Fed Week – CPI Tomorrow – T-shirt Monday

From the top of the heap:

The Fed Open Market Committee gavels in tomorrow morning, about this time.  Which is a serious point of hype for markets.  Consider for example:

  • “Nothing Money” (Bitcoins, based on made-up numbers) made a run at the $45,000 level this weekend. But they failed and dropped under the $42.500 mark before the market open.  Is BTC trying to tell us something?
  • Earlier today, 98.4 percent of the CME Fed Watch tool participants were expecting no change.  However, 1.6 percent (I don’t count) think that a rate increase (some additional hawkishness) may be in the wings.  That would trash the market, but nothing is certain.
  • Tomorrow morning, we’ll have the Labor Dept.’s latest CPI reading and the key number to watch will be the “All Items – Less food and energy” segment.  Recently, the price of energy has been falling, but is it enough? We’re thinking not.  The Fed is looking at core inflation and their target is 2 percent– not the 4-something we have been running.

Overall, we are in agreement with the Fed’s “higher for longer” outlook because the economy is just too damn hot for its own good presently.

As I underscored last week, if you look at the month-0n-month total civilian employment in the Labor Department database, there were 747-thousand more people working in the latest reporting month. Go to Bureau of Labor Statistics Data (bls.gov) and put in Civilian Employment.

There, you will see that since the dip in May of this year, the economy has (pay attention!) added nearly a million jobs.

Yes, it could be argued, but the headline hype-o-rama was “non-farm.”  Oh yeah? So, half a million more farm jobs in, what month was it?  See why news writers and columnists hit the sauce kinda hard?

Besides, with (where are we?) 16.87 million illegals in the country, why play the “non-farm” (and other qualifiers) game with the public Mind?

We are appalled the Labor PR folks printed “Employment Situation Summary – 2023 M11 Results  with that +199,000 figure headlining.  Don’t they read their own shit? There’s the lookup, maybe you can read better than the GS-15s.

Real employment was, almost certainly, not the measly 199-thousand made-up hype number (looking for lower rates) that financial shills and cons were spewing.  See the historical numbers there for yourself. Don’t take anyone’s word about Reality, anymore.  It’s gone, gone, gone…

Anyway, CPI tomorrow, Fed is likely to waffle again Wednesday, so they will talk a good game but not change anything major.  Let the market fall where it will.

The Long-Wave Econ Nightmare

Gratis – our ongoing comparison of this economic cycle – the one with the ending-pending – looks like this:

The odds of the markets going on to new all-time (higher than Nov. 2021) levels, seems sketchy and remote to us. But, since we’ve taken a 40 percent gain in our own portfolio down to single digits by getting too aggressive on the downside, we’ll try to remember to be more patient waiting for collapse.  It will be here…when it gets here.

If you’re marking up your calendar, this Friday is options, the one following will be closed for Good Friday  ERROR: Yes – we made one. Markets are open. I gotta clean my g;lasses@ (though we’ve seldom seen a really Bad Friday from this working man’s perspective).  Monday the 25th is Christmas closing of everything.

Hats off early to USPS, UPS, and FedEx who will all be playing Santa on Good Friday.  Well, except FedEx Express and Freight which will be on a modified schedule. Which they didn’t send us.

Losing Ukraine

Not going well in the cold and snows of Eastern Europe.  We assume you know the VDV’s are the  vozdushno-desantnye voiska?  The equivalent of our Airborne.  So, when you read headlines in foreign news sources to the idea that Ukrainian soldiers: “Ammunition, finally!” – VDVs advance deep into Ukrainian defenses – They dispersed 10 strongholds with swarms of drones and artillery, we can assume Christmas will be a total shitshow in this part of the world.

Also bothersome: Biden to host Ukrainian president at White House on Tuesday: White House. But hold it, Bubba.  Seems to us he has somewhere else to be.  Like back home, fighting a war, right?

Similarly, Gaza

So, midst of Chanukah, are we?  Does this sound like it? Fighting intensifies across Gaza, raising alarm over potential exodus into Egypt | Reuters

Meantime, the nose-counters are on outbound dialing missions: Most Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of Israel-Hamas war — CBS News poll. They didn’t call us, for some reason. We must be on a “poison opinion do not call list” somewhere.

Because we point out stories like “See the new U.S. high-water mark in political bullshit-speak?” Blinken says Israel’s ‘intent’ to protect Gaza civilians ‘not always manifesting themselves’. Yah think? Both the brain and the olfactories are offended in equal measure. We’re braced for a low profile Christmascide while attention is elsewhere, under the tree.

Yessir, we’re really into the Christmas Spirit now, ain’t we?

Tearing Down the Wires

Pom-poms for President!  Haley Leads Biden By 17-Points in Possible 2024 Matchup, Trump Leads by 4: Poll – The Messenger

Cash to pops, anyone? GOP Chips Away at Resistance to Biden Impeachment.

Romney STILL doesn’t get it: Romney says he doesn’t see ‘any’ evidence to back House’s Biden impeachment attempt. I’d be pleased to share my eye doctor’s contact info.  Maybe he needs “seeing things” help?

Money in Good Company:  Parades payoff is the lesson? M & A News: Macy’s (NYSE:M) Receives $5.8 Billion Buyout Bid – TipRanks.com And by our calculations now, it will only take 8-1/2 Apple-sized companies to zero-out the U.S. Federal (*squandering) debt. Because? Apple could reach four trillion dollar market cap next year – analysts.

