Engineering Black Friday, Super-Garden

Our Monday diatribe begins by noticing that the Market is not sure what to make of this “Momentary Peace Talk” going around.  Because, when comes down to it, it’s like we told you some weeks back:  “Ceasefires tend to happen when both sides run low on ammunition.”

An example of this shapes up in Ukraine. Where the coverage leans toward “we lost” but wrapped in more words. The “bomb” went off – V. Zelensky: “We will retreat – We have a serious shortage of 155mm missiles due to Israel” – End of indefinite free aid from the US.  Always a scapegoat, my friend.  Always.

However, the real perpetrators of this, or should we say perp-traitors, are the runaway neocons in the Buyed ‘Em administration.  They took root in the War Party administration when they couldn’t goad Trump into starting a war on his watch.

Now, the neocon blowback is showing not only along the 1,500 mile “extended front of WW3” but further north extension looks possible.  As Moscow front with Estonia and Finland: Border posts closed and deployment Army – Hundreds of foreigners besiege NATO border.

On the road: Defense Secretary Austin Makes Unannounced Ukraine Visit, Assures Kyiv of Continued Support Against Russia.

A man with a gun is only reasonable until the other guy gets one.  Then, the rule of online gaming comes to roost: “first look, first shoot.

Peace Break?

We really don’t know, yet.  Lots of talk & hype about that over the weekend – pause for hostage exchange.  But now we’re reading about another hospital being involved: Heavy Fighting Breaks Out Around Another Gaza Hospital even as reports come in about (2) Al-Shifa hospital’s newborn babies heading to Egypt by ambulance.

Markets Distrust Peace

There are plenty of reasons for this, of course. For one, the Death Stocks – armorers to the world – can’t sell enough product to maintain elevated profits.  Bad for business.

Thus, wildly overpriced, in our view, stocks aren’t sure where to go from here.

On the one hand, more debt-based (made up) spending makes the strong case for inflation.  On the other side, though, war destroys financial assets (killing people and breaking things) which, it might be argued, is disinflationary.  Readers have been asking me which way it will go from here and the simple answer is “We’re waiting on Data.”

Initially, though – and using two metrics, our 85-day moving average and differential moving average crossings (dma-x) work, we really have a split decision.  See here how the 85-day moving average looks?

It’s the heavier line.  Obviously, it began its rollover after 7/31 this summer and even though we have had a nice run the past few weeks (costing Ure some Cleveland’s in the process) I still have insufficient confidence in the economy to become an outright Bull, even if the 85-day indicator says for now, be long.

Firehouse Rules

Coming from a family of firefighters, it might make a little more sense – as to why I am bearish now – if you understand fire alarm systems. Of course, most people say, “like a smoke detector?” Like the suspended particulates and a light source?  Heavens no.

Well, ionization type, then?”  Sorry, comparing ionization from a slightly radioactive source and ambient isn’t it, either.

So, here’s (thanks to desktop AI) how rate-of-rise fire detection works:

“A rate-of-rise fire detection system is a type of heat detector that operates on a rapid rise in element temperature. It can detect a fire condition at a lower temperature than a fixed threshold detector. It uses a differential pressure switch or an air chamber to measure the rate of temperature change. It can activate the fire alarm when the temperature increase exceeds a certain rate. It is self-restoring when the rate of rise element alone has been activated1.

The rate-of-rise fire detection system works by comparing the temperature of the air in the ambient space with the temperature of the air in a sealed chamber. The chamber has a flexible diaphragm that separates the air from the contacts of the detector. The chamber also has a calibrated leak that allows the air to adjust to normal temperature fluctuations. When the temperature of the ambient air rises faster than the air in the chamber, the diaphragm moves and closes the contacts, triggering the alarm. The rate of rise detector can respond to a fire faster than a fixed temperature detector, but it may not detect slowly developing fires. Therefore, some rate of rise detectors also have a fixed temperature element that will activate the alarm when the temperature reaches a certain level2.”

Depending on the kind of fire safety engineering involved (don’t forget to wire your system with plenum grade wire!) rate of rise is really good stuff to know about.

Ure Returns to Point

“How does this apply to the market?”

In my limited experience (remember, only 74-years now), the operation of a rate-of-rise alarm system (in quickly developing fires and arson, especially) is like the reciprocal of what happens in markets when moving averages run out of steam.  Their rate of rise declines, while (obviously in a fire setting) the rate of heat-rise accelerates.

That’s why, when the market began to run out of OOMPH to the upside, we started watching for a narrowing between the 2-day moving average and the 13-day.

Right up by the (iv) on the right, we can (based on the early futures) see a continuation of the “rate of rise failure.”  Which may not lead to the “end of World” but it might be enough to return a few “Grant’s” to the trading account.

And it might be an interesting position to hold, since IF this is a Wave (2) of a larger 3 down (since we haven’t gone higher than July 31st) it makes for an interesting speculation. As always, this is never financial advice.  Besides, we’ve made it super-clear that markets anymore are all about gambling and anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar.

Final point, because of the almost total backwardation of Humanity since 1980, or so, is the idea that there is NO “Peace Dividend” out there.

See, in a world with zero pop growth, there is only technology and that’s a sure-fire resource stripper.  As a result, we have moved into a period where there are only “War Dividends” which is totally the wrong way to run a planet.

Not that it matters. We may begin with inflation on the front-end of The End, but at THE END not only will personal savings be gone, but so will most personal assets, except for the rumored 40 percent of Americans who own their homes free-and-clear.  The government will have to return to a solid asset and as our sources tell us, this is why China is moving phys gold back to Beijing as fast as it can pass inspection.

Another one of our “rate of rise” indicators: Bit0-con was almost up to $38,000 last Wednesday.  Today, looks to test $37,000 later on at the current rate of drop. Charlie Munger (and I) will be right in the end.  Only a CBDC will be allowed over time.  We hold to the axiom “Government Hates Competition” and above that? Everything is a Business Model.

Still, shills are ramping up despite the Fed admonitions that they have a 2 percent inflation target and everything less food and energy is still going up north of 4 percent.  Stock market news today: Stocks steady as focus turns to Fed rate cuts. The idea of ‘trusting banksters’ doesn’t strike us as sound thinking, but we run to cynical in our outlooks.

