Charts Whisper a Grim Future

IF (and is still iffy) the top of Wave 2 is in – and the market continues sliding into a major Wave 3 Down – certain aspects and timing about Future become clear.  Because while there was much hype Friday about a “coup in Russia – like it was good news in some way – the fact is that could be a worst possible outcome.

The reason is simple:  Vlad Putin is not the worst president Russia could have.  The hard liners would likely have already escalated to tactical weapons use by now – and that would have opened doors to a global war already.

‘The psychology of next week is what concerns us most today, however.  Make it or break it time for Wave  2.

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51 thoughts on “Charts Whisper a Grim Future”

  1. Brits stealing meat, sweets and booze amid cost-of-living crisis – survey

    The UK’s cost-of-living crisis is fueling a surge in shoplifting, according to a report published on Thursday by the British Association of Convenience Stores. ACS data showed that more than 1.1 million incidents of theft were recorded at stores across the country over the past year – the highest level in a decade, and up from 970,000 the year before. The most commonly stolen items were meat, alcohol and sweets, which are typically considered high value items that can be resold.

    Conservative Treehouse: Ron DeSantis was a Fraud this Whole Time

    DeSantis was a ploy to make GOP voters believe Florida was a “free state” during covid. However, it was all just a psyop to undermine Trump in 2024. “The WHOLE reason DeSantis was the most popular Governor thruout his first term, was a CON; EVERY action he took as Governor, was a political calculation planned and intended to create the image of “the free State of Florida” and RDS as ‘Trump lite’. It wasn’t that he ‘changed” after getting the $millions, he was ALWAYS terrible at connecting with voters, a terrible campaigner, and he was NEVER MAGA; it was all a ‘PR’ or advertising campaign to create a totally artificial, and unconnected from reality IMAGE. And it is that IMAGE that people ‘fell in love with’ and it never existed.”

    Top Russian general sends message to ‘mutinous’ Wagner PMC

    The deputy commander of the Russian Joint Forces, General Sergey Surovikin, asked on Friday the fighters of the private military company Wagner Group to stop their “rebellion” against the Russian military. In a short video message released on social media, Surovikin said he had just returned from the front, where Russian forces were standing their ground against the Ukrainian offensive.

    • Getting word that NATO, EUCOM, the U.S. 2nd (Atlantic) and 6th (Med) Fleets are all on heightened states of alert. The UK’s COBR-A (cabinet office briefing room A, pronounced cobra) has been convened, not a common thing. A mounting fear in the West is the security and loyalty of Russia’s nuclear forces, particularly its land and sea launched missiles. Rumors are rampant, but one thing is certain – Putin is facing a serious rebellion from the Wagner Group, a hardened force of convicts, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and far right extremists.. My bet is the deep pocketed oligarchs will soon weigh in on the side they favor most, which will be the side that benefits the oligarchs the most. It is telling that many military forces are currently not mobilizing against the Wagner insurgents. Interesting. What might they be waiting for?

      • Um, like I said, it is a psyop.

        The military and reserves were not called in because there was no need. Granted, they’re badasses, but 4000 Wagneristas were not going to capture Moscow — neither would 40,000 or 400,000. The talking idiots have been commenting on how easily the Wagner corps moved up the highway toward Moscow and how Putin “ran away.” Of course they moved easily, because it was staged theatre. The questions are: “For whom?” and “Toward what end?” Russians play chess, we don’t, and I’m not sure the current Administration could play tiddly winks. As for Putin running away, I can’t picture a lone KGB agent with a pistol who faced down an angry mob of East Germans, running from his chef.

        WH, with your background, your thoughts might be better-directed at figuring out what Putin is doing. The only two reads I can make are Putin has successfully integrated the Musicians into the Russian Army, and he now absolutely knows which of his supporters and backers are truly allied with him, and I’m not at all sure either was the intent of the exercise…

        Little help?

    • Nostradamus seems to indicate Brit’s will physically eat each other.

      “No abbots, monks, no novices to learn; Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax. So high the price of wheat, That man is stirred. His fellow man to eat in his despair.”