Around the Ranch: T-Shirt Monday

The Big Seasonal Change arrived as I got out of the shower this morning.  Over my head went the Beefy-T. Warmth was around here somewhere and it was time to get with the season.

See, I have this theory that people’s bodies put on weight if they run body temps too cold during the winter months.  Living on a west coast sailboat for over a decade (freezing my ass off, a good portion of that) I got used to throwing on a shirt (only) and getting-a-move-on. Not Wim Hoff but going that way.

Lately, I have been thinking that by operating too cold, I might be encouraging the body fat to transition from nice burnable white fat to yellow/brown adipose over winter.  You know, like motor oil thickens up when it gets cold, too.

Thus, in the name of science, I am back into thick crew-neck T-shirts until March.

Quite a change of personal lifestyle, since in the corporate days, people would come into my office and ask, “You aging beef in here?

Could be something else, though, perish the thought: Older people like things a bit warmer.

How Cold Was It? It was so cold that I experienced a “MIN-TEMP ERROR:  Print bed failed to heat. Reset” error on my big 3D printer.

I’d been printing up nesting part boxes and was about to roll off some 5-compartment storage units when the error showed up.  Turns out, 3D printers are not happy at 15C or colder, so I just have to wait until, oh, about noon today before it’s warm enough.  Either that or move Printer Alley into the guest room, but that doesn’t sound like fun, either. Heat gun?

Reader Hank is applying to be my Seed Dealer:  By mentioning that out on the Big Island in Hawaii he saw a Vanilla tree/bush seedling this weekend. It would be a dandy house plant, I figure. But too cold to ship this time of the year, so begging him to ship a couple is off until the Thaw.

Christmas Weather: Looks OK here. High of 62 and lows around 47.  Still getting tomatoes out of the greenhouse, thanks to the Chineseum diesel heater which is putting along reliably as ever.

There’s something on a homestead I think of as “happy noises.”  These include the various animal sounds (we will be doing chickens this spring). But other sounds are the thump of a diesel fuel pump for a heater (city-slickers know nothing of such matters).  I’m still scheming to get a slow-speed Lister Diesel before that becomes a Class 1 felony with the stupid Houseplant/over-ride for p0ps’ administration.

Making Turkey Dinner:  I did a pretty serviceable pot roast, ultra slow-cooked Sunday from about 7 AM to 5 PM.  My follow-up gourmet cooking routine today?  Clicking the Kroger’s site for a Christmas Turkey Dinner.  Doing scratch, at home, and gobbling up all day in the kitchen doesn’t sound like a very good R.O.I. to us.  Not when you can get extra stuffing, extra gravy, a couple of bottles of bubbly, and pie ala mode in 4-minutes of clicking.

Wait, doesn’t that circle us back to that pernicious thin layer of fat?  And the T-shirt?

(ShopTalk Sunday is here. I’m off to attack the 3D printer with a heat gun. I can’t stand delays!)

Write when you get rich,


75 thoughts on “Fed Week – CPI Tomorrow – T-shirt Monday”

  1. A few of our dozen hens are getting old so it’s time for some new ones. Eggs are great but I just can’t do the slaughter myself. Turkey hynting is one thing, a whole flock of chickens is another. When I was a kid of about 10 I got stuck helping grandpa slaughter chickens. There was a hole in the side of the coop and my job was to go inside the coop and shut the door. I would catch the bird and shove her head through the hole where grandpa was waiting with the knife. I’ll leave this scene to your own imagination. Took a long time before I could eat fried chicken.
    Stay safe. 73

    • I understand. When I was about 10, I spent a couple of weeks on my grandparents’ farm. My grandmother showed me how to wring a chicken’s neck, except she got a little carried away. She grabbed a chicken by the head, spun it around a couple of times like a lariat, and then popped the whip. The chicken flew across the yard and hit the ground running, spraying blood everywhere. My grandma stood there with the chicken’s head in her hand, laughing.

      • Et tu?

        I don’t see this as a problem. Chickens are vile creatures that taste good. I don’t have a problem, offing them. Mom showed me how to “crack the whip” but I prefer dropping the bird into a funnel and going Elmer Fudd on it.

      • Don’t mess with Grandma. I still get irked thinking about that day. When I came out of that coop covered with feathers, bloody guts, and poop everybody got a good laugh. I refused to help with the plucking even though gramps had a new electric plucker. Think tossing a dead chicken into a top loading washing machine on the spin cycle.
        Nope. Unless things go to shit its buying it already cut up and wrapped. OK by me.

      • That is where the term running like a chicken with it head cut off comes from. Sort of like running for CONgress.

      • Back in 1960, when I was 4 years old in the NYC borough of Queens, my grandfather had a live chicken that he beheaded in the garage. He put the head in a tissue and handed it to me. I was so happy about it that I walked out to the street to show the Catholic schoolgirls that had just gotten out of school for the day… the school was up the block and they were walking home.