Not that it will matter. in The End.  Go read G.A. Stewart’s note on the Eve of the Eschaton from last week (if you’re slow on the uptake) and check out the 2024 update to his book Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars.

Maybe you’ll see why we keep edging out of our interest in paper and over into food production?


Business Models In Play.

Politically, CBS is labeling again: Right-wing populist Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidency amid discontent over economy. Right-wing because he admires Trump, populist because he won?  No telling with media and what they’re getting at – if anything. CNBC was a little more clear about it in Milei wins in Argentina, edging the country closer to the U.S. dollar ( Which means if you’re thinking of “going ex-pat” in retirement, will Argentina come up the lists?

Day in Court Summary: Two stories: Federal appeals court to hear Donald Trump, DOJ prosecutors argue over gag order in election conspiracy case. Free Speech vs. Political agendas?   The other court story: US Supreme Court hears oral arguments over ban on firearms for people subject to domestic-violence restraining orders – JURIST . Been thinking about this, but seems to us like people are getting due process in DV hearings, so not too sure what the problem is.  Except, there’s anti-men bias in some (very lefterly) states. But that’s another case for another venue downstream.

Moving On:  Sam Altman’s Transition to Microsoft and The Silent Politics of AI Governance (  In interestingly, OpenAI new CEO is opening an investigation into why Altman was fired.  (Did he say something about Trump? lol. Kidding!  Still, didn’t strike us as “right” from the get-go.  Should be amusing to find out.  Vendettas or more? Stay tuned.

Passing On: Genuinely sorry to learn of the Peanut Farmer’s Companion passing on this weekend.  With Rosalynn’s passing, Jimmy Carter faces life alone – The Washington Post. We have always held that Jimmy Carter was not as bad a president as the media made out.  In fact, I’d say Carter was almost a prototype for “media assassination of a leader”.  Guy was a nuclear sub commander and no dummy.  Just a little too “anti-swamp” we’ve always thought.  Notwithstanding, Carter’s hard work and dedication to Habitat for Humanity puts him (again, in our view) head and shoulders above presidents (Like, Oh…O, for example).  Some go for the “paper” while others do the work and heavy lifting.  That way in much of Life, of course.

Still Broken: Apple has still not fixed a security flaw with the new iOS beta | iMore. Not that we are fans, but useful to know.

Around the Ranch: Black Friday Engineering

The Black Friday sales are on and dueling hard now.  So far today, we have added another desktop hydroponic unit to the greenhouse.

At $44 bucks and change, the Ceouheia Hydroponics Growing System,12 Pods Indoor Garden System with 36W LED Grow Light, Indoor Herb Garden Plants Germination Kit with Automatic Timer, Adjustable Height looked interesting.

Although we just in the last week added a larger Hydroponics Growing System Herb Garden – MUFGA 18 Pods Indoor Gardening System with LED Grow Light, Plants Germination Kit (No Seeds) with Pump System. It was on a lightning deal this morning for $55 and change.

I know – heavy on the hydroponics, right?  Also picked up a trifecta of Tds Meter Digital Water Tester – 4 in 1 Quick & Accurate TDS Temperature (°C, °F) & EC Meter – 0-9990ppm for $10 bucks a pop. TDS = total dissolved solids, how fertilizer availability is measured.

A LOT of reasons for sharing all this with you.

First, while these are small hydroponic systems (compared to the sixteen 5-gallon buckets which are on the way) they are part of “Balancing our Ark” here in the outback to bring up food production potential.

The second point is to remind you that Black Friday sales at the Zon and Wally World are great times to get some basic prepping supplies laid in, if you haven’t.  Including accessories like seeds, TDS and PH meters.

If you haven’t done hydroponics in the past, our plan (having done some and even written a book on topic some years back) is to get “back in the groove.”  Dirt gardening in East Texas is a gamble in the spring,  But much less-so if you figure out how to get hydroponic starts going, so that when hardened out and replanted in dirt (or the big DWC containers) they will be big enough to run ahead of weeds.

There’s a whole multi-part series coming on the site after Thanksgiving, which will go over this whole “Modern Ark building” concept and into a new class of hydroponics and green housing. Because food is better eating than paper.

Back to point, though, about Black Friday.

Focus on Your Plan, Your Ark.

Then get the “most for your plan” for the money.

My cost on the 18-pop unit was $70.  Which makes my cost per pod (plant growing site) $3.89 per plant.  Two “crops” for transplanting to the dirt garden and you’re at breakeven compared to buying plants at the Big Box Stores in the spring.  On the Lightning Deal the cost per plant site drops to around $3.11 per plant site.

While the units may not be as robust as a big AeroGarden Bounty – 9 pods for $159 on sale ($17.66 per plant site), it all really depends on what your use case is.  For us, we will be at  42 plant sites.  Which gives us a huge capacity for replants.  On the other hand, even though 9 pods, the Bounty has more water, and higher lightingso it makes sense if you are in a condo, for example.

And that’s just a warm-up – things to be thinking about.  Start looking for information on personal food production while you can and have lots of options.

You can do wholly “in house” systems (AeroGarden larger sizes rock the field, but are spendy and a half.  Or, you can in our case, start hydroponic and then move to dirt in the green house (temp controlled). Or, after “hardening out” (moving the units under cover, but outdoors in the spring while keeping the water around outdoor ground temps) then you can move to soil.

Or, again with the water in the prime grow zone temps, you can go from a small, inexpensive 12 or 18 pod “starting system” and then transplant the grow sponges into hydroton balls in a big 5-gallon DWC operation. (Like 16 buckets and some specialized lettuce racks from PVC pipe for our Ark.)

Way more Topic than there is time in a Monday Morning column.  Just telling you, the upcoming Peoplenomics series will become (eventually) a website, book, and some useful 3D .STL files to print for your own healthy food grow op.

We call this whole process (and the book), Balancing the Ark.  Because that’s where we each live and if you haven’t generalized how important Arks are (and being aboard one), you either haven’t read a bible or you haven’t done offshore sailing.

We’re blessed to have done both and we do generalize pretty well from 74 and 80 years of experience.  150-years of combined awareness is something a bit different than the two-day headline flashing hate-media bullshit.  For which we are ever grateful.

