Bent Money, Tax Attacks, Santa Squeeze

A fair amount to cover going into the Fed announcement on rates tomorrow.  For now, the money centers on “no change” but, of course, a “hot” CPI number could blow all that.  Let’s unwrap that pickle first:

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.1 percent in November on a seasonally adjusted basis, after being unchanged in October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all-items index increased 3.1 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The index for shelter continued to rise in November, offsetting a decline in the gasoline index. The energy index fell 2.3 percent over the month as a 6.0-percent decline in the gasoline index more than offset increases in other energy component indexes. The food index increased 0.2 percent in November, after rising 0.3 percent in October. The index for food at home increased 0.1 percent over the month and the index for food away from home rose 0.4 percent.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.3 percent in November, after rising 0.2 percent in October. Indexes which increased in November include rent, owners’ equivalent rent, medical care, and motor vehicle insurance. The indexes for apparel, household furnishings and operations, communication, and recreation were among those that decreased over the month.

The all-items index rose 3.1 percent for the 12 months ending November, a smaller increase than the 3.2-percent increase for the 12 months ending October.

The Big Number is the All-Items Less Food and Energy.

4.0 percent


Fed researchers found that over the long-term, while energy prices and food fluctuate, the “core” is a better indicator of real inflation.  Reason being dispersion.  When prices of energy drop, it doesn’t show up in general goods pricing for as much as a couple of years.  Takes time for things to ripple and slosh.

The question these next 48 hours will answer is whether this is all a couple of weeks of “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News.”  In other words, if the Fed is going to hold (or raise) tomorrow, is the present market run-up just Wall Street’s way of fleecing long-term investors? Or, is something else going on?

Differential Moving Averages Say?

We’re going higher. Until, of course, we don’t.  But here’s the picture of the moving averages prior to the CPI data release today:

Which then turns over into simply waiting for Santa to deliver the top of the unfilled trading box here:

How to Read this mishmash:

  1. First, look at the timescale.  This is an Aggregate View of markets from the Nov. 8, 2021 (so far) all time high.
  2. In soft martial art gaze, see there was a major Wave 1 down that lasted until mid 2022.  From there, we went into a rally.
  3. That rally is called a macro Wave 2.
  4. Now, notice that since the lows in the middle of the chart, we can draw three yellow box outlines.  We call these “trading boxes” and they are the quickest way to test for Elliott Wave rules.
  5. In the daily view, it seems that Wave 2 (the rally) (i) [in the move up from the middle was a double zigzag.  On the weekly chart, you can see this was really a simple (i) up comprised of an a-b-c, but that’s the kind of thing we kick around over on the website.

Where we are going?  We don’t offer financial advice, of course, but the notion of an additional upsurge to fill the right-hand trading box, seems likely.  The right box is exactly the same as the left (lower, yellow outline).  What that visually tests is the Elliott rule “Fifth waves can never be the smallest move.”

All of which would make it “easy” to make money.  Except that fifth waves can (and do) fail.

All that on the table, the smart bet (if I weren’t a compulsive gambler) would be to look at G.A. Stewart’s work, anticipate an attack on Israel over the holidays, and full bloom widening warfare into 2024.

At which time (Andy’s dream, late July) and the continuation of the Wave 2 (5) extension (largely due to hyperinflation) as the US buys its own debt) and then a “surprise war.”

Out here in Ure’s hidey woods, we’re using the time to “get the Ark” in shape.  Putting in more greenhouse (radiation-resistant grow spaces) and trying to figure out how to raise potatoes using deep water culture hydroponics (either DWC or RDWC).

That’s because my job (as titular head of this branch of the Ure clan) is to ensure genetic continuity.  Which means water, food, shelter, coms and a ton of planning ahead.  Which is why Peoplenomics this week is another chapter on Building a Personal Ark and to lay some finances under that, the chapter this week is on Opportunity Eyes.

That’s why, as my 75th birthday present next year, I will drop back to mainly writing the weekly Peoplenomics columns and charts. Maybe once or twice a week here. Because if you’re not prepping, you MIGHT be making a judgement error.  Look around you! Prepping is Ark Building for what’s ahead. Much cleaner mental framework. (Say, did I just digress?  Hmm…)

What Could Go Wrong?

If you watch the Tucker Carlson interview with Alex Jones (who isn’t as nuts as lefties claim, BTW) the plans of the bug-peddling elites are pretty clear.  But they won’t blow the world up (and take the hindmost) until all of their schemes (like the Great Reset bullshit) have blown up.

