ShopTalk Sunday: Electroculture Experiments Begin!

Awe crap!

I don’t need another hobby, really, do I?  Unfortunately, this one just sort of sneaked up on me when my attention was diverted elsewhere.

“What is Electroculture?”

The best “quick read in” is my friend Robert A. Nelson’s RexResearch site summary and overview paper here: Electro-Culture: Stimulation of plant growth with electricity, magnetism, sound, &c (  Can’t go wrong with Robert’s foundational research collections!

In the original sense, it was all about using electricity to influence plant growth and production.  It was not about (silly) wires wound clockwise, or counter, and it was not the Fibonacci coil winder.  No, it was everything having to do with electricity and applying its effects to plants.  This includes electrical grow lights and all kinds of other approaches.

My own experiments (which I will lay out in a second) arise because of my family’s presence in the first experiments back in Glasgow Scotland almost 150-years ago.  My ancestor, Andrew Ure, was involved in the earliest experiments attempting to use electric shock to re-animate a dead human.

As I’ve told you before, Andrew Ure’s work (along with another notable doctor in the area) were early steps toward what my son (G2) does.  When he’s not “riding the box” as an EMT locally, he’s a high-dollar construction site medic.  Who drives an aid buggy around a server farm build while carrying an automatic external defibrillator and looking out for the health and welfare of 250 of the best tradesmen America has building out the future.

The second reason I am so tickled with the “new fall hobby” is that I will get to actually finish another book.  That book, Statitronics, is an unfinished instrumented approach to naturally occurring electrical power.  It covers Tesla’s tower work (voltage differences in the atmosphere) as well as the natural rise and fall of low level (try 3-1000th’s of an amp) from a large antenna.  Plus, we had to put in a whole slug of grow lights in the greenhouse, but even here, the compilation and interpretation of science in modern times reveals its clay feet.

Let’s start there – and the really juicy parts will be in future episodes of Peoplenomics.

Two Prevailing Errors in Electro Culture

I will keep this dead simple.  On the lighting side, the modern genre of grow lights leaves out key parts from early research.  Books were written on grow lights as early as 1907, or so.

Just remember whiter (*to bluish) drives stalk growth and foliage while infrared helps the blooming.

The finding back then was that for Max growth of plants, you would get that in the 4,000 Angstrom to 4,800 Angstrom range.  With a peak (growing) in the 4,500 Angstrom range.  Converting this to nanometers, this peak is about 450 nm.

There is a second peak which seems to help germination and blooming.  That’s up in the 600-700 nm range.

But you know what?  This is right next door to infrared.  So, one of my planned experiments is to run some plots of simple “temperature bumping” to sort out how much of the effect of “red grow lights” is from the near field heating.  Remember, one reason longer light is therapeutic is that it does cause subdermal heating.  The trick (as in our Light Crown work) was to follow some very exacting science to get to where the benefit power density per cubic millimeter is mainly light down at the atomic excitation level, but not so far as to push things up into the heating level.  Because heating, beyond a degree, or so, begins to lose the benefits.

My point?  How many of the grow lights on the affordable market have max germination and bloom settings (with some heating likely involved) and how many have the OSRAM light (incandescent peak about 450 nm where the fibrous growth seems maximal?  I sure didn’t see any at a friendly price point!

Now that the (communist-inspired, control everything) incandescent light police have killed retail of old-style light bulbs, only those of us with LED knowledge and PCB CNC machines will be able to fab-up custom grow lighting.  Which is so sad…

See, plants are designed to bloom when the sun is putting out maximum spectrum (around June 21st, right?) and that’s bloom prime time.  But the fibrous growth is down into the redder (warming) red and warming through yellow) part of the spectrum as the planet cycles through the year.

The Other thing that is missing is an appreciation for the major types of Electricity.  Sure-sure, lots of talk in the early books about “elevated lightning wires” attached to apparatus.  But there was not much (very, very little, serious) discussion about the importance for healthy gardening of not just available electricity, but also its return pathing!

Out to the Greenhouse

It turns out, offers the literature, that Ure’s greenhouse is not a very good place for plants, especially at this time of year.  Because even with a swamp cooler gobbling up power from the solar panels on the shady south side and helped by two exhaust fans up at ceiling level on the north (for temperature advantaged air flow) it has been a 24-karat snot of a problem keeping the temps under 100F.

In fact, we covered this before:  Only in late summer can a swamp cooler be considered in most of the South.  Until you get out west to where humidity falls to under 20 percent, or so.

