Income Tax to Court, War, Lessons in the WOG

The study of Long Wave economics is always complicated. Because there is such an abundance of data to make sense of.  You take the stock market of today.  We should not be this high.  And yet, on this Monday we have all three possible Futures (good, bad, and indifferent) laid out in the charts before us.

The High Future: In this Elliott count, the (yellow scale) large Wave 2 was comprised of a zigzag (1-2,1-2), which culminated in July of this year as an A-B-C.  Since then, we went down in a “regular (d) and we are on the verge of rallying up into 2 (5).  Which would put collapse (and Andy’s nuking of L.A.) somewhere in the middle of next year.  New highs early in ’24 and the collapse financially (and we screw the world with Dollar madness) which sets of the nukes.

The Low Future:  In this one, the market fakes everyone out (well, except us) out with an “inflation-adjusted double top.”  Which if it ends here and now (as in this week) sets the stage for:

  • The Israelis making it formal that Gaza is theirs again, and no two-state world.  They want the natgas of Gaza and that’s that.
  • Which in turn will galvanize the Islamic nations into action.
  • Which then sets up a year-endish Muslim block attack on Israel.
  • That, in sequence, has the U.S. attacking Iran because Congress (don’t get me started) has already passed resolutions that as a matter of Policy, the US won’t let Iran have nukes.  This is the part where neocons turned neolibs run a global agenda to fulfill the (pre-statehood) “From the River to the Sea” agenda first articulated by the Likud party in ’46 or ’47. Should never have been a separate state, but that’s a longer talk.

In this scenario, the larger Wave 3 (yellow scale) does what is essentially a Double Top (and a bit more because of several months of inflation since July.  And it’s closer than one might think counted this way.  Because our Aggregate Index (a meta measure of dollars in markets) was sitting earlier at 39,405.  Whilst at the July 31 top, we were at 39,326.  Meaning about 80-points off a double top.

Whether the market has the stomach for higher is a Wildman’s wager, as we figure it.

Muddled Future: Well, it is somewhere in between.

Which is why this morning, in the “cheap outfield seats” we are glued to earthquake and drone attacks wondering when the whole shitteree blows skyward.

For an ADHD person, our advice (so note to self) is “take a chill pill” (or some skanky delta 8) and try to remain calm.

Three Anti-Calm Developments

#1 Taxes Head to Court

Involved is a case where the FedGov is trying to tax illusory income.  Details in the Wall St. Journal coverage One Supreme Court Case Could Mess Up Chunks of the Tax Code – WSJ.

Making up tax liabilities based on unrealized income is a profound landmark in America’s conversion to Socialism.  Imagine, putting money into an investment and then being taxed on the government’s made-up/hypothecated delusion of how money that position is worth before you take out the profits!

I don’t have any problem paying honest income tax.  Take my lunch-money brokerage account, for example.  I don’t put money in, nor do I take money out. My profit for the year is therefore “Ending Balance minus Starting Balance Equals taxable short-term gains.”  (Since my idea of a long trade is 13 hours of market risk).

The question before the court is a lot more complicated, since it deals with an investment in India and repatriation of American dollars, but the government was so hungry for dough that they didn’t wait for accounting to complete.

And that’s the danger.  Imagine a world where you pick the next Apple or Microsoft stock. Buy 10,000 shares at a dime each.  And they give Elon a run for the stars.  But, as long as you don’t sell the stock, it’s a long-term investment.  Taxes due in the year you finally sell your (now billions).  The government doesn’t want to wait.  The desperation play is that they want the money along the way before accounting “settles out.”

Which is exactly what you would do, too, IF you were a crook and knew the tax liability would be paid with crooked (highly inflated) paper dollars!

Thing is, when a country is going into hyperinflation (you know our national debt is nudging $34 trillion, right?) government gets into a position of making up taxable gains!

Let’s say 10-years ago you bought a Corvair Monza on eBay. Maybe you paid $10,000.  (s/c version, right?)  10-years later, you sell the car for $32,000.  Under current tax law (and check me on this – we don’t do advice!) you would have a $22,000 gain which you’d pay income tax on. No adjustment for money inflation!

