Corporate Profits, GDP, New UI Filings & Joe’s CPAP

Sure, Joe Biden gets a lot of things wrong.  BUT, when it comes to aging, the latest chapter in the American Political Psychodrama about Biden’s age seems headed into the ditch. You see, Joe Biden’s been wearing a CPAP machine and…so what?

More than 8-million Americans use one of these devices.  Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines.  If you’re not using one, don’t fall into the discussion about health that may be made to follow.

While most of the reporting on this has been reasonable – such as Biden has begun using CPAP machine for sleep apnea  –  what’s not stated is that CPAP machines are proactive, preventative devices.

Apnea is – literally – not breathing for a few (to many) seconds while you sleep.  People who are particularly susceptible to loud snoring, for example, may get much better rest – and notice appreciable improvement in their sleep when using a device.

Commercial truck drivers who have sleep issues, and are prescribed a CPAP machine by their doctors, are even regularly monitored for compliance.  So are people like me who have an extremely low resting pulse rate (like 39 at times) who also stop breathing in their sleep.

A CPAP machine may also improve mental clarity – the difference between a good, sound sleep and waking yourself up periodically to remember to breathe is really quite remarkable.

If you’re young – and maybe in the “Can’t happen to me” crowd – or think this is in anyway an indication of failing acuity – might want to study 30+ Sleep Apnea Statistics and Facts To Know in 2023.

CPAP machine users at my age (74+) and have read the studies – let alone use a machine regularly – don’t view them as bad in any way, shape, or form.  On the other hand, we don’t get confused about Putin losing the war in Iraq. (Biden has confused Iraq for Ukraine twice in the last 24 hours.)

I’d give Biden a month – maybe two – to adjust to his machine. Sleep docs know the “catching up” when you first go on a CPAP machine can take a while. OTOH? If Biden’s geographical references don’t improve in a month, or two, then a more aggressive gerontological inspection may be warranted.

Dim Sums: Data Rolls

Lots of things to consider going into the 2, 3, 4, or 5-day weekend for the Fourth of July next week.  Technically, markets will be open Monday and the federal government will put-on like it’s working.  But, naw.  Congress is (still) out to lunch. You can track for how long (besides ever) at Floor Calendars – Resources.

Which rolls us to the Corporate Profits report just out:

Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments) decreased $121.5 billion in the first quarter, an upward revision of $29.7 billion from the previous estimate (table 10).

Profits of domestic financial corporations decreased $9.4 billion in the first quarter, an upward revision of $16.0 billion from the previous estimate. Profits of domestic nonfinancial corporations decreased $102.9 billion, an upward revision of $6.5 billion. Rest-of-the-world profits (net) decreased $9.2 billion, an upward revision of $7.2 billion. In the first quarter, receipts increased $9.4 billion, and payments increased $18.6 billion.

This is in addition to the GDP figures which quarterly go this like:

gdp chart
Real gross domestic product GDP increased at an annual rate of 20 percent in the first quarter of 2023 according to the third estimate In the fourth quarter of 2022 real GDP increased 26 percent The GDP estimate for the first quarter was revised up 07 percentage point from the second estimate primarily reflecting upward revisions to exports and consumer spending

Unfortunately, we only get quarterly updates on the Velocity of Money at M2 – a real indicator of how things are going once a quarter, after the fact.

Still, the weekly New Unemployment Filings is useful guidance:

Weekly UI Filings
Unemployment filings were relatively stable this week

And so is the tail-end of this report which offers some state-level detail based on states improving (lower filings) or rising filings meaning a softening economy.

state UI filing changes
Some states got ahead others got behind this week A mixed report

How Bad Will the Recession Be?

One of our “look-ahead” charts on the Peoplenomics subscriber side suggests that since we are likely rolling into a Wave 3 down in the stock market, the decline could last from late summer early fall of this year and then into next. The problem is analogous to a “flying problem.”

That’s the delay between when the pilot’s eyes behold a mountain coming at ’em through the wind screen and they pull back on the yoke/stick.  There’s what can be a sickening delay between control inputs and the physics of how long before laminar flows reattach, yaw change stabilizes…and all the rest. (You’ll get micro versions of this when you “bounce one in on landing.”

So, that’s how our Economic Future looks.

In the long wave economic cycles, we saw a decline from all-time highs in 2021 to the 2022 lows, and if/as Wave 2 ends and we roll into the Big 3 Down, it’s reasonable to expect the timing to be equal to either Wave 1 or Wave 2 temporally.  Big, hard, fast recession and “V” shaped recovery or the dems stand not only to be locked out of the House, but also give up the Senate in  2024.

Let Me Show You the Waves

Pretty simple, really:

Peoplenomics (R) Aggregate Index
Market is at the top of the major Wave 2 rally trend channel

For now, we’re just watching, skeptical of everything, from the sidelines.  The market has, in our view, been having too many days of “split results” lately.  That’s where the Dow might be down while the S&P and Nasdaq go up (green vs. red kinda thing).  Being full-blown financial cowards, well, that’s what the rocking chair is for.

Speaking of which, Bitcoin was upwards of $30,700 in the early trade today.  If BTC takes a header over the weekend?  We won’t care.  Still more evidence of the “dirty money/filthy lucre” purposes of the crypto con revealed in the headline Bitcoin recedes as illicit actors look to Tron, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain as blockchain wars evolve.  Fighting over the spoils of spoils.

Yes, as the crypto madness continues – in stories like Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF to Fuel Price Surge, Says Crypto Banter Host – We’re waiting for Blackrock to announce Greyhound and Pai Gow ETFs… Please, BR, let me in on the Texas Hold ‘Em ETF?

