Personal Landing Zones

Feeling up for a book chapter-length discussion of Personal Landing Zones?  5,000 words on topic, but first we have other pressing business.

Still, I think you’re going to enjoy this morning’s survey. Because we’re going to show you how “prepping” is only part of a process that leads from setting up your personal “landing zone” to prepping and then on to arking.  Which is the bigger picture long-term self-sufficiency planning for you, you loved ones, and your heirs.

“Kentucky windage” will be required over time, however, to whatever shots are taken early. The Future is pretty slippery stuff and holding it is – at best – like eel wrestling.

The usual “roar of the grease paint and smell of the crowds” as we roll into the holiday. With our consigliere on hand, no shortage of new ideas to debate and conjecture over America’s way forward from here; if there’s to be one, that is.

Thursday will be an actual day off, which means only a shorter column, more’n likely. Ham radio antenna hanging is in the works thanks to my Potensic and his DJI. If you don’t know what those are, time to widen your tech horizons a bit.

Bean up – we have much to cover…

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75 thoughts on “Personal Landing Zones”

  1. Some great ideas for “landing zones”, thank you.

    NVDA earnings option sellers making big bank so far. Options buyers paid the price…………..I expect the market to be a nothing burger for the rest of the week, quiet holiday trading? OK, event risk is out there……….

  2. “huge .gov debt”

    We’ve seen that term all our lives. What does that even mean? Outgo is huge and income is huge.

    Looking at the Replaying chart and Aggregate Index chart.

    The 1-5 down wave is clear. From

    “Five waves move in the direction of the main trend, followed by three waves in a correction (totaling a 5-3 move). This 5-3 move then becomes two subdivisions of the next higher wave move.” explains a subdivision as:

    “The basic rule in Elliott wave theory is that wave structures of a higher order are composed of sub-waves of a lower order, which, in turn, are composed of smaller order sub-waves, and so on. They all have, more or less, the same structure as the bigger wave they belong to, impulse or correction.”

    So, looking at the two charts they may indicate a crash or “C” wave down is coming anytime now. It’s gonna be a doozy.

    The event that is coming should carry 2x the emotion as 911 and possibly 2x the economic impact as COVID.

    Japan attacked PH during a December meaning war doesn’t recognize holidays.

    Crash helmets, right.

    • Thou hast scrivened thusly:
      “The event that is coming should carry 2x the emotion as 911 and possibly 2x the economic impact as COVID.”

      In my humble and erratic opinion, that is vastly underestimated. I think “the evil thing that this way comes,” will be a re-definer for the century.
      WAY bigger then Pearl Harbor or nine-eleven.

      In my overheated guess, and often-wrong song, tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, is the jackpot day.

      We’ll know soon… Or not.

      • Clif High put a numeric intensity on it in his model. He says what is coming will be sixteen times as impactful on our lives as 9-11 was.

      • This was written at 2:30 pm EST Nov 22
        Ref: The Rainbow Bridge Bombing.

        This event will have the effect of edging
        up Situational Awareness and Vigilence
        in big cities and small towns. Perhaps,
        a Pretty Good Idea — depending.

        Stay alert, stay aware, be appropriately careful.
        Assume nothing, and don’t get complacent and get sucker-punched.

        …and as The Hitchhiker says, “Don’t Panic!”


        • Exactly my very own same opinion WORR….We have no familiar experience to what is headed our way.. and IF.. Bidens … open border policy did in fact allow an Army to penetrate our landscape and hide in hidden secret cells as everyone has assumed there were.. and IF… Biden /Obama gulftainer deal did allow in club K.. we will be living the nightmare

    • OK, easy on the “C” word ;0) we could also grind sideways in a trumpet set of waves and make nadda for a decade, or more. Range? Looks like SPX 4,819 to … 3,492. Both expressed as minimums. But, we cut equities in half twice since Dot Com and may need to alternate pattern? Or, we print south of 3,492 and buckle up, stow tray tables and return seats to the full upright position.

      I’m in the Give Thanks mode so will carry on come what will.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love,

  3. Dude G – Beware – Ure landing zone is Hot!

    …what is PCVS ?

    – Post Coronavirus Vaccine Syndrome = Spikedemic
    related to Spikeopathy.

    Solution ?
    BCN’s Detox Protocol;
    Nattokinase 200 FU (100) bid
    Bromelain 500 qd
    Curcumin 500 mg bid (nano,liposomal, or with Peperine)
    3 Month course , starting doses can be increased if well tolerated.