        They didn’t appreciate at all…

    • At one point my uncle was trying to “toughen me up” and get me to slit the throats of the goats we occasionally ate. This was back before goats were worth much so putting one in the freezer helped in lean times. It took a long time before I was able to do that – and usually only when you didn’t have any other choice. I’d rather single one out of the heard and put a bullet in the first vertebrae below the skull. Bang, flop, no drama, good target practice, too. A deer caught in the fence by its hind leg was usually an occasion when putting an animal down with a good, sharp pocket knife was called for, especially when the only gun you had was too danged big for the job that close. For that reason I’ve always had a .22 or .22 magnum with me. A cow in trouble, though, called for something bigger like a .38 to punch through one of those skulls. Thank God that doesn’t happen but once ever couple of decades so far.

      Life’s rough. No need to make it any worse.

    • I fell your pain J in M. As an 11 year old small city kid going out to my aunt Elsie’s farm in Biehle to stay for a week, Auntie tasked me to hold the chicken while she held it down on the stump to chop off the head. Blood and feathers flew that day. There was no stewed chicken for me and my little brother that night, or fried chicken for a few years later.

      • the geese were like baby sitters to the kids lol..if the kids were %oing to be mischievous the geese would guide them back where they were suppose to be..
        my mini me Dr. Doolittle was worried about the rabbit in the back yard going hungry I said well maybe a tastey carrot and a few pieces of corn.. he would take out a carrot..they became friends and no matter where that rabbit was if he called for it and said I have a taste carrot the rabbit would come running to get it. he could hand feed it lol
        he was learning to ride a bike the rabbit was watching he fell..
        the rabbit ran from instinct then came back to make sure he was ok..lol damdest thing you ever seen..two of her babies are still around princess is 9 years old now and boo is a little older..princess lives in its cage boo still roams the backyard…princess was injured and had to be nursed back to health.. it stayed in the house..boo got its name by playing peek a boo and if it gets hungry it does come up to the door..it’s almost as if the animals know.

    • I couldn’t kill my chickens ..I never had any issues with them at all ..they were essentially to be around the ducks and geese were like pets the ducks and geese were the nicest pleasant to be around and the geese were the best watch dog and kept a close eye on the kids to make sure nithing bothered them lol they would distract the dog then steel his food lol lol is was so comical to watch..then the dog would look at me like look what they did.. i was going to eat that..guineas they were always under your feet…the turkeys..nasty bird mean stupid nasty.. never raise them again…
      goats.. what a chore..
      one of the guys living with us is really sick.. we have the birds and squirrels.. all know something is wrong.. all of them the dog lays outside his room .. it’s amazing to watch..

  2. Yeah its trying to tell youse something..Too High, Too Fast..like the BCN last night pregaming Eagles vs Cowgirls.

    Engineering 101 knows – you need a solid foundation for starters…As in YXQ most fundamental tenet – “Virtue IS the Foundation”-YX

    Where the new base gets established is anyone’s educated guess. Throw $40k out there as guesstimate.

    Biggest perceived(subconscious) threat = the”crossing”
    as the information/nrg approaches – All planets in solar system are acting up- our Earth is starting her reactions/contractions..like giving birth to something new.

    Betelgeuse gets occulted in very rare viewing event this month. New Moon Tuesday the 12th, with corresponding Full Moon on the 26th – in between the 22nd is incredibly magic and powerful day – HOT DAM! Got electronics going wonky now with retrogrades.
    – but that Full Moon..”If you can Imagine/Dream Ure desire, You can have Ure desire on this Moon.
    Heres hoping the indigenous freedom fighters in ME have a Dream of Peace…Yeah I know Hope – the weakest strategy known to Man.

    Buy the Dip, and let her Rip, cept 4 Gpopz-neinneinein

    • Now that you mention it… MERCURY goes retrograde in two days on Dec. 13… thru new years on Jan. 1. George hasn’t published any ‘advanced anomalies’ yet.. .or he’s ignoring them.

      • True that Hank, my misfortunes with the Retrograde usually happen 10-12 days before. Over the years, I have been paying attention to Mercurys’ retrograde and plan my introspection and “emotional tone down” accordingly. For me, Mercury in retrograde is a real thing.

  3. The Woo Woo World:

    FWIW: Dick Algire of the Remote Viewing site Future Forecasting Group (also called Crypto Forecasting) referenced in a marketing video for his website this past weekend that they have a session where it was indicated that a US Ship was attacked and probably sunk, either in the Med or in the “Gulf”. He commented that this could be a “Remember the Maine” or “Gulf of Tonkin” situation which unites the country into going to War (released Sat 12/9/2023)

    I am NOT a subscriber to Future Forecasting Group (Crypto Forecasting) and used up my free trial a couple of months ago, but wanted to mention this since at least in the promotional video it seems to dovetail almost exactly with GA Stewart’s work.

    Further in the Remote Viewing arena Courtney Brown, a long time remote viewer himself (Farsight.org), had a session with Rock Arkie who is another long time remote viewer with a record of a fair amount of accuracy in that realm, wrt Putin and what is going through Putin’s mind in relationship to Ukraine and a potential nuclear conflict. Interesting FREE 22 minute session (released Fri. 12/8/2023) … (the viewing session indicates potential SERIOUS issues coming up in 2024)


    If you want to go down a very very deep rabbit hole the below video by another long term Remote Viewer, Edward Riordan, which he made a couple of months ago (Oct 10, 2023) covers material he first started to see in 1985 with views since then that relate to that original vision.

