Gambler’s Market

Our September only gains closed the month +9.8 percent. Yes, this pencils out to about 300 percent per year.   Remarkably, we have readers who are doing even better than us. We don’t approach stocks as “investing” anymore.  We treat the market like a wager. When you do that, things like dollar-cost-averaging get tossed out the … Read more

Wow – What a Call, Huh?

God, I love my meta index work!  Earlier this week, in the Wednesday subscriber report, I made an outlandish call for where the markets COULD go based on my theories of multiple markets, entrainment, and predictability of the human psyche. That was the Line, Bounce, and Crash post, right?  Two out of three came … Read more

Line, Bounce, Crash

Our outlooks provide for a drop of more than 1,000 Dow points before month-end. Today is Bounce. Though we have to admit a certain fascination with learning whether the Replay/Rhyme on 1929 can possibly be that deterministic. In other words, one path forward through a chaos theory window is to conduct high-intensity study of starting … Read more

Lunch in the Toilet?

We don’t usually speak grossly, but we have been telling you since not long after the July 31 high this summer that we were going down into the macro-Wave 3 Down. We also from last week were pointing with an arrow to the bottom of the ascending trend line.  How we go down and through … Read more

Prepper Monday – Storm Mode

In sections due to rather intense storms in East Texas. 3-inches of rain in gauge.  Moderate wind and non-stop lightning overnight.  On solar driven battery backup.  Will set up the genset after first light. Early futures were about flat, which means our decision not to hold a short postion over the weekend was a good … Read more

“A Fool’s Errand”

Calling market tops is dicey at best. But we have been calling the July 31st top as “it” for over a month now.  But that’s only a small part of the forecaster’s dilemma. The attending problem is “Where to from here?” Today, a deep-dive into waveforms, history, momentum dynamics, and even some high-leverage gambling notes. … Read more