Write when you get rich and self-sufficient in some measure,

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  1. As far as I know Carter was Never a Commanding Officer of any submarine. Highest command positions seems to be as XO. “qualified for command, and served in several positions, to include executive officer.” from here

    Carter is also the reason that we ended up with Bill Clinton as president by this act. “Carter pardoned all Vietnam War draft evaders in his second day in office.” again from Wikipedia. Sure pissed off a lot of veterans!

    As an Ex-Qualified submarine sailor (1960’s) I despised Carter as a president. As Carter was and is a Good Person I admire him for his works. Good person but a lousy president. Gave the Panama Canal away and let Iran murder our marines without retaliation?

    Sorry to hear about his wife and do wish him the best for his remaining time.

    • Yeah real tough guy – Georgia peanut farmer. I will never forget seeing that “man” wearing a gay ass sweater on TV commercial message, telling American people to turn down their thermostats. Just a little light in loafers that guy. Also cannot forget the attack rabbit in the swamp roughing him up story. WEFer by any other name.
      His passing – will be a temporal marker/sign post..2 more X’es in quick succession the “prophecy” goes..
      Where it all ends up, only the Shadow knows.

      • Someone in my family knitted the ugliest sweater I ever owned.. it to was a cardigan .. and you know what.. no matter how ugly the thing was.. I wore that ugly assed sweater till it was rags..
        I get it.. he did to.. and the person that knitted that ugly thing.. was so proud that they made something that beautiful.. I am sure that whoever knitted that home made sweater for him was proud as punch..

    • Yeah, in 1980 a lot of athletes didn’t get to go to the Olympics because Carter boycotted. Reason was, Russia invaded Afghanistan. Those athletes worked their whole life to compete and had their dream taken away.

      I know a lot of people who are still very angry about that.

    • I get it.. I had the same sentiments.. just like Trump he was a victim of our political system.. He trusted that our politicians had moral and ethics..
      My sibling was the CEO of a multi national company.. loved to play golf and do anything other than what I thought work would be.. I asked him once.. Now just how does that work you lazy sob.. and he said.. I am the CEO.. if I have to get involved and do the work.. Simeone’s butts going to roll..
      It was the same thing with carter.. he was the leader He didn’t have the ability to fire any of them in office and they sure in hell wasn’t going to go moral and ethical on him.. there isn’t any cash in that.. . and everyone should have followed his lead.. instead they did their own thing to make the true rulers of the kingdom happy.. Trump on the other hand.. fought the system to get things done attacked twenty four seven for four years and still he got more done than any other president in my lifetime…and just look what it has gotten him.. he will be penniless and probably in jail for doing a good job for the people in the USA.. even when he was despised hated and attacked ruthlessly…There are no morals and ethics in business anymore.. those true leaders of government and business are gone.. I don’t know why we even have a congress they work less than a month total in one years time.. come out multi millionaires…. just look at that for a moment.. heads of agencies that they should have some say so in telling them to kiss their hairy.. they don’t have to do shit for them.. and they get away with it.. when actually they should all be fired.. or incarcerated for covering over heavy corruption… but it is the modern way of doing things.. it is always about the business model.. now I maybe wrong.. but carter is a strong man but I doubt he could carry the whole load that is meant to have a company do.. and if you are running a business and everyone refuses to work at all.. pretty soon businesses have to close.. we of course deserve everything they deal out to us.. since we as a republic are to stupid and weak to fire them and get anyone new. Just look at the Shit that we are offered to vote for.. not a one of them are worthy of a vote.. they need to start getting the job done.. no one in office writes the bills and no one in office except for what five.. read the dam things.. one of our representatives was voted out for not voting for a bill.. the response was.. I read the dam thing if you had read it you wouldn’t have voted for it either..

    • Okay, about JC:

      Jimmy Carter was never a commander. He mustered out as a LTJG.

      He was never a nuclear engineer and never served on a nuclear-powered ship. He studied various facets of nuclear engineering three times, and quit before finishing training, all three times.

      Rickover tagged him to command the USS Seawolf (which was our second nuclear sub.) Command would have involved a promotion to LTCR and Ship’s Captain. Carter resigned his commission before the Seawolf was built, to take over the family farm after his father’s death.

      Secret Service agents assigned to him described him as a phony, a petty, sanctimonious, egotistical, jerk, and a know-nothing know-it-all.

      Along with giving away the Panama Canal Zone, Carter normalized trade relations with Communist China, thus creating the sociopolitical economic environment we find ourselves in, today.

      He created the Department of Energy, which promptly made it bureaucratically and financially impossible to build petroleum refineries. This is why there has not been a single refinery built in the United States since 1979.

      He created the Department of Education (which should require no further comment.)

      He deregulated natural gas, and established energy-based tax credits.

      I’m trying to not touch the “common stuff…”

      • Ray, a fair and good summary – I have down-regulated my previously held beliefs. Except insofar as he was a media assassination, not dissimilar to another recent ego driven feller.

      • I actually agreed with the US not building refineries.. why should the US build them then give them to an oil company along with the money we give them already every year..
        He was not necessarily a phony he was a farmer.. with his own thoughts on what should be done.. egotistical.. have you ever met any politician that wasn’t..
        we all have an ego of some sort.. I agree with G this was an excellent summary.. I still think he was on the right track.. a politician no.. knowing the ways of govt.. not a clue.. read any bill that comes along and you soon discover that none of them have a clue.. they just have the lingo down..

        • “I actually agreed with the US not building refineries.. why should the US build them then give them to an oil company”

          The U.S. Government did not build refineries. They sure as hell did not build refineries, then give them away. The regs passed by DoE and EPA during the Carter Administration made it impossible for PRIVATE COMPANIES to build refineries.

          “I still think he was on the right track.. a politician no.. knowing the ways of govt.. not a clue..”

          Also not true. JC became a politician in 1963, and was a political creature continuously from then, until 1981, and occasionally thereafter, whenever the Dems thought they could drag him out of the closet to exert some kind of influence on current events.

          Simply appreciate JC for his wonderful charitable work over the past 40 years, as I do.

          That’s sufficient.

