Seven Paradoxes of Technology

We’re focused today on the subtle – but world-wrecking differences – between Numerical Accounting and what we’d label Natural Accounting. OK, it may seem like an odd place to attempt changing the world from, but go with me on this for a second.

Natural Accounting is about all possible measurements.  Climate, resource depletion, impact of under-tested medicines and the like.

Numerical accounting – which shows up in long wave economic cycles are a twist-up of numbers provides a much more singular focus.

Before we get to that, however, a look at a few headlines – we have fresh data just dropping this morning – and then a review of our ChartPack.  Which is still sorting out whether the major Wave 2 up we’ve been in since fall of 2022 is ready to “stick a fork in it” and – at last – be “done.”

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George Ure
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26 thoughts on “Seven Paradoxes of Technology”

  1. “Mickey Mouse Club”

    ‘anything can happen’. Thinking about heat of compression the people on the submersible that recently imploded were likely blanched. We face nuclear roaster.

    I don’t think Prigozhin can be bribed. Give him a billion and a Miami condo? He wouldn’t be satisfied. Prigozhin likes commanding troops in battle. A Russian Patton, if you will.

    Prigozhin has Belarus and a nuclear north flank on the Ukies. Wagner is possibly the first private superpower.

    Back in May:

    ‘Nuclear weapons for everyone’ who joins Belarus and Russia, Putin ally promises

    “The comment came just days after the Belarusian leader confirmed the transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to his country. Putin has periodically hinted at a nuclear escalation since the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, dramatically increasing tensions with the U.S. and the West.”

    • “I don’t think Prigozhin can be bribed. ”

      I believe…everything is for sale… in the USA we call it wages..many sell their lives for fifteen dollars and less an hour. some require more.. politicians sell out for as little as a job offering,vacation,money etc. lobbyists spend an average of 100 million per congressman to influence to set Trump up was what ..I read a million per report overall and 17 reports were fabricated.
      their fine was something like 15 grand cheap.
      if the allegations are true then biden asked for 10 million to sell out everyone and the country.. drug cartels donate what 5 billion for lobbyists and China spends a great deal as well..
      Kim in nk. his brother had what a quarter million on him when he was poisoned..
      everything and everyone is for sale..
      Churchill had it right..
      “Churchill: Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?
      Socialite: My goodness, Mr. Churchill… Well, I suppose… we would have to discuss terms, of course…
      Churchill: Would you sleep with me for five pounds?
      Socialite: Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!
      Churchill: Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.”

  2. #1 Steam was not the major cause of deforestation in England. instead, it was the continuing wars, especially with Spain and France which led to trees being cut down to build ships. I have read that by the war of 1812 England was having to import oak logs from Canada.

  3. “Z cleanse” is progressing nicely hear, Comrade Ure!

    Peering into murky mirror of tomorrow – we seas the Russian Musicians strumming their way thru the Suwalki Corridor..4 a short visit wit kazarian witch “noodles necro’ at the WW3 kickoff party on July 11th (711) in Vilnius, Lithuania, on their way to KALINGRAD. or are they coming as mop up operation?

    “The Hammer and the Anvil” .. SunZu would be proud.

    What was the split 25%/25% with 50% left over for Pooterz? Nah something more equitable..33%
    So crown vaults are lil lite now..understand it had to be paid for in Kusig/Gold.
    Understanding will lead down a golden rabbithole..bee not conCERNed, its still all a big show and the SHOW must go on- aint no stopping Us now. fast did the musicains move frm crimean front to belarus? rutrow

    “Natasha, is noodles a Woman or a Man?”

    – presactly like kam the cackling wo-man..aint that right Michael/Mooschel ?

  4. Student debt relief decision should be soon.

    Recovery Acts/Rescue Plans/Relief Schemes.

    I say they approve.

  5. An excellent analysis this morning George.

    May I introduce this exhibit as a perfect recipe to take us to financial Armaggedon. Give billions to the non-working class and then hire more armed IRS agents to extract the billions from the working class.

    Wrong headed thinking at its best.

  6. re: When Pigs Fly
    feat. Lord Verulam


    “Tass” surprisingly appears leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with its detailed reporting of today’s Koran burning in Stockholm. “Barrons” follows by a hair through virtue of introducing bacon to the conversation sizzle.

    It would appear that an Iraqi refugee of some years presence in Sweden acquired judicial approval to host a public protest Koran fry-up in Stockholm’s Medborgarplatsen (Citizen) Square. The locale borders Lillienhoff Palace which served as the 18th century domicile of the British Embassy.

    The late 20th century saw conversion of the square’s Moorish castle-like edifice Kristianastationen, an electric power station, into a mosque. Sunni shined such that it was named after a major benefactor, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, apparently assisted to power in an Abu Dhabi 1966 coup by the British Acting Resident. The mosque has attracted attention at times over the years for anti-semitic and anti-American remarks as well as unwittingly fronting a fundraiser for the al-Nusra terrorist group.

    High noon approaches. Must be time to tune the dial to DJ George. Power up and let’s lend an ear to the Pink Floyd catalogue, “Sheep”.

    • re: Ananias Effect


      Deutsche Welle has today selected an image to go along with its Ukraine conflict coverage from a subsidiary of the German Press Agency. A shoeless man is comforted by another amidst shattered debris. A woman stands to one side attired with sleeves-rolled-up and in khaki trousers. Although pictured from behind, AI assistance seems unnecessary to associate hair length and colour, skin tone, and head shape as descriptors of an Asian woman. Amidst the almost complete destruction of the room, a poster remains virtually unscathed on a midground column. In it an attractive woman exhales smoke over words announcing “Ria Hookah Lounge”.

