Biden’s (Internet) Hostage Crisis?

Digital preparedness has been one focus on the site this week.  Now the “reason why” is coming into focus with headlines today like U.S. Energy Dept gets two ransom notices as MOVEit hack claims more victims have been crossing.

Normally, were it a corporation, there would likely have been a major uptick in Bitcoin prices concurrently. As BTC is one of the favored means of payment to digital hijackers.

Today, reports have us researching recent BTC prices.  Because from Thursday’s lows around $24,870 we have popped up to the $26,700 region overnight (Friday into Saturday).

That’s a gain of  more than eighteen hundred dollars.  Which looks to us like speculation that a major ransom might be paid.  But, we’re thinking the opposite:  The U.S. is likely – in our view – to do many more things.  But paying ransom may not be on the list.

Some important conjecture this weekend about how the “Pre-Nuke” part of global conflict escalation plays out.

As we roll through the Juneteenth Holiday and wonder when the “wage slaves” will be freed, as well?

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George Ure
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58 thoughts on “Biden’s (Internet) Hostage Crisis?”

  1. Duh-OHH!

    Wake The F up ! They already told us What and When, the How of it all will be somewhat occulted..none the less Cyber Polygon has already alluded to a cyber attack that acts like covert19? – – Presactly like event201..

    Ahh but it is even more diabolic – give a listen to one of Humanities most twisted darkling malthusians’ – with a face not even a Mother could Love –

    – ” important to use covert19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons of cyber security coomunity to draw and improve our unpreparedness for a potential cyber pandemic” – klaus squab

    “book em Dano!”

    Shout out the Flying Hawaiian – thanks for the Hawaiian anti mucous thereapy reco..

    quilled and drilled (vriled) kissmyasssinger is just so proud of his protege, soo very proud indeed.

    darking = no light preceived – “gray”, no emotions? (trauma based training?)
    hard to discern their auras, if they even have em.

    If U dont own BTC, Ure wrong, but thats okay, so is Trans !

    Dog save the planet ! R U Sirius ? C .

    • ya know i love ya BCN. ure funny.

      al lil excepert of story of creation around me as of lately. because because because, i read the world around me like a Book. like an indian apachi tracker.

      2 days ago Boon (Dog named after Daniel Boon) jumped the fence and went to the other ranch and stole a bone ( part of a deer antler) from a dog over there. the very next day. the dog who got his bone stolen jumped his fence and came over to our ranch and killed one of the black kittens. left him dead on the door step.

      i got home from work this morning, put the cat in the bag and stuck him out in the barn refer till the owners get home. he was a pet. so they want to burry him.

      now i got a puppu recently that was sired by Boon. Been a while since i had a dog, i didnt know what to name him. im good at naming animals. i thought of naming him Kash, or Riley or Dude or Marshall. hmmmm..

      this morning (12:34 pm because i work nights) i went to go feed all the animals, and i called out to my puppy. “tucker come here boy!” and he came running. so i named him Tucker Marshall Riley. good name for a good dog.

      now, if you really think about tje portion of life, i saw in the last few days. and i seen alot lot more. it should give you an insite into the greater land scape of the world. tells me much.

      according to superstition. dead black hats. uhem black cats is a good omen. because black cats are ascociated with black magic. had to look that one up.

      the little black kittens brother (another black kitten, there was only 2) has been wanding around the big white house floor, meowing non stop and acting skittish. while is dead bother is in the bag, on ice, out in the barn. till sunday when he will reciece a propper buriel.

      on top of all that. when i went out to feed the animales one of the chickens got in the house and layed an egg inside the clothes dyer. damn chickens. i fried it up and ate it for breakfast.

      see all that stuff tells me alot ahout what is really going on in the world. more so than anything on the news.

      kinda like georges website advertisment placement on my phone. as im scrolling he mentions bitcoin hits $26,000. right below that statement is an advertisement for a 4 Runner car and it says. imeadiatly below the $26,000 is an advertisment that reads, “$46,900 super good price.”
      then has a picture of a toyota 4 runner.

      huh. wonder what all that means. hahahahaha

      okay i gotta get to the gym and clean out my car, and go get a new phone.

      good talk BCN.

