A Reasonable Court in an Unreasonable World

Some major SupCo decisions this week and we find them most agreeable. But they are not popular, depending on which one(s) you talk about.

Today our main focus, being a holiday weekend, is on the charts.  We are eyeing the coming few weeks to see if the end of the Wave 2 rally will become apparent.

If it does, as The Economic Fractalist advises, the chance for a dramatic nonlinearity could go nonlinear.

That fact we went short 7-minutes before Friday’s close doesn’t mean we’re sure of trouble ahead.  It could just indicate we should seek an intervention from Gamblers Anonymous.

That decision should be more easily made next weekend.

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40 thoughts on “A Reasonable Court in an Unreasonable World”

  1. Growing up I can remember signs in places like cafes,restaurants and barber shops. They simply read, ‘We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.’
    The key word there is Right. Reasons for refusal are personal and none of the complainants business. Simply go elsewhere.
    Happy 4th.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Back before Fed-Bux people ran businesses to earn a living.

      Today people operate businesses make a statement.

      We should force women who’ve had abortions to get an ear tag so we can single them out. Ya know? Why should they get decorated cakes?

    • my favorite … “no shirt, no shoes, no service” ….. and a classic scene from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”

  2. George,
    Just a reminder, starting today until the 7th is the 13 Colonies Special Event for Ham Radio. Fun event trying to make contact with the original 13 Colonies and two bonus stations in England and France. I do this every year, and for those interested, Google 13 Colonies special event for log sheet and other information.

    Good luck!

  3. “Something else going on, George.” – Ya dont say, Yank.

    Well no demo (^epdMO), Serlok..!

    – “Normal White people are starting to wake up so “they” are on the clock, they must import as many astronomers as they can.. because these “nice young men” from Africa or Arabic countries are actually backup plans if the sterilization of Europans fails, or to be blunt not enough people take the wunder Vaccine(Bioweapon).” -HP

    Is this how NORMAL peeps ..ie is this how Urban Survival readers would react to a loved one being Murdered ???? –


    ? Where the HELL is “The Beast of the East”? What happened to him? Who castrated Pooterz, the once great?

    ..Failure to prosecute WAR on WEF/bloodyking(thesonsofdarkness) .. pending replacement due inability to act decisively.. mental engagement abilities being suppressed/twisted/manipulated.
    ..needz an “exercisim’ rid “nogoodnik” from his mind.
    Otherwise he will be forever “late 4 Tea!” https://youtu.be/GIcVNcj4X8g

    Knowing the past, sose we can better chart a course thru future..
    Chynah/Tieoneon – who founded Tieoneon ? Nazi crimminals? War crimminals?

    Who was Guo Dangdang, and Who are the Triads ?

    Around the Globe – someting smells rybnyj..ryba not supposed to smell..

    • “? Where the HELL is “The Beast of the East”? What happened to him? Who castrated Pooterz, the once great?”

      lol lol lol I thought you were referring to Hillary lol lol lol..and the gang of thugs… wasn’t it Nancy saying all Republicans have to wear masks or she was going to fine them and have them thrown in jail..hey wasn’t that last stock deal good enough lol lol just curious..

  4. “It could just indicate we should seek an intervention from Gamblers Anonymous.” Roll them bones George!

      • “That fact we went short 7-minutes before Friday’s close doesn’t mean we’re sure of trouble ahead.  It could just indicate we should seek an intervention from Gamblers Anonymous.”

        On the flip side, maybe it will qualify you for Mensa membership? Happy landings!

        • I dunno Hank. In K-12 they thought I was 144. By 2002 it was down to a measured 131. That’s when I thought about buying a plane. (You get dumb enough…) I’m probably in the chiller by now…

        • “On the flip side, maybe it will qualify you for Mensa membership? Happy landings!”

          don’t waste your time joining..
          the only thing worth joining it is the third Friday P.O.I.T.S meeting.
          (Piss On It Tomorrow’s Sarurday)

  5. The cake ruling is the best. “Creative services”. We can really spite each other now.

    The baker no longer has to decorate Valentine’s Day cakes Yom Kippur cakes… any of them. It might be worth getting a baking gig at Big Box just to refuse decorating a cake for a lawsuit against the employer. Can an employer violate an employee’s civil rights to accommodate a customer’s civil rights? We need “Sal”.

