Arm-up, Melt-Up, Fake-Out, or Hand-off?

Getting hard to keep all the moves sorted out, lately. We get up earlier and earlier, it seems, because making sense of the World is getting harder by the week.

Arming Up

While the U.S. continues pouring billions worth of arms to everywhere (except the Mexico border seems), the situation in Gaza is not improving and the polarization is becoming more stratified here.

For example, Israeli military shows video of arms it says were found at Al Shifa hospital. Things are not going well for Palestinians, nor their supporters in the U.S.

Since we have been warning about the Mexico (joke of a) border – leaking military-aged males, thousands of which are OTMs, seems we are getting close to the Middle East spilling onto home soil. Hamas could be planning terror attacks on American soil – FBI. If it happens, remember where you heard it was coming. We anticipate/fear a combination of broad-spectrum attacks (shopping centers on Black Friday, for example) coupled with infrastructure attacks on the grid, power plants, and what-not.  It’s how embedded terrorist cells could leverage for maximum psychological impact on American confidence. The confidence fuels America’s self-delusion as “world policeman” in the new multi-polar world.

Things are breaking up in Mexico, too, thanks to border folly and the gigantic American drug market. Tijuana bans narcocorridos after threat to Peso Pluma.

Against this backdrop, liberals in America are faced with a strange paradox: How to respect Jewish people (historically strong financial contributors to liberal causes) while at the same time supporting a “people’s movement” in Palestine. You can almost sense the chasm no one is addressing in stories like Washington and Israel: A Murderous Relationship. Sand in the gearbox of political fundraising in 2024, almost certainly.

Arming Ukraine, then:

Arms concerns aren’t confined, to the  southern flank of the 1,500-mile front, i9n Europe to Egypt now. Ukraine is in a “What now?” moment on reports that The myth of German tanks erased: Russians destroyed 12 Leopard 2s in seven days – Disappointment in Germany, reflection in NATO.

Plus, those reports of ammunition being in short supply could increase in coming weeks.  Since Ukraine Aid From US Won’t Be Approved for a Month, Maybe Longer. Although the (nominal) president did sign a budget extension to keep planes flying over Thanksgiving…

That’s probably enough of “up armoring” on all sides for now. But as the news stories come in, just pile them onto your “scales of reasonableness” and see if yours are as lopsided now as our own.

Melt-Up Ending?

Urban readers seem loosely divided into two camps when it comes to the economic outlook.  The first believes present market action (right up through Futures pricing before this Options Expiration Day) show a strong Wave 3 down wave (2) rally is about done.  That case is made by noticing that the Wave 2 high (of July 31) is still the high-water mark from the market (and BTC) all-time highs on Nov. 8, 2021.

The other case is that fresh, new, all-time highs lie ahead so just be patient.  In this crowd we have crypto cheerleaders and some reasonable forecasters who point at past inflationary blow-off events in countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela (both darlings of the commie/left not surprisingly).

To this we could toss in a classic “double top” – or something like Black Friday terrorism that could lead to a failed fifth wave.

Check it out:

Reader Egor seems the most rational of the “This is a Wave (2) of the yellow 3 down and it’s a sucker rally, as they always are” if I can channel his thinking right. (He’ll correct me in the comments section, rest assured.)

The Bitcoin Nazi thinks we’re going to the Moon and the Chinese will be sending home many made-up Dollars how that we will drown in our own paper and ink. Which will drive millions to be saved by Bitcoin and the other (made up scam numbers behind) crypto currencies.

Crypto Fake-Out?

Yes, it’s a horse race.  Except that the Market has done much better than BTC from the 2021 highs.  Not to be a dog-in-the-manger about it, but let me just remind you of our view:

What we can definitively say is that Bitcoin will keep going up, until it can no longer go higher and then it will collapse.  More to the point, since Wave 5 moves cannot be the smallest move, whatever the high is for this Wave 4, you will be able to subtract the move from the tippy-top starting point in November of 2021 to the bottom in ’22 and subtract that from whatever the (eventual) top of this Wave 4 turns out being.

Whether BTC is still around, legal, and the grid is up, and death squads aren’t looking for crypto based drug operations, is likely to have a great deal to do with where (or IF) there’s a future after Wave 5 for BTC and the others.

Frankly, a CBDC *central bank digital currency* scares me a lot less than digital warlords.  But that’s just me.

Housing Starts Data

Um…high interest rate impacting? Fresh Census report:

Building Permits
Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in October were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,487,000. This is 1.1 percent above the revised September rate of 1,471,000, but is 4.4 percent below the October 2022 rate of 1,555,000

Housing Starts
Privately-owned housing starts in October were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,372,000. This is 1.9 percent (±13.5 percent)* above the revised September estimate of 1,346,000, but is 4.2 percent (±10.0 percent)* below the October 2022 rate of 1,432,000.