Under c rooked Democrat Accounting plans, yo0u’d have paid he taxes on an as-you-go basis.  But, while the demonscraps say the overall tax would be the same (don’t worry, it will be higher) the fact is the earlier the taxes are collected, the more purchasing power that money has.

The Supreme Court seems mostly level-headed, except for the radical open-border whackos. But, that doesn’t mean they have common sense.

In our simplistic view, there is no honest way to assess taxes until what’cha call a taxable event.  Like the sale of an asset. Anything else is PMoSPB (*pure Mafia or Socialist play book).

Oh, and if zealous tax collectors over-collected on your “Monza” deal? Like if you sold for break-even?  Think you’d ever get that money back?  Are you an idiot, sucker, or fool? Because this is about the mechanics of thievery, not the operation of Honest Government.

Little side story: I have collected a lot of ham radio gear over the last 20-years.  But I can’t sell it now (it’s worth more) because I can’t find all the receipts showing what was paid for it.  Therefore, it would all be “taxable income”.  Instead, my version of a “wash sale” will be to die, leave it to the extra class ham son, and then it’s part of an inheritance – and that threshold is one the Ure fortune won’t reach.  (Anywhere near…) See how schemering demonscraps work the crooked accounting angles?

An honest tax code would let a person have all the income from sale of a “used anything” with no taxable gains because it was acquired with after-tax income.  The market price appreciation is mainly from the diluted purchasing power of crooked money, anyway… So, yeah, we would like to see the Supremes move us toward honest taxation on actual settlement prices and not fictionalized accounting.

Anti-calm #2: Red Sea 2B Tonkin II

With reports of a US naval vessel taking rocket and drone fire (such as reported in US Destroyer Shoots Down Drones As Attacks Hit Red Sea Shipping)

All it will take will be a remake of the Vietnam war-starter, Gulf of Tonkin II being replayed and off we go to nuke Iran’s assets and then WW3, worst case, is here before year-end.

Gulf of Tonkin?  Too young to get the reference?  The main part of the Wikipedia entry will read you in:

“The commander of the Maddox task force, Captain John Herrick, reported that the ships were being attacked by North Vietnamese boats when in fact, there were no North Vietnamese boats in the area. While Herrick soon reported doubts regarding the task force’s initial perceptions of the attack, the Johnson administration relied on the wrongly interpreted National Security Agency communications intercepts to conclude that the attack was real.[5]

While doubts regarding the perceived second attack have been expressed since 1964, it was not until years later that it was shown conclusively never to have happened. In the 2003 documentary The Fog of War, the former United States Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara admitted that the supposed August 4 attack, for which Washington authorized retaliation, never happened.”

Not real? Absolutely. But that didn’t stop the War Party puppeteer-master Johnson from kicking-off a major escalation in Vietnam.

But wait!  Imagine the same kind of thing happening today in the waters south of Iran.  Then see the joint U.S.-Israeli strike on Iranian nuke plants in response.  Then see Iran mobilize a million soldiers.

Then pop over and read Israel war: Mass evacuations ordered in Gaza’s Khan Younis as Palestinians run out of places to go. Appreciate we need a “war as a pivot point”  and tell me it can’t happen again.

And while (or when) it does?  Iran is likely to be emboldened by the U.S. in a hot mess with Biden’s Billions turning into a hellacious loss in Ukraine: Tectonic changes in the global system: Russia is heading for triumph with deafening NATO defeat – Zelensky in black mess, statements (vid). Where’s AMERICA’S border????

Even the Houseplant in the Oval knows he has a “sales problem” to come up with before the end of the year. Russia Ukraine war: US says it’s running out of money to help Ukraine in war. So, a Tonkin 2 clone, war on Iran, Russia distracted, and Biden still has the checkbook while tax collectors scheme on how to money-rape America’s shrinking middle (nonimmigrant) class.  Yes sir, fine load of shit to consider for breakfast, ain’t it?

“Line ’em up, bartender: Markets on edge, Taxes on Court docket, Tonkin 2 pressures grow in Middle East. Why, what could go wrong?”

Anti-Calm #3 is everything else.

The Rhymes of History

If there was ever a doubt in your mind that history doesn’t repeat, but it sure as hell rhymes, a note from our Houston Bureau chief today lays out real-world experiences.