On the way out, the economy’s going to blow up, too.

Toward the global-socialist elite takeover, there are any number of initiatives underway:  Phony money, a new scheme of taxing not just profits but made-up wealth.  Plus there are wars (to make people afraid and drive foreigners into the US, plus at the same time the theft of purchasing power through inflation.

It will take another six-months (or longer) for the elites to figure it’s not working as they schemed, at which point it will be off to the bunkers and blow up the world.  Fine, we grok it.

But those of the highlights which we can put on the scanner to keep an eye on as we trundle into the Future.

Tax Scam

A key part of the Elites takeover/screw over will be a next tax regimen that will allow for massively confiscatory taxes to be along.  Therefore study carefully what’s going on in a key crypto case,  FTX Legal Showdown: IRS Confronted Over $24 Billion Tax Claim. Essentially, the FTX position is “if there’s no profit taken, there’s no taxes.”  IRS (controlled by others) is in the unenviable position of (says FTX) trying to collect “ghost taxes.”

This isn’t a big deal for regular (compliant) people like us. But, it will be.  Because unrealized wealth (that is, where it hasn’t been sold and it just has “paper” value) is a dream of dicks and dictators throughout history.  Gives a pretext for seizure, following?  Wealth confiscation dressed up with lipstick and government arms.  Dandy, huh?

When people rebel (only lefties and stupid people would permit taxes on unrealized “gains”) then the shills behind the curtain will have a problem.

When the Klaus Klowns say “You will have nothing (and like it)” what they are banking on is you having nothing.  This tax case is part of what we call in marketing a “migration path to an objective.”

War Selling

The whole Hamas thing had to happen (second front in warfare terms) when it was becoming obvious earlier this year that Ukraine was not going to work out as a land grab and illegal enterprise promised land.

It’s slowly coming into view, but the stories to track (winding toward a NATO loss (which it will be sold as when comes to the Big World War in 24) include today’s list like Ukraine’s major mobile operator Kyivstar down (  and Atmosphere of impending doom in Kiev: “The worst is yet to come” – Vladimir Putin: “No negotiations – We are stronger than ever” – WarNews247.

This sets up the US/EU/NATO (and you) as the Klaus Klowns scorched Earth to “punish Russia” for daring to embrace its culturally bound allies (the Russian speakers of Crimea and such).  Don’t worry, it will all be settled in a flash.

Second Front

The other front happens because Israel gets the gas deposits off Gaza, and if Hezbollah wades in, then the Leviathan gas and oil fields overall are in play. Which means America goes into Syria and Lebanon in advance of WW3.  Sometime in the spring on our dance cards, then?

We can’t even pretend to have the moral high ground in the Middle East anymore, because US White Phosphorus Shells Used by Israel in Lebanon Attack: Report – World news – Tasnim News Agency.  The houseplant in the Oval is looking concerned – while green-lighting things: ‘I’m a Zionist’: Biden Promises to Back Israel Until They ‘Get Rid’ of Hamas. But There Is Fine Print. Like a Hunter deal, we wonder?

How bad is Gaza?  Well… Gaza destruction greater than that of Germany in World War II, says EU foreign policy chief amid Israel-Hamas war – India Today.  Guess role reversals are part of the historical semi-rhymes, aren’t they?

Put-Up Politics Fit, Too

Limit choices and demonize candidates has been the elite’s control mechanism here.  As in steal away choice: Fla. Democrats won’t have a vote in 2024 presidential primary – Raw Story.  And demonize Orange Man – who rages back: Donald Trump Rages at Supreme Court Granting Jack Smith’s Wish (

Anything – and we mean ANYTHING to keep Trump off the ballot: Jack Smith to use Trump’s phone data at trial (  Does a sitting President have a reasonable right to expect privacy in his office?  When do we get Biden’s phone?

Then There’s the Climate Scam 

Say good by to being able to move freely and untracked around the country (or wherever you want).  That’s the real goal with financially isolating people with electric cars, in some measure.

At the Charade: Pseudo-drama by DeLuxe  is the play: Anger at ‘watered-down’ COP28 draft deal on fossil fuels | ITV News.  And No Agreement on Fossil Fuel Phase-Out in Draft COP28 Deal, But Spotlight on Unabated Coal – News18.