The relative humidity tables tell us that at 100F and 20 percent humidity, the cooled air output should be down around 78 degrees.  Three air changes a minute and the room temperature SHOULD be around a third of the differential.  Call it 7-degrees lower?  93 is a workable high temp for many plants.

These same tables tell you that with 100F outside and our typical 35 percent humidity, the evaporative outflow will only be up to 83.  Warm, but once in a while? Maybe OK.  But then you’ll get a day like one a week or three back (and yesterday).  105F and 40 percent.  Now we’ve got outflow air down around 89 degrees.  Which means maybe a 4 degree drop inside and that’s horrible for plant yield!

Electroculture from the Start

Rather than “riding off in all electroculture directions at once”, I decided the very first thing to test (cheap, quick, and easy) would be to set up an experiment to determine if raised bed gardening in wood containers, which act like insulators from the Earth, could be a culprit.

There’s a whole cottage industry on this “earthing” stuff.  Elaine and I sleep on a grounded silver-impregnated fitted bottom sheet.  It is connected to a purpose-installed grounding stake outside our bedroom window.  Yes, it makes a difference.  So that was my starting point.

Insulated raised beds which might benefit from being electrically connected to the ground.

garden grounding workbench
12 AWG dead soft bare copper wire 5 solid copper nails too Both on Amazon and both have other uses Copper nails will cause a tree to die if you put a dozen around a tree like that one your neighbor has that dumps leaves on you right For that anything that will get through the <a href=httpsenwikipediaorgwikiCambium>cambium layer<a> 2 3 will work fine for tree killing Varies a bit by tree type As a courtesy kill trees with super low nails do you dont cause a chain saw accident
Ground wire placement detail
Make sure you get real 100 percent copper nails 5 will give you a little bit of area We dont need to put in copper grounding plates just anything to keep static charge relative to Earth bled off

There are two grounding points.  Each has 30-36 inches of wire from the copper nail into concrete tile over ground floor.  The nail at the other end is sunk into the planter box.

Jumpers go from the grounded planter to the adjacent ones, like this:

Ground wire installation postions
Yellow jumpers are about 16 inchs long to the head of the 5 inch copper nails Blue grounds are more like 36 inches

I also took a picture of the lash-up so we can see – maybe by Labor Day if everything hasn’t died from heat – whether grounding makes much (or any) difference in growth.

Between adjacent beds? More 5″ copper nails bonded to #12 wire with lead-free solder.  No, don’t try to hold the nail while soldering. You’ll need a vise.

Jumper ground between two beds.
You do know when you burn your fingers that vanilla extract kills the pain almost instantly For a few minutes anyway Youll smell like a latte after a few nails worth

We shall return to this project down the road and the Statitronics longer (lots more reference reading) will be along when it gets here.

Labor Day in sight, yet?

The grounding (we’re a week into the installation of grounding now) and with high temps near records (105F outside and 101F in the greenhouse) there hasn’t been any miracle in growing noticed.  Except that reader Hank’s Hawaiian pepper seeds are being invaded by wild grass – which I will pull out this morning.

The second phase of testing will be putting in “deliberate air biasing” if that makes any sense.  Essentially, I will take a couple of $5 air ionizers from China and chain them to the ground (on the -negative end) and to an overhead bare wire with the + (high voltage) end.

A couple of weeks of that (more pictures for comparison) and then a reversed p0larity period to see which – if any – works.

Then I will put it all to use in the outdoor dirt garden using the hand would coils around some 6-foot bamboo poles which should arrive shortly along with more #12 AWG dead soft bare wire.

Sounds crazy, but one of our readers commented this week on his phenomenal luck by using such methods and I gotta try it myself.

Who knows – maybe in lieu of chemical farming we could all transition to recyclable grow-tennas?

You Need a Shower…

I keep forgetting (not a good sign at this age!) to mention a related field of study which I’ve been on for better than 40-years now.

Story has its roots in 1980 when I interviewed one of the authors (Fred Soyka or Alan Edmonds, memory fades…) who had written a dandy book titled “The Ion Effect.”  This MAY BE RELATED to the plant electroculture study, too.

Essentially, the Ion Effect chronicles the good effects on humans of negatively ionized air.  And conversely, the horrible effects on some of positively charged air.

The examples of negative ion generators?  Falling water will make gobs of it.  Since I LOVE that shower in the morning (bathing in water and trillions of negative ions), love being out in the rain, living on a sailboat, and splashing seawater when sailing? (Never happier!) that should be your clue I am a negative ion junkie.  Like rain? Waterfalls? Whitewater rivers?  You may be in the club.