    WHO ? rockafeller-gates- soros/fink..dr foul qi , care of cia-Metabiota. What youse all think they were doing in those us bio labs in ukraine 3 months prior to the outbreak ????

    Is it ignorance, illiteracy, uninformed, uneducated, bad eyesight- what exactly prevents U all from recognizing pending Hyperbitcoinization ?

    The Financial Times are a Changing –
    “Wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown. And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone. If time to you worth savin” B. Dylan1964

    Its tough luck G Pops, but “NO BITCOINS 4 U”

  4. G.,
    I felt like you were talking to me, alone, today.
    Thorton Wilder has the Stage Manager in “Our Town” say, “…people are meant to live by twos.” (I understudied for the role in college, but never got to play it.)
    I feel the Truth of it. (As you know, my beloved, Eda, passed away of nasty cancer August 29th.) It’s like all the air went out of my balloon. (People necessarily do lots of things by twos: fly airplanes, go scuba diving, take a Sunday drive to noplace in particular, etcetra.) Experience, shared, seems somehow more Worthy… More complete… More satisfying and Valid, somehow.

    Many things, done with or for a partner are a joy; but done alone, are quite UNsatisfying and seem pointless. Like putting on a meal done really right, or providing a spray of wild flower weeds in a cheesy cheap vase unexpectedly…

    A notable politician once said, “I have lost this race. So, I will lie here awhile and quietly bleed; but then, I’ll get up and get back in the race.” (Severely paraphrased, due to low memory and fatigue.)

    Many otherwise practical and logical actions lie ahead; but for now, I need some empty time to bleed and rest a bit. Your column this morning helped put that in proper persepctive.

    In chess, they call this a “waiting move” meant to burn some time as the opponent develops — and reveals — his game. People often “misunderestimate” the occasional value of a waiting move…


    • Wonderfully said. You know, Elaine and I had just this goal discussion the other morning.
      “When you stop having goals, the reason to get out of bed in the morning goes in the trash as well. The reason to remember the previous days… Yet’s it’s in the memories of yesterday we find the benchmarks we have set for quality, but absent the team from the previous days, we need to remember the goals and if needed, set fresh ones. And then build a team, or give it all to those who can continue when our time at bat is called…
      As Service notes, while it’s the “hell served for breakfast that’s hard” – it is the only and best game in town.
      be well – and get on the air a bit!

      • thanks.. they are going to enjoy those so much.. and I got a hundred off per plane LOL.. twenty something odd dollars.. where could I possibly get anything that nice in the USA for that kind of money….
        one year for the older Mini Me.. I got a dirigible it was pretty cool.. with a camera.. unfortunately he took it to the park and it got caught in a tree..
        I was gifted a drone.. that was something pretty good size to.. he could make that thing do so many stunts.. but the battery life wasn’t that long.. now my grand daughters fiancée has one and he can fly that thing I think five miles and it has an automatic return home when the battery gets to a certain point.. If I played with it.. I would probably wreck is..having some sort of an idea at how much shipping is.. I wonder just how much they actually cost to produce..

        • George showed us all the most effective way to deal with an aerial vehicle caught in a tree. I think it was a couple of weeks ago on STS.

          I trust you have a cordless chainsaw. One way or another, I hope you get it back.

        • Oh that was years and years ago.. the ornathopter now that one I got back.. but then the kids took the grand kids to the park and they lost it.. the ornathopter was quite nice to.. that we launched it towards the south.. but a reasonably large parking lot.. it flew complety across that parking lot over a building to the south than turned and came back.. over the parking lot to land on top of the big building at the hall…my ladder was barely able to get to the top so I could climb up on this building and get it back.. phew.. won’t do that one again either .. cool it was fun as could be..

    • Looks like a full tank of gas went up but not big enough to be a car full of explosives like the initial reports said.

      But … buckle up!