Gun Grabs Coming, Too

Last tick-mark today? The gun grabs are in the foundation-building phase now. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announces targeted in-school campaigns to combat gun violence – (New Mexico). And liberal Northeast: New York can enforce gun laws in ‘sensitive locations’ for now, appeals court rules.  I looked really close and damned if I could see the term “sensitive locations” in the Constitution. But Courts no longer rule on points of law.  They issue decisions based on their perceptions of issue popularity within constituencies, near as I can figure it.

ATR: The “Santa Squeeze”

Santa’s schedule is getting busier.

My efforts to click my way out of cooking Christmas dinner blew up.  Only thing that seems to be available for local pick up is Ham dinners. Which, since we eat pork often, ain’t that special.

Still, I can turn out a great prime rib with no more than 15-minutes of work.

3- minutes spent getting one out of the chest freezer.

Two days later after it thaws (a zero-work event, right?)

10-minutes: Preheat oven, dust with herbes d Provance and stick a meat thermometer in, place in oven, pour us drinks and wander off.

1 Minute: Turn oven from 450 F down to completely off.

The finally, 2 hours later: Open oven, remove, and slice.

But this gets back on a topic I have been spending a lot of time thinking about lately.  People have two kinds of time.  Thinking about it time.  And separate is the “doing it time.”

My resolution going into 2024 is to spend less time thinking and more time doing.  Most mornings I get up, have a thorough well-trained professional scan of the news and get disgusted.  Ruins the whole vibe of the day.

2024 will be doing more and ignore most of the news except for the crookery of the Klaus Klowns.  And getting a base tan ahead of next summer’s events.

Write when you get rich,

37 thoughts on “Bent Money, Tax Attacks, Santa Squeeze”

  1. Bandera -“did you hear that ?

    FalshBoomBang !

    no more patriots in kyiev..das kaput.
    Aint a anti missile system in the world that can track hypersonic daggerz coming in at 80 degrees overhead,doing mach 10.

    ..”nothing that currently exists can even accidentally shoot down one of these or other Russian advanced missiles despite childish claims ..and all of them can carry nukes and hit ANYWHERE in US with Impunity.” -BB/sputniknews

    Keep all that in mind as you ponder the following info & no- goodniks;

    “we have repeatedly noted that the artificial origin of COVID-19 is evidenced by the uncharacteristic variability of gene variants for most coronaviruses, significant differences in mortality and contagiousness, uneven geographical distribution, as well as the unpredictable nature of the epidemic process as a whole.

    It is also difficult to explain the high degree of readiness of US manufacturers of mRNA vaccines for the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, which suggests collusion between various US government agencies and the so-called “Big Pharma”.

    The spread of the new coronavirus infection has led to a significant increase in the profits of biotech corporations due to the creation of vaccines and medicines against coronavirus, as well as to the increased dependence of developing countries on the United States and the creation of conditions for their further implementation of dual-use programs. -BB/sputniknews
    *mannish women admits under oath/threat of prosecution “risk of sensitive information and great concern to us administration.”
    Whose names would be on the latest SMERSH list?
    A. Foulchi – satanic goblin(seegringotsbank)
    G. Haspel -christianinactiondir
    N. Madher -former metabio ceo
    A. Azar ussechealth18-21

    ? how many of above are already tucked away at a “clubfed” somewhere cold and frosty or hot and sticky?

    Who is leading the LIGHT ?
    Who is leading the Dark?

    that simple

    “Natasha, we must spread the LIGHT and STOP the darkness” -BB

    • re: Bent Money Salamanders Shed Skin
      feat. Santa Squeeze

      This morning’s White House schedule added an extra 45 minutes travel time to the 10 minute ride from the WH to the Salamander Hotel owned by America’s first Black billionairess of BET fame. (According to Wikipedia, her second husband adjudicated her divorce. Her first spouse offered supporting words to Mr. Trump as being “better the devil we know”.) There at the venue of the 2022 Bilderberg Conference, President Biden commenced a campaign reception speech nine minutes late under the auspices of a Foundation established by a late Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiezel. In the speech, Mr. Biden noted that he had been summoned to call Mr. Kissinger three weeks before the latter’s death to be told two things. Mr. Biden only shared one about Napoleon.

      The second we leave to the empirical seances. In the spirit of the late Canadian academic Marshall McLuhan – “the medium is the message” – let us turn to a woman who achieved a PhD in anthropological genetics.

