Economic Reality Check Monday

Once again we will try for a shorter column.  1,000 words max is the new goal. Tighter and brighter, as they say.

What Matters this Monday?

The epidemic of raging idiocy in America continues.  If you have time to sink into pointless debate on such trivia, have fun with that.  On the other hand, if you are a “Doer with an Agenda” and an actual “plan for Life” you’re running, then Monday’s Reality Check is most useful.

It begins with asking “What Matters?”

WE can answer this by listing a few stories that don’t matter…and why:

Here’s What Really Matters

You can plan on gasoline prices going up.  Why?  Saudi Arabia is slashing oil supply. It could mean higher gas prices for US drivers | AP News.

But not even a tiny smidgeon of this should surprise – if you’d followed our recommended reading more than a dozen years ago of Twilight in the DesertThe late petroleum analyst Matthew Simmons’ landmark book which outed the reality of the Middle East’s water cut problem.

This is where the real future is playing out:  Push electrics and lock-in American resources until we’re up in years a bit more.  Smart?  Well, not so much.

Climate Scam Blowback is also on our Monday watch list.  After reading the thoughtful BBC report Solar panels – an eco-disaster waiting to happen? Essentially, solar panels are good for “25-years.”  Which we have been tracking since our first load of panels started baking to power this site back in 2008.  We knew then that eventually, output of panels drops to nearly useless.  But there’s still a “sweet spot” for watts over time pricing if you get recent used panels.  Even then, however, there’s a problem:  Greedy Utilities are coming up with bullshit reasons to NOT PAY a homeowner/cogen site the same as they CHARGE.  In our case, we get only 50% of the latest rate.  So, there’s a big screw-job with “transmission costs” that rip off people who do step up and invest in solar.  Ask us how we know.

Market Trouble This Week?

A week from tomorrow, the Fed will gavel-in the FOMC meeting.  A week from Wednesday, the rate decision will come clear.  We think with an energy price hike in the wings, too strong employment numbers, and stubbornly high inflation (*at the less food and energy level) a quarter to half is likely.

Early today, the market futures were even, but after some follow-through from Friday’s (insane, baseless) hype-fest, the bottom could fall out. This afternoon?

Observe that the high Friday place the market even with the Wave 1 (4) rally that peaked in mid-August of ’22.  The “technical issue” today is whether Wave 2 (large yellow number) will end as a five-wave advance, or whether it will reveal itself to simply be a large a-b-c.  The Trading Boxes show the count alternatives.

I went short into this week, but still no clue as to whether I will be right, or not.  Cheaper than a trip to Las Vegas, though, and plenty of water here.

Whipsaw the Workers

The whole matter of “getting ahead” is why most of us roll out Mondays, like this.  What separates workers in reality (not media-land) is that some people have hustle and are “always on the grind.

Yet, damned if the Wall Street Journal isn’t already taking potshots at the kind of Grind, Elon Musk delivers.  Elon Musk Is All About the Nonstop Grind. And He Can’t Stop Talking About It. – WSJ.

Nor should Musk stop talking about it.  Buddy was over this weekend – buying a couple of businesses – and he’s tearing out his hair (quickly thinning) because he just can’t find people who will actually work.

Instead, people come in at 8:01 AM when the opening sign says 8:00 AM – and as soon as the coffee’s on, the “workers” are on social media, surfing the people columns, and looking at affinity group diktats.

While we respect the Journal’s ability to report fin-news, their HR analysis leaves a great deal to be desired.  There’s a lot more to America than Corporate positions.  And frankly, we found the Journal woefully off-base failing to call out corporations for pissing away money – that could have gone to shareholders or growing the business – that was poured into social “causes.”

Might explain why I call it “the urinal” now and again.

Wait!  I just discovered why I should stop writing about a thousand words in…back to waiting for War in late July, like everyone else.

Write when you get rich,

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52 thoughts on “Economic Reality Check Monday”

  1. Nobody wants to work, and many want to change genders.
    All empires eventually fail… they rise and they fall.

    More evidence of moral decay and insanity…

    Transgender inmate to be transferred to women’s facility, get $495K settlement, surgery after lawsuit…

    A Minnesota transgender inmate is being moved to a women’s prison and will receive a vaginoplasty as well as $495,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit against the state Department of Corrections.