Checking the Threat Board

Heads may roll in Russia, we’re thinking:  Russian general identified by US intelligence as having advance knowledge of mutiny reportedly arrested. Although, in fairness, what better way for us to get rid of a competent general than by tagging him in the wake of the Wagner false march on Moscow?  Other places, we’re reading there may have been a US asset involve in this.  Not likely to leak out who was on urgent family leave, though, since holiday weekends are better than a foxhole to hide newsy things in.

Meanwhile, back at the war: “Bridge over troubled waters” plays as we read Critical situation in Kherson: The Ukrainians secured the bridgehead – They erect 100 pontoon bridges for the 93rd M/C & mercenary forces!. Playing bridge?

So much for retired:  Controversial appointment: Dr. Anthony Fauci takes up position at Georgetown University.

Should democrats be allowed to be judges? Federal judge strikes down Kentucky’s ban on sex-reassignment surgeries, cross-sex hormone therapies. Merits of the case or an Obama era agenda continues?

Seen the political “high ground” around anywhere?  RFK Jr. Says Will Not Attack Political Opponents Personally: ‘Proud That President Trump Likes Me’.  I think it was reader Ray who offered that an RFK-Trump ticket would be hard to ignore…yep.

ATR: Holiday Plans

Son G2 will be riding around on a medic unit through Sunday. Count your fingers today and count them next Wednesday, I think is what he told me.

Wal-Mart locally is “Out of Stock” on prime rib.  Fortunately, we have a frozen back-up plan.

One thing I’ve done in the past, though is buy half a dozen of the leanest rib steaks I can find then tie them up with butcher string.  Pseudo-roast for the pseudo-writer, anyone?

Notwithstanding Joy of Eating, my diet has lowered me to 210 pounds now.  Not quite two months into it from 226.5.  At 8 pounds per month, I should completely disappear in 2.19 years… 3-years from now I may apply for helium balloon status.  (“Psych meds!!! Stat!!!”)

Drop by for ShopTalk Sunday.  (If you ask, “What day?” I will have to slap you.) A somewhat lengthy article on the ATS-25 series shortwave radio as a prepper tool.  Most of the article is about frequency lists to have one hand and going over the “What ‘chu looking for?” question.

A self-administered haircut is planned after brekkers today.  Seasonally, scalping down to nearly bald allows more top-side heat dissipation.  You knew something like 40-percent of body heat exits from the noggin?

Ham radio front: Going to pipe audio from the ATS into my sound card and see if/how digital modes work with FL-digi.

May get to the display issue on one of the Icom 761s today, tomorrow, the next day, or the one after that, or… (*Can’t rush into these things!)  We don’t move so fast in the heat down this way.  Though under 100 on the mercury for the next 10-=out but the feels like runs upwards of 108 and sticky with thunderstorms next week. Notice how many people are moving over to talking about “Feels like” temps?  Woke meteorology disease.  Just another move from apples to oranges, friend.  No mental acuity in sight, in hyper-monetized ‘Merica where soon we will have a bigger gender and ESG industry than librarians!

[I wish I wasn’t kidding: 138,000 librarians versus 198,811 therapistsand over 81,000 psychologists practicing in the US, but no stats yet one who’s doing who…ESG job growth is >50 p[ercent per year. <5,000 listings on for openings!!!  Monetization!!!]

Write when one of us gets rich,

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    • No, couldnt be a ball gag – breathing issues..

      Jill the Thrill musta been pegging his ass hard the night before..for the O-ring gag strap marks to still be visible hours after the acts..
      Can only imagine what the burn marks on his sagging 80 yr asz from the Electrical Stim with Whip look

      Arousing, no?

      • it sure wouldn’t surprise me either…
        if the corrupt pervs kids fantasy videos on his porn channel and supposedly on the
        tablet are true of his stepmother fantasy videos ..then the big guys possibly a cuchold as well..we will never know if he is or not he has several agencies covering it all up..but it does make you wonder if after snatching mm’s of it.. does he get the perv to go snowballing with the little lady or the kids saying cleanup time old man. in the tjousabds of videos are there some out there.
        seems like every other perversion is going on and is pretty common knowledge to everyone why not those perversions as well..

        • Lol lol lol… we will never know for sure Ray.. only the cross dresser knows for sure lol lol lol..
          with that group anything is possible lol lol

  1. I agree with your observations on the indices being terribly out of sync – it seems to be delay but also during sessions – looks like the last stand of hot money rotating rather quickly from indice to indice – in the meantime the Yen continues to get absolutely spanked which adds fuel to the fire – waiting for the rug pull – the Fed until rates rise above core inflation is not tightening at all ….

    • Well, for me, this is not the point.

      The point is IF you are sick, put on a beanie. When my dearly beloved late Dad became sick, and was put in a hospital, I was 1300 miles away, I got there as fast as I could and I brought a beanie hat to put on his bald head. I knew just that ONE thing would begin his healing process, make him feel better, and make him feel LOVED.

      He was in a hospital in Palmdale, California, and when I got there, his feet were exposed, he didn’t have proper sheets or a warm blanket and he was COLD/FREEZING.

      He also had no water.

      He was there for heart failure.

      I got him fixed up, and the next morning, without him yet having seen any doctor as none were there, and receiving sub-standard care, he said, let’s get out of here, and so I packed him up and checked him out.

      We rested in a hotel for two days, then we caught a flight back East where he was seen by a competent heart doctor. I made sure he didn’t lift anything heavier than his wallet on our journey home. He lived 22 more years until his mid 80’s.

      Fast forward to 2017/2018, when I spent 17 days in the hospital, when I woke up from my coma, I had a beanie hat on my head.

      My remarkable husband remembered the story I told about my Dad, and that’s the first thing he took care of.