      • LOL our gas station is forfeiting the seven cents a gallon they get for gas.. they sell it for cost.. they do that because where they make their money is from inside sales.. so our cost of fuel is always a penny or two less than Sam’s Club or Costco.. that sells their gas close to cost for the exact same reasons.. talk about busy.. wow.. I went into Costco to get some Vitamin D and dam the line was all the way back to the two hundred dollar rotisserie chicken.. They had some new items in the cooler to.. that I had to get..
        I wish they would sell the Pollock burgers again.. dam those were the best.. made the best fish sandwhich ever..
        I over ordered for thanksgiving this year.. so I am going to try something if it works.. I will post the recipe.. turkey luncheon meat using pre cooked turkey.. if it turns out.. yea then I will cold smoke it… if it doesn’t well I don’t want to eat turkey for a month LOL…

    • How many accidents like this occur every day?
      {about 300}

      In how many such accidents does the vehicle burst into flames?
      {less than one}

      In how many of those flaming vehicles, does the fire burn like fuel oil?
      {less than one}

      I am withholding judgement until the make, model, and fuel type of the vehicle are made public. However, if the vehicle was not a diesel, somebody is lying…

      • I think it was confirmed to be a Bentley. Heavy car, big engine, lots of room in the gas tank for a super sucker.

  5. You have no idea how many of the nuggets in your excellent Personal Landing Zone column today echoed loudly for me, including the one about your former COO now locked in an Alzheimer’s unit. This is one of the toughest cards that life deals out.

    It is amazing how many people will invite you to their personal pity party and get upset when you refuse the invitation. Like you, I realize that I am the human pilot in the control seat of my life with spiritual guidance by the co-pilot. I suspect a many of your readers also realize that by the comments I read here. They seem to be masters of their own destiny.

    Thanks again for all you do here and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Elaine.

    Bob In Canada

    • Alzheimer’s has to be one of the worst…. the real problem is families are caught up in the work a day world.. then when they see a loved one that is going down hill…. it becomes to hard on them to comprehend..
      As most know I have had my share of rough spots in life.. and it always amazed me.. that when they hit.. the first ones to vanish are those you thought you could depend on the most.. the loved ones..One of the guys that lives in our spare bed rooms..has distant family.. they found out he was living with us and was coming around a couple times a week.. until they realized he didn’t have any money.. then they vanished..just good time charlies.. whose only value is that of cash..that is extremely sad.. Sadly he was really depressed over that realization.. at first he was excited that family was around.. for the longest time depression was set in and he stopped eating .. luckily he had a birthday and we bought a cake for him the grand kids came over to sing happy birthday and have cake and ice cream.. and he is starting to eat again.. No one from his church.. or none of his old friends.. the only thing that was valued was if he had money.. When they get to me they usually have no other place to go and no place to live and hell I couldn’t ever see the two guys that live with us crawling into a dumpster at night.. ( I do have to say one of them keeps talking about the great food he took out of dumpsters.. unfortunately he talks about eating that stuff.. while we are eating LOL LOL.. and how he caught rats.. trust me.. the conversation would spoil anyones appetite LOL LOL LOL)
      In Nursing homes.. today.. there will be a hundred people all staring down the hall waiting to see if little billy or sarah will come to say happy thanksgiving dad or mom.. I am so proud your my parents.. Healthcare workers usually become the extended families.. seen people fight over the couple of boxes of assorted crap so many times.. and even seen one family that didn’t want moms fortune to go totally away that they stood vigil at the door stopping anyone from feeding her.. ( that one still boils my goat thinking about that…. they got a doctor to agree to it to comfort cares.. we finally got it turned around but it was to late by then… all over money and property.. )
      On this thanksgiving day.. its a good time to stop reflect and give sincere thanks to those you love and care for.. and our heavenly father for all the precious gifts and moments we have..

      • “As most know I have had my share of rough spots in life.. and it always amazed me.. that when they hit.. the first ones to vanish are those you thought you could depend on the most.. the loved ones.”

        Yeah, you hit home with that one. I’ve had too many of those times myself.

    • After going through what we did with Mom and my aunt in the memory care center the last think I’m going to do is foist that experience AND expense on my family. Hopefully, with the arrhythmia I’ve been experiencing lately they’ll find me before the buzzards do at the ranch (I may take a few of them with me) and I’ve given strict instructions that I’ll be buried in some old work clothes. I’ve spent the last half of my life avoiding dress suits and I’ll be danged if I go to Eternity in one.


        • Right. It’s easier to split the clothes down the back and slip them over a half frozen corpse, tuck the back in under the body and make it all look good. I can just imagine trying to wrap a cold corpse in full rigor in a suit trying to work the arms and legs into it and position it all correctly. The secrets of modern morticians can be fascinating but I couldn’t wrap my mind around it – especially when it comes to kids on the slab. Our daughter said she wanted to be a CSI examiner once when the show was at it’s height. Then I asked her what she’d do when the first kid came across her path and she had to do a full “investigation” as to cause of death. It was the last I heard her say anything about it.

