The Moody’s Blues – Days of Future…what?

When the U.S. Treasury issues its periodic statement this afternoon, it will hopefully report more than “We’re screwed.

Still, it begins to look that-a-way.  Market futures are down. Pressure to raise rates (higher for longer) hasn’t abated. And Ure’s been up since the wee hours (when you have to go we-wee, right?) trying to answer, “How MUCH Hyperinflation is needed to paper-over the Commercial Real Estate pit?”:

Like Sagan’s “…billions and billions…” I’m afraid, though it’s getting closer to “…trillions and trillions…” on our envelope.  Which means the biggest real decision of the day will be how long to hold in our short position (entered too early Friday).  Along with “How many zeroes can we write before running out of envelope backs?”  Yes, scientific notation is now simply “Aw shit….” numbers.

But let’s start there: Moody’s cuts outlook on U.S. credit rating to negative from stable – MarketWatch.  Still, the sunset of the ‘Merican Dream ain’t all bad.  Why, Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: ‘The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore’.  If this works down to the drug-peddling cartels, it would be nice if they could take their dope with them, too.

More True Monday Dope

Sadly, we are saddled with two Dope Parties.  In one, we have a houseplant and leading the other a runaway narcissist.  And unsure were to turn, Orange is not working out: MAGA-dominated state Republican parties plagued by infighting, money woes – The Washington Post,

Yet FoJ (Failure of Journalism) figures in the mix, too.  As lefterly stalwarts can’t imagine THEY for God’s sake, have done anything wrong.  For instance: Far-right MAGA theocrats: Most dangerous threat to America. Say what?  To be sure, the right (often isn’t) and the left is led by unemployed revolutionaries…so, what did you expect.  Really.

America, as we often remind, is in the same strategic-global position that England (the once great Britain) was going into the previous Depression back in 1929.  Except this time, China is likely to implode.  Too much production, too many empty cities, and going passive-aggressive on how to deal with the West.

You can see it with Joe Biden’s upcoming howdy with president Xi in San Francrisco. Biden, Xi Will Sign Deal to Keep AI Out of Nuclear Weapons Tech: Report. We note that leaving a human in the launch loop is not a panacea, humans pull guns on one-another all the effing time. So, what’s the BFD with Houseplant and Xi? Paper poseurs?


Slo has delusions of running successfully in ’24.  And we were very saddened to hear that Sen. Tim Scott Drops Out Of 2024 Presidential Race. We had hoped that he’d offer enough checkboxes filled that even the lost, dazed, and confused Orangehood forest dwellers would be able to see quality when it showed up.

Not that we’re visually offended by Nikki Pom-Poms, but she’s too close to the war-monger tribe (neocons) which have as much allegiance to ideals as a gender-change marketer. It’s enough to make us sick (and go l0oking for better analogies).

Still, war’s coming, and it’s just a matter of When.

The financial crooks and thugs want there to be an external scapegoat for when the theater full of Dollars burns down.  And the Neocons are one path, along with the corporate socialist WEF’ers.  You will have less and love it.

But the reality at this hour of the day is there’s still time to “get right with God, do some prepping, and check the sales at Cheaper-than-Dirt and Natchez Shooter Supply.

This is (or at least still has the potential to be) the greatest country ever.  But, time’s running out.  The wars are growing and our IQ’s are not.

Back at the 1500 Mile War

We begin, again, in Ukraine and work our way south to Egypt.

Fronts and Centered

Didn’t mean to go off on a blue state vendetta, there – its just they are so nuts and I’m a lazy writer. Low-hanging, yada, yada.

But, back to the WW3 war tour, picking up in?

We also should do an out-take on how stupid Europe is acting lately.  Megalomanic bureaucrats with a side of delusions of grandeur we reckon: What The EU’s Enlargement Report Means For Bosnia, Georgia, Moldova, And Ukraine. 

In two words? The bottom line they are working toward? Global War to coverup the biggest financial crimes in world history in order to save the Bankster Class and rule again on the far side of war.

Sure, it’s Monday. But some things just never change.

If you have the Moody’s Blues, just remember it’s Janis time at the holding companies: “Shoot if it makes you feel good.”  The song wasn’t “peace IN my heart.” It was “piece OF my heart.

Which comes with war, soon enough.

(With a nod to the legendary R. Crumb for the cover art on that album.)

The Art of Day Trading

We could mention that despite our ill-timed short-side entry last Friday (too early on the short side, should have waited for the close) the market today is looking to open lower, but we will have to wait until the preopen tomorrow to see if the daily moving average crossing (dma-x) is really telling us over and out

The short version of Future goes like this: A lower open means a (statistically likely) lower close.  IF we then close down tomorrow, then the market will go down (pardon this) faster than a floozy for a fifty.  And the fractal pile up seen for the 21st is game on.  Which will be accompanied by a nearly endless march of missing Benjamin’s back into the Ure household.

