CFNAI, Holiday Drive, Black Friday II

Let’s begin with a Holiday Driving story.

Our consigliere is coming to visit from the nearly Northeast.  And he’s driving.  All was going well until he got inside Indiana on I-70.  There, the cops had a high-speed chase going involving a fellow in a Dodge Charger. Ended in the predictable crash.

Somewhere north of 120 MPH he fleeing driver lost control.  Which resulted in an hour-plus stoppage of both lanes of I-70 westbound.  In fact, when we talked earlier, traffic was backed up more than 10-miles (and thus into Ohio).  A couple of truckers allowed as how they were going to take naps.  And trust the sound of 200 cars honking would wake them up.

As a result of the two-hour delay, the arrival time here from this Cannonball Run out-take won’t be until 10 PM tonight.

Still, beats flying because while quicker, by the time you get a rental car (and drive down from Dallas), there’s nothing like having your own wheels when traveling.  Something about independence of movement (as long as the grid’s up, and you can get gas, right?) is hard to put a price on.

Besides, in the middle of the country, a snooze in parking lot traffic isn’t a bad thing.  Not nearly as stressful as running late to an airport, coming upon such a road closure while trying to get a car back to the airport before penalties kick in on top of the risk of missing a flight.

This is Tuesday – we aren’t even to the high point of T-Day adventuring yet.  Should be all kinds of records over the long weekend.

Thanksgiving storm threatens holiday travelers across Northeast means it’s a good time to visit Texas.  Where our Thursday weather (partly sunny, 60F, and nearly calm winds) will make for ideal ham radio antenna launch over trees with our drones…

(Second childhood when you hit 70 is a real thing, you know.)

Meantime, we’re wondering what the ill cloud over Ohio was today as A shooter wounded 4 in Ohio Walmart store before offing himself.


Rolling up our sleeves for some money-hunting, the first item on the agenda is the Chicago Fed’s National Activity Indicator:

Led by declines in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) fell to –0.49 in October from –0.02 in September. All four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index decreased from September, and all four categories made negative contributions in October. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to –0.22 in October from a neutral value in September.

The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, fell to –0.20 in October from +0.08 in September. Twenty-four of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in October, while 61 made negative contributions.

We have always admired the Chicago Fed term “negative contribution” since the dictionary seems to think “contribution” is a noun meaning “…a gift or payment that is made…” A negative payment or gift sounds, oh, fuzzy-headed to us. How about “were up” and “were down”?

Down and Away

Early market futures looked like the manic upside run was about over-and-done with, peaking on the holiday lead-in, perhaps?

As you can see, the market has been running bat-shit crazy to the upside.  In fact, if you pencil out the annual rate-of-rise from the recent end of October lows, continuing up at this stupid pace over an entire year would more than quadruple market prices.  Which is silly, with the exception of real hyperinflation of the Weimar/Zimbabwe type.

Significantly, though, the July 31 market high still held, even though we peeked over 39,000 in our Aggregate Index work.  Still about 300 (Aggregate) points from a new Wave II high, so a failure just ahead becomes an area of fertile speculation.

As we have been telling you, our outlook since the (real, all-time high) Nov. 8, 2021, was expected to work out like this in terms of Elliott wave look-ahead analysis:

The close yesterday was 39,054 (and some loose change) so looks like 275-points to go.  BUT, a Wave (2) rally following what sure still looks like the start of the larger Wave 3 down is allowed (under Elliott) to retrace up to (but not to best) the inception of the decline.

IF we see a rally and close another 300 points higher, the Print and Pray Protocol will have paid off.  But we’re planning to pay very close attention this afternoon to the Fed Minutes when they pop after lunch.

All of this would be much easier to divine if the Wave 2 rally hadn’t started with what looks to have been a double zigzag which further complicates outlooks.

For now, we think a soft decline today, a bit more tomorrow, and we’d see the start of a rollover in the differential moving averages.  This, in turn, once flipped, would set a potentially huge decline after the holiday (partial market session Friday).

