Celebration Day & ShopTalk Tuesday

Celebrate while you can.

Financial markets are closed today in faux Americana. But they’ll be along tomorrow. In the meantime, the Big Predicament has not changed.

Let’s begin with the Labor and Income ledger.  Raise your hand if you are making more – on a real purchasing power parity basis – than you were a year ago.  Or, has that nonexistent inflation gobbled up any small increase in after-tax take home?

At the close of the short trading session Monday, our Peoplenomics Aggregate Index stood at 38,001.81.  To put that in perspective, when the markets (and cryptos) peaked November 8,, 2021, the Aggregate was up at 41,953.86.  Forty-tw0 into thirty-eight? Still roughly 10-percent shy of breaking even.

Pardon a Ron Popiel moment.  “But Wait!  There’s More!

Experiential Economics doesn’t mention the underlying inflation rate. Which means, even though you may still have 90 percent of your “paper assets” of two-years ago, there’s the matter of two years of 5.7 percent inflation compounding.  (11.72 some percent.)

Paper assets, it could be argued, retain about 81-percent of their purchasing power compared with the all-time high.

“But Wait, There’s More!”

There are two bigger pictures to hold in your thinking here.  The first being how long wave cyclical economics works.  While you’re welcome to be skeptical of Nicholas Kondratiev (né Kondratieff) it’s hard to piss on Clément Juglar’s work.

“He was one of the first to develop an economic theory of business cycles.” reminds Wikipedia.

“He identified the fixed investment cycle of six to ten years that is now associated with his name. Within the Juglar cycle one can observe oscillations of investments into fixed capital and not just changes in the level of employment of the fixed capital (and respective changes in inventories), as is observed with respect to Kitchin cycles.”

It occurs to us that two Juglar Cycles is a very useful metric for comparing decade (and longer) periods of economic expansion.

1919 to 2023 comparison of an Aggregated market measure.
We use a combination of markets to calculate the Aggregate because the Dow doesnt reflect the same breadth of activity it did in the 1920s

American liberal economists are absolutely in love with MMT (modern monetary theory) which is the non-Mugabe labeled “Making Up Money” which is behind the massive fail of Venezuela more recently.  I keep a few trillion in Zimbabwe special agricultural notes on the wall to remind me how this works.

In the end?  Only the market matters, so going into the period of head, plenty of reason why economics is the “dismal science.”

As you look at this, remember R.N. Elliott’s work (plus Prechter and Frost): Markets advance in 3 or 5-wave moments.

2023 Market waveform
If RN Elliotts work holds Wave 2 should turn into a Wave 3 down or larger degree shortly

Since we “walked the line” from the Friday high, and I’m short the market now, it will be instructive to see how coming weeks evolve.  Still, we never play with “money we can’t afford to lose.”  Pappy didn’t raise no fool.  And I don’t trust Stephanie Kelton’s very Marxist sounding “The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy” one bit.

In the “normal” read of such things, our Aggregate could rally as high as 39,585.  Just remember we are  265-days into Wave 2 Euphoria.  At the tops of Wave 2’s, that’s to be expected.  But fade the hype of a New Bull Market until we’re at least 10-percent above 2021’s high.

Other Dawns, Other Con’s

Speaking fools and their gold soon parting:  Bitcoin has clawed back over $31,000.  Not to be a gdog-in-the-manger here, but am I the only one who looks at settlement times?

A couple of weeks back (getting little mainstream notice): Bitcoin Policy Institute Rejects Science Behind ‘Limited Adoption Problem – InsideBitcoins.com.

We continue to believe that either BTC has gone up because of government funding of Wagner Group flip-flops on Moscow (“show me the money!”) OR: CME plans to introduce ethereum-to-bitcoin ratio futures end-July.

Ya’ll come jump in the pool – room for all the fools in the world…”

Yet even now, peels of distant thunder are heard in Rich crypto traders to face IRS scrutiny after judge rules against Kraken.

Jumping continues.


(It’s a word now; I just added it to my dictionary…)

Ah.  The Biblical bittering of “the waters” is on schedule: Japan Discharge of Fukushima Radioactive Water Into Pacific Gets Green Light – WSJ

Starting a new “Joe Blow” file: Secret Service investigating suspicious substance found in White House.  Some “lines of defense?”

