ShopTalk Sunday: Ham Radio Safety Chokes, ALZ Lite (3)

With the return of George2 (KF7OCD) to family lands, the interest in having a “rock-em-sock-em winter on the low frequency ham radio bands is back in focus.

There’s a whole PowerPoint on what needs to be done.  But when it’s warm is a great time to launch antennas into trees. Or, climbing gear-equipped sons.

It’s axiomatic that “The higher the Better” with ham antennas, but we have to be very careful what we mean. Because there are many antennas that when you model (in EZ-NEC antenna modeling software) you can see with the low bands (14.35 MHz and lower) that there is actually something of a “sweet spot” for 20-meter antennas about 45-50 feet if you’re talking wire antennas.

In our situation, the existing tower hangs the center point of wire antennas about 55-feet. A typical off-center fed dipole (OCFD) antenna looks pretty good and offer some directionality and gain.  Let’s see how well this would match a 3:1 Balun at the antenna:

The really cool part of an off-center fed dipole is that on the 20-meters (14. MHz band) there is significant gain in some directions.

The takeoff angle is great for far-away *(DX or distant) comms. And while this model shows 6.82 dBref gain, we can add-back modeling losses which will put actual gain up around 8.42 dBref.  If we just like raw Big Numbers, we could turn off the 2.15 dBref and report (with a semi-straight face) 10.57 dB isotropic.

The Height Discussion

Same Wires – but this time we envision the two Georges coming up with a hare-brained scheme to move the whole antenna up to 70 feet.  Here’s how things change:

The first thing that happened is the near ideal match to a 3:1 Balun is relatively intact:

Plenty acceptable.  And yes, we picked up a tiny bit of gain for all our hard work in the trees:

With modeling losses of  -1.61 dB to add back, our expected gain is 8.72 which is only a third of a decibel stronger which to me (depending on how hot it is outside) either IS or ISN’T worth putting the extra sweat into.

AT LAST!  We get to the Point!

The real point of this morning’s excursion into antenna esoterica is to bemoan the passing of L18.


Ah.  See back when ham transmitters had tubes in them, the antenna circuit in the radio usually contained an RF choke right at the antenna output jack.  See how L18 provides a direct DC ground path from the radio antenna?

“Modern” hams only see such “safety chokes” in high power amplifiers.  Because if 12 volts was applied to an antenna directly, would anyone care?  Show of hands?  (No? Didn’t think so…)

But the NEAT part of L18 (and all of its cousins in real tube radios) was that it shunted off “common mode noise” and if you have a balun at the antenna (which gives a DC connection between the two parts of a dipole) AND the transmitter end is DC grounded as well, then your noise will be noticeably lower.

And that’s a very good thing.

Of course, this only works if you run QSK and a tube-type antenna switch, because if you go flipping relays, L-18 comes out on receive and now you’re back to common mode noise being possible.

The learning point for me this week?  I modeled both a 2:1 and a 3:1 balun and found that either of these would give a better antenna match in our situation.  You might want to download EZNEC and see where your best Balun figures play.

With a little practice, you can model feed lines, too.  So a 30-foot matching section of ladder lines might make you a really good super OCFD, provided you have some time to diddle with the feed length to get something right for all the bands you’re interested in.

For me?  3 to 1 baluns is the answer.

Anti Alz Light Project

Not happy with the results, yet.

The reason is that while the wiring went just fine…

The setting of frequency was done with a bench-type DC supply.

With this, it was easy to dial-in the desired 40 Hz frequency to flicker the display:

But then the damnedest thing:

When I fired up the completed unit, none of my frequency monitors would read anything other than the high frequency of the switching power supply.


Today, if I get a few minutes, I will put a filter capacitor between the DC power out terminals on the power supply.  Because the “flicker rate” doesn’t look visually “clean” right now.

I’ll keep you posted as this noodle gets pushed along the table.

The problem did offer some upside:  How could I measure the frequency of the flickering accurately and without messing with the power source?

A simple inexpensive 12-volt solar panel ought to output whatever the frequency is, right? There’s always a place for one of those 1- or 2-watt battery “maintainers” around a tree farm.

Just remember the rule of thumb on liquid cell batteries is less than 2% of the amp-hour capacity is the number of watts you can safely leave connected.

This means on the tractor battery (60 amp-hours) it should only take a 1.2 watt panel (be sure to use a current blocking Schottky diode to prevent discharge).

