Hunter Cover, Markets Await Budget, Pre-Hol Tasking Memo

Party Before Work, we believe.  So before jumping brain-first into the news flow, it’s focus on the fun that we (supposedly) buy with all our hard work in Life:

Pre-Hol(iday) Tasking Memo is a simple concept.  We are 3 1/2-days out (no one will really work after lunch on a holiday weekend Friday, right?) from a 3-dayer that makes “Mental Summer” arrive.

  • Fill the car up today in order to “tanker for the weekend.”  Triple A reports gas prices now at $3.543 a gallon, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see $3.60 or even $3.65 soaked out of undisciplined drivers, unable to think-ahead sheep by the middle of the weekend.
  • Weather is starting to feel like Summer’s out there somewhere. Looking ahead, the only glitch is a low-pressure area forming in our area (East Texas) that may bring in showers late Sunday and into Memorial Day:

  • As American as Apple Pie (but not as good as the neighbor’s home-baked) is the Indy 500 race.  Already, the sports outlets are going nuts like it’s the Second Coming, or something: Indy 500 qualifying results: Pole winner, full starting grid for 2023 race at Indianapolis.  All we really care about is who wins it and how they did it.  Which we can learn in 30-seconds on the web Monday night.  (Besides, we’ve shelved plans to buy Elaine a McClaren for her 81st birthday.)
  • Last-minute clicking ideas (since Everything is a Business Model, even UrbanSurvival:
    • Click here for “deals” on Patio Furniture at Amazon.  Do remember, in order to show “lowest price” a lot of online sellers are now putting “delivery charges” on if not Amazon Prime.  So, heads up on checkout.
    • More usefully, we are still using our latest outdoor cooking find – a Big Horn Propane Broiler – which also has a 5% coupon and one-day delivery with Prime.  Remember the difference when cooking: A Grill applies heat from below.  With a Broiler the heat is above the food.  Takes some getting used to.  The broiler element is virtually instant heat, so mui rapido compared to a grill.
    • Some ADHD/wildly impatient people (like us) have been known to remove the old fire-limiting pre-set propane regulator. Using an adjustable regulator (similar to this one) we have cut our grill warmup in winter to 10 minutes from 30.  If time matters, cool.  Just remember you need to watch a few videos and know what you’re doing with propane before attempting this kind of high-performance upgrade.  If you are timid, shop for one with a 10 PSI limit.  If you’re a tru-pyro this one is 30-PSI and can be used to feed your metal melting kiln, too.

Now that we have set the Holiday Mood, put on the muck-boots and let’s go play in the digital news slop, again.

Hunter’s Recurring Coverup

The Hunter Biden money-funnel (to dad) keeps popping up as an allegation.  Yet, if anyone on the FBI gets serious about prosecution, seems like they get reassigned.  Second Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower emerges after five years on case.  Especially serious is that prosecutors wanted some specific investigators off case planning calls.  Gee, ‘magine that?

Market: Quiet, Dull, Waiting

Dow Futures were down 40 earlier.  There’s no breaking results out of Budget Talks yet.  Just hysterical “meeting planned” but then “not” stories.  Papers gotta fill the space between ad with something we imagine.  Still, one of the UrbanSurvival axioms is “Study outcomes, maybe foreplay, but not play-by-play.”

What remains concerning is the market is still supercharged for a big move once the Future locks in a little more.  A violent upside or more downside.

As we have been telling our subscribers, there is a strong case that the movement higher to notch a larger (yellow scale) Wave 2 will continue over summer.  Ideally, at least in our aggregated markets view, we ought to move higher to the top oof the Wave 2 channel, from which utter collapse comes in the Fall.

Yet, there remains a “failed fifth wave” scenario.  This one MIGHT pop any time.  And this could very well hang in the balance of?

Mets and Weps – Strait Talk

Taiwan will have a tough time when China pulls the ripcord (and it airborne’s into Formosa).  Around the margins, the pressure keeps ramping up on Taipei: WHO meet goes ahead without Taiwan after China’s objections.

