Housing Update – Going Up

Case-Shiller monthly take on the Housing market is just out.

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census
divisions, reported a -0.2% annual decrease in April, down from a gain of 0.7% in the previous month.
The 10-City Composite showed a decrease of -1.2%, down from the -0.7% decrease in the previous
month. The 20-City Composite posted a -1.7% year-over-year loss, down from -1.1% in the previous
Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities in March.
Miami held the top spot again with a 5.2% year-over-year price increase, while Chicago broke into the
top three in second with a 4.1% increase, and Atlanta reclaiming third over Charlotte with a 3.5%
increase. There are 17 of 20 cities reporting lower prices in the year ending April 2023 versus the year
ending March 2023, with Boston, San Francisco and Cleveland showing slight increases of 0.1%, 0.1%
and 0.9%, respectively.

Before seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a 1.3% month-over-month increase in April, while the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted increases of 1.7%.
After seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a month-over-month increase of 0.5%, while the 10-City Composite gained 1.0% and 20-City Composites posted an increase of 0.9%.
“The U.S. housing market continued to strengthen in April 2023, says Craig J. Lazzara, Managing Director at S&P DJI. “Home prices peaked in June 2022, declined until January 2023, and then began
to recover. The National Composite rose by 1.3% in April (repeating March’s performance), and now stands only 2.4% below its June 2022 peak. Our 10- and 20-City Composites both gained 1.7% in April.

We would remind readers that general inflation is still running 5.3 percent in the latest BLS report, so don’t get too confused by the glowing report (at the top of sa Wave 2 market rally!).  After the number, Dow was down 27 on the futures while the S&P was up 6.  Yes dear, the Fed will be forced to raise at their next meeting…

In terms of actual prices paid, looked like this: (see the market-mirroring Wave 2?)

The report, remember is for April – takes a while to collect data on something this complex.

Following the data, stocks continued to look positive for the open – and remember this is a pre-holiday week ahead of what will be – for many – a four-dayer…

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25 thoughts on “Housing Update – Going Up”

  1. A for sale sign popped on a house down the street back on the 16th. I was nosy and looked on Zillow and others. The house wasn’t listed on any website. Today I looked it up using info from the sign and the house is pending.

    These houses have tons of ‘equity’. I bought my house 8 years ago and it’s more than doubled in value. Everyone else doubled too so there’s no real gain but it doubled in value.

  2. Every day they keep polling the same agenda ridden fools for their “expert” opinion on where economic release numbers will be. It doesn’t matter how far off they are, still top of the speed dial list.
    30% to 70% off, no big deal.

    Suppose you wanted to trade down to a smaller house, loan rates have more than doubled recently, so that means you get half the house for the same payment, right?

  3. Historically, the value of a house is 3 times the gross household income for that area.

    Anything above or below this means someone is gaming the system, and it’s not the householders who benefit.

    And keep in mind that the purchasing power of USA workers has declined every month for the last 28 months. That is the only economic number that means anything. The rest is just infotainment and grist for those who are attempting to generate “wealth” by intelligently moving around their assets (instead of producing something of tangible value. Don’t take this personally George, services make up the vast majority of the USA GDP.

    Take a break, sit down and contemplate exactly what that decline in worker purchasing power means to the future of the country.

    I’ll give you a hint.

    “It is not necessary for Americans to expatriate to have a second/third world experience. Just sit tight and it will form around you.”—EcuadorExpat

    You are seeing it all. The crime, the poverty, the food deprivation, the homelessness, the inflation, etc.

    • Long story short I was listening to a Detroit radio show, Brenda Hill AM 910, the Queen Bee. She was talking about a protest she led over a gas station shooting in Detroit.

      There was a gas station shooting and the crime scene unit never showed to clean-up the mess. A line of customers was forming to enter the store.

      The owner cleaned the mess the best he could and reopened. The gas station owner didn’t do a very good cleaning job and blood was left on the floor. Customers were walking through the stains. Brenda led a protest.

      Brenda was ripping into one of the female customers and customer said the next store is a mile down and it’s too dangerous to walk. What could she do?

      No hope in the 3rd world.
      You were right to leave.

    • I’m actually wondering why you think you are on such a high horse, when this economic model of destruction is being implemented in all the majority white countries all over the world.

      It is not special to the USA.

      You think you are protected there?

      I’d sure like to think you are, and bless you, you maybe, but you may not be.


      Try to remember that.

