Pick a Reality: Schrödinger’s News – Housing Data Due

This morning’s “second cup brainchild” is some insight into how “Reality” is manifested at the macro level. The key aspect of which is how the GMC (global mass consciousness) is always, continuously, voting on the Future.

This harks back to the Schrödinger’s Cat principle of quantum mechanics.  Which posits whether a cat, placed in a sealed container such that it faces exactly 50-50 odds of being alive when the container is opened, has its fate decided not by entirely randomness.  No, it’s the Observer’s expectations that create the cat’s future.  (Useful additional reference reading here.)

Following the daily news flow is a practice that – like it or not – biases the audience of world events in a certain direction.

We have – a month from today – a worrisome possible future event (global war) to concern ourselves with.  Like the hapless lab cat, our future may be decided for us by Observer States we’re not even aware of.  Future “reality” is thus biased to the extent of “news influences” which gets us teed up for this morning’s first hole.

Was Wagner “Turned”?

We sensed something was “off” in the reporting of the Magner Group march toward Moscow.  It was too pat, too much media coordination, and it ended in a non-expected way.

In quantum terms, we were all set up to expect a “dead cat” outcome (Putin removal) but now, in fact the cat lives.  Russia-Ukraine latest: Belarus leader Lukashenko orders army to be at ‘full combat readiness’ – after Putin speech prompts speculation about next steps.

When you’ve been doing news off and on for more than half a century, it becomes clear that this is really only one-half of what aligns with the famous double slit experiment. That’s where light will act like a wave in one circumstance but also like a particle.  All depending on expectations.

This alternate reality was already appearing around this time Monday with reports on Twitter that the CIA had effectively bought off Wagner.  iSource News (@isource_news) / Twitter goes about reporting “PUTIN’S RIGHT HAND MAN ALL BUT BLAMES CIA “The US enthusiastically supports regime change whenever it can benefit from the process,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told RT.”

In this “alternate reality” we see something vastly different than the American corporate media narrative:  Russia checking if Western agencies were involved in mutiny: foreign minister | Reuters.

In this alt. reality the claim is the Russians got $6-billion in gold over the weekend and that D.C. is in a frantic butt-covering finger-pointing festival.  Which makes it critical (to avoid a “surprise war” a month from now) for Biden to disavow any U.S. support for Wagner.

In this version of Schrödinger’s News Event Forecasting is compounded by the presence of multiple Observers.  Consider China an Observer.  Another is supporters of Russia. Then we have NATO/EU, and toss in the North Americans as another block of “watchers.”

My consigliere figures the timing for “surprise war” at the end of July is too quick.  “Things evolve much more slowly,” he cautions.

And under “normal” event frameworks, I’d usually agree.  But, as I tried to state clearly in the Monday report,

“This is not a popular thing to consider, but IF we see a “smoking gun” story emerge about the U.S. being involved in the Wagner march toward Moscow, it might cause Vlad Putin to reach for nukes. Or shut down the web.”

Does this tweet qualify?

We will keep inspecting this Reality Split and keep you updated on how it’s evolving.  But, it should go without saying that the ultimate answer as to whether the Russian’s got a semi of gold and Wagner conned the Agency may not be known until a big flash lights up.

Question will be “Who knew what, when?” Media Use Russia ‘Coup’ To Kick Biden Scandal Off Front Page (thefederalist.com)


Meantime, Back at the War

Ukraine continues to tout its successes in the war. Ukraine says it retakes another village from Russian forces – CGTN.  Being curious about the detail level, turns out the village has a population of 555 persons.

Woke War Continues

Two interesting data points to file away.

White House on online harassment of WSJ journalist who questioned PM Modi on minorities’ rights.  Biden’s speakspeople call the harassment “unacceptable.”

Also, along the Woke War front today, we’re seeing the payoff from social and mass marketing of gender-change to children advancing: Average age of gender dysphoria diagnosis has fallen from 31 to 26 – study.

If the nukes don’t get us, monosexuality could. But, again, another Reality schism since we’re eating resources at the edge of Petri dish Earth, already. My bet about the last order of fish and chips being served in my lifetime still seems about an even money wager.


Europe is being a little more candid in their handling of inflation than the Denyist Party’s WiC (Warmonger in Chief) here.  ECB faces new phase of lingering inflation: Lagarde | Nasdaq

Futures were already pointing to a small blip up at the open today, but our Aggregate Index still looks dismal as of the Monday close:

Looks to us like Wave 2 – the long rally from fall 2022 lows – still has a “done, stick a fork in it” vibe to it.  We continue to worry that reports of a New Bull Market were totally bogus.  Well, except for the bull part.