Houseplant Hand-Off

Slow to Go and on with the shit-show? Biden stokes Newsom presidential buzz at APEC event alongside California governor. We’re pondering how to interpret this: Useless to Gruesome, certainly comes to mind.

Across the aisle, as we have been predicting, Nikki “Pom-Poms” is the present leader.  Born out in Why Nikki Haley is ready for this ugly media moment | Semafor.  In the media, we see this as a “rush to gush.”

Thing is, yes, Hailey has some good qualities, but our belabored references to pom-poms refers to elections being popularity contests and the Game Show Contestant nature of “Merican politics of late. When we review presidents from Reagan on, we see actors, schmoozers, checkboxers, empire-builders, and scammers.  Not exactly leadership by the best and brightest.

Not saying they didn’t win, but despite him being a dem, we like RFK, Jr. because he at least called the vax right.  Now, if he’d endorse gun ownership and outgo being smaller than, or equal to government income, we might get somewhere. National guard to the border and locking it down instead of hiring more bureaucrats to sell climate, turn off oil and gas…well, that’d push us strongly that-a-way.

King Canute time, though.  Yelling at the tide to send in a genuine leader who understands not only the levers of power, but about team building. Yeah…not seeing The Great One, yet.

Meantime, will 2024 matter? What matters is who counts the votes, right? George on X: “In what world would votes ever go down in an election? This video shows 350,000 in-person votes being removed from the Republican Supreme Court Candidate in Pennsylvania The candidate ended up losing the race by 200k votes but no one has given any explanation as to how votes… Nothing to see here, move along.

Beat on the Beat

We are saddened – because most of our fellow columnists in the National Association of Newspaper Columnists aren’t yet on Social Security to provide minimum end-of-writing sustenance.  Instead, they have to be eyeing the story on Axios that One-third of U.S. newspapers as of 2005 will be gone by 2024: Medill report.

The problem of modern media is complex. But basic income and outgo thinking lines it out well.

  • The news market is finite. Only so many people in the world.
  • People’s interests are also finite.  After the umpteenth rewrite of a WH presser there’s an understandable tendency to wander into the “don’t give a shit zone.” Contrary to what the (likely) criminal dad says, no, Climate is not the biggest issue facing America. Not by a long shot.  The War Party, on the other hand…
  • Automation is coming on hard, fast, and unbound by copyright.  Some of us early adopters (who called Urban a one-man financial newspaper as early as 1999) already use AI on the desktop because it’s so good, and simple.
  • Reporters are mostly too young to have sufficient Life Experience to see beyond their college brainwashing.
  • And reporters are controlled by editors and news directors who have to toe-a-corporate-line.
  • Then there’s wages. Everyone has a keyboard, most have been swallowed by the Social Monster, and don’t think long, deep, and hard about the future.

More A.I. In the Newsroom

There’s a new…hmm… Digital Centricism becoming apparent with A.I.  That’s where machine learning will acknowledge the breadth of a topic. Then it will review the major claims, and then lead to somewhere in the middle.  In other words, you ask an A.I. if MRNA vaccines are safe and you’ll get something like this:

According to the web search results, mRNA vaccines are very safe and effective at preventing serious or fatal cases of COVID-19. The risk of serious side effects associated with these vaccines is very small12mRNA vaccines cannot alter your DNA, and you cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine3. Millions of people have received the vaccine with few side effects. Though uncommon, allergic reactions to mRNA vaccines have occurred. Reactions usually happen within one hour after getting a shot2.

The key “out” for digital centricism is that whatever is said is attributed to “according to web search results.”  Since bots (left, right, provax, anti-vax) slam search engines somewhat equally, the arising “consensus” isn’t wholly crazy.

Would you, for example, believe the Joe Biden (neocon handler-programmed assessment of Chinese president Xi (“Dictator”)? Or would you believe the A.I. response which is more open to variance?

“This is a difficult question to answer, as different people may have different opinions and criteria for evaluating a leader. Some may admire Xi Jinping for his strong leadership and his ambitious vision for China’s development and global role1Others may criticize him for his authoritarian style and his suppression of dissent and human rights2. There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on one’s perspective and values. However, I can provide some facts and information about Xi Jinping’s leadership, based on the web search results, and you can form your own opinion.

These are some of the facts and information about Xi Jinping’s leadership, based on the web search results. You can use them to form your own opinion, but please keep in mind that there may be other sources and perspectives that are not covered by these results. Thank you for your interest in this topic.”

With elections just ahead in 2024 (we hope!) the role and inertia toward digital centricism is just now becoming apparent.  However, one analytical axis to be considered is the pressure on politicians (hacks?) to turn big problems into one or two word jingoisms.

Joe:  “Dictator”

A.I. “Xi Jinping is a powerful and ambitious leader who has consolidated his authority, launched a sweeping anti-corruption campaign, pursued an assertive foreign policy, and extended his rule indefinitely, but also faced criticism for his authoritarianism and human rights violations.”

