.

Juneteenth is, in our view, key to marketing “division politics.”  Yes, of course,, the original Juneteenth was a remarkable day.  However, it has become highly politicized; dividing Americans against one-another.  By substituting “equity” in lefty-speak.  The correct term is “EQUALITY.”

Oh, and just so we’re clear, the democrat party wasn’t even around during the Civil War.  But you know who was?

“On June 16, 1858, accepting the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate, Abraham Lincoln said the slavery issue had to be resolved, declaring, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

17 Ure family males lost their lives to restore Equality under the Constitution.  I daresay we’d go it again.

But our “deal point” is EQUALITY.  Equity is lefty-speak for “new and improved racism.”

Juneteenth – and what politicians say this weekend – should be revelatory for informed readers. A chance to remember past mistakes but also see the con men who’ve swapped out American Values for whatever this is, that we’re becoming.

Takeaway: Imprecise definitions are still the meat and potatoes of despots in office and out.,

Bait and Switch

Wailing and gnashing of teeth – with long tirades against “racism” and “injustice” with plenty of lingo-language sauce smothered on – is just ahead.  Because – as Pappy used to explain – “The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Therefore, appropriated victimhood will be levered to keep people from talking about, what?

Hunter Biden business partner subpoenaed by House; Biden document investigation “ongoing”

Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer to dish on $10 million bribe.

Hunter Biden to be deposed in child support case against baby mama Lunden Roberts

Hunter Biden investigation: Devon Archer cooperating with Comer on Burisma testimony.

We’re debating an Office Pool here on the ranch:  Will this be the first presidential election where two wannabes could be in jail at the same time?

Holiday Holdings?

We noticed the futures were heading south after the manic post-Fed rally.  Our Aggregate Index view of stocks is clearly in a position where a great downside reversal into a massive Wave 3 down could arise at the drop of a nuke:

In our work, closing numbers today in the area of Tuesday and Wednesday’s close would put the weekly close at the same Fibo retracement.  Which frankly would be surprising (almost too much to ask for!).

Still, if the S&P closes after a decline today in  the 4,370-ish range, we’d take extreme caution holding any long positions over this three-day weekend.

$32-Trillion Weekend?

Since the (pathetic, crooks – of both parties) agree to suspend the U.S. debt ceiling, the money-printing has been on a roll.  Today federal debt?  $31,954,447,260,177.67 as of Wednesday.

Rolling over $32-trillion ought to be along, shortly, we reckon.


They’re going, going, going…   Teamsters will likely authorize a UPS strike Friday.

We figure to have the last of our Amazon “necessities” keyed in by 9 AM.  And we are not alone: Crunch Time At UPS With Strike Looming | Barron’s (

Plan for the Web Going Down?

Our oak clustered military affairs guru,  warhammer, offers some useful looks ahead:

Cyber attack and it’s insidious nature have been analyzed, planned and war gamed for the past several decades.  American industry?  Maybe not so much.

Americans should prepare for cyber sabotage from Chinese hackers, US official warns.

We can be 100% certain that the PRC will move to degrade or take down U.S. cyber-dependent systems during an opening salvo to any conflict, particularly one involving Taiwan.

What can ‘Jane and Joe Sixpack’ do to prepare for life without electricity, power, cell phones, overnight express deliveries, the internet and the collapse, hopefully short term, of the national supply chain?

Ure column over the decades has offered much advice on this topic.  It might be time to dust off Ure archives and point readers in that direction.

Si vis pacem, para bellum (if you want peace, prepare for war).

There’s actually a fair bit of prepping that can be done.  Test-run and load test your backup power source.  And we replaced all three of our short-term (90-min) UPS batteries this week…  During the first hour or two of Grid Hard Down, we should be able to keep calling friends with the IP/MagicJack combo by consigliere insisted we install.

I can hear it now:  “Hi George and Elaine calling.  What do you think of the cyber attack so far?”

Related footsies: Chinese President Xi Jinping stresses U.S.-China cooperation in meeting with Bill Gates.