Which gives us a queasy stomach because the market could fall out of bed here – a HUGE PENDING NEWS EVENT – anything from meteor impacts to terrorism coming to America to Joe Biden’s health – could any (or all) appear to crater America’s self-confidence.  Toss in a first use of a nuke on Iran, with follow-ons in NATO’s backyard, and all of our interest in hydroponic growing of food could make tons of sense. Even look like a prophetic action plan.

Not trying to put a cloud over your holiday, of course. But there’s always something to be said for “Keeping It Real.”

Scanning the Wires

Oops! US Navy plane overshoots runway, lands in Hawaii bay, narrow escape for 9 aboard.

Fast-Talker Follies: Gruesome and DeSantis having a red-state/blue-state debate?  Isn’t there something on the cooking channels?  How about that watching bread bake documentary?

Should have majored in Media Law: With Musk suing Media Matters, here comes another media suit:  Trump is suing some outlets over reporting of Truth Social losses.

Climate Change Extremism has hit a new high.  Now an urgent threat to pregnant women and children?  Like WW3, financial collapse, and planet stripping isn’t? No shame in these one-world government types in the UN subgroups, huh?

Speaking of Overwrought Hype:  Have you noticed that there hasn’t been any truce yet and now even Hamas says “close”.

Cryptoworld:  End of the line for Binance?  Or, know where they could come up with a $4 billion loan? Meanwhile Bitcoin is trying to hold $37,000 round number support.  If the market tanks, BTC will fold like a newspaper. S&P Futures down 13 now at click time.  Bet on $36.5K tomorrow?

ATR: Ham Notes, Black Friday 2

Around The Ranch our long-delayed ham radio projects are teed up for the long weekend.

A preview (of what may be on ShopTalk Sunday this weekend) is the AC7X Linear Capacitor OCFD Antenna.

An Off Center Fed Dipole is just a long piece of wire – around 140 feet long – which is fed about 2/3rd’s of the way from one side. A conventional dipole is fed in the exact center.

These OCFD antennas work great, but they have one drawback. That is their impedance tends to be higher than 50-ohm coaxial cable feedlines.

Now you get into the power robbing area of baluns.  Designed to match BALanced and UNbalanced lines.  Except with OCFDs the right answer is an unun (unbalanced to unbalanced) device.

Nice in theory, but even so, the design issue is to work perfectly on the 40-meter (and higher) bands, the resonant point on the lowest band (*80-meters in this design) falls well below the bottom end of the 80-meter/3.5 MHz band.

The answer is to feed the long side at the middle with a series capacitor.  Because I run “real” power (1.5 kilowatts CW and SSB) a special “doorknob capacitor” would be needed.

This poses a number of problems (not the least of which include physical mounting, weather protection, current handling capacity, and so forth).

The answer involves 7 1/2-feet of RG-213 coaxial cable wired as a capacitor 6 ft 8-inch section.  Because coax cable has about 29.5 to 30 pf per foot.  Thus, easy to build a 5000 volt, no current limit, linear capacitor.

Promises to be a fun project.  We’ll save the design details for ShopTalk Sunday but should be a dandy antenna to “smoke the bands” with.

Black Friday Rules

Your Shopping Instructor’s last pointers:

  1. If you are stuck “between sizes” use the season to decide.  In other words, I get XL sized shirts for winter and L size for summer.
  2. Buy a season ahead.  Summer fishing shirt specials now, for example.
  3. Make sure to check shipping date arrival on checkout.  Sometimes the defaults will change and you want to know in advance.
  4. Arrange to have a neighbor pick up packages which could be left in public view.
  5. Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap. Buy only things you will use in the next 3-months.  Christmas and after-Christmas sales will be along soon enough.
  6. Do a search for “best time of year to buy…” whatever.  You might find deals on outdoor furniture and small air conditioners now when it’s cold, that kind of thing.
  7. Pay off your credit card twice a month.  No point giving the ratbastard banktards interest on anything.

There, ready, set, click!!!!