  2. Does anybody know (I don’t) if the charger connector for an electric vehicle supplies more than a huge “Red & Black” fat wire pair? In photos, I have noticed there are a number of smaller contacts in the gas-pump-like car connector. “Cell temperature?” “Battery condition?” Are there any data communications pathways — such as vehicle ID, and “last charge location” ?

    ..just curious if there is any hazard to conecting…

  3. “My resolution going into 2024 is to spend less time thinking and more time doing.”

    That’s a good resolution. I had a demented aunt that spent a lot of time “thinking about doing something” instead of just doing it.

    A classic example was when there was a death in the family, I asked her if she called her cousin to offer condolences. She said no, she hadn’t, but she was thinking about doing it.

    She finally did, but she spent days thinking about making the phone call that only took about ten minutes of time to actually do.

    It’s crazy. Think for days about making a decision to do something as simple as making a phone call.

    • it’s sometimes called analysis paralysis, overthinking the task. i’ll do more research and get back to you (not).

    • Yo JC, some decisions take longer than needed due to
      “unintended consequences”. These unintended consequences can jump up and bite you in the arse if not careful. The old saw “let me sleep on this decision” has some validity in may opinion. Murphy’s law also applies. I thought Willy Pete (White Phosphorous)was outlawed for use in civilian areas. I guess the psychopaths have no scruples, none, nada, diddlysquat. Clown show continues…..

  4. “It will take another six-months (or longer) for the elites to figure it’s not working as they schemed, at which point it will be off to the bunkers and blow up the world.”


    “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.”

    — Airplane! (1980)
    — Tower Supervisor Steve McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges)

    • My belief (and that’s all it is: a belief) is that the world is far more subtle and complex than the elites think.

      The world is like a recalcitrant donkey. it will oppose nay organizinf factor — no matter who.

      AND “The Elites” are not one thing, with a Mister Bigg quietly, stroking a white cat as he casually pushed a button under the edge of the table, sealing the fate of whomever is confronting him.

      “Elites” exist in clumps of often cross-purposed single issue fanatics. They are destined to struggle among themselves, and this reduces their effectiveness.

      From time to time they cooperate, but ultimtely it’s always “Treasure Of Sierra Madre” and their alliances are temporary and quickly betrayed. (Thank God.)

  5. LOL, George. I was reading your last couple of paragraphs while Alex’s interview was playing in the other tab (kind of an audible stereogram) and saw how you and Alex were resonating during his ramble at about the one hour mark, Alex resolving to get out of the daily news scene a short time ago and just do documentaries because, like you, he described how the same “Ruins the whole vibe of the day.”. Burn out is real!

    Loved Tucker’s incredulous face as he was wondering where the Hell Alex was going with his brain-dump on his meditation on Death and resultant appreciation of Life and then this gem from Tucker when he related his dad’s words “The root of all wisdom is knowing what and asshole you are”. Tucker, as a professional interviewer, manages his guests with aplomb and it’s really something to watch. And, you betcha, I fully embrace my inner assholiness! We’re needed more in this time than ever before.

    I also think there is an undercurrent in our society that is not being reported on and not really noticed as yet and that is non-compliance with just about every Woke thing out there. State legislatures imposing bans and restrictions on possession of any firearm related item and where you can carry is constantly undermined by people like me who carry everywhere and especially in the “gun-free zones”. This willful disobedience of non-Constitutional law of all kinds, besides as it relates to firearms, is on the verge of becoming obvious within not too many months hence. The State keeps pushing and people keep digging their heels in.

  6. G.A. STEWART: Dumitru Duduman’s prophecy is now unfolding. Venezuela’s actions and America’s reaction will invite Cuba into the coming fight.

    HAL TURNER: Then, too, for years, we’ve all heard rumors that Venezuela would send troops to Cuba, to join with Cuban troops to invade Florida from Cuba — but ZERO evidence of any such planning has ever been offered or produced by anyone.

    NOW, THOUGH, we have something very real, from deep inside Russian Intelligence.

    • One of the replies to Hal’s column about the calendar was from someone who found a website selling that calendar. He tried to order one and was unsuccessful, but his credit card did get hit with several bogus charges shortly after he tried.

      It appears that it was just a hoax that Hal thought was real.

    • Comrade JC…remember – “loose lips sink ships”

      Do not worry Florida..inundation is FLOOD.

      you need Ure focus on RESOURCES..see ALASKA

      Yes – commodity rich Alaska – used to be ours, and will be again soonly…you did see the 2 new nuke boomerz we launched yesterday, no.

