Good News About Nuclear War, Survival Shopping

If you think the flight of the Wagner Group’s leader from Russia ends the chance of nuclear war this summer, maybe you haven’t really been asking the right questions.

Think back on your history.  And in particular read on the Trojan Horse – Wikipedia. Was Wagner Group a…..

WW III Question Stack

A starting point for our inquiry is the report advising people to Prepare for ‘deeply dangerous and unpredictable’ Russia if Putin is replaced, says security expert.  Granted, the expert is hip-deep on the EU/NATO side, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

We are keying on event chains that could drive us to WW III this summer.

For some time, we have warned about The Ninth of Av – Tisha B’Av – which falls on July 27 this year – which historically has been a “hot date” for world events. Including, among other things, the beginning of World War 1.

Path to Nuke War

One possible path could be along the lines of disclosure of a hypothetical U.S. role in lighting up the Wagner incursion.  US Knew of Wagner Coup Plans in Advance.

News can dramatically change Russia’s stance. A fellow driven nearly-paranoid by a difficult war in Ukraine on “his” Russian-speaking population there – might be inclined to believe that the West was responsible for the near Wagner Rebellion.  Had Wagner’s leadership been “turned?”  And, if so, at what price?

This is not a popular thing to consider, but IF we see a “smoking gun” story emerge about the U.S. being involved in the Wagner march toward Moscow, it might cause Vlad Putin to reach for nukes. Or shut down the web.

There have been stories alluding to Biden being briefed days in advance.  And stories (like Russia-Ukraine war live: attacks reported across Ukraine; Putin nuclear weapons threat is ‘real’, says Biden” from six days ago)  are simply disappearing from the net.

However, if the Russians were to gather web-based intelligence suggesting the U.S.-NATO side turned Wagner – which would support a paranoid fellow’s worst fears – then a quickly arising “vengeance is mine” could “light it up” with nukes.

Especially if – in what might be conceptualized as a “latter day Trojan Horse” – Wagner was also playing a role in how the Ukraine War monetization was proceeding?  Well, now you’re into worst of worst cases.

You might wish to consider that the larger an event is (in temporal studies) the larger shadow it casts before actual events are publicly visibl3e.  G.A. Stewart’s column Saturday on “The Age of Desolation” website is exactly on point.

Indicators to Watch For

Much like in economics, where certain indicators “move first” ahead of larger market events, so too we are on heightened alert for headlines that might telegraph the future.

  • Be on the lookout for any regional outages of the Internet.  Information is the battlespace presently.
  • Track power outages.  Real or planned?
  • Closely scrutinize all media reports for all possible additional details about the U.S, NATO, and UK involvement in Wagner operations. Was the West able to “throttle” events in Ukraine? Have we just seen “Trojan Horse 2?”
  • Announcements or reports of any new offenses and weapons in Ukraine, it goes without saying.

What you are looking for are any stories that bring a change of tone, a mid–course correction, and changes in where the world “seems to be heading.”

As we have written many times, the world is continuing to evolve into ever more unsustainable directions.  Even without Ukraine (or Taiwan) in the mix the Ray Dalio piece Why the World Is on the Brink of Great Disorder | Time is worthy of careful study.

When economic systems fail – as they regularly do over the course of history – there’s always a “reason.”  Even from Roman times. Insert scapegoats here.

Personally Hedging War

The single biggest thing you can get right in advance is your thinking. Not as escapist as what’s served in the mainstream, but 50-minutes spent watching this video:

Shane Connor runs the website.

There are also simple supplements you may wish to have on hand for your family.  Potassium iodide was a Cold War standard.  Another quickly rising prepping item is spirulina.

Articles like Evaluation of Chlorella as a Decorporation Agent to Enhance the Elimination of Radioactive Strontium from Body – PMC ( are useful background.  On Amazon, you can find Life Extension’s X-R Shield product; have a look at the ingredients list. Under $12 a bottle.

One more actionable move:  Consider joining Emergency Preparedness Organization | The American Civil Defense Assoc. (  Their magazine Civil Defense often contains useful information. Comes out twice a year.  More info here. Back issues are $7-bucks each.

Grinding Out Week

Many people will be taking a four-day weekend come Friday.  Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday this year, so no stopping at the 3-day mark.

Economics keep puttering along.

Stock futures were down a bit, but we’re thinking (short of breaking news, of course) that a playable rally beginning later today might be along.  You’ll often see moods improve ahead of major holidays.

Much will depend, though, on the Case-Shiller housing market report due tomorrow morning.  Better than expected might light off another rally back to overhead resistance, possibly.

Bitcoin fell back from it’s $31,200 levels of Friday, down a thousand, or so, from there.

Mid-morning today, a Dallas Fed manufacturing report isn’t expected to be a big mover, but we shall see.

Rip N. Reed

Head of newsography back in the day.

Who a “faction” is backing?  A real “thinking oddity” here – that may offer insight as to who will be the next president.  Have a look at Jake Tapper slams RFK Jr for ‘wild and false’ story about them working together. No, you don’t really care about the story – take a look at the buff RFK, Jr. picture.  Now, think back a few years to all those “bare-chested Vlad Putin” pics.  Is this some kind of coincidence or deeply embedded psychologically important message?