      • george, looking back knowing what i know now. i realized when i was sitting in death valley on the way to the center of the universe, hearing a ladys voice whisper on the wind. i saw those 11 black rail cars sitting out there in the middle of nowhere. i thought they were oil rail cars. they were refined phosphate rail cars. 11 of them.

        and now im sitting at the tracks in a road train hauling ore to a refinery where they fill those same black rail cars with liquid phosphate.

        it was right there and im right here now.

        what a wonderfully beautiful story to live.

        it blows my mind, that out of over 7 billion people on the planet, when everyone was shelter in place, not a single person went to any house of worship that day. only 2 people, the shaman and I heard the ladys voice and went to the old dry well, considered by the oldest tribe in the north and south american continent to be the exact point of creation. the center of the universe.

        ~ many are called but few are chosen ~

        and on the way, i saw 11 black tankers, filled with phophate in the middle of nowhere. and today i saw 11 of them go past me at the rail line.

        you cant even make this stuff up. like a red robin landing on my head. hahaha.

        im good at creating. but ive never had a bird land on my head. i didnt even shew him off. i just let him sit there.

        i didnt want to go that day when i heard her voice whisper, “you must go now.” but im glad i did.

        i said earlier today, i miss home. and the lady of the ranch, they are super super good autheniclly good people. said to me where is home. and it occured to me, i havent really had a home in almost 5 years. im always traveling. it made me kinda sad.

        but to make a website about miracles and call it doorfore mining the future and 2 and a half years later be driving ore train #11, in a mine where the lqndscape is th3 same exact colors as the boarder and works and buttons and all that. and im hauling phosphate to a refinery that puts it in rail cars that i saw after driving through death valley after hearing some lady whos voice id never heard before on the wind whisper to me.

        that is pretty cool.

        for the first time in my life, i dont know where home is. ive never not known where home was.

        still, i dont mind so much because the journey gets Richer and Richer.

        and im sure a thousand kings would give their entire kingdoms to see what i see.

        reality, is stanger than fiction.

        until we meet again my friend.

        *tips hat

    • that is why i pay more attention to the segmant of “Around the ranch” of Georges daily collum than anything else he rambles on about. because it tells me alot about the nature of things. especially when it lines up with what im experiancing.

      like that tornado buisness up north of him. i was at work a couple weeks ago and it started thunder and lightning, raining down hail little smaller than a golf ball and a twister rose up to the clouds (briefly) next to me. now i weigh on average as King of the Road, Ore Train, (See Australia Road trains) 606,000 lbs. the wind was blowing but it only shook the Truck a little. kinda more like a shiver when your cold.

      then this week, George is talking ahout a twister near him. but like me. he and E, were safe.

      people say, i never heard God talk. to them i say, did ya ever listen. because THE DUDE is always speaking. we use letters words. THE DUDE speaks the language of Life. its has more vowels than the english alphabet.

      okay, time to get busy being about it.

      • “Ouspensky’s view of the Gospels is that they are esoteric documents intended for members of the Pauline Church who wished to proceed further within the constraints of belonging to an esoteric group with the process of inner transformation described in them. The Gospels describe in symbolic terms the esoteric process of inner transformation which, while not for all, is not beyond people’s capabilities. The Gospels exhort a strictly practical training in all details: ‘it is practical first of all because it is not for all’. Those who undergo this training, separate from the mass of humanity, possess esoteric knowledge that is inaccessible by ordinary thinking and may thus be considered hidden or secret. Initiates possessing this knowledge have the Kingdom of Heaven, or eternal life.”