      We will get that f-ing Moose ! We own that F-ing Moose, and then we will EAT the F-ing Moose –


      “Natasha – we must Roast the Moose!”

    • That’s just silly talk. Why would anyone invade Florida when they could just stroll across the border in TXNMAZCA (as 16 THOUSAND Russians did in the month of November, alone…)

  7. “This isn’t a big deal for regular (compliant) people like us. But, it will be. Because unrealized wealth (that is, where it hasn’t been sold and it just has “paper” value) is a dream of dicks and dictators throughout history. Gives a pretext for seizure, following? Wealth confiscation dressed up with lipstick and government arms. Dandy, huh?

    When people rebel (only lefties and stupid people would permit taxes on unrealized “gains”)”
    Unrealized wealth. If this is going to take the form of ‘personal property tax, there is going to be the biggest ‘garage sale of all time as people divest themselves of all the stuff they have accumulated over their lives in hopes of NOT having to come up with enough money to pay it.
    Things you may have haggled over the price of to accumulate as ‘bargains too good to pass up’ may or may not be taxed at rates reflecting NEW price vs the depreciated price of your bargain now that you’ve had it for awhile. Are you using it to make a bit of money? Or just bargaining to flip something for a quick buck?? Or just buying cool stuff to own and admire or talk about?
    Hoarders of ‘good stuff’ are going to suffer I think. Can’t even imagine how gummint inspectors (80 Thousand new ones. Armed and willing- with a billion rounds.) will be received when they come to ‘assess’ all the tax-generating treasures people have inherited or saved or bought outright…

  8. Tonight is an ALMOST better than S?? day! Crock pot is full of field peas that were soaked overnight. Onions, paprika, parsley, bay leaves, salt for some flavor. cook for 9-10 hours. About three hours before dinner add 24 oz of sliced cooked beef sausage, or meat of your choice. about an hour before dinner cook rice. Need corn bread too. So Crisco your corn bread skillet put in oven. Mix corn bread. turn oven on to 400 to heat up 8″ cast iron skillet. Mix corn bread with whisk. When oven reaches 400 remove skillet, HOT!, pour corn bread in skillet and return to oven. Cook 13-14 min until golden brown. If you did it right corn bread will fall out on plate. Now fill your bowl with rice, beans sausage. get wedge of corn bread and shake a little Crystal hot sauce on beans. Heaven awaits. Next 2-3 days live as a king. Crowder peas are my favorite but at current prices off the menu. Red beans and black eye are regular too. A red bean trick is to put a couple of carrots to cook with beans. Remove carrots before serving ,CAREFUL, not to touch ever.
    Carrots will remove gas from beans. If you touch them all that bean gas will transfer to YOU! If you want to try go ahead but pain will be your companion for a couple of days and you will have to stay home and away from other humans.

    • When I found a job with dental coverage after being on welfare for 3 years I discovered that I had 13 cavities despite going to a welfare dentist every 6 months for cleaning. He didn’t do fillings because the reimbursement was too low.

      So the care might be what you expect or deserve.

  9. Hmmm..
    When were the WP artillery shells made and sold to Israel? 30 to 50 years ago?
    When were the bulk of the Russian speakers sent to Ukraine by Joseph Stalin before or after WW II? Or was it earlier?
    Come on Historians, answers please, because the new guys don’t do much research when there are agendas in play.

    • The first significant number of Russians in the Ukraine was in 1599 when the Tsar ordered a fortress to be built on the Oskol River to stop the pesky Tartars from raiding and blundering the area – and “her people”. In the beginning of the 20th century, Russians were the largest ethnic group in the Ukraine – roughly 68%. But since the end of WWll the Russians in the Ukraine have been slowly displaced., run off., or signed over to the Ukraine.., in 1954 Russia transferred the Crimea area to the Ukrainian government – much to the dislike of most Russians and the millions that lived in that area. And it is still being contested today.

    • “Ukraine,” with somewhat fluid borders, has been a Russian province for a vast majority of the past 1100 years. It was Russian territory when the Vikings conquered its western 2/3 (In the late 10th and 11th Centuries, Kiev was the largest Viking city there was. The Viking museums in Kiev are highly-informative…)

      Ethnically, Western Russians are Rus, Caucasian, Slav, and Viking; Ukrainians are Rus, Caucasian, Viking, and Slav.