Before reading this, you need to know that Houston was a flight attendant back in the days of Tonkin (and following) and has a hard view of American politics:

“Over 50 years ago I had a pax removed from a flight for having a US flag sewn upside down on the backside of his jeans. Even the captain supported my decision. Pax was given the chance to change his clothing; instead he told me to do something physically impossible, and police boarded the 720 and removed him. Vietnam war was still raging and I was in no mood to put up with this clown’s “civil rights.”

Attached to this was the story American Airlines Investigating Alleged Pro-Palestinian Sweatshirt Incident. We are reminded, therefore, that the world is alive with rhymes.  The WW 1 trench warfare die-off in Ukraine.  And now, casting another prelude-shadow ahead of next (and larger) war we see clothing and personal position marketing coming to the fore.

The future, dear reader, is not so obscure as narrowing beliefs might hold.  Because there is, says in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “What has been will be again, / what has been done will be done again; / there is nothing new under the sun

Smallish events (clothing worn while riding public “sky transits”) doesn’t worry us like some of the other “earlier rhymes” still open.  Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Zyklon B to name just a few. How does anyone play planetary genocide with 8-billion contestants and have anyone “win???”

Ripping the Wires

Next Energy Grab war has been wheeled into sight: Venezuela approves referendum to take over neighboring oil-rich Essequibo region controlled by Guyana, just like we told you it would. Warm-up will take a while, but Venezuela is looking for a shoo-in land grab.  Like the Gaza energy take-back model, but without those pesky Palestinians to make headlines.

Rocking the Philippines again:  typical following the 7+ was a M 5.7 – 42 km E of Aras-asan, Philippines ( Not overly concerning but worth keeping an eye on. We have subduction of the Pacific Plate down under the Mariannas trench, with related action in Pakistan today, M 5.2 – 65 km SSW of Khuzdar, Pakistan ( as the Pacific plate push moves the Indo plate up into India, which in turn presses events to the northwest in Turkey. M 5.1 – western Turkey (  Just remember, earthquakes have their own time and causation delays are common, so you can get confused on time until you realize how slow and semi-elastic the cause and effects are. Your reading assignment for next time is….

Like political intrigue stories? Former US ambassador to Bolivia arrested on suspicion of serving as Cuban government agent ( Ex-Stater, we note.  And we have talked about liberal embeds at State for how long?

Entertaining the Rich: It’s Kennedy Center Honors time for a crop including Queen Latifah, Billy Crystal and Dionne Warwick.

Pop and Drop Crypto?  While BTC was over $42,000, we’re reminded it was 33 percent higher 2-years ago.  But the hype continues in Recent Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rally “Feels Different,” Top Money Manager Says.

Around the Ranch: In the WOG

20-meter ham radio band was dead-ish Sunday, but many nice CW (Morse) contacts were found. A number of POTA (Parks on the Air) stations including in Florida and Virginia.

Signal reports from the W5GI “Mystery Antenna” are about the same as the OCFD mounted 20 feet lower. A new high-mounted OCFD should arrive this week.  And we’ll do another drone with fishing line, back-haul paracord, and fly it closer to 90-feet up.

Hardest choice of the week: Nik at Four-Minute-Books has a summary of Poor Charlie’s Almanack out. The book is scheduled for release tomorrow.  But my difficulty is in deciding whether to read the summary or buy the book for my Kindle.

Best Munger quote (so far) was “I’ve written my obituary the way I’ve lived my life, and if you want to pay attention to it, it’s alright with me. And if they want to ignore it, that’s OK with me too. I’ll be dead.”

Hopefully, we’ll all have the time to not only tune up our obits, but also live a little closer to the creative writing output before the curtains come down.

Hmm. I’ll go for all three: summary, audio book, and the library copy for the reader.  Sometimes, it’s fun to “live a bit large.”

For now, we’re focused on this being Jobs Week.  The labor dept. JOLTS report comes tomorrow morning at 10, then ADP Wednesday, Challenger job cuts report Thursday, and the Federal fairytale Friday.

ShopTalk Sunday is here if you missed it.

About the WOG?  Short for World Of George.  Where you’ve just looked.

Write when you get rich, or get away with it,

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  1. BbbbbbboooYAH !