Snip and Quip Time

About an inch of rain overnight here in East Texas.  Sets up Saturday on the mower. Much worse up north of us where Tornado devastates Texas Panhandle town, killing 3 and injuring dozens.

Pull out the stops to piss-off Russia to spin the public off the Hunter probe if necessary? Media: Biden allegedly supports simplified procedure for Ukraine’s NATO accession.  Wag the dog, anyone?:

Trying to hold $25,500-ish, BTC has fresh hype going for it: Game-Changer: BlackRock Makes Historic Move, Applies for Bitcoin ETF – Will Bitcoin Surge to $100,000?.  But wait! Did they miss Bankrupt cryptocurrency fund Three Arrows Capital’s NFTs fetch $10.9 million at Sotheby’s?

At least war remains predictable:  Ukraine updates: Explosions in Kyiv as African leaders visit.

ATR: Publishing Schedule

To the point here:  Charts only in Peoplenomics tomorrow.  ShopTalk Sunday column will focus on a 3D printing mystery.  Yes, a column here Monday, since we think the world is ripe for a left field event.

Have a marvelous three-day weekend.

Keep it “Indivisible with Liberty and Justice” for all.  Equality would be nice, too. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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43 thoughts on “Market Rally? “Double Holiday Weekend” Driving…”

  1. 7.299 (LSB) by day
    3.999 (LSB) by night.
    Calling on the :15 and the :45.
    (NOT on-the-hour) “Hard spot”
    frequencies — no fishing around,
    plus or minus. If busy, be patient.)
    NO “NCS”: Locally self-coordinated.
    Both frequencies have other part-time
    users. Passphrase: “Everything is a
    business model.” Worked into conversation
    unobtrusively to be not obvious.


  2. Radioman G,

    Cmon man – need some advice & edumacting, and I think you are best suited for this as it involves..Radio/Radio Waves and Electricity, word .

    Recent disclosures (eric heckle) regards Hexagonal VLF Antenna array in antarctica(health/head problems ,including stroke).
    Dude reporting on all kinds of very messed up health effects on the peeps operating the antennas.

    Each antenna in array said to be over 1 km long, with the in ground antennas said to be even longer.

    This of course brought me back to X-Files and the cutie on duty, Scully..”handcuff me, please” .

    What kinda antenna we be talking about here, geniuses?

    Glad youse asked !

    I be talking Rectenna’s, radio bitches!

    What chuse know rectennas ?

    NASA has a video of their rectenna experiments..if you can find it. They took radio waves (500k radar, using 40k) and sent them to rectenna kilometers away, which converted the radio waves to DC power with No Loss..better than Wire. In the NASA vid, they show raytheon techs building the rectennas..showing where the metal pole goes into insulator that is actually filled with gallium arsenide diode material, which Vibrates- puts out DC.

    ****Does it follow then “they” can do that with VLF Antenna ****

    If the small array in EU produced the noir kings light spiral on eve of farcical nobel payoff – What exactly is that big mutha wumper in anartica doing?

    Inquiring minds G, inquiring minds on Sunday shop talks. Thx

    • Tracking light speed crafts and ummm well, creating earthquakes. Not sure the quakes are on purpose or a by product of firing up that bad boy aray down there in penguin land. Lots of nefarious things going on down there no doubt.

  3. “We’re debating an Office Pool here on the ranch: Will this be the first presidential election where two wannabes could be in jail at the same time?”

    He will never go to jail.. with all the thousands of videos photos and costs of investigating the pizza scandal alone and the illegal server all the questionable suicides ( even by members of their own staff) and muggings.. Not one thing will ever come of this.. its a pony show…. not one thing will happen.. they will cover it over and we will go on next election it may be brought up…. there is a reason why MSM isn’t talking about it.. the average wage earner is so busy trying to make a living that the only time he has for the news is on the drive at five you can’t make a judgement if you don’t know it…….
    to cover over the biden saga.. they have spent double to cover over the biden saga.. and the cost of donald trump is astronomical.. the air time the manpower time..they will spend any amount of money to keep them clear and paint Donald in a negative manner.. doesn’t even matter how much they have taken in.. supposedly there is a signed confession to that they have a great deal of money in offshore..if only ten percent of what is alleged is true.. we as a country are so screwed LOL ignorance is bliss.. .

