China to Replay U.S. 1929 Role?

While not offering advice, I did mention to subscribers I’d gone short last Friday. Odd things happen in the long wave economic cycles.  Positions of power and influence change.  With it, nations rise – and as we fear out west – they can also fall.

This will leave the U.S. to reprise the role of Great Britain in the Great Depression, which they suffered, as well.  While it’s not time to put in a potato crop, start saving tires and winter clothing, it is important to have a “feel” for how overly dependent Globalism/ists have made America on least-cost manufacturing meccas.

Which is why this morning we are focused on where markets could be headed next.  When events we have been eyeing could turn into something Bigly/Hugely later this month.  Circle July 27th – Av 9 – and let’s see how it rolls.

We also offer timing congrats to The Economics Fractalist, as well.

Holiday memories are all we have for the next 61-days. Between Av 9 and China bond payments, we wonder what kind of “celebration” Labor Day might be.

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78 thoughts on “China to Replay U.S. 1929 Role?”

  1. I think the Britain analogy is of a lesser degree. Britain still had the U.S. and Hong Kong at their command, the Western currencies were still to be consolidated. Today is a different scene.

    China threatening to $ default is similar in strategy to what Trump did to the casino investors.

    The Googler says, “When you owe the bank a million, the bank owns you. When you owe the bank several billion, you own the bank. this is such a tired internet cliche.”

    China owes a cool Trilly. We need to know the current Federal Reserve multiplier. Where do we get this number? Once we have that number we can calculate the reverse multiplier.

    At the least a Trillion of hot money would have to come out of the markets to cover.

  2. Speaking on a pure probability & statistics basis, the chance the world will “end” on your watch (meaning, you, reading this) is fabulously low.

    Wars, pestilences, discord, depressions, large “die-offs,” and so forth are just part of global history. “Stuff happens,” is the dystopian motto.

    So chances are best that, warts ‘n all, “things” will con-tin-ue. It might get Real Ugly, but most likely, you will mostly all survive.

    Now, the question arises, “In what manner?” “How well — how comfortably?”

    I think Wisdom is to work on THAT.

    • “Speaking on a pure probability & statistics basis, the chance the world will “end” on your watch (meaning, you, reading this) is fabulously low.”

      I am always surprised that people expect a predicted event to be instant..
      I think about the rich man that committed suicide.. he felt hopeless because of loss of income.. it was my job to film the scene the letter his open checkbook..he felt as if life had ceased and it was hopeless..
      he had more than I would gross in two years working multiple jobs available..for him it was hopeless.. what a waste..he still was the man with the skills..he gave up..
      Greece.. elderly dumpster diving for food young women selling their bodies for a can of soup ..

      the odds will experience the changes being laid out.. after my few life experiences.. I realized the probabilities if them coming back are better than them not coming down..
      that is also one of the reasons why those that experienced the drama of the last depression had what they lacked in storage..ready for the next time..

    • on the topic of contempt prior to investigation. with instinct at a core, to seek a more pleasurable experiance.

      i disagee and i will give you an example.

      the flying of the pride flag. and all this gender talk. which makes me sick to my sromach that they want to openly be pedifiles and sex change children. california is passing a law to remove children from parents homes if they want to be a different gender than nature supplied them. that stuff enrages me inside. a child who is not developmentally able to watch a PG13 movie can have a sex change? its outragous.

      that being said, the rainbow is a signal of the calamity and cataclysim of the last aeon. ~ The Great Flood ~

      not just in the bible. but found in ancient scripts all over the world.

      same with the swastika’s resurfacing. one swastika spins one direction and the the other the opposit direction. both representing many things simutaiously. one being the north pole and one being the south pole. one being the fibonacci spiral and one being the krystal spiral. one takes live in and one gives it. both present. like the yin yang.

      and due to my own personal feelings on the subject stated above, i had not considered data the rainbow flying as flag signifies. it is a signal of the coming end.

      contrary to popular belief, the entire world operates on nautical law. that is the law of the planet. and flags are used as signals. all laws of countries find their root in nautical law. navagation of the stars on the planet.

      again, Flags are signals. as old as time itself, flags are signals.

      so instead of seeing for what it really is, a signal flag, i was ignoring its true meaning out of contempt. the flying of the pride flag is a signal of the end of the world as we know it.

      id rather ignore such indicators and catch lake bass. which i thouroughly enjoy. i have another day off work. do i go fishing or run trains? havent decided yet.

      a correction to what i wrote yesterday. it was a 2023 read eye hell cat -> challenger i was looking at, not a charger.

      for now, its a sunny day, and beautiful. i have an interview for another job in a different state. havent decided if i want to be there or not. they certainly want me there. and the price of copper is certainly not going down. mining copper? after phosphate… or take off and sell cars in palm springs. hmmmm. its good to have these kind of problems.

      when does it all end. not sure. but they are flying the flag, signaling to anyone capable of understanding it without bias, it is going to end soon.

    • maritime law, aka admiralty law aka nautical law. is the law of the planet. all country laws are subject to it.

      and now we have an Admiral that was a man and says he is a woman who has never fought in a naval excercise.

      flying a pride flag with a rainbow on it, which the rainbow marks the end of the last great cataclysm ->>> signals the coming cataclysm.

      all aincient songs and storys from my studies. -> start and end with the same verse.

      so it makes sense that a rainbow marked the end of the lasy great cataclysm and it signals the next great cataclysm.

      which many many ancient scripts say is ->>> fire.

      ahhh now i do i go fishing or drive trains one more day. i can call my boss and go back to work early or say fuck it and go drop a line in the deep and see what bites.

      hmmmm. arizona or california? both are in the desert. from the mountains to the desert. hmmm.