        • per the very afraid and loud black cat in the big white house -> when yang is strongest, it contains yin.

          of course you of all people JC, understand there much much more presented than zen and yin and yang and political structures, and golden goose ferry tails, and biblical proverb lessons, wrapped up all in one etc etc etc

          in living dynamics. All the time.

          its the best story ever written. for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

          i must have been told to write a book a million times. I am. just not like you would read one on kindle.

          a few years ago i sent an email picture i took of the sun shining through the leaves on a red maple tree. i circled a few of the images inbetween the leaves made by the sunlight, most would not see, because they focus on the leaves, not the light. there was lots and lots of hearts and OM symbols made by the light. like dancing moving hearts and om symbols made of light through the leaves on a red maple tree on breezy sunset. it made me cry, because it was so beautiful and not many people ever see how truly beautiful it is. maybe they get a glimpse once and a while.

          i see that stuff all the time.

          when i do share what i see on here and a few other venues, i only share a little bit. very small amount. because most of it is too fabulously wonderful to put into words.. and you either see it and move with it, creating your own dance with it, (and trust me it responds accordingly) or you dont.

          and what ever you want to call it, i just call it THE DUDE loves to talk and listen and communicate its thoughts back. it tells you the most beautiful poetic storys in real life, living motion.

          its not something , that can be taught. it must be discovered. A Discovery, if not more so profound than that of which columbus made. when everyone else thought the world was flat? on a single act of faith, he set out to sea and stumbled upon a whole new world. larger than he could ever fathom.

          its like i said to someone on another venue recently and i said to you before.

          ~ The Journey becomes Richer.
          The Understanding becomes Truth.
          Dreams become Realities.
          Forever becomes Today.
          when you lose yourself? You find the keys to paradise.

          on the road to Shambalah.

        • good morning George.

          you understand the great work. you do ures very well. its like an ice cube set in a glass at 0 degrees. every day the temprature rises one degree. for the first 32 degrees it seems nothing has changed. then on the day it goes to 33 degees (there is a master number) what was solid beguins to transform into what is fluid. the mind is not the brain.

          the book im writing is written in dymaic living language.

          three and a half years ago,

          i stood in the center of the universe, in a dry well as living water.

          among many other things.

          then i took the stone rehected by the elders and placed it on top of the turtle stone inside the center of the Divine Laberenth.

          among many other things.

          then to the emerald city and participated in return of the music to life and games. and gave glinda the good which her magic wand.

          among many other things.

          then i spent some time moving a mountain up in Mt Rainer. tilling the soil.

          now im in the valley of enoch, moving the element of sprit and light, in the soil of the night. using the master number 11, within the processs. 3 elevens South, 3 elevens north, while driving number eleven on my train on the front number 11. on the back a number 11 and both sides a number 11. so when im heading south i have an 11 going east, an 11 going west, an 11 going north and 11 going south. and when i head the other direction. i have the same thing.

          among many other things.

          and… creation is responding. because as i write in dynamic life it writes back in dynamic life.

          a living book in a living language.

          The Great work.

          Its my Duty as A Creator. its my right as one of the Sons of God.

          and one day the Ice Cube will be like Fluid Water.

        • You know this is too good NOT to include in the book I’m writing “Gods in Training: A Workbook”
          Because it is exactly so: that we are all here to learn and provide the entertainment channel for Creator or Source, or however you want to call it.
          Maybe the next life around, we’ll get to be better Jr. Creators in training.

        • Thanks George. you certainly dont my permission to include the truth as it comes through me in Ure book. i certainly dont not own the truth. im honored vessle.

          i appreciate you. and The Great Work you do and have been doing for many many many years.

          not sure why a red robin landed on my head. but two minds are better than one.

          perhaps, my thoughts are taking flight. hmmm.

          just a closer walk with THEE.

          its muddy shit rainy day out here in the mines today. eveyone is tired from working long hours. but we get after it anyways.

          you know what makes me laugh. the land scape colors and contours, textures up here. are exactly the same as was on my old website doorfore. same brilliant greens. golds and of course the ore is the same rich dark color charcoal grey as my banner.

          pretty cool dude.