      • “I got him fixed up, and the next morning, without him yet having seen any doctor as none were there, and receiving sub-standard care, he said, let’s get out of here, and so I packed him up and checked him out.”

        same thing happened to my daughter she packed up her bags and flew home to get care..
        its important to find the physicians infection rating.. and visit with them.. similar to a job interview your putting your care in the hands of another. if he’s truly interested in his job and caring.. or is he only interested in the money.. one top ER doctor that I knew.. was friends with someone I knew..we were invited to a new years Eve party that I soon left. the minute he was bragging that the only reason he got into medicine was so he could see every woman’s genetalia.. then he forced his wife to kneel performing oral sex to him..very degrading.. years later my grand daughter was in the er.. he walked in and I said any other doctor but not you..
        they have to disclose the ratings how many developed complications etc.
        another thing is talk to their staff..if the doctor is an arrogant SH his own staff probably won’t say it outright but will give you a pretty good indication on them.. stop by medical hang out spots..they will vent..

  2. Looks like Poland will enter Western Ukraine at the end of July and this is why Wagner forces have been redeployed to Belarus. (At 29:38)

    What does this mean? This fits with my Astrological Leo and 9th of Av time period. Sadly, I was hoping that this was not going to happen this year, but if it does happen, it means things will quickly go to hell.

    Will the tactical nukes come out?

    We have not seen what I call, “The Two Blows of Steel”. By my account that will be two acts of nuclear terrorism. The first in the Middle East, most likely the West Bank, and then the second in Italy.

    Stay tuned.

    • July 27th seems late date – Vile mannish jew said kick off party is July 11th in Vilnius.

      Wagner troops must go thru Minsk – numerically un does prior “black magic” that is/was minsk agreements. Unless of course their just being in Belarus satisfies the condition.

      “numbers”..dates/times/places must be correctly ordered so that proper actions take place in order to “undo” previous “dark operations” results.

      Nasty bastards been at it for like ever in support of their chosen “blood god” – a son of darkness, the dominator of frequencies and hoarder of consciousness – typhonic kinda creepy up right lizard guy..

      We almost be there – think we just need some celestial disturbance to complete the “Workings” ..could be along any time now.

    • the more I watch this unfold th we more convinced I am that the initial startup of this was to cover their corrupt business model.. but because the most corrupt country on the planet is also the main hub of where the true kings of the world does their business..with China and Russia setting up a way to destroy their thousand year reign of global economic kings through the Bric’s.. and all the nations that the global elite destroyed to steal the resources they coveted.. and using Ukraine as the poisoned pawn .
      this is a war that has to be won. and since the present administration and vongress sold out to their whims.. through their selling influence and votes..
      the elites that have had global control for over a thousand years will not let that happen without a fight.
      with the firect threat that they will take it to the elites back yard which has never been done.. we all have seen how politicians reacted we hen a demonstration came to them.. not one word about the billions of dollars in damage of all the violent terrorist actions in the poor man’s neighborhood..
      to save face and possibly save his family from the consequences of toppling the elite families from their perch then i believe that this administration has to go full throttle before the end of his administration ..
      IF.. the elite does get knocked off their reign of power.. all over a few perverse acts and pocket change to them.. then I doubt the big fence he put around his property is big enough.

    • Poland moving troops into Ukraine – wouldn’t that constitute an act of war against Russia by A NATO nation? .., and thus directly involve all NATO forces into the war ?

      • Yes, d’Lynn, Poland moving troops into Ukraine would violate a NATO precedent which Russia could consider an act of war. But Poland, which now hosts multiple NATO member country armed forces on its soil (air and land), can serve as a ‘gateway’ for specially trained mercenaries (a NATO equivalent to the Wagner Group might be a good analogy), armed forces not officially obligated to any specific nation or alliance, just men with weapons, tanks and aircraft who want to support Ukraine.

    • “What does this mean? This fits with my Astrological Leo and 9th of Av time period. Sadly, I was hoping that this was not going to happen this year, but if it does happen, it means things will quickly go to hell.”

      I am now in the belief that this is no longer a war to cover over the corruptions and corrupt business models..but now one of self preservation. that no one anticipated that Russia and China would take the steps to topple the hierarchy of economic power.. the table was swiftly turned and the sanctions became the path to topple the tower of power.. if that is true.. then the administration has to see this poison pawn trap to the end.. and only 1 year to accomplish it.
      if Russia fails then China is the next one to topple creating the one world govt.
      with every country that we have dealt dirty to standing at the ready and all the NATO countries using their strategic reserves and spending huge sums of money..the whole thing could topple ..
      one look at prices at your local grocery is evidence enough..

  3. George, I quit wearing my cpap 15 yrs ago, hated it
    but I never had marks on my face, AFTER I have shit showered and shaved. Ate breakfast and went to give a speech ! and still had face markings
    It looks more like Hollywood face putty, like I said “looks”
    Do we have an actor on stage?

    I like the idea of a title match,, Trump/Kennedy,
    one -two punch in the face of the deep state/uniparty.
    I think it was a plan for Quite some time.
    Another thought could be Robert as an Attorney General,
    fullfilling what his father started,,, BAM

    can ya give me a cue?

    Elon vs Zuckerberg ? will the gladiators use real swords ?
    pink slips?

    • RFK has stated that should he lose the nomination, he would consider a cabinet position in a Republican Administration…

      I strongly suspect the mask impression was not from a CPAP, but from an oxygen mask. I believe one of the stunts Joe’s handlers use to keep him functional is to saturate his tissues with oxygen, before any public appearance.

  4. The sleep apnea life longevity statistics are quite startling. I have a couple of questions.

    I have never been tested but my night time heart rate can get into the low 40s, close to yours according to my smart watch. Is this a potential indicator of sleep apnea?

    Every male over the age of 70 knows the nighttime bathroom trip routine. Does this interfere with your CPAP adjustment or does the CPAP reduce the frequency of your bathroom visits?