  2. Carter didn’t have any financial sense. Didn’t do anything to stop what Nixon started with getting rid of the gold standard. Gave up the Panama canal. Didn’t use the military properly in the hostage crisis. He did have a good heart though.

    • No..I disagree on carter you need to reread that.. Carter took the blame for it.. but he wanted the changes to be made.. if Congress would have done what he was trying to do.. we wouldn’t be faced with what we are today..
      The Congress didn’t want to upset the real people in power.. and passed the bills that basically tossed the middle class under the wheels of progress.. Now I loved Reagan but .. what he did was bet that the industrialists in our country had the same mentality of those of his era.. and they didn’t so the trickle down didn’t work.. he was forced to give out tax rebates to keep the economy going and through the elderly under the wheels of the bus in thinking that the US govt would always respect the needs of the elderly..
      Biden doesn’t have a clue on anything and is tossing everyone under the wheels of the benefit the family business model LOL… Carter.. he had the right idea but he had morals and ethics and is a nice guy all around.. my sincere condolences to him and his family over the passing of his beloved wife..
      But it wasn’t Carter instead it was Congress.. that didn’t do the right thing..

  3. “the two-day headline flashing hate-media bullshit.”

    Always appreciate the terms you come up with G. That’s a good one.

    Still looking for a book or lecture on “How to stay sane in an increasingly insane world.” Maybe one of your readers has a suggestion. Coming here each day certainly helps me.

    I had a nice compliment from my 29 year old grandson yesterday. He said “I know you’re almost 82 grandpa but you look 70 and act 60.” Thanks Joseph, I needed that.

  4. RE: Ure comment about “the almost total backwardation of Humanity since 1980.” Made me think of the term ‘devolution,’ and the flower pot hatted progressive new wave/punk band that popularized it, ‘Devo,’ who satirized the corporate greed and dehumanization of society. Popular in the mid-to-late ‘70s, they peaked in 1980 when Jimmy Carter was spending his last days in the White House, but toured in various iterations until the George ‘Dubya’ Bush presidency. “Are we not men?” “We are Devo!”
    Here’s a few lines of the ‘Whip It’ song’s lyrics:
    “Crack that whip (give the past a slip)
    Step on a crack (break your mama’s back) . . .
    When a good time turns around (you must whip it)
    You will never live it down (unless you whip it)
    No one gets away (until they whip it)
    Now whip it, whip it good!”

    • Don’t forget, “Jocko Homo”

      “Together now, God made man
      But he used a monkey to do it
      Apes in the plan
      We’re all here to prove it
      I can walk like an ape
      Talk like an ape
      I can do what a monkey do
      God made man
      But a monkey supplied the glue“


  5. …speaking of Mr. Stewart:

    Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud
    is often referrred to as “MBS” among the ink-
    stained wretches of The Press.

    How would one pronounce “MBS?”
    Might it sound like “Mabus?”

    Let he who has eyes, see.

    VERY “thin,” I realize… But, hey, sometimes
    things are hidden in plain sight.

    (…I’m just sayin’.”)


  6. Hydroponics is a great way to provide your greens anytime. I really like those countertop units, handy as hell for fresh herbs and some greens straight to the plate. I have 2 on the counter with green onions in one unit and micro tomatoes in the other now. Only caveat for me anyway is their longevity. Been through 6 in the past 8 years or so, all Aero Garden units. They were all hackable though. The first one I bought suddenly had the LED light start blinking on and off after 6 months use. The controller said the LED unit needed to be replaced. Hack #1 was bypass the controller. 3 of them currently sit on a 5 shelf wire grid unit. They are all gutted of everything but the containers. The nutrient solution is circulated by hacked micro sized pumps. and the lighting is 4′ LED grow fixtures mounted above each unit. Lighting and pumps are contolled by simple outlet timers.
    These units are great but when they start failing you will see how easy and fun it is to hack them. Nothing too difficult for this wise and thoughtful group.
    Stay safe 73

  7. “An example of this shapes up in Ukraine. Where the coverage leans toward “we lost” but wrapped in more words. The “bomb” went off – V. Zelensky: “We will retreat – We have a serious shortage of 155mm missiles due to Israel”

    There was a news paper report that said Russia was surprised.. after they took a region the bodies were all young girls and women.. they are running out of people as well..

      • I ordered a complete set-up right after posting., with a couple of heat mats. Don’t imagine the longevity is too much., but a three year run might be doable and will pay for itself.

      • I agree thanks for the link to get some..I have hydroponic systems.. this seems to have it all.. I am wondering If I can incorporate the seed pods into the system I have… that would be awesome if I can

  8. I was kind of busy when Jimmie was President. He wasn’t a leader., not by a long shot., so I simply ignored him., until he signed over the Panama Canal to a dictator general. That caught my attention. But as then – like now., there is little I can do about it. I never liked him – but then, I can not remember ever liking ‘any’ president. ‘Habitat For Humanity’ was a good thing to promote., i’ll give him a couple of points for that.

    • Jimmy did not have “Command” in his soul.

      Sometimes, things simply don’t develop
      as you want. (Why I hate such responsible
      positions, myself: when MY plans and
      intentions go sour — for reasons I don’t grok —
      it confuses (that SHUDDA worked!!), and
      saddens me.) I’m speculating, but Jimmy
      probably never understood why his plans
      went wrong and failed. I’m sure he thought,
      honestly, he was doing all the righteous
      things — they just weren’t working.

      He just didn’t have the Ju-Ju of True Command.
      All the book-learnin’; but none of that Magik,
      internal, Right Stuff. I think maybe it’s an
      in-born Charismatic Presence thing. Can’t
      be taught: some got it; some don’t.

      Sad case, really…

    • I was busy too and didn’t pay that much attention. I was trying to stay alive in darkest Brooklyn at the time. I still don’t know why he disposed of our Panama Canal, but it was a bad idea. It now seems that the Panama Canal is all but shut down due to a lack of fresh water to run the locks, so there will need to be major upgrades or a second canal built. There’s too much strategic importance to that shipping route to just ignore it.