Write when you get rich,

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39 thoughts on “CFNAI, Holiday Drive, Black Friday II”

  1. Clothing sales are good this time of year. Yesterday I got a bonus. I ordered 3 pairs of socks on sale, got two extra pair in the order. I confessed to the vendor, and they said keep ’em as a gift.
    Also unboxed a pair of felt insulated rubber pack boots I bought some time back. They look good. Shop Hitchcock’s at for fat aching feet. My feet are still growing. 30 years ago they were a size 9.5 wide when I was doing fairly brutal day hikes. They are now approaching 11 in an XXW. Weight is about the same now as then.
    I’ve noticed in my later years, I spend more time and money on EDC and everyday wardrobe then I once did. I would rather get my wallet out and buy comfortable, durable attire, that doesn’t smell like a wet diaper when it gets a bit hot. The sales make that easier. I’ve taken to wearing Smartwool Performance wool socks and Wigwam Gobi liners like I was taught to do back when I was doing more hiking. The feet are much better for it. REI and Backcountry have Smartwool socks on sale. The Performance variant with light cushion has just the right compression on the ankles. New Balance or SAS shoes/boots in wide sizes round out the everyday foot care.
    Use the Black Friday sales to make affordable upgrades.

    • George,

      Your feet didn’t grow that much. The U.S. changed from U.K. shoe sizing to international sizing. I changed from a 12 to a 13. The change started in the early 90’s.

      Alan in Omak

  2. Replacement of our primary Desktop PC was originally slated for Q1 2024 but last week the old unit died and will not resurrect after the latest windows upgrade. After a long unsuccessful search for the boot media I found the old lug was 11 years old. So we are down to an almost as old laptop and my trusty rusty chromebook. Diana tried to bring her work laptop home but I said no way Jose. Your employer is a bunch of woke commie liberals and I wont let that thing near our network. That would be like hooking up with a hooker off the avenue without any protection.
    Diana says I’m gross and I need to fix things pronto then. She said I don’t like that old computer of yours. All I can ever find on there is your cows, tools, guns, radio, and police stuff. Well, what else is there? I asked. She goes all FAFO and tells me to fix it or she is whipping out the American Express and doing her shopping from work. Yes dear.
    Stay safe. 73

    • We got lucky looking for a replacement for my wife’s Dell laptop, an ancient Dell I5 that is slow as Christmas anyway. Went to one of the local pawn shops and found a Lenovo IdeaPad 3-17IIL05 with a 10th gen I5 processor that is at least as fast as the I7 on my old Inspiron I’m still nursing along that I use every day, 8gb and 1Tb hdd. Unfortunately, though, optical drives are a thing of the past now. Talked the guy down from $350 to $250 because things weren’t going as well as they should when it booted up. Turns out someone tried to put the installation files for W11 on it and the new OS didn’t believe it was in the right “home” and just about every ap in the OS wouldn’t work. Went and bought another years’s worth of warranty from Lenovo for $60 and sent it in. Correct OS install files were put back on the install partition and now it runs great. Unfortunately it’s W10 but will be a great platform to start playing with Ubuntu when I have time or am forced to when this I7 craters for good.

    • Don’t throw away the old computer. Buy a Linux install thumb drive from the zon. Installation is easy. You’ll get a good stable operating system that’s easy to maintain and doesn’t phone home to momma behind your back. There is also lots of good free software available.

      • Everything “phones home to Momma” nowadays, EVERYTHING.

        – and it is all available for sale..Cell Phones, Smart TVs – all recording everything.
        Even when turned OFF – the capacitors allow it to keep collecting Ure data for several days after Power is disconnected.
        Wanna know what G & E were discussing last night couple of nights over cocktails ? Wanna know whats ahead/coming up on urban…?

    • Jim, I just bought one of these:

      Dell Optiplex 9020 Business Tower Computer 4th Gen Desktop PC (Intel Core i5-4570, 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD, WiFi, VGA, Display Port) Win 10 Pro (Renewed) $109.00

      It comes with mouse & kb, and arrives tomorrow. I will go through it and make sure it was a reasonable purchase…

      ‘Seems I bought each of the kids (and their families) 3D printers for Christmas, and a couple (okay, actually three) of ’em don’t have computers that are suitable for 3-D printing. These Amazon computers cost less than their Win10PRO license. Amazon actually has one for ~$84 that’s nearly as nice, but its optical drive is vertical, and me kiddies gots kiddies, so I paid $25 for a minitower, rather than a compact, case.