When I pressed A.I, for a shorter take, it actually agreed with Biden…nearly:

One possible word that summarizes Xi Jinping is dictator. This word implies that he has absolute power and control over China, and that he does not tolerate any opposition or criticism. Some people may use this word to describe him negatively, while others may use it to acknowledge his strength and influence. However, this word does not capture the complexity and diversity of his leadership, and it may not reflect the views of all Chinese people or the international community. Therefore, I suggest that you do more research and form your own opinion about Xi Jinping, rather than relying on a single word.

Thus, A.I. seems even now – in its infancy – to notice that humans ain’t so smart and are ignoring the Einstein edict. Which was? “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Unfortunately, no one in politics seems to have gotten the message. Simplification and repetition are the tools of cheerleaders.


Not to turn this into a Peoplenomics length thinking piece, but dissection of the whole China Future escapes not only politicians but also A.I. at this point.  Has to do with “bounding.” That’s where A.I. is told (in machine learning parlance) just how far it can go.

To give you a vastly superior take on what’s ahead, one of our “confidential sources” in a position to know many things, sees the U.S. and China, despite the happy-talk and panda swapping this week, as still on a collision course over Taiwan.  Here’s what HUMINT delivers:

“Seriously, we are unlikely to do squat to “save” Taiwan. Our options are limited, and decidedly unappetizing for a DC which is essentially owned by Ukraine and Israel. Want proof? Look at where the money goes. It’s not to Asia, and it never has been, since Vietnam. This POTUS is about to have real problems, as his family members get called to testify to Congress. Despite the media and Leftist unwillingness to discuss the jackass in the room, the wheels of justice, which do grind slowly, will in the end, grind exceedingly fine. The nation totters on financial ruin. China is moving gold, physical gold, out of New York. The end is near, and the whole thing is about to topple like a Jenga tower. Europe is not far removed from that situation, either.”

BTW, Reporter HUMINT depends on the reporter being very “Clein and Farr-like” in protection of sources. That’s something A.I. doesn’t have – yet.

Which is why we tend toward reader Egor’s assessment on where the future is headed.  This is a typical “wave 2 top” where the hubris, confidence, and (frankly) level of bullshit are all drifting.

The only “thief in the night” question remains the hour and the day.  10-days from now, some of our worst fears will begin coming off the table and we’ll be better able to consider a brighter future for America.

But there’s a lot of ground to cover between now and then.

Around the Ranch: Guest Time

Our consigliere lands Tuesday, Turkey Wednesday, ham radio and discussion of our new net-zero energy food growing system to follow. (That will be in an after holiday Peoplenomics column.)

Have a great weekend…and write when you get rich,

68 thoughts on “Arm-up, Melt-Up, Fake-Out, or Hand-off?”

  1. “Getting hard to keep all the moves sorted out, ”

    amen to that one… Oh wait a big AMEN to that one.. the time you seriously think .. just how could it get any worse.. you wake up the next morning to a new run of insanity…
    good news is they are tossing out the miss handling of secret material on biden and blinky … it was just a mistake…
    when they say think tank.. on this.. are they referring to the materials they found by the toilet..

    I wonder if when he gives that Stern talking to teflon Joe.. if he will say something like this…

    dual standards.. of course we knew this.. whenever heads of agencies can refuse to answer congress and refuse to give any of the documentation.. what else could the guy say but go for it Joe.. I wonder just what does joe have on those heads of agencies or how are they benefitting from this charade of hiding the mouse….

    • I am not sure when Vegas starts taking bets on whether there will be an election next year but if and when they do, I’m in.

      • I seriously doubt there will be one… he inacted the war powers act.. and all there has to be is a national threat to the point that the secretary of defense can claim we are in a national state of emergency.. now I may be wrong but that is how I understood the cog bill.. congress can be sent home by any means necessary to keep Continuity Of Government…

  2. While you read the daily news think of this:

    There are NO countries in the world – as reported –
    only individuals looking out for their OWN benefits.
    Casa serrado ;-(

    • in the world you have the vast majority that are concerned about what’s going on and how they will survive daily.. in reality it all lands in a handful of peoples wishes.. we have what appears to be foreign powers that through finances special gifts bribes vacations sex..I talked once with a man that hires lobbyists to get things done..when asked his response was..they haveess than a minute to decide if what they have to do is pay out cash wine and dine them get them laid or just set it in front of them. BLM and Antifa..had people running around instigating and contributing to thevriots..from what I have read none of them even was told bad boy while there are others still sitting in jail that was present on January 6..even tjough there’s rumors that there were Instigators from agencies directing the peaceful marchers into herd mentality..the same thing as what blm and antifa did..
      we don’t fight wars to protect and defend our country it seems as if we fight wars so so.eone that has the ear if our politicians will have us gaining them more of whatever they feel they need..