No let-up in attacks on recent US Supreme Court decisions: Legitimacy of ‘customer’ in Supreme Court gay rights case raises ethical and legal flags | AP News

And, if you missed the X-Files reruns (or Skinwalker) Italian researcher shares evidence files of secret ‘first’ UFO crash in Italy.  Went to U.S. forces, huh?

Around the Ranch: Holiday Chores

The major “chores” around here?

  1. Get the prime rib out of the fridge to come up to room temp. 10 AM.
  2. Roast in at 3 PM.
  3. 3:01 PM:  Mix V-8, hot sauces, and two shots of clear flammable liquids into a bloody something-or-other.

Elaine likes the Bloody Cesar (with gin) while I’m still agnostic, however drawiug the line at Jim Beam and tomato juice.  That’s just sacrilege.

Woo-Woo: Mercury Nearing

Spent literally all day Monday working on the computer at the electronics workstation.  It’s an older (recycled) Win 10 machine.  Needed for a USB oscilloscope and SDR spectrum analyzer, etc.

After uncountable updates to the OS I finally got the latest and greatest Logi Optimum+ and mouse/keyboard drivers installed.  Right out of the box MK270 mouse and keyboard WOULD NOT WORK.  Everything went by the book until the “cycle the device” part pairing.   Here, the Unifying receiver reported the keyboard was “Not a supported device.”

So? Ure always has backups for everything.  Got out a brand new Amazon Basics wireless KB/Mouse.  Keyboard was fine but I got the 1-in-10,000 mouse with a manufacturing defect. Took the wired mouse off the CNC workstation’s computer and now using that.  New mouse is on the way.

Which is all minutia until I get to the point.  I’ve told you in the past that Mercury Going Retrograde is a very real thingMercury Retrograde Dates 2023 | What Is Mercury Retrograde? | The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Normally, I don’t have persistent/pernicious issues like this except for a period 3-4 weeks ahead of Mercury going retrograde.  August 23rd is when we go “retro” next.

What’s interesting is that my “hot zone” ahead of retrograde is seven weeks from now, not the expected 3-4 weeks.  Which gets me thinking there may be something out my “Retrograde Offset” (everyone has one) is either really changing, or this will be an exceptionally bad retrograde.

Sure hoping it’s not this…

ATS-25 Antennas

It occurred to me I didn’t give you enough “starting points” in Sunday’s ShopTalk on the HF radio (ATS-25) to master antenna considerations.  Here is a small collection of antennas to consider and some discussion on each.

1. Plain Wire of any length between 6-feet and 100 feet.

This will work inside the house, laying on the floor, but very poorly if your home has aluminum faced insulation and/or a metal roof.  There’s a belief that “higher is better” but this applies less so pm HF bands.  But height above average terrain (HAAT) rules the world from about 12-meters up. Longer is better…

2. And Even Longer Wire down low.  One reason to use an even longer wire, down low, is that even unterminated (some other day) a long low wire will have low noise and be slightly directional.

We have a couple of down-low Beverage Antennas here for receiving. About 300-feet of twin lead each.  Terminated by an imperfect ground at the far end, the antenna isn’t louder, but the signal to noise ratio is better.  For home use?  Total overkill.

3. Vertical Antenna.  Something 33-60 feet (even at a high angle up) works great.

Antennas are subject to “polarization.”  On HF (above roughly 5 MHz) a vertical wire antenna is popular for transmitting.  Let’s look at the elevation pattern for a 33-foot piece of irrigation pipe that I used while still in high school.  Think of the antenna going up and down and you’re standing off to the side:

Energy lobes of vertical antenna
Antennas transmit and receive obey the Law of Reciprocity Gains on transmit benefit received signals on the same frequency

Verticals have some major drawbacks, not the least of which is they have a higher noise floor than a comparable gain antenna horizontally polarized.  Noise (HF) tends a bit more to be vertically polarized.  Which is why purists  often use a horizontal “beam” antenna.  The Major – my pal of 71-years – likes a “quad” antenna.  They’re a great choice if you have a tower, rotator, and an (ahem) erection crew.  Not a popular choice with the Condo Nazis in the HOAs.

4. Loop antennas.  These are reasonably easy to find or make.  Depending on your maker genetics and time constraints.

5. Variations and Assortments.  An article at Longwire antenna | The SWLing Post will cover more than we can here, but one more fine point of installation.

Basics of Common Mode Noise

Most people use coaxial cable to lead from the antenna feedpoint into their “shack.”

Problem is common mode noise.  Which tends to be local noise from electronics in the home.