  2. Equity? Bud Light maligns their remaining customers implying they are idiots…

    Y’know, the crash of BudLight sales is increasing in velocity? One would think the idea of an apology, a promise to stay the f*** out of politics and away from “woke,” and maybe a heart-jerk commercial featuring the 40 horse hitch and a Dalmatian would occur to them BEFORE the company goes broke…

    India taking rupee global to grab piece of dollar trade – ex-central banker

    The Indian rupee’s global ambitions could ease trade settlements with other nations, a former official from the country’s central bank has said. Asia’s third-largest economy, and one of the world’s fastest growing, is pivoting away from its dollar dependency to ensure its foreign exchange reserves remain stable. Last month, India’s forex reserves edged up to nearly $600 billion, a one-year high.

    • Hmm a product staying out of politics… that depends on who is pushing the agenda and how much control they have on the companies.. mainstream media.. still not reporting the news.. last story I heard them tell was hunter was basically innocent with only 2 misdemeanors..
      from my perspective..they are doubling down.. and not just with bud but several products.. they say it enough the overworked wage earners only hear what they are saying..if it didn’t affect their quality of life so much the people would eventually accept what is being said..

    • Ray, this may explain the ButtLite rush to corporate suicide:

      I’m sure it’s got bias, but the general theme of this thing hangs together. The idea is to break Americans of their self-reliance and enforce obedience and conformity, using social credit scores. It’s already working on America’s largest corporations, and it seems that every individual is the next target.

  3. So, would now be a good time to bring up the Deagel population projections for the umpteenth time…?

    • It’s never a good time to mention Deagel or the Georgia Guidestones, because, I’m making an educated guess here, you and I are not in the 500 million elite survivors.

      However……India has just announced it is buying shares in Indias oil companies in order to “assist” them in achieving their net zero “climate change goals”. As one Indian suggested if this is a scam to sell carbon credits to the EU then it’s all good. Everybody benefits from the “climate crisis” with buckets of European taxpayers cash flowing to India. Fire up the Lamborghini Aventador!

      But if they are seriously going down the same road as Sri Lanka………

    • Absolutey…
      I bring up my pet suggestions on the grid,cities etc. all the time..those that will take a serious look at it do..majority like my kids just assume I’m barking mad

  4. You mention underwater cable snips but I wonder if the enemy even needs a diver suit when several hundred getaways from all nations of the world have entered the wide open southern border of the USA over the last couple of years. The Trojan horse may already be here.

    The coup attempt in Russia is certainly bad news but I think what is more dangerous is the two most powerful nuclear nations in the world disintegrating into internal chaos at the same time. A nation divided cannot stand but a 2fer…… certainly puts China in a very strong position.

    Finally, on the inflation front, the wife and I went to lunch yesterday at our favourite seafood restaurant in town. I asked the owner why King Crab Legs were not on the menu. He said because they are now $99 a pound at the market (that’s about $65 US). Jumbo scallops are $60 a pound at the market.

    • what is funny about that.. is I love crab legs LOL LOL LOL…
      a few years ago I had the thought I would do aquaponics.. put up a tank.. had a rainwater collection system.. ( five minutes of a medium range I would get five hundred gallons in rainwater) I raised freshwater prawns.. Red Claw Crayfish,
      tilapia, crawfish..
      I did pretty good with it to.. the big issue was when it came time to harvest them.. I couldn’t do it LOL LOL dam things were going to live out their life in luxury LOL LOL LOL
      on the two fifty totes.. if you ever decide to try it.. put a nursery on the bottom.. small quarter inch hole screen over a frame with weights to hold it on the bottome about five to six inches high.. put pieces of pipe etc.. in it to for hiding spots as well..
      I ended up giving all the fish away.. one was ten pounds about two foot long.. Oh I forgot what the fish is called but had some snails and a fish to clean up the algae.. it worked real good..

    • Sams club… seventy dollars a lb.. in the shell…

      “what is more dangerous is the two most powerful nuclear nations in the world disintegrating into internal chaos at the same time. A nation divided cannot stand but a 2fer……”

      with what is coming up in the celebration of the fourth.. is fire works.. I think about the last gentleman that lived in our spare room.. come the fourth of july he was hiding in the shower.. and blockaded himself in his room.. the fireworks we watch and go awe over were terrifying to him.. for him it was the memory of death not a celebration..
      makes me wonder over what we all see and our perception of it.. we live in a relatively quiet country.. (except when terrorist activities like BLM and Antifa set out to destroy , pillage rape and maime) we haven’t any real memories on this continent of any war here on our shores..If the Biden War escalates to that point.. then no one will ever see those fireworks as a celebration again..