        • Amen on that one.. my sibling that wears the same size I do.. had this big job of an international CEO of sales .. he had enough just in plane tickets for all over the world that I could have retired on.. he held meetings and such everywhere.. anyway.. he had suits.. real expensive suits.. and shoes etc.. and he wanted me to dress for success.. and would send me his old suits every six months.. before long.. I was staring in the closet looking for a t-shirt or polo shirt to wear and I said to the wife.. hun when in the hell have you ever seen me in a suit.. never cant stand them and the thought of having a noose around my neck just isn’t something I cotton to.. so I boxed all of them back up .. and took them to the homeless shelter.. real expensive suits..
          I did my own funeral arrangement and plans.. I am to be donated to the medical school.. in my obituary.. it says.. He left for vacation loves all of his family and friends more than they know and hopefully will land to moderate temperatures.. and hopes to reconnect with everyone again..
          anyone that knows anything there is about me knows I was forced to work day and night my whole life.. I have never been on a fun vacation.. its been a long life of service to those around me.. and they can come up and ask questions.. then if they do everyone is to go to the chicken ranch give all the kid a roll of quarters for the games.. and toast a cold drink… have a good time..there are very few photos of me.. so they really can’t post up any pictures.. the Average person.. after six weeks give or take.. their memory shifts back into the past and rarely do you think of them.. ( except my parents.. I think of them quite often actually.. the things they taught me) Usually your popularity just like the ability to get into a doctor.. goes according to how much they can collect off of you.. nursing homes are filled with moms and dads and friends that rarely maybe once a year sees anyone.. then the whole time they are there they count the minutes that they have to stay for the appropriate amount of time..
          RICHer than RICH people realize this.. all of them at some point realize that everyone that crosses their trail is a good time charlie.. and the only value they have is the NUMBER they sold their souls for.. then they donate money to either get a hospital , roadway maybe a park or a library etc.. put into their name.. to keep the memory of them and who they were alive..
          I made it a point to go to the funerals of those I took care of.. as a gesture of respect.. anyway she had family and a dog.. for years no one ever stopped to see her.. and she died.. leaving the estate she had to her dog.. I get to the funeral.. and go to sign in the guest book.. big beautiful setup.. the funeral had to cost an arm and a leg.. I went to sign the guest book nice leather bound job.. I was the first to arrive.. went in.. two plants.. one small one on the casket .. and the one I had sent to it.. the one on the casket was from the dog.. the total attending the final services.. was Myself and the ones that had been hired to be there.. later I had met people that had worked for her.. and they said that the only thing she valued was her money.. and it was by far the saddest funeral I had ever attended..
          I have been to some that the person that passed on outlived their friends and family..and the expense.. so why spend twenty grand when all they are going to do is dump you in a hole.. I seen how many rushed to our side.. it didn’t.. except for just a few wonderers.. Life will move forward.. everything you have unless your rich.. will be divided up among the doctors and hospitals and medical facilities.. so keep it quiet.. if anyone has a curiosity on where I went.. then go out for some chicken and a few cold drinks.. reminisce the good times..
          One gentleman that was a neighbor.. he is still talked about..he to only had eyes for the number.. what is funny is how he is remembered is.. they didn’t need to bury him.. he was crooked and money hungry enough that all they had to do is screw him into the ground..

        • I have prepaid for my immediate cremation when I go. Dead bodies on display are distasteful IMO. My ashes are to be scattered high up on Mauna Kea, so that as long as there is an island, I will be part of it. My friends can look upon the mountain from anywhere on the island and remember me.

  6. I’ve planned for my ‘landing zone’ for most of my working life… and I got it! And it’s got the most prolific Lemon tree around, too. But right now we’re harvesting tangerines by the bushel for friends and family. Pumpkin squash in the patch are ready. Gave three to the neighbor already. Yeah, I think I can call this my Ark. Today I’m exercising my arms for tomorrow’s ‘tryptophan olympics’ at a brother’s house. I’m bringing home made mountain apple dump cake (cobbler).