    I notice that there is a home sleep apnea test kit advertised on the site you provided. Do you recommend it? Did you do the offsite sleep apnea test?

    I am a very restless sleeper and change sleeping positions several times during the night. How cumbersome is this for the CPAP?

    Thanks for all the informative subjects you provide your readers. I look forward to Sunday’s column on the ATS-25.

    By the way, we may all disappear in the next 2.19 years!

    • oh it doesn’t interfere with the bathroom at all..that was one of my main concerns as well..
      I had to go through several different masks until I found the one I was the most comfortable with..
      now I don’t know if I would spend a few thousand for someone to see if I need one again.. for me I would get one then set it for auto ramp..then it would adjust automatically ro what I need..
      mine is set at 10lbs pressure constant..

    • I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea 8 years ago. My HMO at the time gave me a splint to go on a finger tip and a strap around the chest. I took it home, then brought back the following day. I was given a CPAP machine with an over the nose mask. There are 3 kinds of mask and they let me try them all… then I made the choice after proper fitting.

      In the old days the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would permanently ground a pilot with Sleep Apnea. Now, you take a month off, submit data from the machine and get a Special Issuance medical that has to be reviewed every year. The machine tracts days used and time and that is submitted to your medical examiner… then the Special Issuance is renewed. It was seamless for me after the first set of data.

      I took to the machine from the first night. Most have a period of adjustment. For bathroom trips, I just unplug the short hose attached to the mask from the long hose on the machine, and let the machine run. Mine ramps up pressure up to 11psi with a minimum of 4 psi at start.

      I had no problem taking the CPAP machine on my trips, including overseas. I took 2 small 1 oz bottles of distilled water that I placed in the carrying case. Always use distilled water… or don’t fill the tank with anything if you don’t have distilled.

      I still have vivid dreams… mostly can’t remember them. Except where I dream that I’m a muffler. I always wake exhausted.

      • I slept so hard the first day my eyes mattered shut.. Best sleep I ever had is with the cpap..
        I am planning on getting the small unit .it will be gotten after I get a few other things taken care of..

  5. Looking forward to STSun. I’ve had the ATS 25 for a while and agree it is fun to play with. I have not had much success with running it through the sound card for FL Digi. After side by side comparisons with my IC 718 and neighboring desktop PC I suspect hardware, meaning ancient laptop, may be the issue for me.
    Typical for the Sate of Misery, heat and humidity are normal this time of year but its effect on this old body is a bitch. Doc says to limit my activities in this kind of heat and humidity. Tell that to the livestock. Chores and outdoor projects hours run 0400 to 1000 hrs and the remainder of the day is under a roof with AC, pending power outages, or more often a converted grain bin vent fan in the shop. Just remember to pick up loose items before firing it up and watch the propwash.
    Stay safe. 73

  6. At least Russia takes care of the treasonous generals, unlike the U.S. We have millie giving heads up to the chinese, just saying.

    • Wish George had a “thumbs up” emoji for this site. The usual Russian “solution” for such people would be very easy with Millie. He’s such a huge target.

  7. The CPAP machine is exactly like the coming brain chips.

    “I need the pancreas chip otherwise I’d bloat-up and die.”

    I think the Blackrock Bitcoin ETF will be different from the Bitcoin Trust offered by Grayscale because it can serve as a vehicle for businesses to carry Bitcoin on their books. So the theory would be businesses can now park in Bitcoin and this could create a boom. But maybe I have it wrong.

  8. The GDP was revised upward to 1.3% after the initial report. It was revised upwards again, just before releasing this morning to 2.0 %.
    To me that smells really bad. If it is true, then I would be firing the entire financial research/analysis department. In revision – the GDP nearly doubled?
    This has to be one of the highest percentage revisions on record. How did they miss so many billions of dollars of output the first time around? Or did they ?
    – Like it, or not – there is a certain stigma attached to the CPAP machine. Mainly because most people simply do not understand what they are for., or why they are necessary.
    For the most part, I sleep very well. I snore, [ all mammals snore – ever hear an elephant snore? It’s pretty damn funny.] but the misses says it is very light and not for very long. Until I notice a change, or she starts to complain, it is not something I ever think about.
    To eliminate the strap marks on the Presidents face – I imagine there will be some form of change in equipment – to what? I have no idea.

  9. Biden’s brain is to far gone for CPAP to work (IF) that is what those marks are from. There could be several reasons those marks are there and none of them are good, except that it shows he is declining rapidly and we can hope he dies soon as in yesterday! although “HARRIS” in charge, LOL we can’t win for losing!

  10. Doing good on your diet, congrats. You don’t know how good you are going to feel in the next few months. I lost from 230 to 160 in the past yr. Started Keto, now carnivore 95%. Stopped c-pap after 11 yrs, but might try it again. Overall, I feel better than in 30 yrs. The you tube Doctors are telling the truth…it works.

  11. Yesterday I mentioned a $50,000,000 lawsuit over a local COP beating down a suspect.

    This is this the mentality of the police.

    “Warren police Commissioner Bill Dwyer commented on how quickly the suit was filed.

    “Immediately, they file a $50 million lawsuit,” said Dwyer. “I mean, why do they have to rush to doing that.””

    I wonder how Bill would react if someone took his son in the alley.

    Here’s the beat down video from the Detroit Free Press.

    Warren police officer charged with assaulting arrested suspect

  12. With the sharp rise in interest rates New Home sales increased a surprising 20% last month. Caught a lot of analysts off-guard., as most predicted a small increase, or flat sales.
    – Wonder what the Federal Reserve will think of that? That is a very sharp increase – especially in the face of 5% inflation and much higher mortgage rates.

    • “especially in the face of 5% inflation and much higher mortgage rates.”