Not that it’s all good to have more income.  You want to send more money to the D.C. clown show and the pickpockets?

Weekend Trash

The We’re Broke Joke is coming to FedGov again as Mike Johnson Risks Becoming the Next Kevin McCarthy ( No, we’re not broke.  We’re managed by crooks and scoundrels…because we don’t vote for smart people.

Oh rats!  On Veterans Day, Trump pledges to root out ‘vermin’ if given a second term (

The Don’s son takes a stand – again: Donald Trump Jr. is returning to the stand as defense… well, click if you care.

Iceland chills ahead of volcano: Iceland warns of ‘significant likelihood’ of volcanic eruption as earthquakes shake southwest.

You know those guys who bought e-Trade?  Listen up: There is a new bank under scrutiny on Wall Street: Morgan Stanley.

Bubblicious:  BTC Down to $36,874 at click-time after failing to hit $38,000 over the weekend: Bitcoin Millionaire Club Explodes: Wallet Numbers Triple In 2023 Frenzy (  We continue (as we have from Day 1) to hold that Charlie Munger (Buffett’s bud) will be right.  Just takes patience which whales are short of…

Around the Ranch: 10-Days to Turkey

Our consigliere will be landing on the 22nd.  Which is useful since that is when our turkey dinner (store bought, meal for 6-8 people) will be ready.  It’s not too early to start your refresher coursework on our gourmand SST Sandwich work outlined annually.  If you can’t wait, click here and scrolled down to the bottom of last-year’s after-tryptophan treat.

A busy weekend (aren’t they all?) around here.  With doctor visits (mostly healthy, just old and ornery) little surprise expected.

I am in shopping recovery mode, though. The number of Black Friday sales and deals is nothing less than amazing this year.  Used to be “credit card” burn was the major issue.  Now, though, a new disease is in the offing “clickritis.”  Only known treatments include a balancectomy or bankrupture.

But got to be careful.  It’s one thing to write about finance (not selling anything, so piss off).  But it’s quite another to infringe on medicine.

So, we won’t mention it again.

Until next time.

Write when you get rich,

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48 thoughts on “The Moody’s Blues – Days of Future…what?”

    • OTFLMAO….Well it did get my curiosity LOL LOL.. Pepper doesn’t mix well with water and will produce pressure .. HMM sort of.. LOL my first thought was.. what a waste of delicious grits I happen to love good grits LOL LOL LOL….but I cannot even think of how grits would create something like that.. aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner.. yup.. or the acid in coke and mints.. yup.. vinegar and soda.. yup.. but GRITS …. LOL LOL LOL the guy in this next video reminds me of me being a smart azz and did something I would do enjoy LOL LOL LOL…

      Now to run into the kitchen and see if I have any GRITS in the cupboard for breakfast LOL LOL LOL

  1. George
    Getting ready to leave Kentucky on Wednesday for the first Holiday weekend with family and friends at the Self Organizing Collective in GA. Will pursue Bambi for Winter Stew. I might not get one due to failing eyesight but the younger guys are lazy, and I meet them at the gut hole with my meat saw to collect the necks before they get tossed in. If I get a half dozen necks cut into 1-2″ steaks, I am set. Two browned neck steaks into the crock pot and cover with the required veggies, tomatoes and chicken broth and I am set for the weekend.
    Your column today reminds me that I need to sample a Hot Brown before leaving so that means I may need to drive up to Lexington tonight, where a good one is available at Ramsey’s. My project ends next year so need to have one or two before going back to Bama full time.
    You have international reach, so you should get a compilation of open-faced turkey(sometimes with ham as on the Hot Brown) holiday delights from around the country. See what all the regions of the US come up with. I have asked more well-traveled relatives if they know of any but so far these are the only two. There must be more, so everyone that sees this, tell what your regions leftover turkey special is.

      • Phil
        Thanks for that reel! I don’t have Cappriotti’s or WaWa nearby in Bham but the pictures are a good guide. Meanwhile, I have a Publix, a Firehouse, and an Ihop, all a mile from the house but in different directions! The Subs look great but the Turkey Melt at Ihop is definitely going to be tried!

        • We have a grocery store that makes the very best thanks giving dinner you can get.. I buy it every has everything in it.. and they make the best.. ( almost a food group in itself) cranberry orance sauce that is the best ever.. I love that stuff..

    • The hunting post got me thinking about the East Palestine train wreck.