The positive ionized air from winds like the SoCal Santa Annas and the Sirocco, and the Meltemis of Greece, are hot, dry, depressing winds that feel like they will suck the very life out of you.  Why people go to hot climes to retire (Phoenix, Palm Springs, Florida…) well, it all runs counter to the science.  Ancient article to reference: IONS CREATED BY WINDS MAY PROMPT CHANGES IN EMOTIONAL STATES – The New York Times (

Not everyone is equally sensitive, to ionization, though.  I have – for about 40-years now run a small light ozone machine (great source of negative ions but watch the concentrations because too much is dangerous to lung tissue).  Anions are the same thing, so look for a negative anion generating air cleaner.  Also, negative ions result in net cleaner air because negative ions let light dust particles drop out of the air rather than remaining aloft in micro clusters.

I have used real ozone in the greenhouse for killing mold spores and really works for that, but too much of a good thing, again.

Whether we can isolate the specific mechanism of electroculture outdoors with plants remains to be seen, but wide awake as hell – almost like having half a Coke or a cup of coffee – is the effect on me.

Office Chair Repair School?  Sure…

Step over here to one of the workbenches and tell me what you see:

Office chair repair
Focus on the shiny new larger washer I just installed Lower left

If you are a regular maintenance foreman (ain’t we all?) You will recognize this as the bottom of a $100 class “ergonomic” office chair.

The tale today is in the reason for the new washer being added.

Goes back a few days.  I was sitting in my chair and leaned back a way.  With a popping noise, one side of the chair back went about an inch – almost two, maybe – back further than the other one.

Hmm…how did this happen on what’s been a reasonable chair, so far?”

The answer?

Simple chair repair view 2
The reason for the failure became clear after thinking about it for a minute

What seems to have happened in this chair is that the holes were made bigger in the plastic than the bare minimum needed for the bolt to go through.

You can follow the reasoning for the oversized holes, if you think about it:  It makes the drilling position error on the cushion much more flexible – such that the bolt holes can be off by however much the “slop” is.  And with this, the number of customer returns (because the parts don’t fit) will be very low.

It isn’t until a bit of use – almost six months of use before the bolt head eventually worked its way out.

Chair Repair 501

Another minute, or so, of reflection and I concluded that handy bastards like me need a more organized way than just trying to remember such minutia as “tighten all the bolts on the office and shop chairs.”

Ideally, this would happen (as a reminder) every six months.  But, should you really have to make a note to do that?

The answer is the Alexa voice app.  “Alexa: Set a reminder every six months – to tighten chair bolts.”  Then, dutifully, every six months, she (if that’s her pronoun as opposed to it) will remind you what to do.

This may seem a ridiculous use of technology, but it harks back to why Pappy explained the Chiefs in the Fire Department (back in the day) had drivers.  This was a period when tech was new-ish.  Just working a mobile radio early-on could be an adventure.

Nowadays, fire chiefs drive themselves as do most military people.  Same with all but the highest-grade brains in the country.

The digital assistant now, including being able to turn on the shop’s central vacuum system (“Alexa, turn on vacuum!) without me having to walk across the shop, is also taking care of a lot of “personal day-running.”

When I’m hip deep in reporting some relevant news – especially of the breaking sort – it’s nice to have the digital brain remind me every Tuesday morning about 7 AM:  “George, take out the garbage.”

One of the worst uses of productive time is having to add in a run to the dump when simply remembering when picking-up the shop was the underlying problem.

Never ends, does it?

Next weekend, work on the perfect ham radio station setup begins…

Big projects Saturday?  Got the new hydraulic line on the tractor’s front loader piston changed out and bled.  Works fine.  Have one for the other side.  But, by the time I was done with breakfast, (left over mu shu pork – yum!!! I make kick-ass mu shu…) it was already 85F.  Nope, end of the workday. Crazy George Union Work Rules Book says no laboring when it’s hotter than 83F without overtime paid as vodka water…Time and a half on Saturday and double time if the work’s on God’s day or a Holy day of any stripe.

Friday’s column is here if you missed it.

Write when you get rich, (Or if you need me to spell out how double-time Sunday is the best marketing tool religionists ever came up with…)

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  1. “I was sitting in my chair and leaned back a way. With a popping noise, one side of the chair back went about an inch – almost two, maybe – back further than the other one.”

    That reminds me. How is the diet going?

    • Great question: Holding down 20 so far – I want to stairstep down so I don’t have as much risk of gaining a ton back when I get to goal weight.
      Think of it as “adaptive eating” practice. Will be going on harder diet when the weather cools – can do more outside work and when I am working out (like constructing something) it is a lot easier to focus on the project and not on the food. When writing, reading…yep, the urge to munch is there… but mastering that is a bitch!