A good shortwave receiving station ought to have a good “radio ground” system. One, or more, grounding rods tied together with heavy copper wire.  The outer part of the coax is connected to the ground system via the most direct route.

Now, let’s get rid of the local noise on signals.  (Some of which I covered in Ham Radio Safety Chokes here.)

Not only do you need the radio end grounded, but if the top is open circuit (as most simple dipole antennas are), you can still get “common mode noise” induced on coax from the open circuit end.

This is one reason why hams are so nuts for Baluns.  Devices which match balanced antennas to unbalanced feedlines, and such.  Proper Baluns provide a DC short to noise.  With both ends of the feedline shorted to ground, the common mode noise is reduced.

You may wish to add a 9:1 receiving balun to your HF antenna kit.  Something like this $15-dollar unit on Amazon.

This doesn’t mean all noise going away, it just works on the feedline part.  You will still hear local noise sources – but at reduced amp0litude.

There are some ways to reduce noise further.  Such active measures include noise phasing equipment. Such as the recently arriving Chinese-made QRM eliminators which go for $50-ish on Amazon.

Neat little device:  It uses a “noise sense” antenna which is then amplified and phased to offset locally generated noise.  This kind of unit has come and gone around hear over the years.  At one time in my life, a competition grade tube receiver and even more knobs to twist was the cat’s meow.  Lately, depressing the DSP key has a similar effect with less wrist strain!

There – between the prime rib, drinks, radio projects, and pondering the charts, it’s beginning to look like another too short holiday weekend.

Have fun, don’t drink and drive, and write when you get rich,


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  1. Happy 4th everyone. Take a moment today and remember those who fought for what we have. Freedom isn’t free.
    Stay safe. 73

  2. Thanks for the antenna info George. I was refreshing my ‘antenna propagation’ knowledge, which is 50ish years out of date. Appreciate the ‘leads’ to useful and current info.

  3. “Legitimacy of ‘customer’….”

    We talked about people opening businesses just to make a statement. And thar she blows! The lawsuit really was just for spite.

    The cake decorator hatched a plan. Developed the plan. Registered for an EIN as part of executing the plan. Made-up characters. There’s probably a screenplay under her bed. She probably had an after party.

    Now we live with a ruling based on a contrived scenario.

    And as a result according to her doctrine she doomed herself. “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

  4. Concerning the balun – try this one:

    Mini Balun …Suitable for HF Shortwave Antenna for Outdoor QRP Station … (1:9)
    ASIN B08LH66S25

    Running a couple of these on my RX wires. A couple of things to do before ‘hanging’ them: (1) the coax connector has a tendency to turn as you try to tighten it – I used some superglue to address that; (2) seal the unit with some type of sealer, the cover fits but isn’t really weather-resistant.

    Happy Listening! :)

  5. “Some “lines of defense?”” I’d like to say that blows but it is stellar! Happy 4th George to you, Elaine, and G2!

  6. First, foremost: Happy Independence Day all (with deference to our British friends).

    ATL: first quiet morning in 4. Most/many appear to have burnt petrol the last 3 days so are either taking a pass or out loading 5-gallon red luggage to try again.

    My sailing was a total bust. Had enough manpower to step E Scow mast but never all at the same time. Got 95% rigged to race MC and … wire halyard parted (not repair-able, must order new built to old). Did manage to repair and rig the Sunfish so #1 son could take his bride out gliding. So, there’s that.

    A Ure-correction: don’t drink and drive [fast]? We have a self-imposed 15 mph speed limit locally. Unless sailing in big air I usually drive the pontoon <5 mph. If, a BIG if, I drive the SUV it's to tote away voluminous garbage 1/8th mile to pole barn. So?

    Thought about having a dry 4th of July but? Nah. Bloody Mary me. Add toasted onion bagel, creme cheese and lox. Num. Enjoy your day all!


    • Carbotoxicity, my friend. Still down 16 from my6 keto streak and after today, the breads are MIA (missing in appetite) until the next 10 lbs are gone.

  7. Ah. The Biblical bittering of “the waters” is on schedule: Japan Discharge of Fukushima Radioactive Water Into Pacific Gets Green Light – WSJ

    So does that mean it’s time to give up fish?
    No more sushi for the Japs?

    Tuna is full of mercury, and now they’ll will be swimming around in radioactive water. What are the ramifications of that?

    It will be interesting to see if the world will soon be threatened by “The Giant Behemoth.”