      Do hunters test game for toxins or just assume the animals are safe for human consumption?

      Some hunters may buy-in to mail order testing to clear the meat for human consumption.

      Testing would help .gov profile the herd so testing could become mandatory if lobbied right.

      Doesn’t look hard and could be a home based business.

      “Hair testing can determine a large number of parameters in the body, from the presence of specific compounds to the overall nutritional health of the individual. A hair follicle test or HTMA test can help in finding the presence of heavy metals and toxins in the body, to protect you from continued exposure.”

      “Hair samples are tested with specific chemicals and looked at under a microscope. Hair analysis can also be used to check for poisoning caused by metals such as lead or mercury. “

      • Where we are going is a private farm where the owner only invites people he knows once or twice a year. That way he deer face no hunting pressure and tend to stay on the farm (and it’s a big farm). That way we all pretty much know what the deer eat.
        Also, we all clean and dress the deer right after the hunt and have a processor within a few miles of the farm, so they usually are in the cooler by dark.
        The Gut Hole is a hole dug up by a back hoe to dump all the waste from the deer.
        Like I said some of the young’uns don’t know what the good parts are and may put a neck in the ditch with the head(does) hides etc.
        I make it clear before the hunt starts that a meat saw is at the cleaning station with my cooler and if they don’t want the neck I better not see it in the Gut Hole!

        • Everything but the jerky.. I make my own jerky.. I don’t have the hunter spirit in me.. one look at me in those brown eyes and it will die of old age.. LOL but I love good venison jerky and summer sausage etc..jerky stix.. my jerky was average same as everyones.. until… there was a guy at church that was going to do a let me show you how on making jerky.. the secret.. one half cup of brown sugar per pound.. yup brown sugar.. I prefer to buy the season packets.. saves the time mess and costs realitively the same as if you made it yourself.. I sometime love a little onion powder in mine but then that is a choice you make.. the kids like jalapeño pepper.. those are personal taste choices.. but the brown sugar.. dam .. you can’t tell the difference in it.. now if you thin slice it.. then soak it.. but I like to just mix it with ground…
          When the older mini me was in foot ball.. I had to make about ten pounds of it a day.. the whole team made their way through the fridge daily..

  2. Dude G ,

    Thars GOLD in dem dar chyknees banks – western/nyc/comex GOLD. Seen the GLD lately ? Little squirrely its action be lately. Seems those dastardly Orientals are swapping UST’s for PHYZ GOLD and SILVER.

    Think about this simple problem; – once risk free UST’s now seen as RISKY – frm defaultz for any number of reasons(war?).

    Understandz the risk associated with holding Phyz GOLD versus holding a foreign competitors Debt ? Anybody on this site reading do any different if you youse had to manage bbbbbBillions in foreign debt assets = all fiat?

    Since beginning of recorded history – and before (see alien interventions) GOLD is universal store of Value..cotton based paper backed by a promise. Who is behind those “promises” at Treasury and Fed – ? its tribal..hinthint. In fact only 1 chair at fed has ever been non tribal in entire history. No worries always been trustworthy people..BWAHAHAHAHAH

    Phyz Gold in hand is worth 10000x more than paper Gold = GLD =more promises..

    ..trap is set, vengeance awaits the “lightdimmers” – do you know the way 2 the anti earth – ultima thule?

    • “Seems those dastardly Orientals are swapping UST’s for PHYZ GOLD and SILVER.”

      that is just being smart.. you have nothing.. and you say hey look at my nice pretty piece of paper.. want it.. I can let you have it.. nice pretty piece of paper…. for oh some of that ugly heavy metal LOL LOL baby I got bling now.. wipe with care it isn’t very soft..

  3. I wonder if they can get China’s Xi to visit the border as his visit to San Fran got them fuckers to do their job and clean it up for Xi’s visit, click the link for photo

    End Wokeness
    San Francisco built a wall and made all the homeless people disappear for Xi.

    If only they cared about pleasing their own constituents as much as they care about pleasing a world dictator.

    • “I wonder if they can get China’s Xi to visit the border as his visit to San Fran got them fuckers to do their job and clean it up for Xi’s visit, click the link for photo”

      Why in the world would they want to clean the smell of far as showing him how stupid we are with the border.. LOL LOL maybe no one has noticed that the world leaders are laughing at the USA..