    • Yo LooBster,

      Ridddle me this if youse will…If Donald J tRump has been arrested and indicted 2 times since holding office in WH – where are the Arrest records ?
      Where are the finger prints, mug shots ect ..all the data that goes into a summary ? This stuff is public info – where is the all the arrest records, pray tell.

      Cmon man – show me the records, OTHERWISE this is all a SHOW.. and not a very good one – the “actors” SUCK, big baby chunks.

      Das ist Quatsch!

      U know U want it, U can have it – nein nicht..BTC, PopcornZ !

      • Its all a show.. every election they pick a few subjects that are passionate for the voters.. they drag it everywhere as in a three ring circus then once everyone gets voted back in the whole issue is dropped..
        where was everyone for 2.5 years..not one objection to what’s going on..
        the other thing is where are the capital..
        I see the questioning of members of the agencies I see them telling congress to kiss their ass…but that’s showmanship.. nothing more..i believe that its showmanship with Donald trump to.. dirty his name drag it around all in the attempt to stop him from being re-elected..
        Now I won’t pay it any mind until they actually do something.. remember our congress is known far and wide as a do nothing congress with an even lower acceptance rating than biden..
        if it follows with the rest of the past 60 years worth of issues it will be publicly announced how they are working hard then just drop it..only to resurrect it in a few years..

  4. Dunno much about rectennas — beyond the obvious. (Combo antenna and rectifier.)
    I do doubt the energy recovery is loss-less.

    Large loop antennas (made of simple wire, often) are popular and quite effective. They ARE large.
    I suspect that, other than specific resonance effects, The South Pole ops are probably using high RF power. Some medical effects happen from high power. The info-matrix is quite complex.

    • “Dunno much about rect(al)tennas — beyond the obvious.”

      I am not sure.. but suspect that in order to MOUNT and put the SHAFT in the proper place takes quite a bit of doing if your installing one for the first time..

  5. “$31,954,447,260,177.67 ”

    In numerology some numerologists will add up all the digits in our birth dates until there’s a single digit and they call that digit our “life number”.

    The mockery may be getting the debt to $33,000,000,000,000.00 +/-, a Masonic number.

    Perhaps the debt will reach a number that reduces to 33, then bust. Like you indicate, we are electricity addicts. The air is gonna stink.

    • china is about to do another trillion dollar stimulous. their national debt is at 66 trillion. if they are telling the truth about their national debt. me thinks it is much much higher. their entire economy is propped up on people buying crap from them. what happpens when people stop buying crap from them?

      ask bud light. they know.

      or look at the cross hairs The Christians placed on Target.

  6. Re: “Old Friend”
    feat. “Il Milione [the million]” (The Book of Travels of Marco Polo)


    Welcome to the Forbidden City. The CCP revolutionary honorific “Old Friend” has been put to use describing Mr. Gates during his visit to see President Xi. Don’t blinken as msm reports that the philanthropist dropped of $50 milione towards Chinese health matters.

    Ease into the long weekend with DJ George curating the latest AI rendered fake song of Drake & Weeknd with “Heart on my Sleeve”.

    • Re: a Franco-Algerian in London


      UPI is reporting on another piece in the puzzle of “parallel diplomacy”. They advise that London-based Brazzaville Foundation is the guiding force behind today’s 7 African nation-strong peace venture to the Ukraine. The South African leader of recent American chastisement re-embarks upon his path of non-alignment. President Zelensky guided his visitors about St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church, Bucha as aerial defenses elsewhere in Kiev sought to intercept inbound hostile projectiles. Tomorrow the 7 nation army of peaceseekers will take pilgrimage to St. Petersburg for an audience with Mr. Putin. One awaits to hear if the welcoming will be one for dear friends.