China continues to enjoy a kind of “home field advantage.”  Chinese deploy WZ-8 drone to base within reach of Taiwan.  A hundred miles is pretty close compared with the long-reach for US based far-ranging drones to respond.

Meanwhile, the future of tech is involved.  The US is trying to get as much bu8ilt out by TSMC as possible before things go south. Or, West.  And helping in this regard are recent actions like US and Taiwan draw closer with new trade pact opposed by China.

A further consideration is weather in the region.  The Strait is usually quiet this time of year.  Quiet for naval ops and so continues a balance of powers.  Who sit back, points out our consigliere and point to how China may have a little kamikaze (divine wind) if they decided to make a go of Taiwan late this week.

He points to Super Typhoon Mawar which will be slamming U.S. and resident peoples on Guam Wednesday.  See Super Typhoon Mawar LIVE Tracker, Updates & Forecast | Zoom Earth.  If you zoom out, you can also see how 160-mile per hour winds are likely to brush South Korea Sunday.

Question is how the Marine Forecasts for Taiwan look.  A check of the Friday pulldown at Taipei, Taiwan Marine Forecast | Current Conditions reveals Friday in Taiwan will feature CALM winds which would make a Han Jumpmaster happy as well.  Especially two days after possible Guam issues for the U.S. to recover from and stormy seas in its wake in the buffer zone.

Oh, and Americans hip-deep in the holiday, too, of course.

Let’s See What Sticks

A note from our back-up consigliere (a Century City high-rise denizen) sent this along: Private Schools Spence, Brentwood Face Legal Action Over DEI – Bloomberg.  To which he adds:

“This news story is good news, because parents who sent their kids to private schools are fighting back against the liberal shit brains who are trying to infuse CRT and other PC hogwash into the students. But you will note how MSNBC headlines the story, characterizing, CRT as “anti-racist,” rather than being the racist POS that it is.”

Remind us to check his BP.  But he’s right:  racism is the consideration of race AT ALL in any way.  And that flies in the face of equality among humans. At least for absolutists like me.

Now it’s Faux Fox? Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology (  Fans of the double entendre, we appreciated the use of the word “leak” when discussing “where to take a leak” policies.

Children shouldn’t play with Budgets department: Biden and McCarthy aides to meet again in bid to resolve impasse over U.S. debt ceiling – The Globe and Mail  Which drives the “fire ’em all and the lawyers most especially” sentiment behind our website. Out.  All incumbents, all Parties.

Trump’s Day in Court:  We will be closely watching today as New York attacks Freedom of Speech.  The case is Former US President Trump to be ordered not to disclose evidence in hush money case.  No Free Speech in NY?  Well, now that you mention it: try being anti gender-marketing, pronoun profiteering, or challenging wokee-dopes there and see where it gets you. I mean besides to democrat frontrunner.

Ukraine could be making a major mistake.  Or, there’s a serious drive on to force Russia to go tac-nuke: Russia fights alleged incursion from Ukraine for second day, reports more drone attacks. We’re thinking when DUI rounds fall inside Russia, the gloves will come off.  Propagandists will liken this to the Great War stand in WW II  and that’s how the Ukraine/NATO invasion will be cast.  Then it’s game on WW III.  Ready?

Tech Tuesday

Social Media and how to de-shrill it are on tap in Peoplenomics tomorrow.   There’s even a website for test bedding ideas.  Which is a screaming and rabid time-sink which takes time away from success-oriented tasks.

Our RSS feed is back up.  Thanks to reader Joe for noticing and reporting.

March of the Super Chips is beginning:  Samsung Unveils World’s First OLED Display With Built-In Fingerprint and Blood Pressure Sensing – MacRumors.  We’re waiting for the chip that does all this and includes a 500-watt microwave and a floor waxer…

And for Microsoft beta testers (which anyone using Windows is…) Microsoft Build 2023: How to watch, what to expect, and more – Neowin.