  3. “coupled with infrastructure attacks on the grid, power plants, and what-not.” George you might want to consider not having any ironmen in the game after next Wednesday! Let them and you take a 4 day holiday and see what happens on the the 27th. Just a thought!

    • In NM, real estate taxes are billed in November and due by early December. Whether or not to make sure these are paid by early next week(with receipts) is the question! I don’t understand the “ironmen” statement, but it seems that owing nothing and raising the drawbridge on your life is the thought. Is clearing the taxes for the next year prudent, or is it simply relinquishing hard cash? I’m not really sure at this point.

      • Hi NM Mike. Street slang for E Pluribus Unum! Long green that used to be worth 100 pennies prior to 1913 and the creation of the monster from Jekyll Island. Buying power now maybe 3 cents and that’s being generous.

      • I’m in MI.

        I usually pay property taxes ASAP, as soon as I get the bill in the mail. Next day and cash. Then I don’t have to worry about the banks closing and the payment resets the forfeit clock.

        “Parcels are forfeited to the county treasurers when the real property taxes are in the second year of delinquency. Real property taxes which remain unpaid as of March 31 in the third year of delinquency are foreclosed upon by the Foreclosing Governmental Unit (FGU).”

  4. On the other hand………..

    Yo Greenshades – moar Humint for youse all to chew on.

    This recent interaction struck me hard, as the realization of just how bad things are getting for the “Normies” out there in land of the desiccated house plant.
    Last remaining in-law passed last year – wealthy dude – left a sizable legacy for his heirs. Part of this legacy was insane amounts of Saving Bonds and I mean Insane. Side note those bad boys have done pretty well, with II’s looking lil rich at present.
    Anyway pain in da ass Redeeming a stack of these bad boys at local bank branch of super major bank. Bank generates a 1099 – so best to have them do whole lot of mature savings bond redemption’s.
    Manager had to come out and investigate the transactions going down – it was during this time that Rep mentioned he has been inundated with Customers redeeming UN-mature savings bonds ie cashing em out below PAR, for past several months. This bank branch is in the wealthiest county in Pennsyltucky, so when I hear shit like peeps are struggling to make ends point at each other, let alone meet – I get defensive..and very fucking ANGRY.

    * last time BCN spent anytime with cold water hose, sharpening stone and my trusty kabar, was night of israhell’s attack on twintowers/nyc.
    ** My right fore arm is slightly burned this AM, but smooth as a baby butt..WB is packed..been 38 yrs or so. Guess I know now why I have been working out like a mad dog past year..sniff sniff ?

    nothing !

    • Seasonality, X-mas rally, oversold conditions blahblah blah – somebody blew up that was enormous and threatened the entire globe – prolly connected to Japan with that phony move in the Yen – incredible amount of dough injected for a near vertical move – it will come to surface at some point but the leverage must have been enormous …..
      TEF -T-4 he may may be right some century

      • Softbank is most likely culprit – masa son usually shits the bed on massive bets – $4 billion in Call Options on the FAANG 7 – thats some leverage there..

        We might be close on the Bitcoin pullback. Looking for a pull back to the $30k-$32k area of the chart. Didnt expect BTC to cross over and up the MA ‘s so soon, thought it would be AFTER the GG- SEC decision.

        – moar delays – as expected and posted – no decision till Jan now..

        Equate G genslar to tits on a Bull..udderly useless.

  5. You say they are going to bring the biden crime family before congress for questioning under oath , hmmm. If they don’t show up , who is going to enforce the subpoenas? fbi won’t, doj won’t , capital po po won’t ,and I doubt if the federal marshals would considering who controls them. No , pedo joe and his crime family will slide .

    • Silly Boy.. with the agencies heads..telling congress to suck Walley.. we are in serious trouble and there is very little that congress can do about any of it…. Do you really think they will show up.. or say anything Lets see.. I have no recollection of that let me study it and get back to you…. Consider this.. Congress is on a what month long vacation.. Congress is also scheduled to be off next week and most of December for the upcoming holidays, making progress on anything to cross over until after january 20th.. then they are off all but what two days.. seriously do you think they can do anything.. LOL LOL .. hell I bet they are still debating which toilet paper they should stock the capital bathrooms with LOL LOL…
      I am going to venture a guess.. that everyone that is being called in is having a team of lawyers dictate what they say.. a list of questions submitted for review..
      Absolutely NOTHING….. is going to come of any of this whatsoever.. its a dead pony campaign issue that will be dragged around the stage arena for the election.. first congress would actually have to go to work.. what a four letter word.. my god how could we expect them to do that.. LOL
      uncle jay explains it pretty good…..

  6. “You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it.”

    Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas)
    Wall Street (1987)

    • the vast majority of the people out here.. in the public arena are all dependent on social programs to get by.. Mom and pop stores are being forced to close.. and what was in the news Yesterday is there are more countermeasures coming out to make it more expensive for the average live from payday to payday to have higher costs.. employers don’t offer health insurance anymore.. well at least for the workers.. and no retirement funds.. daycare is a whole other object.. and those illegals are getting more than the average elderly on social security..

    • the good news on this.. is if Biden gets his nuclear war.. and there are only ten million people left alive in the USA.. we won’t have to worry about those things.. it will be communities that pull together

  7. ya got a basement full of rabid racoons, the only one willing to go remove them is TRUMP, but you don’t like his personality, well a lot of folks did not like Patton either, I say get over it and hire the only one willing to put his ass on the line to save this Republic
    It is MAGA against the UNIparty
    Russia Russia Russia , Mueller bull cheese, then TWO impeachments, then the Jan 6th lies, and now he is in 4 indictments by the deep state
    I like RFKjr but like ya stated only for his vax stance, he has gun issues and there are some other things
    Nikki is a war whore, so to speak a UNIparty leader/follower

    Trump, by his Supreme picks got rid of an anchor tying America down spiritually, Roe v Wade. The US Constitution was supported by this decision. The depp staters hate the US Constitution. Baal/Molock worshippers want their baby food. They do not throw the aborted HUMAN fetus away

    So, what flavor of pudding do you like? Is anyone else attacked by the media, print, TV, or radio by the likes of vitriol they have spewed against Trump,,, ever? maybe Nixon,,, he took the road out offered to him,,, Trumps told them to go fuck themselves, game on,, thus all the troubles that followed,,, he is the man of the hour on a GLOBAL scale ,,, ,,, unless ya go with the UNIparty/ONE WORLD ORDER solution of continued wars slavery and human sacrifice,,, specially babies

    guess I will go watch the stock mkt show, a controlled gaming est.,,, they own it and have tools to cheat ure with

    I never have figured out how they get us to by tulips,,, how are they useful? what is the useful value of an imaginary?
    sorry we only accept tulips as payment???
    electron money can and will be shut off if you do not follow the controllers commands, think or speak wrong, you no buy or sell,,, end of game,,, you lose.
    imaginary wallet might be safe, but can you use it when you lose access to internet,,, I have to wait at the gas station for verification just to use a bank card,,, I have no tulips,,,, goods and services have value,,,
    I see DWAC has finally had a couple of good days
    I wonder IF DWAC/Truth and ‘X’ will merge some day?
    pure speculation on my hopium

    • It’s not personality. Its character.

      Did you hear that biden was found liable for rape? Wanted to suspend the constitution, have the military seize voting machines and declare martial law? Did you hear that biden pays more income tax in china, with that money actually supporting the chicom government, than biden pays in US income taxes? Did you hear that phone call where biden tried to extort a foreign government to get involved in US elections? Or when biden was caught on tape asking russia to get involved in US elections and russia did? How about the tape of biden saying he grabs women by their privates because he’s a celebrity?

      that’s all trump, not biden. if you would still consider voting for trump your character is beyond questionable.

      • Your pseudonym is a misnomer. I suggest you try “TDS” instead:

        Did you hear that biden was found liable for rape?

        No, Mr. Biden’s rapes have been buried and kept out of public view/review.

        Wanted to suspend the constitution, have the military seize voting machines and declare martial law?

        No, actually suspended the Constitution, had foreign agents seize voting machines, and is likely to declare Martial Law.

        Did you hear that biden pays more income tax in china, with that money actually supporting the chicom government, than biden pays in US income taxes?

        Yes. Shameful, isn’t it?

        Did you hear that phone call where biden tried to extort a foreign government to get involved in US elections?

        Yes, and also where both he and his former employer actually did get involved in foreign elections, and suborned the overthrow of several democratically-elected governments.

        Or when biden was caught on tape asking russia to get involved in US elections

        No, it was China he invited to involve themselves in our elections — and China not only did, but is still involved.

        How about the tape of biden saying he grabs women by their privates because he’s a celebrity?

        No, Biden didn’t do this. He merely involved himself sexually with his daughter and granddaughters.

  8. “…, our new net-zero energy food growing system ”
    – What is this ?
    – With my latest trade I now have enough lunch money to build a bigger-n-better green house. Been working on the idea and design for several months now – found the green house [ 10 x 20 – double walled and the bottom half will be triple glazed.] and have been working on the interior design and layout – beds / lights / watering / heat / venting & circulation / alarm systems …, etc. [ Do you have any idea just how many 8x8x3 inch concrete pavers it takes to cover a a 21×11 foot-print and how many time you have to move just one paver to get it in the right – level – place on a packed sand bed ? My back already hurts! ] But now here you come along with a whole new scheme ? WTH !? Are my plans dashed ??
    – OK.., OK…, I’ll wait.., but please post the details when available. I will run it up against my production green house plans / idea / vision and report back.