    “The dumping of radioactive waste in the ocean disturbs a prehistoric monster than can project electric shocks and radioactive beams. After terrorizing the English coast, it is discovered that if the creature is destroyed with conventional weaponry it would spread a dangerous amount radioactive contamination over the entire country, with this fact preventing the military from attacking the monster as it nears London.”


    The Giant Behemoth 1959 (Official Trailer)


    • Hard choice, ain’t it? $80 worth USDA Prime prime rib roast of a fartmaker getting to room temp now, or poisoned sea spiders. Life didn’t used to be so complixated.

    • I quit buying wild caught fish from the PNW after I read some reports a few tears ago..

    • Y’all DO realize there’s 6 tons of naturally-occurring radioactive uranium in every cubic mile of ocean water, right?

      Fuktupshima dumping its waste won’t even trip the meters. That mercury thing though? That’s another story…

  8. George
    Happy 4th to you and all your/our fellow readers!
    Enjoy the afternoon food and fun!
    Thanks for the quick feedback on antennas, more great stuff to research and play around with.
    God Bless the USA!

  9. Yo Gosmic,

    We now have a specific frequency for “portaling”. That is correct, you read that right . Spooky Action at a distance ..nerp, need to practice mental exercises in order keep mind free/clear/un manipulated before practicing getting into anyones Mind, via Eye & Visual Cortex..(meditate daily 4 starters)..

    – a Portal
    > construct simple stone Spiral in Ure yard outside shop. Stones should be in physical contact with each other. Or jump in a native American dug hole like just-Andy – cept no one spoke the dances/rituals used to raise a Khachina out the ground, once down in it.
    Size, Space, Types rock matter – need to vibrate-each other. Ref. 1/2 cut Nautilus Shell – logarithmic spiral ..Yo TEF?

    b) “or Skinwalker)” episode with native American Drummers..they beat out a rhythm of 192 Megahertz – this drew out several “entities” that were observed to “Go back into the spiral rock formation”.

    c) naturally occurring Portals – act as Star Gates when energized..all up and down the Euphrates ,Tigress and Nile. Can train to look for em wit soft focus – looks&feels sorta like heat rising off road cept not hot or warm..natural Vortexs.
    There is a new one over Atlanta..care of the Farsight folks..naturally occurring – what with all the Deep mind-nrg work that goes on down there.
    – FYI -they have FREE courses(easy) to learn How @ Farsight.org

    ..Self Defense on the/for next level – because obviously our Armed Forces have completely shit the bed. guess thats why its ALL gaynato now..
    https://zerohedge.com/political/world-laughing-us-us-army-shares-story-suicidally-depressed-transgender-major ohhh no, Not maj13 ?!?!?!

    Speaking of next level..down – anybody explain the new BLUEISH purple lights going up/on around select cities in USA ?
    Same exact color lights – early 80’s @ 29 Palms.
    ..how many people have gone missing in National Parks this year ?

    • Clearly, you forgot I already wrote a whole chapter of accoustical portaling in my book Dimensions Next Door.
      In fact, very near to the calculations are included there, along with the “thump-thump” noise that seems to open small rips in time while driving at just the right speed (192 CPS, not MHZ!!!)
      (Somewhere in here, it may occur to youse to ask…
      “So, George and Elaine look kinda bit younger than the calendar. Is that why they use the drum emulators in both Samplitude Pro and in Propellerhead Reason on four channels with modest delays and some CBD?”
      Not for me to say.

  10. I use RG-6 for the shortwave antenna feedline; partial spools tend to turn up at yard sales and thrift stores. I acquired some years back a lifetime supply of F connectors and crimp tool, so the OTA TV, scanner and even the stereo has a decent antenna. A grounding block from the defunct satellite TV setup takes care of earthing duties. A LNA was installed at the scanner discone antenna to minimize signal loss to the scanner. Receiver duties are handled by choice of several old but capable Rat Shack shortwaves and a Bearcat scanner. A RTL-SDR is on standby should I feel nerdy. Keep a multiband portable in the shop for listening duties there and an AOR walkie-style wide band receiver I got really cheap for a walkaround receiver. Been trying to justify the CountyComm GP-7 SSB, looks pretty nifty.

