Fed – More Rational Than Markets

Several items of note today, hence this odd update.

First is – as we told you to expect – Fed Chair Jay Powell is not rolling over on rates.  In fact, in a speech today he went to far as to say:

The FOMC is strongly committed to bringing inflation down to 2 percent over time, and to keeping policy restrictive until we are confident that inflation is on a path to that objective. It would be premature to conclude with confidence that we have achieved a sufficiently restrictive stance, or to speculate on when policy might ease. We are prepared to tighten policy further if it becomes appropriate to do so.

Totally in line with our expectations.  Yet, the market has moved a bit higher and no telling when rational will come a-knocking.  Anymore, that rational stuff seems in short supply!

Two more items that will weigh.

First is in the Middle East where Israel is continuing to clean our Gaza, we are hearing now that Russia is sending Iran more advanced weapons systems – and that’s likely to embolden Iran which is likely to roll into leadership of an Islamic block attack on Israel in coming weeks. Serious problem for Israel: Iran with Su-35 and R-37M locks the Middle East – New “deal” for S-400 with Su-57 is coming.

And a note on Housing:

Total Construction
Construction spending during October 2023 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $2,027.1 billion, 0.6 percent (±1.0 percent)* above the revised September estimate of $2,014.7 billion. The October figure is 10.7 percent (±1.6 percent) above the October 2022 estimate of $1,830.5 billion. During the first ten months of this year, construction spending amounted to $1,646.0 billion, 5.6 percent (±1.2 percent)
above the $1,559.1 billion for the same period in 2022.

Back to watching how high traders will run this pig of a market with a Fed that is clearly skeptical of cutting too early, before inflation is put back in the box.

Write when you get rich,


22 thoughts on “Fed – More Rational Than Markets”

  1. Im the last person to mention anything about economics.

    But , a thought.

    In ’89 I bought a house with a loan at 10.69% interest. 30 year fixed. It was the norm. No one bitched and whined about the rates. We dealt with it.

    Is it possible that we have a generation or two spoiled over rates that were too damned low ?

    Too “good” for too long ?

  2. For the Record, i dont want the world to end. lol i been working hard for a long time moving people in new directions to make the world a better place. more people than i can count are moving in new directions they wouldnt be, had i not been there dojng the Will of THE DUDE. more people than i can cpunt. because every single persons life i affected moved to affect countless others lives. rippling through time.

    take one exsmple the little cheerleader who almost fell off a 4 story balcony had i not scooped her up before she did. she would have most certainly died. but she didnt. and now she had affected soo many people, being present in life, where she should have not been present.

    and she gave me that magic wand as a thank you. same exact magic wand that Glynda the Good Witch carrys.

    The very next day i run into a young lady from detroit who is a splitting image of the first Glynda the Good Witch at The Amazon VIP gathering at the Maydenbour Center. in Seattle. Seattles Nickname is ~ The Emerald City ~

    here is a picture of it.


    so i gave it to her and she cast her first blessing upon me with it. then i never seen her again.

    so i have to have Faith that even though the world is screaming Calamity for all, that im making a difference doing the work THE DUDE lays out for me and its enough for me to Change things for the better.

    that is just one example of countless i have given on here.

    on the topic of what you were saying George. the lady who boight up the fact that im very qualified to work at that Nuclear Power Plant and they have a job there that suits me perfectly. She is an American Woman. Born and Raised here in Idaho. A Redneck Woman. but her ethnicity is Irainian. i shit ya not.

    i said oh you have such olive skin she said because Im Irainian. i mean grand parents were born here in idaho but their parents are from Iran.

    goes with the topic.

    i dont know what im going to do. but it snowing like hell here. im down at my spot. im going to pray, contemplate and Meditate with my giant stack of books that is always on my passenger seat.

    then figure out my next move. i do its time for me to make a move. i have free places to stay and Jobs waiting for me in 3 different areas. and im good where im at. im Blessed like that.

    i been working hard on creating an alternative future for me and others. i know everyone is screaming doom doom doom. but im seeing something different. atleast for me.

    the reason i see Justice for 2024 is i keep seeing ~ an opening of the books a settling of accounts. ~

    everyone is graded on performance. and recieves their due. those who have taken will be taken from. those whose accounts read in the postitive will given much. the scales of Justice will messure each persons life according to their account records. there will be no hiding in off shore accounts. Justice will be servred and swift.

    that is what i see when i meditate.

  3. i do have a friend who is a Romanian Jew. good friend. his take on Israel is quite different. He is in the “Secuirty Buisness.”

    he wants me to move back to the Emerald City, give me a free place to stay and a good job. even baited me with Rich Beautiful Russian Jewish women. haha. said I know some very beautiful Jewish Women who would absolutely Love you and take very good care of you. set you up for life.

    now most men would jump on that. but im not most men. im down in my humble volkswagon, sitting at my spot in the snow, talking to God and thinking about things.