Social Media needs to be broken up.  A case made by stories like Billionaire Biden Donor Bankrolled 2020 Election Social Media Censorship Effort.  Judge Harold Greene, wasn’t it, who broke up AT&T?  1983 – and I was old then…  Back to Point: Same needs to happen to Social(ist) Media.  Let’s have more websites in the fray and less concentration of political power, shall we? Monopolistic practices are bad for everyone.

A Railroad Runs Through It:  Train with chemicals slides into Montana river.

Summer in Tornado Alley:  At least one dead, dozens of homes damaged after storms hit US Midwest and South | Reuters.  When it’s not storms, it’s just plain hot.

ATR: Hard Week, Easy Week

Is the Lawn dormant, yet?  With recent rains we’re having a long-running discussion between the ears about whether our lawn (3-acres, roughly) needs another mowing, or not. Tyler Texas Weather data shows we’ve had more than 25-inches of precipitation this year, so far.  Last year through June, we had only 17.6-odd inches.  So yeah, greener than Ireland, at least momentarily.   We’re eyeing sequential hundreds in this week’s outlook for East Texas.  Not too bad, though, as the humidity is falling until a week from now.

Ham Radio Field Day is in the rearview now.  But work on the hobby never ends.  Decided to finally bite the bullet and move to smaller test equipment.  Part of a “personal upgrade” to doing more with SMD/SMT components.

Interesting Peoplenomics piece for subscribers Wednesday:  Seven Paradoxes of Technology.  Not going entirely Ned Ludd on you, but tech does speed up eating all the resources left on Earth.

Gas Prices bear watching. Holiday weekend ahead, so fill oearly. National average today is $3.573 for unleaded according to AAA Gas Prices.  We’re watching the interplay between people still wanting to work from home (and gaining in some cases an hour a day of additional personal useable time).  Which may have been one reason for recent Saudi production cuts 3-weeks ago.  At some point, it will drive prices at the pump.  Pappy always reminded me “It doesn’t cost much more to drive with a full tank…”

Chow for now beckons.

Write when you get rich,

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51 thoughts on “Good News About Nuclear War, Survival Shopping”

  1. Why Mr. urbanSurvival,

    You seem a tad bit conCERNed this morning regards the denazification of Donesk basin and surrounding countrysides operation.
    Worry not good citizen, just like the FAKE Jan 6th “insurrection” benefited the deep state muthaWEFers, so too the musicians “corner ze rats” operation.

    Results from the Russian pys-op ;
    – MSM A holed , again.
    -rallied Ruskies to end War quicker
    -Amassing LIST of traitors, and 5th, 6th columists
    -free to deploy martial law powers
    The musicians by recently enacted Law, are required to Sign Contracts with Russian MOD – how youse gonna do that when they all be on the front lines ?
    Presactly, you dont, hence the need to get those “Goats&Dogs” back to Russia/Moscow. Prigz going to Belrus is the icing on this op.

    The question nato/usa and company should be asking themselves is; What did Russia “install”/put in place – while all eyes and ears were on ukraine/Russia ?

    Cue ze Boomz Boomz..

    “Natasha we must stay moroznyj”

    • See hear now, bad enough: You keep playing tunz like that Pat Travers stuff and we will have to renounce your geezerhood permit.

      U r warned.

    • “What did Russia “install”/put in place – while all eyes and ears were on ukraine/Russia ?”

      Well, I’d say Mr. Putin placed his chef in charge of Russia’s remote nuclear arsenal, for one…

  2. We’re told the train derailment was caused by a bridge failure.

    Last December the RRs were bailed out to avert some strike. Thanks a lot RR workers. They don’t give a rat’s ass.

    Moreover, I noticed some potholes near my house that are widow makers. They look deeper/larger than gallon jugs as I zip by doing 55. They’ve been there for quite some time. I’ll get some pictures later.

    Everyone should take pictures of failing infrastructure. Phone pictures w/meta data can become valuable if needed for a lawsuit.

    • Out o w Steve: The pot holes have probably already bought off the road and bridge department considering our multi tiered so called justice system!

    • BUT … they have to get big in order to produce enough babies so that the family line doesn’t die out!!

      Don’t you believe that nature should be allowed to have natural growth of it’s native species?

  3. Focusing on one specific possible event with low survivability has a way of interfering with dealing with the more likely occurances. Economics and energy go ahead of nuke preps, although that doesn’t mean that having preps for low level food contamination isn’t a good investment.
    Most likely scenarios are natural disasters, and man-made economic scenarios. Disruption of comms, energy, and food distribution are all possible independently, or together. Economic disasters can be widespread, or very personal.
    This summer’s project is a load carrying bicycle, and increasing the pedaling endurance. The enhanced physical stamina and maybe a little weight loss are the bonus benefits.Projects with everyday benefits are the best. I have other projects I would like to do, but not all at once. I am glad that G____ shares some, but not all of his projects with us.

    • Let’s not forget that the UPS strike has been authorized if no contract is agreed on by the end of July! This creates a rather nasty confluence of possible events.

      I’ll be hardening up security and sustainability to the best of my ability. I am concerned about a dear friend who is a determined grasshopper in metro NYC. All I can do is hope and pray for her and others like her.