  11. My Forth of July
    .., and now there are six
    – I have a Facebbook page. Seven friend total. Four are ex-Vietnam Rangers [ not to many of us left.], one crazy mathematician, one retired homicide detective and me.
    – I first met the homicide detective in Vietnam. He was a green beret medic on his second tour. He had a wicked sense of humor and we just hit it off almost immediately. After I got out of the Army and tried to drink my way across Europe, we lost contact. Hooked up again years later.
    – He died Saturday., sitting on the side of road, behind the wheel of his pick-up. He was coming home from his daughters barbeque party. He pulled off the road, had a heart attack and quietly left this world. After a life time of helping others and doing “what was right”., he died all alone.
    – He was one of the good guys. He will be missed., by many.
    – You can’t possibly remember them all – but you can take a quiet moment and salute them all. Please remember………,
    – Happy Forth, everyone.

    • which is exactly why I tell everyone…
      give everyone you care about a hug and tell them exactly how much they mean to you..
      everytime you see them…
      that way if you’re the one to pull to the side of the road to make that final journey.. there will be no regrets..
      no I wish I could say one more thing …
      may his soul rest in peace..May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
      my prayers go out for thoseeft behind..

    • Thanks for sharing. I don’t talk a lot of specifics about time there only just there and maybe a story or two is all. It helps keep the bad dreams away for a while I think. I lost the last of my 7 this past spring. Funny, we had talked over the phone just days before and had joked about who would be last. Like the movie Highlander, In the end there can be only one, I said. A few days later I had not heard from him on our regular Wednesday evening chat so I called and got ahold of his wife. She told me he went down fast and was in the hospital with a brain tumor. She took him home and Hospice came out to help her the next day. She said for me to call and leave a message and she would play it for him when he was awake. She told me she played the message for him the next morning but didn’t think he was awake. She said he smiled and said tell him I’ll see him on the flip side. He passed later that afternoon. He was a good one.
      Yes, please remember.

    • “He died all alone…”? I sincerely doubt that. It’s the biggest surprise people will find when soul and body are separated. We are very much NOT alone.

  12. Happy 4th to everyone!!

    Hopefully all the doom projections are WRONG and next year we will still be here with nothing major happening between now and then. (though my own work, and that of others who project future events and have had some accuracy, are ALL projecting “issues” coming up over the next few months)

    Skipped a couple of fireworks viewing parties last night … watched on the TV instead and was happy with NOT having to fight the pre-event traffic/parking, crowds, and post-event traffic. Would have been great to see some friends haven’t seen in a while … but at my age I have been to so many parties I am mostly “partied out”, so no regrets.

    Hope everyone is having a GREAT DAY … and is remembering why this day exists.

  13. Happy 4th of July !!!
    the government is here by ordered to cease,,,

    “(1) meeting with social-media companies for the purpose of urging, encouraging,
    pressuring, or inducing in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content
    containing protected free speech posted on social-media platforms;
    (2) specifically flagging content or posts on social-media platforms and/or forwarding
    such to social-media companies urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner for
    removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech;
    (3) urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner social-media
    companies to change their guidelines for removing, deleting, suppressing, or reducing content
    containing protected free speech;
    (4) emailing, calling, sending letters, texting, or engaging in any communication of any
    kind with social-media companies urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner for
    removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech;”


  14. speaking of two themes. and win 10. whooh!

    i dont undetstand mercury mucb or pluto which is also retrograde. the planets do what they do and im busy about living my best life.

    i think Mary Carpenter said it best, and im with her.

    “Well, I woke up this morning, stumbled out of my rack.
    I opened up the paper to the page in the back.
    It only took me a minute for my finger to find
    my daily dose of destiny under my sigh.
    My eyes just about popped out-a my head.
    It said, “The starts are stacked against you, girl. Get back in bed.”
    I feel lucky,
    I feel lucky, Yeah.
    No Professor Doom gonna stand in my way.
    Mm, I feel lucky today.”


    OTP the restructuring of the landscape of society. as you said George, two landscapes are presenting themselves, looking at the big picture – over time –

    the most prevelant education language in creation around me is that of a Major Mad Max Road Warrior senereo with a minor zombi apocolypse.