    • “its called absolute power…
      when heads of agencies can tell congress to suck Wally.. you know how much power it is..”

      Is it that those agency heads have absolute power or, is it more how weak congress is?

      Or … just business?

      • Bob, for over a year every single morning i woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth did my, then went to the black currents on my window and said, Let there be Light, let what is corrupt and hidden and done in secret be exposed and seen, let what is Holy, Just And Good be seen. then ripped the curtains open.

        every day. i didnt miss one day. and since then the world started seeing things and people in places of power for who they really are.

        i have since changed that ritual. and now i say something else. Some stuff is between God and me.

        about 3 months ago i found a flash light. 900000 High Lumens. looks like a light saber. pretty cool.

        who knows, 8 may be a Jedi Master after all. it seems to signal as such.

        its time for a change…

      • P-Bob
        The absolute power is, if Congress has not funded them yet, then DON’T.
        If no one is closeting the border, why pay for it?
        If the Just Us Dept is snooping into everyones Metadate, turn off the power to their computers.
        We didn’t have these capabilities to focus on the citizens way back when and we are still here.
        Turn off the money. They only have until January.
        Turn off the money.

        • the big scary is .. IF .. it was just their business model or the family business model.. instead of just having the feeling that they have absolute power.. then we are looking at a completely different situation.. we are looking at more what Sammy the Bull’s assessment is of the administration ..IF..that turns out to be true.. then would the heads of all these agencies also be tried as accomplices to the same crimes?.
          I help a young woman out with soap and shampoo books etc..her only crime was that she refused to give testimony on men that were forcing women to sell themselves because of fear or retribution to giving testemony .. she was just afraid..she tried to escape they came after her.. threatened her parents and siblings etc.. we met I tried to get her to escape she tried.. they beat her so bad because she had tried to escape their grasp that I got a call asking if it was ok to treat her in an ER ..she had me down as the emergency contact…. but because she refused to give them up she got the same sentance that they got .. she refused out of fear of death of someone she truly cared about.. are these agency heads refusing to give up the family business out of the same type of fear.. will they end up once it does come out be tried for the same crimes or is it just absolute power to do what ever they want when they want without retribution for what they do..
          all big questions.. or do they just have absolute power over any and everyone..
          Now is the other thing that the heads of these agencies .. are they just afraid…

        • Either way.. if its that they are just afraid of them.. or if they are truly in collusion with what the family business is doing as a reason to not do their jobs or to try and protect them.. they all should be fired as a result of what they are refusing to give testimony on in front of congressional hearing..
          I knew a woman that was a great nurse.. she seen a situation she knew what her job was and what her responsibility was.. but she went with the government administrations demands were and the company policy.. the patient died because she followed what the administration of the government agency told her to do….Her job was to do her job…they threw the book at her. because she didn’t do her job she followed the directors demands.. because she didn’t do her job as a professional healthcare worker…. it cost her her future her home the two nurses each got a seven million dollars in restitution and she even had to do time in prison for not doing what her job called for.. I believe they called it Negligence of her job.. Now we see the heads of agencies that swore an oath.. not the same oath.. but an oath to serve and protect.. the swore to tell the truth in a court of law.. this whole thing just gets uglier and for what.. some sic drug addict with a severely sick deviant lifestyles and a corrupt uncles that ties in with dear old daddy.. this crap will make a great movie one day.. LOL LOL the thousands of videos of sic family activities.. all posted online oh my god you could probably make several movies out of this don’t even need a script writer.. LOL LOL LOL just look how many movies that were made using the life story of Ed Gein… hundreds of movies were generated out of his life story..
          the movie industries new cash cow.. the business model.. LOL LOL

      • That is a great question.. is it just the business model of government at work or is it that they have total power and are afraid….
        I don’t know the answer but have my suspicions.
        My guess is we will never know for sure.. they aren’t going to tell anyone what is really going on.. is it fear of retribution.. or is in compliance to the business model for something to gain..

      • that is not new though.. my opinion on Ukraine came almost twenty years ago when I was visiting with a gentleman from Ukraine online.. he was sick and mortified about what was going on there.. and genocide of the elderly.. organ harvesting illegal child trafficking.. money laundering all of that. was out in the open we knew it.. everyone knew it it wasn’t a secret.. the thirty illegal biological war labs was not known until the war..
        but what infuriated him and them back then was there were parents that were pro russian.. and a vote had been taken to get Russia to come in and clean up the corruption there.. anyway one families four year old boy was crucified in the town square by the very army that we are supporting.. then they set him on fire alive..
        One of the secretaries at the VA is from there.. and she relates other similar stories.. so why are we even involved.. I believe in the follow the money route.. there were stories that over thirty seven trillion dollars a year is illegally money laundered through there.. so is it that.. or is it the illegal human trafficking.. or is it the organs they harvest being bought up..

