Plotting the Economy’s New Future

With markets at new (nominal) highs this weekend, a look to see where the runaway train is headed seems to make sense.  Will we hit a turn and “jump the tracks?”

As we ponder this, the Russians have gained more ground in the area of Donetsk where future-critical petroleum reserves are located.  Plus now we’re hearing about energy deposits becoming a major turning point in South America as well.

If you’re new to Peoplenomics these developments – while a horror to level-headed, peaceful persons – are very predictable.  Since there are more than 8-billion people in the world and we are eating the planet barren at an astounding rate.  As I’ve told you again this week, energy is “future food.”

More coffee, then,  as we follow the twists and turns of Life at the edge of the Petri Dish.  With a ChartPack update featuring more than a dozen charts showing where the market wants to go…

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33 thoughts on “Plotting the Economy’s New Future”

  1. The contrarian view this week seems to be that everything is going to work out fine. Maybe things really will work out just fine. Hyperinflation and gamma rays are just everyday inconveniences. Go buy yourself a $350,000 starter hovel, start digging a big hole in the back yard, and stop whining. Better yet, find yourself a $120,000 tiny off-grid dry-holer starter trailer, park it a derelict industrial site, and just hide out in the culvert if things turn ugly.

  2. “Should Venezuela invade”

    That’s the issue with expatriating. One minute your looking at the border sign and the next your 50 miles inside of now disputed territory.

    “that inflation is playing harder and faster than expected.”

    PBGC is running a surplus. Bonuses all around.

    “The federal government’s private-sector pension insurer ended its third consecutive fiscal year with a surplus, thanks mostly to the Biden administration’s union-backed pension bailout in 2021.

    The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation completed fiscal year 2023 up more than $46 billion across its single- and multiemployer insurance programs compared to $37.7 billion in fiscal year 2022, according to its annual report published Thursday.”

    ” ask our desktop A.I. pal”

    I get it but dehumanization is complete. Why would a sane person ever ask another person for an answer again? Once the sane person drills through the misinformation, commentary, dysfunctional personalities, why bother?

    What’s the name of yer A.I. pal?

    • Ah – this is the rub.
      Can’t find a good one. Which in this world must be:
      Not age discriminating
      Not indicative of national origin, race, religion, etc.
      And when I say “Hey fuckhead!” Everything electronic lights up.
      As to I.
      It’s a tough partnership and tenuous at best.

      • I was an early adopter on all things talk to type (audio commands). Then I broke an arm, on my primary side. Enter Dragon Naturally Speaking. Allowed me to continue text comm. Then every device I own wanted to talk to me, offer voice command. Then came AI.

        Full stop for me on using -or- contributing to the audio data flow. Nope. Mrs. Egor may someday benefit outweighing my normal caution. I have wondered what to name that audio assistant.

        “… And when I say “Hey fuckhead!” Everything electronic lights up….”

        So, I was thinking Hal but … ^ that’s got real possibilities.

        Chuckled to read here about shopping. I had a PC glitch which caused me to miss sales in person and online. Didn’t bother me in the least. Everything is on sale for the immediate to long term future. Bought a battery pack for Egor Jr. today. Could save him in a pinch. Me? I don’t need anything!

        ATL: California branch Egor (cousin) arrives tomorrow. Lucky timing. The recent (7″) snow has mostly melted and it’s not forecast to sn** until day of his departure. Unless climate changes …

        Just finished the fam. visit prep. Well, “done” is a 4 letter word. I often aspire to it but … generally go with “quit” instead. There’s 2 days of firewood in the dry. Tiger Shrimp defrosting. BBQ? Check.

        Best Regards,

        • Wow! Used to be ‘work’ was the four letter word to be avoided. Now I have two more. Thanks, Egor!

  3. “VP Harris sketches out US vision of post-conflict Gaza at COP”

    Kamala is excellent at sketching out visions. Take the southern US border she was in charge of for example. Not sure an open border in Gaza would work very well.