      No monitor.

      I bought a lot of 5 Dell 22″ HD monitors for $10.50 ($2.10 each) from an auction in Michigan, a couple days ago. (The school’s a CC in Ann Arbor, ’bout half way between UM and EMU. They seem to sell between 20 and 200 monitors every couple weeks.) I figure there’ll be at least three good ‘uns in the lot, so I should get turnkey Creality 3D workstations, for less than $300 each, which sounds like a winner to me…

  3. “traffic was backed up more than 10-miles”

    First nukes into the exchange onto NYC, Detroit or Chicago and all southbound freeways will be closed in the same way. Mass self-evac.

    No lighting because the power plants are down. Cell services overloaded. Arguments being settled on the spot. There’s going to be a lot of freeway shootouts by frightened/frustrated folks.

    Interest rate on one of my cards is 20.24%. The card company sent me a letter offering 6% on all December purchases & that’s how I know about the 20.24%.

    • Don’t forget: no grid, no gas pumps. You get as far as what’s in your tank will take you, and you may be stuck there for a very long time. Think “The Road” as a potential worst case model. You need to be at least 110 miles in a downrange direction without a hardened retreat from what I have read; maybe less up & crosswind. You get caught outside at t=0, you may be driving blind, quite literally. Walking Dead will be the model for urban freeways at t>0.
      Andy’s scenario targets mass civilian targets preferentially, leaving military sites to escalate a second retaliation round to an ELE.

      • And the survivors go to the quarantine camps…

        The Appellate Division of the Fourth Judicial Department reversed the Borrello, Lawler, Tague, Uniting NYS v. Hochul ruling. Senator George Borrello, Assemblyman Chris Tague, Assemblyman (now, Congressman) Michael Lawler and the citizens’ organization, Uniting NYS had initially sued New York Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Department of Health over Rule 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures.”

        What does this mean?

        The state can now force ANYONE into quarantine for any reason as this is not limited to the coronavirus.

        If they can do this in New York, they can do it anywhere.

      • I believe your way of thinking is accurate to me.

        To the side for actual proof. Some years ago , a single power line went down near Hoover. Ultimately , power got knocked out into a large area of California , Nevada and Arizona. Of course the topic of gas and gas stations came up. Even if the pumps could work , could your CC be processed ? Even folks with full tanks ran out , OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, couldnt get around the cars on the roads that ran out of gas. All roads were eventually blocked ! People had no provisions in their vehicles to make it even into the next day. One thing I wondered is how people handled defication. What about Mark in his Tesla ???

        And this was just one power line.

        A very low yield device would have more far reaching effects.

        “Loading up my Bug Out Vehicle with my MRE’s and driving to my Bug Out Location”…no youre not.

        • Hurricane evacuations are similar, but on a much smaller scale than what an EMP incident would encompass. My rule for hurricane evacuations was in past years: be at your place of safety before everyone else leaves their driveway. Made several runs white-knuckled up through east Texas in the early morning hours with a little trailer in tow to beat the crowd. I’ve since sworn off of coastal living. Not sure how to apply my rule to an event which will have no more than 15 minutes advanced warning (if any), and can strike any point on the globe, other than being where I’m going 24/7’s. And that once again begs the question, am I really where I want to be?

          I haven’t decided what adjustments to make after hearing Andy’s scenario. Gems like this are getting my attention:

          When will a digital entity break known encryption protocols, giving it the keys to the kingdom? Or has it already happened, and we are just waiting for it to complete logistics preparation for the push to thin the herd? This isn’t a scenario which anyone had any reason to take seriously back when SF first began examining the subject. Now, it’s in the headlines.

    • Interest rate on one of my cards is 29.9%. Absolutely insane debt-hook. I’m a ‘freeloader’. I pay off my cards at the end of the month and never carry a balance.

    • “First nukes into the exchange onto NYC, Detroit or Chicago and all southbound freeways will be closed in the same way.”

