Fed Week – CPI Tomorrow – T-shirt Monday

From the top of the heap: The Fed Open Market Committee gavels in tomorrow morning, about this time.  Which is a serious point of hype for markets.  Consider for example: “Nothing Money” (Bitcoins, based on made-up numbers) made a run at the $45,000 level this weekend. But they failed and dropped under the $42.500 mark … Read More

Grand Theft Markets, Job Roll Begins

Reader Note:  I made a couple of changes to the site you may notice, depending on caffeine loading. The first is the home page is now two columns (except on phones) so you can scan what’s going on more quickly.  The other change is to underline links in our content, so it’s (more) clear you’re … Read More

Income Tax to Court, War, Lessons in the WOG

The study of Long Wave economics is always complicated. Because there is such an abundance of data to make sense of.  You take the stock market of today.  We should not be this high.  And yet, on this Monday we have all three possible Futures (good, bad, and indifferent) laid out in the charts before us. … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Z’at an IUD 60 Feet Up?

Ham Radio Focus today. You don’t need a license to read, though. And lots of hints, kinks, tweaks, and special sauce secrets along the way. We have been in something approaching “recovery mode” since our consigliere left Tuesday and headed back to the (chillier) Northeast.  Leaving me no “second eyes” and “second set of hands” … Read More

Plotting the Economy’s New Future

With markets at new (nominal) highs this weekend, a look to see where the runaway train is headed seems to make sense.  Will we hit a turn and “jump the tracks?” As we ponder this, the Russians have gained more ground in the area of Donetsk where future-critical petroleum reserves are located.  Plus now we’re … Read More

Fed – More Rational Than Markets

Several items of note today, hence this odd update. First is – as we told you to expect – Fed Chair Jay Powell is not rolling over on rates.  In fact, in a speech today he went to far as to say: The FOMC is strongly committed to bringing inflation down to 2 percent over … Read More

Betting on “The Expected Future” – False Top?

Seems to us like a good discussion today would revolve around the three flavors of Future that are seen laying out before us. First comes the Very-Near Future.  Like the rest of today and into the early weekend. Intermediate-Future, from 2 or 3 days out and going into the New Year. Then most perplexing of all … Read More

Market Mystery, Data and FedSpeak Warmup

Personal Income is our first fairytale today.  Theory is we’re all making more money, but what’s the old saying?  “The harder I work the behinder I get.” Unless you’re the gubmint.  Because the more you make, they bigger the tax bite.  That is to say, when it comes to real disposable income, we haven’t seen … Read More

Personal Arks Book (1)

Getting hard to “run away to the frontier” to craft a new kind of life these days.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It just takes a little different mindset to pull it off. Today, the first 7,000-word chunk of how to pull it off.  Everything from escape to the backwoods, the sea, … Read More

Home Prices Still Rising

And with the news, look for markets to back off on silly-talk of rate cuts. Because the Fed wants 2 percent inflation, not the four-something percent of now: NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 28, 2023: S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. … Read More

Housing – And Other Shoes to Drop

How the Future shows up is slowly coming into view.  Low probability, but there’s a theme evolving and it’s scary. It’s also complicated with several additional levels of play hidden from public view. Let’s go exploring, shall we? Imagine a future where: An outbreak of violence over immigration (legal and not) breaks out in America. … Read More

Fateball and the dma-x

Today we venture into the Twilight Zone between woo-woo and financial analytics.  Which, if you had asked me about last week, I’d have admitted is unlikely to exist. But now, thanks to “Living Two Lives” – a waking world and an amazing Dream Realm existence, I’m pretty sure it exists. And forget Michigan and Ohio … Read More

Mail Order Roulette – Black Friday Arrives

Today in Brief: Black Friday, shortened trading day, no hostages yet and wars continue. Package Poker We have only experienced two messed up deliveries, so far.  But the weekend hasn’t even started and the flood of new solar parts and hydroponics won’t hit high numbers until next Tuesday. …and have we ever! We admire the … Read More

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