    • “To put a Roman Empire slant on it, what has been wrought by Clinton, Obama, Comey, Wray, Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, and their gaggle of treasonous co-conspirators since 2016 has marked our current day crossing of the Rubicon. Politics has always been a dirty game, but the machinations to bring down a duly elected sitting president, which continue to this day under the direction of Biden’s handlers, is reminiscent of the plots, coups, and murders as the Roman empire descended into corruption, madness, and deviant behavior.”

    • Women inmates today are almost as violent as males. The only real solution is single cells with limited or zero interaction with other inmates. There could be no collusion or riots, and any violence would be between a single inmate and the corrections folks. Prison is not for socializing, it’s to sequester inmates where they can do no harm. They may or may not get rehabilitated, but at least they’re out of the way and have time to reflect on their lives, and possibly meditate and find a spiritual path. Visitation is acceptable, and access to learning materials(on an intranet?) is good too. The current system of social interaction encourages base primate rather than civilizing behavior.

      • “The only real solution is single cells with limited or zero interaction with other inmates. There could be no collusion or riots, and any violence would be between a single inmate and the corrections folks.”

        we outsource everything else..for violent offenders.. outsource prison to another country..let’s say Singapore… as one example.. you don’t follow the rules they put you in the middle of the shopping mall.. sell cotton candy hot dogs popcorn.. they bend you over a big fluffy pillow with exposed pearly whites or chocolate brown bunns showing. and swat your ass..
        no cable television and.. we would save what 100 billion a year..
        no one wants to go back either.. proof of life.. and hey the democrats are all for us protecting Taiwan even trade.

      • Prison is not for rehabilitation. Its purpose is punishment by sequestration from society. Sadly, the religious denomination to which I sometimes claim allegiance, along with the abolition of slavery, worked long and hard to make prisons into social clubs, removing various requirements and forms of corporal punishment, and eventually creating a living environment not dissimilar to that of a gated neighborhood of tenement houses, complete with both static and active entertainment, libraries, and spa amenities.

    • Be assured that Blackrock and Mr Fink have been short Target and Budweiser as they force their alledged behaviors upon them and anyone else that they wish to point out to the financial press. As an aside the ridiculous ad teaming Harley Davidson with Budweiser attempting to save the Brand – God only knows how uch the Gov’t pays these corps for pushing these agendas……

  2. DISCLOSURE Gman, DISCLOSURE..its whats for current timelines Reality.

    Everything else and I mean EVERYTHING is Bullscheisse .

    What would happen if USA attacked the CCP in Chynah due their evil mechanizations and plots against Humanity to liberate and free the People from the evil Xi regime?
    Chyknees people would rally around their evil oppressors in defense from Murhican war machine.

    Presactly what would happen if the FreeWill ET’s came in to battle the Authoritative Reptilian oppressor/slavers. Deep – and I mean Levels DOWN Deep – miminnu grays and repto’s – nasty nests. You wanna talk a nasty odor – live repto’s stink, dead grays make a rotten dear carcass smell rosey..Dulce/Area51 – confirmed reptilian working/living quarters – A farsight documentary.

    Every single major government has Signed Agreement with reptos’. -retired director israeli space force admitted such recently.

    Its is a weakened Agreement now – they need a new one..Hence the Global Chaos -until they come to the leaders once again and offer to Solve the whole mess, “just sign her”e, no need to understand set asides, will just be a couple million people, a drop in the bucket really.

    Free Will guys and girls Will Recognize new Agreement and will Leave..for good.

    NOW IS THE TIME – the reckoning, as some would call it.

    Majority of Souls on this planet are jangled, zapped to distraction and have destructively lost abilities of infinte recall/remote viewing and telepathy, leaving in constant state of Fear.

    “Out “there”, when you die physical , you get get a new Body. You get to keep your Family, House, Bank Account/Money, Spouse..”
    Life goes on – The SOUL NEVER DIES, can not be Destroyed.

    ..but it sure can be Fuckt with HARD..levels of power utilized on our Souls is beyond Earthly description its that “juicey’- Earth lightening would pale in comparison.

    Free Will ET’s – most abundant and powerful group currently in and around Solar System, just not here on Urth.

    Funny the old sayings = Truth.

    ..”god only help those who help themselves” – Words U can Live by!

    My Heart bee Bright and Open – hope Ures can be too .

    TRUST, HONOR & BRAVERY, instead of Faith and Belief, Hopium is an acid trip for fools, dont be dammed fool.

    • “Faith and Belief, Hopium is an acid trip for fools, dont be dammed fool.”

      I totally believe that there are angels among us.. the guardian angels.. at least 3 times in my life when I thought all was lost.. out of nowhere my prayers were answered..when no one knew what I was going through except our heavenly father and myself..

