Hostage Roulette, Ghost Channels, NFIB Bummer

I don’t like to write sour columns. But we had a newsroom saying back during the anti-war protest days of the Vietnam War which current events hark back to.

Who wants to play Demonstration Roulette?”  Upon hearing this, the other reporters at Gallows Humor Central would pipe up.  “I’ll take the one at the Federal Building!”  Another offered “I’ll take the U-District March…

Pretty hardened folks, big city real news journos back then.  Last of the breed though.  Current generation can’t think without a press release in hand.  Ask ’em to come up with a hardball question for someone and they are at a loss.

The cynicism never leaves, though.  From the formative years, you never forget the reality of the street. Always a balance. Hard to stick a mic in someone’s face and ask “How do you feel about losing everything in your house fire today?”  Stains the soul.

Or sensitizes it.

Every so often a story comes along that opens that sore.

The one today is Israel ‘days away’ from hostage deal, Hamas pushes for five-day truce. Some reports make out that it could be 70-hostages for five-days. Other reports aren’t so sure on the count.

My late mentor B.R. did a schtick once called “News Roulette.” Sometimes, the pain of being a real human turns to “newsroom humor” to cope with the inhumanity of it all.

“Do I hear 75 hostages? Anyone give me 75 for five days?”

We should know shortly what is “sold.”  All that’s missing is Monty Hall in this sick f/u world.

All that’s left now – in this greed driven world – is for Dirtiest Jobs to do an episode on negotiators who work these things out.

“I’ll take septic tank pumper and whatever’s behind curtain #3, thanks Monty.

NFIB Bummer

With Reality on the run, we do have good news and bad from the National Federation of Independent Business.

The good news is they’ve been around 50-years now.

The bad is their October report just out:

“This month marks the 50th anniversary of NFIB’s small business economic survey,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “The October data shows that small businesses are still recovering, and owners are not optimistic about better business conditions. Small business owners are not growing their inventories as labor and energy costs are not falling, making it a gloomy outlook for the remainder of the year.”

The (Buy’ed ’em, smoked ’em, and posted the video) economy is doing what for us?

  • Twenty-two percent of owners reported that inflation was their single most important problem in operating their business, down one point from last month.
  • Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months was unchanged from September at a net negative 43% (seasonally adjusted).
  • A net negative 17% of all owners (seasonally adjusted) reported higher nominal sales in the past three months, down nine points from September and the lowest reading since July 2020.
  • Forty-three percent (seasonally adjusted) of owners reported job openings that were hard to fill, unchanged from September and remains historically very high.
  • Seasonally adjusted, a net 24% plan to raise compensation in the next three months, up one point from September.
  • The frequency of reports of positive profit trends was a net negative 32%, down eight points from September.
  • The net percent of owners who expect real sales to be higher increased three points from September to a net negative 10%.”

Usefully, the NFIB has filed an amicus brief in a suit against runaway California edicting business closures during Covid. There’s nothing in any Constitutions we can see either, that cedes power to States or the Feds.  The make-up powers and once used (in the event of an actual emergency) hang on to excess power in perpetuity.

Need the “Patriot Act” as an example, as well?

Ghost Channels

Normally, in our (not financial advice!) comments on markets (using meta data so as not to infringe and thus having to suck up to anyone in particular) we include three trend lines in our charts.  A top or bottom line and it’s next visual stopping point. A mirror of that.  And smack in the middle, a dashed “mid channel trend line.”

Today, we’re going to tell you about the Ghost Channel.  This is what happens when you copy the (dashed) mid-channel and paste it (near as you can eyeball it) as the next line above, or below the major trend.

Applying it to this (turd of a) market:

See how the “Ghost channels” work?

We continue perplexed (or is that bewildered?) by daily moving average crossings (dma-x) charts.  We would have anticipated that it should have rolled to the downside already. But, no, stubbornly, it’s trying to pretend its spring, flowers are coming up, and brotherly love embraces the planet.  (WTF?)

In the interest of reportorial integrity, we will pause long enough in our caffeine loading to check the…

1500 Mile Front (of WW3)

Let’s start with Egypt and work our way north along this sick-puppy rerun of WW1 trench warfare with different languages and no archduke, shall we?