  6. one word,,,
    1:An overhanging or extremely steep mass of rock, such as a crag or the face of a cliff.
    2:The brink of a dangerous or disastrous situation.

    this other brother Darrell had to get to deaths doorstep to stop drinking
    humanity is at that door step, we are being shown the edge
    It is an EYE opening event, not pleasant, but the future is so bright Ya got to wear shades
    to BOOM or not to BOOM
    which bright future will the leaders try and push US into?
    Sunshine or nukeshine,, while many reach for a little moonshine
    come on Joe where ya gonna go with all that money in your hand, ya treasonous traitor,,, you’ve been caught,,,
    trapped like a RAT.
    Joe is only one head of the Hydra,
    like cancer, you have to remove it all, leave a little and it will come back with a vengance.
    who or what has the ability and desire to wage war with the Hydra?
    give me a cue please.
    where is the steering wheel on this rollercoaster?

    • Hmm..he will go where he wants and the sick perfect pedo druggie corrupt to the hilt.. will continue to live in mansions hobnob with the rich and powerfull..nothing will change.. Hillary and bill never seen anything for what they’ve done erasing thousands of emails one gone from an illegalserver..the doj gave the perks mouth heads up to get rid of any incriminating evidence..

    • Well OBD, I am sure many on this site have gone to the edge, looked over and snapped back, either through the grace of God or good luck. For some it can be booze, for others a bad marriage and some even recovery after a severe accident.

      For me it was a doctor getting me hooked on drugs for severe headaches and lack of sleep after returning from a charity trip to a third world nation. She had me taking opioids, benzodiazepines and much more in increasing amounts until I realized where I was headed. Tried cold turkey and almost died. I decided to get off it all and it took me a year, week after week and cutting pills by half, quarter, eighth, etc. during it all, I wrote a book which probably preserved my sanity (some might argue).

      The grand champion in my circle is LOOB. He has been to the brink and back over and over during his life. He continuous to be my inspiration to carry on if things seem tough. Nobody I know has fought tougher battles.

      We are in the toughest fight of all right now. Our wrong headed leaders have brought us to the precipice. I am not sure we won’t go over. Most of my family and friends remain solidly in normalcy bias. I told LOOB it is like being in the dining car of a runaway train. Pass the wine and shrimps. Enjoy.

    • Well, Joey boy is gonna block the sunlight, publically.

      They been doing it privately since the 1990’s.

      No more sunshine, sunshine.

      Or that great song, Ain’t no sunshine when your gone.”

  7. “The Other Decisions
    A deep read of the racial discrimination in school admissions led to a long conversation with my consigliere.”

    taking the race card in school admissions doesn’t erase discrimination.. on the contrary I believe it could possibly enhance it.
    A child from the poorest neighborhoods rarely is able to escape his position in society.
    one thing that upset me when I was a young man was people with a supposed higher intellectual capacity.. all seen the more disadvantaged of society as stupid and dumb droolers.. there were even state Department reports from Kissinger of the Worthless eaters..
    the group I was in would kid me about why I hadn’t gone further than I had..
    my perspective is that all are geniuses in our own world. I doubt I could survive as well as those living on the streets.. called street smarts..
    these children still have parents working low paid jobs struggling to provide..
    take my grand daughter 16.. when she was 7 I had a puzzle that I kept around just to baffle visitors with supposed higher intelect.. it was always a hoot to see someone pick it up struggle to take it apart the fail at putting it back together..
    anyway..she begged me to let her try.. the teachers were saying she was slow.. reluctantly.. I gave in..she took it apart almost instantly then reassembled it in less than five minutes.. it was obvious that she wasn’t slow but fast.. by the time her teachers were able to hear and comprehend her question she was off onto another question..
    she won the state grade school competition for advanced physics..
    where am I going with this.. she is in a poorer family.. the teachers fail to push her.. she misses more high school than she attends..its not a challenge.. the odds of escaping her position in society little or nothing..her once dream of being an astronaut going to mars gone..
    even now the loans for poor are at ten percent.. even if they succeed to attend college and gain a professional career they are still forced to remain in their social position.
    with inflation outpacing income.. they’ll be forced to even give up more..

    • It bugged me in high school that the richest kids got full scholarships. The genuinely talented smart kids got partial scholarships. I had to pay full fees. Did you experience the same thing?