      NOW … think about this.. Through history.. any past president was given a pardon for anything that they may have done that was remotely questionable….
      INSTEAD.. of mercy and doing what has been done traditionaly through history this administration is tossing the books at the past president for crap that that has been proven that he didn’t do for political posture.. and every time there are new crimes hinging on the border of the big …T… crime… they toss another one at the past president.. trying to dissolve his solvency and make him a pauper begging for coins in the street rather than speaking up and doing the right thing.. Now I don’t like either of them but what is being done is really stupid.. Trump did more for the people in this country than any other president in history.. this administration has done more Harm to the people than any other president in history.. .. all because he didn’t follow the mandates of the puppeteers and they didn’t have control over him or his actions….. OK.. now we have an old president that even though he says he didn’t know anything at all about his families criminal activities.. and a side of the political realm in congress that is quieting their voices to these crazy stupid actions that are taking place….
      What happens when the OLD man succumbs to his illness of dementia and the pendulum swings the other way..

      .. we already read how being assigned to his security is the least favorite position for the secret service.. females don’t want to be there..from what I have read basically says he loves to show off his old man nude body to them..

      hell if they really want to see it they can order the image online LOL..
      what happens to little brother and the perverted Kid cocaine. The heads of agencies will no longer feel compelled to cover over the vastness of their illegal operations..No sentence or trial over what they have done.. its still in limbo ..Congress being very slow on it.. I believe that is mostly because the precedence will be finally be set and everyone in political positions will be liable for their own actions or you take the bribe from the lobbyists.. so far nothing will happen.. but what if……
      This brings up the story we were told about the dog.. in boot camp there was a dog.. ran around freely.. they had us at attention on the grinder.. and then we were told.. see that dog running around there.. that could be the old mans kid or wifes dog instead of a stray.. when you see it you pop to attention and salute that dog.. if anyone kicks that dog .. or makes it howl .. and it goes home to the old mans wife or child.. the old man will get on the one below him.. if it gets to me.. then I am going to make your life hell..
      so what happens to the drugged up perv that has supposedly been selling compliance and connection to the highest of political offices..supposedly selling out the US citizens and the whole political realm to comply with their desires.. the ten mil for a billion.. if that rate has been maintained.. how much did the family take in so far……. and the manipulative brother.. or the nieces nephews grandchildren etc.. that are all implicated in their corrupt endeavors through their shell companies and deceptive money accounting..
      Where this administration should have shown mercy they showed a generous amount of contempt and political revenge….

  4. And just WHY should we not infringe on “medicine”? I certainly do and will continue to!

    People lived into their 90’s and above millennia ago, and at the tail end of life, “modern” medicine has done nothing except bankrupt people. Sure, we’ve “squared the curve” to some degree, helping a greater percentage of people survive into their 70’s and 80’s, but those who remain fully functional into their 90’s and above remains stubbornly low.

    Medicine can handle trauma better than in previous days, but degenerative diseases remain extant to an even greater degree. The business concept of “treating” rather than “curing” is anathema to me! In fact, most of medicine overtreats what they can and ignores what they can’t, and of course, the bills to the self-pay people are higher than what everyone else pays! The insurance companies have taken on the role of gatekeeper to services. I studied medicine as a younger “relative idealist”, and left in disgust. The system is far too heirarchical and those at the top are full of themselves. There are good people in medicine, but they’re few and far between. The vast majority are those who go along to get along with the power structure since they’re so invested and dependent on their license for a livelihood. The system is ego driven and there are precious few who even understand humility. The system retains power through the heirarchy, med/pharma complex, the prescription system and medical societies. The FDA and DEA are complicit too. In a better world, doctors are advisors and technicians only, and the individual is always in charge.

    • Amen! I am always acutely aware that ‘medical’ is a business model. My PCP crafts my return visits so he can milk the insurance payouts, even though I am ‘healthy’. And filling out the entrance paperwork for the hospital… one of the questions is “Do you have a living will, or any will, and can we please have a copy?” Hell NO! They want to know who to sue to take all your money if they kill you .

      • Interesting statistic. MDs have a shorter than average lifespan… despite their close association with ‘medicine’. What does that say about the medical industry? It doesn’t necessarily prolong life.

