Personal Landing Zones

Feeling up for a book chapter-length discussion of Personal Landing Zones?  5,000 words on topic, but first we have other pressing business. Still, I think you’re going to enjoy this morning’s survey. Because we’re going to show you how “prepping” is only part of a process that leads from setting up your personal “landing zone” … Read More

CFNAI, Holiday Drive, Black Friday II

Let’s begin with a Holiday Driving story. Our consigliere is coming to visit from the nearly Northeast.  And he’s driving.  All was going well until he got inside Indiana on I-70.  There, the cops had a high-speed chase going involving a fellow in a Dodge Charger. Ended in the predictable crash. Somewhere north of 120 MPH … Read More

Engineering Black Friday, Super-Garden

Our Monday diatribe begins by noticing that the Market is not sure what to make of this “Momentary Peace Talk” going around.  Because, when comes down to it, it’s like we told you some weeks back:  “Ceasefires tend to happen when both sides run low on ammunition.” An example of this shapes up in Ukraine. … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Holiday Hygiene, Ham Notes

With Black Friday almost upon us, I wanted to warn you off from a lot of useless “frou-frou” stuff that makes the rounds at this time of year.  Especially when comes to men’s toiletries. I will only cover three hygiene tips from living on a boat and living off in the woods now for a … Read More

The Turkey Day Briefer

The State of America is the annual topic around here when the turkey comes out.  Though, unlike many American households, there’s usually very little spread of opinion.  Because, when everyone at the table is over 70, they have been kicked-around enough by Life to have moderated most previously held extreme (or stupid) views. Notwithstanding, we … Read More

Arm-up, Melt-Up, Fake-Out, or Hand-off?

Getting hard to keep all the moves sorted out, lately. We get up earlier and earlier, it seems, because making sense of the World is getting harder by the week. Arming Up While the U.S. continues pouring billions worth of arms to everywhere (except the Mexico border seems), the situation in Gaza is not improving … Read More

Markets Beyond Crazy, War & Recession, Rally?

Since people who read this website are very “financially aware.” I shouldn’t need to remind you that this is Index option expiration or that tomorrow the equities (underlying stock options) expire.  Volatility looms, though in the early preopen today, it was very little different from the Wednesday close: Even if you’re not an optometrist (or … Read More

Personal Financial Train Wreck, Anyone?

Or, how I turned a 40% gain into a 10% gain by modifying a successful trading approach.  Not a tale of woe (though anyone who says “It’s only money” is a damned liar). It’s really about the soaring cost of a good market education when you’re out on the theoretical edge. Death may have the … Read More

Consumer Price Chill

Is it real?  A major improvement in inflation prospects this morning in the new consumer price report: The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) was unchanged in October on a seasonally adjusted basis, after increasing 0.4 percent in September, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the … Read More

Hostage Roulette, Ghost Channels, NFIB Bummer

I don’t like to write sour columns. But we had a newsroom saying back during the anti-war protest days of the Vietnam War which current events hark back to. “Who wants to play Demonstration Roulette?”  Upon hearing this, the other reporters at Gallows Humor Central would pipe up.  “I’ll take the one at the Federal Building!”  … Read More

The Moody’s Blues – Days of Future…what?

When the U.S. Treasury issues its periodic statement this afternoon, it will hopefully report more than “We’re screwed.“ Still, it begins to look that-a-way.  Market futures are down. Pressure to raise rates (higher for longer) hasn’t abated. And Ure’s been up since the wee hours (when you have to go we-wee, right?) trying to answer, “How … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Diesel Tomatoes, Chiseling

It has been a matter of some pride around here that our lean-to greenhouse has worked out so well, not to mention being a fun project.  Especially with the place being kept warm by one of the best bargains in the world: Our ubiquitous Chinese-made diesel truck heater. In fact, we were so tickled with … Read More

Eye on Two Turkeys

One, of course, will be the bird destined for the table in a week and a half. But the other is making waves in all kinds of ways this weekend. With the imminent expansion of the Middle East warfare to a 1,500-mile front stretching from Kiev to Egypt, a rational person might ask “With war … Read More

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