      • The passing of wandering Planet – “The Eye of Sound” -Arit-Khern.
        ..was the cause of the great flood, and said to be Universes’ response to enil-SETH’s’ murder of Sa-Am, Nuddimud, Grand Architect/ ENKI -Lord of KI –

        He who was and IS the FATHER .

        Today – 7-5-23 news out of Egypt – evidence proves Sphinx and Great Pyramid were submerged for 100’s of Years

        • Call the mf’ers at the Smythzonian – they buried the giant red-haired men of renoun

          Shouldn’t be too much harder to the evidence of submergence disappear.

        • Pre-sand Egypt

          Whatever Gurdjieff saw on the map of pre-sand Egypt, it took him directly to the Giza Plateau. He said he came “to find an explanation for the Sphinx and certain other monuments.” Now why an explanation? Even when Gurdjieff arrived, in 1895, the Sphinx was commonly thought to date from 2,500 B.C. If it was the Sphinx that Gurdjieff saw on the map—and what else could he have seen?—then that would mean that the Sphinx was a monument of pre-sand Egypt, a monument carved about 7,500 B.C. or earlier.

          Even in 1895 when Gurdjieff visited, it was widely accepted that the Sphinx had been carved around 2,500 B.C., its erosion caused by wind and sand. Others, such as the noted hermeticist and Egyptologist René Schwaller de Lubicz, believed the erosion was caused by water. Now when was there enough water to cause such erosion? Only in pre-sand, or prehistoric Egypt.

      • the good news is William, many in the world are confused these days but youband I and many who frequent Urban Suruvival are not among the confused.

        when i step back and look at things in the world as they are. not as i want them to be. see it for what it is.

        that is a mass distopia from reality. get the vaccine because its science coupled with you can be what ever sex you want anyone who says otherwise is a nazi coupled with support the Ukraine against russia because Russia is bad, the ukrain is good, all the while the ukrain soldiers wear nazi swastikas on their helmets that go the direction of the fibernaci spiral. which leads onward to a void. the kristal spiral moves outward creating life.

        the prevalance in our world to abstain from reality and check out to pick and choose whatever one wants to believe, ignoring even natrual selection law in prefrence to imganitative reality is what many people do once they are systematically mentally and emotionally broken. they check out, create a fantasy world as a coping mechanism. they suffer from stalkholm syndrome. their captors hecome their heros.

        we all know the vaccine is the equivilant of the jones town cool aide.

        i always work. i never turn down work. my entire life since i was 12 years old. if there was work and money to be made, i worked. i have today off without pay, approved as part of my vacation. i could go to work. because im back and there is work. its unquestionable for me to turn down work. i didnt miss work with a torn MCL. i worked a 16 hour day at the national cheerleader contest standing and walking with my knee swolen the size of a football, because i never miss work.

        today, im going to do something ive never done. im going fishing. i came down to the river and found a horse shoe there. nobody here but the birds, bees and fish and me.

        all my bills are paid and i have money. but i never have ever missed work when there was money to be made.

        for the first time in my adult life, im going to make a different choice. spend time with THE DUDE, a line in the water, a horse shoe and the birds and bees. in the sun with a slight breeze.

        feels good to make a different choice. who knows, maybe humamity will choose different this time too. we can always hope so.

        gone fishing. its what Jesus would do.

        • if he lived in an area he needed one. i have a lake in my backyard.

          its almost as big of ponder George as to why Christians like myself wear crosses instead of spears around their necks.

          since Jesus didnt die from the cross. He died at the end of a roman spear.

          ive been on a 2 hour ponder more than a few times as well.

        • i dont know why they dont have big roman spears in the front of the church. the theif on each side died from the cross. but Jesus, died at the end of a roman spear, while on a cross.

          i guess the Roman Catholics would like to breaze over that little part and blame it on the cross. yeah yeah we cant convert everyone over to serve the vatican with a roman spear at the front of the church now can we? plus crosses are easier to make than spears. i know i know. lets blame the jews!

          its the world we live in.

          the important thing is, Jesus didnt stay dead and he liked to fish. i can relate.

          see ya.

        • “Which got me off on a 2- hour ponder: Would Jesus get a fishing license?”


          He wouldn’t need to…

        • Would Jesus get a fishing license? IMHO, he might have refused, since he was living a natural life and the self-appointed “authorities” had no legitimate jurisdiction over fish lives. OTOH, he might have just done so to be left alone for more important activities, like continuing to fish and meditate in peace.

        • The Temu ads here amuse me! Much of the time, I have no idea what the product is or is supposed to be based on the images. If I click on them, sometimes I just get a wall of exception code, other times I get a random link somewhere in the Temu site, and other times I have a login screen to their site, even though I have no account there. As long as George gets his payment, it’s OK, but it is rather strange and funny.

        • “The Temu ads here amuse me! Much of the time, I have no idea what the product is or is supposed to be based on the images. ”

          I shop Temu Mike..I believe it is a cross between Alibaba and Amazon the sale items are just like G’s Ad’s… they get the searches you have and suggest accordingly.. it also does the apple thing of listening to back ground conversations and then suggesting ad’s..My grand daughter was the one to show me that part LOL laid the phone on the table and then talked about something utterly rediculous .. you can get just about anything there you want.. shipping dam fast shipping..
          and most of the companies are the same ones that I shop with on aliexpress..
          so far I haven’t been disappointed in what I have gotten or the cost of it..


