Holiday! Personal Income, Equity /= Equality

The biggest “news item” around here is the “down time” over this 2,3,4, or 5-day weekend for the Fourth of July celebrations.  Around here – living in the 56th largest county in Texas – at 1,078 square miles – most of it heavily forested in pines and mixed hardwoods – our biggest concern is fires.  Doesn’t slow the sales of fireworks, though.  People have a hard time connecting “cause and effect.”

Ther schedule is pretty clear: Beginning as a (nearly typical) weekend. But Monday?  Early close for the markets Monday which means lighter traffic  than usual on the LIE (Long Island Expressway, for those west of the Miss.).

Gasoline prices are reasonable – if $3.543 nationally per gallon according to Triple A is “reasonable.”  By Labor Day, we figure prices may be higher, though, as oil production cuts are on their way.

Air travel is a whole circular firing squad unto itself. Amidst a flurry of reports that air travel will surpass pre-Covid levels, here comes another of those “Paradoxes of Technology” we were kicking around on the Peoplenomics subscriber side of the house this week: Deadline for airline 5G retrofits could add to travel woes this July 4 holiday.

Until every aircraft is retrofitted, the main risk from 5G seems limited to “Category” landings down to decision altitude under poor instrument conditions when a radar altimeter is required.  If you don’t have an ALA-52B installed and signed off (or a comparable TSO’ed unit) then the July 1 deadline for compliance is the hard deck

The Ure family advice about holidays?  Coming from a first responder/news lifestyle is “Take the overtime and schedule comp time to a less hassled probability window.”  Like mid-September (on) is much better for tourism most places, anyway. Shorter lines at D-World, too.

All about Money, Honey

So, is all the “grinding” worth it?  Figures on Personal Income and expense have just dropped. Have a look:

Personal Income Trends
Personal income increased $912 billion 04 percent at a monthly rate in May Disposable personal income DPIpersonal income less personal current taxes increased $867 billion 04 percent Personal outlaysthe sum of personal consumption expenditures personal interest payments and personal current transfer paymentsincreased $227 billion 01 percent and consumer spending increased $189 billion 01 percent Personal saving was $9103 billion and the personal saving ratepersonal saving as a percentage of disposable personal incomewas 46 percent in May

Purchasing Manager numbers mid-morning and some farm price data before the close will put the ribbons on it for the week.

Trends and Troubles

Based on early futures pricing today, here’s how our Aggregate Index has performed since the all-time highs recorded November 8, 2021:

Aggregate Index
Peoplenomics Aggregate index remains at the upper long term trend green and near the shorter term trend blue as well

We wouldn’t be surprised – given world events in SE Europe to see some unloading before the day’s out.

Bitcoin was holding around $30,800 earlier in the unbearable hype field.  Usefully, we have looked at the whole crypto world as similar to the cyclical land rushes in Las Vegas as the Strip was built out.

In Crypto, the “new properties coming to the Strip” include?  Fidelity Officially Submits Its Spot Bitcoin ETF Application and along with it Game-Changing Alert: CME Group to Introduce Ether/Bitcoin Ratio Futures, Unlocking Exciting Trading Opportunities and Fueling FOMO. Uh-huh.

Just like Lady Luck being offered in BTC, ETH, and all the rest, now we have new high roller parlors like ETFs and Futures contracts…all so very Vegas-like but without the shows, buffets, comped drinks, and mob influences.  Oh, wait…maybe we leave that last one open.

Equity /= Equalty: RBO Question

Don’t be surprised if there aren’t what will be staged left-wing demonstrations and maybe more over the holiday.  Because no less than the U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed what we’ve always held to:  Equity is NOT Equality.

Much is being made of Supreme Court ends affirmative action in colleges | AP News.

Equality means everyone gets treated Equally.  Equity means some people are special.  A violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment. Which reads:

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

When a law uses race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, (yada, yada) it gets into the “more than one application of law” which – it is agreed again – is a no-no.

