Eye on Two Turkeys

One, of course, will be the bird destined for the table in a week and a half. But the other is making waves in all kinds of ways this weekend.

With the imminent expansion of the Middle East warfare to a 1,500-mile front stretching from Kiev to Egypt, a rational person might ask “With war in the air, why is the market going up?”

Damn fine question, that.  We begin the trail to truth in New York City, of all places. Where the feds have been busy.

Oh, yes, the detective work extends to the ChartPack, as well where we may be seeing signs of a manic break just ahead…

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45 thoughts on “Eye on Two Turkeys”

  1. “With the imminent expansion of the Middle East warfare to a 1,500-mile front…”

    Reminds me of: JUST SAY NO!! What’s the use? ;-(

    • that is definitely a bad….. CHOICE…. then as they uncover more corruption and more deviance theres more countermeasures tossed out.. if your staring hell in the eyes you really dont give a hoot which family members are screwing whom and so what about their corrupt deviant lifestyles.. it’s being able to live and lead a normal life your concerned about..

        • Saddly.. they have already hijacked our govt..
          Rand Paul had something to say to the state department..
          My ancestors from one side of my family went directly back to the USA before the Revolution.. they had their issues.. and the most famous one was hated up until my mothers generation..I saved one of his baskets.. I was a toddler used it to put my toys in then comic books.. then books.. now it sits in a shed..the handle is broken on the basket.. a berry basket.. anyway.. I am positive that they are all flipping sumersaults in their graves.. the whole line of them.. this country was on the verge before.. now we have flipped.. they will go to war.. ( war has always been profitable.. the difference is we don’t have the industry we had.. our industry is in another country) but they will go to war to maintain their position in control.. only if we win.. this war no one will win.. the industry and the ones we will pick a fight with all have as much or more munitions we have.. we are being played with the poison pawn trap.. our leadership has sold out our country for some pocket change .. and without a war.. then the families that have been in control for thousands of years.. will just have to move over and allow a more rounded control.. with a multipolar economic.. the bric’s can take the dollar down now….



          The war with Israel and Gaza.. well that is horror on all sides.. and there are a slew of issues that has me wondering.. what???
          good innocent people on all sides are being killed maimed and suffering beyond belief.. it makes me sad..
          But.. the Leviathan oil and gas field and the destruction of the NordStream gas pipeline comes to mind .. with winter coming fast.. all the NATO countries that relied on Nordstream is suffering.. gaining control of that gas field is at stake in keeping Europe warm this winter..
          None of what I see makes any sense to me.. and all of what I see makes me sad.. mankind will have to deal with what our leaders are creating.. and the absolute best that I can see this ending with is.. the worst depression in history of modern civilization.. the burning of Rome and Nero fiddling will be replaced with the history of Biden playing his Kazoo..


          Zimbabwe and Argentina are a couple of modern examples and their situation was created with less damage done than what this administration is doing for what appears to be personal profit and gain.. we are whats that word.. DOOMED… to suffer the countermeasures he is tossing at the people..
          an open border.. with millions of people..
          a war on multiple fronts..
          untethered spending on these things.. I wish rand paul or Ted Cruise would run for office.. then again.. they would put restraints on everything and be attacked nonstop for twenty four hours a day seven days a week and then dragged through courtrooms to disgrace and make them paupers..
          the prices we pay now will be multiplied exponentially in the next couple of years.. just watch.. I have been in the economic death spiral it isn’t any fun.. and we are so over the edge now.. I don’t honestly see how they can flip it.. without claiming bankruptcy or winning a war on multiple fronts.. to keep our command structure the way it presently is.. down grading the dollar to a negative.. that is the first step in having to sell for less.. got to many ripe banana’s.. they reduce the price to get them out the door.. that is the dollar.. the banana is rotting and we need more..
          Of course this is coming from someone that has no banana’s in the box.. I live payday to payday and scrape by.. I scrape by better than most but it still is scraping by.. with what I have.. and am dependent on the morons at the top for general survival.. and will comply with their direction.. that is how Adolph got control.. the people had to rely on the system he had put in place.. its no different here either..