    Thats pretty strange …what they only found cocaine no crack lol lol.. the pedo peters crack job kid staying and visiting hob knobbing with members of the elite at the state dinner.. and considering how the alphabet agencies have been non stop busy running errands…Seriously I wonder what evidence locker they took it closely as this is presently being watched they can’t afford any more trails back to the cartels ..
    I am curious as busy as they are covering these issues over. why did they decide to release the story at this time…. is there a plan to toss pedo peter and the perv kid under the bus after all…let cackling kammy take the reigns..
    So was it crack boys powder or are they going to blame someone in the secret service.. letting them take the fall..

    • The target audience of the description identify with terms like ‘cubby’ and ‘dime-sized’.

      “White House cocaine was found in a ‘dime-sized baggie’ inside a ‘cubby’ ”

      Is cocaine sold in “dime” sizes? Maybe crack. Now I wonder how much weight is in a dime of powder cocaine. The quote indicates a ‘baggie’. Would a dime of cocaine get lost in a baggie as opposed to a vile?

      Maybe it was a sack of cocaine the size of a weed dime.

      We need that Warren, MI COP to go knock some heads.

      Probably a fake story.

      • lol lol lol
        I will have took that term I obviously am out of the loop..I don’t even know what a dime bag is lol lol lol
        one thing i do addicts hide stash in cubbies and all sorts of places just in case they need some or someone has taken their stash.. then they have some to fall back on..and the alleged criminal perv has been spending a great deal of time in the west wing and at camp david.David.. as closely as the white house is monitored.. they’s on film.. 7nless it was in the o ly spot in the building that isn’t monitored..the personal office. then they’d still know who entered and how long they were in there..

        • “I don’t even know what a dime bag is”

          It’s the amount of a drug you can purchase for $10.

          For pot: When I was a kid, it was “two fingers” (of depth) in a “Baggie” sandwich bag. (When I was a kid, “pot” was Indiana ditch weed, 1.75-2.5% THC, grown in Lake County, just south of Chicago, and it grew in the drainage ditch of every county road in that County. Hippytypes from the left coast, Midwest, and South would make a pilgrimage to Lake County every year and pick the stuff by the garbage bag full.) When I got to college, it was Mexican “rag weed,” or it was Columbian redbud or goldbud. The Mexican measured out like ditch weed, but the Columbian stuff had enough T to actually get one stoned, so a dime bag of it was about a depth of an inch (in a Baggie.) By the time I left institutes of higher learning, and started makin’ music, weed had begun its THC escalation from ~3.5% to where it is today (some strains are in excess of 32%.)

          I’ve never heard of a “dime bag of cocaine.” Coke was sold by the lid — the amount of powder it took to barely create a thin layer in a jar lid (about 1/8oz.) A lid (or 8-ball) of coke was (and still is) ~$150, and is m/l enough blow to make 4 “lines.” What made crack so devastating is it was much cheaper than real coke, more potent, and also much more addictive. The first crack I ever saw was 3 rocks in a 2cc specimen vial being sold by a guy on a street corner in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1988, for $8.

          I have never heard of either crack or coke being measured or sold by the dime bag. Indeed, $10 worth of cocaine is probably not enough to get high on. Hunter did crack because it’s smoked or “cooked” in a spoon and mainlined, and it’s cheap. Real cocaine is snorted, or cut, dissolved in water and “cooked,” then injected, usually IM. I’d guess the bag was a “finger” — 1.25oz and about $1500 in the Biden’s circle, if it is actual cocaine (which it probably is, since it was identified as a “powder…”)

          “addicts hide stash in cubbies”

          This particular cubby is at the entrance to the west wing, and is guarded 24/7/365 by a uniformed Secret Service Agent. To stash something there, someone would have to distract the Agent, or wait ’till he took a potty break — and the corner where that cubby is located is one of very few publicly-accessible areas of the WH which is not under camera surveillance.

        • thanks Ray.. I had heard the term before but didn’t have a clue what it stood for..or what the weight and measurements were.
          now having been there.. getting past yhe guards even in the early seventies would have been a challenge..I am betting.. it was placed by an individual that is beyond questioning their actions.. say…like a presidents kid that everyone has been instructed to overlook any of their actions lol..
          marijuana should be legalized in my opinion.. the positive points on that one plant are so many and so vast that it outweighs the negative by far..instead of opiate pain medications I eat 1/2 a gummy before bed..and I use red menga kratom during the day..and I totally love acupuncturist is from China and he does a fantastic job.. who would have thought that would work.
          the first time I tried that I was skeptical..half said it didn’t work half said first time was with a doctor I worked with while she was going to school.. she said I would need at least 3 treatments before I would see results..I seen results right away…she retired and I found this young man from Beijing great guy proud to say he’s my Dr. and friend..

      • I doubt the information purveyors at the White House are ‘up’ on all the drug glossary. My bet is that they literally meant a small (tiny) ziplock baggie that is about the size of a dime. I’ve seen ’em.

        • “I doubt the information purveyors at the White House are ‘up’ on all the drug glossary.”


          they are on top of it… since we all already know that the perv is a drug addict.. and since it is to obvious if he goes out dealing with drug pushers.. and pimps.. since they have had to take over the job of getting the drugs and dealing with the pimps..unless he has cousins and sisters nieces etc.. to take care of his perversions.. that means either someone in the service of our alphabets has to take their place or get someone for him..
          they take it from some evidence locker..