  4. I heard that in califukya , a pothole must be at least 2 inches deep before caltrans will pay for damages. Most layers of asphalt are done in 1 1/2 inch layers .

  5. Many national leaders across the globe, past and present, exuded a unique macho charisma. Russians seem to favor such leaders. Witness Putin’s riding bareback on his white horse – a very staged bit of imagery with a clear purpose: He might be in his 60s, but he’s badass. Putin has also displayed his Judo skills with Ruskie trooper, and amazingly, Putin never loses.

    As Putin’s regime develops serious cracks, who has the recognition, the gravitas to take over if Putin is ousted? This Politico synopsis from last year has a list of viable candidates:
    Yevgeny Prigozhin is placed last on the Politico list. But still, even a year ago, people at Politico recognized his potential. The leader of the Wagner group, Prigozhin, similarly displays macho guy behavior. Despite being last on the list of 12 ‘candidates,’ he is the also picked as the overwhelming favorite by Politico’s ‘likelihood’ rating scale (“So the last shall be first and the first shall be last!” Luke 20:16). Prigozhin the “Mercenary” has shown his ability to recruit ruthless men, unify them into formidable fighting forces and lead his rag tag army to victory against Russian forces possessing overwhelming superiority in numbers of armored vehicles, aircraft and naval forces.

    Another candidate on the Politico list of 12 is Dmitry Medvedev, who openly fears the prospect of Prigozhin gaining access to Russia’s nukes:

    Prigoshin definitely ‘bears’ watching.

  6. Re: 2 many cooks in the kitchen
    feat. last stand of the hot dog vendor


    A century ago after Trotsky, the former chairman of the Soviet of Workers’ Delegates in St. Petersburg left Russia, he penned a book. His work “My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography” is available on the Marxists Internet Archive.

    Without further bourgeois adieu, let’s toe-tap into DJ George’s wagnerian mystery tour ‘future of music’ series. As the lyrics from the Don suggest, it has shaken and it has stirred.

    “Anthem of the Rostov Oblast; Anthem of the Don Cossacks”

  7. Robert Kiyosaki
    “Sitting in favorite Japanese restaurant. Food great, prices low. The place is empty on Sat night. Employees do not have to be economists to know something is wrong. Please be smart. Don’t believe Biden, Yellin (sic), Fed. Prepare for [a] crash. Buy gold, silver BC,” Kiyosaki said in his tweet.

  8. This is all reading like Atlas Shrugged. Failing rail system, collapsing infrastructure, surging houselessness, rampant drug OD,
    And total self interested corruption in ‘government’.
    Who is John Galt?

  9. Would love to hear MAJ13 weigh in on the events of the weekend. My head is spinning trying to find the truth. The MSM is obviously working on the line from the movie A Few Good Men. “You can’t handle the truth.”

    Also, Eleanor, how did the hand surgery go?

    • today was my first day moving. I had a bad reaction to perkaset with hallucinogens and paranoia and anger. it seems I had the Same reaction when I had my left foot done but no one told me. feel more normal today and won’t know about the hand for weeks yet. surgeon says I will still make baskets
      thanks for asking

      • Yeah E – You go Girl!

        So good to hear you are on road to recovery, wishing you the best with Ure “operational results”. I too suffered a wicked episode of hallucinations under influence of Percoset after OG Sinus Surgery back in the early 90’s.. and I ingest hallucinogens recreationally.

        First full day back home lying in bed – I met what I knew to be was Satan, by my bedside. Literally scared the crap out of me ! I was ever so pissed at being caught unawares like that, sitting on the “john” slightly shaken debriefing myself and buffering..

        – Swore I would get that _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ someday.
        Even went so far as Austria and had dinner in Salzburg restaurant (St Perterstifskeller) where Faust met him. Got into huge public display/aurgument with maitre’d and staff after they screwed up reservation sent from our Hotel. My young adult Son had to physically intervene to prevent hostilities escalating any further, it was a classic scene. Long and short of it – we were finally seated at prime table centrally located in main dinning room. Waiter took family picture which became our Family Christmas card that year. Everywhere I went in Germany, Austria, and Chech, people spoke to me in German..guess I must look like a Kraut..

        Anywayz, hear I am some thirty years later, doctors/surgeons have been trying prescribe that crap ever since and my better half or myself always has to explain/switch prescribed pain killer..”Do No Harm” – my ass!

        Best Wishes – a speedy recovery!

  10. Up here in MO we’ve been having a fairly dry year so far. Lost power yesterday for 30 seconds which was odd. yes, a warm day but again was quite dry.

  11. Looks to me like it’s not going well at all.
    Goldman-Sachs just laid-off “125 Managing Directors” – in a third round of lay-offs.., with a solid hint that they are not done trimming their workforce.
    If the economy is doing so well., and the Markets are at the beginning of new Bull Market., then why are the leading Wall $treet corporations firing so many people ? Wouldn’t that be the other way around?