The liberals hate the decision.  Take a look at What leaders are saying about the end of affirmative action (  Thing is, however, if we can ask a broad question here:  In a genuinely EQUALITY-based Nation, should we have RBOs of any kind?  (*Racially based organizations.)

A sound discussion might focus on whether the existence of RBOs creates more discrimination than it prevents. Dueling organizations (NAACP or SPLC on one side versus the KKK on the other, for example) become monetizations which raise money and conduct activities increasing polarization.  Do we really need or benefit from tax-exempt 501(c)(3) RBOs?  Can we at least tax the dividers? Rather than have taxpayers, in some sense, funding divisiveness?

Not a simple question – you have time to think about it, though. Congress will waffle and muff it the rest of my lifetime, I’m sure. Too much money, guilt, and blame to do otherwise.  Still, EQUALITY is simple.

But then again, should religions be tax-exempt puts us on the road to damnation and brimstone for even asking.

Still, doesn’t 501(c)(3) violate EQUAL protection, too?  Climate change peddlers, too… My God, this could get ugly, huh?  But there’s equality and there’s IRS rules… And here come the divisions and the Hate Industries.  Ever see how many gender groups are 501(c)(3)’s?  Telling you, division was crafted into the Tax Code. Very clever, non?

Ah, but who’d want to work in a country focused on working hard and getting ahead based on personal excellence, huh?  Read more, think more.  Why, we might become dangerously Great Again down that path…

More decisions on the way today: Supreme Court to rule Friday on student loans, LGBTQ rights.

Glop and Slop

Path to war is still evident:  Could Donald Trump have tipped off Vladimir Putin about Wagner mutiny? President Biden says… makes for an interesting read.  Especially where Biden admits prior knowledge.  We still see a path to war in late July.

No glory to it, to speak of:  Forbes: NATO shocked to see Ukrainian casualties within 48 hours – Worse than estimated.

We have to get into the NFT business! Former First Lady Melania Trump Launches New NFT Collection.  And, if that’s not strange enough? Notice that Hunter Biden Settles Dispute Over Daughter, 4, by Giving Her Some of His Paintings.  Seriously?

More fun with Hunter, too, as we read the report IRS whistleblower: Hunter Biden hasn’t paid taxes on 2014 money from Ukrainian oligarch’s firm. With additional perspective found in Pressure grows on judge to reject Hunter Biden plea deal amid evidence of DOJ interference | Just The News.  So, who was the “deciding official” then?

CPAP Pappy sightings: Joe Biden baffles viewers with latest gaffe on live TV at the end of MSNBC interview segment with host Nicolle Wallace.

And the queer beer stories continue:  Anheuser-Busch fires back after Dylan Mulvaney claims she was abandoned during Bud Light backlash (  And while Modelo Especial continues to gain market share, Cost of beer continues to rise going into holiday weekend – 104.5 WOKV.  None of which is surprising…the situation being fluid.

ATR: Two for the Road

A couple of songs to set the tone for our weekend thinking about stuff:

And of course…

Charts on Peoplenomics tomorrow.

And drop by here for ShopTalk Sunday. Set up and use of the ATS-25 HF radio.

Off to thaw out a prime rib for my 74th Fourth. No more 5th on the 4th for us, though.  Yesterday’s column is here.

Write when you get rich,

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50 thoughts on “Holiday! Personal Income, Equity /= Equality”

  1. School Loan relief/rescue/recovery is today.

    “our biggest concern is fires.”

    More work, build a fire suppression system. Pipes, a pump and a low point to drain – like a landscape nursery. If I had access to water, a river I’d have the pump going all the time. Fountains.

  2. The way I see it the hope with the new Bitcoin ETF Funds is that institutional/business money can park in them. This could cause a super pike in Bitcoin.

    Think about Taiwan on the verge of getting returned. The Western business there could slip into a Bitcoin ETF which could cause a super spike.

    From Reuters –

    “”If that does get done, it could open the door for much more institutional money and probably some high-net-worth retail traders to get back into crypto,” he said.”