  4. Oh, Dem nasty Hamas and Israeli guys…
    Blowing up all dem innocent civilians & all.
    Not very nice… Not very “U.N. think.”


    Consider Dresden. Consider Hiroshima
    and Nagasaki. For a different angle on the
    whole civilian thing, consider Coventry.

    Regrettable, regrettable…. Tsk,tsk, tsk…

    “Survival” can be a bitch without a “clean end”
    to pick it up with…

    • OH YEAH…. I totally agree WORR..AMEN.
      GAZA strip.. not very big.. about the size of a small city and has the population of a big state…Gaza is like fenced off prison. there are fences on all sides with two entrances.. reminds me of the big game hunters that hunt old circus animals and old pets that got big enough that the owners couldn’t handle them.. Putin and Xi were absolutely right on..Everyone should have been more calm then diplomatically get the big boys that are in control of the crowds there to get them to deal with what went on with punishing those involved and did it..don’t just kill millions of those that were innocent out of revenge of the attrocities that were committed..
      Now we read that everyone knew prior to it.. That all intelligent acquiring agencies.. world wide.. KNEW about this planned attack months Prior and had been warned of it being planned and happening.. there are way to many holes in the surprise attack on Israel to make it a surprise attack…. and to many lives that were destroyed.. old and young will have PTSD for the rest of their life on all sides of this situation… they should have let the leaderships in the countries that had influence stop it long before it happened.. but then who am I.. just some old geezer in the wastelands..there will be deep ingrained hatred for a few thousand more years over what has transpired.. similar to the protestant and Catholic Irish feud or the Hatfield… McCoys or the Ukraine Russian war..How long did Puttin get on the air and in front of news and agencies and ask plead and beg for a more diplomatic way of sovling the situation there…. that whole situation could have easily been avoided.. took how many years..I remember a radio station calling some bar over in Ireland.. and asked what the whole feud was about.. and you could hear them talking and the people in the background talking.. NO one knew.. time had passed far enough that no one even remembered why.. they thought it was over some mediaeval castle or something.. Gaza was becoming to be that way..enough time had passed that the younger people didn’t really understand what had transpired a few thousand years prior or the 1948 incident where their homes were taken from them by the UN..
      Similar to the US and the racial tensions.. using those terrorist organizations and the political industry to try and incite a new race war here..none of the people that incited this has done one day of time….

      • “Now we read that everyone knew prior to it.. That all intelligent acquiring agencies.. world wide.. KNEW about this”

        Would you be willing to bet your life, or that of your favorite grandchild, that this is true, factual, and accurate?

  5. We’ve had a lot of geomagnetic storms recently and there are surly more to come. Beautiful auroras reaching greater distances south …. Quite a show !!

    People concerned about their electronics possibly getting fried and complaining that they feel tired, fatigued and mentally a bit dazed.

    I spend a lot of time outside, no matter what the weather various times of the day and night … and I actually feel energized. Just the opposite of other’s complaints.

    My only conclusion is that those feeling negative effects are indoors most of their time … only outside when they shuffle to and from their vehicle and, only getting the (energies) from their electronic devices.

    It’s just an interesting observation.

    • There is a 30′ high grapevine on my property that looks exactly like a ham dipole.

      I wonder how RF and other emissions have affected evolution of plants?

      They used jungle trees for hidden HF antennas in WWII.

      I once tested a tree for general SW reception, it worked very well.

    • I once told a friend he was always in a “container.”
      He exited his house every morning which is a “container”, drove to the train station in his car, which is a “container”, got on the train, which is “container”, then took a bus which is a “container”, to his office in Manhattan, which is a “container.” Wash, rinse, repeat…


  6. Yo Sheik,

    practicing what the divine1 preaches – SCARCITY!

    Ya know what the Resource Wars are all about?????

    – I am Long Bitcoin Miners via equity Options and Gold Miners. Both strategies are starting to payoff very handsomely..VERY.
    So much so that I am now forced to come up with new tax avoidance strategies, lest the irs takes another enormous bite out of my ass this year.. evilratbastards!