  4. Yes! Again i was told it ~The Great Setteling of Accounts.~

    Those who are gifted and wise will go be settled first.

    If thou has taken more, and taken what doesnt belong to Thee? Thou will be taken from exponentially as dictated by Justice. If Thou has given more, More will be added to Thee7.

    hmmm. i opened a book and read that.

    like some grand settling of Karma.

    • Soonly – Monday AM will review and decide if it is time to start to nibble on VIX. Bottom fishing is one of my fav contact sports, but very risky business indeed.

      Time variable is holding me back from diving in head first…just going to dip a toe so to speak…” They say the devils waters
      It aint so sweet
      You dont have to drink right now
      But you can dip Ure feet
      Every once and a while” – TheKillers

    • as upside down as we are in our deficit.. phew.. great question.. and I personally can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel..

  5. not mentioned by Clif High. but there is several statements made my Remote Viewers that the Great event they cant see past is The Resurection of the Dead, and the Great Rapture.

    i did a little research on it. and several Remote Viewers had stated they saw a Great Taking up, as in a Biblical Rapture, and beyond that they cpuld not see further.

    interesting Clif Called it Ejecta, but didnt mention the part about some remote viewers seeing the Biblical Rapture.

    Coinsides well with the theme of Justice for 2024, im seeing.

    also in the news

    Miracle’: Muslim Men in Gaza Seek Christ After Over 200 Dream of Jesus on Same Night – Report.


    200 muslem men all have the same dream of Jesus Christ.

    hmmmmm. cool.

  6. While on opiates I read a letter invisible to others. The main point of the letter is that our timeline is expected to end within the next 18 months or so, but that Time Travelors want to change our timeline’s ending for a better, longer one. They won’t be able to do that until closer to or after the earth tilt.

    True or untrue I don’t know. It also said that drug researchers/manufacturers are attempting to gain control of time travel technology .

    • https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hopi-nation-prophecy-children-god-keepers-peace-part-jim-putnam

      if you look at this phrophecy stone there is two time lines. one time line ends in a jagged up word motion and one continues on.

      its very old and on the Black Mesa Arizona. The Hopi are the keepers of it.

      The Myan are masters of Time. the Hopi are masters of Space.

      all the copies of the Original Myan PapVul (Story of creation) are locked in a vault in the Vatican. along with lots of other things.

      i can cypher the whole prophecy stone and several others without any instruction.

      i was talking to a Shamman yesterday and said, i wonder where my life would be had i not heard the lady whisper on the wind that day and or if i wouldnt have went to stand in the well filled with dirt?

      he said The World would have ended because there is only one you Zero. all the Shamman ive ever met call me Zero.

      trust me, its not as cool as one would think. and i have my doubts. even though everyone else has such great faith in me and it. i have my moments of fuck, i dont know.

      sometimes i think, man, i should have taken another path. lol

      i never imagined id be part of all that or have a role in some world ending/changing super old prophecy.

      im just a Christian. sinner saved by Grace.

      i do know the cycle needs to be complete.

      and at any moment, i may hear the ladys voice whisper again and have to get up and leave everything and haul ass to the place i stood before.

      and if i dont complete the cycle the chaos that will soon come wont ever end. it will just keep going and going and not a single living thing will survive.

      so the shamman and elders say.

      but i dont think i am really that important and i have my doubts. i keep getting stuck in places.

      its not all that bad here. one things forsure. you wont starve in this area. i eat wild turkey shot the day before one day, deer spagetti the next, elk burgers the next day, buffelo steaks the next and wild duck the next day. there is no shortage of food in idaho and wyoming. honestly, only place besides Alaska you can eat year round and doesnt cost ya much more than the price of Amo.

      thanks for sharing your dream about the time lines. its all been written before.

      and if i dont breath my last breath or be held up too long, i will complete the cycle. and hopefully then, i can just enjoy my life.

      i always pictured myself on some beach somewhere in the sun with palm trees swaying with some pretty blonde girl, living the good life.

      not working my ass off in a blizzard up in the mountains, trying to understand what it all means.

      see ya.

    • oh yeah. it is my understanding that the longer i am delayed from returning to complete the cycle? the longer and greater the purportion of chaos will be.

      and i keep getting delayed by things bejond my power to do anything about.

      but who knows. i dont know anything for certain other than, im tired.

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