    For regular Remote Viewing Riordan has had considerable success … but who knows about stuff he saw BEFORE he actually became a trained Remote Viewer. So fwiw … the video is a deep dive down the rabbit hole of a Remote Viewer who is looking into himself and trying to figure out what he has been seeing for the last nearly 40 years and WHY has he kept seeing this vision and it’s related stuff time after time. (this is NOT a regular Remote Viewing session … it is really strange)

    and …. another one from Riordan from Sept 2023 which is the predecessor to the one above (which he says he published the guts of in Oct 2022 on his Patreon site) (SCARY !!)


    I am NOT a Remote Viewer myself and while much of the RV stuff is from my perspective a bunch of mumbo jumbo that could be standard stuff that occurs regularly or could easily be projected to occur by any thinking person, for several BIG EVENTS that are NOT normal events I have seen some very good accuracy in projecting parts of those very large future events by Remote Viewers

    Remote Viewing is a strange world and most linear thinkers totally dismiss it, though those involved with the government work in that area seem to have been successful enough that the Government now HIDES, or tried to hide, everything it is doing in that realm. “Men Who Stare At Goats” anyone?

    For an introduction into Remote Viewing there was a good movie made about it that goes into it’s history – particularly wrt the US Government’s early involvement in it, and it’s publicly disclosed abilities (before the US Government cut off all information coming out about the NEW abilities that they were were finding with it) which is available FREE on Tubi (if you have a Roku box) “Third Eye Spies”


    In addition to Remote Viewing various other Woo Woo sources are seeing much the same thing as the Remote Viewers with regards to “Doom Porn” at the present . These range from Martin Armstrong with his computer program – Socrates (wrt an upcoming War but not the details of that War), many many psychics and visionaries (who are becoming more and more vocal as each month passes), and of course the strange work of Manfred Zimmel and the older work of Rene Noorbergen. It is worth noting that Noorbergen’s work also comments about meteor strikes in the oceans leading to large tsunamis – but those doe NOT occur until AFTER the War he talks about is underway (massive meteors striking the earth with tsunamis resulting is an underlying dynamic which seems to pop up in multiple works by multiple people /visionaries but I have yet to see one that can give a good time frame … other than “soon” by one American Indian) .

    Obviously FWIW … draw you own conclusions.

  4. “Blinken says Israel’s ‘intent’ to protect Gaza civilians ‘not always manifesting themselves’.”


    The IDF goes to extraordinary lengths to not turn civilians into casualties, but when Hamas parks their sojers and rocket-launchers underneath the civvies, things are gonna happen. I have little sympathy for the Palestinians in Gaza, because they voted-in their current plight. “Free Palestine” really means “free Palestine from Hamas” but this fact seems to have escaped Western kollege kiddies (and the Palestinians). Israel can’t trust the Pals as long as their chosen “ruling elite” are terrorists, bent on the death of all Jews, and the Pals can’t acquire full citizenship privileges as long as some of their number strive to “kill all Jews.”

  5. ” Haley Leads Biden By 17-Points in Possible 2024 Matchup, Trump Leads by 4: Poll”

    Smoke & mirrors.

    Haley is the media darling (this would be the media who’s against electing any Republican to ANY office) and the solid, “Lincoln Project” and Soros candidate. She’s gonna rock the polls, until there’s a nominated candidate. Trump will win the nomination easily, and go up 20 on Biden overnight. However, if Haley were to somehow win the nomination, she would instantly go 8-9 points under Biden, and stay there, as the priggish bastards driving the polls and the election only want Nikki to dissuade patriot voters from going to the polls, and to be cannon fodder for their 2024 circus…

  6. “How Cold Was It? It was so cold that I experienced a “MIN-TEMP ERROR”

    I try to avoid these. My archaic Toughbooks run the CPU uncooled, as a heater, until they warm up enough to function. When it gets below about 10°F, the one in my truck will throw a screen, letting me know it ain’ta gonna boot until its components hit 10°C (50°F). I’ll see this screen often, between now and April. ‘Tis, but life…

  7. We had a big double head woodsman’s axe and a stump by the shed next to the coop. Grandma said, “Get two fat hens for the hay crew lunch” and it was up to me to chase them down, grab the feet, and whack the head off. You let them run around to bleed out, then came the boiling water to pull the feathers followed by the gutting.
    I ate every part with the feeling that no one made better fried chicken than my wonderful German Grandmother.
    Every kid should have to do that at ten. The world would be a more peaceful place if everyone knew even little kids were able to kill with an axe to eat.

    • I remember well going to the neighbor farm to get a chicken. I was less than five, so they didn’t trust me with the axe, but I remember laughing at the headless chicken running around. Then taking it home and dipping in the boiling water pot and Dad plucking feathers. And the final application of the blowtorch to get the coarse hairs off the skin. I had no problems eating chicken that night.

      Heck, I know grown ‘city women’ now who will not eat a farm chicken egg “because it came out of a chicken’s ass!” (Screetch!) I ask them where they think their grocery-store eggs come from…?

    • I fell your pain J in M. As an 11 year old small city kid going out to my aunt Elsie’s farm in Biehle to stay for a week, Auntie tasked me to hold the chicken while she held it down on the stump to chop off the head. Blood and feathers flew that day. There was no stewed chicken for me and my little brother that night, or fried chicken for a few years later.