  9. Nikki could be the ‘lesser of two evils’. What do they say, “Just hold your nose.”

    Way back there Musk said buying Twitter was part of the ‘Everything App’.

    Elon Musk’s ‘everything app’ plan for X, in his own words

    During an employee all-hands, Musk said that Twitter became X to replace YouTube, LinkedIn, FaceTime, dating apps, and even your bank.”

    Nikki wants everyone on the Internet to be known.

    “Every person on social media should be verified by their name. It’s a national security threat,” Haley, a former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador, said Tuesday on Fox News. “When you do that, all of a sudden people have to stand by what they say and it gets rid of the Russian bots, the Iranian bots and the Chinese bots.”

    Indians are gaining in leadership roles.

    England – PM Rishi Sunak
    Scotland – PM Humza Yousaf
    Ireland – Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
    Wales – Mark Drakeford (parents are not publicly known.)

    Back during 8/22 –

    “Record 130-plus Indian-Americans at key positions in Biden administration”

    “Indians did not begin moving to the United States in large numbers until after a landmark 1965 immigration law. ”

    The only place I know where we can wager:

    Who will win the 2024 Republican presidential nomination?

  10. Personally – I really don’t give a damn who is elected in the next Presidential election., as it won’t really matter all that much. One will do this and the other will do that., but I do believe that we have gone over the tipping-point and are seriously off-balance as far as foreign relations and financial management are concerned.
    As stated – we are on a collision course with China., and also Russia. You can also add-in our national debt & deficit. And as I look around I don’t see any true leaders that can whip-out the ole trusty machete and hack our way through this jungle of a mess. It is too monetarily over-grown and politically entangled.
    With the Congress and Senate and Judicial Branches all bent on seeing just how much they can hate one another – not a damn thing will be accomplished., no matter the intentions, or glad-talk. Now, or a year from now. And the closer we get to the election, the more the hate meter will rise – publicly and behind the political curtain. It is inevitable.., when everything is failing, politician do nothing but point and blame and then form a new committee.
    Reality Check – I can’t do a damn thing about it, or them.., but I can do a whole hell of a lot regarding me-n-mine., and that is where my focus will be.., where my efforts will be.., where my out-look/planning will be.
    A Roma tomato plant in a five gallon bucket, sitting on the back patio is worth more to me then a quarter share of an imaginary number., or the belief that a new-to-the-desk politician can change the course we are on.
    I didn’t have any say in the course chosen., but I will do what I can to survive it., and as comfortably as I can.

    • amen… having been in the death spiral we are to far gone.. the wreckless activities the dual standards and wasteful spending has us over the top.. the most powerful economic force is compounding interest..
      the same force that if I had bought savings bonds by investing the same amount taken out of my paychecks for social security … I would have had a retirement nest egg over fifty million .. the reverse is happening to the usa..the interest on what we owe is at the doubling stage.. there isn’t enough income to pay for it.. and with Bric’s dethroning the dollar pound euro and all fiat currencies. they need to win this war to maintain power and keep value..if they don’t I see the currencies dropping in value Weimar style or Nero fiddling style..

      • Hell, I’ve got a Zim 100 Trillion Dollar note. I’ll pay off the debt. What, me worry? \(sarc)

        I’m with d’Lynn above. It doesn’t matter what we vote for (I haven’t in decades) or who thinks they run the show, or what the debt is. I’m taking care of me & mine.

    • I honestly don’t know. I thought Brownback was the best candidate, but held my nose and voted for Romney in 2008, because I also thought we were so close to the edge that only a business exec could “save” us. Then, Huckaby and McCain teamed up to beat Romney for the nomination, and toss the reins of the Presidency to George Soros (through Obama.)

      I thought we were done for.

      Despite the utter lawlessness of the Obama Administration, and his status of being unimpeachable in spite of such lawless acts and actions, we didn’t go completely down the tubes.

      Trump rescued us — a feat I considered nearly impossible.

      Despite having to fight all the Democrats, the media, big entertainment, Silicon Valley, and all the Republican sell-outs (which numbered nearly half the elected Repubes and those few in the Media), Trump performed miracles.

      Soros the younger may be more of a narcissistic, socialistic SOB than his daddy, but he’s also less patient. Accordingly, with him as Regent, Biden has actually done less damage than Obama did with George Soros running things. With Trump back in the saddle and a considerably larger contingent of constitutional republicans than in 2017, DJT might just be able to repeat the miracle and save our asses — or not, but Trump is much more likely to be successful than any other candidate, of any Party.

      Bill Tilghman, upon “signing on” to “tame a wild Western town,” was asked why he thought he could do the job. His reply (para.) was: “Maybe I can, maybe I can’t, but those people out there, THEY believe I can because I’ve done it before. As long as THEY believe I can do the job, I have a chance.”