      I wished it was only 5 percent lol..
      they can say that as many times as they want.. gallon of ice cream at Sam’s club.. was 5.95 now 7.95 on sale..
      house taxes doubled in the wastelands.. I pay almost as much a month as G pays for his acres in a year.. water bill up 12 percent.. I pay 169 a month without any big use..
      the hundred dollar low rent Gov’t subsidized housing.. is now a thousand a month..
      now if they had said 25% that would have been closer to the truth.. a 12 pack of soda that sold three for ten is now 12 for 1..
      and wages did not increase. for those that did increase it they
      cut hours..anyone that believes 5% doesn’t pay their own living expenses and doesn’t shop .

  13. “I think it was reader Ray who offered that an RFK-Trump ticket would be hard to ignore…yep.”
    Yea, I agree BUT Trump is a lightening rod, he got only half of what he could get done last time R/T the constant distractions from the left, which have not stopped since he became a civilian. Kind of the George S. Patton of the political world. I would offer a slightly different approach. Tim Scott and RFK.
    I do not vote along party lines, I vote against the biggest A** hole which means I usually vote Repubican. (pun intended)

      • me as well..
        the issue is.. heike Trump would not go by the present model… we know how that would go over nasty Nancy would be all over the news.. the wicked witch of the NE would spend millions again to sink them.. the alphabet agencies would be out in force to sully their reputations and paint a different public view of them..

        • Spoken as only someone who never paid attention to “politics” when Reagan (or Bush 41 or 43, FTM) were in office.

          Nasty (and crooked Maxine, and a dozen others) will be all over the news, every day, should ANY Republican be elected to the Executive. It is what Leftists do. They can’t win on ideas, policy, or execution, so they lie about their intent, trash the Rightists and Centrists as often as they can, and play fear and race cards whenever possible.

          As for the alphabets, if Trump gets in and the Repubics hold the House, expect the FBI to cease to exist, and DHS be disbanded, with only its necessary components (like Border Patrol and Secret Service) retained. Also, expect a thorough housecleaning at the Departments of Defense and State and a bunch of “lifer bureaucrats” seeking employment from places where the GSA doesn’t cut the checks…

    • Having what we all assume is JFK redux on a Republican ticket would only be of significant benefit to Trump. Bobby is a lightning rod in his own right, and would detract from any other Republicans’ candidacy. It is because Trump was a “Kennedy Democrat” for the first 55 years of his life, that a Trump/RFK ticket would even be possible.

      As for the crap that’s piled onto, and in the way of, DJT — This crap is always piled onto Presidents who govern in a strongly pro-American manner. Of course, I can only think of four Presidents in the last 160 years who’ve done so: Lincoln, Grant, Reagan, and Trump. Hell, Trump isn’t even a conservative. He governed as one because conservation of the Republic, as laid out in the Constitution is the most-likely way for the world to get from an historical point “A” (the “now”) to point “B” (the “future) with its population and civilizations intact. Trump is all about “common people” and percentages.

      Also, if you don’t have the “media” as your chief shill and protector (which no Republican EVER has), to get stuff done as a President, you gotsta be a dick. Even Reagan, who disguised it and pushed back with a huge layer of sugar coating, had a point beyond which he would simply not be pushed. Trump, Christie, and probably DeSantis are big enough dicks to be a successful “Republican” President (in quotes, because Christie is a neocon hired by The Lincoln Project to torpedo Trump, and is more Leftist, and likely less-honest, than Bill Clinton). The other candidates are not [big dicks].

      Ramaswamy is Trump [without the baggage] and Scott is a solid conservative with an amazing personality.

      The “press” would eat them for lunch, and they’re the top of the heap.

      Pence is a milquetoast. So is Elder, and something about him bugs me, but I have yet to put a finger on it. They’re both ex-radio talkers and fine orators. The Establishment would own them both, before they could take an Oath of Office.

      The others are (so far) all neocons, and/or running for “name recognition” for some future purpose (Asa Hutchinson? Really…? How ’bout ex-Montana SecState Corey Stapleton or Miami mayor Francis Suarez…?)

      One of Donald Trump’s favorite quotes is: “Be careful what you wish for…” He tossed it Lauren Bobert’s way, when she was making noises about possibly impeaching President Biden.

      I now take the liberty of passing Mr. Trump’s quote on to you all…

  14. If what I just read on a news blog is accurate , I may have to be re thinking my stand on Scott / RFK (not the Scott part). Here is the bit that was posted

    When RFK Jr. was asked about an “assault weapons” ban, …

    RFK Jr. responded, “If we can get a consensus on it, if Republicans and Democrats agreed and it passed Congress, I would sign it.”
    Is the post true? accurate?? hell who knows.
    I think the key word here is “Conseneus”

    • Actually, it’s more definitional
      Idiots who don’t don’t have high levels of mental clarity do not realize that to be an “assault weapon” in military terms a weapon must have selectable fire, at least one of which much be full auto.”
      The Constitution does not carve out a rate of fire.
      There went my RFK consideration, though…

      • I cannot trust an unrepentant gun grabber. That is a tip-off of an elitist mentality. The ugly guns are just an excuse to exercise and dictate control.

    • But just like the bump stocks and the contentiousness around the pistol braces how many do you think would be turned in? How many ARs and AKs were turned in after Connecticut outlawed them after Sandy Hook? Heck, even Canadians thumbed their noses, for the most part, at their government when they were outlawed a couple of years ago. We’re already a hair’s breadth, yes, one of those red ones, away from telling every Federal agency out there to take a hike.

    • Yes.

      As I mentioned a couple days ago, RFK is strongly anti-gun.

      Not just “assault rifles” (whatever they are) but all guns. ‘Thing is, 8 of the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights are under assault by the Left, and the government in general, and nobody cares about quartering Redcoats. RFK is a proponent of seven of those amendments, so while I’d never support him for President, because of his gun-stance, I would support him for VP (under Trump) because the Dems fear him so much his presence would keep Nasty from putting a bullet into DJT.