        • Drug Slang Code Words
          May 2017

 Drug Slang Code Words.pdf

          Slang changed between 1980 and 2000; it has changed again between 2000 and now. I doubt definitions changed much. My suspicion is that more regional terms were simply added to the FBI’s street slang lexicon.

          $10 worth of cocaine is ¼ of a line. It will not pollute the brain of any adult for more than a few minutes, but its possession is still a felony…

    • Cackling Cameltoe is no more going to run things than SloJoe.
      We are in Barry’s third term. He is 8 blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue with his Pen and Phone, and all these embeds from his admin are doing his bidding not SloJoe. Trouble is SloJoe can’t articulate the policies and read the Cue Cards any more.

      • The “location” where the cocaine was found has changed three times. The latest place is near the Executive Entrance next to the Vice President’s parking spot…

        I’m starting to think this is a covert “threat” that’s being made to ensure lockstep compliance with whatever orders come down from “on high” (sic), and that whomever is being threatened, will know exactly what the message is, even if no one else ever does…

      • 7/5/23
        …” We are in Barry’s third term. He is 8 blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue with his Pen and Phone, and all these embeds from his admin are doing his bidding not SloJoe…
        Al, you have this exactly accurate. Butt Puppets every one of them. Myna birds of a feather and not a single functional brain in whole lot.

    • I’d like to know whose fingerprints are on it. Guessing they’ll throw a ss agent under the bus before allowing that deadbeat hunter to be engaged by evidence.

  4. I believe that the Long Wave economic cycle has been “disrupted”. I think that our leaps in technology and communication,, since the end of WWll has permanently altered the financial and economic cycles to the point that the Long Wave count can no longer be relied upon as an accurate measure., or an accurate time-line. Elliott Wave Count may now be a better measuring tool.
    – Of course, it could just be the bourbon talking.., as I had a very long conversation last night sitting out under the dog wood, next to the koi pond, with a bucket of ice and a bottle of Blantons Single Barrel. Feeling sorry for myself, I guess. Don’t know why though. I’m still here., I’m still standing. Well., a bit wobbly this morning., but you get the picture.
    – As I reminded myself last night, that I am the last surviving member of my Ranger Squad from Vietnam. I’d like to think that there is a reason for that – but damn if I know what it is. My predictive logic fails to devise an answer.
    – Gonna go work in the garden and sweat-off this malaise I find myself in. Then break my diet and have an emergency cheeseburger and Guinness.
    Have a good one………..,

      • Yeah – least we can do for one of the Last of the “Mohicans”…

        P,H&Prosperity !

    • “leaps in technology and communication,, since the end of WWll has permanently altered the financial and economic cycles to the point that the Long Wave count can no longer be relied upon as an accurate measure.”

      I don’t think it’s changed..what’s cha get is the drive to get the vast majority reliant on federal programs.. it’s all in adolphs seconds secret book..
      when I was making 2 dollars an was 45 milk was 50 cents eggs a quarter a candy bar was 10 cents and gas was 55 per gallon..a mansion that just sold for over a million was for sale then at 32 thousand..
      day care an expensive center charged 40 per week..linemen at the power company made 15 for someone with years of experience .nurses made under 4 an hour..cigarettes were 12 cents a pack.. electricity was under 5 dollars a month .gas was even cheaper .. heck in 2000 our water bill was still under 40 in summer and 15 in winter…water and sewer today runs shy house taxes I pay a month what G pays a year..
      what you have is a slew of people all living on federal programs and credit cards..
      if the velocity of cash slows down.. the nooe will pull apart..if to much is dumped it falls apart..
      give everyone that has African American blood in their ancestry five million then you’ll see price adjust accordingly..
      the only change is the perception and open plastic dries up.. and credit all will escalate in what would seem an overnight event. even faster than the alphabets covering over the satanic pedo groups or the thousands of emails on an illegal server.. or the laptop from hell..

    • Hi, George,

      I wish to tell Mr. d’Lynn that it was likely ordained that he be the last of his Ranger Unit from the Viet Nam War. Don’t know the reason, but he could voice record or write down all about his group of amazing guys for others to read about their exploits accomplished against great odds. I wonder if he knew Stephen Bayliss, a friend of mine who was also a Ranger in Viet Nam. Blessings to him and prayers for healing.

      I also commend him for his excellent choice in adult beverages. Sounded wonderful.

      • unfortunately.. im pretty dure there’s a lot that he cannot discuss..
        I have a family member that is a decorated ranger from the many missions they were on.
        which he cannot discuss..
        on one the opposing side did exactly what Ukrainians are doing by sending out children..that really had emotional ties.. since his kids were about the same age..
        I never asked if he has ptsd..from it..
        then on another if the gentlemen I’ve had live in my spare bedroom was a D day survivor and one of the liberating forces of Auschwitz prison camp.. none of the college kids in a group researching it had any questions.. I have a diary with pictures of a farmer that was asked to teach the farmers of Russia before the fall of the czar.. no one cares about tgat either.

    • “I believe that the Long Wave economic cycle has been “disrupted”. I think that our leaps in technology and communication,, since the end of WWll has permanently altered the financial and economic cycles to the point that the Long Wave count can no longer be relied upon as an accurate measure., or an accurate time-line.”

      I have contemplated that issue for several decades now … did a LOT of research on the issues of “Cycles” back before I read any of the so called “Professional Literature”, by looking at raw data going back several hundred years, and in the process came up with my own theories, which resulted in accurate future projections.

      What I concluded is that overall the Long Wave is driven by something beyond man. It is driven by something in the cosmos that we don’t yet understand … that pushes humans to react, as a group, on a cyclical basis in many different realms from markets to conflicts.