Biden’s Next Free Lunch

Given the eCONomy has only been kept alive by the printing press of virtual Fed dollars and an overseas war, the real problem (dating back to the book Report from Iron Mountain) is how do you spend enough money to keep America rolling?

Obviously, dueling causes (Woke, antifa, and all those White Supremacists who we can’t seem to locate) will only get you just so far.  But give a Biden access to money?  Then the magic happens.  Biden allocates $42 billion to make high-speed Internet for all US by 2030.

Joe needs the help: Prosecutor told six he could not charge Hunter Biden outside Del. (nypost.com).

Our local power company is planning fiber on our poles here in two years.  Which may be in part a response to the Elon Musk’s Starlink which provides one of our four “on-ramps” to the net out here in the sticks.

Butt Weight!

There’s more!  Eli Lilly stuns doctors as obesity drug sparks 24% weight loss (proactiveinvestors.com).

The key pull quote to me was this part:

Retatrutide, however, impersonates three different eating hormones: GLP-1, GIP, and glucagon rather than one or two for the rival treatments.”

Seems there’s a big move to people using hormone shots to control weight.  But I’m losing weight (14 pounds in the past two months) ‘the old-fashioned way’ simply not eating as much. No prescription necessary and no shots.

If I can keep up the pace, that pencils out to the potential loss of 80-some pounds. But, do I really want to drop to 142 pounds? Perhaps I should have listened to the grown-ups when I was younger: “Keep your mouth shut.”

ATR: Ham Radio Sticker Shock – HRSS

Around the Ranch (ATR) we’ve long held a kind of mystical beliefs that our restorations of older, tube-type ham radio gear would someday be worth zillions.  Because, as everyone knows (sort of…) tube gear is far more resistant to EMP (electromagnetic pulses) than “squalid-state” equipment. Easy to work on, too. Bigger parts and a tube-type radio throws off a little heat during long winter nights listening for faraway places…

So, imagine my shock seeing this on eBay!

eBay Hallicrafters ad

I had to pinch myself (and follow this listing closely!) because over on a shelf of equipment in the office there’s the exact same radio – also in fully restored condition!

Do I think the eBay listing will actually sell at this price?  Please, don’t spoil the buzz!

The SR-150 is a Jim Dandy radio. First radio to incorporate RIT (receiver incremental tuning) by some accounts.

No bids yet, but if you’re a ham radio enthusiast, bookmark it here.  We might have to attend the big Texas ham gear meet in April of next year. What could be more fun than an appreciating hobby?  Are there “S-Line millionaires” in the offing?

Back shortly with the Housing data…

Write when you get rich,


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32 thoughts on “Pick a Reality: Schrödinger’s News – Housing Data Due”

  1. I have been using the diet plan recommended by my Dr a couple years ago. It’s called ‘If it tastes good, spit it out.’ Seems to have worked to an extent.
    The local CO OP is offering fiber now but I don’t have any interest in their on ramp. My consigliere and neighbor, 3 miles away, is on the Executive Committee but he does seem to have the Mojo to keep the outages to a minimum for us anyway. The Verizon 4g hotspot has been working fine and should hold up till Starlink get’s here.
    Am I the only one who thinks that the head of the ‘Vagner’ group looks a lot like Uncle Fester? Why waste nukes on us? We’re doing a fine job of fu%^ing ourselves up so just wait a few and come on in when we’re done.

    Stay safe. 73

    • I’ve had fiber sitting in the ground right outside my gate for the last 10+ years – probably from Obama’s “shovel ready jobs”. Of course, it got there via trencher, not shovel. The worst part is that the company that owns it won’t connect me because of their structured build-out plan. I’m stuck with DSL or wireless hacks unless and until they decide to connect and light it up. I’ve not yet looked into Starlink.

      Assymetric DSL may be OK for watching movies, but it’s near useless for many applications. DSL is considered “high speed internet”, but it’s only “high speed” in one direction.

      • I have a fiber cable nearby as big around as my arm with a j-box 1000′ from my gate. Bell tunneled through solid limestone to install it. There might be two fibers being used at a nearby medical facility. It took me months to figure out who owned it. The engineer told me $300 a month, about ten years ago.