        • as for the dishwasher built in Turkey and the parts that came from China.. dam that is nice.. I think it is quiet.. I believe it is much simpler.. the shock to me was scientists in turkey make forty dollars a year.. engineers make about a nickle a day or thirty four dollars a year.. the laborers.. they have a quota and make three cents a day.. and if they didn’t get their quota done they have to finish it up at home.. LOL.. the cost for me to ship the unit back to the factory is seven to eight times what I paid for it.. the salesman made thirty percent of gross sales as his commision.. the factory shipped it fifteen thousand miles then another journey to the wastelands.. what did they sell it for.. looking on sites in turkey the cost was rediculously low which is why we buy all of our industry outside the usa.. its less than one hour of minimum wage..
          considering that information.. how much do we spend in military equipment.. and what do you think they spend for the same equipment.. if they are spending half of what we put in they are buying more than we are at those prices..

    • and another reason to expedite the war!
      but why keep drawing down our strategic reserves? that really is baffling to me..drawing them down and then expanding the conflicts and allowing illegals to enter from areas that swore vengence..doesn’t make sense..granted the vast majority of them are jyst trying to be safe it’s the small percentage that’s bad..

      • Maybe it’s more than a small percentage.

        A part of the “oneworld communist State” is leveling everyone’s wages. The average income, worldwide, per family, is ~$1.70/hr. (in 2020 dollars). That average includes the income of all the world’s uber rich — the oligarchical class. If you read and study Marx, you’ll see he had no problem with wealthy people. Marx’ “bourgeoisie” are the middle and upper middle class, not the oligarchical class. Accordingly, Marxists will badmouth the wealthy, but have no intention of ever depriving them of their wealth or stature. So, minus the wealthy class (which the commies won’t touch unless they oppose the takeover), the worldwide income average is 72 cents per hour.

        The object of the neodemocrats (they’re really Marxist-communists, but there are 103 of them in Congress, so it’s somehow not PC to call ducks, ducks) is to make the United States so poor that there is little “sticker shock” when the iron fist is imposed on everyone, everywhere.

        This is why the Administration is “drawing down” our resources and sucking up the personal wealth of the middle class.

        I hope you are prepared to survive on $8.63 a day. After the take-over, whether wages, pension, or welfare, that is all any of us will be allowed to have…

  2. “the usefulness of a major war cannot be overstated. ”

    Like the usefulness of highway crashes to automakers.

    Since war is here we should brainstorm benefits if there is a large battle involving the U.S…

    The demographic lost keeps competition in the current workforce down, “Overall, the average age of the Active Duty force is 28.3 years”. Since replacements won’t be online to replace, job security & wage increases for the existing labor pool.

    “Buy when there is blood in the streets”.

    Anyone buying land in Gaza right now is getting the bargain of the Millennium. As Gaza is redeveloped under the Israeli flag the place will look like Miami in no time. Where’s a Gaza ETF?

    The loss of demographic means less new families so that’ll put downward pressure on the housing market. Sellers should sell now and buyers should wait for the accumulation phase to begin.

    Past performance from dub, dub, 2:

    “There’s nothing like the impending arrival of 15 million war vets to help jumpstart a devastated housing market. After a 90 percent drop in production of new homes at the beginning of the Great Depression, homeownership hit a century low of 43.6 percent in 1940—four points lower, even, than when the Depression began. Then, to make matters worse, in April 1942, the War Production Board issued Order L-41, which brought non-war-related housing construction to a grinding halt. When the order was lifted a month after the war ended, Time magazine declared, “Builders got the go-ahead for their biggest boom yet, almost entirely free of government control.”

    It was true. By the time Order L-41 was lifted, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had already signed into law one of the most powerful pieces of postwar legislation: the G.I. Bill of Rights.”

    We can get a taste of the Kiev to Caro line fortification:

    Aerospace & Defense ETF List


      • Of course you realize Gaza City is 24 miles from Greater Jerusalem, and about 40 miles from the center of Jerusalem, so it makes perfect sense to drop a nuke in Gaza — maybe three or four…


      • they will still find a way to get the old and gas out of the Leviathan oil and gas field.. even tjough Israel, Gaza, and Egypt ans Iran will be nuclear wastelands..

    • “if there is a large battle involving the U.S…”

      hmm eight of our 11 carrier battle groups headed towards the middle east..what could go wrong..Canadian preppers post last night hits home..along with monkeys.

      • The article on Warnews24/7 says that the 8 Carrier Groups are in both the Atlantic and Pacific and can head toward the Mediterranean, the Baltic or Taiwan and South China Sea.