      My LW research, which I always called Cycles Research, showed a HUGE distortion in the economic cycle that was caused by the Civil War … but by 1875 the economic parts of the LW cycles were back in sync as if the War had never occurred … economies were moving as they had for the last several hundred year, on the same EXACT timing schedule. There was an economic distortion in the Economic Cycle caused by the Civil War … but 10 years after it ended it was as if it never occured.

      I have NO explanation as to what the master clock is that runs the cycles, just that it does exist, and is NON human driven.

      Not only do those cycles exist but I concluded that they can be predicted with some fairly precise accuracy 30, or even 50 years in advance. (most likely longer but I will not be around long enough to see if my projections going out 100 years will prove to be accurate).

      For now, based upon my work from long ago, I am more concerned with War than with Economics, the War Cycles part of my long ago research.

      During the 1940’s even the richest Jewish people of targeted parts of Europe went to the death camps … success on the money front did not save them. For me that is a clear indication that War concerns should be MORE important to most average people than economic concerns when the cycles move into their War phase, which they are in the process of doing.

      MOST are clueless about the fact that War, serious BIG WAR, may be on the close horizon (not those here, but those here are unusual people, not the typical sheeple). Societies, per my long ago Cycles work, are on the edge of a major upheaval, driven by War, that will change the World as we currently know it.

      That is what my Cycles work long ago indicated.

      Hopefully, although that War Cycles work has been 100% accurate so far as to how the board would be set up for the BIG conflict, it will FAIL at the end.

      Fingers crossed that my model will now fail … but if it remains on track then those in charge will continue to play their pre-written scripts, like good Shakespearian Actors, and take us down the road of massive destruction that is written into the script starting in the near future, VERY near future (and it will NOT be over quickly … think 9 years, and for the overall society/political change it will most likely take 3 cycles of 9 years each – ending about 2050, with the potential of other BIG wars as we go through each of those 9 year cycles).

      Personal Survival, if my model remains on track, will be more dependent upon LUCK than anything else, at least for those outside of the most likely target areas, same as in any War. In addition Personal Flexibility in thought, and actions, will be necessary imo, in order to survive.

      If the past is any guide NEW ways to kill masses of people will be employed, like they have been every time a major societal changing War has occurred. (my original model called for genetically targeted diseases to be a HUGE killer for this War; did we see the outline of that with the research done by the NIH through the Wuhan Institute of Virology with Covid?). As always with huge wars famine will be a large dynamic, as will just general diseases and pandemics. Remember throughout history MORE people have died from famine and disease during War than from the violence of the War itself. No reason to believe that dynamic has changed … though with genetically targeted diseases that are now possible to be “designed” that “may” be different if this War does occur.

      PRAY the conflict can be avoided.

      • “a HUGE distortion in the economic cycle that was caused by the Civil War … ”

        The CW ended economic freedom. After the CW the entire world was pretty much platted and entered into the property tax system. All systems are managed.

        Maybe the K-Wave was defeated.

      • “…Fingers crossed that my model will now fail … but if it remains on track then those in charge will continue to play their pre-written scripts, like good Shakespearian Actors, and take us down the road of massive destruction that is written into the script starting in the near future, VERY near future…”

        “VERY near future” = next 18 months (NOT next 8 weeks – models made 40 years in advance can’t be that precise)

        In addition just a reminder that people may forget because of the history of recent Wars. Wars do NOT always start FULL BORE from the first day. Often, probably usually, Wars begin in a limited manner and only later do they grow into a FULL BORE conflict.

        WW2 started that way for most combatants, even if for the US it started FULL BORE … but remember it had already been going on for FOUR YEARS and HALF YEARS before the US was drug into it (1937 Chinese invasion of China).

        Ditto with Europe in WW2. The invasion of Poland took place in the summer of 1939 … but nothing happened directly with France, the Low Countries, or Great Britain (outside of Poland) until many months later, May of 1940.

    • This might have something to do with the skewing… A quick blurb about how 4 companies managing nearly all 401(k) accounts are slowly taking influencing control of Wall Street.

      “…That’s helped usher in a fundamental change to the investing landscape: Power on Wall Street has consolidated among the four largest asset managers of these plans — BlackRock (BLK), Vanguard Group, Fidelity Investments and State Street Global Advisors (STT).

      What’s happening: Vanguard’s annual report on its five million 401(k) clients shows that participation in the plan has reached an all-time high.

      That comes as more employers automatically enroll workers into these plans. The adoption of automatic enrollment has more than tripled since the end of 2007, said Vanguard.

      Participation is likely to continue to skyrocket in 2023 as the SECURE Act 2.0 goes into effect. The bill, signed into law late last year, requires employers to automatically enroll all eligible workers into their retirement plans at a savings rate of 3% of salary.

      “For many American workers, the funds that they have to invest are largely through their retirement plan,” said Dave Stinnett, head of strategic retirement consulting at Vanguard.

      A quick history: Retirement savings in the United States were long thought of as a three-legged stool. Americans had pension plans, Social Security benefits, and their own savings through plans like the 401(k). Not any more.

      Pension plans are nearly extinct. About half of private sector workers were covered by those so-called defined-benefit plans in the mid-1980s, but by 2021 only 15% of private sector workers had them.

      Social Security payments still provide about 90% of income for a quarter of older adults, according to Social Security Agency surveys. But the Social Security trust fund is facing a 75-year deficit, and without intervention it will be depleted by the mid-2030s. Lawmakers have faced a decades-long political stalemate on how to fix it.