Around the Ranch

A quarter century in the South, now.  And still learning the language and meanings here which are vastly different than vanilla Urban-Northwest which I was raised on.

Latest nu-koncept  “Spank your tomatoes.”

Sounds like it ought to be on the UrbanDictionary site.  But no:

This was nicely timed “new knowledge” from the Great Director.  I was about to go after the plants today with the electric toothbrush.

If we don’t get a bumper crop, we will escalate from mere “spanking” to whips and chains.

Write when you get rich, though sane works, too,

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32 thoughts on “Hunter Cover, Markets Await Budget, Pre-Hol Tasking Memo”

  1. Here’s a story that testifies to the Police State.

    Basically, “Two young lovers with nothin’ better to do” in Cadillac, MI steal a Jeep from one of the parents and head out of state.

    Innocently, “A ping on a license plate reader, and a stolen Jeep is suddenly on police radar.”

    “The alert happened Thursday, May 18, 2023, at about 3:30 PM. Bowling Green Police say it came from a stationary camera on N. Main St. That alert notified them about a stolen Jeep Liberty and two runaway teenagers from Cadillac, Michigan.”

    The plate readers are reading all the plates. I bet they match our faces too.

    At the KC3 coronation facial recognition was used.

    “The Metropolitan police has been accused of using the coronation to stage the biggest live facial recognition operation in British history.”

    Total awareness.

    • Supposedly a new A.I. driven facial recognition system is being tested in Atlanta – right now. Lots of rumors about it and no one is certain who is behind the testing.

    • OowS –
      As a frequent flyer/trusted traveler -International – I usually transit CONUS thru Houston/theevilgeorgebush Airport(shout out Capt Smiley & United) – where they have utilized facial recognition technology for year now. At least since the last “episode” I had with a brain dead TSA “drone” in Customs Area of Houston Int several years ago. I dont think the agent liked my bright blue Alligator shirt I was wearing at the time.
      Needless to say the entire Global Entry Area in Houston was Remodeled, after I raised holy hell with TSA, Homeland Security Agency, PA Senator (s) & Congress critters.

      Yes my bags are alwayz inspected when I travel – they leave a TSA “card” telling me so – F-ing losers..

      Absolutely ZERO respect Homeland Security/TSA, even worse the fibbies(FBI) arrogant assholes does not begin to describe that special self entitled group of miscreants and malfeasants. Being of “Malogene” with cockroach genes seems to be prerequisite for employment with the fumbling bumbling idiots.

      You just walk up to one of the kiosks in Global Entry – and the machine takes your picture and tells you to proceed on to waiting Customs Officer. You dont even put Ure passport in machine anymore.

      Officer asks your name from his screen and verify s against Ure passport, asks if you have anything to declare..always reply “Nope, nothing”.. Never mind that box of San Cristobal De La Habana’s in the bottom of my suitcase, no more than 100 tasty Habano’s and Ure good to go!

      The bottom is in, but still No BTC for G luddite-a-tudes.

      • Ah Houston, we have a problem… the BCN is back!

        Quick, put in a call to Mayorkus… get BCN a bus ticket to PA and a mobile phone! Throw in a gray hoodie for good measure.

        Reminds me I have to renew Global Entry. Thank you Sir.

    • [insert your fav contractor here] perfected in Y2K. Adapted to civilian use, AI is used to flag hits on cameras, pre-screen the activity against a select rules set and bubble up to a dispatcher. Old news.

    • A few years back, driving the freeway just west of Pearl Harbor, I noticed new black cameras mounted on the backside of an overpass on the opposite direction lane. One camera for each lane, looking like they had long lenses, aimed at the backside of receding traffic. No mention of it anywhere, and it is not the usual broad-view ‘traffic cameras’. Gotta be license plate readers. It’s at a freeway choke point to get from one side of the island to the other. Great monitor spot to see who is traveling through. And this was about 8-10 years ago. They are out there… everywhere.