        • george, you might not want to put the tiddie distaction part in ure book.


          jesus had a dove decend upon him and a fella who ate wild honey, and crickets while wearing a burlap sack.

          i get a red robin decending on me and big tiddies.


          my how things have changed over the last 2000 years.

        • nope. no no no not that chick. she works at red robin. last time i thought she was sleeping with my buddy. playboy bunny #2. she has a very nice rack
          the i dream of Genie girl. she looks just like her.

          so i drove over to his house and was going to just you know….shoot him in the leg. not hurt him to bad. but he get the point. dont be screwing my girl. you know. boys will be boys.

          but i decided not too. because i could beleive a word she said. i shouldnt be shooting buddys in the leg over a girl. the law kinda frowns upon that these days.

          so i asked him and he straight up denied it. said id never do that too you. he gave me his word. and i told that was good enough for me.

          then 4 month later he accidently shot himself in the leg while cleaning his guns.

          and i thought. hmmmmm. now that is interesting.

          definently not that girl. i dont give a flying fuck if that is the master plan of the Universe and will save a million inocent kittens.

          defiently not her.

          that is not the meaning of the red robin and the tiddies.

          thanks. have a good week.

      • oh, lol. a red robin is a sign of rebirth. that pshyic chick wendy said, i was being reborn. hahah that chick never misses a beat. i swear she is one accurate girl.

        after that she told me not to be distracted by big tiddies. so that means big tiddies are on their way. ahahaha

        cool i like big tiddies. hahaha

  2. Dept. of Motor Vehicles has the MOVEit data breach affecting 3.5 million Oregonians. Concerns are raised that the stolen data could facilitate identity theft and financial fraud. Upsetting since I have an Oregon drivers license.

  3. “Noun: dead heat: a situation in or result of a race in which two or more competitors are exactly even”

    Not sure about this definition anymore George. For example;

    1. Result of a complete power take down in the middle of the summer.

    2. The aftermath of a nuclear attack.

    Feel free to add to the list.

  4. U.S.government just biden their time before they notify all the bitcoin “owners” that they might be owing the pedo regime some money.

  5. “God save the Queen, man.”
    – I have no idea what he was saying/implying, but that is what the ex-vice President said as he ended his impotent., [or is that important?.., I get the two confused when he is talking.., ] useless little speech on gun violence – gun control.
    Kind of weird., but then, we do have to consider the source.

    • what’s interesting is even though they are using this as a dead horse campaign issue..dragging it around not intending on ever doing anything at all..
      the common man is shocked at the audacity they all are showing.. then excusing someone that even with the amounts of circumstantial evidence shown would spend the rest of their lives in jail..and it being discharged as oh but he takes a good photo..
      then there were all those other things that happened..each with thousands of photos ,videos, and personal comments just tossing it in everyone’s faces publicly.. an ex president with a few files in a safe place an ex vice president with files laying out in the open in an open illegal server and all the crap..agencies that swore to serve and protect now basically saying (except if it deals with the deviants and morally deficient members of power and industry..)
      it’s going to be interesting.. will they actually have to do something to one of the annointed few instead of just dragging it around the arena.. and now that the gates of hell are open to prosecute anyone .will they have to deal with the other anointed ones that they dismissed as to big to go after..
      the sick deviates and moral deficient people of power..
      it will be an interesting few years.

  6. “Juneteenth”

    Seems to me everyone should be all-in on Juneteenth. It’s an independence day 4th of July equivalent. Magna Carta level. We can no longer enslave people/people can no longer enslave us.


  7. How the heck, does this crap happen ?????????????

    “Washington owns more than $5 billion worth of seized bitcoin and has been reluctant to part with it. That may represent inertia more than strategy.”

    “he U.S. has disposed of some bitcoin holdings, offloading $366.5. million worth in 11 auctions from 2014-2023, according to data from software engineer and researcher Jameson Lopp”.

    Safe…………..????? My Fnn ass it is !!!!!!!!!!!

    • You may not know many LEOs and CBP seniors and unders. But when they need “ready cash” for catching a perp, nothing like some “ready coin” to make prosecutions easier. Who’s suspect a govt would entrap with coins, right?