  8. Cooks magazine did a blind taste test with vanilla. McCormick (spelling) brand won. I know it is fake vanilla but it was the most popular taste.
    However, there is nothing as good as pure vanilla over vanilla ice cream.

    • I make my own vanilla..easy to make tastes great..
      split the beans first scrape them then you can either toss the bean in it or put the bean skin in sugar for vanilla sugar.
      which reminds me on payday I have to order a few more beans.

      • just got another 3 pack – thx zon. Thank you Loob for the simple syrup suggestion- if it is possible – the addition of some simple syrup made the extracting bottle of V beans & vodka smell even BETTER than before! got an urge to put that scheisse on my wifes ass and give it a bite. She of course would never agree to such a thing – so will have to get stealthy..dundundun

        Yeah I now – here comes the doghouse again..Shit I do for entertainment purposes…

  9. Hi George – the Lister Diesel generator is a good move. We have had ours on the off-grid ‘stead since 2006. Reliable quality power.

  10. About 15 years ago in Berkley Springs WV (John Petersen, Berkeley Springs Transition Talks) there was an evening presentation at the local HS which featured two main Remote Viewing guys in the US, Professor Hal Putoff, and Joe Mcmoneagle.

    Both had a lot of time on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell etc.

    I was really into Skeptical Inquirer magazine at the time and had corresponded with the editor, telling him I was going to this event and asking him if there was a question I should ask. He told me something and I did ask it during the presentation (which was good). I forgot what it was.

    Afterwards, my lady friend and I stopped for a drink at the main hotel/bar in Berkeley Springs.

    Near when we were going to leave, what do you know, Hal and Joe and John Peterson, the local Art Bell, came in and sat down at a table near us!

    So, having had at least one drink and feeling full of it, I went over to them, shook my finger at the two world-famous RV’ers, and said:

    “I KNEW you would be here!”

    Maybe there was a small grimace or noise.

    And then I explained briefly I had been into contact with Skeptical Inquirer and had asked the suggested question at their presentation.

    i must admit I did feel sort of a sensing presence when I first entered the presentation auditorium…

  11. Since talking ’bout chickens, I’ve used this brine for many years;
    1 gallon warm water
    3/4 cup Kosher salt (I use pickling salt)
    3/4 cup soy sauce
    2/3 cup sugar
    1/4 cup olive oil
    but wonder if would be better subbing coconut aminos for the soy sauce?

    Raised on a poultry farm, I remember raising chicks till you could tell the roosters, then separate them out and feed them feed with no antibiotics for ’bout 10 days + and then pull the heads off and skin them for Mom.

  12. George,
    it is technically possible for Hank to send you a vanilla plant. Orchid growers routinely ship orchids using heat packs to keep them from freezing. Vanilla orchids have specific growing requirements which when met will result in many blossoms. After hand pollinating the blossoms the grower Will be blessed with vanilla beans (seed pods), A word of caution, growing orchids is not a hobby it is a disease. I know from experience.

    A!so I recall Tom Clancy writing about the logistical problems of a U. S. flotilla facing a massed attack of air to sea missiles in _Red Storm Rising_. In the past I have mentioned a novel in which a U. S. aircraft carrier was sunk by an Iranian diesel electric submarine. There is nothing new under the sun.

    • wow …I really wish I had one if those here.. the five pounds of vanilla beans it takes our home a year us astronomical in costs for me..I wonder if hank would sell a few…

    • re: fish in a barrel, and in a less dark vein, there’s the Kelsey Grammer comedy, Down Periscope, which demonstrates just how easy it might be…

    • Good Grief! Looks like I opened a can of (vanilla) worms. I didn’t know vanilla was an orchid species. But orchids grow wild in the jungles here, and the trunks of my ‘Hapu’ Tree Ferns just spontaneously sprout purple orchids, so vanilla should do just fine. I don’t know about the mainland, though. Several times I have sent orchids to my sister that she wanted to grow… all failed.

      If I can find a way.. I’ll have the winter to research… I may send some to George to try to kill. I notice he hasn’t mentioned the Hawaiian Peppers recently. Is it still alive? :-)

  13. Arab nations don’t want to take in Palestinian refugees because that would be more land for Israel … the nations don’t agree that Palestinians should have to leave “Palestine.” So, those nations wait and watch closely. Continually calling for a ceasefire.

    While the US offers a proposal to Israel, referred to as “The deal of the century,” in Kuwait the proposal was thrown in the trash and was referred to as, “The garbage of history” by the Arab nations.

    Clif may well have been correct about the Israeli mistake … as the world watches what does amount to genocide and seems similar in ways to the holocaust. I don’t believe I read anything about a US mistake, of siding with and supplying much of the carnage materials.

    Timing is everything, I guess. Financial collapse and making more and more enemies along the way.

    Every day, we get closer to the ugliest part of the script. When tables turn, some folks can get knocked off their chair. Sometimes it’s best not to sit too close.

    • they are also of a different tribe and sect.. I believe there’s 26.. each uses the same religious holy books..but like our separations between religions each sects translation and focus is slightly different Interpretation of what’s written..
      their borders remain shut..

    • “…,the ugliest part of the script.”