    3 months ago i ran pass gate for 2 nighta at a big EDM (Rave for those who dont know what an Edm is) called Thunder Dome. the common video imagery (like most concerts From Big names like Roger Waters to little known bands like Star Gazy Pie) is apocolyptic scenes of cities on fire and small bands of people leaving them by foot.

    recently i was at work and someone had written “master blaster” on the dynomite truck for getting to the ore.

    then i get a small puppy. i named Tucker Marshall Riley. who eats half the book of revelations. which is about the end of the world.

    i put him in a front load baby harness to carry him around so he doesnt run out into traffic. and everyone around me kept saying,” who run barter town?” master blaster from the Road Warrior Mad Max movie ->>>> Thunder Dome.

    now it dawned on me yesterday as i was thinking about buying a 2023 Red Eye Hell Cat Charger, That Mr Tucker Marshall Riley aka The Prophet is the same exact kind of dog that is found to be Max’s side kick (Chico) in the movie The Road Warrior. an Austrailian Cattle Dog. and as im standing there looking at a Black 2023 Dodge Red Eye, Hell Cat Charger it looks just like the Car Max drove in the movie series about life after all the cities were destroyed in a nuclear war. where its a bullets, cross bows, super charged horse power nomadic life fuled by high octane gasoline.

    now i dont own a double barrel shot gun. but i do love my .44 magnum revolver. its a good tool.

    and there is sublte dash of tweaker zombie yoga in the cities. espcially in philly, san fransisco, seattle and places like that.

    i was talking to a friend yesterday when i left spokane and drove back to south east idaho about the tweaker zombie yoga. he is over in the seattle area. now he isnt a prepper or doom kinda guy and he says, if our scociety makes it another 10 eleven years, we will be lucky. its so bad now. and its getting worse and worse.

    i said yeah man. i dont know what kinda drugs those people are on. last time i got some drugs, after doing them, i married a stripper in a 24 hour chapel, woke up the next day in a loves truck stop parking lot in california, burned the marriage certificate then checked detox at the betty ford. i didnt get high enough to do zombie yoga in the middle of an intersection. that dealer must have sold me some bunk dope. i bought a bag of cut. hahahahahhah.

    there is nobody out here in the mountains doing zombie yoga. hahha.

    there is alot of language over the past few months pointing to that sort of a end of the world senereo amd land scape. the word truly never ends. its just restructured once ever aeon. life goes on.

    i spose that is a better restructuring landscape than many alternatives like a pole shift or a borge starlink connected to A.I drone existance. if ~n~ we have a choice.

    i didnt write that language in the world around me. i just read it. i compose beautiful things and creation tells me more about beautiful things.

    that being said, there is that language presented as well, as it relates to the end of the world.

    beautiful day today. had a big fat bumble bee land on my purple pen as i was journalling under the big maple tree. help me write some wonderful personal thoghts. peaceful and sunny day. birds singing. all is well.

    happy 4th of july. for now. all is right, right now. there is no mistakes in Gods world. only provisions for understanding.
    it is well within my soul.

    its good to be back at the ranch. its a good day to be sober. for me.

  15. https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Pie-Quiche-Maker-Measurement/dp/B06WD5NT8X/ref=asc_df_B06WD5NT8X/?

    just for those not on the if it tastes good don’t eat it duets..

    5 apples
    1.5 cups of sugar
    1/2 cup of flour
    I didn’t put a measurement on the spices..I personally love cinnamon so I would use to much..
    pie crust pre made or you make it..similar to pasta a simple 1,2,3 recipe..
    2 ½ cups all-purpose flour ( I personally like bisquick)

    1 teaspoon salt or use 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt

    1 tablespoon sugar, optional

    1 cup very cold unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes (2 sticks)

    4 to 8 tablespoons ice water

    peel and chop the apples.. put the half cup of flour in a bag then toss the apple chunks in it and skate it all about.
    now take the sugar cinnamon and nutmeg ( a little bit of ground cloves is nice to)
    make the crust put it in your pie maker.. ( I spray with oil first) then put a little of the sugar at the bottom then fill with apples and sugar..put one pat of butter on top the place the top of the crust sprinkle with sugar..then close it up..makes great mini pies..
    you can use pie filling to..

    • Hi, George,

      Please relate to Mr. LOOB that he might add some roasted green chile to his apple desserts. I add just over a half cup of chopped roasted green chile to my apple pies.