    • Hank, add some green chile to your apple dessert. Here in New Mexico, green and red chile are used to enhance a variety of main and side dishes, plus desserts. I am baking a pumpkin pie and a green chile apple pie.

      • interesting.. the wine recipe I have for ancient mayans is they used pepper in it.. the cacao wine with pepper in it.. I have been debating whether or not to put that in.. I want it to be the Original ancient recipe.. but I am not a fan of hot peppers personally.. what I am discovering is.. they used fruits and grains that were available..

    • Dam Hank…lemons.. lemon has to be my favorite fruit of all would fall over if you seen how many I get… the other thing is you live where you could grow my next favorite fruit to..

      and lets not forget..

      the grocery store would order all the hard to get fruit for me..
      you actually live where you can grow them lol.. dummies like me are stuck where the good stuff doesn’t grow..

      • Yeah, I have a small cacao tree producing pods, and I finally learned how to ferment and roast the seeds to make cocoa powder. And I have pineapples growing in the yard also… including the WHITE pineapple. Sweet, no acid flavor. Must be eaten fresh. They do not ship as they rot fast.

        • OH MY… I have never tried the White pineapple I have heard of them.. I believe there is a Red one to..
          I seen a Jackfruit.. that smells like a pineapple and looks similar to one.. they have it at the grocery store I use to work for.. but I have never tried it.. and the thing must be thirty pounds.. so I won’t buy one.. the produce manager says he sells a lot of them to his asian shoppers.. so they must be good..

        • I have to buy my cacao pods LOL LOL.. roasting is great.. I just tried roasting cacao beans.. and the custard or meat of the pod it absolutely another world of good to.. kind of like pumpkin but with that chocolate flavor.. someone said the skins can be roasted for cocoa.. dried for a tea or ground into a powder for baking cookies etc.. its like the hemp plant very little of the pod is disposable.. almost all of it can be used.. where the marijuana plant the whole plant can be used .. and the dandelion.. great plant..

    • The lawn keeper at one nursing Home was a genius and was able to get many species of plants to grow that had tropical origins.. they of course didn’t have a clue and in expansion of the cash machine destroyed a unique and special orchard..
      I have not been able to replicate his achievements..

      I have tried banana trees and coffee trees..miracle fruit.. they grow good until frost..

  7. Writing at 3:30 pm EST

    Just said on TeeVee Nooze–

    The two torroristas were IN the U.S., and
    were in the lanes to enter Canada. So…

    Interesting… Suggests the bridge and
    customs-border facility was the intended

    I wonder how long these two guys have
    been IN the U.S. …

    • Hmmm.. let me guess.. almost three years LOLLOL LOL LOL

      there were what was it suspected at.. thirty thousand before Biden in sleeper cells around the USA.. now the suspected amount of the millions that have crossed.. is over three hundred thousand possible members to sleeper cells.. phew.. and where do they ask to go.. into the interior of the country.. if this lights up.. the coastlines will be done for.. the sleeper cells throughout the usa will go active and take care of the inner country leaving the crop lands still viable if it doesn’t go to ultimate destruction.. the only thing standing in their way.. are the people that own guns.. and Joe is working on getting rid of that even now …

    • just look at it.. it is the poison pawn trap.. I had invisioned if it was.. that it would have taken place a lot faster than how it is playing out.. but I didn’t have a clue as to how much we had to get rid of.. and how many we had to deploy before the country would be at its weakest..
      Now our currency is destroyed.. all the Fiat currencies of the world are on the virge of bankruptcy .. and our military is on the move.. the people in the USA have never seen a war on our land.. the closest it came is with the terrorist activities of BLM and Antifa.. which still surprises me as to how the members of our congress and administration can back a militant terrorist group as vile as that one.. How the people of those poor neighborhoods that were in trouble before the terrorists destruction could be suckered in .. still baffles me..

  8. I’m about 20 miles out of a small town that could be the definition of “middle of nowhere.”

    It’s not uncommon for the first snow that “sticks” to happen at the end of November at my elevation. No snow at this time though.

    A couple of weeks ago a truck from a local building supply place went by on a cold, rainy day, loaded with building materials. I thought it was a strange time to start a new house up here. Today I saw a truck hauling a bulldozer go up the road.

    I can’t help but wonder if some city people are desperate to get a house built up here before SHTF for real.