While the Mayor of NYC has questions to answer about cash from Turkey, we’re beginning to wonder how many (supposedly) American politicians are essentially “owned” by foreign countries. Which has what to do with Egypt? Senator or secret agent? How Robert Menendez is alleged to have been Egypt’s inside man.  Also, making the rounds on the web, is the claim that Secretary of State Blinken holds dual-citizenship. Which may have something to do with why Turkey prez Erdogan gave him the cold shoulder in the past week. Meantime, we’ve never been able to find how many of Hamas hostages are dual passport holders.  Sheesh.

Israel, meantime, seems to be doing what it can to keep Egypt from going to war on its southern flank.  How? Well, see if you can dot-connect this: Israel-Hamas War: Israel Gas Flows to Egypt Set to Increase. Which means Egypt will be able to resume energy exports and that means….money!

Moving north up the front, you’re wondering about Hezbollah, right?  Keyword here is “escalation” Hezbollah Says It Is Introducing New Weapons in Ongoing Battles with Israeli Troops |

Meantime, the American (anti-gun) Left is trying to reconcile the reality on the ground in Israel where Israelis are arming up in the aftermath of Hamas’ attack. Some are worried it is playing to the far right’s vision for the country. Why, next thing you know, owning a gun will be OK.  (Not here, but there.  Here owning a block of .22 longs is enough rounds (500) to earn you headlines, I’m sure. Say, you’re not a White extremist, are you?)

Lemme see: Paying off Egypt, up armoring, Hez…uh, next stop Syria on the tour. US conducts airstrikes against Iran-backed groups in Syria, retaliating for attacks on US troops.

Next stop Turkey!  Hearts and stomachs pre-op? Syria allows UN to keep delivering aid from Turkey.

What’s more, we see how Tayyip Erdogan is using the old political playbook “If you don’t want something to happen, give it to congress…” As in Turkish parliament commission to debate Sweden NATO bid Thursday | Reuters

(The U.S. mastered this technique as we see here in Remnant America has a Possible government shutdown sets up nightmare scenario for Thanksgiving travel. Holding America hostage…yes sir, politics is also on our Dirtiest Jobs list.)

Ukraine next: Which is running out of ammo: EU struggles to produce and send the ammunition it promised to Ukraine. Then there’s the little matter of Polish border tensions because Ukraine Says No Progress in Talks With Poland Over Border Protests (  How does life get easier than this for lazy reporters like me?  “Stories, stories, everywhere and not a bit of think.”

Xi Whiz!

The media has fallen in love with the visit of Chinese president Xi who will be meeting with Slow Joe in San Francrisco.  Where the temporary walls will prevent Xi from witnessing what an American “shit city” looks like.

Although there may be talks of treaties involving AI and nukes, that’s a “who cares?”  As Xi Heads to San Francisco, Chinese Propaganda Embraces America.

About the only thing we expect is? Biden, Xi to Announce Deal for China Fentanyl Crackdown. Even here, we have to be skeptical. Too much money for China to walk away from.  So likely just a routing change from “via Mexico” to “via Canada.” With such open borders it could be a showcase deal.

The other thing that nags is remember when Xi was having dinner with Donald Trump (remember him?)?  And Trump came back to the dinner table after launching some cruise missiles?

Xi is a shrewd political operator.  What would happen if they were to “reunify” Taiwan while making nicey nice with Joe? We couldn’t exactly arrest Xi on the spot, could we?  And it would make Biden look the fool, Xi to look all-powerful, and it would give America a taste of its own medicine… Hmm.

Serious Health Stories

With Elaine and I scheduled this week for doc visits (we have the same PCP so we can check-one another…not a bad strategy we think for aging couples), we have become very attuned to health-related stories making the rounds.

For example, Elaine’s spending too much headspace on our herd of feral (Siamese and Burmese) cats in my view.  Substantiated now by Why pets don’t really bring humans happiness nor improve their well-being (

Here’s one for Chris Tyreman to comment on: Scientists Warn of Parents’ Soaring Melatonin Use (  I’d comment, but I’ve quit using melatonin because my resting heart rate at night is down in the mid 40s and sleep is not an issue.