      What’s left is the 401(k), which 68% of private industry workers have access to.

      How big is big: Vanguard’s report shows increasing sums of money are being invested in funds meant to grow retirement savings over a specific period of time. Those funds tend to be controlled by large asset managers.

      And for large, read massive. Blackrock has about $9 trillion under management. Vanguard has $7.2 trillion. Fidelity has $4.2 trillion and State Street has $3.5 trillion. Together, these four companies manage assets worth 65% of the combined value of the shares in the S&P 500.
      This might have something to do with the skewing…

      Vanguard is the number one owner of two-thirds of S&P 500 stocks, according to an Investor’s Business Daily analysis.

      That’s expected to grow as 401(k)s become the primary tool for retirement saving. Research by the Boston University School of Law shows that these companies could control more than 40% of all shareholder votes in the S&P 500 within the next twenty years.

      • Remember the names…

        These four typically acquire a controlling interest in a corporation (no, that’s not 50% + a share. Sometimes it is as little as 10-10.5%), then do with it as they please. They don’t have to own the corporation — only its Board of Directors…

      • It seems that those four are pushing the stupid ESG and DEI agendas, even to the point of destroying companies such as Target and Budweiser. There’s obviously a reason, though we’re not privy to it. Logically, those investment companies would want to see their companies grow in value and stock price. There’s an unknown and unstated agenda, and that’s always dangerous for the investors.

        • “It seems that those four are pushing the stupid ESG and DEI agendas”

          They are. The end game for them is virtually unlimited power as the co-rulers in a worldwide fascist, dystopian empire.

          BTW, “DEI” is a mis-aligned anagram. The correct alignment is “DIE,” and it is straight out of Mao’s little red book. It was created by a communist college perfesser who thought he was being clever…

  5. Turn the Library into a billiard room you need an
    “8 Ball”
    An 8 ball is a slang term that refers to approximately 3.5 grams of an illegal drug, mostly cocaine.034 It is a relatively small quantity of the drug and is often used by drug dealers or those involved in the use and trade of cocaine.

    Lets play Clue with a cue ball,
    Was Mr Bastard Maker with a candlestick (Bic) in the
    room ?
    come on give me a Q will ya,,, calling Col, Mustard,, do the balls look like a rainbows with their multi-colors, as the white house moved a rainbow flag to the position of importance ahead of our Stars and Stripes with the approval of a U.N.elected resident, we have a belligerent occupation the White House,
    We the People are in a war, while we are sleeping,
    Virgins with no oil for our lamps.(metaphor for no ‘Light’)
    Blind , unable to see their way

    The Battle of/for D.C. :now where did I leave that DoD Manual of War,,, was it in the Library?

    If the Other brother was a cocaine user with that ‘coke’ he would be in the state pen
    Did the brother Ure ever drive a Porsche that fast,,, while hitting the crack pipe and video it? thee or me, we need a faster gear to catch the wheels of JustUs vs Justice.

    • I am sorry but most of us already know that the laws don’t usually apply to members of that social class..
      they usually get a seat belt warning or some other misdemeanor and walk away.
      it isn’t even a secret. just a fact of life..
      I read the biography of one billionaire that openly made the comment that he could go out and shoot 34 people publicly before anyone would even suggest he maybe shouldn’t do that..
      hunter and his demented perverted videos of family members even an ex presidents under aged daughter thousands of photos of pedophilia..varieties of suggested high crimes.. drug abuse and gun violations etc. a list of alleged crimes and millions of dollars never claimed from foreign governments.. all wiped clean..he can even carry a gun that they are feverishly trying to make illegal..
      I truly doubt that anyone expected anything to actually come of it..hell congress didn’t even say anything until campaign season..
      there have been thousands of academic studies written on the legalization of crime in upper social classes by almost every college world wide.. those that were to give testimony if they can’t be bought off die mysteriously..or vanish..those investigating the alleged crimes fired or imprisoned.
      two years from now no one will even remember..if global nuclear event erupted..then it will be a story passed around the campfires of the surviving members of civilization..

      • It helps to have a perspective, LOOB; what we do matters, yes, it does, but to a point.

        IF that point is reached and we expire, we are reborn and we get to set against the problem once again, until we no longer come back to solve a thing.

        Perspective: Through a glass darkly.

        It’s all gonna be okay, one way or the other.

    • Think that Americano “Just Andy” did..while snorting some lines of blow off some hot chicks ass!
      No not our S70 OkHotChik -Heavy Drone..ya know the one invisible to nato that flies “Swarmed” to SU-47 and other S70’s ?

      Now where did we leave those nuclear mole torpedoes?
      ..Yanks see where Ure Congress dropped restrictions on Wagner pre/during FF op?
      what bullion?

  6. Hey George

    I do a lot of reading and Urbansurvival is my favorite. Been reading your page for 20 years. Always fascinating.

    And, I come across things like this …

    “The U.S. Bankruptcy Act of 1933, especially Section 101(11) declares that the American People are the Creditors of the Nation, and the
    “United States” as the Debtor.
    This act established that the signatures of Americans are to be used as credit, and the “State” franchises of the United States of America, Inc., doing business as
    “United States”, or State of c Oregon” and so forth… and their Trustees, doing business as Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, custodian of Alien Property, Comptroller of the Currency, and so forth, were to discharge all debts of Americans and of America.
    HJR 192 is the Remedy!
    This is the Commercial Remedy that the perpetrators of fraud were required to create to make their confiscation of private gold and hypothecated titles to private lands and business holdings “legal.”
    We have been wronged and injured and abused by those obligated to act as our Trustees. We are all equally entitled to this Remedy, which is for the government corporation to literally pre-pay all debts owed by the foreign situs trusts (our Cestui Que Vie Trusts) created to cause our bodies to stand as surety for the liabilities (currency) that the United© States of America, Inc. creates out of thin air and places around our neck
    like yokes upon oxen.”