    • The only problem with Jimmy was he anticipated that there was some moral dignity in politicians..
      If they had acted responsibly we wouldn’t be in the boat we are today.. he was more middle of the road and assumed that politicians were willing to work for the people.. what he didn’t count on was the DC feed trough..
      To be totally honest.. I bought the hate news that everyone was pouring out for a long time.. It wasn’t until I got really bored and needed a laugh and started to read the bills that congress passed.. that it started to light the bulb so to speak.. then reading his books.. it came clear.. the morons in congress did it to him set him up and soiled his name.. his stance was one of moderation.. the energy crises.. was no energy crises.. he wanted the USA to be energy independent.. and was focused on the efficient use of energy and incorporate solar and renewables along with fossel fuels.. when I read his theories.. it dawned on me at the time that he had the exact same focus and arguements that I have and still rant about.. solar towers at every sub station starting at the furtheset point.. handing out solar power systems to any home owner that was willing to have them on their homes and businesses..
      I go further.. greenscape cities and put up co2 filters on every street lamp.. embrace the past but incorporate the future.. instead of going his way or doing it.. we seen long lines at the gas pumps.. even though we have enough energy and oil in our own country to meet our demands.. what was it a driver told me .. he was at the oil wells and the engineer in charge told him there was enough oil in that one well to supply the USA at current demand for a hundred years.. and was forced to cap it off..

      what made it worse was him giving a speech that gave the wrong impression.. and if it hadn’t have been for his forsightedness.. no one in the USA today would be able to purchase and setup a solar power system.. even now some states and the power systems bent on the buck will give you a hundred reasons not to put in solar.. thank god he signed those initiatives.. otherwise G and I would not be able to have a system up and running.. he was just before his time.. and a congress that sold out to big money.. that shoved him under the wheels of progress…
      Of course that is just my opinion.. but I totally think he was right on.. embrace coal and natural gas.. but incorporate wind solar and other renewables.. I totally believe that IF.. we had followed Jimmies plan.. we would have had some hard years but wouldn’t be facing the fiscal cliff we are going over today..

  9. According to the Oxford Languages Dictionary Diatribe means forceful and bitter attack against someone or something.
    Have appreciated your your Diatribe for two decades now.
    Thank You George and especially Elaine
    You own thanksgiving Brother from another Mother

    • “the Oxford Languages Dictionary Diatribe means forceful and bitter attack against someone or something.”

      Phew.. I was sure it would have said.. see Nasty Nancy and the Democratic party hate against anything decent LOL LOL..

  10. 55 MPH enough to say about jimmy
    I think little jimmy is breakin records for how long one lives in hospice,,, me thinks he’s on ice awaiting a more convienent time to “die” you never know when ure gonna need a presidential funreal to slow down the whole country.
    I still replay Bush’s funeral just to watch the note openings and the look Mrs Bush and liddle jeb give to Dubya,,, yup he replies,,,, their gooses are cooked

    • You do realize that at fifty seven miles per hour.. your car runs more efficiently and gets better gas mileage LOL LOL LOL… I set the cruise control on that and get half again the mileage that the kids get LOL LOL LOL LOL my grandson was telling me grandpa the speed limit is eighty.. yes and it could say a hundred if they wanted.. I will drive my speed and you will see.. when we get to our destination your mom and dad will just be opening the door to their car.. sure enough they were.. on a long distance run you will save some time on short distance.. you only save seconds or maybe a minute..

      • Back in the 90s when the speed limit in Montana was “reasonable and Prudent” i did 400 miles in 3.5 hours. Had to obey town limits like 15mph and gas up twenty-five imperial gallon tank three times. Car achieved 30+miles per gallon when driven @ 60mph. Think I was doing 8mpg during the adventure.

        • Fifty seven is the speed I have figured to be the most efficient.. for mileage..

          I believe Mythbusters did a show on driving fifty five.. in the buggy one.. I got thirty seven miles to a gallon driving fifty five.. the kids got twenty.. the wife twenty seven..
          in the prius I get fifty five miles to a charge the wife gets thirty five miles to a charge.. the kids….about twenty.. and .. if your in an accident.. you will have a better chance to survive the slower your are going.. My kids refuse to let me drive.. they have to do eighty or ninety miles an hour or they are not comfortable..I intern enjoy the ride have a good cup of coffee..
          I did get picked up once for speeding.. when the officer pulled me over.. he said I am going to have to site you for speeding in a school zone.. I said.. do you have a camera.. he looked at me puzzled and asked why.. I said there isn’t anyone on gods green earth that will ever believe I ever got a speeding ticket and I need photo proof.. he laughed so hard I thought he was going to lose it.. so he gave me a warning instead.. of course that was what almost forty years ago now LOL

        • My Jetta drops to about 29.5mpg when I set the cruise on 125. Between 65 and 85 I get about 46, between 45 and 65 I get 49.9. That’s flat, hilly, or even pulling a trailer on WVa 7% grades. My sanity is worth any slight loss of mpg. I’ll continue to travel at posted speed limit +5…

        • on a long haul trip you would save more time.. distance and speed.. it would cost you more.. but you would cut your time down…
          NOW it usually breaks down into time distance.. on a short trip the time saved well is a minute really worth it.. along with the dangers of congested cities..

        • @ LOOB

          “on a long haul trip you would save more time…
          …on a short trip the time saved well is a minute really worth it..”

          That depends. If there’s somebody in the car who’s suffering a MI? You bet’cha. The vast majority of the time, absolutely not. One of my biggest peeves is the assmunch who drives 50mph between stoplights, tailgates, cuts off other drivers while weaving in-and-out through town, going nowhere. There is a time to drive like that, and it is WHEN somebody is suffering a potentially life-ending emergency.

          If I see somebody booking it along the hospital route, I excuse them, and get out of the way.

          No hospital? No breaks. Want brakes? Then climb up my tailpipe.

    • Now I do realize that in the city there would be what is that term.. where people get angry .. its the illusion of speed that makes them think they are doing better or getting to point a or b faster.. and you get to spend more money.. its always about the business model LOL LOL..

  11. The S&P500 is up 19 pts., over the 4520 mark.,[ 4,532] – if it manages to close above that we could see a continued climb to a new high., however, it is already up over 9 percent since November first. Well above it’s 30 and 85 Day MA. Small pull back., then a continuation higher ??

  12. President Jimmy Carter was the first victim of the Deep State. He made Admiral Stansfield Turner Director of the CIA to break George Bush and Ted Shackley’s (the Blond Ghost) control of the CIA.