  2. i went thru a similiar phase around 2002 “restored'” about 10 tube receivers and packed them away in plastic and dessicant along with manuals, knowing ? they were important. SX-25 was one of the nicest; 2 6V6s for the most audio of any of the old receivers. Also did the Philco “Waltons” tabletop home radio.

    • Just for curiosity, what’s the condition of those 21 year old caps? I have a couple of old Tektronix scopes that I’m almost afraid to plug in.

      • You mean 75 year old caps? i try to replace all of them, but actually they usually work, signal caps I mean. Power filter caps are bad maybe 45% of the time.

        BUT, if you use a variac and bring the ac power up gradually, you can sometimes resurrect the filter caps. I have left inportant old equip. on say 15vac overnight, then 25 v for hours, etc up to 110vac. 110vac was the rated voltage of equipment for a long time and needs to be minded. Also put in those voltage slow rise things, forgot name.

      • What RandomMike said. I bring stuff up even more slowly.

        I was going to make a smart comment about acquiring a “capacitor kit” but then I looked…

        HOLY CRAP! When did components get so expensive? I bought several “orange drop” and “atom” kits from AES about a dozen years ago. Amazon ain’t the cheapest, but they are listing single Sprague (CDE) orange drop polypro caps for more than I paid for those kits.

  3. ? Disclosure ?

    Pray tell how anybody gonna get rich, without displaying fealty to one of our vile reptilian overlords’ monkeys?

    The evil empire of exploitation, GBR , ruling fam descends from Transylvania..https://youtu.be/ZCZDWZFtyWY – hinthintclueclue
    house Dracul(the impaler)..House of the Dragon. “blueblood” said so hisself.

    Bloody kings’ insidious agenda as “doing good” as “philanthropy” or “conservation” because otherwise the rest of the world wouldnt go along with chucks “reset”. YES chuckies Reset, squab is subservient hairy asshole.

    chucky be looking DOWN on all from atop the rock pile that bee prison planet Earth.

    Special Bonus Recipe – 4Summer BBQs ;
    Cooking Kolbasa – Russian Style;
    1-arm and train Hostiles
    2-massively supply cross border – weapons/ammo/personel to Selensky/ukraine
    Cook Time – seconds
    3-enter targeting data into Caucasian Dagger targeting and flight control systems – glonas?
    4-depress Red launch button.

    ..Voila cooked Kolbassa!
    5-stopZ nato aggression in its tracks.

    Pooterz needz to get on wit IT!

    Lets do it again Homegamerz -https://youtu.be/sg-vgGuTD8A

    Go ahead – answer Ureself – whats a TimeSlip?

    • dam… I thought you was going to give an actual kolbassa recipe lol lol..

    • consider the house of dracul…he impaled his own people to strike fear in those attacking..
      we have Joe perve..we will fight till the last ukrainian..spend till the house of the global financial institutions are totally removed as leaders of the financial world. will their thousand year reign of control finished for what ten million from countries agents buying an administration be finished .. was that ultimately the goal with the governments giving millions of dollars to the family through all those shill companies all about.. the same governments giving money vacations jobs etc. to members of congress..did they ultimately buy the fall of the house of Rothschild…. it is sort of looking that way..in playing the poison pawn trap and buying the control of the country they just used greed and their perverse lifestyle to do it.. our courts may choose to ignore their activities. but the main thought is what are those guys thinking that are going to lose all over the actions of a bought and paid for administration..if they truly sold them out with these foreign governments and accepted the money for favors then .. I wouldn’t want to have the last name of biden if they did..and what an insult for ten million dollars to lose control of the world banking and a few inside stock deals .. what could go wrong if they did take the money to sell out not only the country but the whole global controlling interest of the financial world..
      could that be the reason for pushing this to the last Ukrainian standing..Ukraine was reportedly the globes top money laundering center..among other alleged criminal business model’s..I read once it was 37 trillion a year funneled through there. the whole thing could be the Ukrainian battle to win or those in control giving up their control . it could be ugly if it was due to the family business throwing them under the wheels of the bus..even disturbing and sn insult if they tossed them under the bus for a mere 10 million..

  4. We can’t believe anything the screens say. It’s made up as they go.

    A week or so back Putin said he was deploying tactical nukes into Belarus.

    10 days ago:

    ” Putin confirms Russian nuclear warheads in Belarus
    Says more will be delivered by end of the year
    Says Moscow sees no need to use nuclear weapons for now
    Says ‘Screw the West’ on arms reduction talks”


    One week before that,

    “Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin says he’s worried Russian authorities might bomb their own territory.”