  5. The wave 3 of high degree isn’t going to happen until the last sucker has laid their money down. Somewhere, some kid will charge off a fractional bitcoin to their credit card, maxing out their credit limit and their luck to take advantage of the latest run-up, the butterfly will flap it’s wings, and the credit cycle will begin unraveling. Then the @ss clown media circus will begin floundering to find an explanation, and a goat, for a purely technical descent into economic chaos.
    On the bright side, I’m shopping bargains in the pre-wave-3 4th of July sale, where 30, 40 & 70% off sales are running.

  6. “The hard liners would likely have already escalated to tactical weapons use by nowThe hard liners would likely have already escalated to tactical weapons use by now”

    the issues today in Russia hint that the hard liners are upset at Putin’s being to soft and they want to see this escalated.. if the agencies of the USA and UK are involved in the Civil insurrection.. this could go ugly in no time..

  7. As of yesterday afternoon, I have been working on an exit strategy for my trade accounts. Yeah., I know., taxes up the wazoo…, but it is better to have some of it – than none of it. It has been decades since I haven’t had a market trade account – or a trade desk., and I loathe shutting them down – but the alternative is not acceptable. Question: What do you do with two hyper-active computer systems and three large monitors ? The Ultimate gaming system ? Boring !
    – If my math is correct, I will have enough ready cash for property taxes and all the rest of the “gotta pay – to make them go away” needed dollars., for many years. Which is an incentive. Getting it out of the bank will be the only real problem – but I am working on that mine-field also.
    – I called all my trade-group buddies [ 8 in my group] late yesterday and asked them if they have been watching / reading the news of late and what they think. Every single one of them are in a state of getting ready to close-out all internet accounts and batten the hatches. They don’t like what they smell either.
    – Might be a little early to “take action”., but having all the steps that need to be done to get out, move on., and be ready is, I think, a wise precaution.
    – Remember., you are only paranoid if they ‘aren’t’ watching you.
    – “Stay Frosty ! “

    • What to do with high powered computers? Swap out your trading drives and put them in a metal sealed garbage can, and start loading new drives with all the valuable info that’s still available all over the net! Back them up! I’ve been doing that for over 20 years since I never believed that the net could be such a giving place.

    • note: file under not financial advice / FWIW column

      I knew an old farm bird who had rather a lot of cash money, her egg money and minor equipment leasing which, between farmers, were settled in cash. She knew the government might look askance given the amount. Sure, large sums are tracked but … just meet with a bank Sr VP in advance and fill out (what used to be) a 6 page form. Shazaam. Your real problem is security on exit unless you have an armored truck!

      Best of luck,

  8. Re: “Charts whisper a grim future”.
    feat. reapers of what they sow


    Yesterday was an eve for pilgrimage to Washington’s Mayflower Hotel by the First Couple. Remarks of course were delivered, and The President humbly revealed to having appointed the smartest person on the Sumpreme Court.

    The Mayflower Hotel took shape in the roaring twenties before a thirties bankruptcy and a firesale post-war flip. The bespoke hotel now rests a couple of subsidiaries down from HQ with views of Central Park. The lieutenants of the storied Drexel, Burnham Lambert have done well.


  9. The communists in our government laid their cards on the table when lady lindsey and da nang dick spoke about changing the rules of war. Also the pedo joe hiding in camp david bunker , congress going dark. Looks like the alphabets are using our money to forment trouble in Russia. It seems like the communists in this country do this every chance they have. IE , obozo and the Arab spring, Libya destruction, election in Brazil, on and on.

  10. I haven’t heard much in the way of banks as a catalyst for a market decline. Here’s my thinking:
    1) we’ve had an (unsustainable) run up in The Magnificent Seven tech stocks, which has begun to leave the parabola this past week. Parabolas don’t correct sideways – they retrace. Were banks participants in this parabola that began after the March bank bailout? I think it would make sense, as a way they could collectively buy in , and all benefit from increases in their reserve worths as they drive the narrow Mag 7 upward.
    2) Something strange is happening in the VIX, dropping to an all time low on Thursday and Friday. The best explanation I have read is that VIX futures purchasers who have been buying VIX futs as a hedge for their equity holdings have been getting margin calls as the VIX has been dropping, and they didn’t have enough cash value left to rollover into the next month. So they’ve driven the price of the futures down by forced sales, causing an even greater reinforcing feedback loop of decreasing VIX. I’m not real clear in how this might work. Buying VIX futures might have been a cheaper hedging alternative than VIX call options which continually need to be repurchased, but if these VIX futs hedges no longer are being held, due to liquidation, then look out below if the stock market starts down..
    3) Margin calls for VIX futs would easily lead to forced equity liquidation, which might have begun last week. With a liquidity crunch in the banks, forced stock liquidation, and reduced VIX futures hedging – next week could become disastrous.