      If you’ve read and remembered your Louis L’Amour library, you’ll recognize this because L’Amour used it in several of his novels. Louis L’Amour ran into Bill Tilghman, whom he considered the “fastest, fast gun” and the “greatest Western lawman” in the early 1920s and the two became friends. Tilghman even taught L’Amour how to “quick-draw” and how to shoot (and hit) a target without aiming. The quote I paraphrased was an actual quote of Tilghman’s, which L’Amour used with permission.

      The communists and fascists (and their useful idiots) hate Trump because they fear him. They fear Trump because he did the job before, and they believe that, if given an opportunity, he will do it again, and this time, do it much better…

  11. ‘George, interesting statement you made: “When we review presidents from Reagan on, we see actors, schmoozers, checkboxers, empire-builders, and scammers. Not exactly leadership by the best and brightest.” and how exactly would you qualify Michelle Obama?? with her years of experience in military, foreign, domestic economic affairs???
    Being elected to any political office It has nothing to do with qualification or experience and all to do with notoriety and face time on line and in the media. God are we screwed.
    I will say this for Michelle, she has a well placed mentor and as first lady she was able to manage the largest staff/entourage for that office in history. What more qualification do you need?

    • HE,,, big Mike is a he,,, the ‘she’ is a lie
      fits right in with the rest, they all know and Joan Rivers died for spilling the balls, I mean spilling the beans
      only Trump is an outsider, lacking membership with the pedos club

      • trump is a rapist who is on tape saying he grabs women by their privates because he is a celebrity. another two dozen named women accused trump of everything from rape to sexual assault. he’s on record as creeping on miss teens at the miss teen usa pageant. google any of it. or if you’re incapable lmk and i’ll post legitimate links.

        do you have any evidence to back up your delusions that biden belongs to some pedo club other than comet pizza?

        you’re a despicable human being to accuse someone of being a pedophile. that crap you better be able to back up!! right?!!?!?!

        • Oh, don’t you mean LIES OR CONsequences?

          Biden’s OWN daughter revealed her Father’s pedophilia in her diary.

          Tara Reid, she was finger raped by Biden, yeah, a finger, unannounced and unexpected and uninvited is still penetration and rape.

          Biden cheated with his 2nd wife (yeah, the Doctor) while married to his first wife. The Doctor cheated on her husband with Biden.

          They be riding in that Corvette for dinner and a date. All confirmed, if you cared to LOOK.

          Biden is a big ole bag of BS.

          So, come on….newby…

        • You’re talking about ‘hair sniffer Joe’, right? The guy who admitted ‘he couldn’t help himself’ around young girls? The guy in his daughter’s diary? THAT pedophile Joe?

        • We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.-William J. Casey, CIA Director

      • probably,,, or even maybe a slong
        talk about a diener
        dresses like a woman
        claims to be a woman
        Mike Robinson claims to be Michelle
        Tuck it under
        it is completely normal for ure chef to drown
        when seen in videos swimming like a fish in a pool
        Truth or dong, where is his/her pregnant photos?

      • al, et al ‘echo stench cowboys’, Longest serving Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, Republican, 15 mos prison for real sex abuse charges, not the invented and unproven charges in your demonization of Biden. Waiter, I’ll take the Reality Check now, When you point a finger, you point three fingers back at yourself…,sexual%20abuse%20of%20teenage%20boys.&text=Aurora%2C%20Illinois%2C%20U.S.

        • Hastert was a Bush buddy, a RINO, part of your UNIparty,, He was not a MAGA ,,, we say he got off light,,, hang him, fucking pedo

          Q has told US all alone there are more bad people in DC than good, both Dem and Rep
          just because he puts Republican in front of his name means nothing,,,
          wolf in sheeps clothing describes those who pretend to be good but fuck your children in the ass
          you and jay ‘Truth’ boy are slow to figure stuff out, need more help translating shit do ya?
          or is Greek to you
          and you bring up ,,, unproven charges, was not Trump found not guilty in the lying Jean case? but some lame ass judge did award her money,, not because of rape but because he defamed the lying fiction writer
          Believers of the lame stream media,,, propaganda swallowers
          even those who made ‘claims’ about Trump and sex, at least they are adults wishing they had sex with him, or just paid to lie
          Dream on and enjoy your bottle of wine,,, but keep a barf bag handy, this roller coaster is picking up speed, have check the new House videos?
          inside instigator, part of the fake insurrection, shit stirrer, cut free by capitol police,,,

          “Does anyone else get the feeling the guy getting uncuffed was an undercover Fed/cop?
          Probably there to instigate violence, got arrested for being too rowdy, told the cop he was an undercover, and the cop cut him loose where he thought nobody could see”

    • With Michelle, we get more years of Alex Soros running the country. She was a minor gangster/revolutionary but not good enough or notorious enough to get busted for her actions. Unfortunately, that is probably the closest thing to an actual qualification she has, for the job.