Up medicating and down medicating, are we?  I mean as a nation? Can’t Think, Can’t Remember: More Americans Say They’re in a Cognitive Fog – DNyuz

Last health note involves using A.I. for what now? AI could predict heart attack risk up to 10 years in the future, finds Oxford study.  Hell, I don’t need Oxford OR A.I. or that. In most cases this high-tech device called a scale can do a ballpark for you…

ATR: Which Retirement Track?

Elaine and I had a good chat last night about what we want retirement to be like when we grow up. (Me almost 75, she’s almost 81 – neither appreciably aging and no similarities to grownups.)  Three major tracks seem to be open from present times.

For one, a new Peoplenomics series, website, book, and physical product has appeared out of nowhere. As soon as we get past Thanksgiving (click to eat) and our consigliere’s back in the office, we’ll figure out if we want to launch a new business.

The second track is “Why bother, take lots of downtime, and don’t worry about thinking, doing so much.  Relax.  Live longer. Maybe even do a few trips…

The third track is more a placeholder. Start a new “thing” (like prepping was when I turned that on 25-years ago. This does have that kind of potential (and more). Travel, relax, do some volunteer stuff, work with Elaine more on her book, do our artsy stuff, chill, fade to background…”

But there’s so much else we can do.  Build a new house. Additional education. Learn musical instruments. (Turning on a mixer and our amateur level musicology doesn’t count, yet.)

Or…(fill in the blanks).

Problem we have is the dilettante mindset. That is, a couple of people who understand and appreciate that life (lived well) is very much like going to a Sunday morning Brunch Buffett. There’s so much there that we want to sample all, or at least most of it – the stuff that catches our eye.

Thing is, we sort of know that laser-like focus and singularity of focus is what my friend Larry Coffman explained years ago was my personal problem.  “You know, Guru, you just do too much. Focus more.”  Never forgot that advice, just never really acted on it. Too busy.

World’s too big, changing too fast, and might not even be around as long as us to narrow down too much.

If you have some strategies to resolve the multitrack aspect of life, feel free to share in the comments section.

For now, let’s both be bored with this and go do something else.

Write when you get focused,

48 thoughts on “Hostage Roulette, Ghost Channels, NFIB Bummer”

  1. Re: “Guru–focus more”
    Show me a man whom sets his sights too high and
    I will show you a man who blows the antlers off of moose!

  2. “But, no, stubbornly, it’s trying to pretend its spring, flowers are coming up, and brotherly love embraces the planet. (WTF?)” George you forgot to mention we all have a group hug and sing kumbia!

  3. Over the weekend , I did some work on crossings. I got a load of the 2″ crushed concrete aggregate. I call it crushed, but I have no idea how they are milling it. The new stuff looks like hard light-colored limestone.
    I used it to top a couple of perennial quagmires, and as a topping for a crossing with a concrete culvert under it. The black clay topping on the culvert gets washed every other year, so I am trying something more aggressive. I put in a layer of the 2″ concrete aggregate, threw some rebar on it, then covered with a layer of the 2″ aggregate. I sprinkled about five bags of Sackrete on it, and spread it with a plastic grain shovel. I ran the tractor back and forth over it to pack. We should get some rain to set it within the week. I probably need to sprinkle another half-dozen bags of Sackrete on it. I’ll report back in a couple of years.

  4. If you decide to become a globe-trotting traveler, you might consider that these column-blogs of your take research and artwork and labor to produce.

    Not all your facilities would easily be available on the road, so while on that road the col-blog coud take on a “letter from George” opinion piece aspect. This eases the production burden, while still holding lots of interest.

    …for what this may be worth —

  5. If you put water in a bowl and you agitate it, why does the water splash out? You can take the physics rout to answer that or, you can just simply realize that, water comes out because it was water that was put into the bowl. – What the hell does that mean?

    Well, when we get agitated, what comes out of us is what we’ve already put in ourselves. Be careful of what you absorb … you might get agitated.

    Stay on track and be positive and open minded in all you do.

    • That’s a nice explanation.. one reason all the programming in our home is g rated…
      and my argument that MSM needs to be regulated against st the violent criminal activities they glorify to the youth of our country..
      I will use your example when talking to families..