      Understand, little boy RFK Jr watched people with guns murder his uncle and father on national TV. I shouldn’t be surprised if that left a lasting, negative impression regarding firearms. His stance is not mine, but I can understand from whence his comes…

      • “Understand, little boy RFK Jr watched people with guns murder his uncle and father on national TV.”

        But, O-fishully, the gun that killed his uncle was an old bolt action surplus weapon that shouldn’t have had the accuracy needed to do the job and I think Sirhan’s weapon of choice was a .22 wheel gun, if memory serves. Pretty much lowest common denominator of guns out there then and now.

    • Don’t think…listen to him yourself.

      First part:

      Second part:

      THEN read the comments.

      I also ‘heard’ he was against the 2nd amendment BUT what I heard did not have ‘context’ nor HIS words.

      Now, after listening to both of these videos, which might surprise you with his memory and eloquence and follow through, and details…….. then form some opinions from HIS words.

      All I can say is FINALLY someone is PUBLICLY stating what MANY OF US have been asking for years is WHY most of those high school KILLERS are on SSRI’s (anti-depressant drugs which state on the inserts they can cause suicidal tendencies and violence).

      HE remembers taking a gun class in school where kids brought their guns to school; no one was killed for decades and decades, dare I say, hundreds of years?

      He wants to KNOW what has changed? WHY can’t we have that conversation?

      He also specifically outlines the PROBLEMS with our government, the swamp, the insider deals, the revolving doors between government, the big corporations, the DRUG DEALERS, yeah, the pharmaceutical, the real MEGA corporations, and their incestuous takeover of our REPUBLIC.

      He has a lot to say about the border, too, and he actually gets to TALK without being interrupted except to take the town hall OFFLINE and switch gears to #2 video.

      It takes a few minutes to understand his voice, but I use CC which is on both videos, and that helps when I miss a word since I am hard of hearing.

      Then, let’s hear your conversations about this topic AFTERWARDS.

      That’s your homework assignment MISSION if you choose to accept it.

      The more you think you know…you know, the more you don’t know!



      This also should be on everyone’s radar, yes I used the word, “SHOULD”; try to see if it is showing in your area on JULY 4th. LET’S BE PART OF SOMETHING THAT WE WANT TO ERADICATE.

      Movie Preview:

      “Our goal is to inspire TWO MILLION people to attend opening weekend.”

      Another preview:

      Sound of Freedom Movie interview starring Jim Caviezel from the Passion of Christ movie.

      Actor Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad.

      Now, we all should know by now that the current “liberal” agenda where the education system is POUNDING HARD on your children as young as pre-school, Fkg with their heads, brains, and bodies and where it is leading, fast and furiously.

      Do we really want “””Attracted to Minor Persons””” becoming legal in our country?


      • The RFK, Jr., interviews you posted are fantastic! Of course, every interview with him I’ve seen has been great. I’ve never heard a candidate or already-elected politician speak so pointedly and intelligently about our country’s problems. No wishy-washy here!

        • The thing of note is how he’s treated. He is not speaking any more pointedly than Trump did in the 2016 runup. The Press was openly antagonistic toward Trump, because he was running as a Republican. Because the Democratic Establishment want Biden to win the nomination though, and it is the job of the “Press” to see that this happens, Kennedy is being patently ignored by the mainstream.

          I would assume Kennedy is going to do what Trump did in 2015 and early 2016, and use social media to circumvent the 5th column on the nightly “news.” Whether he can survive being “Bernied” I don’t know. What I DO know is Marianne Williamson has quietly crept above 10% in polling, which means if the Dems are somehow forced into holding a Primary debate, by their own rules Creepy Joe will get tag-teamed, having to go 1-on-2 against both of them…

    • two good choices is Ted Cruz / JFK Jr. or Rand Paul / jfk or Ted Cruz and Rand paul..
      similar to Trump ..they would not gallows the business model presently in long as elite members,cartels and foreign countries are allowed to spend billions to corrupt our legislatirs..we will be headed down the path they choose

      • loob, Trump would love to gallow your Social Security check: ‘Trump’s 2020 budget proposal included cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. The proposal outlined an aim to spend $25 billion less on Social Security in the next decade and $845 billion less on Medicare over that same period of time. The proposal also would have allocated $1.2 trillion in a block-grant program to states for Medicaid, in an effort to spend $1.5 trillion less on that program over ten years.’

        • @c, ure article has nothing to do with your rant,
          you failed to show if moving the SS med care and aid to a state level would reduce benefits paid out or just save cost from the over costly Fed leeches.
          bottom line to me,,, ?

          has the Artic melted yet? but but but
          we were warned, it would warm
          maybe I should go check Snopes or Politifact
          to get my crack checked for pluggage

          gees, I cee it now,,, global warming and climate cooling going on in concert, you won’t notice it, cause we double tax you for it, to save you from it, while we enrich our selves, Pierre gives you his thanks

          It is a beautiful morning, hope you have a good day miss c, and smile

        • All 501c-3 supported – and the media is in on it because the more division, the more tension, the more eyeballs the more money in ad agencies the more manipulation. How f*ckin g blind are people to the business model?

        • I don’t think Obama’s race has anything to do with it – seniors are seniors. No, the framework is an Alinsky democrat with a holier than thou outlook – a believe in radical street corner liberalism.
          HOWEVER, having said that,,and%20modifications%20since%20its%20inception. is good background and the cite you proposed was a 2012 piece. 11-year old context.
          The fact is both parties had some good, some bad ideas. Dems still overspend and don’t report foreign income or “gifts from children” so far as we know from presidential returns…
          They are ALL crooks and all need to be cycled out of office.
          Go play that suggested piece of music in the ATR section of today’s column!