      • Hank, even the solar-powered long-range nv equipped cameras on the ranch are scary.
        My son called from his “mission” to Virginia. “Dad, you missed a spot mowing the lawn…” ISYN…

        Life in his online PTZ world, huh?

      • They ARE everywhere, and have some very interesting capabilities:

        First of all, they all have audio, which uploads 24/7, and video which uses a combination IR/photo comparator to determine movement, then uploads whenever movement is sensed (it is not “swayed” by swaying trees, etc.) ALL A/V is uploaded to a central server (NOT a local one!)

        The cams can be used for speed detection, as red-light cams, and license plate readers (of course) but the ones in my town also use AI Location to tell the central server who I am and where I am, by zone (via license plate, facial recognition, and triangulation between multiple cameras. To understand “zones,” think EMS or Fire Department “firegrounds” or have George ask G2 to explain…)

        Remember the rudimentary AI used by the 4th ID ForceXXI experimental units, used to locate a shooter? It is now much better — and a mainstream tool (for someone). The cams in my town have “shots-fired location” enabled, which notes the sound of a gun discharging, measures the sound intensity from every cam, triangulates the location of the shot, and tells the dispatcher to send in da po-po to such and such a location — gets ’em moving a lot faster than a 911 call.

        The cams have many functions. Essentially, anything you can imagine an A/V camera (or a cluster of A/V cams) doing, these can do, and the things they don’t, can be enabled by a software patch. The geek cop who explained the local cams told me the camera system comes with a “minimum set of tools and abilities” (face, LP reader, and image triangulation) and can be upgraded via “value-added patches” in any way a locale chooses. He also warned me we would be getting “red light” and “speeding” “upgrades” to the local camera system on August first…

  2. “march of the super chips” – and there U have it G – The solution to Tieoneon turning Red – South Korea.
    Those cats be more than happy to fill in production holes caused by Formosa being reabsorbed into RedChina.

    The tribe wants China subservient, and so We will be made to make WAR on the Chykneeze mainland.The “tribes” same SOP for Russia, cept Russia caused some old wounds that have never healed in the eyes of the rabid “tribesmen”.

    “Take the current US Joe Biden administration. It staffed with warmongering, malicious Jews, from Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, and Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, to Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, Director of the CIA David S Cohen, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, and Director of Special Intelligence Service Avril Haines–hence the underhand ‘ZOG’ or Zionist Occupied Government.” Empire of the jews-Pt1-Thorston J Pattberg,phd

    Can keep ignoring the nose on Ure face, but it will alwayz be there between Ure eyes when U wake up from Ure slumbers..

    Know – “Woke” – code for jewish

    • Remember walensky from CDC, gotta kill those [redact]…lie, lather, repeat from her elite cheat sheet…

      She has now resigned after directing the largest successful bioweapon attack on a sitting population.

      Can you imagine what her bonus plan entails?

      0 to 25 percent of the population injected: 25 million bonus.

      26 to 55 percent injected: 50 million and a house in the Bahamas.

      56 to 66 percent of the population injected plus added to childhood vaccine list: priceless, a house in Switzerland and a crown of Satan’s leaves on her head and an invitation to enjoy dinner with the beast.

      Wakeup, [redact], it’s your money, your life, and your genetics, forever!

      • Hi, George,

        Since you redacted my comment, even though, I did not mean to be insulting, I was using Hebrew terminology that is used to describe most everyone else on the planet, so I went to find some other writers who have a better handle on these terms than myself, and here it is, and I hope you allow it.

        “Jack Mohr writes in “Who Are The Gentiles?”

        It is generally taught in the Christian churches of America, that the world is divided into three main religious groups – Jews, Gentiles and Christians.