    • Sadly its a waste of time.. I have a friend that lives next door to a DUMB shelter.. its a communications shelter big enough to house a couple of real small towns or a small to mid size city.. the problem.. how are they going to get to it..When they went 5G… the bunker was sold.. it sold for a million dollars.. had just been restocked the year before.. with fresh supplies.. two sides to it.. one for the event of a radio active event one for not one..a dental clinic a hospital etc.. it had it all.. it sold right away to some big company that is going to make it into a community type thing.. family dwellings etc.. but the odd part is.. how do those people get there.. if you look at something like rainbow mountain.. there is a whole command living there already.. so someone would get use out of it.. but if your mom and pop and the kids living in a city someplace and you have a bug out shelter.. you would have to know at least three days in advance to get to it.. otherwise .. WALK.. and I can tell you from my kids alone they are not going to walk anywhere.. hell they drive to cross the street.. LOL

  9. Hi, George,

    Thanks for an excellent and very thought provoking column today. What an enjoyable read it was. There is so much to do in just one lifetime that it is a challenge to accomplish it all. Depending upon the partner or set of friends, doing those things with others you love is an added bonus, making the experiences that much more meaningful, and the memories more cherished.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  10. Rainbow Bridge …

    While the media is pushing the terror narrative, Oddly – a witness present stated that the car was heading toward Canada, not from Canada.
    He stated that the car appeared to be traveling in excess of 100 mph, swerved to go around another vehicle, hit a fence and embankment, caught on fire, went air born, and then exploded in the air.

    Others have mentioned the same on social media and say they have video. Hmmm

    Well, we’ll see how this turns out.

  11. One of your best today, George. Really hit home to me in multiple ways. Thanks so much what you do, and I hope you all have a blessed holiday and weekend.

      • He played close by us in the wastelands.. the boss and I wanted to see him or the Larry the cable guy..shoot they wanted a fortune for the tickets so we decided to watch them both on the boob tube instead…

  12. “Peace for Five Days? Depends where you look, of course. And only as a stop gap to get hostages returned. Still, an end of killing is a good thing, one supposes: Coming home at last: Israel agrees deal that will see 50 women and children hostages released by Hamas during four-day ceasefire – as anguished families wait to learn if their loved ones are among those to be freed.”

    Hmm… think about that.. and Merkle …
    Historically We the USA have asked for treaties and stop in fighting only to get supplies and manpower in place…
    I don’t know but this may be the same thing happening now. This time though the opposition is as strong or stronger than we are and they are smart and have given this a log of thought before hand…those sitting on the top of the pile are going to have to move over.. it is now a multi polar world..
    Now I am no strategist.. and I use to like playing chess but don’t really care if I win or not..its the game and the personal connection with the opposite player I enjoy.. I could care less who wins.. and many times if I am playing with someone that has less skills I will let them win.. its good for their ego and I enjoyed the game..
    BUT… I have said this before.. I see them playing the poison pawn trap.. and they are not just playing to enjoy the game and the companionship.. they are playing for keeps.. all they needed was to get someone crooked enough to sell his soul for a few coins,drugs and perversions.. as we deploy and get into involved in more battles world wide.. we lose resources here.. money we already cannot replace what has been borrowed now.. a total reset and the dissolution of the fiat currencies is ahead of us.. possibly full bankruptcy… they own us.. our industry.. heck the thanks giving turkey I got for dinner today.. from a caterer came from a company owned by china.. give enough and they will allow you to send in an army posing as refugees.. granted the vast majority are trying to rebuild their lives.. its the few that are not.. for those trying to rebuild from scratch.. no federal programs.. they pay taxes and do everything that we the citizens have .. come in legally..
    although I did get a laugh.. What irritates me.. is .. the few.. and that is it.. only a few were horrible and did extreme catastrophic attack.. instead look at the hundreds of thousands of innocent people that are being targeted.. they suffer.. It is usually the innocent that suffer the most.. the people in the USA are not that excited about going into the military because why should they be sent to some foreign land to fight and die for some schmuck in another country that just convinces our leaders that they don’t have enough …

    Sadly its no longer a hero’s journey.. to protect the family and friends.. but now seems to be only for acquisition for someone else.. ( that if they wanted to fund war they have the funds to sponsor their own war or armies.. they just want jimmy at burger world to do it.. ) of course this is just how some old foggie in the middle of the wastelands sees it unfolding.. and who am I to judge their mentality.. it just looks extremely stupid to me.. what should have been done is after the horrible attack on the citizens.. a group from all the countries.. should have gotten together and let them deal with the troublemakers in a more organized mannor.. not set out to destroy the innocent people trying to live from day to day.. Of course Xi and Putin and even Iran and Egyptian and Turkey leaders said the same thing.. IN my opinion acting in a violent haste was not the answer.. then again.. if this was all to gain the leviathan oil and gas field.. then it was for acquisition ….and had nothing to do with those few killers that attacked innocent people in their homes.. none of it is acceptable.