    Stocks are the same as Bitcoin. Don’t forget when GM went over the falls contract law was changed. The laws never changed back. Blackrock/State Street/Vanguard will keep the buildings and intellectual property while the bills are socialized or canceled like a non-performing student loan.


    you gotta admit now that there is funny…nothing will ever come of any of it..the whole group was only guilty of a couple of that section of society and with the absolute power that’s weirded will go about as far as the satanic pedo or the illegal server and thousands of emails..

    • T – em up for TF, LooBster!

      Tax Fraud – never paid a cent on $10 million burisma payoff money, nor did pappi report his 10% to IRS.

      Did you get Ure decoder ring for the new NFT’s frm Milania, outta a Crackerjack box ? Can only imagine information imbedded in those badboyz. Unless of course you make Ure own Crackerjacks, no “prizes” in the homecooked version..

  4. “Coming from a first responder/news lifestyle is “Take the overtime and schedule comp time to a less hassled probability window.”

    I lived by thnow about the 4tge lunar moon phases lol about the 4th. fireworks and fun..Seriously what could go wrong with explosives in the hands of children and adult morons..( saddly I have fond stupid crap and can be categorized in that box to .. sure dont try to be in it though…lol..)
    the looky see what I can do crowd….
    there are group celebration sites everywhere cheap.. go have a dog and Tata salad and enjoy the show..
    or bring out your cannon..

    • Yerp obD – “they” turn off the weather satellite feeds whenever a Nexrad radar station is pulsed sky ward..during weather control ops.
      You can watch the storms form afterwards – really nasty ones, with lots hail and what not.
      AirFarce -they really do care & love US population..bwahahahahah

      Dutchsinse on Youtube shows hundreds of examples on the regular. He also demonstrates what exactly is going on all along the North Americcan Craton – it is moving, heating up, sparking wildfires all along the boundary, from point/tip in Novo Scotia down along east coast across southern border up thru Colorado into Canada – fires/earthquakes/volcanic activity – ALL recently increasing in FREQUENCY .

      Mind bender – Flip the continents upside down on the globe. Now look closely – they are the same shape and size ..hmmm

  5. btw … Modelo is owned by AB InBev …. just fyi … profits are profits, no matter from what beer Brand your company owns, I guess we’ll know the real impact to total income, come earning time …. LOL

    • I just (re)loaded the frig(s) with Kalamazoo Stout. Light beer? My _very_ German Grandpa would have spat it out after a swish. Drinking only dark beer was a New Years Res. several years down my wake. If not cracking the cap on a great beer I’ll pass (usually to have a vodka ‘n sumpin).

      While all eyes are on equity markets, keep a close watch on the TNX. Yesterday we wobbled at 3.48 and ended 3.841. A print above 3.85 welcomes return to 4 (let’s not). The SPX gapped to open, less healthy than might have been. The June 16 hi was 4488 and today we touched then retreated from … 4488. Neat, hey?

      Though usually buried to avoid spoiling the FOMO, various financial scribes have made mention about quarterly pension rebalancing (sell stocks / buy bonds). But heck, thos same pension plans must report too so, IMO, better to slide swaps in on Monday.

      ATL: adult friends are inbound from various directions. My son and DIL arrive from MN tonight (err, tomorrow morn). Their friends will swamp the place tomorrow with some little people in tow. Me? I’m noodling through to-do lists, rigging the E Scow and ready to pahtay.

      Happy Independence Day alles,

      ps – ditto, thx for fire map. Two words: controlled burn. People in the Americas have been torching kindling for eons. The Incas knew, how do we not? Back when it was good bidness to harvest timber the Cos. built logging roads which were a 4-point-play: created fire-breaks and allowed access. We were smarter when less woke? Yep

      • Forgive me your Ureness: sprinkled bad (typo) data in your realm. Corrections:

        TNX – several days touched 3.85 and retreated. Which is why I find the level compelling, a must watch. Yesterday we wobbled at hi 3.868 / closed at 3.854

        SPX – June 16 hi was 4,448 (not 4488 as stated above). Today we have exceeded that prior high, printing 4,454 thus far. Broken levels cause one to look for the next level above.