    He failed, and the Deep State gave George H. W. Bush a free ride to Paris on an SR-71, and I got a free cruise to the Persian Gulf. The rest is history.

    I like the MBS and Mabus interpretation. It is the best alternate I’ve heard yet. But I’m still going with Obama. He is the key player here, not the Biden puppet. I think everyone has figured that out by now.

    George is right. Indoor growing will be mandatory.

    The following link is the kind of limited nuclear war that I had envisioned. You, don’t need to wipe out every city with a nuclear bomb, just the ICBM fields.

    Many thanks George!

    • I’ve seen other articles with that prediction. It still amazes me that people only think of radiation from the bombs when they think of nuclear war. The fallout from a bomb is relatively short lived.

      Consider the real “worst case” scenario which would be at least half of the (100+) Nuclear Reactors melting down when the grid fails and nobody can provide enough fuel for the backup generators. The radioactive isotopes released from a reactor are much more long lived and dangerous.

      If you are in the danger zone predicted for a nuclear blast, you’d better have a shelter available. If you are downwind from a reactor, bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

      Yes, I have a bit of experience in that field in a addition to a Science Degree.

      • The average yield of a Russian nuclear warhead is 800 kt. The ICBM silos will be targeted with ground bursts that create much fallout.

        In the first day, that will generate a narrow radioactive plum at least 40 miles out at a level of 1000 rads/hour, and a plum 90 miles out will have a level of a 100 rads/hour.

        This is just from one warhead and not multiple warheads that will most likely be deployed on ICBM silos.

        The winds shift daily. In that first day, if you are approximately 40-miles away from the target, the wind only has to shift your way for less-than an hour to receive a lethal dose.

        Consider rads and rem almost the same. The LD-50 dose (50% of people will die) is from 400 to 450 rem (4 to 5 sieverts). The rule of sevens means that after 7 hours the radiation level will be 10% of its original value.

        40-miles out that is still 100 rads.

        Most people do not have hardened bomb shelters; so, the first 3 days will see many radiation casualties.

        You are correct about nuclear powerplants that go into meltdown. That will be much worse and the gift that keeps on giving.

        • Lots of nuclear war prediction maps basically show much of the Northern hemisphere destroyed.

          Imagine say the surviving 30 million Americans making their way South and trying to get those countries to accept them as refugees!

        • the estimated survival is what ten million in the USA.. or less.. ninety eight percent dead.. NOW… do it in winter…… no power no heat no energy.. and radioactive snow..
          I read some of the studies on Washington state.. that were scary seen some of the reports on autopsies of marine life.. and these were all hushed up.. studies today that are still ongoing on cancer rate increases there just from fukishima plant.. imagine if there was a blast.. of course the first hit are the populated areas.. they will try to keep as much of the crop production areas as clean as anyone can.. with just a few million alive.. in the world.. the natives in the deepest amazon jungles have a better chance of survival than we do.. technology.. how many have chain saws.. to cut lumber.. and drills etc.. in a real catastrophic event.. all of that will be gone.. hand made tools..
          It wouldn’t take long for the world to go back to being the way it was..

      • Nagasaki and Hiroshima are still thriving cities. Fukushima and Chernobyl, not so much. MUCH more fissionable material is involved in the nuke plants than in any one or cluster of the bombs. When those plants go critical one by one or in a quick series of events after a melt down of societal structure we’ll be waiting for the Earth’s crust to cover them and move the continents around until things clear up again.

    • I go for the East and West tidal wave nukes that save the middle part of the country – and leave enough airable land for survivors …..

      • Stu is right about the silos strategically hit in an exchange and generally the Midwest will be wiped out.

        CONUS stretches three time zones. One of the Evil Do’ers, Russia has eleven time zones. That’s a lot more space the U.S. has to radiate teaching them a lesson.

        Survival for Americans will come down to dumb luck.

        Study the lines of folks being evicted from Gaza. You’ll notice some have draft animals presumably pulling their family cart. Those people live much closer to the Earth and have the best chance.

        • the target maps I have seen.. have all of the east coast the bigger cities.. and the silos.. now we have gotten rid of most of the silos..

          Yes according to this map.. the area I live in is an active strike zone.. and I believe I know where it is.. right where I use to work..

          back in the day.. yup day labor days.. the government did testing on winds.. and released agents in the atmosphere to see where they would travel to in the wind.. MY job in day labor was to clean the purging units.. where the pilots would be hosed down.. from the agents they used..
          NO ONE WINS if this happens.. mankinds days on the planet will be numbered.. I never prepped for my survival.. just in case I survived.. but wanted to leave the tools behind that could be found by survivors to rebuild some sort of society.. the wife and I gone.. hopefully they would stumble in and if I am still around.. then I could teach them the few things I do know how to do.. I left instructions on all the equipment.. on how it is used etc..

    • Here is an historic Canadian documentary from the 1980s about Nuclear War in the Prairies. While it’s dated because it features a thirty five year old B52 that is older than the crews who fly them, the fallout resulting from a nuclear attack is the same!

      In any event the basic idea of the documentary is that you get radiation first and then starvation because crops can’t be planted. The documentary does point out that radioactive soil would make it impossible to plant crops if the farmers survived to plant the seeds. (The documentary does not say that most of the radiation is short lived and would be gone in a few months but the crop failure resulting from the inability to harvest or plant for a year would pretty much do everyone in.)

    • Your don’t even need to zap the missile
      fields; all you need do is arrange a few
      well-covered “examples.” Even an
      accidental or incompetent detonation
      of a Toyota pickup truck delivered device
      would provide tons of pictures and horror
      stories, forming a giant Cautionary Tale.
      Our (USA) weaklings have no belly for an
      ugly, bloody, nasty fight.

      Think: Hiroshima / Nagasaki reaction.

      Zapping the missile fields is too direct.
      That would generate too much “Pearl
      Harbor” deep and irrational visceral
      resentment. The apologists for weakness
      would explain it away, and soften and
      confuse everybody else into inaction.
      BUT a hit on a foreign location might
      scare just enough into paralysis or action.
      Hard to say which: it would depend on
      the spin applied to the event(s).