  13. Jerry has some specials on sleeping bags that are quite attractive, given the quality:

    If you look closely toward the bottom of the home page on the left, there is also a “Sale” circular shortcut under News & Commentary. Older styles are sometimes advertised there. He still has some of the arctic stuff he isn’t carrying in his regular line-up on sale on the circular. Not the absolute lightest for backpacking, but durability and performance are first rate. For home, work and non-ultralight camping, Wiggys is as about as good and long-lived as it gets.

    • I had one of the antarctic sleeping bags when I was in the grotto.. loved that bag.. the only trouble I had was it was to warm..

      • An honest 0 degF bag is a 3.99+ season bag here. I am keeping one around for contingencies, not because I ever intend to put myself in a position where I need it. I’m not sure where you would need a -60 F bag like Wiggy’s Antarctic in the lower 48.

        • It was the most expensive one at the time.. I have seen the minus stuff froze my feet and hands..didn’t wast to ever have that happen again. the kids in Antarctica sent me a pair of boots hot my feet sweat in them lol.. now I get my boots from steglers..

          Laura turned me onto steglers oh Laura Zerra from naked and afraid show ..we were talking while she was stuck in a blizzard a few miles away..and I mentioned that I didn’t have a clue where to buy the inserts lol.. nice young lady and if I ever get lost in the wilderness or find myself in a situation where I need to survive..she’s the one I hope and pray I stumble into..

          if she thinks that’s good..damage has to make bread in a wood fired oven…I dream of that often…

        • The .mil arctic survival bags are a system — 5 pieces — 3 bags to be used concentrically, a waterproof cover and a foam ground pad. The outer bag is good to about 45°. Need more? Insert the inner bag, which extends it to, like -5° or -10°. Not warm enough? The Arctic bag extends the warm down to below -65°. They were ~$930, 15 years ago. I bought five for less than that, which also introduced me to the MIL surplus warehouse in Columbus, OH, (which I never knew existed until that time…)

  14. “But It ALL Costs Money
    And that’s one of the hardest parts about setting up a Personal Landing Zone.”

    I tell everyone.. ONE can.. if you use six.. then buy seven when your at the five mark..put it on the shopping list.. and buy seven more.. before you know it you have a food supply..
    On what color is your parachute.. I have to find my copy but I am sure I bought mine in something like seventy one or seventy two.. they redid the book.. I am betting that is the one from the nineties..
    gold.. how many people are going for gold.. ask yourself.. if you were starving and you were thirsty and to find good food or water you have to walk fifty miles.. would you cart a bunch of heavy gold around.. a piece of paper.. well it burns.. is a little rough if you used it to do your morning congressional..
    But historically.. IF.. this is just a financial thing.. then maybe gold and silver would retain some value.. but historically.. simple things were more valuable..
    the best example of a commodity based financial system is the Egyptian use of wheat. For much of their recorded history, the ancient Egyptians used wheat and credits based on wheat as the blood of their complex banking and financial system. corn was the Aztecs’ main source of nutrition and wealth.. gold was just for decoration.. it was not what they seen as important.. chimpas were used along with terracing to grow the crops.. when the spaniards came they seen the golden decorations and thought that was their valuable riches.. when the riches of the mayans and astecs had nothing to do with gold.. it had to do with food..
    in depressions.. alcohol and coffee the guilty pleasures.. were considered wealth.. remember the story of joseph in the old testament that looked after the wealth of the egyptian empire stored in graineries.. a keg of rum or beer can be traded.. in Greece not that long ago.. the elderly was sent dumpster diving.. the young women to sell their bodies for sex to get a can of food for their kids.. then they realized their wealth was who they were.. each person has a gift.. knowledge that no other has.. this is what is important.. the ability to survive working as one..
    the allegory of the ring..

    great read.. fun little video.. and I still believe everyone should study Plato and Socrates yearly.. they had it thousands of years ago ..

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