Celebration Day & ShopTalk Tuesday

Celebrate while you can. Financial markets are closed today in faux Americana. But they’ll be along tomorrow. In the meantime, the Big Predicament has not changed. Let’s begin with the Labor and Income ledger.  Raise your hand if you are making more – on a real purchasing power parity basis – than you were a year ago.  Or, … Read More

How High? How Long?

A Quest for Answers. Markets this week closed above a critical “trading box” so it means its time to start penciling out more inflection points ahead.  As we figure it now, without a Chinese move on Taiwan or the (eventual) escalation of to tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine (besides depleted uranium which will poison their … Read More

Three Turning Points for the Market

As we forecast Thursday (not as advice, only for entertainment) the Markets slammed higher Thursday as the May monthly index options matured.  Today, action could be interesting as equities settle, What we face, with the “filling” of a major “Trading Box” is the problem – in long wave economic terms – “What’s next?” I’ll walk … Read More

Info Propagation Speeds

Which we hinted at in the UrbanSurvival. column Friday.  Today, we look into the rabbit hole and see how our “lookahead” is looking, if that makes sense. Quiet and busy spring day and the scent of coronation silliness hangs heavy in the air. So let’s focus on the useful part: Making a little money in … Read More

“Mayday, Mayday,” Read All About It

[Reader note: We have discontinued MailChimp notifications of new content.  Only 500-odd people were using it and it was costing almost $350 per year.  We MAY go to “push notifications” – but your input is welcome.] Will today be “Normal?”  Remote viewers have their shields up. It is the first of May, after all.  Big doings … Read More

GDP and UI Claims: Method Notes & a Kissing Ponder

Turbo Thursday begins with another “Kiss and Collapse” ponder.  This is ALL about making money, so listen up. You see, there is some axiomatic thinking that many people “playing stocks” just never seem to figure out.  Not surprisingly, even with help, their “returns” are often in the range of annual inflation. Some simple ideas that have … Read More

Time to Kill Switch and License/Regulate A.I.

This being Technical Tuesday, I want to focus a little attention on A.I. because “we small humans” have gotten a lot of past, dangerous, scary technology mostly wrong. Two examples are radio’s invention and atomic physics.  Chosen because they demonstrate what happens when a technology is “done right – sort of – and when it’s done dead … Read More

Trading Box Victory?

Some time back – perhaps a month or two – we mentioned a slight chance of a major rally based on use of “trading boxes.”  In our unconventional way of looking at markets, drawing of rectangles on charts offers some occasionally useful insights. This weekend, a drill down a bit into the “trading boxes” which … Read More

A Further Market Remark

I told subscribers my trading position Saturday:  yes, I went short into the close on pre-holiday Thursday. Just in the last hour, a bearish tone has emerged and in our Aggregated Markets view of things, hard down is likely if the lower support level (lower right) breaks in today’s trading: If the light-colored ascending channel … Read More

Resurrecting America – Headwinds and Hope

With European markets on “chill” for the Day After Easter, and with the U.S. markets spongy as gold prices are down a bit, seems to us like a fine morning for a balanced outlook. Oh sure, easy from a raw economics standpoint to point at a growing pile of stories about the pending recession – … Read More

Job Cuts, Shortages on Horizon, Market’s Paradox

Ure has turned over a new leaf:  shorter reports. Just not today. Job Cuts First Second horse pick in the weekly financial trifecta:  Challenger Job Cuts: “Job Cuts Rise 15% in March 2023, Up 319% from Same Month Last Year, Highest Q1 Since 2020 | Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. (challengergray.com) Which then continues with … Read More

Snoozing the Easter Week Roll – Jobs and Naps

Let’s face it, were it not for Trump’s planned arraignment tomorrow, most of the news media could shut down for a week and no one would be the wiser.  Even with an arraignment, this will likely be a “slow roller” because Donald Trump may delay his jury trial for a YEAR despite showing up for an … Read More

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