      • Yes.. I grew up small town..with small town power structure..the main family even told the local churches what they were going to talk about. my father moved the family there when I was very little. we were the outsiders..anyway my father was the head of the school.. economics were tight..and it came to the point..they either had to raise taxes to keep the high school or join another school District.
        it went on the ballet..the local farmers could care less about what the local families wishes were.. and they voted to join another school district..
        they blamed my father for it.. I was targeted at what 6 at the school..they picketed the house even threw Molotov cocktails at our home.. I got a broken back out of it.. now I was lucky I had great parents that helped me through the ordeal.. at the high school we were the invaders and all the smaller communities that joined were basically allowed to only get a diploma..there weren’t any scholarships available..if you looked at my HS transcripts it would make you wonder how I even graduated..
        lol similar to a dear friend she had a similar background..met her in the stacks at the loc..she was a reader at the capital.. her job read what members of congress didn’t want to read then explain its general platform to them.. she’s shooting ninety and still reads 1.5 books a day lol.. she made a comment to me A while ago..she said if I ever can find a smart person to help with the paperwork.. I laughed and said hun you do know who you just said that to lol lol you mean someone that has a diploma to file the papers lol lol..
        her good fortune is she has the golden goose govt. health policy and govt retirement benefits..
        an education for a poor boy neighborhood.. they are basically just allowed to get a diploma for hs..and many of those are rarely allowed that. victims of their social position.

    • Ahhhhh, BS!!!

      She may not got to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, or any of those lively colleges, but nothing and no one should hold her back. It didn’t hold me back, and I don’t have near her natural ability or talents.

      All those schools are racist against White Caucasian students anyway, although you won’t hear about it cause now they say it’s Asians they are racist against.

      Multiculturalism is all anti-White, so is diversity, inclusion, and equity!!! DIE.

      Support her, find a mentor for her in another town or state and get her enrolled in Junior college minimally.

      God will open doors for her.

      Come on, LOOB, you know this!!!

  8. Asians are pushed for academic excellence..
    many European countries push for academic excellence.. their tuitions supported by the national tax.. in the usa..its party time..

    • So me an UnMotivated Child..

      – and I will Show you Lazy Ass Do Nothing Parents/Caretakers .

      • Hmm.. or an overworked and underpaid parents..

        I literally worked 17 hours a day seven days a week..A day of vacation or a day off was 8-10 hours..
        my average work week was 100 plus hours hell year was 140 plus.. then travel..
        parents working long or odd hours … some work split shift one days one evenings or nights.. you get home late night you unwind first then go to bed..
        its not like it was in the seventies where dad worked mom was home with the kids. today its multiple hours..
        The parents get home and want to relax unwind..kids are left to their peers, network television that desensitization of young minds toward violence and glorification of corrupt and defiance.. or the local gangs.. before families insisted on religious services today.. I always had to work children need those moral and ethical guidelines..once they reach puberty its to late.. their peers and msm are their moral guidelines..
        government subsidized housing is right at five dollars and fifty cents per hour if they work full time daycare in the waist lands is about the same per child..
        now with a government pushing the question of their sexuality…all with the adult presence busy at work.

      • In France they push parent child Activities.. my favorite one was paper models..they do the same in china,Japan etc.
        Quite challenging as well..
        once upon a time every young girl played with paper dolls.. every child made paper airplanes..

    • “Asians…
      …many European countries push for academic excellence.. their tuitions supported by the national tax.”

      Yes, but very few kids in those countries get to go to college. Socialism only rewards people who will grow up to be assets to the State and the State does not EVER invest tuition in slackards. You have to take entrance exams — sometimes for secondary or finishing school, always for college. If’fn you don’t pass, you don’t go, and there is a limit on the number of times you can try, before you are forever banned from following that path. If you get to go, you then get a job in the school’s locale, so you can pay for food and in some schools, lodging. The schools don’t float credit to any student…