    Another bank crisis is more likely in my view than a geopolitical event, in terms of immediacy. The cracking of markets this past week from the parabolic rise of the past several months suggests something immediate is already afoot. Only the VIX dropping is an anomalous data piece, and as I’ve suggested, that may be a key part of the puzzle of this unraveling. If I’m correct, then we should see a very rapid spike in volatility this week

    I don’t know that much about these matters. Just trying to out together a picture from what I’ve been reading on the web and various tweets.. Does this make sense?

      • Not sure I understand. VIX options I can see in the tables are still just Wednesday’s. How can you do ODTE options on VIX, when there are just Wednesday options available.

  11. When the financial system goes there’s nowhere to run. We’re all on the submersible.

    Recall 2008, Conservative and Lib alike demanding bailouts. “If we don’t save GM the supply chain will collapse.” People blame Obama for ‘rescuing’ but Little Bush signed the document.

    General Motors kept the stuff while dumping their bills onto .gov.

    Fast Eddie kept the Sears stuff and handed obligations to .gov.

    BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street will pull a General Motors/Fast Eddie. Keep the buildings and intellectual property while giving the bills to the 401K bag holders.

    Pre Civil War the currency would fail, which didn’t matter to the people because everyone was still insulated from currency using gold and silver.

    Today we have no choice in the matter.

  12. Silly silly silly people..its a show.

    – Stalin type purges are on the way…MASKIROVKA

    Market puking higher.

    – Bitcoinz pull back 2-3 days on a MRI Sell signal today, so hold Ure firez – BCN still at 100% allocation – rocking and rolling.

    dont forget home gamerz – it alwayz appears darkest, just before the pawn..

  13. I think Taiwan is more important than most of us (Americans) think. As the primary source of all the fine tiny things that make technology go, they are super-crucial. To EVERYbody, NOT just us. (Meaning Japan and even China.)

    Can’t afford to blow it up. or even do bad damage that takes years or skittlyjillions of Financial Currancy Units to repair.

    China’s Problem is to create an environment where the Taiwanese will ASK to be “included,” and maybe even PAY to BE “protected.”

    No “outsiders” (us) can bitch about that.

    I think Taiwan will be “taken” without a shot fired or a drop of blood spilt. This can’t happen super-fast, but it CAN happen fast enough.

    China’s goal is to rule (and own) the world, not blow it up.

  14. Now we know why the troop movements here in the states were being set up, I just hope we don’t get nuked as Putin knows we are behind this coup.

    • Pedo joe, millie and the african are putting troops on the streets to try to control U.S.citizens. We are their enemies, listen to what they say.

  15. “Sometimes you want to be out of the casino.”

    Oh, yeah. Funny you mention a casino. Some think a major inflection point was 1980 when the Reaganomics casino opened.

    “….on the morning of November 21, 1980, Red Flag training operations at Nellis AFB became disrupted when a fire swept through the luxury MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.”

      • Carter was busy negotiating for an early ’81 hostage release while Reagan campaigned 1980 on Trickle Down and won 11/04/80. The casino went up 11/21/80. President-elect Reagan, you’re right.

        Either way, according to 1980 was the low in the S&P and a casino closing was a marker.

        If the S&P trend from 1980 is ending perhaps we should expect a major hostage situation.

  16. Since my 2013 book, Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, I have pointed to the 9th of Av period as the possibility of when a war with Russia could be in play.

    Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, 2013, Page 301-302
    The 9th day of the 11th month in the Hebrew calendar is the fasting day of Tisha B’Av. It is a remembrance of the destruction of both Jewish Temples as well as other tragedies that have fallen on the 9th of Av.

    Those engineered calamities have not been solely directed toward the Jewish people either; the 9th of Av fell on August 1st, 1914, the day that World War I started. It seems to be a day when ruling empires are changed.

    Interestingly enough and fulfilling Nostradamus’ prediction of a New Crusade, the start of the First Crusade also began on the 9th of Av, which fell on August 5th in 1096. It resulted in the death of tens of thousands of Jews.

    Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, 2019, Page 708
    With The 9th of Av on July 29th – 30th, 2020 in the middle of the games, this is the period I believe we will most likely see a war between NATO and Russia.