        These religious groups teach that anyone who is not a Jew, must belong to one or the other of these remaining groups, and is either a Gentile or a Christian. The modern definition of a “gentile” as given in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary is: “relating to the nations at large, as distinguished from the Jews.”

        But here is something important you MUST know, if you are to understand the Bible. The word GENTILE is not used in any of the ancient manuscripts, simply because there was no such word in the Hebrew or Greek languages.

        The word GENTILE as used in our modern Bible versions, including the “much loved” King James Version, in the Old Testament, always comes from the Hebrew word “goy,” (singular) and “goyim”, (plural). It is translated five different ways (2 of 4) [4/30/2002 3:47:08 AM]
        DESCRIPTION & NOTES in the Old Testament, according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; “goy or goyim
        (singular or plural)”, a foreign NATION hence GENTILE; also figuratively, a troop of animals or a flight of locusts. Usually translated (1) GENTILE; (2) HEATHEN; (3) NATION, and (4)
        PEOPLE, or (5) ANOTHER.”

        Notice that the Hebrew word “goy, or goyim,” is NEVER translated to mean “non-Jew.”…[or “anyone other than a Jew” the way that our modern “Judeo-Christian” preachers and clergy people love to have us believe. -BeWISE].

        The word “goy” is found in the Old Testament some 557 times. Thirty times it has been translated GENTILE; eleven times as “people”; 142 times as “heathen”; 373 times as “NATION”,
        and one time as “ANOTHER”. But not once as “non-Jew.”

        The Talmudic definition that is used by the Protocols is “non-Jew”… in fact, they more specifically mean: “cattle”, “chicken”, “sheep” or some other animal. To the Talmudic/Masonic/Judaists who authored both the TALMUD, and the PROTOCOLS, anyone who isn’t a Talmudic Jew, is considered less than human – like an animal fit to be milked or beefed.

        BeWISE prays that you will learn the differences between “Jews”, “Judahites”, “Israelites”, “Hebrews”, etc. We encourage you to hold these Truths up to the Light of the WORD – and other properly researched information – so you will begin to understand.

        May our Heavenly Father bless you through the Holy Spirit for
        checking this out. Please pass on the information as much as

  3. An AI-generated image of an explosion at the U.S. Pentagon went around Twitter on the morning of May 22. The image was convincing enough that multiple breaking news accounts on Twitter tweeted it out, and as a result, the S&P 500 fell 30 points in mere minutes. Roughly $500 billion dollars.
    The market rebounded when it was proven the image was fake and A.I. created., but the damage was done – even if was just temporary., the overall reaction was serious., it did happen.
    – One image, A.I. created along with bad journalism bitched slapped the stock market to the tune of $500 billion dollars.., to me this sets a precedents [ “See what we can do!?”] and I expect a lot more “deep fake” shenanigans and very soon.
    – This will also ramp-up the talk on regulating A.I.., but I don’t see how they are going to do that with any kind of success.

  4. W. illingly
    O. ver looking
    K. nown
    E. vil


    Gotta give people a pat on the back for standing up against this crap …. Like this guy addressing a school board …

    And the shoppers at Target who give us a heads up to what’s in there …

    All kinda goes back to what Max Spiers said about taking over a planet. Hmm.

    Then I was thinking about those shots with the graphene (?) in them … chips and stuff … Kinda interesting to recall King Nebuchadnezzar‘s dream discussed in Daniel 2, which tells of 4 Kingdoms, Iron and Clay who get crushed because Iron and Clay don’t mix. Then God brings forth the new. So, be patient. This will pass.

    I think it’s great that many, many regular people are beginning to look out for themselves and side-stepping the bullshit. Looking for untainted food, researching necessary supplements for better health and are learning to heal through frequency and vibration and, tuning in to the electromagnetic field we live in. I’m pretty sure, that’s the correct course.

    Knowledge is Power, and we should be grateful for these blessings. So, don’t forget to pray and say, “Thanks for the knowledge and wisdom.” Heaven listens … and we have to do the footwork to reinventing ourselves … the potential is all around us.