        Basically, they can go where needed.

    • It’s one thing to buy land in Gaza. It’s an entirely different thing to maintain marketable title to such land throughout this war and into a hopefully stable regime going forward. Insiders probably know how, but for the rest of us, it’s pure speculation.

    • my oh my what a useful link ya gave US,,,

      “Luxury yachts
      While some rich people are planning to stay safe in luxury land bunkers, others are taking to the sea to hide out.

      And there is no better way to sail the seas than in a massive luxury yacht.

      These vessels can range anywhere from 120 feet to over 300 feet and come equipped with an insane amount of amenities.

      In 2021, 887 superyachts were sold globally, which is a 77% increase from the previous year, the Post noted.

      One person who invested in not one, but two such yachts is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

      Get citizenship in another country
      Google co-founder Larry Page obtained his New Zealand citizenship in 2021.

      New Zealand was one of the least impacted countries when COVID-19 was running rampant.

      And now, it’s becoming one of the most sought-after places to live for wealthy individuals.

      But even before then, Page mentioned that he and his buddy Peter Theil, who co-founded PayPal, would escape to Theil’s private compound there should society ever collapse.


      I wonder what diesel storage additive they use? looooong term

      • Boats capsize, no matter how big they are. This is why Bill Gates spent the money 20 years ago to buy a decommissioned USNavy submarine and have it outfitted as a luxury survival ark.

    • (Sigh!) Speaking of hoarding…. another irresistible offer of 50% off Mountain House. Thanks, n___. Now where am I going to hide/store this case full? The end of the world may not be televised, but it will be well fed.

      • I resisted, this time.

        I didn’t let LOOB’s ravings convince me to save up my Drachmas and buy a freeze-dryer, just so I could drop 60 bucks a pop on #10 cans…

    • n
      Thanks for the “heads up” and link. I placed an order …. meats only.

      I have plenty of basics but storing canned meats is a PITA (imo). Had a few cans go bad on me over the last couple of years so am very nervous about letting them age too long. This sale is a good way for me to “pump up” my food basics for the near term.

      btw … I have found that the 1# bag of Hurst’s “15 Bean Soup” (CAJUN version) (dried beans) from Wal-Mart makes a HUGE pot of bean soup … which is excellent on it’s own or spooned over a bed of rice. The “Cajun” spices in the bag spice the beans up enough that they have a slight kick to them. Throw in a pound of ham (regular or canned) and it is very tasty. A LOT of food for not much money. One of my “winter” fixins that I can then eat on for many many meals.


  3. “Thanks to the prospects of being into a recession – or worse – by my February birthday, if you insist, a new Icom 7851 would be a dandy present, lol…”

    Have you been taking ‘Biden Brand Lessons’? You can buy your own 7300 for $12.000 less… before inflation gets to IT.

  4. Forbidden Planet (1956)

    Commander John J. Adams: Whatever you know in here, your other self knows out there.

    Dr. Edward Morbius: [angrily] I’m not a monster, you…

    Commander John J. Adams: [grappling with Morbius] We’re all part monsters in our subconscious, so we have laws and religion!

  5. Want to see and hear something that’ll knock your socks off, make your jaw drop and say quietly and reverently –
    It fits the World as we know it now, too. Get quiet for a minute in a quiet room and then hit the link and prepare yourself for exquisite beauty and sound. If you have a decent sound system so much the better.


    If we’re only a shadow of Him how much more can He be?

    • First Comment said it all. “Three Geniuses at work here. Bach, the Organ Builder, and the Organist” I am in awe of a person who demonstrates such ‘Quadri-dexterity’ with both hands and feet while reading little squiggle marks on paper.

    • I have heard this played hundreds of times in church, at organ recitals and in cathedrals in Europe but never like this. If she played it over Bach’s grave, I am sure he would applaud.

      Hopefully everyone here has a set of full range speakers on their computer and take 10 minutes out of their life to play it. Just incredible.

      Not sure I could ever develop enough musical talent to even turn the pages and push the organ stops for this young lady.

      Thanks for sharing.

        • I wonder how long it took for “The Great Ones” to transcribe their inspirations to paper? In a World of zero radios, perpetual entertainment, knowledge of almost nothing but what you see outside your own window (hopefully high enough to avoid the stench), pretty much just your own thoughts, what came through could be World-changing. Bill and Ted needed to go back in Time and stay there.