    Well, that didn’t turn out to be the case in 2020, but we did have biological warfare and the COVID-19 Pandemic and the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.

    But the full story of why I also saw some form of warfare in the Leo time period is found in a number of Nostradamus Quatrains.

    Nostradamus Quatrain V-14
    Saturn [bad luck] and Mars [war] in Leo [Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd] Spain captive,
    Through the Libyan chief trapped in the conflict,
    Near Malta, Heredde [Herod] captured alive,
    The Roman scepter struck by the cock [French].

    Nostradamus Quatrain V-91
    At the great market called that of liars,
    The entire Torrent and field of Athens (Greece):
    They will be surprised by the light cavalry,
    Through the Albanians Mars [war] Leo [Jul 23rd – Aug 23rd], Saturn [bad luck]
    in Aquarius [Jan 20th – Feb 18th].

    Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, 2019, Page 832
    Albania was made a member of NATO in 2009. This incident seems to be the trigger point for a war in July or August. “Mars in Leo” is war between July 23rd and August 22nd.

    I have always believed that Herod in Quatrain V-14 is Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

    In my 2019 book, I identified the Libyan chief as Libyan General Khalifa Haftar. He is an ally of Putin and Russia and in control of most of Libya’s ports.

    Quatrain V-14 refers to the defeat of Israel.

    As I see it, for these events to occur in the Leo and 9th of Av time period, big events will be happening at any time.

    I’ll put more of the details in an update.

  17. G, on yesterday’s and previous rants of yours about Whites becoming a minority, guess who else had xenophobic fear addiction:

    Since there were 800k abortions in Germany after WWI (procreation without any plans to marry – most men jobless and/or killed), Hitler wanted the Aryan race to rule the world, enforced stud farms to increase the purebred Aryan population:

    The single mother from the SS breeding farms was no longer a degenerate:

    400k under the age of 8 were kidnapped from Poland and Belarus, in desperation to ensure a pure Aryan race:

    ABBA singer (70’s Pop, ‘Dancing Queen’) was a Lebensborn…

    Selling fake green cards pays well for Americans..

    As a sheer percentage rate of population, immigrant rate still only 15%, less than the rate for last 150 years. Kemosabe say White man speak with forked tongue, complains about immigrants (except he is one).

    CA has the most illegals, or your food costs would triple without them…

    CA is still #1 agriculture State, provides your balanced meal (fruits, nut, vegetables) while other States drain the Colorado River and Ogwalla Aquifer to grow your Prime Rib – 1lb of beef takes 1800 gallons of water:

    Yes CA is still #1 Agricultural producer:

    Yesterday’s note on ‘China going thru something similar, changing roles of Han & Muslim populations:
    China has forced mass sterilization on the Uyghurs:

    • C,

      Census data shows the demographic change.

      According to census data my community households were 65% white only in 2020 and now are 63% white only using 2022 data. Back in 2000 the community households were 78.79% white only.

      Is my area over diversified, under diversified or diversified just right?

      After reading the FDA approving the manufactured chicken for restaurant menus I’m having second thoughts on not buying the ghetto farmhouse I posted earlier in the year. I checked on it yesterday and it’s pending now so I may still get it at the foreclosure auction.

      • OowS – You gonna operate it as a ghetto Farm ?

        Pigeon coop on roof, chickens & whatnot on top floor with porch for “freerange”.
        Hhydroponic garden 1st floor with fish farm (circ. tanks) in basement.
        – thats a Awesoome plan!
        Keep the outside looking like a FentiShootinShack..dealing only in Cyrpto/PM’s, Ass,Gas,Grass&Alcohol, Ammo and Smokes. G enius!

    • It is the “Ogallala aquifer”,, and even that name was a
      mis-spelling, when the town first applied for naming the new town after the Oglala Indian tribe, as the town 9 miles west of Ogallala is named Brule, another Tribe.
      The deepest and largest part is under the sandhills of Nebr, where local ranchers have shallow wells with old time windmills
      I will have to read your link to smell how much bovine excitement it contains

      I believe that the state of california has wasted more of the Colorado river water into the pacific, in the name of the environment,
      unused, just open the gates and throw out the water.

      Huummm,,, how much of cali food crop uses colo river water?

      Ogallala is on the historic Oregon Trail and the end of Texas cattle drives to reach the Union Pacific RR. on
      the S. Platte River,,, rhymes with flat, not like dinner ‘plate’

      It is cattle country,,, have you tried steak for breakfast?