    Oh yeah, I heard a quote that said, “Those who pay attention to nature are rich. Those who worry about what others think will never be rich.” ~ ?

    When you consider who worries the most about what the world thinks, those running the shit show might want to reflect and take a step back.

    Just sayin.

    • I agree that more of us regular people are taking in the big picture view from 30,000 feet. Looking from the big overview is our best hope for righting the ship… so let’s all stay tuned

      We have to overcome what the manipulative turds are doing when they operate out of their silos… sadly I’m fearful of what’s in those silos

      We should all be praying for peace for sure!

  5. I have Feb 2nd as the top of Wave 2 up [ on my Aggregate Index ] With this mornings pause in the market it places us around 470 points below that Feb 2nd high. We are over 3,000 point above the recent low set on Mar 13. ., and we have been sliding sideways since April. We are currently ‘stuck’.
    With fundamentals and charts be damned, the market is waiting for the next big news story. What ever rattles the market in the news category [ which can not be projected.] will show us if we are in a continuing Wave 2 up., or have started the Wave 3 down.
    In the mean time, all of us little monkeys are sitting under the market-tree waiting for something to shake all those bananas loose.
    – Boring !!
    – When is my next poker game ??

    • EXACTLY what we’ve been saying in the PN charts – having made the minimum Wave 2 as an abc we are free to fall but the fix is in so stand back!

      • Yellen announced yesterday that the Treasury is preparing a $900 billion dollar bond sale if the debt crisis isn’t resolve and we default on our debt. Who the hell in their right mind would even consider buying our government debt bonds if we just defaulted on our debt !? The stock market didn’t even blink.
        – I don’t know what the news will be., or from where – but something is going to move this market off of it’s complacent ass – and I think it’ll be rather soon.

        • RE: “Who the hell in their right mind would even consider buying our government debt bonds if we just defaulted on our debt !?”

          C-H-I-N-A, as in the PRC, the mainland. They’ll likely consider it a prudent investment in a future colony.

  6. You didn’t mention the alleged Nazi attack on the white house yesterday. Looks like it might have been a muzzie. Oh, nothing to see here, just saying.

  7. When the debt ceiling is raised it means the raising of debt doesn’t matter, inflationism. When the elections come we’ll hear ‘fiscal conservatives’ this’ing and that’ing.

    Today on the radio news some of the SS crowd were being interviewed, “I won’t be able to pay rent if the ceiling isn’t raised.” a lifelong of JIT money.

    I guess they blew the emergency fund Trump gave us. We need another round of stimmies, baby.

  8. “we wouldn’t be surprised to see $3.60 or even $3.65 soaked out of undisciplined drivers, “

    That almost makes me want to drive cross-country just for the fun of it…. Almost. Here in the islands we celebrate when ‘Regular’ cracks below $5.00/gal. I filled up the gas cans today for the weekend lawnmower races here. $4.99… woo hoo!

  9. I sat there., somewhat like a bored mushroom watching the boards.., the market had stalled out, some up a few, some down a few – but my other screen, showing the futures board was telling a different story.. I jumped in.
    Made just over 7% and got out roughly ten minutes before the close. NASDAQ100 down 1.25% for the day.
    – It was a good day, after-all.
    – Now for tomorrow……….,
    Bitcoin is back over $27K

  10. “A note from our back-up consigliere: Private Schools Spence, Brentwood Face Legal Action Over DEI – To which he adds:

    “But you will note how MSNBC headlines the story, characterizing, CRT as “anti-racist,” rather than being the racist POS that it is.”

    Which just spawned another “Rayism:”

    We should support sound “truth in advertising” principals, so from here on, I will refer to “CRT” as Critical Racism Theory and wish it understood by all, that should I ever use this acronym, Critical Racism Theory is my meaning. I suggest others consider this, as well…

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