    Ok …

    So, back in 1929/30 we had the Great Depression as a (Country) but, since 1933 we have been a “corporation.” I’m sure there is a (difference) between the two. I’m wondering if/how that effects the present situation.

    We’ve been waiting on an economic collapse for years … we get to the threshold and like MAGIC, we pop back up to give more time. We should have fell several years ago but, here we are. Still crawling. Is it because we’re incorporated?

    I honestly don’t believe too much … unless it comes from your keyboard.

    I’ve know what happened with the Fed in 1913 but this Corporation stuff is new to me.

    Got any clarification about all this?

    • We r OWNED-Enslaved by the Big Banks, PB.
      They pay the retired .mil guys – “contractors”..for the f-ed up social distrotion ops.around the globe..its global.. they launder all drug $$$$-always have..

      ..USA keeps going bankrupt, each time Citizens lose moar Rights as “backheads’ increase the yolk agreements that must be carried by and on the People..4 now. Wonder why ANYONE would trust the US govmint wit their money – Just observe what they are doing to it ..mmt =FMTT!

      Its ALL Fake 100% of time

      *There are BONDS with Ure SS# as Cusip..traded by ???

      Perhaps someone (lurking) is enlightened enough to share and discourse regards TP’sTB and the “baby”.

      * ALL of It is about to go Tits Up, or swirling Down, take Ure pick -it dont matta.

      Human Emotions/Good Nature – have been and Are being ABUSED Daily by the Non-Humans, and We dont even REALIZE IT..yet.

  7. re: news black hole forming
    feat. little bang shockwaves


    Almost four hundred and twenty years ago two competing public trading companies were granted Letters Patent by James I to colonize the New World.

    Presently it’s looking like Meta and Google missed the memo on who rules the world. The executive director of programs and standards at CBC News today revealed that his Instagram account is now blocked by Meta from receiving Canadian news. He posted a screen grab of the US titan’s dispute with the government of Canada. The writer went on to offer the many direct links to CBC programming which don’t require social media intermediation.

    Let’s join DJ George at the labor omnia vincit (work conquers all) studio where anything can happen. Beethoven never goes out of style while with bridges we cross to the blues. Here’s a Letterman clip courtesy of an Alphabet subsidiary.

  8. “While it’s not time to put in a potato crop, start saving tires and winter clothing,…”
    If you are serious about war preps, then you should be laying in a stock of bicycle tires and cold weather gear, along with other non-electrics. We live in a world of centralized energy distribution and EMP’s. It doesn’t take a war college grad to figure out what will be targeted in even a limited engagement.

  9. “But fireworks claimed victims, too: Fireworks explosion kills 1, injures 9 others in west Michigan.”

    This was in Holland, which is a lovely city in Ottawa County, and m/l on the banks of Lake Michigan. Also in the writeup for this:

    “To the south of Ottawa County, in neighboring Allegan County, celebrations at the city of Allegan’s July 3 Jubilee were interrupted by an errant firework being launched into a crowd of spectators at the event”

    How the hell does a commercial firework, (presumably a mortar), discharged by a professional pyrotechnician, get launched into the crowd?

      • “I personally won’t buy explosives”

        I made my own for several years. You learn if you want red, you use strontium nitrate, green, barium nitrate, etc., if you want a slow “push” into the air you use a potassium nitrate based explosive (gun or blasting powders), if you want a “fast chuck” you use potassium chlorate (flash powder or quickmatch), and you use potassium chlorate for the oxidizer for any aerial explosion (like when that burning “cake” explodes into a red/white/blue star.)

        Once I got to be about 17 or 18, making fireworks became too laborious so I just bought stuff, but I still (sorta) remember how. Handling the explosives isn’t dangerous, because you wet everything to mold it into shape, then dry it for months before use. Danger comes from using thin or cheap materials for mortars, or for bodies for rockets & Roman candles, or not using enough clay-pack to seal tube ends. I’ve always overengineered, so this was never an issue. Making them was a PITA because the stuff you made this year, you didn’t get to shoot until next year, and combining the ingredients could be dangerous until you added the water.

        When I think of all the stuff I got away with as a child, that’d get me thrown in the hoosegow now, sometimes it boggles my mind. There were three different hardware stores within biking distince where I could have walked in and bought dynamite and caps over the counter. Making your own fireworks or explosives was no big deal. Now, all this stuff will likely get you a hard 20 at Leavenworth…

    • Oh and if it wasn’t so dry.. I’d buy lanterns to.. do it right and a glo-stick can make the journey to lol.
      no one gets hurt type
      I was tempted to bring out the corn canon and mach some puffed rice or the extruder to make peanut flips..
      This one below and above looks like mine..
      I gave out little ones to boil rice or soak it overnight.. dry it then put it in the pressure cooker.. the little ones you only put a spoon full of grain..
      peanut flips you use corn meal for the puffs..
      I had thought the town parade coming up I would set up a booth and give snacks out for the softball game.. but that won’t work.. they wanted me to get a permit from the health department which I understand.. just can’t afford that to give the curls etc away..
      I don’t have one of these.. the wife would shoot me if I bought one lol..