  18. Below is a website which publishes tests on puncture and rolling resistance of bicycle tires along with wet handling characteristics for some models:

    Not all brands are represented, but you can get a handle on what is possible, and what successful designs look like. My bicycle falls under the touring bike category, where tires are wider, and puncture resistance and wet grip are more highly prized. If I were riding longer treks, I might consider a Schwalbe Marathon variant, although the tires I have seem to be getting the job done. The gravel bike tires have decent efficiency, but the puncture resistance is not so good. I’m not in the market for the skinny smooth road tires, which can be very efficient, if you can keep them upright and air in ’em, without beating your brains out on rough roads. The range of characteristics available is quite remarkable.

  19. Nation’s first transgender elected state representative was just arrested on child porn charges…

    The left loves their “firsts.” Whether it’s the first gay man to serve as secretary of transportation, the first cross-dressing man to take up the role of assistant health secretary, or Sam Brinton, another man who wore ladies clothes, who worked at the Department of Energy before being fired for stealing luggage, it seems that actual qualifications for the job are often overlooked in favor of ensuring you’re a ‘”first.” Well, we’ve encountered another “first” in the Democrats’ roster. Their “first” transvestite state representative has just been arrested on charges of child pornography. Congratulations to the Democrats, you’ve truly outdone yourselves this time.

    RNC unleashes the “Anybody But Trump” strategy for upcoming Republican primary debates…

    Let’s be real, the “we the people” crowd is the only group in this country truly rooting for President Trump. When it comes to politicians, media, and corporations, it’s all about the ABT — “Anybody But Trump” agenda, which the RNC is currently rolling out with quite a bang.

    Serves ’em right for not electing Dhillon to head of the RNC. The adults in the Republican Party are now going to have to wrest the mic away from the Lincoln Projectionists before they can get their act together…

    A European country has banned an opposition party that was surging in the polls. Why aren’t you hearing more about it?

    On June 19, a political party was banned in Moldova for the first time since the country’s independence in 1991. Following a trial that provoked a broad public outcry, the Constitutional Court of Moldova ordered the dissolution of the Sor Party. Moldova’s pro-Western establishment believes the party to be ‘pro-Russian.’ Its founder, Ilan Shor, has fled to Israel, the land of his birth, to escape imprisonment.

    Coming soon, to a country near you…

    New draft law forces homeowners to undersell their properties to low-income buyers…

    Just when you think the Dutch government couldn’t get any more unjust and tyrannical, they up their game and take things to a whole new level. After they successfully destroyed the farmers’ land rights, it looks like they’re now gunning for the everyday folks. They’ve cooked up a crazy new housing law that lets local governments tell homeowners who they can sell their houses to… but here’s the kicker: the house has to be sold to people who are in a lower income bracket.

    See my reply above…

  20. Re: “The Queen of Spades”
    feat. Alexander Pushkin


    Are these interesting times in the casino? Alexander Pushkin, an ancestor of King Charles III via his paternal House of Mountbatten (formerly Battenburg) line, apparently expired after a duel. Mr. Prigozhin however is understood to be enroute to Belarus from Rostov-on-Don.

    With the day of rest nigh, let us alight from the St. Petersburg metro stop of Uprising Square. Nearby is the “Chocolate Museum” of Mrs. Prigozhina whose delightful shop of sweet treats can be viewed on YouTube. Those desiring a more healthy fare would perhaps choose to visit her “TCI Clinic” formerly known as The Crystal Spa and Lounge. The proprietress offers that it was designed and constructed with an eye to the golden ratio of antiquity. A book “The Pyramids. Legacy of the gods” written by Valery Uvarov is referenced. The clinic claims to adhere to designs laid out by Imhotep (He Who Comes in Peace) of the 27th century b.c.

    Back to breaking news of Russian security forces keeping the peace at the 23 story PMC Wagner HQ building in east St. Petersburg. Nearest metro stop is Novocherkasskaya perhaps named after the Cossack homelands near Rostov-on-Don. Those of anti-FSB sentiment may more likely recall the recent anniversary of the Novocherkassk Massacre attributed to the Soviet Army and the KGB in 1962.

    Over to DJ George still rocking it out with Guns ‘N Roses from Saturday evening’s gig at the Pyramid Stage of the Glastonbury Festival. Plugging into Appetite for Destruction here we go with
    “Welcome to the Jungle”.

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