        • there is a great deal for discussion for that…


          Now I am not doctor.. but I worked the floors for over fifty years.. this is what I know..
          One surgeons have a complete different personality.. most of them get the GOD complex.. because life and death is within their reach..
          they live stressful lives.. NOW.. on the opposite side of that.. money.. why do physicians in countries that have state medicine live longer.. Less stress..
          My average work week was 100 hours.. day and night.. Hell year was 140 plus hours.. and I survived.. two weeks of hell where I screwed up in self scheduling..
          they are around illness all day long.. they don’t eat right.. ever seen the crap they put in the physicians lounge.. its tastey but none of it is healthy.. because of stress the majority smoke. I have seen a lot of doctors with cancer on oncology or hospice units.Many take drugs to keep their attention span going..
          there are more gastric surgeries because of bleeds with physicians and healthcare staff than any other.. I believe that the reason is.. if one is good then six are better if your in pain or fatigue you will take what ever it takes to relieve those symptoms.. even if it affects the lining of the stomach liver or kidneys. drug abuse.. more drug abuse by physicians.. its available..
          in a psych ward you will see more psychiatrists as patients than on any wing. and the neediest patients on any wing.. are doctors and nurses.. and priests and nuns are usually meaner than others.. the happiest has always seemed to be protestants LOL.. now why that is.. I have no clue.. but a doctor on a wing will turn his call light on more than any other patient and whine the most of all of them even though they know the proceedures…. on the beds they put pads on.. everyone gets them.. anyway.. I had one that was absolutely horrible.. she was an old aid that worked the floors for almost thirty years…. . got sick had a stroke and the medical facility she worked for through her under the bus.. the hospital took everything she had she lost her retirement and her health insurance.. ( common practice ).. so she would lift up the pad pee all over the bed.. then put the pad back down so we would have to change the bed.. and then she wouldn’t more or would position herself so that it was a hard bed change.. I finally had a talk with her.. and she was good at least on my days of shift and we got along nicely..
          Then you take the doctors that end up as patients that were nasty to the night nurses.. treating them like shit. well let me see the nurses are scared to even talk to them and their needs will be the last ones they will deal with… yes.. I seen doctors do a lot of crazy stuff.. like throw charts and belittle nurses for doing their job.. when the solution was in their hands all the time.. chart in case of emergency.. let on call deal with the situation and treat accordingly I will follow up in the AM.. simple one sentence and takes the stress of the nurse having to wake them up at three thirty in the morning.. in countries where they have socialized medicine.. that is just standard operations.. take the va medical center.. they get there at eight or eight thirty.. the one doctor I have gets over three months of vacation alone and at three thirty.. the place is empty.. except for a skeleton crew.. great healthcare insurance great benefits no college school loan hovering over you.. in and out in eight..but then they don’t run it like a medical facility they run it like a government facility.. days off everywhere.. if you get sick you get your job back when you get better.. regular hospital staff your toast.. get the heck out of here or take the shitty position.. if your hurt on the job.. keep the documentation on it.. all of it.. seen them try to fire people for getting hurt on the job.. more than a few times.. it is standard operating procedures from what I have seen..
          One doctor was so mean to the nursing staff.. that even though he has been dead for over ten years his legacy still lingers on.. ( his own staff hated him LOL) but he ended up with having his own health issues.. and once upon a time he saved my life and I know it.. we became friends.. anyway I was still working then was at the desk and getting report and they were talking about his horrible person.. and his shitty attitude etc.. I perked up.. hell I know him.. let me talk to him got him his coffee took it in and we had a nice chat.. he said I just want them to do it right.. I said yes and they will start coming in here and taking your temperature the right way…LOL LOL LOL get a good accurate temperature.. and do you really want them to be precise LOL .. temp every hour.. LOL LOL.. after we visited he perked up and said.. dam maybe I should be a little more appreciative and he was a model patient after that.. would even have chocolates and pastry’s sent to the nurses station for them in an attempt to show his gratitude….

    • Right on! Don’t forget that medical school is now corrupted by the woke movement. So you can’t be sure any young MD is up to the task. I have heard rumors about the same thing with air traffic controllers.

      • You know.. AI .. is being used by some instead of physicians.. and has been so far more accurate than a doctor….
        doctors today.. the young studs and studettes.. are really not learning anything.. mostly not because of the schooling but because of their reasons.. most are entering it.. to make money.. the dollar bill is the driving force.. they get offered kickbacks from drug companies.. to use their drugs.. those that get into medicine for the right reasons are still top notch doctors.. there is one heart surgeon.. his work is impecable super low infection rates.. took care of his mother.. great guy great family..great surgeon..
        took care of the wife of another once great surgeon.. he went to donate time as a tax write off.. and because he didn’t wash or change duds .. ( there is a reason they have showers in the locker rooms use them ) and she contacted what he was working around and died a horrible death.. he was so upset he couldn’t even look at her and never did surgery again..
        those that got into medicine for the right reasons.. are more empathetic and will listen to the patient where those that are just there to see how many naked women they want.. ( patience.. if that is what you seek in medicine you will get all the viewing you want in time) or to make just oodles of cash..
        they don’t care will not listen and just jump to assumptions.. seen it a few thousand times.. Many of whom I wouldn’t let them look at my dog..
        a quick visit in any hospital break room will give you a good insight on who is good and who isn’t then you can find out online.. One guy his father inlaw was my friend.. he was a cardiac surgeon.. his father inlaw said dam kids are so stupid.. living beyond their means.. the hospital bought them a mansion.. gave him five million dollars.. ( this was over thirty years ago to) and guaranteed him a half million a year even if he didn’t see anyone.. and he had to work eighteen hours a day doing cabbages.. just to keep up with their life style..
        If you can’t stop in and visit with their staff.. then check their rates.. there are websites that tell you how satisfied people are of their doctors..
        is just one of those sites.. their patients grade them and give a recommendation about them.. or just visit with their personal staff..