  12. Manic Monday Game Time,

    Lets call it “Name That Traitor”;

    – worked at JusticeDept under tRump
    – was selling classified material to foreign agents(ruskies)
    -set up DNC worker -to steal thumb drive contain classified emails said dnc worker always carried on his person.
    – set up impeachment/insurrection with pence – so pedo pence could be President and then name _ _ to VP.
    – wife was = alwayz, a christian in action “worker”
    – involved with globo homo satanic pedophilia network, YOU KNOW the one where “THEY” just SETTLED for $290 MILLION dollars!

    Cant make this scheisse up, just like you cant make up random numbers and call it a Bitcoin. And Yes the BCN did nail the high today in BITF @ $1.55 – gotz to stop and lick Ure Icecream and sniff some Roses, never know what tomorrow the market brings.

    PS – is that Thunda Im hearing rumbling in the distance, the sound of THE approaching storm ?

    Color this survilite, conCERNed.

  13. George
    To avoid a potential investment in a stereo microscope and soldering oven may I suggest a better way to build electronic systems?
    When designing an electronic system one tries to avoid custom circuit boards as much as is possible. Custom boards are time consuming to design. They have the possibility of not performing as required and have issues with spares and repairs.
    The experienced systems designer will always look for an off the shelf part that will do the job and will be available as needed to replace a faulty unit.
    So may I suggest you look at the many Evaluation Boards that can be found at Digikey, Mouser and Newark. There are also Vendors that provide a large array of specialty modules.
    This method provides a surer path to success than the Roll Your Own method. I do admit that it can be a bit costly but so does building your own. I know this for a fact as I have done both the buy and build method.
    The parts you buy usually run at higher speeds than the ones you make. I know this for a fact in my own designs!
    So just a suggestion from someone who has been down this road many time.

  14. Holdover comment (Ok…. I forgot!) on shortwave radio as well as ham and AM broadcast band.

    For better and more comfortable listening…

    REDUCE the “RF Gain” control, and then compensate with turning the “Audio Gain” up a bit.

    When you run RF gain at 100% — which most people do most of the time through lack of finesse — the “Automatic Gain Control,” AGC will be heard to “pump” disagreeably and make it hard and harsh to listen to. Background hiss and noise increase quickly between syllables when the AGC is pumping. Backing off the RF Gain “linearizes” what’s heard, and makes for a much more pleasing sound.

    Please note: not all receivers have an RF Gain conrol, but many of these have a “front-end attenuator,” usually 10 or 20 decibels of signal strength, which will do much the same thing. (I don’t know about the ATS-25 — don’t have one yet.)

    You’d be amazed how many 50-year hams and shortwave people don’t know about this simple technique.

    • BUT – adding to the use of AGC – there is the OTHER setting. Use the slowest (longest time constant AVGC you can.

      AGC is (*for non-hams) an automatic volume control of sorts. If you have a super weak station, turning up the RF gain (wide open) will allow you to copy down into the noise floor. It will also tire you quickly – sorting noise out of voice in the noise uses a lot of “brain power”.

      There are some manufacturers – like Icom and specifically their older IC-728 which comes (*from the factory) with full on, all the time RF gain. You only get an attenuator and a volume control. (Actually not a bad radio).

      What happens with “pumping” WoRR refers to is you hear background noise, then speech momentarily jumps into the foreground and then the noise comes back up.

      It’s how fast the recovery occurs that higher end radios allow. In a Kenwood TS-590S for example, you can set the AGC hang time on a 1-20 scale. On setting one, the AGC hang is so short that you can hear the background noise increase even between words. On the 20 setting (very, very long hang time) you can’t hear anything between words and *(depending on signal strength) when the voice stops, a full second might lapse.

      Flip over to Youtube where Bob Heil has a dandy explanation of all this, – and in the first video, notice how fast (and slowly) the S(ignal) strength meter moves depending on AGC speed;

      Slow AGC and turning the gain down a bit helps loads. Just keep the gain farf enough so you can still hear a tiny bit of background noise, otherwise you will miss a weak station (down in said noise dirt) who might be some rare far out new place you’ve never talked to before…

      (WoRR and I – plus maybe Hank) may be the only readers who can name each of the radios in the background of Bob’s video – And the Central Electronics rig, top right? OMG! Classic boat anchors! And a Moseley CM-1? OMG!

  15. Most likely event to impact the US this year and afffect LOTS of people?

    2nd most likely event to impact the US and affect LOTS of people? (lower probability but higher damage)
    Earthquakes!! … NOT War

    3rd most likely event to impact the US and affect LOTS of people? (high probability but lower numbers affected and overall less damage)
    Wildfires!! … NOT War

    War is definitely a potential, but for THIS year it’s potential to directly impact the US is LOW.
    (am doing a separate post on War)

  16. i was thiniking about the two worlds i live in between. one world, is the one you wrote about today George. world politics especially Bidens corruption, russia, power outages, and finacial doom.

    ghe other world is beauty and serenity, moments of sacchrine serendipity that place where 5 seconds, in the infnite now, can feel eternal bliss. all is a creative dance of colours, contures, mixtures of textures, fragrence and taste.

    one man says to me this morning, did you see the collapse of the rail bridge in Montana? the man says how horrible is that?

    at the same exact time as life says to me, did you see that bumble bee land upon the beautiful rose in full bloom. the soft breeze carying its fragrance to my mind. which smiles inside. and life says, how beautiful is that?