      The whole world is a stage., and we but actors upon it.
      Guess there hasn’t been any rehearsals then., as everyone seems to be ad libbing their lines.
      Which is why we can’t figure out if this is a comedy, or a farce.

      • the saddest part of that is the ones that are controlling the whole thing is but a handful.. there wouldn’t be wars if they didn’t want them..in the end its all about the business model..

  14. ben kingsley starred in an rv movie as an x-fbi agent. he was going off the deep end searching for a serial killer. Subject Zero, or something similar…

  15. the price of energy going down…
    car and home insurances up rent..low income with assistance is a grand a month plus utilities..daycare with federal assistance is 200 a week per child..with assistance on expenses.. food up fifty to a hundred percent.. food stamps down.. the elder were getting EIC tax credits to help offset price increases..gone . home taxes doubled plus..
    no they could give away gas and it wouldn’t make a lifestyle change..
    right now we need a miracle..with the damage that’s been done in the last three years we are facing something that terrifies me..
    and that’s if we don’t end up in a war.. Biden won’t go down as Alexander the great but more like Biden the Stupid..but then..he’s never had a real job..never done real work in Hunters memoirs of his book he reflects on hoe dear old daddies taught him that breaking and entering and being corrupt was ok as long as you had the power and influence to get away with it. seriously what more dies anyone need than that to convince them that the nut doesnt fall far from the tree..
    why is zelinsky in the USA rather than at home..maybe it’s safer for him here than there..
    the bigger question is..will he take time out and play the piano with the neice ,sister or cousin while he is here.. I hear he’s quite the talented piano player and the kid showed in his filmography postings that the ladies really know how to play an organ…



  16. Can you feel the particles ? when they pour down into you from da Sun ? How about smelling bullscheisse when fresh and in da air ? Any one seen Grigory lately – like in the last couple of months – ALIVE ?

    Did not think so, but we cant seem to get rid of his evil mini me – Always at the White House (weekly,check log) and has been a rather frequent visitor to the hellhole that is ukraine.
    ..Knowing what you know here, armed with counter intel – Why would alex be fronting 4 the BIG chemical companies ?? Hows that work ? inquiring minds..


    You see BCN is not a member of the “globohomo” club, not even a paid opposition, so I am not exactly sure of the direct connections tween em – I got a really good idea though – its ancient.. then again so am Eye.


    • it will take decades in rebuilding
      Ukraine..the horrors of this war will be felt for generations…and the economic horrors for most of the world will be changed for centuries

    • Bitcoin is a 3 letter agency invention designed to provide the introduction of CBDC – once that’s done it’s usefulness will be destroyed overnight.

  17. (How Cold Was It? It was so cold that I experienced a “MIN-TEMP ERROR: )

    so how cold is it… in the wastelands it’s so cold that little willy the leader of the band tucks it’s head in like turtle in its shell.. in order to pee you put your foot on the toilet seat as o it will run down you’re into the toilet ..lol lol lol lol
    obviously I’m not able to line 18 M&M’s on it lol lol lol


  18. “Turns out, 3D printers are not happy at 15C or colder, so I just have to wait until, oh, about noon today before it’s warm enough. Either that or move Printer Alley into the guest room, ”

    hmm..time to tell that printer..ok buddy your in the dog house now…..
    when I rented I put a generator outside so I could work. .the noise above fifty decibels is annoying. Temps below 20 also a hindering situation..the answer was a roll of duct tape and a 5 dollar sheet of two inch foam … a small heat lamp..a 40 watt incandescent light bulb was enough and a thermostat was the answer..
    I don’t know what the two inch thick foam is going for nowadays..
    back then you could buy it all day long under five bucks a sheet..

  19. Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, sold a net $10.4 billion of stock in the first quarter of the year. In the second quarter, he sold close to $13 billion of shares and bought less than $5 billion. In the third quarter, he sold about $5.3 billion worth of stocks. $28.7 billion of stock sold in the first three quarters of 2023.
    .., and now has a pile of cash—$157 billion. Which is a very regular move for Buffett – he buys up distressed companies when the economy and markets tank. .., and from his cash reserves it looks as though he is seeing another economic / market down turn [ opportunity ] is on the way.
    Possibly – this ?
    The money supply of the United States, broadly measured [M2], started contracting in July 2022, and has been falling like a stone. Since last year, the U.S. money supply has contracted by 3.3 percent.
    There have been only four periods in U.S. history—in 1920-21, 1929-33, 1937-38 and 1948-49—in which the money supply has had significant contractions.
    Each of those four episodes was followed by a serious recession. The current monetary contraction is clearly going to lead to precisely what monetary contractions always lead to: a recession. And in those four recessions ‘Consumer Debt’ was virtually none-existent compared with todays’ consumerism.
    Is this what Buffett is seeing / preparing for ?
    [ However – with the Federal Reserve’s ability and willingness to smudge-the-lines using their own printing presses and interest rate manipulations – is this a valid indicator anymore ? ]

    • Mr. Buffet is a very smart man and really nice guy.. it would be nice to sit down and ask what he sees coming in the future on a personal level. the fears of the future of mankind..what I’m seeing is a world that none of us can imagine in our worst nitemares..

    • The $ money supply is made of credit and credit is infinite.

      I think recessions happen in between monetizations disguised as spending bills. Some major spending bills were 911, 2008 bailouts, 2012, COVID spending. The debt basically doubled between each interval. It was monetized.