      Sounds backwards, I know; but people
      are funny — and quite misleadable with
      the right covering lies.

      • If it goes hot.. my thought is they would take out the majority of the biggest cities with the big guns.. then with the millions of illegals and the anticipated three hundred thousand warriors placed in the country by our own administrations border policies.. would allow them to finish the job and keep the viability of our most important natural resource.. our crop lands..

    • Twelve years ago, the Fukushima Diachi disaster occurred, with three reactors melting down and a fourth explosion of questionable origin taking out yet another reactor that was out of service, and leaving an overloaded fuel storage pool dangling like a sword of Damocles! Through hard work, sacrifice, and Divine Providence, the disaster was somewhat contained, though elevated radiation levels circled the world.

      That was just one reactor site. We have hundreds in the world, and the entire story of that site is still in dispute. We have many power reactors scattered throughout the country, and others for military and research purposes. Very few if any of these will fail safe passively.

      One of the best sites to keep up on the Fukushima Diachi debacle and other reactors either at risk or damaged already is:

      We can’t plan for everything, but we can plan and prepare for many things. If we’re likely to be staying put, some level of fallout shelter with preps makes sense.

    • Thought.

      For example , everybody believed “Hister” was referring to “Hitler” by Nostradamus. Fine , okay…

      What I never heard or read anywhere is “Mabus” being the Secretary of the Navy ( John ? ) Mabus and the “black handed one” being Obama. Not a peep. And I feel reasonably sure that SecNav Mabus would be in direct line of launching any boomers.

      Anyone agree that was a chilling direct hit ?

      Why am I wrong ?

  13. I think Carters biggest fuck up was how he handled the Shah. Send him back to Iran tells everybody not to trust the US. Keep him here , protect him and been on a war footing with Iran ever since. The list of potential , probable changes in the mid east is staggering.

    As CiC , the hostage rescue falls on him. The planners never considered the effects of rotor down wash IN A SANDY ENVIRONMENT. Destined to fail from the beginning. But we did get the Osprey out of the situation.

    Carters admin was full of CFR members except for one. He got shitcanned. So its likely that Carter was just a stuffed suit.

    Just for fun , the USS Jimmy Carter , a Seawolf class sub , has an extensive list of incredible missions. ( had to throw that one in ! )

    • Nat. Security Advisor Brzezinski was his appointment – and look what a foul brood he raised..still paying a very heavy price for his blind HATRED of all things RUSSIA -RUSSIAN.

      No rest in Hell 4 ziggy, truly an evil Classhole that one was. His “brood” , much like Loki’s is most foul.

      “Its Ziggy quarterbacking Go2Hell U.” -announcer
      “Natasha , we must stop the moose & ziggies foul brood.”-BB

  14. ” I still have insufficient confidence in the economy to become an outright Bull, even if the 85-day indicator says for now, be long.”
    -Bet ya Ure argues with his GPS car system at every turn as well.

    – right when Ure trusts Ure own data..

    C the lil Deer, does the Deer have any doe ? Yeah, 2 bucks.nyucknyuck

    Got a back yard button buck keeps coming thru – like he wants to meet mr rockymtnrzr – I am happy 2 oblige.. Nov 20th-24th Archery. Residential – 1 acre lots here , so got 2 be quick&efficient blood trail tracking.
    Neighborhood “Karens” flip out when see Deer carcass hanging in garage door opening..

    -Hang Deer head-down from a gambrel for cooling and aging. Keeps the blood from draining into the best meat..

    1- lower Deer so hams are eye level and head touching ground. This helps with beast swinging as you work.
    2- starting at groin, slip knife point under the skin, blade up, and cut a long slit from the bottom of one ham past the knee. Repeat on other side. no worries hair during skinning,rinse meat and pat dry after boning it out and before trimming.
    3- loosen skin around each knee and cut all the way around each joint. Grab and peel the skin off the back legs and down to tail.
    4- sever tailbone and then keep peeling aa the way down to the front shoulders, using Ure knife when necessary to help free skin.
    5- cut the front legs off at the knee (sharp lopping shears are handy for this)

    6 more steps for boning Ure deer. Best meat – backstraps and tenderloin on the top -behind shoulder and in front of rump.
    TRIMMING URE Meat is most important step . Deer fat is NASTY.
    This is why trimming is most important step in this entire process. It can mean the difference between sweet or sour meat. When trimming is done, many peeps steak their best cuts – dont, instead..
    Grab Ure “Good” pan/bucket – take any piece of meat and asses it.
    Its OK to have some silver skin and a small amount of fat in what will become burger or sausage. But you want very little to none in Ure jerky and stew meat. So if piece Ure holding can be easily trimmed into a small hunk of clean, lean meat, trim it into a pile designated for jerky or stew. If not, trim the fat as best you can (dont worry about silverskin) and toss it into a second pile for burger and sausage. Now take Ure best cuts and trim every last piece of fat off each. if expected to freeze over longer 6 months – leave silver skin on now, trim later as it can help protect meat from freezer burn. Cutting best cuts into steaks now limits how you can prepare meat later. Instead cut backstarps into 10-12 inch long sections, leave individual muscle and muscle groups of the hindquarter intact and freeze like that. When you take out to thaw – youll still have option to cut 1/4 inch medallions, 1 inch thick steak, 5 inch thick filets or whole dry roasts. I know YUM, right.
    -Bambi never tasted so good.

  15. Pedo joe ,the Turd king from delaware is heading to martha’s vineyard for six days. Everything just be great in the world , you know , the one he lives in . Screw the rest of us , we just have to live on inflated money.

    • Holy crap ! Is that Loob and Mrs Loob ?

      I knew he was a real smooth dude, but no eye deer he could dance. Damm!
      Love to see the old timers from 40-50’s “dancing” vids – more like a line dance STRUT, Stroll or Walk to the beat of the music with a partner, while others form line on either side, or even something like the Madison – Diversity destroyed the civilized manner of Dance the White folks preferred. Been replaced by animals mating Dance styles, disgusting, no imagination gyrations. Hell with autotone, even the songs/signing is fake = Zero Talent.