      Longing for the weekend? Time to jump off the mobius drudgery and into the parallel world of the DJ George Nooner Show. Wrap it up folks in preps for the DJG signal dialing out over the modem. Listen for the tone, it’s Cadence Weapon from Parallel World with

  7. The CEO of Intel has finally pulled his head out of his ass long enough to share an announcement, that I have to admit caught me off guard., and I am still in the WTF ! mode.
    Intel announce that they are going to build their new, high tech chip manufacturing plant, at a cost of $4.5 billion dollars in.., are you ready for this?…, Warsaw Poland.
    – Sorry folks.., the only thing I see worth building in Poland is escape tunnels.
    I am not in this morning. As I am bit confused on what is actually happening in the market. I did “extremely” well this week., though a little too much math involved., felt like ‘work’. Yeah, a four letter word, live with it. I do not see what is holding this market together. I figured that all this injected hopium would last for only so long, then wear-off. Not true. At least, not yet. And I will no longer hold over a three day weekend – well.., unless I see a very clear downside developing., and the only actionable development that I see is that I need to make a specific run to the liquor store.

    • Poland is the new high-tech center of Ureup. A little poking will reveal a lot of company, for Intel…

    • Hawaii is the ‘crossroads of the Pacific’ for fiber infrastructure. We could very easily be isolated without them. Glad I’ve got world-capable Ham radio.

    • Isn’t there like only 7 DNS hubs around the world? Remember way back when when a Chinese “intern (?)” fat fingered something and took one of the hubs down for half a day? Too easy…

    • Speaking of…

      Host name:
      IP address:

      Host name:
      IP address:

      Host name:
      IP address:

      Does anybody want to continue the chain…?

      • Um, George? A DNS on you for either US or PN forwards to CPanel’s 404 page…

        If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider: webmaster@

        It is possible you have reached this page because:

        The IP address has changed.
        The IP address for this domain may have changed recently. Check your DNS settings to verify that the domain is set up correctly. It may take 8-24 hours for DNS changes to propagate. It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache.
        There has been a server misconfiguration.
        You must verify that your hosting provider has the correct IP address configured for your Apache settings and DNS records. A restart of Apache may be required for new settings to take effect.
        The site may have moved to a different server.
        The URL for this domain may have changed or the hosting provider may have moved the account to a different server.


        p.s. the IP addy for Google is good…

  8. “Every man is more than just himself; he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world’s phenomena intersect, only once in this way, and never again. That is why every man’s story is important, eternal, sacred; that is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfills the will of nature, is wondrous, and worthy of consideration. In each individual the spirit has become flesh, in each man the creation suffers, within each one a redeemer is nailed to the cross.”

    ? Hermann Hesse , Demian: Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend

  9. It seems Russia is sending a proverbial cyber warning shot across the Merica’s bow.

    But officials are making all sorts of excuses about how serious this ain’t. Yeah, sorta like the U.S. State Dept. officials pooh-poohing the departure of the Japanese carrier battle group from Hittokapu Bay on Kasatka (now Iterup) Island in the Kuril Islands.

    Ure suggestion to secure one or more backup energy sources seems rather prudent.

    • You know WH I have been a spokesman for solar and small wind for decades..I view it as an answer .. I love coal to.. I heat with coal and wood.. I would love to see somebody produce and sell a mixture pellet.. 3 parts of saw Dust one part coal dust..
      anyway I see solar towers built from the furthest point and build back at every substation..its cheaper and would help secure the grid. I also have been one to suggest backup power systems..stores have them why not homeowners..
      so.. I sound like a broken record over and over I say this.. ( for my rants sake.. air wells,co2 filters on street lamp posts, and greens cape the cities)
      well every year I pull the CEO of our power company aside and repeat myself.. this year I was ready to pull him aside ..had the question and suggestion all written out.. when they shocked me.. they are now suggesting every customer to get installed solar and a backup system..