        I’m not sure whether to declare the original #s a “fat-fingered” post, blame dyslexia -or- haste to go swim. Please forgive bad data / ignore me as you will.

        Smokin’ hot, sun has burned off haze, air quality cleared replaced by moist haze. Corn here is _way_ over knee high so, there’s that.

        We now return you to your original programming.

    • That’s one reason I switched to Yuengling. It is the ONLY all-American beer, and it’s been family-owned since its inception in 1829.

      The other reasons are

      1) Yuengling Lager is an incredibly clean and good-tasting beer. (It’s better than any A-B or M-C beer.)

      2) After ~180 years of being an “Eastern beer,” starting about 15 years ago, it finally began being sold west of the Shenandoah Valley

      {Sorry George, it’s not sold in Palestine — You’ll have to go to Jacksonville or Frankston to improve your beer IQ…}

    • ‘scuse me… Yuengling is the only mainstream all-American beer. Before they re-released their Traditional Lager, they were the most prolific producer of porters in the U.S.


    great song..
    the elephant hidden in the room is..prices.. we live and breath by the velocity of cash.. a little in a little much on either side and you have a problem..there’s been thousands of reports and academic studies..all devoted to this one thing..they all say the same thing.. I believe we are at the brink of an event that hasn’t been seen since the days of Nero..

    • Lol lol that reminds me about the story that a Russian sub was in Cali harbor for a month and no one knew about it until they left !lol lol

    • Alan Arkin’s Yossarian (the B-25 bombardier in the film adaptation of Joseph Heller’s ‘Catch 22’ novel) was simply brilliant. IMO, the Yossarian character’s dilemma is best described thusly (via Wikipedia):

      “The “Catch-22” the Army Air Force employs essentially determines that an airman would have to be crazy to fly more missions than mandated, and if he were crazy, he would be unfit to fly. Yet, if an airman were to refuse to fly more missions, this would indicate that he is sane, which would mean that he would be fit to fly the missions. The airman is thus in an impossible “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.”

      This observation by Catch 22 author Heller rather accurately relates to a great many things wrt our present leaders, their delusions of power, control over the military and our fate a citizens and the freedom of choice in this republic.

      FWIW, I was a navigator/bombardier on the venerable B-52 bomber back in those Cold War days when we pulled nuke alert and aggressively targeted the Ruskies, ala Dr. Strangelove. We diligently studied wartime missions every third week wherein if the ‘balloon went up,’ we’d end up collectively being “death, the destroyer of worlds” in allegiance to our high priest, J. Robert Oppenheimer.

      Life in the nuke bomber world was gainful employment for Ure’s truly and my many trusted colleagues, and it usually paid the bills. But to quote Master Yoda, “now, matters are worse.”

      Not that I’m calling out my successors in the nuke world. No, not at all. I’m fretting about the arrogant lack of appreciation by U.S. elected officials for those in uniform who voluntarily elect to serve and protect, to put their life and liberty on the line as these A-holes fight over the most trivial matters, yet they recklessly pursue knee-jerk policies that put the patriots’ collective lives in danger. And the top ranking military leaders are more concerned with their own promotions than with the safety, security and well-being of their rank and file forces.

      Fact #1: Per the Constitution, the President is the commander in chief. But per the 25th Amendment, Americans, via their duly elected officials, can declare the president incompetent to serve. So then, do today’s Americans believe Biden competent? Do they really want Kamala as the next President? Is she fit to be commander in chief let along chief executive?

      My point here being this: Does America want its nuclear arsenal, from ICBMs to bomber dropped and cruise missile launched warheads plus sub launched SLBMs, in the control of either Biden or Harris? If not them, then who? Who can be trusted? How can these major changes be made, and how quickly?

      Civilian control of nukes is paramount in our democracy. Next in line after Harris is Speaker of the House McCarthy. Would the libs be satisfied with that option? Is Mr. Speaker qualified to perform such an awesomely responsible role? Arguably, McCarthy is more qualified than Harris, but I do not wish to be labeled as misogynistic. She might have hidden qualities I’m not aware of. But honestly, I’m not willing to gamble on that possibility.