  3. Welcome sanity in a thousand words…or less. Today, shave and a haircut to get respectable for the Grandson’s graduation from the US ARMY Infantry School. Yeah, couldn’t talk him into the USAF! Fourth Generation to Serve! HOOOAH! PS: the best 40 bucks I’ve spent in a long time! Thanks!

  4. “five-wave advance, or whether it will reveal itself to simply be a large a-b-c. ”

    Invstopedia says:

    “Five waves move in the direction of the main trend, followed by three waves in a correction (totaling a 5-3 move). ”

    If the interpretation of the a-b-c is correct, down she’ll go.

  5. “solar panels are good for “25-years.” Which we have been tracking since our first load of panels started baking to power this site back in 2008. We knew then that eventually, output of panels drops to nearly useless”

    hmm.. three cells of mine are around the 20 year old mark..
    just did and output check .. still going strong..
    50%… in the wastelands to be reimbursed you pay a fee.. and they will give you 2 cents a kw. I have said promote solar.. for those wishing reimbursement then rates go up as they will for everyone for those allowing the unity companies to sell their excess then freeze rates for a ten year period.
    build solar towers starting at the furthest point work back to the power plant.
    for the cost of one large wind turbine..a 15kw solar power system could be given to every homeowner in the wastelands.. or about 300 towers depending on tower costs..with each towers capabilities at 6 MW ..instead of the 3 mw of one wind turbine. it’s really a no Brainer decision instead they’d prefer to keep the countries national security vulnerable so they can fill pockets with coin..
    kind of like defunding the police for the most corrupt neighborhood.. ir just shut down fire departments..why waste the coin when the family business could have it for their activities..

    • My grid electric is oil-fired here on the island. Was paying 37cents/KWh before with cheap Russian oil. Now we get expensive Indonesian oil and the electric rate is 55 cents/KWh. Half a buck!! Yes, solar is the logical alternative here. My leased solar PV system is still cheaper than the amount of grid juice it replaces. Finally got my new LG battery, too. They pay the maintenance.

      • putting solar on the house was and still is the best product I ever bought..
        the best thing I ever did was meet and get married to the woman of my dreams.

      • the bad thing is.. it’s never been about the security of the nation it is and always will be about the business model and making sure fat billie’s pockets are filled with pieces of paper..

    • “…Greedy Utilities are coming up with bullshit reasons to NOT PAY a homeowner/cogen site the same as they CHARGE. In our case, we get only 50% of the latest rate….”

      If you are talking about your TOTAL “all in” price per kwh then you are adding in the DELIVERY costs to the actual energy costs and NO they should NOT PAY YOU for you using THEIR wires and transmission facilities.

      Here are electric bills separate out the Delivery Charge and the Energy Charge, in fact the Delivery Charge (the wires, transformers, substations etc.) are MORE expensive per kwh than the actual electricity.

      Here if you have a solar installation and “sell back” power to the Utility (a huge multistate utility) they pay you what it costs them for electricity from their contract providers per their price per kwh they are charging you for the actual electricty as reflected on your bill, which is less than 1/2 of what the total charge would be for the power bought from them. (delivery charge is about 60% of the total bill). WHY should they PAY YOU for for YOU USING THEIR electric lines and substations?

      (of course you may be referring to the actual electricity cost for what your utility charges, not the ALL IN cost of the total bill)

      • The problem is they are not using a clear all=in cost basis. The situation is very muchyu like telecom where you have dmark – the line of demarcation. They are recovering not only their direct costs for wiring, but also the mileage on their su0ppliers lines. Wholly crooked deal.
        Mor4eover when they take power from here and sell it to bubba next door, Bubba and I have 90 percent of the wiring costs. We had to pay for installatioin of power lines from the pole to our meter drop.
        So, when I sell power, if they are selling MY power nerxt door, then I ought to get the right number

        Think of it this way

        I have a well. Water company6 (rural water coop) brings in a water line from 10 miles a way. I sell water back to them and it’s sold to the neighbor at the same rate.
        See the accounting scasm? Charging me for their cost of 10-miles of pipe, when in reality, they have less than 10 percent of the pipe cost. Neighbor and I both have pipe cost that is higher when we consider end us.
        However, the water/power company view is anyone connected to sell water/power has to pay for their 10 mile deal. Bullshit.
        I will pay their costs to point of consumption, not for their backend power supplier 300 milres disysmy/ They earnm the money to cover those charges on the sell side.
        My power cogenerationa is not transiting those wires,, so my cost can’t be included.
        Flium flam

        • If you think you are getting shortchanged Sell DIRECT to bubba next door via a wire you string over to him bypassing the power company’s lines and equipment and don’t put your electricity on the grid to be delivered via the utility’s wires and equipment.