      • LOOB
        George is helping by farming the number one Carbon Sequestration system available world wide…..Trees!

        • From the lips of an engineer with a brain!!!!

          Solar is a con – which I have only, recently, become aware of.

          Thing is, hard to “run markets” on the Amish. A mass conversion to a NuLifeStyle would be a bitch on Wall St.

        • you are absolutely correct on that.. but think about it.. have you been to the city..which is why I put in the greenscape.. at what is it fifty five acres a minute to urban expansion.. we are loosing the battle.. and as the auto ownership is increasing the only logical options are.. quit expanding, and push mass transit rather than auto ownership.. if you think about that.. the automobile is as expensive or more expensive than your home.. some citys charge a kings ransom for a parking space.. and with it taking fourteen trees per car and seven trees per person.. and out urban expansion the co2 filtration system is the only logical action for mankind to take..

          seriously that could go on for pages on what humans are doing.. we are carpenter ants.. its all we know and love the business model of progress.. we don’t see earth crete or sustainable construction we only see asphalt and concrete..
          solar.. is it more hazardous or less hazardous again that is a huge debate.. both sides could go on.. but lets go back to the business model of make money.. at a grand per KW.. one large wind turbines cost.. is someplace around three billion.. not counting the rental of the land.. a friends father has six of them on his farm.. he gets twenty five hundred a month with a fifty year lease on the land..
          where a solar towers cost per KW.. is one hundredth the cost.. depending on how high the tower is putting the cost of one solar tower someplace around the ten million dollar range for a 6MW solar tower.. no rental fees since each tower would be placed on ground already owned by the utility companies at every substation.. I am not sure what infrastructure costs would be.. or would there be any since it is already at the sub station..
          for the same price as one of those large
          3MW wind turbines a ten to twenty KW solar grid tie system could be placed at every home in the state..
          to polution.. now per KW small wind is about three hundred dollars.. per MW.. instead of a thousand dollars per KW.. which is why I push small wind to.. any home owner can put up a three KW wind system for under a thousand dollars..
          When regulations were first being planned for small wind.. no one had a clue in the USA.. so in researching this to write the construction requirements etc.. the building codes for home solar and wind.. it was discovered that in scandinavian countries where land for new power plants is limited and with high population nuclear is frowned upon.. that is what they do.. the power companies offer solar and wind to home owners.. that wish to have them installed..
          Why can’t the USA do that to.. they can.. but then it is killing the business model of high profits for the puppeteers.. what is more important.. big billies pockets or national security of the grid.. well so far it big buck billies pockets that has the most importance.. its the same choice when it comes to Trees and shrubs or big buck billies city construction business model of lets rip up the land and build high.. concrete to the sky.. smell the congestion.. hey it is emergency air response level one today with so much carbon monoxide in the air.. burning eyes.. get out the eye drops..

    • Thanks for that Warhammer, You speak of the softer side of SCADA that should be keeping everybody up at night.

    • Warhammer,

      A Kuril exercise seems like a convenient way/time to light a dumpster fire in Moscow’s 6. No? A begets the initiation phase of operation….. the Hall of mirrors dictates that this isn’t the only distraction/vector about to make headlines. May we live in interesting times.

  10. “The single most common date among world countries is the third Sunday of June, which was founded in the state of Washington, United States, by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910.”

    Who writes this crap? The most common date is December 23 because I said so. I acknowledge there are at least 364 people who disagree with me. And I believe the months were named by the Romans?

    As for the markets, it’s all about addiction to making money. The current term is TINA.

  11. Are we in a “pre-War Bear Market Rally”, the likes of which we have never been seen before? And ‘that’., is why the math isn’t working as it should ?

  12. george,

    ~ living in discovery is at all times preferable to living through assumptions ~


    ~ 5 mistakes means the work is not completed. after 7 mistakes it just might be. `~

    because sometimes, the mistakes are what makes the work great.

    The Father and I are One.
    oh there is that Eleven.