      • Med school Wokness corruption – follows along lines seen in local area of schools. Hence Brown U is unbearably woke- daughter in law (Surgeon) is a Resident there – wants out already its so F-ed up. She gotz 1.5 more years, Son finishes his Residency this June.
        He is at big teaching hospital (Childrens), where he is constantly having to explain Professional dress standards to new 1st years on his team. He was raised to to “dress up” for Doctors visits – its a Respect thing .

    • NMMike: I highly recommend “Outlive” by Peter Attia for a bit of optimism about the chronic diseases that come with aging. My copy is loaned out at the moment but I recall it being 400 plus pages plus maybe 70 of endnotes. It is unpleasantly wordy, but unlike many books that promote miracle solutions (don’t eat grain, don’t eat tomatoes, buy my supplments, etc.) his approach is extremely well documented. Unfortunately, the #1 ingredient is lots of the right kinds of exercises. Here’s part of the Amazon blurb.

      “#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * A groundbreaking manifesto on living better and longer that challenges the conventional medical thinking on aging and reveals a new approach to preventing chronic disease and extending long-term health, from a visionary physician and leading longevity expert

      “One of the most important books you’ll ever read.”—Steven D. Levitt, New York Times bestselling author of Freakonomics”

      The nice thing about Amazon is that if you don’t find the book useful, you can send it back within 30 days for a refund. ( I initially bought the Kindle edition but traded it for a paper copy because many of the very important graphs were illegible on the Kindle.)

      FWIW, I agree with most of your comments. Most western countries spend a fraction of what we spend per personon healthcare and many have significantly higher life expectancies. The USA, for example currently has a life expectancy at birth of 75.4 years with a per capital healthcare cost of $12,197/pp/yr. Comparable countries have 82.3 yrs with a pp cost of $4345.,%20in%20years,%202021

      We are being robbed.

      • that depends MarcR…. if you have a lot of money.. you can see a doctor .. get good results and they will extend your life until your broke..
        for the average person.. wait times is up to two years or more to see a doctor.. you usually see a PA or Nurse Practitioner.. ( now I now PA’s that are better than the doctor they work for.. the same with NP’s.. )
        Health insurance.. for us my wife is a nurse.. and she made twenty dollars a payday.. the rest is what was charged for her healthcare insurance.. with a ten thousand dollar deductible and she couldn’t have a family doctor she had to take whichever one was on duty.. the money needed was more than that to have a personal physician.. the copay was fifty dollars per visit.. and .. up to two hundred dollars for a specialist.. ten dollars for generic and up to two hundred fifty for name brand.. the same for me at the VA.. but she could see a doctor when she needed.. the one plan for twelve hundred a month and no coverage for xrays and labs etc.. and the fifty two hundred copay only allowed her to see a doctor the maximum of three times in a fiscal year.. those are old prices.. I have heard they went up considerably since..
        the price of a policy goes up if you have ever had any illnesses to.. now was the cost due to her having a minor stroke.. probably before obamacare she was uninsurable.. so was I. seems the ideal weight for my height is 164 lbs.. if your over thirty pounds over that you were uninsurable… can’t ever get sick.. kind of like home insurance.. you don’t want to have any claims if you have claims your insurance spikes up.. if you have more than two claims in what a five or ten year period.. then your uninsurable.. Its the american way..
        NO ONE leaves with anything.. they take it all.. standard practice here is every physician sends a consultation bill if you die.. why did my father need a gynecologic consultation or a proctologist or podiatrist consultation on his death.. and not just one but all of them in the state .. LOL LOL
        In all the years I have seen families where the husband or wife sleeping in the car.. we would make up the lobby couch or a room that had an empty bed for them and give them snacks out of the snack fridge so they could have something to eat..

        • It’s not as if better medical system models are not available. In 2022 my wife broke her ankle in Sweden on a Saturday night. ER treatment consisted of Xray, then CAT scan, physician exam followed by an orthopedic surgeon’s examination, casting, giving her a pair of crutches, showing her how to give herself heparin injections, and paying for a taxi to take her to my son’s house. Total bill: $512 payable in 30 days, no credit cards accepted. If she had been a Swede, there would have been no charge. Emergency surgeries are done promptly. Elective surgery such as hips and knees are done within a few weeks.