        • Ahhh, Shucks, George, I wasn’t being racist, I know O’bamie likes to refer to himself as a Black man, when everyone can see he’s a WHITE man!!!

          He’s a White man who hates White people (ten years ago, now, the majority of senior citizens collecting social security were White, for sure).

          You know, “C”, is all up in arms about the pesky Trump and RepubliCONS taking money from Social Security!!!

          Taking money from Medicare IS taking money from the Social Security recipients!!!

          It sure ain’t giving it to em!!!

          Is that any better? :)

        • “and the media is in on it because the more division, the more tension, the more eyeballs the more money in ad agencies the more manipulation. How f*ckin g blind are people to the business model?”


          You know this is something I’ve hammered and harped on for many years. FOXNews begins every single show with a “NEWS ALERT.” If newspaper EiC types were left to their own devices, every edition would have its “Page-1 above” headline printed in 288pt scaretype.


          Money and control…

          People are lazy and stupid. They read the first paragraph or watch the first 30 seconds of “news” and if they’re not hooked, they walk away. Walk-aways don’t make the media any money, so “journalism” turns blue or yellow, or these days pink or crap-brown, and the reader/viewer gets hooked at a base level, which bypasses their intelligence, reason, and the cumulative knowledge and experience they have tucked away in their brains, which they KNOW is either absolutely true or completely false.

        • “Why does that Black man hate White people so much?”

          Because his ancestors owned Black people?

  15. the mother fucking lying main stream media set the hook in the bottom feeding sucker fish
    I AM vax free and never once masked up for the paranoid.
    The owner in a bar asked “Darrell, why can’t you be like everyone else and put the mask on?” while walking back and forth from the Keno counter,,, gees
    I just looked him in the EYE and walked away, he left me be ! mask free ! he is a RR union member, dimocrat cause that what he is told to be,,, organ monkeys

    “They did not lock down. They did not mask. They did not social distance, They did not vaccinate, and there were no mandates in the Amish community to get vaccinated. They basically ignored every single guideline that the CDC gave us. Ignoring those guidelines meant a death rate 90 times lower than the rest of America.””

    but they do have better diets than the average package opener

    • The so-called “lockdowns” were largely complied with by unthinking citizens. The enforcement was almost exclusively against businesses and other organizations that could not fight back easily even if they wanted to. I drove across the country more than once unvaxxed to see important people in my life. I refused a “mandate” outright at the university and ended up being banned from campus for a while. Values are not negotiable, and IMHO, neither is personal autonomy. The entire game of covid was to insist on each person signing away their rights, complying, and getting injections. Whether or not there’s a benefit of getting the injections is still in doubt, but they dared not go to an absolute forced vaxx – forced using the same methods as with other livestock. That would have given away the game and left the “authorities” with massive liability.

    • You got something going here, TOBD:

      In the cadence of Do you like green eggs and ham?

      Do you like vaccines, lock downs, and masks?

      I do not like them, Sam-I-am.
      I do not like vaccines, lock downs, and masks!!!

      Would you like them here or there?

      I would not like them here or there.
      I would not like them anywhere.

      I do so like my non-vaccinated body.
      Thank you! Thank you,

      They did not lock down
      They did not mask
      Why is that?
      Why do you ask?

      They took no shot
      They took no jab
      They kept their health
      And that’s no laugh.

      They worked each day
      From dawn to dusk
      They went to school
      They made no fuss.

      The CDC had no right
      They are privately owned
      The Amish knew it
      And saw right through it.

      Next pandemic
      Better fight it
      Be like the Amish
      Get it right!!!

      They did not lock down
      They did not mask
      Why is that?
      Why do you ask?

    • “Darrell, why can’t you be like everyone else and put the mask on?”

      It’s like the plot of ‘Invasion of The Body Snatchers.’ You must conform. You must be like everybody else.

      “Mario Draghi has ruined the lives of 500,000 Italians after declaring, “The unvaccinated are not part of our society.” All Italians over 50 must now receive the vaccination to find employment or participate in society. Draghi is directly blaming the entire pandemic on those who did not conform.”

  16. So much talk about #MinimumWage ?

    When will Americans realize that its not that we dont make ENOUGH money-
    Its that the money we make is WORTH so little…

    1964 gas $0.30/gal
    1964 dime = 90% silver
    2018: value of 1964 silver dime= $2.00

    The same 3 dimes from 1964- that bought 1 gallon of gas is now worth $6.00 today.

    The price of Gas has not gone up
    your paper dollar has gone down.

    1964 minimum wage = $1.15
    1964 quarter = 90% silver
    2018: value of 1964 silver quarter = $3.50

    The same 4 quarters + 1 dime in 1964 = $16.00 today.

    It takes 16 times the paper in 2018 to make same $1 dollar in 1964.

    How long before it takes a wheel barrel of paper money to buy a loaf of bread?

    What is really interesting is that in 1641, King Charles I attempted to force the British to move from the gold and silver standard to brass coins. In 1641 the British subjects called that “treason.”

    Today Americans call it “The Federal Reserve.”

    You can learn all about this & more in our Origins of the Founding Documents course at!

  17. “There’s what can be a sickening delay between control inputs and the physics of how long before laminar flows reattach, yaw change stabilizes…and all the rest. “

    Yep. Most dramatic episode of my ‘learning to fly’ was when my instructor put me in a spin. It wasn’t required training anymore at that time (1975) but he believed it was necessary. After I pulled my head out of the rear seat I saw that tree and fence line rotating in the windshield, with no sky visible. I was already at the required control inputs as the instructor said “Now you are in a spin”. I recited my control inputs to him and waited…. And waited. “Umm… how long does this take?” I asked, on the verge of sheer panic. “Just hold the inputs!” He shouted in a not-so-calm voice. Three and a half rotations and lost a thousand feet before control was established and I pulled out of the dive. We went back to the airport, VFR as the gyros in the artificial horizon were tumbling and flipping. The mechanic swore at us after we landed and told him what we did, and would you please check the plane and gyros out?