  10. So many good comments here today and hell I wish I was there with you last night d’Lynn, although I prefer Scotch. Would love to hear your Vietnam stories. I have a few of my own, dodging insurrections in Africa but nothing close to the hell you must have gone through.

    I too, look like I will be the last man standing of my group of old farts. Three dead, one locked in an Alzheimer’s ward and the other losing physical health rapidly. Why me? I guess maybe because I have followed a lot of George’s health suggestions and read his book Packing to Die. Changed my whole perspective of life …….. or maybe I’m just lucky.

    Not sure who are the lucky ones these days. The group on this site who see clearly what is coming or the one’s trenched in “normalcy bias” who go their way and don’t give it a second thought. The signs are everywhere but most can’t read.

    Ravel’s Bolero keeps playing in my head.

    • “Why me? ”

      Phew.. big question.. and one that I ask myself all the time.. we read in the bible and in other philosophies that man has purpose…
      He created people out of love for the purpose of sharing love. People were created to love God and each other. Additionally, when God created people, he gave them good work to do so that they might experience God’s goodness and reflect his image in the way they care for the world and for each other.
      In Confucianism man is the center of the universe: man cannot live alone, but with other human beings. For human beings, the ultimate goal is individual happiness. The necessary condition to achieve happiness is through peace.
      The purpose of human beings is then to live life according to the Tao, which requires passivity, calmness and non-strife, known by Taoists as ‘Wu Wei’
      Jesus Christ was a vagabond that wondered the earth without any real job or goal . Homeless penniless.. his only purpose was to heal and teach..
      there have been many many times in my life that I should never have survived.. I seen those days as learning experiences.. where I finally found my purpose in life was to help others .. because someone helped me.. that opened my eyes.. and I swore I wouldn’t ever forget where I had been..
      some see life as the old saying the one who dies with the most numbers or toys is the winner..
      were we born just because someone was horney.. or is this truly all there is.. a number on a sheet of paper.. I found my purpose and was satisfied with what I was able to do and be.. the one to give a hand up when someone was at their weakest.. in the end we all go out the same way we came in..
      I like most don’t have the funds to make any dramatic changes anywhere.. I have ideals and idea’s on how to fix things.. unfortunately these thoughts are not in the business models favor.. you all have heard it.. greenscape cities put co2 filters on every city lampost to compensate for our expansion… and elimination of trees.. and to put solar towers starting at the furthest point of the power transmission lines and work back to the power plant at every sub station.. put up airwells in arid and desert areas.. I can make and do a lot of things.. worked so many part time jobs and day labor that i cannot even begin to give you a number of how many..
      so we read stories of the worthless eaters.. but which one is the worthless eater.. the man that grows food.. the one that builds or repairs cars.. the guy sitting behind a dest shuffling papers back and forth across his dest.. for what purpose..
      to teach or try to make a difference.. what wakes a person up.. for me it was severe adversity and poverty.. for another it was a little girl whispering.. jesus loves me..
      is it grinding eighteen gears.. or is it the ability to see reason when nothing is reasonable and giving another the hope that the DUDE is alive and listening.. and will be there for you..
      each person on the face of the earth.. is an achievement to themselves.. the master of their universe.. each has skills and abilities to share on their lifes experiences… it isn’t a number it isn’t a thing.. it is their being..
      we have a small sign on the doorway for the grandkids to read.. every day… what did you do for someone today..
      on the computer says did you listen to someones story today..
      Did you do what you were asked to do..
      there is another one around here.. but I don’t see it in front of me..
      so what is our goal on earth.. to consume or be proactive

  11. George
    I should have asked this question the other day when you were expounding on radios.
    As my gig is Automation mainly and not radios I need your opinion on an HF antenna dipole subject.
    I want to put up a dipole for a Ham station.
    I am unfortunately low on coin but rich in wire. Many years ago a dump truck knocked down about 300 feet of telephone wire in front of some rural property I own.
    The telephone company came out and replaced the wire with a new run and left the old wire in my front yard. They never came back to dispose of it. So I scooped it up and saved it. This wire is about 14 gauge solid with a very very thick insulation. Wire plus insulation is about 3/8 inch thick.
    Question: Does insulation this thick cause a problem with HF reception and transmission? Would this wire work well for a dipole antenna?
    KF5MAG hoping for a reply.

    • All wire is created equal EXCEPT when it’s not.
      Thin wire (#20 and smaller) will not work as well for transmitting as high power levels. Because when TRANSMITTING there arise “current nodes” along the antenna. Thus restricting energy a bit. For this reason (running high power) I will never use anything smaller than #14. Notice the rule does not work on receive – when the current figure along with voltages have “micro” in front of them.
      As to height above Earth? On RECEIVE antennas there’s almost no difference. In Transmit, there is – because the ground forms a useful part of the circuit. On Transmit, higher is generally better except for near vertical incidence skywave (NVIS) where close to the ground is fine. IoW, the “reciprocal” theory of antenna performance – between xmt and rcv – breaks down a bit.
      Since we admire simplicity (and are lazy), you should look into a LOG (Loop On Ground) antenna described here.

  12. Ponder for tomorrow:

    What if the cocaine really was “drug dropped” in the WH, but the intended recipient was not Hunter, but Joe? Could his brains being blown out on drugs explain some of his more pronounced “issues…?”

    • Cocaine may actually account for Slo Joe actually looking more animated on occasion. It seems that he was more decrepit at the beginning of his “presidency”. I try not to look at him(he’s rather disgusting), so I could be wrong.

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