      And now the real conundrum. Our philosophical and ideological opponents are seeing the confusion and uncertainty percolating thru our American system of government and, by default, our nuke command and control networks. They are no doubt rubbing their hands together and collectively uttering in unison: “Good! Good!” America has a big hammer, but no one knows how to use it.

      America is very close to falling on its own sword. Who can save it? Here, IMO, is where the real danger lies. It is entirely feasible that the next POTUS will win on a platform turning not only ally against ally, but US citizen against US citizen. To head off this approach, Americans must accept the fact that every citizen has a right to embrace their own beliefs and vote for their own politics. Our neighbor is not our enemy. This is the beauty of our magnificent system of government, the longest lived democracy on the planet.

      If we choose to tolerate our fellow citizens and challenge the foes of liberty, we have a decent chance of doing great things moving forward. Otherwise, America may well become but another history lesson on failed governance and misguided geopolitics, murdered from within by a self-emulating citizenry focused more on their next door neighbor and their own promotion than on the ominous antithesis to democracy lurking just beyond our shores.

      • “A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be as sure of the dock (trial) and much surer of the noose than a private homicide. It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men’s lives should not stake their own.” – H. G. Wells

      • “Our neighbor is not our enemy.”

        Really? This is the situation that has been accelerated to warp speed over the past 2 years, and INTENTIONALLY so, WH, and you know it. An infected rabid animal in the yard needs to be dealt with the same as parents who willfully subject their kids to tranny twerking. Once that philosophy has been embraced there is no going back. Your children can NOT UN-see it. Once an unlimited number of illegals have been allowed to flow across our borders critical mass will be achieved that allows for those who perpetually have their hands out to overcome those who have the ability to produce. Once out military has been weakened in terms of knowledgeable manpower (call me misogynist, I. don’t. care.) it can. not. function. properly.

        DO WE HAVE A SOLID BEDROCK of values that MAKE our country the longest lived Representative Republic in the history of Mankind or do we keep shoveling in the sands of ambivalence around the foundations of our tried-and-true values? “Tolerance” of anything else simply means you get to keep your butt on the couch and hand in the bag of mRNA laced ‘tater chips. WOULD your comparatively less “enlightened” family predecessors have put up with what we see on the TV on a daily basis? I sincerely doubt it. They did their jobs to hold the line but the constant compromise for the sake of “Peace” became capitulation to Evil some time ago.

        I hope you find the time to see Jim Caviezel’s movie on sex trafficking this weekend. The collective head-in-the-sand stance of the American public is THE reason this movie has been made and Mel Gibson’s documentary is being blocked by Hollywood otherwise there would be no need for these publications. THE REASON EVIL IS ALLOWED TO FLOURISH IS BECAUSE GOOD MEN AND WOMEN DO NOTHING!

  7. The Top Ten Stocks
    on the S&P500
    First Six months of the year

    10 – General Electric
    Ticker: GE
    Year-to-date gain: 64.8%

    9 – PulteGroup
    Ticker: PHM
    Year-to-date gain: 69.8%

    8 – Norwegian Cruise Lines
    Ticker: NCLH
    Year-to-date gain: 70.8%

    7 – Advanced Micro Devices
    Ticker: AMD
    Year-to-date gain: 71.8%

    6 – Palo Alto Networks
    Ticker: PANW
    Year-to-date gain: 81.5%

    5 – Royal Caribbean Cruises
    Ticker: RCL
    Year-to-date gain: 105.5%

    4 – Tesla
    Ticker: TSLA
    Year-to-date gain: 109.0%

    3 – Carnival Corporation
    Ticker: CCL
    Year-to-date gain: 112.9%

    2 – Meta Platforms
    Ticker: META
    Year-to-date gain: 134.0%

    1 – Nvidia
    Ticker: NVDA
    Year-to-date gain: 179.3%

      • The reason the three cruise lines are doing so well., is that they were slaughtered during the pandemic hysteria and are coming back to somewhat normal.