    and Here I am, as A Creator, for only a small moment in infinite time. In between both worlds like the glint of sunlight riding the top of waves as they make their way to shore.

    and i laugh, only because, The Universe never explaines, why.

    i turned on the radio the other day and a line played from a song. “The gambler he broke even. but in his final words, i found an ace that i could keep.”

    i have veen working in the deep and rich soil of the night for a while now. moving spirit and light. im grateful for the stars and moon and experiance. that chart the way of unconsiouceness. the deep blue sea/see. i am also grateful to return to the land of the golden sun.

    and im grateful for you George and the colloberation thoigjt and of music, found within Urban Survival.

    hmmm. one world is all about doom death and dispare, flee to saftey, prepare or die. the other is alive and beautiful, thriving, peaceful.

    and for this breif moment in life, i am in both worlds, inbetween both worlds, simutainously.

    thank you.

    • Don’t thank me, Andy. You (and everyone else where) is one family and we’re the small tribe able to see the great paradoxes – more on than on PN Wed.
      It’s as the long dead poet wrote: “I am the eyes through which the Universe beholds itself and knows it is divine.”

      In order to see it, it’s kinda like my friend who can look out one window from his Great Room high above the Florida A1A south of West Palm and see the Atlantic. Out the West windows he can see the channel of the ICW and a bridge over it, south a ways.

      To really feel Life, you need (and do, thanks for sharing) need to constantly shift your view from one window to the other – and back. And in that Practice, we’re able to we see the completion and balance in all things. A love story about Life with the odd horror show scene sp0liced into it – just for contrast, understand.

      (Oddly, as I wrote this, out of nowhere, a coin dropped on the floor – now that’s weird for you.)

      • funny you should mention the windows. last night i was up stairs in the confrence room of the local fire station, Soda Springs, ID.

        sitting at the head of the table.

        the view before me out the window of the fire station confrence room, across the street. was the Masonic Square and compass on one window and the window next to it has the 5 points star on it.

        which i saw last time we spoke on here, in living language… and there it was. right in front of me again.


        the journey continues…..


        • you remeber the dream i had and posted on here BIC, where a giant eagle landed infront of me, between the open french doors, with sun, palm trees and the ocean behind it. i was big mansion having breakfast. the beautiful lady that was with me with raven black hair, and emerald green eyes wearing a skin tight white dress handed me a cup of coffee.

          and i styred it with a golden spoon. the eagle said did you finish the book? i said looked at it and said yes. then it said well done!

          and i looked at that golden sppon as i styred my coffee. woke up and it was in my hand. nobody in the house i was staying had ever seen it. i had never seen it before. it was if, i had brought the golden sppon back with me from my dream.

          this morning i had finished reading a book. i have been reading it time to time for over a year. it has the symbol of the Monad on the cover. the alchmy symbol of the sun and gold.

          when i sat the book down. i took that golden spoon and styred my coffee with it. went to the fridge and put the creamer away. turned around. and the spoon was gone. nobody in the house but me.

          funny you should mention pennys. i found one on the haul road. i stopped to get out and pee. looked down and there was a penny infront of me laying on the ground. it was tails up. which means bad luck. so i flipped it over so it would be good luck for the next guy.

          the next day, i went to a store id never been too. stopped to get a few things. got out of my car. looked down and a penny was laying there. heads up.

          i smiled.

        • ohhhh the golden spoon returned. i found it. cool.

          the owner of the ranch said, where did you get that golden spoon? ive never seen a golden spoon before. silver yes. but not golden.

          i said a very very very rich man gave it to me.

          and i smiled.

      • and….. they were facing the same direction as i had saw them in the sky a little while back. with venus set to the east of the throne (cresent moon) and i was sitting in the same spot directionally as i had seen them in the sky.

        an artisic expession in symbols —– of the living dynamic language.

        a master key, or cypher to the language life.

        the journey becons me forward. becoming richer and richer.

        its good to be a thinker in this world.

        • I was demonstrating wood carving on the Boardwalk in Olympia this Saturday when a “messenger” stopped in front of my table and prayed with me. Told me things from God that I knew to be true and Clear, both about my work and the plan for the work. As he walked away my first thought was “That is how Andy works!”
          So if that was you, thank you. If it wasn’t, I welcome prayers from you anytime.
          And this morning a penny by my shoe. Thank you all for being on this site and for speaking what you know.
          Words of wisdom are always welcome!

      • ohhh the song lyrics.

        “The gambler he broke even. but in his final words, -> i found an ace that i could keep.”

        (Oddly, as I wrote this, out of nowhere, a coin dropped on the floor – now that’s weird for you.)

        the ace of coins, in tarot materialized. the Ace that you can keep. very cool

        as the Link JC gave me a while back states, “ordo salutis that “the Work” presents in figures drawn from psychology or science is there presented through living symbols.”

        “This knowledge is of a higher order than purely human or rational knowledge and is esoteric in being inapprehensible by the ordinary intellect.”

        however, i did not take a vow of poverty as they did.

        because God said Let there be life and life abundantly.

        i didnt know what the penny dropped meant until i looked it up. also, very cool.

        again , i smiled.