Back to the long list of projects – which will be rehashed here again next Sunday.

With a week of rain due in, I got the lawn whacked Saturday which means inside work and maybe some projects for the Radio Detective to write up and report on….

For now, looks like we live on a golf course.  Great rainfall so far this year, damn near ideal.

Write when you wake up, but not woke.,..

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36 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Ham Radio Safety Chokes, ALZ Lite (3)”

  1. Over breakfast with the love of my life this morning I mentioned I needed to repair the rotator on the beam antenna. Not being allowed on a ladder anymore she jumped right on that one. Unless you have somebody hired to do that don’t even think about it. Why is it you always have to be doing things dangerous or up high anyway?
    I considered a comment about the mile high club but while I apparently live life dangerously concern for my personal safety I decided kept it to myself.

    Stay safe. 73

  2. No need for a ladder here, as I built my tower to hinge at the bottom, allowing me to use the guy wires to lower it for working on the antenna/rotator. The tower is attached to the house, so one set of guy wires runs over the roof which acts as a gin pole. Then all I have to do is pad the roof where the guy wire runs to protect the roof, and I’m good to go. I use a ladder at the outer end of the lowered tower to keep the beam elements off the ground, then work on things from the tractor bucket.

    • I did the same thing only with my pipe mast at the peak of the house roof. Couldn’t afford a tower!

    • “Is it Obama, lurking in the background, promoting the woke agenda?”

      No. Mr. Obama is a puppet. He is not nearly intelligent enough to either write the script or to run the show. Soros Jr. is Biden’s puppeteer, like Soros Sr. was Obama’s. Neither Soros is high enough in the organization to be a “puppetmaster.”

      “Biden’s 2024 Hail Mary: Name Barack Obama as His Running Mate?”

      Mr. Obama has served two terms as President. Therefore, he is forever barred from holding the following offices and positions:

      President of the United States
      Vice President of the United States
      Speaker of the House of Representatives
      President pro tempore of the Senate
      Secretary of State
      Secretary of the Treasury
      Secretary of Defense
      Attorney General
      Secretary of the Interior
      Secretary of Agriculture
      Secretary of Commerce
      Secretary of Labor
      Secretary of Health and Human Services
      Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
      Secretary of Transportation
      Secretary of Energy
      Secretary of Education
      Secretary of Veterans Affairs
      Secretary of Homeland Security

      He may not be elected;
      he may not be appointed,
      as long as the Constitution is the Law of this Land…

      • Is this true or false?

        At first blush, the 22nd Amendment might be thought to preclude Obama from being on the 2024 ticket. That amendment provides: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice …” (emphasis added). While Obama is precluded from ever running again for election as president, the amendment does not prohibit him from running for any other office, including vice-president.

        Nor does the last sentence of the 12th Amendment disqualify him. It stipulates that “no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States” (emphasis added). For several reasons, this requirement does not expand Obama’s inability under the 22nd Amendment to run for election as president.

        First, the 22nd Amendment was adopted to address a single, perceived problem — Franklin D. Roosevelt’s decision to run for reelection to a third and then fourth consecutive term as president. Thus, it bars two-term presidents only from being “elected to the office of President.” It says nothing about running for, and being elected to serve, as vice president.

  3. this is not about gay or not gay. this is about protecting children. letting them be innocent little children as long as they can. its their right as children to just be children. Its our duty as Adults and Parents to protect our children.

    in this country

    you have to be 13 to go to a Pg 13 movie
    you have to be 16 years old after drivers ed and a series of tests to drive a car.
    you have to be 18 to go to a Rated R movie.
    you have to be 18 to vote in the election.
    you have to be 18 to join the military.
    you have to be 18 to buy a gun.
    you have to be 21 to buy alcohol.
    you have to be 21 to buy cigeretts.
    you have to be 21 to go to a strip club both male and female.

    because it was decided by the general population that you were developmentally capable to consciously make those decisions on your own at that age as an adult.

    but now, you can be any age to go to a drag show and see men do sex acts wearing dresses. you only have to be 14 to have a perminant sex change. they are sexualizing inocent children at every turn. ?? The government, our leaders who we voted into office, who serve us! and are sworn to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights now calls people who are preying on children “Minor Attractes Person” or MAP and say its okay now. They reduced the prison sentances for crimes against children.

    recently they had an all ages drag show in arlington washington.for mothers day. men dressed up as women and did sex acts infront of children.

    and That is wrong! and if this doesnt change? The United States will fall as a Nation because we are as a nation victimizing our children. and our Children is our future. and if you dont stand up for right and wrong? if you dont speak up about it? you are part of the problem. and you are just as guilty as the people condoning it.

    i dont care if you like me or not. im standing up for the truth! and i aint going to be silent about it. fuck that shit! i said what i said.

    like i said, there is a rekoning coming. as soon as august this year.

    this is my final comment for a long while.