    “You knew something like 40-percent of body heat exits from the noggin?”
    Yep. Those of us who grew up around frostbite falls, up Nort’ learned that early. But beware! I have learned here in the tropics that grey hair does not block the sun like the young, dark stuff used to. Now I wear sun hats to avoid blistering that alleged ‘radiator’.

    • “Three and a half rotations and lost a thousand feet before control was established and I pulled out of the dive. We went back to the airport, VFR as the gyros in the artificial horizon were tumbling and flipping. The mechanic swore at us after we landed and told him what we did, and would you please check the plane and gyros out?”
      That’s why you should always cage the gyros before entering a spin. Three and a half rotations? Why? I used to do spins of one, two or three rotations and roll out on a predetermined point. That’s back when they still taught spins, though. My instructor never raised his voice, just sat there with a big grin on his face.

      • It was a Cessna 152, and that’s how long it took… even with immediate control inputs.

        • You can get to a faster recovery, but to do so, you need to get air flowing – so pushing the nose hard over helps. Not the most relaxing response (since the fence which was spinning at the bottom of the windshield is now up over your forehead… you do what it takes to as quickly as possible to get the airspeed alive and above the white arc…

    • Hmm – Memories of spin training in a Piper Tomahawk! An odd fast spinning little trainer, and one that would never exit a spin without positive and correct control inputs. Spin practice was not required for a license then, but it served me well in the intervening years.

      I was lucky and had a great primary flight instructor – probably one of the reasons I’m still alive.

      • Ah the Piper Tomahawk… I was briefly an instructor out of Chino airport in the early 80’s. I did spin training and remember how much that T-tail shook. Don’t look back!

        After that job I flew a Sweringen Metroliner. AKA the San Antonio Sewer Pipe. That was the squirreliest airplane I ever flew. If you could control that beast, you could handle any type of aircraft… even a tail dragger. Don’t ask about the SAS Clutch switch (Stability Augmentation System), don’t ever forget to turn that on after every engine start.

    • Yes, but can you buy it OTC for an affordable price. A major aspect of my own life is avoiding interacting with anyone with an occupational license, including those in the trades. I won’t invite them into my home, am very wary of letting them touch my car, and absolutely won’t let them touch my body or bank account for anything I’ve dealt with so far. I might make an exception for a super hot female MD, but even that’s unlikely. Lawyers have their place – as a buffer between bureaucracy and myself, but I still prefer to avoid them. I think there are DIY CPAP machine plans on the web, but so far, I’ve not seen the need other than to avoid my obnoxious snoring. I also have no idea how a bedmate would react to such a thing – women these days are entirely too willing to sleep alone in another room if given a choice.

      • A major reason I avoid “licensed perfessionals”, besides cost, is that their allegiance must first be to the state who provides that license and can revoke it at will, rather than the customer who actually pays for the services. I know of no exceptions to this.

  18. All you all are all wet !

    It does not matter who or what Name is on the the ballots .

    C I A

    stupid is as stupid does, dont fall for it. THEY (cia) WILL STEAL IT again – Gar UNF-ing Teed!

    The panic is palpable in swampish halls of power in dc – neocons are loosing badly, everyday info gets worse for them – they will execute a nuke ff to start War, they have no other choice.

    Presactly the same situation with “aliens” – majestic level information flow is cresting the containment walls, just like the half past Human guy said it would this Summer of 23..crazy thing about this situation is BOTH streams converge = DISCLOSURE.
    (“priest”class/”abar(s)” in antiquity) been sucking on Humanities collective teet, since accurate Human history has been recorded. Today we know the top dogs as kazerian mafioso..

  19. Solar Projects Turn Into Disaster as Groundwater Dries Up, Leaving Residents Furious: ‘Dead Without Water’

    Located just about halfway between Los Angeles and Phoenix, Desert Center, California, was once bustling with business. In the ’20s, the local Desert Center Cafe was open 24-7 with customers filtering in and out as they made their way back and forth between the two iconic cities. According to The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, the cafe’s motto was “We lost our keys, we can’t close!”

  20. China tests weapons for ‘total war’ scenario

    China has expanded its weapons-testing and evaluation programs to include a global conflict scenario amid rising tensions between Beijing and Washington, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday. According to the article, the latest computer-based wargames and filed tests have been focused on assessing the capabilities of Chinese warships in a doomsday situation.

  21. Ethiopia applies to join BRICS

    Ethiopia has applied to join the BRICS group of major emerging economies, according to The Reporter, citing the country’s Foreign Ministry. The issue could be discussed at the BRICS summit scheduled for South Africa in August. “We have applied for membership and are hoping for a positive response,” ministry spokesman Meles Alem reportedly told a press briefing on Thursday. “As a country that has been a founding member of global institutions like the AU [African Union] and the UN, and as we seek to guarantee our national interests, it is important to join blocs like BRICS,” Meles stressed.

    • It would be a good idea for the USA to consider joining BRICS, if they’d have us! I doubt that they’d entertain the idea though.

      If we continue on our present path, we’ll be relegated to the backwaters of international trade.

  22. Bombshell discovery of oldest Hebrew writing in Israel

    You gotta love Israel. I sure do. And what’s the latest from the Holy Land?

    It could be the biggest bombshell for biblical archaeologists since the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in 1949 in Qumran. I’m not exaggerating. It’s the earliest original Hebrew writing found by Israelis outside of the Bible – a 3,200-year-old amulet, a “curse tablet,” on folded-lead carrying the name of “Yahweh,” or the divine name of God. It seems unbelievable – too good to be true. This thing is original – not a copy.

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