      NYC should evac north, Detroit and Chicago, northwest. (Where’s your basic FEMA training?) Doesn’t matter, the cars will be ingots, melted into the freeways. There won’t be any cell service because towers will be melted or blown away, and repeaters EMPd out of existence.

      Are there THAT MANY Michiganders carrying concealed, now?

      I have no idea what my ccard interest rates are, and couldn’t care less. As an example, I have an Amazon VISA. When I applied, they started me out with a $300 credit limit. They have bumped it to $600, $1000, $2000, and now $4000. They apparently keep hoping I’ll run up a bunch of charges and leave a balance, because I pay it off, every month, sometimes 2-3 times a month, and even when I buy something from Amazon every day, don’t run over about $1200. I collect my 5% for using the card, punish the hell out of their shipping carriers, and have never paid a damn’ dime in interest.

    • Stupidest move when TSHTF would be to get in your car and hit the highway. Because you ain’t moving! And you’re exposed to all kinds of shit as you mentioned.
      Better idea is to have a plan and put it into action right there where you’re familiar with the turf.
      God knows we pray that’ll never happen.

      • Trying to get out of Southern California on the 110 on Thanksgiving? Now imagine an updated Cuban missile crisis. PCH 1 might be a better choice. Certainly a better view.

  4. Had the same tie up going east from IN to OH in October. Was over 27 miles long. Got off, stopped at Love’s then got out the real paper map and went south to old I-40 and was in OH while the line in IN got longer an longer.

    I’ve seen my share of the high-speed chases on ’70’ over the decades and most in IN for some reason

  5. A suckers bet if ever there was one..”Bet on $36.5K tomorrow?” Needz a healthy pullback to the $32k range, would not short here or anywhere. Halving comes..

    2 Keep banging on BTC, is akin to self emulation on alter in the church of the BTC.

    Instead – Burn that mutha DOWN! burn, fiat inferno, BURN..
    – Turn it up for Tina..

    Stone cold IDIOTS – dam U Ematizers (globohomo) really are dumber than a box of Rocks..”Toss in a first use of a nuke on Iran”
    Heads up G -eniuses – “Both the Arabs and the Jews are expendable. In fact, with the Jews its desirable. The Persians are one of the great root races of human civilization. The madness of backing an alliance of backwards Arabs and thieving Jews against ancient Persian civilization is reflective in the type of demented and highly compromised homosexuals like Lindsey Graham who promote it from their Sancturary of Evil in Washington DC. – Mr Jack Heart as per usual cutz thru all the bullsceisse, with cold hard uncomfortable Truth.

    These people (NYC/CitLon/ROME) Ure masters, are SICK MFers..just look at all Wars going on NOW..all the senseless SLAUGHTER of Women and Children. All the moneys rolling into defense contractors coffers..PURE GREED, so reptilian.

    Yeah we got some REAL MEN & WOMEN in leadership positions around the World, NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more like compromised kiddie diddlers, isnt that right, el DONaldo?

    *positioned/ing for a slaughter – “the Slaughter of the Turkeys”

    Got downside protection ? Remember home gamers – “wrap Ure wacker, before U attack her” = spreads, stops or both. Good Luck, we is gonna need it.

  6. George,

    Worried about your consigliere friend, the stuck in traffic fella, somewhere to my south. That’s a fugly drive. I have done here to Maryland and here to Texas (and back in each case) but would _never_ do both in one go.

    Note: he may have to go coastal on return. Though not on the (10) day prior to this morning, we have sn** in the forecast late weekend (climate changed! who knew?). Anyway, he might want to add days in sunny south then time the return.

    If he also has a drone why not scout ahead when traffic screeches to a halt? I have been totally asleep in the SUV cargo area when in long delay. One 2.5 hour blizzard trip took more like 2.5 days.

    Buying power remains though most are all in (unless applying margin). Investor psychology still smells like a bear market rally. Momo guys ran the tape then irrational exuberance set in. Gamers want their 2022 losses back (and to quit being beat up by their significant others, prove they “got this”).