  6. Diana and I have had much the same discussions lately and we can’t seem to come to a consensus on what to do. She hits medicare age in 3 years so that is/was maybe our decision date. After last Friday it may be sooner. Her current employer was merged with another bank from up north not in merica. She brought home their list of acceptable Christmas decorations. They are:
    Trees must be small table top type.
    Only small round balls for deorations that must be blue and white.
    No faux wrapped presents.
    No tinsel ISYN!
    No Nativity Scenes.
    No religious themes.
    No stuffed animals.
    Donation boxes cannot resemble wrapped presents and must be blue and white.
    The list continues and only gets more ignorant so I’ll go to the last one and again ISYN.
    I told her she had my blessing to go in yesterday morning, clean out her desk and quit, giving the place a giant finger as she walked out. So far she is more worried about her customers to leave that way but I expect this to be the last straw. Most of her customers have left or are really pissed with the bank since the merger. Que the church lady “And who’s idea is all of this? Hmmmm, mayyyyybe Satan.”
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Jim,

      Have Diane look into:

      Samaritan Ministries

      Liberty Health Share


      We have been REAL HAPPY with our membership.

      Will scoot her right to Medicare at 65.

    • Hmmm . . . Is it a coincidence that the decorating colors I’ve seen for celebrating Hanukkah, which is also in December, are blue and white? I think not. Just another Zio takeover.

  7. Give me Ure young, Ure toddlers, Ure lil ones – and Ill show youse all Love, GrandMaGrandPa style.

    Cant get enough of em, todays lil ones are MAGIC! More so than any other generation before..little amaze ballz CrumbSnatchers.
    Too much fun, and once they hit puberty – forget it – they will be gone..SO I gotz to enjoy em now while I still can – teaching, educating, sharing knowledge and war stories.
    Think my better half and I have contracted every new (mutated) cold virus that exists on the East Coast so far this school year. When walk into Grandaughters daycare for pickup duties – and I am accosted by VIRI of all shapes and sizes. Its like cloud of angry bees buzzing my ass every time go in there. No worries-sweat.. -was at this show with Wife a rocking good time – dude Can sing !

    Better half is still recovering from RSV, as follow on bronchitis lasts for weeks. I consider all viral infections I get to be Human OS Software Patches – they cant kill me, thus making me stronger and better looking..if that is even possible.
    * Qigong advisor always..ALWAYS went into nursery/daycare room 1st – spending at least 1 hour in there – at every single multiday IYXQA conference/Qi emitting lecture I ever attended. He spoke of “extra special qi” of infants/lil ones.

    Qi is bi-directional, whatever Qi you get/collect, you are sending/exchanging Ure own. Think about that NRG equation above – there is understanding in there somewhere regards Both sides of “the coin”

  8. “If you have some strategies to resolve the multitrack aspect of life, feel free to share in the comments section.”

    Yes. Don’t look back!

    “And Lot’s wife, of course, was told not to look back where all those people and their homes had been. But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human. So she was turned into a pillar of salt. So it goes.”
    — Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

  9. The magic of being of the age where we can take time to plan, is that we have so much knowledge to use now. If i had retired at 20’s , I would be clueless. Recently retired myself, I have found time to do my woodcarving, painting, felting, sewing, gardening on five acres and etc. All pursuits that a make a bit of lunch money with.
    Old car just about to be pastured so time to figure that out. Darn it anyway!
    I very much appreciate your columns on organization of space! And thank you and E for sharing so much

    • Read Illusions by Richard Bach. Love your equipment and tune into it and it lasts much longer. My car is currently at 383K miles and I just renewed the registration. I’d drive it across the country and back without reservation. Original drive train.
      Brakes last 100K miles and are not even worn out! Loving care makes the difference, along with a little maintenance.

      If you have a good car that’s old, take stock of whether or not it’s beyond hope.

      Good luck.

      • AGREED completely, NM Mike.

        That’s the secret. IF you cannot mechanic on your own, find a real good one and stick with em.

        The savings reaped are their own reward.

  10. George. I keep looking for scientific support for your excellent book “Packing to Die.” This article is quite interesting. Something is certainly happening in the operating room when patients can float to the ceiling and describe very complex surgical instruments to the doctors.

    Also, was interested that you are no longer taking Melatonin for sleep. My overnight heart rate is also in the mid 40s so perhaps I should stop taking it after a year. Did you go cold Turkey or wean off it? There is no shortage of controversy on this hormone supplement especially people giving it to children which I think is definitely wrong.