    • I sent this to my kids, some months ago:


      1 cup flour
      ½ tsp baking powder
      ½ tsp salt
      1 Tbsp vegetable oil

      Table salt (even “sea salt”) has crap added to it. Bisquick is now genetically-modified frankenfood. Making your own “Bisquick” is both cheaper and much healthier:

      For every cup of flour (plain, not “self-rising.” I suggest King Arthur), add ½ teaspoon of baking powder (I suggest Rumford), ½ tesspoon of salt (I suggest Himalayan or canning salt, or powdered plain old rock salt — you DO have a pestle & mortar, right?), and 1 Tablespoon of vegetable oil (I suggest coconut oil) — sift the powder & salt together, then add the oil and mix, then sift again. Store for months in the refrigerator, in a jar or Ziploc bag…

      LOOB: My kids don’t have the same kitchen toys as I, like a freeze dryer and salt-grinder, but for you, the powder can be freeze-dried then sifted again, and if vac-packaged right away is shelf-stable for years.

  16. Back there, maybe weeks or more someone mentioned accurate calendaring and how do we know if our calendar still matches.

    G is probably familiar with these books, anyway.

    Anatoly Fomenko History Fiction Or Science 1


    Mysteries Of Egyptian Zodiacs And Other Riddles Of Ancient History. A Guide To Dating Ancient Astronomical Data ( PDFDrive.com )


  17. you know George, the premis of the web bots, and “word frequency analysis” such as gradys work is finding the future through language is a sound idea. the premis of those platforms and tools is looking in the right direction.

    from my personal studies with the languague of creation as subtle themes of commonality develop and coaleque within the landscape as living moving imagery, you can see the future running in the background. achtypes developing, like a picture within a picture, coming into focus. or a window across the street as you look out the window, a window within a window, if you prefer.

    even the ore train i drive looks like the big rig in fury road -> the latest in the mad max saga except mine is painted gold.

    i am of the opinion the language of creation is truth in its purest form. it never lies. it reminds me of a the arrows on a weather vein. point this way and that. it tells you the most amazing things. like how the 4 corners, works like a compass, corisponding with the 4 ages, the 4 riders of the apoccolypse and navigation of the stars.

    it is only my own personal prefrence for satisfaction and senseual stimulation…. pleasure that creates within me….contempt prior to investigation.

    still even then. language of creation is truth in its purest form. it never lies.

    hmmm. i think this understanding and dialog. to be an extention of language within the language that reads the language and participates in its formula and script, makes one, the richest in this life. working within the living language, in dialog and prodcution by extemstion, most definently enhances beauty and extends life. because….

    for me it makes me lucky for life.

  18. “Secret Service investigating suspicious substance found in White House. Some “lines of defense?”

    Actually, “yes.”

    Confirmed as cocaine. I wonder if the person who left it lying around was Hunter or his pusher…?*

    Couldn’t you just imagine the street cred you’d get from having a drug drop inside the White House…?

  19. I keep forgetting to post this:

    Last week I waited for an Eastbound CSX. Three locomobubbles, roughly 55 cars, moving about 40mph through the city I was in (posted 20) and ~90mph once it escaped the city (it took me 14 miles to catch it, traveling in triple digits, and I wouldn’t have caught it then, except it came upon an occupied passing track and had to slow.)

    Its entire contents: 28 modular bomb shelters.

    I got photos of both sides of the modules, and their couplers. The modules are about 40′ long and 12′ wide (based solely on how well they fit on the flat cars.) They were essentially square tubes with rounded corners, plumbing & venting at both ends, and wedge shaped on the closed end. Some of the couplers looked like they would accept three modules, a few like they’d accept only two. Whether they were 120° or 180° they all had a wheeled hatch (like an old submarine) on the side. Based on the vent tubing, I’d guess they could be buried anywhere from 4′ to about 10′ underground. The modules were black heat-shrink tarp sealed, so I couldn’t see inside…

    Nifty to look at, but scary by their mere presence…

    • thank you for the info Ray. yes. very trippy.

      its marvelous you should mention that,

      my birthday is August 19th. my buddy who owns the old tritan missle base, under a farm, is having a big party that day. i will be at the farm above it, enjoying the show.

      he didnt realize his party was scheduled on my actuall birthday, so he said i will have something special for you.

      i said i will be there, unless THE DUDE has other plans.

      honestly, i refuse to sit the end of the world out in an underground bunker. what fun would that be? its not like the end of the world comes very often. about once every aeon. might as well soak it in and enjoy all the festivities. anarchy, roaming ganges and hords, pestilance, famen, cults and chaos etc etc.

      to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual balance in meditation, quiet peace contemplation, in deep serenity, knowing provision is always available durring such events, a good tool and dog at yourside, and a very fast skidaddle vehicle, is a true measure of ones spiritual development. knowing all the while ~ this world is not all there is ~

      per your comment a while back about where my home is.

      i figured it out. guns and roses wrote a song about it.