      George’s problem is he wants Jesus Christ to run for President, and I daresay, even were that to occur, the newsnerd in him would find fault in the selection.

      Trump pays his female employees 2.8% more than his male employees, because he pays people on merit, not genitals — so he’s sexist.

      When he was single, he dated women of all ethnicities, to the point of having several Black girlfriends, and brought Black and Hispanic entertainers and staff to Palm Beach, breaking its “glass ceiling” of being a “Whites only” community, so he’s racist.

      He has a Jewish daughter and SIL, and followed through on the “promise” every American President after Truman made, then welshed on, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel — so he’s antisemitic.

      He has a 50+ year history of making anonymous gifts, donations, and contributions to needy people and organizations, irrespective of race, creed, color, or religion, so he’s a bad man.

      He created a professional sports league and saved at least one professional sport, making a Black guy from Georgia the first $100,000,000 man in the sporting world, and he facilitated the concept of profit-sharing between franchise-owners and athletes, so he’s a bastard.

      He has never in his life had a drink, a smoke, or taken drugs, is a germophobe who’s a clean-fanatic and vitamin-freak, so he’s obviously going to sleep better in a bed full of Russian hooker piss…

      The people who wish to destroy the United States fear him so much that they have invented 94 fake felony charges with which to charge him, shopped into courts in which he cannot possibly get an honest trial, in an effort to prevent him from becoming President. Yet some people still believe we should have a President whom the America-haters and their whores in the media, like and approve… Hmmm, I think I may have figured out why we are so completely fucked, as a society and as a nation.

  12. The AI-GPT engine claiming that the mRNA injections cannot affect or change your DNA is totally wrong! There are many reverse transcriptases available within the cell, and possibly more after injection that can, under uncertain circumstances, copy parts or all of the mRNA pattern into the DNA genome. This is even more true of the naked mRNA injections due to their liposomal only protection, allowing a greater dose into many diverse cells since there’s nothing sufficiently antigenic exposed to provoke an instant immune response to the actual mRNA. The elicited immune response is mostly to the end product(spike protein) from co-opting the cell infrastructure. The mRNA injections are essentially a functional RNA virus without the ability to self-replicate(in most cases). Of course, if reverse transcribed into the DNA genome, the pattern could express unpredictably, unless those who designed it know far more about histone manipulation and other factors in gene expression than they’ve admitted.

    This post was written entirely by hand without the dubious benefit of AI-GPT.
    Take from it what you will.

    • And now it has come out that the ‘vaccines’ are contaminated with DNA itself. Seems the AI missed that bit of news… perhaps intentionally?

  13. “seems we are getting close to the Middle East spilling onto home soil. Hamas could be planning terror attacks on American soil – FBI. If it happens, remember where you heard it was coming”

    Do you think……they have only said for fifty years that that was how it would be.. it’s the poison pawn trap..divide and conquer..get us running around the world using up our strategic reserves then sneak in the Trojan horse.

    • They gotta have a false flag to get all the Juniors – young Men and Women and all convaluted’s in between… into Patriotic Fervor!!!

      Enlistment is down….

      They want your children, the baby boomer’s kids and Grandkids, mostly White, to FIGHT the BANKER’s WARS….

      Come on!!! Can’t you see it? Can’t you feel it???

      It’s called Genocide, and it’s what’s on the Agenda.

  14. I said it before and I repeat
    FIX PEDOGATE and most all other problems fade away
    PizzaGate is PedoGate
    the debunker was arrested for,,, wait for it,,,

    pedo stuff

    can’t ya see,,,, aye Skippy

    it is a global issue that will/is to come out
    remember Epstein was Mossad, mossad is the controller of 5 eyes, the spy agencies,,, CIA included,
    rule by blackmail, bribery, threats and assassination
    Chuckie Schumer said
    “Schumer warns Trump: Intel officials ‘have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you'”

    Mossad also controls Humas,,,, now do ya see?
    They get you to hate either Israel or Palestine and to get us to fight each other over a situation they created.
    It is a trap, do not go in ,,, chose US instead

    Gislaine Maxwell’s daddy was Mossad

  15. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the Rise and fall of the American Empire are very Similar, They both rot from the Head down. Once it starts there is no Stopping it Enjoy the trip.

  16. Who doesn’t like a good story?? Is it prophecy or entertainment? But sometimes we need to listen to the truth tellers, the dream slayers. Those who walked this earth before the birth of time. A time when the air was viscous, sticky, tactile and the world was bathed in another light, a warm yellow glow from another sun, and yet the same sun. The web of interconnectedness was not an abstract concept but tangible, part of the chrysalis of life itself as it struggled to be free. There are those who remember. And wait.

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