    • I told you the story about the woman that died..then came back because I messed up her bed laying her down to get her ready for the funeral home.

    • Insomnia is according to my acupuncture doctor very easy to correct. Never has failed me when I ask for treatment for sleeplessness.

      Dr Dong – west chester, pa

      Best I know of in NorthEast – raised and trained Chynah.

      Found melatonin to be wildly hosed up – dosages AFU, standardization ??? Wildly fluctuating results.. usually waking up foggy. : (

      I’ll take the lil needles, thank you.

  11. I stopped and thought awhile about making this post. some of you will write me off as a nut as a result, and some will accept it prima fache without judgement, and some may agree in whole or part. Fine, all around. So be it.

    I can supply background data on my motivations if anyone is interested. In the interest of brevity, I left it out at this point.

    I think we’re fast coming to a Singularity or Convergence Point — and it is a “point,” I think — where many seemingly independent things trending collide and form New Things over a very small period of time.

    Over the years starting in 2005 till the present, I have (slowly) come to the following:

    I believe (think? maybe “believe” is too strong…) the U.S. is about to suffer terrorist attacks numbered in the tens of thousands, upon all American interests, both CONUS and globally dispersed, such as Guam, facilities in Europe, and others.

    These will be mostly “small” and NON-comprehensive. “Pin-pricks” such as a gallon of gas and a match, or abandoning a car at a railroad crossing, or spending 10 minutes with a .22 just off the runway at a small airport.

    They will begin at around noon, New York time. (It’s 9am in California, and plenty of daylight hours remain for media to get around and do remotes — no lighting needed.)

    They’re counting on media to spread and hype the effect — remember: Fear is the desired product, and media’s natural bent is to over-dramatize things.

    Personally, I think Thanksgiving Day would be about perfect, as it is often thought of as a peculiarly American holiday — more so, than anywhere else.

    We’ll know soon.


    • Sadly, I have to agree in principle. I came to my own conclusion much more recently, based on many incidents not widely reported.

      I’d not plan on it, but I’d plan for it as much as possible. I truly hope it won’t happen – I have too many people I care for in untenable places. Thanksgiving is a time of large numbers of people traveling out of their home locations – and weather is often not cooperative. It’s past time to practice situational awareness.

    • The nation-wide psychological blow-back from such an event would be enormous ! I am not positive as to what the government response would be.., Martial Law ? Airport shut downs? My only critique would be., that there would be hundreds, if not thousands of individuals involved – and a few of them are going to talk / brag about being involved.

      • From 2005 to 2007 I was employed by the American Radio Relay League in a program bankrolled by FEMA. The goal was to travel to numerous communities where the ham radio and the “local people involved in sevicing emergencies” had not devloped a close working relationship for mutual aid (mostly backup communications). We had PD, FD, EMT, CERT, School system, trucking and bus companies, railroad companies, FedGov three-letter agencies,
        Red Cross, and others as attendees, to a series of
        “get-acquainted” group meetings where a mercifully short “presentation” was made, followed by a long meet & greet networking reception. It was quite successful. Good and enduring relationships were built. (A couple dismally failed: but most did quite well, long-run.)

        I was educated myself by the attendes as to some oddball events of the recent past that made ya go “Hmmmm.” Bits of my scenario are derrived from extentions of the connecting spirit of those many odd events, and by adding in some of my own media savvy.

        I hope that satisfies.

    • I think George or someone here has mentioned this in the recent past and could add to the coming bonfire of the breakdown of our country. The lack of recruitment, for the Army anyway, has resulted in a call-up, from within the current ranks, 800 new NCO recruiters to swell the suddenly reduced ranks of current recruiters. They were ordered, with only 6 days notice, to Ft. Knox for training in the middle of their kids’ school years. In this video the caption note says, in part –

      “The orders came after a breakdown in how the Army tracks how many recruiters it has coming through the pipeline along with retention of existing ones, according to Lt. Gen. Douglas Stitt, the Army’s top personnel officer. The sudden depletion of recruiters caught Army planners flat-footed, with officials unable to provide a clear explanation as to what went wrong. Now, NCOs will likely have to move during the holiday season and in the middle of the school year, sowing chaos for families.”