        • One of my siblings has been going from one cruise to another..the most expensive one they had to purchase two spots.. the cost for the two week cruise for two around Australia..80.00 plus they had to provide their own airfare to the port..40 per spot.. the cruise companies have been giving away tickets to get travellers to take cruises.. one of my kids has tickets for a cruise for 9

  8. The Supreme Court on Friday rejected President Biden’s plan to forgive millions of student loans, ruling the nation’s chief executive did not have legal authority to waive more than $400 billion owed to the government.
    – Biden claimed that under the Emergency Powers granted under the Covid-19 declaration, that he did have Executive Powers to waive those debts.
    – Millions are now going to have to start repaying the loans they took out. Just like everyone else who borrows money – for whatever reason.

  9. Very interesting thought.
    – The bond market’s notorious recession gauge is showing a hard landing is coming for inflation, ‘not’ the economy, Bank of America said.
    The rather ‘over-worded’ article made the case that ‘if’ we do have a recession it will be very mild and that inflation will drop dramatically.
    – In the first six paragraphs the BofA analyst used the “if” four times. Assuming a numerical out-come based on “ifs” is not very convincing.

  10. re: “Holiday”
    feat. The Republic


    Clowns find the bar set high following DJ George’s intro of the Highwire act. Indeed merely days after Mr. Macron touted a global tax for the purpose of African development, the Mahgreb diaspora has set France on fire. The President is apparently toying with the idea of imposing a State of Emergency with curfews and no-go areas. Furthermore mothers of the troublemaking youth have been asked to keep their children at home. Social media pastimes like TikTok and violent video games are being discouraged. One imagines it remains non-recommended in the City of Light for new drivers to proceed unlicensed in a Mercedes automobile with Polish plates in a bus lane while running red lights.

    Across the Channel, His Majesty’s Government website has updated the foreign travel advice page for France. Loyal subjects are invited to “avoid areas where riots are taking place”.

    For those seeking fewer fireworks in their leisure activity, the BBC has introduced a sign-up opportunity for its weekly “Royal Newsletter”. Follow safely and securely in the footsteps of The Firm.

    Call off the wrecking crew! It’s DJ George back with his sonic sledgehammer for the Nooner Show chipping another rough diamond from The Rolling Stones catalogue.
    “Gimme Shelter”

    • -and this is why Heiny Silver is the light beer of choice in the BCN household.
      BCN does not drink much beer these days – specially IPA’s = hoppy swill causes my sinuses go drunter und druber..weasel piss IMHO

      Moscow Mules are the summer drink of choice here on my slice of the smokey SEastern corner of Pennsyltucky.
      When in Central America, soonly, Watermelon Mojito’s #1 – due how cheap really good Rum is down there.

      BTC seems to be buffering&consolidating (B&C) as it forms a flag/pennant ? Either way – going higher for longer – so solly Chollies.
      SPY chart is tres interesting – and so like any other wild eyed technician – I am projecting into the future..todays candle looks like a “bullish kicker” – me thinks on Tuesday it turns into a ” bearish abandoned baby” candle or “bearish kicker”.

      Thank Goodness Slo for slo jo’s combat experience during the war of the States/American Civil War in 1960.

      Who F-ing knew ? I sure as shit did not know we had a Civil War in USA, 2 years prior to my miraculous Birth. No Mention of it in School, High School, USN, College, Grad School..

      Why Mr Ure is the Civil War of 1960 – so secret ? What happened ? Inquiring minds want to know..C’on man spill them beans!

      PS – payback Russian Style – see 2018 wagner assault on Conaco Oil&Gas fields in Deir Ezor – somebodies(2 cake eaters) withheld air support – everyone was SLAUGHTERED. “Butcher’ was under orders, so okeydokey. guess S& G wont be seen…ever again.

      • “Why Mr Ure is the Civil War of 1960 – so secret ? What happened ? Inquiring minds want to know..C’on man spill them beans!”