    • calm down brother, I think we’re all with you on this. its gotta be stopped and dealt with now. blessings

      • Yeah, calm down you say? I’ve been ranting on George’s site for years to the point that I can easily be the Dan Bongino of his site and have barely raised the level of ire in others that Andy has just shown. I can hardly believe he wrote this as he’s been the Tommy Chong of the site. GLAD to see someone else has finally developed some grit and knows the enemy and isn’t afraid to say it! We’ve got this kind of SHIT going on in our cities with clueless parents and the Cartels are sending fully armed people across our border that would make Pacho Villa green with envy all across the South West and up in to IDAHO of all places – – while Minnesota rolls out the red carpet for the illegals while ignoring their own multi-generational citizens –

        This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s going on with this PRETEND president that can’t find his way across to the podium. What the HELL makes you think we’re going to HAVE a country left by the time the next election rolls around?? CALM DOWN MY EFFFIN’ ARSE!

        • apparently, you missed the part where I said “we’re all with you”.
          sometimes not calming down makes for irrational thinking, or no thinking at all, just reacting. kinda like your reply sir. save your energy for the real fight. it’s coming and because your incapable of seeing that I am not the enemy, but a comrade it may be advantageous. so try not to stroke out when someone comments here. especially if they’re not a troll. besides that, God is still on His throne so it will be okay. blessings

        • Ok Steve. You have a suggestion? Know a political action body that’s actually DOING something about this and being successful at it? Legal action does nothing and ANTIFA is free to display lethal force at these shows and get away scot-free. Socially ostracizing the idiots that patronize this lunacy isn’t doing a damned thing otherwise it wouldn’t be proliferating. You can’t even trust churches any more because all they give a flip about is butts in the pews and if they make anyone “uncomfortable” they lose revenue. No one’s doing anything until the illegals are camping out in everyone’s yards and half the teachers are showing up in drag and wanking in the cafeterias. God help anyone that has to use the restrooms! My old high school in town is a no-man’s land so everyone that can is trying to get their kids out to the rural schools where there’s a measure of safety and something resembling “education” that I have less and less faith in as I go through my grandkids’ homework.

          You may think you’re too old and feeble to do anything about it like a few here that would rather look for a place to hide (good luck with THAT one) but you will eventually have to draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE! Anyone with a basic set of traditional values is being deemed a threat by the FBI and, Hell, George even has at least one deep stater, or at least is buds with a bunch of them, that regularly comments here and is probably in his speed dial list!

 is out there or one for your state as well and they aren’t a bunch of LARP’ers. They can really help when things go bad and they often do here in Texas. There is also something called the Civilian Defense Force but its website seems to have been hacked so be careful with that one –

          Doesn’t mean you have to pick up a gun and run out the door but waiting for things to be so bad you don’t have any other choice is a fool’s game, too.

        • Bill,
          You are preaching to the choir my brother.
          I live in armpit NJ. The is absolutely nowhere to run and hide. Besides, God’s people don’t have to run and hide unless He tells us to. So yeah, It really sucks out there. I would love to know of a local militia in NJ. I don’t think there is one besides the Coalition to fight gun laws and registration. I keep to myself unless it becomes necessary to do otherwise. I have been warning my friends and neighbors for 20 years about this. Now it’s here and most of us are not prepared. Anyway, please don’t shoot me I am a friendly. I agree with you, I just think getting worked up is a waste of energy. I will be plenty of worked up when the time comes.
          Meanwhile, I pray, and I pray. Against this wickedness in our land, government, and all the high places. And most of all, for God’s will. That’s my suggestion Bill. I’m not too old to fight, but I do try to pick my battles at this point in my life. Blessings

        • Sounds like you need to get your happy Yankee butt down to Texas! Your first job will be to remind all the other ex-Yankees why they left the East and moved to a free state … or at least a free state for the moment. We need more people like you to help keep it that way! The only thing I’d regret is losing the crazy idiosyncrasies that used to make America great. We’re all in a mix-master now becoming more or less homogenized.