      • OTFLMAO could be.. LOL LOL LOL
        It wasn’t though.. like I tell all the kids.. you go to a dance get your butt out there and dance.. there won’t be any wall flowers in my household LOL LOL LOL and if they have a problem.. give grandpa a call I will show you how to do it.. LOL LOL LOL.. they always joke about the grandpa dance .. and NONE OF MY KIDS are wall flowers..when everyone leaves.. even the big guys.. get a hug.. and an I appreciate you and care for you.. drive safe watch out for deer.. the reason.. what if I or they should have something god forbid happen .. there won’t be any I wish I had one more chance to say what I feel.. no regrets..
        I was at a wedding once.. the only ones on the floor was my family LOL LOL the rest stood in the back watching.. so what if we looked stupid.. we had fun.. I had hoped to learn how to dance properly but hey it is what it is.. one young lady I gave a hand up to .. ended up in Julliard.. as a dancer.. out now and who knows where she is in the world.. last time I had heard she was offered a part in the stage production of lion king.. talented and beautiful and I still don’t know proper dance steps.. LOL LOL..

  16. And remember Mrs. Carter was very pro vaccine;
    “She traveled to US state capitals and urged lawmakers to adopt vaccine requirements for schoolchildren, winning over converts to policies that largely remain intact today, recent fights over Covid-19 vaccine mandates notwithstanding.”
    Pharma shill.

  17. What’s that smell? roasting turkey ?
    or FEAR,,, Oh the tantalizing aroma of the holidays

    they want ANYBODY BUT TRUMP
    that tells me Trump is the only MAN willing and ABLE to DO the job and not just be their puppet
    the sowers of fear are reaping what they have sowed

    by the way “what is the Capitol of Nebr” you asked the other day, it has a sower on the Capitol,,, sowing good seed as in wheat, not the fear in DC,,, but we are NOT RINO free,
    but working on it

  18. Black Friday – BAH! I have Ryobi tools, and another battery died last week, so I see the orange box store has a deal. Buy a battery set/charger and get a free tool! So I go to the website and find the local store has absolutely NO battery sets available… so no ‘free tool’ deals either. Seems the islands always suck wind on these ‘mainland deals’. Black Friday, indeed!

    • I went in the other day.. and what the wife wanted for xmas is on sale.. almost a hundred dollars off of the regular price.. and another one.. that I will pick up next week.. half price..
      she loves the Roomba.. nice unit.. got her one a few years ago.. and she loved it.. then three years after we got it .. it needed a new battery.. nothing more nothing less.. and they quit making them.. no batteries for it.. you got to buy a new roomba
      if you want a new battery buy it when you get it.. otherwise you will have to replace the unit every few years..

      • The “battery” is likely made up of individual cells — like 14650 or 16550 Li-ion cells. You can CAREFULLY open the “battery” (you might need a saw or a soldering gun with a “plastic paddle”) and expose the cells. Once you see what they are, ordering new, and replacing old, is easy-peasy. A few days or weeks and {voila!}, better-than-new battery…

  19. Electric Co. today installed an EV charger on the electric pole across the street (suburb of Portland, OR). There are to be 60 installed in a trial.

    Why it took 6 trucks to do the installation is beyond me. Maybe it was a learning lesson. PGE is raising electric rates 17% in Jan. after a 7 to 20% increase for 2023.

    Frosts me because they will announce to cut one’s usage because of the high need for power in the summer.

    • the grocery stores around here put in Tesla fast chargers.. you shop and charge your car while you shop.. IF they installed EV2 chargers then that would be nice to.. but so far just the tesla chargers.. NOW if they made a charge converter.. to convert the tesla charger to EV2 that you could buy to carry with.. that would be profound to.. every place that has a tesla charger would be useable by those with prius primes etc.. Motels have the tesla charge stations.. and next to them an outlet to plug your car charger in it..

  20. LOL …. yet another “fractal” update … I’ve lost count

    “New Target for Global Crash Low: 8 December 2023”

  21. “However, the real perpetrators of this, or should we say perp-traitors, are the runaway neocons in the Buyed ‘Em administration.”

    I feel like I’m missing something, here. Could someone please name a few of these “neocons?”

    I can not think of a single “neocon” who is actually in the Biden Administration. In fact, aside from Victoria Nuland, I can’t think of any neocon who’s even in a position of influence in the current Administration.

  22. “Moscow front with Estonia and Finland: Border posts closed and deployment Army – Hundreds of foreigners besiege NATO border.”

    Um, no:
    Finland closed their southern border crossings to block the admission of Syrian and Iraqi “migrants.” Estonia is contemplating a plan for rapid deployment of concrete “tank barriers.”

    “Gunpowder smells at the Russia-NATO border 1340 km long as Finland and Estonia close border stations, installing anti-tank dams.”

    This is hyperbole and exaggeration that’s worthy of American yellow “journalists.” There is no gunpowder smell, there are no “anti-tank dams,” and Estonia hasn’t closed any border crossings.

    WarNews24/7 just dropped several rungs in the personal ratings I use to judge a website’s honesty and veracity. I don’t expect accuracy during a war, because information that’s true and accurate, is also intel for one of the combatants. I DO expect a level bias, without inventing shit just to fill a column. From now on WN24/7 gets back-checked before I believe any of its blather…

  23. “Heavy Fighting Breaks Out Around Another Gaza Hospital even as reports come in about (2) Al-Shifa hospital’s newborn babies heading to Egypt by ambulance.”

    From what I’ve heard, (i.e. this is rumor) neither Hamas, nor the “Palestinians” are providing care for newborns or elderly patients — the patients who are incapable of leaving the hospitals.

    The Gaza hospitals have been being staffed on an emergency basis with Israeli and foreign physicians for the last several days, while Israel has attempted to “shop” care for these patients to noncombatant nations. (This is likely true).

    The Red Crescent Society that’s transporting patients out, is Egyptian. (This is likely, as either Israeli or Palestinian transport could make it into someone’s crosshairs…)

    Israel is dominating the war effort.
    Hamas, through Iran, is dominating the PR campaign.
    As always, accurate information from a war zone is extremely rare.

  24. BTW, Ehud Barak is to Israel what Joe Biden would be to the United States, if Biden were 10x more crooked and 10x less competent, and hated the U.S. 10x as much as Rashida Tlaib, yet every leftist news outlet uses him as an Israel/IDF expert.

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