      The photographer turns out to be a Mexican who achieved picture acclaim with a Pulitzer Prize a decade ago. Regrettably his one edited photo from the Syrian theater sent him back to “Start Over from Go”. As the Biden Administration teleprompter frequently informs us, it was “consequential”.

    • re: Goodbye Virgin Orbit
      feat. Hello Virgin Galactic


      “France24” has a report on Sir Richard’s Virgin Galactic. Flight Galactic 01 is scheduled to take its first paying passengers 50 miles up on Thursday morning.

      Is it only months since Virgin Orbit went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Interestingly “Reuters” had an article last month with an update that Stratolaunch of the late Paul Allen might be bidding pennies on the dollar for Virgin Orbit’s B747 “Cosmic Girl” launch platform. It seems Stratolaunch is currently held by the colossus Cerebrus Capital Management. Mr. Dan Quayle is their Chairman of Global Investments.

      Speaking of meat and potatoe matters, fasten your seat belts as DJ George commences a countdown to the hits. Ready to enter hyperspace? Here’s Jamiroquai from their Travelling Without Moving album –
      “Cosmic Girl”.

  7. We were talking about markers.

    Trickle Down is ending.

    “President Biden on Wednesday bashed the economic theory of trickle-down, while promoting what the White House has deemed “Bidenomics.”.

    “Bidenomics is just another way of saying, restore the American dream. Because it worked before,” he continued, arguing that 40 years of trickle-down economics has limited the American dream.”

      • Nothing moar inflationary than bidenomics, unh I mean WAR, while at the same time national debt exceeds $30 trillion.. helluva an eCONomy! fuck joebiden!

        Who is going to accept USD’s going forward? – who is going accept US Treasuries ? knowing the neocons will NEVER make good on it..sure youll get some interest, principal ? me thinks not.

        What Exactly stands behind USD and UST nowadaze? – dont give me Ure do good good bullscheisse, US military aint what it used to be pre bubba-clinton.
        Wonder why central banks are starting to allow cyrpto as reserves? Thinx portfolio theory and diversification homegamerz.

        I urge ALL to get some cyrpto (BTC).. NO Fear .

        *Russia has fully legalized cyrpto now, Donedeal..

    • Bidenomics, or “trickle up” is an interesting concept — Take from the poor and give to the government.

      That lyric is faintly familiar to me… Now where did I hear it before?

      Oh yeah, I remember now. It was the sad refrain of every civilization on the planet which ever existed, until the United States came along…

  8. Multiple analyst believe that the Russell 2000 will climb 14 % over the next twelve months. [ One said 18%]
    – The Russell 2000 is a stock index of the best small cap companies. These small capitalization companies have been proven to be vulnerable to inflationary and recession economies.
    – So.., all these analyst are saying that there will be no recession? No ‘real’ impact from inflation ?

  9. In a local community near me a COP put the hurt on a person in custody. A local lawyer has already filed a $50,000,000 lawsuit.

    The community has a total of 107,000 +/- citizens. They will each owe $365 to pay for the 20 second crack-up.

  10. Fed Reserve economists just rang the alarm on the historic percentage of distressed US companies.
    Around 37% of firms are in major trouble, which could worsen the fallout from the Fed’s rate hikes. Highest number of ‘distressed’ companies in 50 years.
    Investment, employment, and economic activity could all take a significant hit, fed researchers said.

  11. 1. We elect to get our “stuff together” and in a cooperative manner work to conquer space while we still have the resources to achieve lift-off as a space-faring race.

    This is the only successful path. Only by reaching for the stars can Man outrun our resource exhaustion without killing ourselves off. I strongly doubt cooperation is the correct path for the foreseeable future. I believe privatization and competition is likely to be the most-successful model, at least until we acquire the knowledge and methodology required to become interstellar space travelers. We dropped Atlas boosters into the ocean to become refuse. Elon Musk returns his booster rocket boosters to a pinpoint, soft landing… ‘Nuff said?

    2. Failing this, odds quickly run the other way to a “blow it all up” outcome; like the one presently playing out in eastern Europe.

    This is an express train to Homo Sap becoming Australopithecus redux.

    3. A voluntary rethinking and deliberately planned rollback of personal consumption may be possible for many.

    This is a coal-powered freighter to Homo Sap becoming Australopithecus redux, and it doesn’t solve resource issues.

    4. A mandatory fascist government lifestyle reduction might also be a path.”

    This is Homo Sap doing repeat of the Bataan Death March and taking every other animal species with us. Either fascist or communist governance creates this result. We still run out of agar. We just do it more-slowly, and under worldwide socialism, there would never be an incentive to explore and exploit space, and remediate the problem…

  12. “In 2020 there were 1.3 million lawyers in the US.”

    There were 1.3 million practicing attorneys, but actually nearly 2.4 million people in the United States with law degrees. Over 1 million are employed in fields other than that of jurisprudence — like teachers, politicians, and nearly every “face” on TV news (at every level, even reporters and field grunts), and most people who sit around the Trustees’ table in colleges, and the boardroom table in corporations. This is why I bitch about there being too many lawyers…

  13. People might never have quit smoking, though

    What would they smoke? “Tobacco” is native to Turkey and without mechanical mobility, likely would be confined to the region between Persia and Belarus. The American Indians occasionally smoked native American (wild) tobacco. Um, today, we call it marijuana…

    “Would people pay more attention to one-another”


    “share feelings, or for that matter, share more generally”

    No. — They would share more, important stuff, and less frivolous stuff. They’d still likely gossip, since there’d be few Bibles or preachers around, where a body could learn which of their actions were sinful (socially destructive)…

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