      • im all packed up. i could leave now. i am supposed to leave friday. but i packed all my stuff already. i like to ~ plan ahead ~

        im sure if this thought will even post. this is my 3rd try.

        you know the entire enviorment im in matches the colors of my old website. same greens and golds and all the other colors. and im mining.

        the only thing i havent seen yet is the door, opened with gold light, to a seemingly invisible building. if i see it? i will enter it and not look back. without hesitation or thought of fear.

        i have personally moved over 40 million dollars in ore since ive been here.

        if im the gambler that broke even>? and you got the ace? im not supposed to die a mortal death until age 118 with posibility of extension beyond that age.

        yesterday, my wrist watch fell off and it looked like a shackle falling off of me. i heard that small still voice say, “you need not worry about time anymore.”

        maybe i will find the door to the hidden sanctuary. the door to paradise. that is what it represents. the image on my old website. and maybe God swoop me up like Enoch. or the little green men come and beam me up. if they do? i hope they have nachoes if its a long ride. haha.

        we certainly are not in fucking kansas anymore. hahaha. atleast i havent been in a very long time. hahaha.

        if that was my final words to you george? and you got the ace you could keep? if im the gambler that broke even?

        on the other side then. much obliged.

        cue ~ Escape ~

        rupert holmes.

        • Temperatures have not been all that high so far in June, but the NWS has issued warnings almost daily for high heat index. Yesterday the heat index was 113 – 115 F in midafternoon. Tomorrow the real temperature is supposed to climb to 103 F. Not unusual for late June in Texas, but I have to wonder if the heat index will top 120 F, which is not business as usual.
          Be aware of the high heat indexes if you go on the road. Once you get overheated, you won’t cool down until you get into an air-conditioned space, and get some electrolytes in you. First symptom for me is weak legs, followed by a tight stomach and maybe some flushing. Take care.

  17. WAR

    George … you are too focused on the EARLY USE of nukes in any conflict. That is not how wars generally develop. There is generally a longish build up phase before the actual BIG KILLINGS begin between the BIG countries … yep even Pearl Harbor which was preceded by the US fighting against Japan for several years (the Flying Tigers in China, funded and staffed by the US Government, ring any bells?)

    NOT looking for Nuclear War, YET. At this point in time for NO ONE except for Israel, and possibley the US itself, would the use of a Nuclear Weapon be an even remotely positive development.

    China has NO desire for a Nuclear War. Yes they want Taiwan and to become the dominant power in East Asia but the use of Nuclear Weapons don’t achieve those ends. China already IS the dominant East Asia economic power, in fact is now the dominant economic power IN THE WORLD, but the use of Nuclear Weapons would send them backwards wrt their goals, NOT forward.

    Russia though it keeps talking about their use also has NO desire for a Nuclar War … they just want THE PAIN of continual Nato Expansion TO STOP, something that we promised them IN WRITING in 1990-1991 would NOT happen. –
    Lesson To All? NEVER TRUST the US about ANYTHING important even when the US puts it into Writing!!
    (which brings up a lesson I learned long ago in business: “ONCE a Liar … ALWAY as Liar”, and the US certainly now fits into that “Liar” category.)

    WRT the Ukraine/Russia conflict there is NOT YET enough risk of massive Death and Destruction INSIDE RUSSIA itself that Russia will reach for the button and guarantee that 30 to 50 million of it’s people WILL DIE and it’s most important historical cities WILL be destroyed. NOPE … Russia is NOT going to be going nuclear at this point in time since it’s homeland is NOT YET directly at risk.

    Now if somehow Nato gets DIRECTLY involved in the Ukrainian War, which would include aircraft flying out of Nato countries to attack Russian troops … well that is a horse of a totally different color since then the Russian homeland WOULD then be at risk. At that point in time Russia WOULD retaliate against those Nato bases and obviously a General War between Russia and Nato would BE ON!! (and the use of nuclear weapons WOULD be in the cards … as in a HIGH PROBABILITY of use)

    Now next year … a MUCH more likely possibility, see next paragraph:

    The US and British Neocons are NOT going to stop trying to incite a General War with Russia, since like the early 1960’s when the Joint Chiefs of the US Military recommended to Pres. Kennedy that the US launch a First Strike on Russia – turned down by Kennedy – those currently at the TOP of the heap of power in the US Government BELIEVE, Heart and Soul BELIEVE just like the Joint Cheifs did in the 1960’s believed, that the US could WIN a full scale Nuclear War with Russia and thus they EMBRACE the idea. (the cost would most likely only be 1/6 to 1/4 of the US population, or so they think, so what’s not to like about such a War in their minds?)

    The real risk imo is that NEXT YEAR as the Neocons /dual Nationals types who both HATE Russia with that kind of Ethnic Hatred that still exists among Eastern Europeans and many of their descendents (together those two groups make up the a large majority of those in the policy making roles of our government) get frustrated with their inability to take down Russia … they will look for some sort of False Flag event they can create so as to get the War with Russia (and Iran) that THEY CRAVE.

    Would the US ever engage in that sort of underhanded activity of creating a False Flag Event like Hitler did?