          On the side bar next to this video was also a video of Ms. Khatia Buniatishvili (you’re danged right I copied and pasted that!) rendition of “Rhapsody In Blue”. I had to check and see if she ever came to the States but, alas, the answer is no. Eat your rotten hearts out all you women musicians of today.

        • @Bill

          “I wonder how long it took for “The Great Ones” to transcribe their inspirations to paper?”

          With a little practice, it takes about as long to write a note on a staff (the 5-line thingy) as it does to print a lower-case “p” or “d.” We typically “scrawl” the notes out as they’re composed or arranged (I arranged other people’s music. Composing music is “high art” and I have the artistic aptitude of a rock), then they were redone by a music transcriber or calligrapher (which takes about 4x as long, but makes something that the musicians can actually read & play.)

        • Ray – I don’t remember what movie it was, maybe “Amadeus”, but there was a man that was the king’s official music writer that became jealous of the main character when it became obvious the title character had a natural talent that far surpassed his. I understand it’s a movie but when the king’s musician looked at the music on paper the music, more or less, played in his head and he immediately knew his days were numbered. This is something I’ve never been able to do even for the short times I’ve been able to understand what’s written on the page before I’d forget it all over again. Living with music would be wonderful but it’s like me also wanting to speak German with all too few to use it with.

          What I’m wondering is how did the geniuses of history combine all the various parts of the orchestra’s assigned notes along with pace and texture of the music? Surely they didn’t write it all out in a few hours without the help of a live orchestra to try out various renditions until something fit?

        • “What I’m wondering is how did the geniuses of history combine all the various parts of the orchestra’s assigned notes along with pace and texture of the music?”

          That’s why I said it was “high art.” They “hear” the tempos, textures (good word for it), and “interplay” in their minds and use a piano (harpsichord, in Bach’s time) if they need to confirm a pitch or harmony (generally, they don’t. The only way I can describe this is “their brains have perfect pitch…”) They will generally “write” between 4 and 7 “songs” in their heads — the melody, principal harmony, and various counterpoints, all designed to be played concurrently to produce a cacophony of polyphonic pleasure for the listener.

          How successful they are may be seen by how frequently a Saint-Saëns (Carnival of the Animals) or a Shostakovich (Symphony No.5 in D minor, Op. 47) is played by your local Philharmonic.

  6. “With the imminent expansion of the Middle East warfare to a 1,500-mile front”

    Elections have consequences.

    By allowing a bunch of cheaters to choose an incompetent, dishonest, habitual liar over a highly-competent executive whose greatest vice is making generally true, but caustic comments, the snowflakes are no longer butthurt over Trump’s tweets. However, thanks to their acceptance of said cheating, we are now at a point where there may not be a 2024 General Election, simply because there’s a nonzero probability that none of us will be alive, to vote.

  7. “Pope Francis removes Strickland of Diocese of Tyler, Texas . Can’t criticize the pontiff on social issues…”

    Ha! I have no problem, criticizing Pope Karl. It troubles me no end that out of 1.5bln Catholics on Earth, over a billion of ’em blindly follow this Satanic communist as he perverts what little of Catholic doctrine and dogma still has merit.

    Strickland doesn’t like pedos, was a critic of the COVID-19 power grab and lockdowns:

    “…calling the pandemic a “pretext” on the part of unnamed actors to manipulate people and restrict their freedoms, including freedom of worship. The petition called the pandemic restrictions “a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control.”

    and called the Pope out for defending pedo-priests, supporting Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó’s letter calling for the Pope to resign.

    Sorry, Strickland sounds like my kind of people…

  8. “Paranoia and the Family Budget – a new home entertainment scam is back for another run: New speaker scrambles as gov’t shutdown approaches. In theory, Social Security will keep going. But the inferences will be let loose by the political dogs again..”

    New Speaker has made three budget proposals, any of which would be passed by the House if they brought one to the floor. The whiners argue the Republicans can’t pass a spending bill because the Democrats in the Senate will 86 it, and if they don’t, Biden will veto it.

    Now, I thought I understood how this process worked. If the Repube-controlled House sends a bill to the Dumbo-controlled Senate and the Senate fails to pass on a party-line vote, ISTM the Dems should catch the heat because the Repubs DID their job.

    Am I wrong?

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