    $42K is hear to stay..for a little while longer, as BTC powers thru the 38.2% fiba sequence -hardest one to poke thru, next level,50% retrace easypeasy, the 62% retrace is second hardest at around $49,000 ..then a pullback all the way to $37K.

    * Lick Ure ice creams as needed hear homegamers, ya know like that new solar installation on the casa that BTC built on a tropical beach somewhere in Central America. I know I promised myself a new Rolex submariner (black dial w/green bezel) not a hulk or a kermit, when BTC popped again. Need to find a Seller who accepts BTC.

    No Tax is Good Tax.. write when U have this figured out.

    *STOP funding EVIL – BCN sponsored Tax Revolt!

    Sniff sniff that Philly PHREEDOM I smell..

    • The Jesse Livermore Ascending broadening Wedge pattern bear trap with a descension back to $37K or more like a 50% pull back from a new local high, is normal for a BTC mega cycle rally, and happens before the final run to the new multi year peak ATH. It would be final flush out before the BTC halving. I always have some dry powder for when the intstitutions create a sales opportunity in the gift isle.

      Got Blockchain? Not Advice, do your own homework.

    • Philly PHREEDOM?

      Isn’t that what the Iggles experienced last night when they got phreeed from their streak…?

  2. What a mess of selling assets paid for with after tax money. No one can work in that environment and not break some tax rule. Not only would you have to track the purchase of the device, any repair materials, but also to account for your valuable time in the tax situation. A skill repaired tech for this aging tech is what ~100$ per hour ? If you account for your time, testing, repair, testing and shipping many of those projects might still be a “loss” after the sale.

    • Except, your labor doesn’t count if you own the business. Which is why UrbanSurvival is (in tax terms) a profit center. Because my 2000 hours per year are zero value. The tax code is screwed, but like everyone knows, everything is a business model, including confiscatory taxes that don’t recognize total costs including the owners time.

      • I hear talking heads discussing taxation of unrealized profits on capital gains, but what about real estate? Every owner of real estate would be instantly bankrupted by taxation of incremental appraised value.
        Why would taxation of unrealized capital gains be limited you just one form of property? If the SC opens the flood gate, then we all drown.

        • Exactly.. what we pay in taxes here a month is what the taxes are in the outbacks of texas.. the home taxes is almost twenty percent of our income..
          I once questioned since the average bungalow is now a a quarter million dollars in an area where the wages of an assistant manager or manager is under fifteen dollars.. how does one buy a house like that..
          the same.. went shopping at the walmart in the area where none of the housing is under a million.. a million dollar homes payments are probably as much or more than someone that is a laborer makes in a year per month..
          then on the way home .. I may have heard the answer on the News.. one of the stories was that fifty and eighty year loans are quite common now to keep the payments down.. I should have caught that to.. since I push the car payments to overtime to get the payments down to what I can afford..
          you never own the rent the home… then again that to makes sense.. no one here leaves with anything.. at all.. the hospitals doctors and lawyers get it all and anything left goes to the government

        • LOOB- Cash real estate, absence of state income tax and very low property tax are a formula for evading the worst effects of a depression- stealth or otherwise. My main fear is federal land grabs. Staying put and hoping the wind blows in from a safe direction is the path of least resistance right now.

      • It would seem that someone else should own the business and Ure be the General Manager(and bottle washer). Maybe a C corp?

        If Elaine owned the business, I don’t know how that would fly in tax court unless you two got divorced(and stayed together). Either way, as complexity and uncertainty enter the tax picture, I’d be inclined to do less and less for financial gain. Why bother? Just learn to live below the poverty line.

        What concerns me is that owning anything with made-up implicit taxes paid yearly would ultimately make us all paupers, sans assets. I can’t even imagine the paperwork! It’s just theft over some timeline. It would be the ultimate disincentive to do anything productive beyond living naked in the woods.

        • “What concerns me is that owning anything with made-up implicit taxes paid yearly would ultimately make us all paupers, sans assets.”

          Now go and read Agenda 2030, and you’ll understand how we all will come to own NOTHING. And like it? I think not.