    Well it’s been recommended by the US military leadership in the past (Operations Northwoods ) In addition there was a serious proposal of a the US 1st Strike attack on Russia in 1961 which would have also have most likely involved a False Flag event (some scholars say that a False Flag event was part of the planning) … and by extension into 1963 … “It (the government document) describes a meeting of the National Security Council on July 20, 1961. At that meeting, the document shows, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the director of the CIA, and others presented plans for a surprise attack (on the USSR)” .

    What about that dastardly Russian attack on the Nordstream Pipeline? … or so claimed by ALL of our intelligence services and our DoD? Clearly THAT was NOT a US false flag operation!! (Hersh obviously can NOT be accurate … if it goes against what the Pentagon PR department said and the CIA claimed fter the pipeline blew up!!)

    Finally Israel … the most probable scenario IF a Nuclear Event is to yet to happen this year:

    Israel feels that Iran having a Nuclear Weapon is an existential threat to it’s existence, at the same time it’s Religious Leaders continue to push for the TOTAL EXPULSION of all Palestinians from the lands they claim as their own (even though no sizable Jewish population lived there for over 1700+- years). Note here: the Israeli Religious Leaders have fought tooth and nail against the Two State solution that the Israeli Government signed onto in 1993, thus it has never happened. Those religious leaders want ALL Of those lands for ONLY their believers, NO SHARING with any other group to happen.

    Religious Fundamentalism + Paranoia about the future existance of their near 100% Theocratic State ratchets the Israeli State’s risk tolerance up quite high when it comes to anything dealing with Wars and how to fight them.

    Thus MY two big worries about nuclear events this year revolve around Israel AND a nuclear False Flag event inside the US (as proposed by the Joint Chiefs back in the 1961 period per some historic scholars, when they proposed the US 1st Strike against Russia in 1961 and again raised the issue in 1963). Both Israel and the Neocons feel that they should NOT BE DENIED the War that each craves … and both will do whatever it takes to bring it on, if allowed.

    • “What about that dastardly Russian attack on the Nordstream Pipeline? … or so claimed by ALL of our intelligence services and our DoD? Clearly THAT was NOT a US false flag operation!! (Hersh obviously can NOT be accurate … if it goes against what the Pentagon PR department said and the CIA claimed fter the pipeline blew up!!)”

      Yes.. and we are told that Hunter is a victim of the MAGA crowd that he has never done anything other than a couple of minor misdemeanors. the MSM news outlet is making it sound like see this is all there was… didn’t even get a fine nothing on any of the other infractions.. .. then invited to a white house dinner to rub elbows with the attorny general and then spend a weekend at camp david.. we already know nothing at all will ever happen.. the dual standards of law.. lady justice is peaking under that blindfold. Now if that had been you or me.. or DJT.. boy would we hear about it..

  18. When the lamestream media was reporting on the “sack of Rostov-on-Don,” the indies were talking about how the Musicians were hanging out, buying coffee and just lounging. Hell, I saw a video clip of a Rostov municipal worker sweeping the street around an APC. I saw zero “sacking.” I saw a bunch of soldiers BSing with the locals.

    People “sacking” a city don’t stop to pay for their coffee.

    All neocons are radical Leftists.
    Nearly all Democrats are radical Leftists.
    Nearly all “mainstream media” are radical Leftists.

    NO radical Leftists want to see the United States Constitution as either a founding document or a legal contract.

    Therefore, there is NOTHING in the mainstream “news” media which is worthy of belief without independent corroboration — NOTHING!

    THIS is why I started following people like Hal frickin’ Turner. I don’t care if he’s an “ist” or anything else. He has better and more-reliable “ears” in Russia and SE Europe than ANY mainstream news outlet (which is truly a sad commentary on contemporary Western media.)

  19. The most entertaining theory I’ve seen regarding the Putin/Wagner standoff was the suggestion by someone somewhere that the surprise 6 billion dollars allegedly found to have been given to Ukraine was actually a CIA bribe to Prigozhin to lead a coup. Considering that the U.S. claims to have had early knowledge of the coup attempt, this is a definite possibility. But Prigozhin double-crossed them, and now he and Putin have the money and staged a fake coup attempt that led to a fake exile to Belarus, from which the Wagner group can more strategically pursue attacks on Ukraine.

    I’d like to think this is true. It adds spice to otherwise tasteless events.

    • Now that is interesting.. I never read that one.. but it makes sense.. what is that old saying.. keep your friends close but your enemies closer.. or something like that.. But think about this.. would you want a hard liner in that position .. putin is doing what he can to keep this from igniting beyond control..the hard liners are more upset at him for NOT going toe to to speak..

  20. “Path to Nuke War
    One possible path could be along the lines of disclosure of a hypothetical U.S. role in lighting up the Wagner incursion. US Knew of Wagner Coup Plans in Advance.”

    Hmm interesting.. and read the story below….,mutiny%20that%20rattled%20the%20Kremlin.