          We returned to the USA two days later and saw our podiatrist here. She took new xrays and changed the cast: $1000. In the end everything was paid by my Medicare Blue Shield Supplement that costs me $2500/yr and my former employer about $15000/yr.

          Of course, Swedish income taxes are much higher that USA, but not just because of socialized medicine. In 2019 cost per person in Sweden for healthcare was $6228, i.e. about half that of the USA. Life expectancy is seven years higher than the USA.

          Of course, Swedish physicians mostly drive Volvo-class cars, not Porsches or Benzs. On the other hand, my daughter-in-law entered practice as an ER pediatrician with no debt and pays no malpractice premiums.

          I’ve explored ex pat retirement in several countries. Conclusion: if you get really sick and need state-of-the-art care AND HAVE FIRST CLASS INSURANCE OR ARE WEALTHY, the USA can not be beat. But, if your needs are less or you do not have “Cadillac” insurance, you would be better off in several other countries.

  5. “…trillions and trillions…”

    Isn’t that the idea behind sinking a carrier group.

    The cost of dub-dub-2 in today’s $ was over $4,000,000,000,000.

    Who can argue against spending $8,000,000,000,000 today to fortify the line? The American way will be saved…. a new Holocaust will be avoided.

    Look at the debt go beginning with the war. 4x over 4 years.

    We should expect a similar jump of debt as between 1941 and 1944 soon. Why would it be any different this time?

    $150,000,000,000,000 here we come!

    Pay will go up.

    “From the early part of 1940 to the middle of 1943, average weekly wages in manufacturing establishments covered by State unemployment compensation laws increased 71 percent, from $26 to $45;”

    Today pay is over $1,100 a week.

    “Median weekly earnings of the nation’s 122.1 million full-time wage and salary workers were $1,118 in the third quarter of 2023 (not seasonally adjusted), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.”

    – Oct 18, 2023

    By 2027 average pay could range $12,000 and $100,000 a week, U.S.

    • not necessarily.. look at the pay in Argentina and Zimbabwe.. the pay didn’t go up for the people but the prices did.. in Greece the elderly were diving in dumpsters and the single women were selling their bodies for a can of soup..
      even here in the USA in the ghetto women are referred to as thots only thing they are good for is a guick blowjob .. no one cares about them..
      in Argintina.. the exchange rate is 350 tp 1 dollar.. so a burger that costs six dollars here in the USA is now.. well you get the idea..
      I went into a grocery store yesterday.. now a month ago.. the cost of an item was 0.49 cents per can.. yesterday.. the same product was 1.59 so what happened.. no ones wages went up.. its the death spiral.. some things will drop in a hyper deflation and other things will go up in hyper inflation.. the a little in and a little out game.. someone that shoved a million dollars in a box.. still has the million dollars.. but if someone isn’t dumping the change in value into that box daily.. they are actually losing money out of the box.. simple noodle nomics.. put a cooked noodle on the table.. to move it across the table you need a flow of water to balance the noodle.. put to little on the table and the noodle tears apart.. put to much and the noodle gets mushy and falls apart.. inflation and deflation .. during BB. (before biden) a double hamburger meal was under five dollars.. AB (after biden’s economic protocol changes) that same double burger meal.. was almost seventeen dollars and then they charged me a dollar for a couple of Ketchups..

  6. “Besides, WeWork founder Adam Neumann has lavish new Miami home.”

    Yes, of course his new home is in Florida!

    “The Florida homestead exemption is a state law that protects your home from judgments. A creditor cannot get a lien against a Florida homestead or put it up for sale.”

    • The Florida homestead exemption saved a local multi-millionaire’s ass back in the 1990 real estate and S&L/Banking collapse. He ended up upside down … .to the tune of over $100 million (real money back in the day, today it is almost pocket change) but his $25 million dollar rural Florida horse “farm” kept him in clover since the creditors couldn’t touch it, though they tried like hell.

      Once all the litigation chaos was over he could slowly start selling off parts of the land for real estate development projects … and all the while he could continue to drive his Rolls Royces (may have been Bentleys, could never tell them apart) and fly first class (did have to give up his turboprop plane and his out of Florida real estate, about the only things he had to give up from what I could heard)

      Now there are ways to “protect” even larger sums of money …. look at what the Sacklers managed with their Opioid settlement, they got to keep not Millions but BILLIONS!!

