Power Density Friday – Markets and Woo-Woo

Yes, that’s right: PDF Friday. Power Density Friday.  And, because I’m in a long-winded mood, this will be a two or three-cupper. So what’s this power-density idea? As humans, we are uniquely underqualified to see hidden aspects of Nature.  By reason of our “lock on Time.” Trust me, this all relates to Markets and recent … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Electronics Workbench

All three tube-type oscilloscopes are gone.  So’s a signal tracer, two full-sized vacuum tube voltmeters (VTVM’s). And an early Heathkit Signal generator. Poof.  In a cloud of fury powered by Mrs. Olson. Headed to eBaying in future weeks. (Email me if interested.) I’ve decided that for the balance of my seventies, I’m going to focus … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Survival Radio – ATS-25 School

Today, we’re going to turn you into a competent basic radio operator.  It may be a much longer report than usual, but it’s a four-day weekend for many, so what the hell, right? Much of this morning’s discussion will apply to radios other than the ATS-25 (and its many variants) that may be purchased on … Read More

A Reasonable Court in an Unreasonable World

Some major SupCo decisions this week and we find them most agreeable. But they are not popular, depending on which one(s) you talk about. Today our main focus, being a holiday weekend, is on the charts.  We are eyeing the coming few weeks to see if the end of the Wave 2 rally will become … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Ben Dover’s Shop Economics, Tour d’ Works

Money first.  Then a ton of interesting projects that keep us busy.  We’ll do a “photo-stroll” around the shop (as of Tuesday morning) so you can get more of a feel for what Making and Doing are like outside the confines of cubicles and 300 square-foot living spaces.  And why retired is usual just tired. Hosed … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Ham Radio Safety Chokes, ALZ Lite (3)

With the return of George2 (KF7OCD) to family lands, the interest in having a “rock-em-sock-em winter on the low frequency ham radio bands is back in focus. There’s a whole PowerPoint on what needs to be done.  But when it’s warm is a great time to launch antennas into trees. Or, climbing gear-equipped sons. It’s axiomatic … Read More

First Job Data, Pack of Fools, Phrenology’s Return

Two snips of Jobs Data ahead of the “Offishall” numbers tomorrow. ADP Job creation report?  Still strong-ish but pay’s going up. ROSELAND, N.J. – June 1, 2023 – Private sector employment increased by 278,000 jobs in May and annual pay was up 6.5 percent year-over-year, according to the May ADP® National Employment Report. To us, … Read More

Hunter Cover, Markets Await Budget, Pre-Hol Tasking Memo

Party Before Work, we believe.  So before jumping brain-first into the news flow, it’s focus on the fun that we (supposedly) buy with all our hard work in Life: Pre-Hol(iday) Tasking Memo is a simple concept.  We are 3 1/2-days out (no one will really work after lunch on a holiday weekend Friday, right?) from … Read More

Flying America into a Crash, Woo-Woo, 3D Afterthoughts

Maybe one more uptick to go this week before things get “interesting.” See, there are many parts to the game of Musical Chairs – subtext “the Blame Game” – being played now: The GOP budget no-go-ciators are trying to unwind the Buy’ed Em madness hamstringing of America’s energy independence.  The dim’s are going-along with the … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: An Anti-Alzheimer’s Experimental Build

Yes, we are going to build something (first of 2 parts today) but there is a TON of important background to wrap-around before heading into the shop. So, from the beginning…NONE OF THIS IS MEDICAL ADVICE. You are reading ravings of a crazy man – pure and simple – right? We have, over the years, … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Our Free CNC Build Notebook

Yeah, well…since we do call this the ShopTalk column, every once in a so-often, we like to actually build something.  Big, important, flexible, resilience oriented toward local manufacturing and sustainability builds. What we’re doing today is a whole “soup to nuts” build of a Sainsmart 3018 Pro CNC that I’ve had sitting in the project queue … Read More

NFIB and “Pre-Quake Energy?”

Life marches on – and with it, me – off to get an updated eye prescription.  So we will try to remain “focused” for a change.  (Argh!) First item on the list is the National Federation of Independent Business report looking at forward conditions:  Yes, they’re coming.  But, no, not yet… Owners expecting better business … Read More

Control Arrives via Newsjackers. Ahead: CPI

We have a number of important items on our “news budget” this week. Beginning with a virtual turkey in financial markets while the masses try to figure out what the Future holds. Apparently, it may not hold Joe Biden. NEW POLL: Trump Leading Biden By 7 Points in 2024 Race (mediaite.com).  The reason for “show … Read More

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