      IOW, da Russkies done been there a long time. The languages are different, but they’re similar enough that a Russian can probably understand some Ukrainian, and a Ukie understand some Russian, even though neither could speak the other’s language — Kinda like Norwegians and Swedes…

      As for WP? Was it even used?

      George’s link goes to an Iranian news site which uses a WaPo opinion piece written by a person of questionable bias, who uses a report of alleged shell fragments allegedly discovered by a WaPo correspondent, who reported them to ACLED, a neocommunist front organization based in Wisconsin which is sympathetic to Iran’s leadership. The WaPo piece then cites ACLED as the source for the information used in their piece.

      White phosphorous is an incendiary compound, not an explosive. It is used as battlefield illumination, or as the principal accelerant in smoke markers.

      It is not a weapon.

      It is also not banned.

      With that said, I would have to see unaltered photographs of the fragments, time/date/GPS-stamped, before I would even accept the possibility that this effed-up circle-jerk of a report were accurate.

  10. Taxation of unrealized capital gains is the single most dangerous leftist plot going. There is no precedent anywhere. Applied to real estate in a hyperinflation environment, it is guaranteed to bankrupt any property owner with a clear title.

    • This is why I have tried to explain to (mostly youngsters) that the most special feature of the United States is it was the first place on the planet in the known history of our species, where commoners could own property.

      I am always met with a blank stare.

      When I tell them it may still be the only place where proles have private property rights, I get looks of, mostly pity, ‘cuz I’m obviously either senile or crazy.

      In every other nation of which I’m aware, people have “possessions,” not “property.”

      THIS is the big thing the WEFers want to take from us.

      Taxation of unrealized capital gains is not the endgame. It is another nail in the coffin (but it’s a damn’ big nail…)

      • If a tax on unrealized capital gains comes in the back door, it will be time to downsize to a stealth cargo trailer, and find a postage stamp lot without a HOA in the unincorporated hinterlands.

  11. “Most mornings I get up, have a thorough well-trained professional scan of the news and get disgusted. Ruins the whole vibe of the day.”

    That was me, but now I sit on the porch sipping a ‘home grown coffee’ while watching the sun light up the mountain across the river. Some birds chirping among the flowers and trees. A roosters crowing off in the distance who can’t tell time worth a hoot. A much nicer start to the day! Which seems to mean a better day for all I encounter starting with My Lady.

    As my grade school principle used to sing while wandering the halls “Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think”. So everyone should take some time to enjoy theirselves as we all should know by now, it’s later than we think.

    Cheers and do enjoy something every day!

  12. The governess, Mrs Michelle L. Gruesome, is a total embarrassment to our state! She’s been a lefty wet dream for the duration and is now nothing more than a slimy wet spot on the state’s history. She’s totally disgusting.

    I’ve specialized in wanting things that few others want. I’ve always liked the idea of unrealized gains. I live way below my means and intend to continue doing so. If there’s no benefit to me from working for money, I won’t do it. It’s why I’m retired – my time is far more valuable than dollars, even if I just live in my body and mind while doing little to change the world. I can assure all that any attempt to steal my assets, such as they are, will result in them having net negative value.

    It might be necessary to drive or walk to Texas or Mexico some day. Neither is that far away, and both may offer greater freedom in some ways, though for the moment, I can largely ignore the pretenders in Santa Fe.

  13. ” And getting a base tan ahead of next summer’s events.”

    People in my neck of the jungle don’t tan… they rust!

  14. “Circumstance has forced my hand
    To be a cut price person in a low budget land

    Times are hard but will all survive
    I just got to learn to economize…”- Kinks, channeling the BCN.

    What did you say ? I thought you said that!
    So in da spirit of low budget/scrimping and purse tightening – Lets all reach for some Ripple -XRP at $.60 per= cheap.
    Why thats a Stellar idea! indeed XLM – sister cyrpto @$.12 per =cheaper.
    Transparency requires I divulge my morning activities..this involved backing a small truck up to XRP exchange (coinbase) and purchasing a full load. In fact I ran 2 loads today – came back for a load of XLM a little later in the AM.

    #1 Self Custody – Must HOLD Ure coins/crypto ALWAYS – there NO exceptions..neinneinnein.
    If you dont have physical possession of Ure crypto – You do NOT have Ownership, you have Sceisse..ya know claus scwabs/rothchilds/rockafellers/sorasses/rome/citlon…Evil SCHEISSE.

    Go ahead slaves – try & tax the above..

    • Coinbase has forwarded your receipts to Klaus, Inc. He has your tax bill ready… and your address.

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