          This nation was founded on the principle of the individual right to own property. That’s why so many people uprooted their families from England and Europe where the only property owners were royalty and their appointed lords and ladies. And now we’re coming full circle where the “elite” are banding together to tell the little people they can’t own land or cars, but will have to rent everything from them or the government.

          How far this once great nation has fallen!

  3. Khan Younis is where my neighbor’s late husband was from. He was 13 in 1956 when this happened there …

    She told me the story her husband had told and stood by, shortly after this war started. He escaped and somehow came here. Reading that, is easier than her tell me and, escaping it, had to be nightmarish.

    Her daughter was in Palestine just 3 weeks before this war, visiting family. She returned with stories too. I believe, I told you about that.

    It’s all very sad.

    • The definition of ‘criminal’ is fluid and not many perceive themselves to be criminal.

      Why does the serial killer kill? In simplest terms, to rid the world of filth.

      People take advantage of .gov bailouts and malfeasance.

      I posted the video showing four fat lady COPs unable to take down one man. The competency is unacceptable, but is accepted. Three Stooges world.

  4. Unfortunately, any Russian victory comes at an enormous cost: 1. Many of their battle systems, technology and equipment have been captured and reviewed by our military; 2. We have battle tested new equipment; 3. War with new tech systems, like drones have evolved the battle field; 4. Their population is heavily divided over the war and there have been large desertions in the battle field; 5. Large losses in equipment (bombers, a sub, tanks, missile systems, defense systems, and other mechanized equipment); 6. Loss of high ranking field officers and staff; 7. Little or no navy; 8. Selling natural resources for Yuan and Rupees, that have little value on the world exchange market for other goods or services; 9. Drone bombing inside Russian borders have undermined Russian civilians faith in their leadership. 10. Russian commitments elsewhere around the world are also draining Russian financially. 11. Entanglements with Russia’s historical enemies, China and Iran, had them buying back old Russian ammo and equipment from those countries at marked up prices. With the war in the Ukraine there are few winners.

      • Neoconned again..idiots and morons.

        Everything nato has thrown at Russia has been destroyed. Minimal damage ukey drones – they dont get thru.
        Only success of nato/ukraine ha been against CIVILIANS ..exactly like their other brothers holocausting Gazans” right now.

        The Russian economy is booming like never before – genius or is it just all LIES – it certainly looks like it.

        New equipment my ass – Russians are the ones blowing away .mil planners assumptions – there is REAL Panic in leadership ranks..when last time a hypersonic was launched ? Yet they have more than quadrupled their manufacture ?
        As for little navy – write you when got an admiral Ghorshkov “frigate”, they has redefined modern naval warfare.

        ALL FALSE – you lie like a rug, rugman.

  5. “The Israelis making it formal that Gaza is theirs again”

    The Good Book says Israelis own the whole world so we’re all Gazinians.

    According to the Good Book Israelis even own outer space!

    We’ll be splitting hairs as we sign over our deeds. Speaking of property tax, maybe our forefathers already did.

    • Steve, when you cite the Good Book, as when one cites any source, you need to give chapter and verse. Without proper citation, you have no credibility.

  6. “This is the part where Liberals turned neocons run a global agenda to fulfill the (pre-statehood) “From the River to the Sea” agenda first articulated by the Likud party in ’46 or ’47. Should never have been a separate state, but that’s a longer talk.”

    Fixed that for you…

    BTW, having trouble ffiguring out how this could be a Likud policy from 1947, when the Likud Party did not exist until 1973…

  7. When the money runs out for UKR, I’m guesing the money from the fed that keeps all those naked gold short positions open in perpituity on CME from all the way back in the Greenspan PPP team days will also dry up. Remember Mr. Greenspan saying this:

    Can you say gold price discovery, and Crypto Price discovery [for those with a use case and legal clarity]?

    Its always been my theory that when all the fiat whirl a gig money flows stop, and there are no more useful widgets being made to support said money velocity, Wallstreet will make new whirlpools of money velocity using block chain as the new source of US and world manufacturing and consumption.

    Welcome to the disruption of the 4th turning. Opportunity.

    Dont take my word for it, heres something from a gold bug in back in 2013. He bought 50,000 BTC for $1.

    Got blockchain?