    • Our trip up and back to Colorado proves that X-P. Every time we stopped in a Circle K it felt like I was in Mexico or other country, except for Australia, while I was in the military. The two girls that worked the front desk of the hotel we stayed in were fluent in English but it wasn’t their first language and the wife came close to having to use her Spanish more than once. People were respectful but there was an undercurrent that ate away at what civility there was to offer. Colorado is supposed to honor Texas’ CC licenses so I carried all the time while up there.

      • Now that people are waking up, they hit California, New York, Minnesota, Maryland, and Colorado FIRST; flooded and inundated with illegals, refugees, and paid in full immigrants; going on nigh, 30 years, since the mid 1990’s (NAFTA since the doors were opened wide and that giant sucking sound was heard, our country’s leaders let em in).

        The other border states have been taking it in the nether regions for decades.

        Unless you travel, you would not necessarily notice.

        Barack Hussein O’bummer, “The Transformer,” stated that he would put a Brown Butt next to every White Butt in America.

        Now, they are being bussed and flown to each and every little town, all over the country. Our little town of 2500 had over a hundred dropped off just in the last month, (hundreds before that) and more coming.

        And that is what is happening.

  4. George looking out my 17th floor window at the Hyatt Long Beach I can see at least 2 miles off the port Ben here since Sunday going to be here till Friday. Nothing is moving ships in the harbor but nothing loading or unloading.

    • Litecoin has homes for elderly “cryptologists” ? Who Knu?

      What an amazing project /idea, providing care/homes for elderly digital nomads..trey cool!

  5. Hey George,

    Ever see those ancient drawings of people carrying a purse with a pine cone on it? They say the pine cone represents the pineal gland.

    That “pine cone” (slash) pineal gland thing, kinda looks like an oval football … sort of.

    Ok, so ever notice that every president since JFK, has had a briefcase (near) them. Supposedly, it holds nuclear codes. – yet they nicknamed the briefcase a “nuclear football”

    Yeah, I guess calling it a nuclear pine cone or a nuclear pineal gland would sound stupid. Everyone loves football.

    Just wondering if the purses depicted of ancient times and the briefcase of these times are really the same thing.

    Just seeing similarities.

  6. The bottom line is almost everything from food to housing has gone up anywhere from double to triple EXCEPT income and with that still being low the general public is screwed with NO WAY to recover, it is al part of the plan of our destruction and yet most are to blind to see what is happening right in front of their faces!

  7. two path split, the Y in the road.

    congrats on your ace of cpins George. i got mine tonight.

    flipped it over for the next fella. found mine the very next day.

    spiritual axium: The measure you render unto others it will be added unto you.

  8. george, in other news, the herd of black angus grazing on field next the haul road, i see every day went from 100 head to well over 300. and even has a few more bulls. a few gernseys mixed in too.

    He maketh me to lye down in green pastures. be fruitfull ans multiply, springs to the mind.

    earlier today, There was thunder and lightning today storm. giant black clouds. just pouring down rain. the entire sky went dark. I sat out under a big maple tree in quiet contemplation while the thunder shook the windows of the house. not a single drop of rain touched me. i was at perfect serenty. with a big monarch butterfly keeping me company. while the world raged around me. i was unaffected. completing Buda’s ritual.

    my time in the Valley of Enoch has come to a close.

    dear JC. i appreciate you. the difference between those estoic knowledge and me. is im completing all the great masters rituals. tying them all together. intuitively. because it wasnt until after i got to work that i realized, i was doing what Buda did. wonder if he had a bug beautiful butterfly with him?

    dear Love Sister, see ya soon.

    its not like the rolling stones didnt warn you decades ago, about the vaccination.

    for the war children,

    que: Gimme Shelter


    The Rolling Stones

  9. if your freind in west palm beach, is who i think it is. very likeable guy. and i want to endorse him for another presidential term. very likeable guy. however, his open endorsement of the “vaccine” change the trajectory as it serves humanity. which we all know it really wasnt a vaccine. it was playing God.

    the stage is being set and props are moving into place for kennedy. who has a bone to pick with the FBI and CIA.

    it doesnt take a psychic to see the stage set up for Kennedy.

    all this media coverage against the fbi and cia
    and its corruption and the United States needs a hero.

    the medias recent turning on Biden. etc etc.

    i stand by my preditction frol 2 years ago. the return of camelot.

    but that doesnt mean i dont like him.