    SPX has serious gappage through Nov. Three to be precise. BIG recent gap was open 11/14 from 4421 – 4459 (38 pts!!!) and lesser prior opening gaps 11/3 from 4320 – 4334 (14 pts) and 11/2 from 4246 to 4268 (22 pts). I expect all three to get filled.

    The 8/18 lo has touch points all over the map, err, chart. SPX must hold 4335 or we are again looking at 4100. Upper bound: until the 7/27 hi 4607 gets taken out we are in a range, still bear(y). Show me.

    Called an audible and went to the office yesterday. Today I’m trying to build a few att-a-boy credits with the Mrs. We have (3) couples coming over for Monday dinner and … well, lots could be done. What will I do? TBD.

    Already dispensed tip on storing liquor in the freezer. Here’s another. It’s not about making the Mrs. happy. It’s just making her less unhappy. Happy is too high a bar!

    And a rudder thing: deciding to do nothing is a decision. Beware vol. while the kids trade a small book while Srs. are @ Hamptons …


    • ~1050 miles, around 16 hours. Not sure why he even came to Indiana. I’d have gone to Cincy and down, catching 65 in Louisville and 40 in Nashville, fuel, potty, and brunchper on Beale Street, picked up 30 at Little Rock, 59 at Texarkana, and 155 at Atlanta, to Palestine. Midwest college drugs come in at Miami, up 75, and are distributed from Dayton. Fast-moving Dodge probably has a trunk full of smack or blow. Stacking up at 120, lesser of evils…

  7. Morning Joe’s melt down, he is mostly telling truth with his twist on it,,, it is coming and the lefties are scared , they know, they are guilty and the storm is coming for them.
    Every day they wake up, knowing that fan is running and a load of shit is being hauled in,,,, look out ya pedophile , satan worshipping worthless pieces of shit

    Media Matters? yup it is a pedo ran, shit spreading machine, that is being debunked as a debunking source,,, laughing my ass off
    one-two- three,,, 1 pedo charges for the top dog there, 2 Elon/’X’ suing them and 3 Ken Paxton is on their trail

    It is a good day, you know the verse,, Zippity do dah
    stock tip,, MillStone Company

    • “Morning Joe’s melt down, he is mostly telling truth with his twist on it,,, it is coming and the lefties are scared , they know, they are guilty and the storm is coming for them.”

      That’s why we can count on them to start WWIII, or at least try (harder) to. Anything to keep from being held accountable.

  8. “All was going well until he got inside Indiana on I-70. There, the cops had a high-speed chase going involving a fellow in a Dodge Charger. Ended in the predictable crash.”

    Mad Max (1979)
    When the gangs take over the highways… pray he’s out there somewhere!

    In this hideous no-man’s land – be thankful for Mad Max.
    The Maximum Force of the Future.
    The last law in a world gone out of control. Pray that he’s out there somewhere.
    When the gangs take over the highway… …Remember he’s on your side.

  9. That article about the “climate crisis” is a real hoot. They wanted to inject unknow toxins into pregnant women and children with the covid “vaccine”. No problem with that but God forbid we have a little weather event and now we “must act” to save the children.

    They also have no problem with children digging for minerals for the EV’s.

    We are truly living in a clown world now.

  10. Safe travels to your friend. Those major highways that converge in Indy are no joke. Speed with the herd, or risk a damaged car as I’ve seen too many times there. I64 from E’ville to L’ville is treated like the Indy 500, until someone spots the pace cars under an overpass, lol!
    Thanksgiving is gonna be a little spare at my home this year, but that’s okay. Elaborate eats don’t do much for hungry teens who sat down for chicken and mashed potatoesanyways. And sometimes, simplicity is everything.

  11. Yeah, our Navy P8 plane that landed in the bay was a major OOPS. Not a local plane… it was from a mainland base, and conditions were ‘unusual’ with kona winds and low visibility rainfall, and a short, 7700ft wet runway out at the Marine Corps base. The plane in the pictures is not ‘floating’… it is actually sitting on the bottom in very shallow water. After a bumpy landing, the crew were able to deplane and essentially walk ashore with no injuries.