    • So? George bought gold at, what?, $275 and I did a hunsky more later and ever since. 5 figures on my ledger has turned well into the 6 figure category and well beyond as PMs’ extensibility is infinite when the dollar hits zero.
      The kids will get it even when the lights are out, which has happened here in Texas. With everything falling apart you’d better keep an eye on the grid for CMEs to terrorists taking pot shots at un-replaceable transformers and hackers holding it hostage to get any assurance your profits will exist into the future.

    • calling BS on that story. in 2013 the price of BTC ranged from $13-$1,000. In May 2013 it was about $200. He would have had to buy pre 2011 to get a price under $1. In 2010 the price was $0.05 and he could have bought 20 for $1.

  8. Seems my whole life someone has been after me to clean up this, clean that, etc. I have prepaid for my cremation. My obituary will read “Pardon my dust”. But I won’t care anymore.

  9. Well well well -looks as though don bribem has got some splaining to do.

    Why do these wise guys always end up swimming wit da Fishes ? Lost count of how many mafiosi dons gotten knocked off in my lifetime – further solidifying the old saying..Live By the Sword, Die by the Sword
    ..translated into 2023 language of the 4th turning we get –

    Live By the Bribe, Die By the Bribe.

    Me thinks that cat in da mask at WH is a christian in action “actor”..jss

    * dr z – The Cat in the Mask…”and then something went bump! how that bump made us jump! we looked! Then we saw him stumble on the mat! The cat in the Mask! why do you sit there like that? I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny but we can have lots of good vice and that is nice.”

    • “Barzini is dead. So is Phillip Tattaglia. Moe Greene. Stracci. Cuneo. Today, I settle all family business Carlo, so don’t tell me that you’re innocent. Admit what you did.”

      Michael Corleone – The Godfather

      “I Don’t Feel Like I Have To Wipe Everybody Out, Tom. Just My Enemies, That’s All.”

      Michael Corleone – The Godfather II

    • The Colony Ridge situation is being duplicated all over Texas, and it is not necessarily what the far-right wingnuts proclaim:

      The crime and gang activity don’t really sound any different than what I experienced living in Harris county adjacent to areas with lower-priced housing. My own concern at the Colony Ridge location would be the potential impact of flooding events on the public coffers.

      The iron-fisted control of zoning in the urban metro areas, coupled with the breakdown in housing and rental affordability, sparked the tiny house movement, and RV parks are beginning to spring up like popcorn in suburban and rural areas to provide parking space.

      Locally, the landscape is becoming a patchwork of agricultural land interspersed with Mcmansion subdivisions, high rise apart complexes, and limited affordable housing. RV park developments fill in where developers can get away with it.

      Mowing services, off-book apothecaries and yoga lessons should flourish.

    • Texas Monthly isn’t exactly the mouthpiece of the Right.

      “Texas Massacre Happened in America’s Largest Illegal Immigrant “Colonia” — and Major U.S. Media Won’t Say So”

      Even MSN has concerns –

      “Murders, cartels, squalor: Inside ‘colony’ near Houston accused of being ‘haven for illegal aliens’”

      • Having had wealthy neighbors that were once havens for illegals, and game camera photos of what appeared to disinterested third parties to look like methhead militia raiding my garage more than a decade ago, I can’t really say anything in Texas is surprising, other than naivety.
        So how many bodies were dumped? Are you sure they didn’t come from a deadbeat funeral home? Most of the really gnarly body dumps seem to always involve mortuaries.
        Last, I used the TM article ’cause they tend to be a bit more balanced.

        • Glenn Beck is doing a major story on this subject, I think, starting tonight if not this weekend. If you’re not a subscriber, which wouldn’t surprise me, you ought to eventually see all or part of his investigation on either his YT channel or Blaze TV or wherever he can publish without being shut down like Rumble or BitChute. He did have an update article on his website –

          I’d be careful with the term “balanced” in this day and age, though. Fox blew that term out of the water.

  10. “Own nothing and be happy”.
    Because you can’t afford to pay the infinite level of taxes on anything…

  11. Scripps indicates about 75% of the Palestinian folks are now displaced. Notice in war pics the IDF is leveling all the Gaza buildings to dust. Clearly even an optimist can see the Palestinian folks won’t be returning any time soon. Even if the IDF will be rebuilding the city for Palestinians it’ll take years.