          Since most electricity in Texas is apparently BOUGHT, not generated, by the utilities who provide it to individual customers it should be easy to see how much per KWH those generators provide in the hundreds of thousands of KWH each hour are getting paid per kwh by the utility. From the Texas grid meltdown a few years ago it was stated that those amounts amounts being paid for wholesale electricity are available from the Texas Regulators website on a daily /hourly basis.

          Here the multi state utility is buying electricity at about 6 to 7 cents per kwh from it’s big suppliers (varies per month since they put it up for bid monthly) so that is what they pay to people who put up their own panels and sell electricity back to them on a house by house basis to them.

          The REGULATED Delivery Charge, the infrastructure costs necessary to move that electricity around, adds another 10 to 11 cents per KWH to the bill so I pay a retail price of about 17 to 18 cents per kwh even though the big power generator who owns the generating plant is only getting 6 to 7 cents per kwh for each kwh produced and sold.

          No way our utility is going to PAY ME for THEIR equipment and lines!! They are going to ONLY pay me for the actual electricity I sell to them (ie: what they are paying their large suppliers who own and run the power plants).

          Sounds like you need to cut a deal with some neighbors and string up some lines direct to them and sell your neighbors electricity totally bypassing the utility. Have a cousin out in Hawaii who has made bunches of money doing that, generating electricity via solar and wind, that they sell direct to business consumers by wiring their generating capacity directly into their customer’s buildings with wiring that totally bypasses the local utility.

  6. “Working”

    As a social experiment get a job.

    The other day I saw an Amazon truck stopped on the side of the road. The first thing I thought, the driver must be dumping in the back of the truck. That’s unsanitary. And then I wondered if the satellite knew the driver was parked there and for how long. Gross.

    • yes they know with the smart trucks now..the other thing is trucks will automatically shut down if the driver was dead heading and didn’t take a rest break..
      it isn’t like the old days where drivers had two or three logs and drove until they passed out..
      i was told one Amazon facility gets fifty trucks a day in returns alone. they in turn sell the trucks content for a dollar a pound..and mileage to your store..20 tons garbage scowl was 90 tons plus or minus..average weight fully loaded..

    • Instead of wondering if the driver needed help., you assume he is ‘dumping’ on the packages? That is what’s ‘gross’.

    • Maybe not the satellite, but certainly the cell towers. I wonder if the driver has wetwipes on board. Regardless, a pee bottle is an essential for that job.

      Probably a spray bottle of bleach is not a bad idea for newly arrived Amazon packages.


        I carry those in the cars..
        now.. truckers use pop bottles.. then toss them in the ditches..the ditch mowers always complain about the fermented ones..they build up pressure and when hit with the blade explode spraying the guy mowing the ditches..
        so ..after hearing them rant and rave I decided to carry those.. the jell in them keeps it solid and toss it in the trash..

      • Pee bottles illustrate the race to the bottom. We see them on the sides of roads/highways. Some of the drivers are probably wearing adult diapers and throwing those out their windows.

        Medieval times out there.

  7. The S&P500 is roughly 17 points from the high of August 2022.., this is the make-it / break-it point. Mathematically we should not go above that.., 4,306. However, nothing lately on Wall Street has to do with logic, or facts.., so anything is possible.
    I keep running into and fighting the fact that the stock market has never crashed “before” a recession.
    So.., the overhead is 4306.., and we have never crashed before a recession – then just where the hell are we ?
    Three articles this morning stating the recession will not hit until next year.., two articles stating the recession will hit next month., and one article proclaiming that there will be no recession – basically just skimming along the bottom until the election.
    Geeze.., think I’ll spike my coffee and come back in hour, or so…,

  8. California Senate just passed a law., and the Gov is expected to sign it. The new law will.., “Stop employees from confronting shoplifters.”
    – As a store owner I would refuse to obey.

    • I’d close the store, lock up and leave the state.
      States don’t have the right to dictate approval of criminals.
      At least elsewhere.

    • A lifetime or two ago, I worked my way through college. One of my jobs was as a convenience store clerk. We were not allowed to take either offensive or defensive action against a shoplifter or robber, because “the statistics said” this was the safer policy for the employees.