      “At the end of 2012, the U.S. debt was $16.05 trillion.”

      Since the money supply is shrinking that means the COVID spending is finished and money is being destroyed which is credit obligations being dissolved in the BK system. We wait for the next spending bill that has to monetize/double the debt or $ world dissolves.

      I think the other side of this next recession will be EV and the EV lifestyle. Everyone will move to the electric cities.

      Detroit now has the country’s first wireless-charging road for EVs

      Detroit officials reassure the public that the electric road is safe for drivers, pedestrians, and wildlife.

      It’s official! Detroit has the first wireless-charging road in the entire United States.

      A new quarter-mile roadway west of downtown Detroit can charge your electric vehicle while you drive, idle or park on the street.


      • “The $ money supply is made of credit and credit is infinite.”

        hmm until it isn’t….
        the control is have more numbers than the other guy..
        take the cooked noodle laying on the table water is the flow of cash. just enough water to move the noodle. to much and the noodle dissolves not enough and the noodle pulls apart. .. the water on the table is overflowing from printing but the water is falling off the table going to wars.. so the flow of water floating the noodle is drying up at the same time.. the noodle will pull apart.. when funds were being directed at the people the economy stays stable people spend dry up and section of that flow and things get out of hand.. as in Zimbabwe and ARGENTINA. we are in a horrible situation.

    • From what I have read, and from family history, there was a lot of consumer debt at the start of the 1929 – 1933 period, it just wasn’t credit card debt. Margin buying of all manner of paper investments by individuals was largely unregulated, and completely out of control.
      Mortgages were common, unregulated, and largely unprotected. There were only a few of the equivalent of modern day mutual funds operating (Fidelity abides), but there were scores of investment trusts.
      At the end of that period, most of the consumer debt had defaulted, and the investment trusts had disappeared along with the investor’s money. That, in fact, is a major feature of a deflationary depresssions. All consumer debt is liquidated: the good, the bad and the ugly. Being out of debt is no guarantee of safety. Property tax foreclosures which are unheard of during normal times become commonplace in a depression economy. If you are in debt at the start of a deflationary depression, you can expect to get cleaned out, with the impoverishment potentially lasting for generations. Small and debt free is good. For purposes of this rant, consider rental leases and any contract requiring regular payments not on a monthly renewal and payment in full each month to be consumer debt.
      The public debt and paper will be the wildcard in a deflationary implosion. Will cash really be King? Warren B. apparently thinks so, though I have less focus and faith in the greenbacks. I have heard analysis of the ’29 collapse which suggested that the it all started with a collapse in bond liquidity, and unraveling of commercial and consumer loan availability, which then snow-balled into a general collapse of employment. Once it started, it all happened very quickly.

      • Dont tell em bout ALL the Banks that closed – All of Them..cept Federal Reserve Banks.
        – ya know the banks where the 1%ers keep their ill gotten gains.

        Regular folk – forget it – that money you deposited in Ure Bank belongs to the BANK now – you lent it to them.
        9 out a 10 broke banks end up reorged, giving depositors Bank Shares/Stock – usually worth about .05 cents on the dollar when liquidated.

        Where do you keep Ure stash?

        • Those are good points, BCN. In that era, bank failures were more common, with or without a depression. Morgan stayed in business, but local banks, not so many. And loans were called in on the feeblest excuse, with the sheriff acting as enforcers. Refinancing was not possible in most cases.

        • the bank..you give your money to them they loan it out fir xmas percent they in turn pay you x percent.. when it goes south is when loan borrower x cannot pay the payment because his income was to small to cover the basics..
          visit any senior meals on wheels and listen to their conversations..ir visit a homeless shelter.. first you expect to see some guy that is mentally deranged or not some children on their way to school their parents unable to feed them or the old couple down the street..
          one gent retired from a well known company delivery service did all the right things..put the maximum away .. he retired. his rent is two hundred more than what he gets in retirement..
          the elderly at the meals on wheels has been reliant on the eic tax credit because rent is more than what they get. single moms fear daycare is double their income..
          I have seen waitresses start crying they had to decide..diapers or milk .walking or gas..
          most don’t see it..they see the mask that everyone shows the public.. a good friend use to complain to me how everyone had it so much better. I would tell him no they are all in the same boat. their mask is what you see.
          I use to envy a neighbor till I was leaving my position he applied for my job..while the boss was away I looked at his application. he made fifty cents less an hour.. what I envied was his mask..
          once you see it you understand it and see it everywhere.

        • LOOB:
          Youtube has some interesting websites on non-Texas vehicle living:


          There really isn’t a lot of public land to camp on in Texas, and locals living out of their vehicles aren’t giving interviews – they just want to avoid being noticed.
          What concerns me is not people living out of cars; what concerns me is that we may be approaching a time when living out of a functioning fueled vehicle with a parking spot may become classified as luxury living. Small, cheap, and paid for in cash is always my favorite. I’ve had my little 4′ x 6′ trailer on standby for quite sometime; I could see the value of a modest contingency toy-box cargo trailer dressed out as for stealth living as an upgrade. Apartments have become so expensive.