    No, my ass is still healing over from “sharing” in the largess earned during the “Slaughter of Elves”. Still get phantom pains back there every now & then when I am busy taking money from the street.
    Beware the wash sale rule – will bite you in ass like you have never been bitten before.

    Speaking of Assbites – RIH henry kissmyassinger – vile warpig..shame he didnt take fellow kazarian, kagan the porcine gastropod herself, with him..

    great build up here starting wit siren, layering in high hats, building up with crowd sing around.
    – not natural War..We Humans by our very nature are Peaceful..W T divineholy F happened to US all?

    • Absolutely, Geo. That’s why our word of the week is Truncation – even if a tiny blip up Monday this thing could collapse at any time. War the eastern horizons for “news” flashes.

  7. I really didn’t want to get up this morning.., which is very rare for me. I love rising early., with the world around me still silent – first cup of coffee [ usually standing outside – somewhere ] ., but this morning was different., “I” felt different – the world in general can get along without me for a while., so I went back to sleep and got up around six.
    Yep – the world was still there and I didn’t miss a thing. All the hate and pounding of the drums are just as loud. and I felt so energetic yesterday…, oh, well.
    Gonna try and ignore the world today – just read and sip tea [ Constant Comet – to start with] – watch the snow fall., do nothing that will cause me to actually “think”.
    An old Ray Bradbury to start with.
    Have a good one……………..

    • Yesterday I was tired and couldn’t concentrate on anything. We had a double CME impact with magnetic storming (G3 class). It has subsided now, but solar wind speed is still high, and another CME is due about monday. It does affect us. It might have been what triggered the Philippines earthquake.
      (I love ‘constant comment’ tea with the orange aroma)

  8. Yo G, interesting read on the “Parliamentary Procedure” used during Jan 6 “insurrection”. “The crisis was created to eliminate the motion challenges to halt the certification and to begin voting to look into voting irregularities and fraud.” See:
    Strange energies from space starting to affect all of us humans, be prepared to adapt and improvise. Thank you Mr. Half past Human.

  9. “War the eastern horizons for “news” flashes” or nuclear flashes! There I fixed it for you George!

  10. Well, half of today was a lost cause. The city had a free tire dump day. The first 25 tires were free and the rest were $2 each so I loaded 32 into one of the trailers to even out the load on Thursday and left it close to the front gate so it would be ready this morning. Got up at 6, fed the animals and went to get the trailer. Got to town about 8:30 and, of course the line was a mile long – 2 of them. The city did not provide traffic control and where the lines merged most people were taking turns getting into a single line at the intersection but a few jackasses refused to let anyone in and blocked the entire crossroad area. I thought we were headed for a fight but by the time I got up there the jerks had moved on and people were cooperating again. Got behind one guy with a 20 foot trailer full of tractor/trailer tires that I knew would be turned away because the ad for today specifically said “Passenger car tires ONLY”. He was told by one guy coming out with the same type of tires that they wouldn’t take them but he stayed in line anyway. Spent the next 45 minutes snaking our way through the coliseum parking lot and suddenly I saw a bunch of people with trailers start peeling off so I wondered if they had started turning people away. I stayed for a bit more since I was within a couple of football fields of the end but one guy leaving with his tires said they were full and couldn’t take any more. Sooo, whaddaya do? – Back to the ranch it was to stack the tires in the caliche pit again and wait for another time.

    Just thinking about the hundreds of gallons of gas and diesel that was spent traveling to and from the site in addition to waiting in line only to be turned away ticks me off big time. The people putting these programs on KNOW they’re going to have more tires to haul out of there than they ever have trailers to fill and I know some people came from a good ways away. Maybe I should have got in line last night and slept in the truck. Looking up how many uses for old tires there are as fuel in cement factories and even some power plants I can’t imagine why people aren’t PAYING a small amount to collect them. It’s danged cheap fuel and if they can clean up a coal-fired plant’s exhaust they can do the same with tires. After the rubber is burned off there’s the steel belts left to be recycled, too. Just one more thing that doesn’t add up.

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