  13. The $31,954,447,260,177.67 debt (it’s more now) is really a wonder to behold. There’s really not much engineering behind the debt as far as I can see. It’s cobbled and patched as we go.

    The post-collapse folks are going to wonder about the delusion, “the debt really made sense to them.” It’ll be talked about like Atlantis is today.

  14. Yo G,
    how about some light reading for weekend, no worries, as I have a great flick to offer as well. 4 viewing and edumacation purposes.
    Seems many wish to bone up on nukes-nuke weapons. So lets talk 1963 – research paper 500ppgs..summarized down to a couple..think magnetic bouncy or how they blew top off TT’s. –

    Next up is about how the REAL world of Finance works, greed, in all its glory..

    All there for Ure reading and watching sure and take notes and ask questions. There will be a quiz next week, and I expect this class to ace it.

    Oh yeah – WERE BAAAAAACK! $26,343 and some change..with black rock wind filling out the spinnaker sail – we be ripping into the future. No jibs, thats a Dogs name – full speed ahead.

    Take care out there, No BTC for G, but he can have all the LGBTQ he wants. Ure welcome.

    • military installations have to comply with state and federal laws. (Anti-) discrimination laws impact who can or cannot be assigned to the installation…

      Isn’t this the gist of why that one senator is holding up all of those military promotions?

  15. id like to tell you all about a dream i had. i dont much rememeber my dreams. ive remembered 3 lately. one i crossing the finish line at the iron man in hawaii, wearing a black tank top and camo shorts. very personal dream.

    another was the fishing trip with the naked hot celebraty women.

    this 3rd dream was like i was viewing it as someone else.

    i was looking at an eddition of thr New York times, as i stood in down town manhatten. bought it off a little green booth there on 42 cnd street.

    the front page headline read

    A Crusade of Over a Million US Citizens.

    it read as follows:

    Over a Million US Men Citizens, showed up armed with Assault Rifles at the U.S. Capital today. They Pointed All their guns at the White House. They called themselve The Crusade. a Leader stood out front with a Bullhorn and said we are not leaving until you restore everyones constutional rights as they were when they were written. you will destroy and teminate all laws passed since. You will also a
    Stand down as US president and will be tried for treason and be hanged. We have a list of senitors and congressmen we find in treason as well. They shall also be tried and hanged. We will give you 24 hours to comply. not a single person will leave until it is finished. if anyone tries to leave? they will be shot on site.

    President Joe Biden called in the national guard which was vastly out numbered by the civilian Army.

    When the National Guard arrived on scene they turned and joined the civilian army and pointed all their guns at the white house.

    note: i looked at the satilite photos and there was so many armed civilians pointing guns at the white house it could have been 10 million people.

    i couldnt quite see the date on thw nrws paper but the year did say 2024.

    it was surreal dream. like i was looking at it through someone elses eyes. standing there on the corner of 42cnd street in Manhatten. it was a sunny day.

  16. oh yeah the other part of that dream about the million man civilian army and the national guard. a part of the demands were called The Citizen right to Access amendment to tje constitution. where any naturally born Citizen of the United States would be granted access to any and all government buildings and at any time could reasonably demand to view any doccuments as it relates to government spending of tax dollars along with the prohibition of any elected government official investing in the stockmarket and other for personal gain for the duration of their term as an elected official.

    the entire world stood still that day. even the air was still.

    interesting dream, like i said, it was as if i was standing there as completely as someone else. i wearing a blue pin stripped italian made suite and i looked at my watch, a dark green rolex, the time.was 222pm.

  17. You got an inch of rain? The weatherman around here keep teasing us with rain chances that don’t pan out. Right now we’re looking worse than Phoenix, AZ with the 10 day forecast. Monday thru Wednesday are ringing the bell at 110 and every morning we have a light fog as the water is boiled out of the ground from the past couple of months of rain. Going to have to extend the run time on the automatic watering system for the garden to keep everything alive. The pinto bean pods have quite a few to pick already but everything else is just hanging on.

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