      • i will not be calm. there is a such thing as rightous anger. and i know, if im this pissed off about it???? THE DUDE is rrally angry about it. even most of the gay people i know are upset about it.

        this is not just in New York City. this is not just in LA or Vegas. this is in small town Arltington washington. where they had an all age drag show, where two of the men dressed as women are registered sex offenders, on mothers day, did sex acts and flashed their male parts at children some younger than age 7. that is straight up pedifelia. our president and most of our leaders is ok with that. encouraging that.

        here is the link.

        if you havent learned about me anything. i want you to know, when i see events before they happen? i feel the emotional finger print of them. and there is alot of rage coming. if i didnt meditate and been meditating a long time, it would drive me completely mad.

        you also have to understand, when i comment and post a thought? some are points of views i see from others, some times its all a metaphore. sometimes both.

        what i have learned is, i can change things. its taken me a long time to find a way to do that. i can speak and think in a way and realtiy responds. im getting much much better at it. im becoming much much more powerful.

        i have been up in the valley of enoch working nights, taking to the stars. working with the subconscious mind, alot. like alot alot. synching it with consciose thought. bringing them together. and when both subconscious and conscios mind is synched? you can visualize bonking biden on the head and the next day he is on his ass. sometimes it happens instantainously. the stonger i get the more reality alters. because the infinite mind of God responds to that and alters realtity.

        so when i spoke what i thought in that comment? a) im feeling the genral public in the future. and b) im calling them to action. im moving reality.

        the ancient book i just finished teaches you how to do that. at first i was very skeptical. now i see it works in action.

        ya see the powers that be, think only a few elected people should wield that Divine power. to control the masses. the more i do it. the more others will begin to do it.

        i spoke to THE DUDE. he said, delete facebook, change your number, pull all your money out of the bank, get a different phone, change your email address. nobody has my physical address. finish the work you are doing. and when you have mastered the art of wielding power, changing reality at will by thought and nobody can stand against you? i will send you to dash them like potery with the iron rod of your mind.

        so, i bid you fair well. i deleted facebook. i checked my ip gps address when i did and it said my last known location was elpaso texas. good enogh for me. my gps address for accessing my email says Los Angelouse california. etc. etc.

        and i will continue my studies in private until i have mastered them. and if anyone trys to interfere with that? it will not go well for them i assure you.

        a week from today, i will have a completely differnt address, different phone number, different email, completely different vehicle not registered to me, different Ip adress etc etc and by most standards not even AI will be able to locate me. i will have zero electronic foot print.

        and when i complete my studies? i will return.

        you ever stood next to a 606,000 train going 60 mph? you dont want to get in front of it.

        its time to choose sides. evryone will choose. by not choosing? you default choose the pedifiles who are sexualizing children. and i can assure you. they will be destroyed. by their own leaders. the last card they will play is alot of people commiting sucide. large populace suicide. just so you cant say nobody told you.

        • A percentage of patrons at all sexually oriented businesses (SOB’s) are predators. That is why adults must steer clear of them, morality aside. A drag show is an SOB. No one under 18 is supposed to get into a SOB, with or without a parental escort. Taking a juvenile to a drag show questions parental competence.

        • Re: counting up to the 9 days of Av
          feat. Andy’s Sixth Sense


          Apparently prior to 154 bc, our now 6th calendar month had encompassed the Roman Ides of March day for the settlement of debts. Last week msm reported on the tragic capsized leisure-boat-for-hire “Goduria” (tr. Pleasure). Unexpected stormy waters arose off the Italian lakeshore to the Sesta Calende region on Lake Maggiore, home of the ancient abbey of the Roman martyr St. Donato, “the cedar of Paradise”. The feast day of the patron saint of the City of Gold is Aug. 7 in the West and July 4 in the Orthodox faith. Sadly on the vessel built for 15 – for the 21 souls aboard combined of Italian and Israeli intelligence services partaking in the birthday party cruise plus skipper and his female Russian partner – 4 did perish when the boat rolled over. The cause of death of the sole Russian and 3 other victims has not been specified.