      • “Yes, but very few kids in those countries get to go to college. Socialism only rewards people who will grow up to be assets to the State and the State”

        hmm..compared to the usa… how does that situation differ.. We give the illusion that every child has that choice.. but only if Daddy can qualify for the high interest loan..
        We are one of the wealthiest countries on the planet..yet the wealth gap is the largest..
        A child from a wealthy family will be hand Walker through college to insure his success ..in china if you have the ability poor or rich they will hone those capabilities..
        the inequality of our society.. A young man from africa..( He’s a therapist now) when he first came to the usa..(free education compliments of the usa) after three days I couldn’t find him.. he was at the nurses station standing.. I asked him..what are you doing.. his answer.. in Africa the harder you work the more you make. in the USA its different. the less you work the more you make..so I’m getting myself more income..I laughed and said first you have to have a diploma..)
        You have the daddy’s money schools .. similar to insure their children have access to higher paying jobs and careers. one grocery store I worked at..any child from a family of wealth..was instantly groomed and placed in part time positions that had a potential management.. front end manager without ever having to show they had management capabilities.. I worked with quite a few college grads with PhD’s that would bring that fact up..why did they do that..make daddy proud.. it isn’t racism its the difference in social class separation..
        A young woman from Africa and I were discussing class separation ..she said that in Africa education availability depends on your social class.. there young girls are regularly sold as wives as young as 6 for under twenty dollars.. in the ghetto they call the young girls hood thots.. run a gang train on them.. we just like to imagine that we are better.. education is held back ..
        an administration that has been allegedly shipping illegal refugee children into the country to be sold off to who knows who..are they going to the satanic pedo groups or sold into the sex market..we won’t ever know its all being covered over.
        billions being spent by car tells and countries to lobbyists sent to write and promote laws ..
        no one except Jefferson actually said society has to be fair..

  9. Society vs You [ in response to a couple of posts above.]
    When I got out of the service, I spent six months riding around Europe on a Norton Commando motorcycle. When I came back to the States [ why?] I ended up sitting on the dock in Sausalito California. I had bought a huge Hogie sandwich and Full Sail Ale from the local hippy cafe., and sat at the end of the dock looking out over San Francisco Bay. Welcome back to America.., where the vast majority of people hated me and even my government was working on disowning Vietnam veterans.
    I didn’t know anyone. Didn’t have a friend in the entire country. [ several overseas.] No job. No house. Nothing.
    45 days later I was enrolled in a University. Had bought my first house. Had bought my first car, a 68 Ford Mustang Fastback with Police Pursuit drive-train and had discovered that they played poker in a couple back-rooms up at Lake Tahoe. And due to a street fight in Chinatown – I met a 70 year old martial arts master and spent the next 12 years of my life training under him – and eating at his, unlicensed, private back-alley restaurant and playing chess in the kitchen. My second home for many years.
    Society keeps you down and repressed and in poverty.., only because you want it that way. Only because you let them.
    There is no way out of poverty – is utter and total bullshit. Grow a pair.

  10. “Some major SupCo decisions this week and we find them most agreeable. But they are not popular, depending on which one(s) you talk about.”

    They are quite popular, and moreover, correct decisions.

    Their popularity fades, only as one moves closer to the Left end of the radio dial. F’r instance, anyone who does not see “affirmative action” as State-sanctioned racism and sexism is either really stupid or really dishonest. Without looking, I can pretty much guarantee everyone who provides face time for CNN, MSNBC, or any broadcast news service does not recognize “affirmative action” as racist or sexist. I can also guarantee they are prejudiced, and either stupid or dishonest, or both…

  11. Thank You !

    “hoagie sandwich”…hmmm

    Sissyfication of our Society was/is a planned Op. In fact it can be stated that all of it – EVRYTHING fake – all military intelligence ops..including “school shootings”

    From Ronny Rayguns -fake/.mil guy “handled” Manson/hollywood op – yes Sharon Tates father .mil intel/army.. and SirhanSirhan patsy op in SF. He and his fake lady DA..
    Bush – .mil intel, Bubba clinton – see mena airp/Barry Seale, Obongo – intel agency.

    All these guys trained follow orders keep & keep secrets and/or plants/walk-ins.

    ..DeSantis ? naval intel, 100% deeply involved Torture ops – JAG on scene with Team guys – making sure its a legal..bwahahah and no rights are abuse..bwhahah

    Then again who would ever believe our World is EnSlaved – with German Overlords..hence the term space nazi’s. Fantasy Bullscheisse ?

    Never mind their “Z Plan” then, suspect Pooteeen knows/been advised.. TGW..global!

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