      A few months after I started work, the gas station, four blocks up the street was robbed. The 19yo clerk obediently laid down on the floor next to the safe. Then the robber tapped him twice at the base of his cortex.

      Four weeks after this, I was robbed — same M.O. Two hours later, I got really scared, remembering the gas jockey up the street, but while it was happening, I was merely, thoroughly pissed.

      I didn’t like that “scared” thing. When I was robbed again, about 6 weeks later, I whined to one of my cop friends, who sold me his stash piece (a .25 auto) and a pump “police special” shotgun. Despite the store’s rules, I carried both to work for several years, only stopping when my CCP expired. Shortly thereafter I was robbed again — fortunately this time, by two professionals who’d just busted out of jail and needed running money. (Pros don’t shoot people for no reason. Shootings radically escalate charges, and time spent in prisons).

      Lesson learned.

      The next day I re-upped my CCP and quit working consumer service jobs forever.

      With that said, in the time I was behind that counter, I probably stopped 60-70 shoplifters. I didn’t call the cops; I relieved them of their ill-gotten gains and sent them packing with a caution not to return.

      I detest liars and thieves…

    • Oh yeah. I am extremely mild-mannered and incredibly even-tempered, but I can be as much of a redneck as Andy, before he found God — Don’t piss me off.

      I don’t believe anyone would sue me for throwing them out of a store. I do believe, if anyone tried, they, and their families, and their friends, and their family’s friends, and their friends’ friends, would regret it.

      “Vengeance is Mine” sayeth The Lord.

      I’m not The Lord, and I would make every effort to not usurp His play…

  9. SEC is suing Biance, the largest digit currency desk in the country for operating an “illegal exchange within the U.S.”
    – Bitcoin dropped over $1,400 on the news and is below $26,000

  10. I found this interesting and timely – regarding our Fed and inflation.
    FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — European Central Bank said Monday that price pressures are “strong” and made clear that the bank will raise interest rates high enough to bring down inflation and keep them there “for as long as necessary.”
    “There is no clear evidence that underlying inflation has peaked,”
    Germany has stated that 2% inflation is their target rate.
    Isn’t that what our Federal Reserve stated., many times ??
    13 States and 2,300 banks are on the verge of collapse. Will another rate hike kick them all over the cliff? Looks like The Fed is going to have to make choice.., Fight inflation, or save the Banks.

  11. so curious..does any of this news story surprise anyone at all..heck if it was another of the to important to question they would just be mugged and killed or to dam sad that they’d have to give testimony that they’d take their own life..
    why waste the’s just a Pont show anyway..


      it doesn’t make any difference what they show congress.. look at the other crap that has been shown even boasted about and published by people involved.. it to will be gone in lightning fast time..
      we forget how the DOJ has worked with this in the past..

  12. Hi, George,

    That Citation commuter jet story is becoming quite strange. Flying north from far eastern Tennessee to New York and then executing a one-eighty to fly over DC and then stalling the plane from 30,000 feet to nose dive it into the woods in Virginia is highly irregular. In addition, the plane was chased my U S fighter jets. I am usually very suspicious when I read that a noted person was killed in a plane crash.

    Child trafficking is an enormously profitable business worldwide. The absolute evil of this situation will bring a hell on earth not seen in ages. Those involved will reap the whirlwind.

    Just had cataract surgery on my left eye this morning. I had a custom lens installed. It was a unique surgical experience that only took ten minutes. I get to do it all again in a week for the right eye.

  13. Dam Airman G,

    You be a harsh instructor..heartless more like it. hmmm

    – pilot in DC -Northern VA crash was unconscious when they flew into restricted airspace – never saw the flares launched from f16s warning them off current course. Smells like a “vaccident” to this very interested observer. Poor peeps went down like Bitcoin today – cept BTC is currently a huge opportunity for the Peeps…its discount time ! Stacked deep so Coinbase, Binance, Kraken can sell em CHEAP!

    What the HELL R U waiting 4 ? – “a manacled place indeed!”

  14. I was doing a little digging.

    According to SemRush websites with most traffic,

    Pornhub came in at #4 and xvideos came in at #9 (March 2023).


    Back in December 2022 Pornhub released their popular searches.

    Pornhub reveals most popular 2022 searches — Texas, you should be ashamed

    “Meanwhile, the words “blowjob,” “cosplay” and “trans” also saw considerable search growth in 2022, while “transgender” exploded in popularity to become America’s fourth-most-viewed category overall.”