      • If you bought the “coin” from da government , they’d know you own coin , here comes the armed irs agents.

    • I’ve been telling people for years that Blockchain was developed by the NSA in the 90s as a result of trying to establish a system for random number generation. Hint, computers are Not able to do ‘random’ all that well.

      Anyways, Blockchain isn’t secure from GovCo any more than any encryption that’s GovCo certified for public use.

      Just Sayin’

  8. George,
    I’m subscribed to Chris Carolan’s subscription for $30/month ( You may have heard of him as being a student of crashes and timing with lunar and eclipse cycles. I can’t share what is in his paid subscription, but I will give a shameless plug for subscribing to his service NOW, for his perspectives on this all important question your column has been asking. His timing in the panic last March was dead on.

  9. “I was locked out – and to be locked out of an account while a trade is on is a for-sure cure for low blood pressure.”

    My blood pressure is high enough. This is another major reason why I don’t trade. When one shorts the ‘end of the world’, one may be the Mega-Jackpot winner on a short trade, but…
    How you gonna collect?? Lines down… so solly…. No access. Count on it.

    ‘The only way to win the game is to not play’. Wisdom from the WOPR.

    • “How you gonna collect?? Lines down… so solly…. No access. Count on it.”

      Not just that, but: “Lines down? Okay. So prove the transaction happened…”

      Multiple failure points is never a good policy…

      • Two way functions, FUDsters.

        “fed coins” are just that now.

        Coin tumblers/washers is still the way to go if and when you are transacting in crypto space. Plausible Deniability…

      • Yo Raymondo!

        brilliant point that needs some chewing on..

        Lines Down, Internet Down – how you gonna prove ANYTHING is Ures or Owned by Youse? Ure NOT !

        Unless of course you have religiously Printed Out hard copies of ALL Ure accounts, assets, valuables.

        Ins co: “Got Pictures ?

        Claimant: “well no Mame, but that antique chest of drawers and night table signed by Duncan Phyfe, that I got from grandparents, was worth a fortune.

        Ins co: “Tough Shitskie”

        • You mean, you don’t religiously keep hard copies of registrations, deeds, accounts, etc? You don’t have hard copies of tax returns back two decades or more? You don’t have receipts for capital purchases???? I have faded receipts for my furniture.

        • “Unless of course you have religiously Printed Out hard copies of ALL Ure accounts, assets, valuables.

          Ins co: “Got Pictures ?”

          Um, that would be “yes.” I keep hard copies of everything.

          I also have a pair of Sony Alpha DSLRs in a can with 3 different card readers and a case of cards, next to a Minolta Maxxum 7000i and hermetically sealed rolls of Kodak P and PJ series Ektapress, FujiPro, AGFAPro, and Ilford Delta and PanF. I also have tanks, developers, fixatives, washes, a manual timer, and my own beseler enlarger…

          just in case I need to make death records.

          Thanks for your concern…

  10. “The U.S. is likely – in our view – to do many more things. But paying ransom may not be on the list.”

    “The United States does not succumb to ransom or extortion demands — EVER.”

    …And then, Joe Biden did.

    (Actually, I contend Obama was first, with his “pallets of cash” program to finance Hezbollah.)

    Paying ransom is ABSOLUTELY on the list…

  11. “We believe odds are nearly 100 percent that Russia has – by remotely keyed underwater cable cutters – put in place a series of strategic communications attacks against the West.”

    That is our “sanitary isolation” system, and it’s existence and function are probably still classified. The cable cutters’ function is not principally to screw with commerce, but to “cut off” an out of control and/or irreparable overseas hack, before it can destroy CANUS access and commerce. They are part of our “doomsday plan” and once implemented, can not be reversed or repaired.