    If that & that was true Lukashenko/Prigozhin/Wagner are now a nuclear power.

    Will Schrodinger’s Cat pop Kiev, London or Belgorod? Sell it all to Iran or NORK. Stay tuned.

    • hmm nukes to belarus.
      brings up a scene of a movie…

      think about it for a minute
      if the Ukraine war is nothing more than an act of self preservation by the administrationcfor screwing up so badly and taking bribes that would destroy the hiarchy of power then to keep the controllers in their position of control and guaranteetheir own survival..then from one perspective this is not only a war to the last Ukrainian but it would be the go the distance at all costs. those in control do not want to lose that thousand year reign of power over the planet history shows they don’t care about anyone but themselves they’ve historically destroyed whole civilizations for what they desire. so if that is what they suspect then..put the nukes on automatic.. at least guarantee mutual anyalation..

    • this whole Ukraine war with nato and the usa is looking more and more like a war of desperation to keep the reign of power and keep their business enterprises..

  5. “In this version of Schrödinger’s News Event Forecasting is compounded by the presence of multiple Observers. Consider China an Observer. Another is supporters of Russia”

    I still see this as a poison pawn trap.. we are using our strategic reserves focused on the destruction of one of the top 3 countries.. China I am sure is fully aware that they would be next if we succeeded in doing that.. a bought and paid for political administration with someone with dementia driving the bus.. what could happen right..
    we are spending the countries future.. outsourcing our industry and every country that we have gone in to force ourselves on has been sitting by the side calmly waiting.. not spending any of their resources..most of them are buying gold and silver..
    strengthening the bric’s…China is even helping Zimbabwe and Argentina to rebuild their collapsed currency…
    my question is..should I buy a few million zar’s or Argentina currency or will it be like the currency during the Weimar collapsed vurrency and never be worth anything..
    and.. considering o quote from Rothschild..
    “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

    I seriously doubt that they would let go a thousand year reign of control willingly.. Putin and China just played the greed card and let them put themselves in that position.. either way in the poison pawn trap they have won.. it will always be a multi-polar world now.. now will they go for king of the mountain and knock the usa off the top.. I believe we will know soon enough on that..
    the biggest question is why did they put in power someone with so many corruption allegations with such a deviant perverted lifestyle in the first place.. was it because he could be easily boughten..or .. with them taking millions from foreign governments..did the administration sell out to them making this whole situation look as if the countries buying their services using them to take down the families that have been controlling the world in their tjousand year rein of control? that I believe is a really scary scenario..that I believe the men behind the curtain doesn’t care about laws who’s the judge they are the judge and jury and would take matters in hand..they destroy to gain and to be knocked off their power perch by an administration being bought..not good.. all will show up in the near future..these jokers play for keeps .

  6. “Woke War Continues”

    I had the misfortune of seeing a clip of the Minneapolis gay pride parade on the weekend. The woke definition of “decency” has been established.

    Several overweight nude males were riding their bicycles up and down in front of primary school children on the parade route. A particularly obscene male decided to give a full frontal “twerk” in front of the kiddies. He had the “decency” to wear a diaper or else the little ones would have been seen something they could never “unsee.”

    And we are worried about a nuclear war?

    God help us.

    • “God help us.”
      I have said that myself., but God is a prankster. He’s sitting back, watching & wondering – just like the rest of us – on how we are going to pull this current worldwide disgusting culture out of the frying pan.
      He watched the last time – World War ll – and did nothing., at least nothing that I can see.., as we ran head-long in world wide destruction and death.
      I have often wondered – just what would he do, how would he intervene on our behalf, to save us ? If the historical records are true, he has a tendency to get a wee bit angry and simply wipe the board clean.
      .., but then, just maybe., he is sick and tired of the whole lot of us and is smiling as we once again put pedal to the metal on the road to self destruction – so that he can start all over again.
      I am not about to try and speak for him., that’s punching way above my weight-class.., but a little hint of “things to come”., would be appreciated.

        • Ark Smark.. I am waiting for him to start digging the underground shelter LOL LOL…

      • ““God help us.”
        I have said that myself., but God is a prankster.”

        I believe He’s giving us the Israelite treatment. We have just entered the wilderness and have a 40 year lease on our own version of hell. We turned our backs on Him, now He’s returning the favor.

      • I contemplate Sodom and Gomorrah and wonder.. just what angels would think if they showed up to visit today… I don’t think it would be very pretty at all.. the thing is there are still good people.. that have no control over what the evil ones that are making the decisions do..