      “Given the six-day heads up, we have zero time to plan child care,” one noncommissioned officer told on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. “We can barely find and afford child care during the week as it is, so now my wife may end up having to quit her job entirely because it is impossible to find on the weekend.””

      “The Army has roughly 10,000 recruiters, but that force has been bleeding troops over the past year. The 800 emergency recruiting students will allow the service to maintain its numbers. Recruiters have reported to in recent months of working longer hours and, in some cases, getting fired for missing quotas.”

      Given the complete mishandling of our troops of all branches of service by the Biden administration I have no problems believing this administration has done its level best to destroy the integrity of our fighting forces. This is only a small amount of evidence toward that damage.

      • “What went wrong” is the recruiters can’t do their job when recruits show up at Basic with their dicks hanging out the bottom of their miniskirts.

    • I personally agree.. my kids think I’m nuts though..the thing is if your under the age of 60 you have no experience with the happenings of the past.
      I believe that’s what the driving the cycle is those that had the experience from living through the past have gone.. leaving the youth the chance to relive the patterns

    • Really its all about life experiences.. that’s what makes each individual no matter what station they are in society. A genius in their own value to each and every one..

    • That’s the only way to do it….slowly then fast.

      Definitely will be Big Bang so they can STIR another generation to fight their BANKER/WEF/MEDIA/WARS for Profit.

      Watch your kids and grand kids, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, Mom’s and Dad’s, tell them NO, do not go to any WARS.

      He’s been ON IT for years now; tells the tales like no other.

    • That is a very interesting thought. I too believe that attacks on a holiday such as Thanksgiving (or July 4) would make a lot of sense from a terrorist viewpoint — that holiday would forever be linked in our minds with the attacks.

      Small scattered attacks would indicate that it is not just one or two large groups attacking large cities that are a threat, but that there were numerous “terrorists” scattered about the country, embedded in the population, which would be extraordinarily unsettling and have us all constantly looking over our shoulders in a perpetual state of anxiety. And frankly, if properly designed and coordinated, even small attacks could achieve a lot of damage and disruption … attacking bridges, railroads, and major highways linking the east and west would disrupt the flow of supplies such as food, at least for a couple of days. Attacks on multiple power substations could result in a lot of power outages and put some pressure on the supplies of replacement parts. Having both happen at the same time would be extremely disruptive and frightening to a lot of the population (at least those paying attention).

      Stay prepared and stay frosty.

      • Where I live is a small, unimportant county in North Carolina. Yet persons unknown pumped a few well-placed rifle rounds through a power substation’s transformer cooling system, knocking our county powerless for over a week. They have not yet — a couple of years later — not been caught or identified.

  12. “Scientists Warn of Parents’ Soaring Melatonin Use”

    Sure, but these same alleged scientists were on board with injecting your kids with an experimental vaccine that messes with one’s DNA and overwhelmingly didn’t impact or kill children at all. Still shaking my head over the FDA and CDC recommending the Covid vaccine for kids. Makes no sense other than a money grab. Or a de-pop effort.

    I can’t take anything that comes from the medical community seriously any longer. And, like it or not, the entire vaccine industry is coming under fire now and probably for good reason. Vaccines are as good a reason for the huge uptick in Autism as anything else. Never mind the fact that our food supply has been hopelessly corrupted for profit.

    Trust no one, question everything. Really tough to be anything but cynical these days.

    • Not all folks who are autistic have been vaccinated with anything, though it’s likely that their parents were. There’s a strong genetic component and it seems to be autosomal. I agree that vaccinations are way overdone and the force of regulations and apparent law is used to sledgehammer parents into compliance. BTW, people don’t “have autism”. Those on the spectrum ARE autistic, as it’s a developmental variant and not something that can simply be cured or removed, as much as some might wish so. It’s as much a part of being as skin or eye color. It has benefits and drawbacks, largely dependent on the individual and society itself.