    THIS is why we will be EMP’d back into the 18th Century — A simple hack will simply not be sufficiently destructive, before we cut it off, to kill off our networked infrastructure…

  12. Rob Kientz of GoldSilver Pros talks antibiotic and chemo treatment shortages.
    “People Turn to Gold as Food and Drugs Get Scarce”

    Kientz quoting from a letter from Pfizer to the FDA –
    “Pfizer will run out of several doses of penicillin which treats syphilis, strep throat and other infections later this year as shortages ripple across the U.S. supply chain. A different Pfizer penicillin, Bi-cillin C-R, that treats other bacterial infections but not syphilis, is expected to run out in the 3rd quarter which ends Sept. 30th. Pfizer’s penicillin has been in shortage since April. The company anticipates running out of the children’s dose of the syphilis drug Bi-cillin L-A by the end of June according to a letter Pfizer posted Tuesday on the Food and Drug Administration’s website. The company said it was prioritizing production of larger doses of Bi-cillin L-A which is recommended for pregnant women with syphilis because it is the only drug that can pass through the placenta and also treat the fetus…” The article also said many cancer centers are experiencing a shortage of a wide variety of chemotherapy drugs as well due to the FDA shutting down a manufacturing facility in India due to quality control issues. Keitz goes on to quote the articles further where they talk about other drug shortages due to supply chain issues.

  13. “Utilities are already reneging on promised to purchase solar power back from home owners. As a CoGen site, we now “Pay for power by the dime when buying but are only paid a nickel on the sell side.”

    dam..a Nicole per it’s 2cents and my personal thought is if the homeowner wants reimbursement then they should pay more as rates go up. but if the homeowners giv r it to them then it should be frozen for 10 years..

    • “Cheap Juice”! I pay $0.55/kwh for grid juice. My leased solar PV system only ‘sells’ 1kwh per month to the grid, just to keep the system and billing working. I consume everything the PV system generates. Now that I have a new battery working my power bill went down $100, and the PV lease payment went back up $90. Still a win.

  14. “NATO moves to protect undersea pipelines, cables as concern mounts over Russian sabotage threat…

    And here in ‘Merica, you know things are dicey when even liberal media are running stories like NATO warns Russia could target undersea pipelines and cables.”

    When Leftist media is running with fear porn like this, my mind sees the groundwork being laid for a false flag. Why would Russia blow a pipeline or sever a cable…?

  15. I spent some time at “futurism” last night…


    It sounds like a scene from a spy thriller movie: hackers recover the encrypted keys to a locked room by analyzing the glow from the power LED on the device storing them. This may sound like a too-cool to-be-real plot point, but a team of researchers recently published a method that purports to successfully perform this ingenious hack. This method is a form of side-channel attack, which exploits information gleaned from a fundamental or physical characteristic of a system, inadvertently leaking information to hackers.

    They measure the microscopic difference in the emitted intensity of the light caused by each number — don’t have to see the numbers themselves.

    • This one is true. The published vulnerability for AES encryption is based on power consumption. Though they go on to say it’s ‘theoretical’. LOL

      Just Sayin’


    In intriguing new research, scientists are continuing to explore the finding that the electrical currents surrounding us can be harvested — using a material made from living organisms. In a statement, the University of Massachusetts Amherst announced that electrical engineer Jun Yao and his team had built upon prior research in a new paper in the journal Advanced Materials into what they call the “Air-gen effect.” The basic idea? Growing conducive nanofilms out of bacteria that can pull small amounts of electricity from the water vapor in the air.

    • It’s not ‘new’. Google ‘atmospheric electrical potential. Tesla figured this out, why do you think he was ruined. Can’t be taking the money away from power, in all sense of those terms. LOL

      Just Sayin’

  17. Ron DeSantis Ad Features AI-Generated Images of Donald Trump Kissing Fauci

    The mainstreaming of AI-generated imagery in political advertisements continues. As reported by The Verge, the 2024 presidential campaign behind Florida governor Ron DeSantis has released a video advertisement featuring what strongly appear to be AI-generated images of former president Donald Trump kissing and embracing Anthony Fauci.

    And suddenly, the only things left to believe with your own eyes are “live, and in-person,” and politicians’ **printed** public voting records.

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