  7. The Dow Jones., S&P500 and even the Russel2000 are all about to signal a buy – using the MACD indicator.., which has been pretty accurate and useful for the entire year.
    If the market and this indicator suddenly reverses here and the markets sell-off, it will probably be due to “news”., off the international menu. As the stock markets have virtually ignored any-and-all international news – my guess would be a rather big event to cause a sell-off.
    – You might want to keep an eye on this indicator and the international news for a possible sudden change in market direction.

    • = Democrats ! hmmm isnt there some rules of anagrams to apply hear?

      DEMO/ change C to N / RATS = DEMONRATS

      there that wasnt hard, was it ?

  8. Maryanne Trump Barry, the older sister to former President Donald Trump, has died at the age of 86, according two law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

    She was discovered in her Fifth Avenue apartment at about 4 a.m., sources told ABC News. There were no signs of trauma or foul play.

    Emergency crews responded to a call of a person in cardiac arrest, the sources said.

    Sounds fishy. Was she “sacrificed?”

    Note: Today is 11/13, a 1-1-3 Ritual Day
    (per The Age of Desolation site)

  9. An Emergency In Flight Announcement To The Syndicate’s Lunatics

    In this must watch segment, made public by overwhelming subscriber demand, Dr. Dave and Cmdr. Scott Snow do a deep dive dissection on the current state of affairs in the middle east. This is not one of those “what you want to hear” interviews… this is a “what you need to know” interview. Cmdr. Snow presents the reality of the situation from a tactical, political, as well as geopolitical angle and it’s not what many are being led to believe.

  10. Hobo Stew

    This recipe goes back to a post a few weeks ago about Dintey Moore stew. I tried a few alterations and found a really good and cheap meal for 4 or 5 good size portions. Only resource requirement is to be able to boil water. Good for grid down meals.
    Ingredients :
    1 20oz Dinty Moore Stew
    2 cups carrots ( I use baby carrots )
    2 cups diced potatoes
    1+ cup beef bullion with 2oz Soy sauce ,
    Wercestshire sauce or Red Wine.
    Salt , Pepper , other spices that you like.
    1 large onion cut into large pieces.

    Preparation :
    PRE COOK the Potatoes and Carrots.
    Put DM stew into large bowl
    Add Potatoes and Carrots
    Add Beef Bullion with Wine or whatever
    Mix well
    Spice as you desire
    Add RAW onions
    Mix well
    Heat well over stove or microwave to thicken gravy.

    You will have a large bowl of very tasty stew
    with plenty of medium density gravy. Serve with
    rice , noodles or mashed potatoes. With Corn Bread
    hot rolls or other bread to soak up the gravy you
    will have quite a feast for about $1.50 per serving.

  11. “Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: ‘The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore’. If this works down to the drug-peddling cartels, it would be nice if they could take their dope with them, too.”

    It won’t. The Mexican cartels have been a plague on Chi-town since the 1980s. They and their culture are deeply embedded in the politics and machinations of Cook County, and unless Elliot Ness respawns, comes to town, and mows them all down, they ain’t going anywhere…

  12. ” Biden, Xi Will Sign Deal to Keep AI Out of Nuclear Weapons Tech”

    Not gonna happen. No matter what any treaty says, if something CAN be done, it WILL be done. There are enough megalomaniacal scientists to ensure that ANY technology, no matter how potentially risky, will be implemented as soon as it possibly can. “Scientists” believe they’re smart, and they are conceited enough to also believe any technology they “birth” will both be, and remain, under their control. (For elucidation, see “Anthony Fauci…”)

    Scientists will “birth” dangerous tech simply to try and “one-up” all the other scientists who’re working away in clandestine labs to try and “mature the same technology…”

    AI will be used in the design and implementation of nukes, and when some idiot who’s never heard of David Lightman decides the time is right, it will be placed in charge of some nation’s nuclear arsenal…

    • What’s nice about AI is you can ask it for cooking recipes to try and even meal recipes with what you have on hand.. and it will figure up a meal suggestion using only what you have..

      • I see Rammy as VP, Scott as AG, and RFK as head of FDA. Trump’s forte is seeing a person’s potential, then pushing them until they achieve it, and the virtue he values above anything else is loyalty. These people haven’t been in a position where their loyalty could be examined, but they also have never hopped aboard the “orange man bad” train.

  13. “Next stop, southwest Israel/Gaza, so all aboard to absorb how the new Britter in Chief for such things is settling in: David Cameron called Gaza a ‘prison camp’ and criticised Israel.”

    It IS a prison camp.

    However, it is not Israel’s prison camp; it is Egypt’s prison camp…

    • Hmm could it be that there are 26 different sects of the quran..similar to the many variations of Christianity.. each one picks and chooses and Interprets the same holy scriptures to their liking..two gates of entry erez and rafah prison walls surround it..

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