      “take me down to the paradise city.
      where the grass is green
      and the girls are pretty.

      oh wont you please take me home.”

      there is my home.

    • Very elaborate coffins akin to the tombs of olde. What happens when they find you and bury your hatches and vents under 6 feet of dirt and rock?

      • If you do it right, they don’t.

        If you do it wrong — that’s just Darwin, at work…

        I’d have the entrance in the pit under a hydraulic car lift that’s powered from the shelter and uses reinforced concrete as its lift platform. Even if someone found the door, it’d look like the oil well for the piston. I would have the air vents inside trees. If the ground sensors or cameras said there was anybody around, anywhere, supper would be MREs.

        With that said, to paraphrase Louis L’Amour: “Even a rat doesn’t trust itself to a single hole.” I would have to breach the integrity of the fiberglass shell and make an escape tunnel, preferably to an underwater mouth.

        ‘Course it doesn’t matter, because those sawed-off mobile homes are probably a half-mil or more, which is WAY above anything I could afford, for a tin can.

        What impressed me was the quantity, and the speed at which the train was gobbling up miles — kinda like somebody wanted those things in the ground, yesterday. Seeing a 90mph freighter on the old AT&SF or Katy routes is no big deal. However, there are very few places east of Saint Looie where a train will even hit 70mph. 90 is unheard of, yet I clocked this one while trying to catch it…

  20. “3. Vertical Antenna. Something 33-60 feet (even at a high angle up) works great.”

    Note to all budding radionerds:

    George has talked several times about stringing an antenna. This is not just something a person with a base station does. A strung piece of wire is a bona fide antenna, and can be put up or taken down in a couple minutes, for people (ahem) “on the go…”

    Grab some cheap braided Kevlar off of eBay. The 100 pound test stuff is about the size of #60 sewing thread.

    Acquire, either a child’s “training” bow & arrow set (I had a Ben Pearson set when I was about 8-9. Now folks would probably have to settle for a Bear set.) They’re about $17; OR For about the same money, get a toy (50 pound) crossbow pistol. (Bore hole in arrow shaft, thread Kevlar through, tie securely.) Alternatively, a slingshot will work well too, but not shoot as far (and is illegal in some places.) ANY are far better than trying to do a Jim Palmer imitation. This “chuckin’ device” is to transport the Kevlar string over (one or more) trees. The Kevlar is to drag a wire over these same trees, to give you a stealthy antenna you can set up or tear down in a couple minutes. The more it is over (and not through) the trees, the better it works and the easier it is to remove (should you have to skedaddle on short notice…)

    I try to keep a spool of AWG-16 SPC MIL W 22759 in a backpack with my field radio. It’s not as good as nekkid wire or 14 gauge, but it’s also lightweight, Teflon-jacketed, and pretty much indestructible.

    I don’t suppose anybody has one of these:


    If it’s just a “desk toy” I’m not interested, but if I can attach a piece of cord and shoot it over a tree? Oh Hell Yes! The thing weighs 4oz and folds to a quarter the size of a (folded) Wrist Rocket. For a field radio, smaller and lighter is always better…

    • That Cobra looks to me like a toy, unsuitable for flinging a line anywhere. To get even a light line over a tree limb requires the projectile to have some weight, or the weight of the line will drag it to a stop quickly. I even put a lead “egg” fishing weight on my arrow in place of an arrowhead to give it enough weight to pull the line down where I can reach it once it’s over the limb. My launcher is a 45 lbs. recurve bow with fishing reel taped onto it.

      • Are you launching, just the fishing line? Mine is a 50lb crossbow pistol with a reel fastened to its rail. It is a toy, and not foldable, so it’s annoying to carry. ‘Works for Field Day (not as well as the drone), but it’d suck, having to pack it for a SHTF scenario. Since I’ve decided to do a remote pack “right,” I’m certainly considering other options for antenna installation…

        • Yes, only launching the nylon line to drag the wire up with. Try launching that with a Nerf gun, and you’d have a result similar to the ‘Cobra’. The weight of the line would stop the projectile in a couple of feet.
          As for SHTF, a recurve bow would have lots of other uses besides launching lines, provided you carry a few arrows too.

        • I have one; also a real crossbow with about 60 bolts, and an English longbow with a 60# pull and God only knows how long a stroke (because I certainly don’t…) One never knows when “silent, but deadly” may have a more-prescient meaning than breaking wind…

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