        We lost…

  11. Bitcoin dips after the SEC reportedly says recent ETF applications from BlackRock and Fidelity are inadequate.
    I checked., Bitcoin dipped $75.

  12. George,

    Nonlinear endings.

    Where is everybody? That is the question of the Fermi paradox. No one is answering or sending signals to the earth’s ‘ham radio’ receptor radio telescopes. Maybe galaxies’ supernovae nonlinear endings, resulting in large GBR’s (gamma burst radiations), end DNA containing entities either directly or indirectly in the individual galaxy or regions of the given galaxy.

    Betelguise’s brightness activity suggest a coming nonlinear event. Some physicists predict lethal gamma radiation (even at 530-630 million light years away).

    Nonlinear events in the asset-debt macroeconomy parallel nonlinear events such as supernovae, volcanic eruptions, and tornadoes in the natural universe. Given all the data, these natural occurring nonlinear phenomena are predictable.

    Expect a global nonlinear devaluation over the next 8 trading days.

  13. July 3 evening I will be firing up the window A/C unit at the front of the house, power bills be damned. There is someone in the subdivision just a few blocks away who is a fond user of illegal aerial fireworks. Given the moisture of the green jungle here, fire is not a problem. But the smoke is. And there will be lots of kids with the legal ground fireworks also. Batten the hatches and filter the air!

    Then there was the jungle whacko who liked to set off big explosions on his property very near to a PTSD veteran ham radio friend. After said ham finally moved back to the mainland we had the distinct pleasure of telling him that his ‘combat neighbor’ had gotten too close to his stash and ignited it…. And eviscerated hisself. Rescue crew found him trying to stuff his intestines back into his body cavity. He didn’t make it to the hospital. Our marine ham friend on the mainland commented: “He who lives by the sword…”

  14. From Martin Armstrong:

    Armstrong adds, “No way they are going to allow a free election. It you think the CIA cannot rig the vote, I don’t know what planet you live on.”

    As Mark Levin has said on a number of occasions: “Any Republican who can’t get at least 60% of the votes will lose…”

    It is interesting to me though, that over 100% of eligible voters cast ballots in 2020, and nobody (except apparently me) noticed.

    Viktor Orbán beat the CIA, USAID, and Soros combined, in Hungary’s last election, so it CAN be done. For Trump (or probably Ramaswamy) to win in 2024, they’ll need close to 70% (or a lot more poll-watchers…)

  15. They finally debated RFK Jr. on vaccines and it did NOT go well for “the science”…

    RFK Jr. made a powerful appearance at a News Nation town hall recently where he went head-to-head with the so-called vaccine “science.” By the time he was done, the “science” was in pieces. And the real kicker was his approach — RFK Jr. was both smart and persuasive, likely hitting home with more everyday people than the media would dare to admit. The 13-minute video is a must watch.

    • His voice grates even worse than Obama’s to my ear. I still have questions about his stance on ‘climate change’ and what ‘must’ be done about it.

      In spite of these things, he certainly appears to be the least objectionable Dem in the race so far.

  16. Gutfeld Goes Rogue LIVE On Air – Spills Huge Announcement to Fans

    Fox News is still facing the backlash from their release of popular show-host Tucker Carlson. However, a few fans are openly complimenting Fox News’s “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld for being the “last trustworthy person” still on the news platform after he was an internet sensation for tearing current Vice President Kamala Harris to shreds on his show.

  17. Please check to confirm this, but I believe that Negro Modelo, Modelo Especial, and Stella Artois are all controlled by AB??
    (spelling on the above may be in error , but you get the idea)

    • In Bev (which owns AB) has worldwide rights to Modelo EXCEPT for the US.

      Another company produces and distributes Modelo, and it’s related companions, for the US market. One reason Modelo has now become the US’s largest selling beer, displacing Bud Lite

  18. InBev owns Modelo OUTSIDE the US…… a different company (Constellation Brands) has rights within US. So consuming Modelo in US doesn’t support Anheuser Busch ;)

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