      • if low income rent is a thousand a month…what wage makes low income. one look at SanFran .where a quarter million qualifies for food assistance and people making what would be a fortune are forced to live in cars..20 percent of our income goes out for home taxes..nothing else.

  20. USPS surprised me yesterday with a SUNDAY package delivery! I wonder if that is a regular feature of the Christmas season… even out here in the boonies? I got caffeinated the day before Thanksgiving and made out all my christmas cards and calendars to send out before a single one of my ‘early bird’ people sent me one…. so I’m done for the season now.

    • That began as an Amazon-only thing. Bezos does not get the credit he deserves, as a negotiator. Amazon pays the overtime and USPS/UPS/FedEx (they all do it now) throw the keys to their part-timers and rural drivers. If you’re an associate merchant now, you can pile on to Amazon Sunday Delivery, even if your sale happened on eBay or your own storefront — not sure that’s in the agreement, but vendors do it and Amazon is too big to police their sales…

  21. LOOB, there is a reason you pay premium prices for vanilla beans. They are extraordinarily difficult to grow, taking 3-5 years before flowering sometimes. They must be hand pollinated. Then the beans that are harvested must be ‘aged’ under specific humidity conditions, blanketed at night, and uncovered during the day. Even more difficult than processing cacao beans to cocoa powder. Anyone considering growing vanilla should thoroughly research what the plant requires before you rush into it. I’m in an ideal growing environment, and still I hesitate to get involved. It takes a long time, and is a complex process.

    • yeah.. I hear ya..I buy what I need I buy.. I usually get bulk..
      what most people don’t realize is artificial vanilla extract is made from Castoreum ?— a secretion from the anal glands of beavers that has a smell similar to vanilla and other ingredients..
      it’s also what they use in ice cream..my question is. who was the first one to discover that..
      how were they convinced to lick a beavers ass..

  22. Canadian Gov just announced a 1.38 billion Dental aid package for children and seniors.
    • Ist up is seniors over 87yrs.
    • children to be phased in at a later date.
    Canada has a current Pop. of 40 million and a penny.
    Mean life expectancy from Census Canada is 83?
    How many 88yearolds will this benefit?
    Bet when children are phased in they will be 2 yrs. or younger! LOL

    • now why didn’t they send that to zelinsky… give it to someone that really needs it.. rather than some taxpaying citizen.
      they need to get their priorities straight..

  23. “Don’t they read their own shit?”

    Why would they care? Pays the same any way it’s added up.

    Some kids in Baltimore started school 13+ years ago and still can’t read. Nobody in authority cares. The children of these former students will have even less of a chance.

    Millions of folks line-up to vote so they’re alright with the situation.

    Buy prison stocks. And figure out who the bug gruel suppliers will be to the prison and education complexs.

  24. you know when i was listening to Alex Jones and Tucker. when alex jones was talking about they want everyone eating bugs, i looked up and saw a herd of 200 elk go past me.

    last night when i was thinking about Bills comment. nailed all the nails right on the head, Bill said.

    i went out side to smoke. and saw 30 to 40 deer walking down the street in front of me.

    i was thinking about their plans to destroy the United States. contrary to popular belief, there is many Good people who dont want that to happen.

    i was thinking about all the corruption in our Government. how Bill Gates says the next pandemic there wont be any natrual immunity. how the WEF wants to make people register their carbon foot print, have social credit scores, destroy the dollar and make everyone have CBDC’s.

    how some groups like the Deagle Report want to reduce the population of the United States by 200 Million in 2024.

    how even myself was given a vision on the destruction of the United states and the world by nuclear weapons was on a certain date and where i will be.

    and all these big names says the same thing over and over. and also, dont say the same thing.

    you know an avilanche begins with a single snow flake.

    entire forests are burned down with a single spark.

    When the world was destroyed by the Great Flood. It started with a single drop of water.

    there is one single word that can defeat all their plans. one single word that nobody says.
    its the spark that ingites the entire forest. it is the first drop of water that floods the enite world.

    it is one of the most powerful word in world. every human language understands it .

    with reguards to there plans to destroy the United States, usher in there controled population, their slavery of Mankind i say that word today,


    • CIA’s MK-Ultra Infiltration of Media – ROBERT SEPEHR

      Anyone that is blessed to see God’s Nature in what they think is its raw form is overcome with the feeling of peace and harmony. I see it on my ranch and enjoy it immensely, too, Andy. It is what happens when things are in fairly stable situations and the natural cycle of things is allowed to carry on. Enjoy it while you can because things do get shuffled from time to time and new cycles are created. The currents of the oceans are shifted and create new forests where desert was and vice versa while the fauna that existed in both die off and their replacements take their place. We see only a snapshot in Time so be glad we’ve got a little time to enjoy it. It’s your momentary reality but it’s far from the bigger picture. Change, which can often be violent, is the story of this 3rd rock from the Sun.

  25. Shocking Video Reveals Democrats Stuffed Nearly 3,000 Illegals Into Chicago Warehouse

    And this isn’t the only warehouse they’re filling with illegals.
    From the post on “X” –
    “I honestly couldn’t believe it when I first heard it. 2700 illegals being housed in a warehouse in south Chicago (2241 S. Halsted St). And this is only one of over 56 locations being used. People have no idea how bad this is going to get! The truth about the democrats illegal invasion: drugs, prostitution, child trafficking and modern day slavery.”


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