    They were friends.. my first thought was he would simply vanish rather than be exiled.. BUT.. then I read a story in either RT or Tass that had me question.. We all know that the NATO and This is a war that is being pushed by our own countries politicians.. every peace proposal has been turned down by direction of our political leaders.. was it just a smoke screen to find out who the ones wishing to upset the country were.. smoke out the ones that would be involved ..

    now consider what G.. had to say…

    “However, if the Russians were to gather web-based intelligence suggesting the U.S.-NATO side turned Wagner – which would support a paranoid fellow’s worst fears – then a quickly arising “vengeance is mine” could “light it up” with nukes.
    Especially if – in what might be conceptualized as a “latter day Trojan Horse” – Wagner was also playing a role in how the Ukraine War monetization was proceeding?”

    could it just have been a smoke and mirrors opp.. then take the poison pawn trap.. use a good trusted friend that is willing to do the dirty work.. ..If.. the USA and NATO did have agents in Russia to oust the sitting president.. then we are in some serious doo doo… either way we lose.. Taiwan asked to join the Bric’s.. it is in their best interest to negotiate a deal like Hong Kong.. no one dies business as usual.. the best business deal around.. China building a military base on Cuba.. another scary part.. currency going down the tubes.. and we are using all our strategic reserves..

  21. I feel even better about my choice of country living after watching Shane Connor’s video above. When Hawaii was subject to our erroneous “Missile Alert” my immediate thought was that nobody would waste a nuke out here in the jungles with no military targets. I gassed up the car and went back home to wait it out. Grateful that I no longer live on target Oahu.
    Location, Location, Location.

  22. G. A. Stewart:
    While reading your latest update it occurred to me that the “Physician of the Great Disease” was not a person, but a country. That would lead us to China… where the great disease was hatched out of Wuhan. Just a thought.

    • ““Physician of the Great Disease” was not a person, but a country. That would lead us to China… where the great disease was hatched out of Wuhan. Just a thought.”

      OR… was it the doctors that were creating it.. who had ties to both the USA bio lab in NC and to Wuhan bio lab.. Who funds the whole thing on all contenents.. the one in NC,Canada,and Wuhan… that was working so hard to set up a disease as a bio warfare ..

  23. Doctor: COVID “Vaccines” Have Killed 13 Million People Worldwide

    Dr. Denis Rancourt has a Ph.D. in physics and has held post-doctoral research positions at prestigious institutions in France and The Netherlands, before being a physics professor and lead scientist at the University of Ottawa for 23 years. He says that the COVID-19 “vaccines” have so far killed 13 million worldwide.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Media Uses Failed Russia ‘Coup’ To Knock Bombshell Biden Scandal Off The Front Page

    Last Thursday, House Republicans released two explosive testimonies from IRS whistleblowers that, if true, further suggest President Joe Biden sold his political power for profit from our enemies abroad via his son Hunter’s business dealings. Moreover, they allege the Department of Justice has done everything in its power to for years protect the Bidens, even to the point of massively interfering in an American election. This story is huge — bigger than Monica Lewinsky and Watergate combined. If confirmed, it means that the sitting President of the United States is potentially compromised by our nation’s adversaries, and the intelligence apparatus are enabling his corruption. We have no choice but to tear it down. Yet you wouldn’t know any of that from the headlines this weekend.

    Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left’s ‘Tolerance’ Lie

    Our children are paying the price for prior generations’ passive acceptance of the LGBT agenda with their innocence.

    WATCH: ‘We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!’

    Warning: This story contains offensive images and descriptions not appropriate for children. Defiant “queer” activists at a New York City “Drag March” on Saturday chanted: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!” as “pride” parades and celebrations exposed young children to plenty of adult nudity and perversions, as usual.

    166 Years Ago Today: in Famous Speech Abraham Lincoln Condemns Racist Democrats for Their Pro-Slavery Policies

    “The Republicans inculcate, with whatever of ability they can, that the negro is a man; that his bondage is cruelly wrong, and that the field of his oppression ought not to be enlarged.” “The Democrats deny his manhood; deny, or dwarf to insignificance, the wrong of his bondage; so far as possible, crush all sympathy for him, and cultivate and excite hatred and disgust against him; compliment themselves as Union-savers for doing so; and call the indefinite outspreading of his bondage “a sacred right of self-government.”

    Trump Says He “Respects” RFK Jr. and Believes Biden Will Refuse to Debate Him

    Newsmax anchor Eric Bolling interviewed President Trump recently and talked on several key topics which included what the 45th president thinks about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. challenging Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination. Bolling asked Trump if he thinks he will face Joe Biden in the 2024 election to which Trump responded he believes Biden will have a hard time even making it to the starting gate.

    Trump then switched gears and stated, “I will say, RFK Jr. who I have known not very well but I’ve known for a while, I respect him.”

    Bolling then asked Trump if Biden and RFK Jr should debate.

    Trump quickly replied “I don’t think that they’ll allow him (Biden) to debate anybody. You could put a child and I don’t think they’ll allow him to debate.”

  24. Oh, and:

    Prigozhin Has Already Started Work on Brand New ‘Threat’

    Field camps were under construction in Belarus on Monday for Wagner mercenaries fighting under Yevgeny Prigozhin, who was just exiled to the country following his attempted mutiny in Russia, according to independent Russian news outlet Verstka. “We are working, we are already working today. Tomorrow, before lunch, the task is to [build],” one source told Vertska.

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