        • Favorite episode was the spelling and grammar lesson one. Students had to Say the word, Spell the word, and Use the word in a sentence.

          Buckwheat’s’ word was Dictate.

          Buckwheat – “dictate”

          – ” D I C T A T E”

          – “hey Darla how my dictate ?

    • Amen brother!

      good to see you back.

      I pray as soon as August. you’re right, it’s gotta stop.

    • Absolutely right, Andy. We all need to stand up and be heard against this bullshit!

    • TikTok’s Viral Challenges Keep Luring Young Kids to Their Deaths…

      Let Kids Sell Lemonade; We Won’t Die

      “As a piece in Reason reminds us, a seven-year-old New York boy named Brendan Mulvaney made headlines last summer after the government shut down the little lemonade stand he had set up on his family’s porch. Why? Because his attempt to have a normal, harmless childhood experience ran afoul of a New York health regulation that requires a $30 permit for temporary food vendors from health officials.”

      Do normal, harmless childhood experiences still exist?

    • Andy,

      Don Juan taught Carlos Castaneda how to live as a warrior. One of his main lessons was how one deals with others–petty tyrants–who cause us stress.

      Carlos describes don Juan’s lesson in The Fire From Within:

      “Don Juan had a beaming smile as he spoke to me. ‘A petty tyrant is a tormentor,’ he said. ‘Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.’”

      Don Juan continued: “We know that nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknowable.

      “My benefactor used to say that the warrior who stumbles on a petty tyrant is a lucky one. He meant that you’re fortunate if you come upon one in your path, because if you don’t, you have to go out and look for one.”

      Carlos writes about his reaction: “I vociferously disagreed with him. I told him that in my opinion tyrants can only render their victims helpless or make them as brutal as they themselves are.” Then don Juan retorted: “The difference is in something you just said. They are victims, not warriors.” Our choice is always: do we react as victims or respond as warriors?

  4. George,
    Did you ever buy or make a Mystery Antenna? If so, have you put it up and how do you like it?

  5. “When I fired up the completed unit, none of my frequency monitors would read anything other than the high frequency of the switching power supply.”

    Not only a large electrolytic there, but also smallish 1 uf polystyrene capacitors. The styrene film dielectric excels at getting the higher frequency ‘trash’ off the line. Not only across the voltage terminals, but also from each side to ‘case ground’…. Three total. That’s why styrene caps are used in hi-fi audio circuits… to pass the HF stuff.

    There are good things to be said about the massive transformer & a good ‘linear’ power supply when it comes to noise. My ham station is powered by a heavy Astron 50 amp linear supply.
    My ham friend had his Kenwood PS-53 supply regulator go bad… putting out 20 volts. I figured I would try to fix the regulator circuit for him. It uses two 25-amp pass transistors wired in parallel. At full current, the transistor bases will sink over 7 amps that the regulator circuit needs to supply. Regulator is two transistors… one sets the voltage level, the other is the current driver to the pass transistors. The large pass transistors are good, but I replaced the two other transistors and the damn thing still only passes full 20 volts. Japanese engineers are sometimes parsimonious in equipment design. When the two regulator transistors failed short, they conducted a lot of current where it was not supposed to go. Tiny little 1/8 watt resistors in the voltage divider that sets the voltage were apparently toasted to the point that their values changed significantly. So I checked all the resistor values and changed ALL of them in this circuit, and one zener 15 volt reference diode upped from 1/2 to a 1-watt version.

    Now the hell of it is that I can set the voltage under full load to a nice 13.8 volts, but unloaded the supply still puts out 20 volts. The regulator doesn’t ‘kick in’ until I draw over 2.3 amps from the supply, THEN it regulates down from 20 to 13 volts. WTF? The only way the supply would ‘sense’ this is the base current draw on the pass transistors, so something is still dysfunctional in that base current driver transistor portion. Japanese design engineers don’t think like ‘traditional’ electronic design, I’m learning. I’m embarrassed to admit I still haven’t figured it out. But I refuse to let this beautiful overbuilt transformer go to waste. Ferrite core, the thing is mounted in a steel box for magnetic shielding and then the whole thing is potted with resin. Absolutely no magnetic or acoustic noise. Someday I hope to figure it out. Suggestions welcome.

    • GREAT reminder on the 1 uf caps!