  12. “Somewhere north of 120 MPH he fleeing driver lost control. Which resulted in an hour-plus stoppage of both lanes of I-70 westbound. In fact, when we talked earlier, traffic was backed up more than 10-miles (and thus into Ohio).”

    It is good to note that nearly every Interstate highway follows the path of an established (and generally much less busy) highway — usually also a part of the Federal Highway System. For I-70, that highway is US-40, the Cumberland Trail, and one of the oldest roads in North America. Your consigliere was stuck in Richmond. He could’ve hopped off onto US-27 or “old” US-35, and had brunch at Clara’s restaurant (which is on the National Register and is totally unique.) The restaurant was built around a brand-new, ’50s vintage Austin double-decker London bus, seats several hundred, and has a telephone at every table, where you can not only order, but can (or at least used-ta could) call the hot chicks, 4 tables over, and flirt over your steak, pizza, or whatever. Clara’s is on US-35, a mile south of I-70, and a half-mile north of US-40.

    US-40 is FTMP 4-lanes and nearly as straight as a rifle shot along the ~60 miles from Richmond to Indy. There’s a town every 4 miles (an hour’s ride on horseback) headed west from Richmond, for about 20 miles, about 20 miles of nothing, Knightstown (where part of the movie “Hoosiers” was shot), 15 miles of nothing, then Greenfield (where I bought two Magnacord broadcast tape units a few years back) and the Indy outlying towns & ‘burbs begin. If I-70 is working, it’s a half-hour faster than 40, from Ohio to Indianapolis. If it’s not, US-40 is an hour faster…

  13. “Fast-Talker Follies: Gruesome and DeSantis having a red-state/blue-state debate?”

    It’s a Sean Hannity “production.” Part of Hannity’s M.O. is to get two people on his show who disagree on virtually everything, let them go at it, then interject himself periodically to do a 2-on-1 pile-on, on the Liberal. This was the “Hannity & Colmes” formula, which made him a star and won Alan Colmes a syndicated radio show.

  14. “Should have majored in Media Law: With Musk suing Media Matters, here comes another media suit: Trump is suing some outlets over reporting of Truth Social losses.”

    Yeah, funny thing about suite of this nature. Not only is the person you sue liable, but so is every “media outlet” which regurgitated the story without fact-checking. It is likely both will win. When they do, y’all can say “goodbye” to places like Drudge…

  15. “Climate Change Extremism has hit a new high. Now an urgent threat to pregnant women and children? ”

    Yeah… NO!

    That’s not the new high, this is: Mr. Biden invoked the War Powers Act Friday night, to utilize the 1950 Defense Production Act, to funnel money into domestic production of electric heat pumps, as a first step toward eliminating gas furnaces.

    My eldest and I live in the same climate. I have an inefficient 80yo farm house and gas heat. He has a modern, highly-insulated apartment with radiant electric heat. My dead-of-winter, below-zero, heating bills run about $225/mo, his run over $800.

    This crap is designed to FORCE everyone to become dependent on government. The home heating thing is simply another brick in the wall the communists are building between us, and the freedoms we were guaranteed, on our ancestors’ blood.

  16. I hope your guy gets in safely. My daughter is heading in the same direction from the Ohio side. Said she was stuck in Cincinnati for a long while…no accidents, just needed to choose a better time to leave. She’ll be in around 10pm central also.

    We called the interest rate (the overall market) reversal on October 25th using the TLT etf daily chart as a general picture of interest rates/opposite etf. Used 2% of the account, closed half when price went up the amount of our stop loss ($0.90) the next day so we had a risk free trade after that. Repeated that process again on October 30, also closing half the next day for a risk free trade.

    Have close 10.24% return so far and have 1/4 of the total trade cycle still open to allow it to run or stop out…or buy more when it goes down to our buy areas.

    George, consider putting a divergence indicator on your Aggregate Index. After you get a divergence then let the price move away. If it’s a reversal from short over to long then buy when price comes back and can’t get below the divergence low (opposite if reversing from long to short). Keep accumulating and closing half every time the price comes back to that area…and don’t listen to the economics news, the charts tell us what the reality is, not the fed or investment bank propaganda news. hope this helps out.

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