    • The parents of the kids attending those parades need to be locked up for felony abuse. As recently as 30 years ago the tallywacker troops would’ve been taken out back and had their offending bits surgically removed with #6 birdshot. I posited over 30 years ago that the Mafia and biker gangs would be the “soldiers” who saved America. IMO between your pervy politicians and our pervy politicians, Hell’s Angels better get to savin’…

      • Society is breaking down.

        “I feel that there was a bit of pride in being a human being at one point. Even if they didn’t have a lot of money, they still made an attempt to wear their best clothes when they went out in public. Now people do anything now, they wear pigiamas in the grocery store, nobody cares…”


      • Rather than celebrating an extreme minority of folks who have abnormal sexual habits for an entire month – something most people either ignore or argue against, why not actually have a month(or more) dedicated to American Pride! Pride of being, pride of creativity, pride of workmanship, pride of art, etc. Have a month to showcase the Best of America, and clean up all the trash beforehand. I’m on a roll cleaning up my house and property for no reason beyond the fact that I want to! Everyone can do this, and local governments can facilitate it without excessive strong-arm tactics.

        One reason for the lack of creativity in transportation and everything else is the enormous bureaucracy that has control over most products and their use. We’re fast approaching the time where people will wonder what permits they need to think or act at all. Consequently, they’ll do neither.

        America used to be the land of the free, and it’s become the land of the fee!

        Sometimes there are consequences – such as the Titan submersible, a device riddled with apparent engineering and manufacturing errors. Allowing such is the price of being truly alive in a free world.

        • Xi Van Fleet

          I mentioned her a couple weeks ago:

          Democrats have changed into ‘radicalized, communist party’

          1776 Action senior fellow and Maoist China survivor Xi Van Fleet argues Democrats want to ‘weaponize’ American children, a tactic she claims was used by Mao Zedong.


          “Those who own the children own the future.”

          -Mao Tse Tung (paraphrasing Hitler…)

    • I seen that clip.. what sick bastards.. I personally don’t care is someone is bi or gay etc.. just don’t force it on everyone else..
      The world has gone down the tubes.. and since the perv got into office.. dam it has increased .. discrimination against the vast majority of the citizens that were taught that moral and ethical treatment of others is all bad.. sucks .. totally happy I live in the wastelands.. at least here there are still some morals left..

  7. “For some time, we have warned about The Ninth of Av – Tisha B’Av – which falls on July 27 this year – which historically has been a “hot date” for world events.”


    UPDATED 10:39 AM EDT — Russian Presidential Fleet Plane Enroute to Washington DC – Evacuating Diplomats?


  8. Don’t you think the Ru’s would find a pretense to pull their
    frontline shock troops off the line before using tactical nukes? Further, don’t you think our guys would look the other way, if not help facilitate?

  9. A thought for parents with young children.

    When your child questions you about a “tranny” , who they are, what they are, etc. you can explain to your child that they are clowns , at least the modern day version of a clown. (There is obviously a circus in town (at least in Washington DC) and the clowns must have escaped) these new clowns no longer have big floppy shoes and a red nose, (that was in the olden times) but rather now they dress with rainbow colored hair, wearing a training bra, fish net hose, occasionally a TuTU and occasionally a beard. And yes it’s OK to be afraid of the clowns.

  10. re: “Pick a Reality”
    feat. pizza 4 five


    “Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.”

    This morning Deutsche Welle reported on the finding of a precursor to the modern pizza. It appeared on a newly discovered fresco buried under lava in Pompeii, Italy. Subsequently a tragic missile strike occurred at a “pizza restaurant” (lounge) in Kramatorsk, Ukraine a city which appears to have been a Cossack stronghold back in Russian Revolution days.

    The Ria Lounge was located on a street named after the revered Ukrainian poet, Vasyl Stus, who perished in a Siberian prison in 1985. He was a dissident of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group. His wife passed away a month after the “special military operation” began. Her surname was “Popelukh” which Google translates into the English “Ashes”.

    A Belgian freelance journalist tweeted an image of his food order taken minutes before the missile strike.


    The founder of Carlsberg beer named the conservatory in his Copenhagen home “Pompeii”. After winning the Nobel Prize, Niels Bohr was awarded residency in the home along with complimentary Carlsberg beer.

    Let’s catch up with DJ George who perhaps has a few analogous words of poetry this evening in aid of dispatching one to unwoke dimensions.


    Pleasant dreams to all.

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