      Regarding melatonin: It’s very useful under some circumstances. Individuals vary widely in response to it, and in my case I use only the smallest doses(300 mcg) when indicated. I’m quite sensitive to it and the 3mg dose will leave me drowsy the next day all day. Others use up to 20mg for various effects. We all need to titrate doses of all drugs and supplements to our own individual needs. Using it for kids is OK if you’ve got a sense of what you’re doing and are doing it for the kid’s well being. Mostly, it’s not needed or desired, but there could be circumstances warranting it. I’d rather trust an informed parent than a doctor, since the parent should know far more about that kid than any doctor. Doctors can teach and should do so, but the parents/clients should learn and verify on their own! You can delegate an action, but not the responsibility for it.

        • True. I’m on zero scripts so that’s not an issue for me. Melatonin is the final metabolite of the series tryptophan->5 hydroxytryptophan->5 hydroxytryptamine(seratonin)->melatonin. Excess melatonin can, in addition to its own effects, block this pathway resulting in higher levels of endogenous seratonin for a while. It’s powerful in its way, and thank God it’s legal in the US. Just use responsibly or not at all.

    • I sent this to my daughter in hopes she cuts back, at least, on the vaxxes she gives her 2 year old, our youngest granddaughter.

      Hospital records revealed that Melody suffered liver and kidney failure, along with cardiac arrest. The Herbert Kania Pediatric Group declined to comment on the case. The CDC notes that up to 10 vaccines are recommended for 15-month-olds; Melody had received three – for varicella (chickenpox), DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b bacteria).
      I was horrified, the day her oldest daughter was born 14 years ago, at the number of needles that were jabbed into her little legs one after another before she was hardly dry. When we took her home the child had an extremely high fever ( I want to say it was like 105) and the docs said to just treat it with aspirin if anything at all. I still can’t see why a much more spaced-out dosage could not have been done giving her time to get over the effects of each vaccine.

      • We had all our kids at home, with no medical intervention. No childhood vaccines at all, just decent nutrition.

        All the kids grew up as healthy, and they had a minimum of childhood diseases. That requires radical personal responsibility and a willingness to stand your ground.

        It may not be right for everyone. Choose your battles in life. That was one of ours, along with home schooling.

    • The injections (vaccines) do cause autism and they have known it since 1998, for sure.

      The injections (vaccines) DO cause SIDS…sudden infant death syndrome, which is a fancy name they came up with to excuse all those infant deaths after vaccination EXCEPT they never ever associate SIDS with VACCINES and there is NO reporting code for any doctor to report a vaccine or multiple vaccines at one visit causing SIDS. (A nice little loophole.)

      Send this to everyone you know; people must WAKE UP or they will continue to watch their loved ones die.

      CLICK ON:

      Here is a transcript of the Simpsonwood meeting which was held to figure out what to do about the paper.

      You will actually get the notes from the meeting.

      10 pages in, you will be fumingly upset and spot easily the amazing ‘arch pattern’ of them pressing together to protect themselves from DATA that SCREAMS there is a PROBLEM with CHILDREN AND VACCINES.

      It’s worth the read.

      Good Luck finding 10 people to read it; I could not find one.

      There is a LOT of information out there about the covid-19 vaccines and how dangerous they are and how many people they are killing but you will not find it on any MSM site, so you have to find OTHER sites that have been reporting on the dangers since covid was first revealed.

      Remember, “First Do No Harm” is GONE.

      Remember, the CDC told everyone to STAY HOME even when their symptoms were really bad; by the time they got to the hospital, separated from their loved ones with no advocate for them, so many too ill to make it at that point as their lungs were compromised.

      The hospitals were paid to treat covid so had to diagnose covid (even if you had the plain ole flu), paid extra to put a person on a ventilator, and paid to use the kidney destroying drug, so they got paid more if you died with covid.

      The doctors get paid for every vaccine given to your child, and they get bonus when they get more than half their patients vaccinated, and that bonus increases as more get fully vaccinated.

      Now we have DIED SUDDENLY:

      The CDC is a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT company. It is a CRIMINAL enterprise.

      WAKE UP!!!

      EVERYTHING that is happening has been PLANNED; nothing is by error.

      DEPOPULATION – connect the dots:

      Abortion to kill the baby boomers kids, and their grand kids (mostly whites).

      Vaccinations, to kill MORE BABIES, AND cause MORE HARM. Many children are irreparable harmed and can never support themselves or go onto be married and raise a family.

      Covid-19 injections kills across the spectrum, old, young, middle aged, children, babies, pregnant women, the unborn.

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