    I couldn’t find any viewing stats for xvideos.

    We need to search ISP data to find out what the people are looking for. Where can we see the info?

  15. “The Republican party continues imploding as Christie’s 2024 bid set to make criticism of Trump a central focus….
    …If Chris Christie makes the final cut, we’ll be surprised.”

    Christie is getting in specifically at the behest of the neocons. His job is to beat down Trump, to make DeSantis or Haley more-viable. When this doesn’t work, expect the Lincoln Project to run someone like Haley or Cornyn as a 3rd Party candidate. The neocons would rather the country and every one in it vanish from the face of the Earth, than Trump be allowed back in. He’s too smart, too aggressive, and he can’t be bullied.

    “The Democrats are also imploding. Latest Geezer-in-Chief idiocy is Biden’s 2024 Hail Mary: Name Barack Obama as His Running Mate?

    Best Available Athlete at game time.”

    Not going to happen. “JC” called me out yesterday when I posted that it couldn’t happen. Even if there were a way to bastardize the 12th Amendment to allow it, the Court cases would come by the hundreds, maybe the thousands, arguing against it, and were Biden to win re-election, his Administration would be hamstrung far worse than even Trump’s. It would be successful however, because the most important thing — indeed, the ONLY important thing, is to keep Trump out of the White House…

    What gets me is there are idiots who see the wrongful maligning of Donald Trump for what it is, AND see the amazing success he was as da Prez, and are still never-Trumpers. Are the all really so stupid they don’t realize when so many bad people don’t want him as President, there must be a reason…?

    “Best available athlete” would be Tulsi Gabbard, if she hadn’t left the party. Current best is unquestionably RFK. He’s a bit of an enviro-wacko and he’s an antivaxer freak (hates all vaxes, not just COVID), but is more solid and more pro-American (and anti-socialist) than any Democrat I’ve seen in several years, other than Alan Dershowitz, who retired from Harvard’s faculty when he hit 82.

  16. “Climate Scam Blowback”

    I saw this, George, and thought you were referring to the Canada fire. Huge swaths of Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Quebec are burning, and for some reason, North America is being blustered by a northeasterly wind. The smoke from the fires is covering CONUS from Vermont to Texas, and in PA, OH, IN, MI, and WI has made the entire outdoors, what we old timey photographers called “hazy-dim,” (if’fn you don’t know what this means, consult the appropriate page for your ANSCO light meter and RTFM) except the haze is bluish, not grayish, like the flavor of “overcast” for which I built my old filter-stack. BTW, aside from Accuweather, there seems to be little interest or information on these fires anywhere, from any news service other than CBC.

    • Look at it on Monkey’s maps. It’s unbelievable the amount of acreage that’s ablaze up there right now. Did Sasquatch finally discover fire?

      • Our fire-eaters and those of South Africa are all on-scene helping out — haven’t shut down the spread yet — and STILL no mention in the “news.” ‘Probably won’t be, unless an Arizonan or Californian dies.

        I hate Castreaux too, but after electing Biden, I’m really not seeing how we can hold Canada’s poor political choices against them…

      • ABC and FOX have actually mentioned it — probably because it has significantly dimmed the sunlight in NYC :rolleyes:

        The Canada fire currently encompasses over SIX MILLION ACRES of mixed conifers and deciduous forests. For reference, that’s twice the area of the State of Connecticut or 4x the size of the State of Delaware.

        This is a big deal and it’s about time someone decided to mention it. Unfortunately, I’m sure it’ll be somehow linked to “global warming” by the crowd who worship Al Gore as the New Messiah…

  17. Hey G., got a chuckle out of your comment on the solar panel BS we had an old boy up in Montana who put up a windmill worked great he was getting the kick back from the power company so he thinks to himself if one is good 10 would be great! Long story short MT power came in and paid him $1mil to take them all down and not do it again! Moral of the story public utilities don’t like competition!

  18. Re: Sonic Boom over Mount Olympus
    feat. Sunday at the Bunker


    As you may have heard, US fighter jets scrambled from AFB Andrews and dropped a sonic boom over Washington on Sunday in pursuit of a wayward plane. Meanwhile the President along with his younger brother worked on their game at one of three Andrews golf courses. Several thousand miles away across the Atlantic the First Lady accompanied by a daughter and a sister continued their tour of Africa with a stop in Morocco. Dr. Biden addressed the Ennakhil (“Angel”) Association.

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