    Will the Palestinians wander or be relocated? And can we get in on the action.

  12. i heard today from a few freinds, of 4 different people i phave met in person, jumping out of buildings or off bridges to their death.

    pretty sad and trippy.

    i also heard from a few people i know paying who are making their car payments and house payments with credit cards because they are just out of options while they look for work. they have to do what they have to do.

    its different when you read it on the news verses, i know that person. last time i saw them everything was great in their life. then you hear, yeah he just jumped off a balcony of a Sky Scraper.

    i heard most all the jumpers was for financial reasons.

    that is probably why i been so tired lately. im not tired anymore.

  13. Oh crap, thought I migrated over to that from another video I was watching. It’s the same as Perry’s. Beg your pardon.

  14. when i leave a comment now George, there is a big red sign under the box with an Arrow that says Next.

    Next ->



  15. I make my won choices.

    i know so many gifted and psychic people.

    i will tell ya one person who always bends my ear to listen. A Baptized in the Holy Spirit Woman.

    Today, a pastor freind, wife said something to me. i always listen closely when a Holy Spirit Filled Woman speaks.

    Their is absolutely no lie in them and they always speak from a place of Motherly Love and Authority.

    feeling much much better. no tired at all anymore. thank you!

    • “When the serpent appears, his head is ten feet long and five feet wide. He has one red eye and one green eye. He’s deadly and he’s seven miles long. As he moves on his scales have written all the history of the world, all people, all actions, all of us our little pictures on the scales, God it’s big! — and it’s eating as it moves all the time, devouring, digesting consciousness, power, a monster of energy! We must kiss the snake on the tongue, if it senses our fear, it will eat us instantly. But if we kiss it without fear, the snake will take us through the garden and out the gate. To our freedom -we must ride this snake. To the end of time.”

      — Jim Morrison (The Doors film – 1991)

  16. 5:54pm Local Hawaiian time… we felt a strong shaking bump on the Big Island. 5.1 earthquake on south side of Kilauea summit. Shook my booty sitting in an office chair at the computer.

  17. Re: Taxes –
    The neighbor came over to try and retrieve his bull that had jumped the fence because we have all the “entertainment” on our side. His poor boys don’t seem to have any.

    Anyway I told him, rather than build an 8 foot fence between us I was determined to sell off our cows starting next year. (Neither one of us wants that as it impedes the deer movement) He responded by telling me a friend of his might make an offer on the whole lot we have as he had done with my neighbor in the past. I considered it and asked the wife about it. The answer was a firm “Oh, Hell, NO!” because it would skew the Hell out of our income for this year and send her O’bummer Care premiums into the Stratosphere (she’s wanting some foot surgery pretty badly) as well as drop kick us into a higher tax bracket. So, for the time being, I’m feeding cows through the Winter and probably some are going to be knocked up again for late Summer “delivery” due to the fact that bull was always “working”. I guess that’s what you call “an embarrassment of riches”. One way or another the government will take what they want from you. All I can do is claim as many deductions as I possibly can and use anything I save for taxes.

    • Bill, I wish you would write a book called: “Tall Tales from Texas – Talking Turkey with Cows, Deer, and Wife, and that Ain’t No Bull.”

      Cause your stories are splendid, and you and you wife are comedy GOLD!!!

      • Thanks, I’d love to. I do enjoy “writing” but the time it takes when you really get into a writing mood wipes out days worth of work. It’s an alternate reality as I’m sure George would attest to but I’m not about to get up at the unGodly hours George does to start pounding on the keyboard and the rest of the day is jam packed with stuff that needs doing. Someone has to take Elmer Kelton’s place and others like him, however. If I could draw I’d add to the old “Cowpokes” comics by Ace Reid that you can still see in publications like “Livestock Weekly”.

        Making it relevant to today’s reader, though, is the real trick and doing it by a deadline would kill the vibe in a heartbeat. Perhaps the pendulum will swing back to more “Earthy” interests one day soon. Given the insane stuff I’ve gone through, however, I’ve found you HAVE to look at Life and express it the same way a comedy writer does on a good sitcom. I know it doesn’t always come out like that but it’s a good coping mechanism if you have an outlet for it.

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