      I too prefer my linear supply – an Astron 30 – but the regulators went out and so I’ve had to track down a CN713, I think it was – but should be up before end of July…

  6. Re: this hour has 58 or 54 minutes
    feat. France24


    The “60 Minutes” doubleheader episodes tonight are apparently replays. Far be it from me to suggest you not spare time to revisit the Anderson Cooper interview with Prince Harry.

    However, “France24” unmasked a report Friday on its website about facial recognition technology. It shears content from social media in a bid to subvert democracy according to the journalists. The french version went up on youtube yesterday and the english one today. Chilling effects of the presentation may permit you to turn down your aircon.

  7. even people who are not preppers, conspiracy people. just guarden variety good, hard working everyday people have said to me. i have this weird feeling about july. i dont know what it is. but i just feel something big in july this year.

    ive had over 50 people say that to me in the last 2 months. even people i dont know at the grocery store. a lady looked at me and said you ever have a feeling something really bad is going to happen? like a hunch. i saod are you ok? are you safe? she said im fine im fine im fine. i just keep thinking something really bad is going to happen in July. i dont know what it is. but it woke me up a time or two from dead sleep. i woke up screaming July. she said i feel like i must be losing my mind. i said you are not the only person who thinks that. i been seeing that for a while now. she said do you know what it is? i said only that it has to do with fire. she said i was thinking fire too. i put all new smoke detectors in my house and checked the batteries every week. i thought it was my house was going to catch fire. then i realized its bigger than my little house. i laughed and said, ive got 10 tubes of spf 90 sunscreen in my car. not sure if that helps. she laughed and said i dont know what it is. i just know july.

    3 more people said that to me today. one is a dihard liberal who strongly disagrees with this gender transition bullshit. in the middle of our conversation she stops mid sentance and says, i have a feeling something very bad is going to happen in july. do you ever just have a feeling like that?

    i said well i been seeing and hearing alot about huricain katrina again. alot on the radio and people standing next to me in casual conversation. which isnt normal. nobody talks about hurcain kattina anymore. and quite a few people have said they had a feeling about july to me. she said 3 of my friends also have a bad feeling about july. i thought it is going to drive me crazy. but i keep feeling July. july. i dont know what it is. i just know july.

    i said buy some extra food and water, maybe get some extra medicine stuff. try meditating and its not july yet. so enjoy life. whatever it os, you will be fine.

    im not the only one who is feeling july. many many others, some who are straight up athiest have said i have a feeling about july. something bad.

    i am returning to my studies. i dont need to say anything. i can think it and it is. that is new ability. and i need to spend more quiet time off the intetnet away from distraction until i can weild that with precision. once i can master that? i can live very good and change the world anonomously.

    dont step infront of 60 mph Trains. it will squish you like a bug and not even slow down.

    if ya catch my drift.

    this email address, phone number and ip address are no longer available.

    good luck. see ya on the other side.

    • Hey, Andy!

      Not feelin’ July, at least not yet. I had a bad prescription drug reaction, which is exceedingly painful and from which I may never recover, so my antennae aren’t very functional right now.

      Historically, 2 people in 1000 are tranny (transexual, transvestite, hermaphrodite, etc.) If one looks at adverts, sales promotions, news and even TV shows, they might well come to believe this number is closer to 2 in 10, because it seems an unseen force is driving society in the U.S. and other Western nations toward that belief. IMO the same people who’re driving this narrative are driving “tranny culture” directly into very young children.

      I have zero homosexual acquaintances who approve of this crap.

      Unfortunately, I have a number of hetero acquaintances who do. They’re young. Somebody told them “it’s just harmless entertainment” and they’re so fucking stupid they believe it. A couple of ’em don’t believe it’s happening, because somebody told THEM it’s just “right wing propaganda from FauxNews” — just like the border crisis [doesn’t exist], and Ron DeSantis is a phobic asshole because he banned books.

      IMO the drive is to destroy our children, turning them into sterile sex toys by convincing them to “transition” to a different sex. This is why there are guys in dresses, with their junk hanging out, reading (modern fairytale) garbage to preschoolers.

      Once someone owns a society’s children, within a generation, they own that society…

      When I was a kid, any such person would be taken to the nearest forest by a bunch of fellows with shotguns, and given a knife and a choice.

      The lady in the video above believes the puppetmasters are the Chinese (and she proffers a first-hand account). I’m more-inclined to believe the culprit is a being of pure evil.

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