    • Andy, a ponder for you:

      The more I think about it, the more I’m drawn toward a Trump/Kennedy ticket.

      Joe Biden became the VP because Soros wanted a running mate for Obama who was so bad that no matter how far off the path of legality, morality, and ethics Obama went, Congress wouldn’t dare impeach him.

      Then Biden, despite his stupidity, racial hatred, legislative track record, penchant for plagiarism, and casual attitude with regards to both “truth” and all things legal, got nominated. The reason Soros picked Kamala Harris as his running mate is not because she “checked boxes” but because she was likely the only Dem with a national profile who was such a bad candidate she could make Creepy Joe immune to impeachment. The “box-checking” thing was simply an added bonus.

      Now, henceforth cometh the Trumpster again — likely to be an absolute juggernaut by the time 11/24 rolls around, and a prime target for assassination. So who could The Donald install as his VP, who would receive votes from places where Republicans don’t usually pull votes (like the sane, actual mainstream Democrats) and whom the Dem Establishment and the terminal TDS social pervs would fear so much they’d back off of Trump?

      Bobby is pretty strongly anti-gun, which I don’t like in the least, but he’s anti-vaxx, which I do (I’m not anti-vaccination; I’m anti forced vaccination — y’know, “do your own research, make your own decisions”), and he and Trump are both germophobes and vitamin nuts, and like I said earlier, they’re both “JFK Democrats.”

  10. i leave you with this truth,

    “The full fruit of a labor of love lives in the harvest, and that
    always comes in its right season”

    and it was so

  11. check this out George, i found this on the iching tonight in an answer to the Great Commison to complete The Great Work.

    i just call it The Grand Adventure.

    The answer from the toss of coins, The I-ching

    “Thunder comes resounding out of
    the earth:
    The image of ENTHUSIASM.
    Thus the ancient kings made music
    In order to honor merit”

    the other meaning to my moment of deep serenity, under the maple tree with monarch butterly as the thunder shook the windows of the house.

    ~ The Hidden Sanctuary ~

    okay, on to the next level.

  12. it has occoured to me George, that along my journey on occasion some doors such as the hidden sanctuary apear as this:


    it could just be the eye in did.

  13. Hey PB,

    those cones depicted as pinecones are actually the cones of “ownership” and act as “protection”.

    Hieroglyphs translated describe Cones as being stuck into side of clay/wood/mud walls of “homes” – indicated you tithed to annunaki and are under their (particular individuals) protection.
    Why would annuaki want Humanity to “see” reality ? They dont, never did, never will and is why scheisse be heating up know.

    See references Padzuzu for protections from evil/annuna predations?

    Padzuzu was a winged “dragon” – legendary nasties, recruited from 2nd dimension (Kergal) for War in Heaven (Orion Wars) on side of An/Ansar, Enlil & Annuna vs Queen Tiamat..who had tall whites (royal kingu’s) defending-fighting on her side.
    “Planners” bailed on their creation – No Wars
    -Earth. Thereby sealing the fate of what would become BILLIONS of incarcerated Souls roughly a million years later/today.
    ..now imagine a merc Army of billions of Souls put into shells/bodies/supersoldier “suits” and sent all over the galaxy for wars of domination on behalf the reptilians. See Ceres Colony Cavalier- rodrigues/”20&20 program”.

    Central American lore has many “tales” regarding these winged dragon “head choppers”..See Camazotz for likeness of these 2nd dimension nasties…not many said to survive any longer..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Zotz_en_Guate.jpg

    Truth WAY, WAY,WAY stranger than fiction..way!

  14. Glenn Beck opened an exhibit of the historical items he’d collected in order to preserve them. The exhibit is entitled “Blueprints of Liberty — The American Journey Experience with Glenn Beck.” somewhere in Utah. Hope he has it some where I can get to more easily.


    The video mainly covers “The Red Pill Room” that people need to see in order to get a much firmer and revealing look at “Progressiveism” as it’s appeared throughout the last century.

    • Got a hair cut early yesterday, I was the first one in the shop, and the next guy to show up after I did got out of his truck with a mask under his chin and wouldn’t come in until I’d left. I told the barber to tell him I was just back from vacation and was bringing all kinds of exotic no-see-ums with me that would jump all over him as he used the same chair I was in. The guy was obviously a “DIM”.

    • Has Beck adopted my opinion regarding “progressivism” and “progressives” yet?

      He’s a Mormon, so I’d expect it to be in the SLC area.

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