      Elaine also cautioned me about too much too quick from an appearance standpoint because I don’t want to have baggy skin – so collagen and stairstepping down seemed to make good sense.

      I should be down a further 20 by Turkey day… (here not there ;-))

      • Am dieting also, now for 2 months. and as always when I do this, I again come to the realization that it is more important to focus on what NOT to eat than what TO eat.

      • twenty pounds in two months.. phew.. agressive..
        thinking about weight and wheelbarrows.. LOL LOL they make one now with two wheels on the front.. LOL LOL they will have to cart my butt out in a wheel barrow LOL LOL LOL just kidding there..
        I took care of a young woman.. nicest girl you could ever meet.. she was smart.. dam smart.. she loved puzzles.. ( I still have one I bought for her here.. )
        so I would buy her a few puzzles to put together.. she was smart.. dam smart.. and she would whip them together in no time..
        I believe this is the one.. but seems to me the one I got was math.. double sided and the back side was backwards.. at the time they said they would give anyone so much if they put the puzzle together..
        she had it completed in two hours..
        she was amazing.. and she weighed seven hundred and fifty pounds.. one day I went in and she had gotten up to go to the bathroom and she fell.. I said OMG what can I do .. should I call the fire department.. ( that was the protocol if you had a fall with her) she said no.. then did a push up and got up.. I said OMG I am impressed..
        because of bullying from her small town she through herself into eating and reading..
        the same thing with my old friend of over fifty years that I met in the stacks of the LOC…for her it was her smile.. she had bad teeth and they let into her for it.. she went to reading.. heck she is almost ninety or in her nineties and still reads one and a half books a day.. she was a bill reader at the capital..(I won’t debate with her though LOL she has read a lot more than I have and would send me to the stacks to read up LOL )
        I tried real hard to look eighteen again.. did all the stuff you are suppose to do.. the thing is.. I will never be eighteen again.. and when its your time.. its your time.. your outa here.. so lets get another cheese cake malt from sonic and call it tasty LOL

  2. Interesting. Agreed that air quality as well as temps are high priority in the greenhouse. Here, the hoop house is covered with plastic and topped permanently with 60% shade cloth. The sides go up usually around March 1. Currently we have 20 50lb mineral tubs lined up in half the house. Each of those is filled with potting mix and fed by drip lines. I have been very happy with the production of these but I want to do my own experiments with the grounding. The remainder of the house is various hydroponic containers arranged in the remaining space.
    Was out there yesterday morning refreshing the potting mix in some of the tubs. At one point I was shoveling mix from the gorilla cart when it felt like an ax had been driven into my lower spine and I dropped to my knees and in between a couple of tubs. Any attempts to move hurt like hell so I just lay there thinking it would be nice to have something to read. The wife looked out the kitchen window and saw just my arm hanging over the side of the cart and came out to check. Well, more running and screaming “oh my God!”. When she got to me and saw I was still breathing I think she was a little disappointed. It took a few more minutes but the pain let up enough to get me untangled and up, then the ass chewing started when I said no to the 2 hour trip to the ER and to call Steph our Nurse Practicioner daughter. Besides the vet is coming over in the morning and I can ask her. Spent the remainder of the day hobbling around the house going stir crazy.
    Stay safe. 73

      • Agreed. Some day I will gather and condense my notes on my levels of crazy. Currently, Diana says I am simply crazy and other times Dumber than a box of rocks or Bat Shit Crazy. I think they fall between Nuts and Insane. I can only stand around so long before I start “creating”.
        The ham shack is suffering antenna issues. The roof yagi has not been usable since the remodel when Diana had one of her “lectishon” clients come in and chop out a huge chunk of LNR 400 not knowing what it was, yes, really, and since I replaced it I cannot get the SWR down to acceptable levels. The attic is not my favorite place anymore. So I told her I am going to put up an end fed use a nifty 50′ collapsable mast stood up next to Mr. Ash tree in the back yard and over to the shop. Does it involve ladders? she asked. Well maybe, I think,…..probably.
        No was followed by the dreaded “Look”.
        OK I’ll just wait till you go to work or something.

        • I try to keep at least 2 antennas up all the time – and that way if you drop one, you can still get on the air. My “big” one is not working right now, so yeah, I want to get it fixed. Butchaknow? When it’s 109 outside, a book and a bottle are more fun than a bug and the radio….so yeah, maybe I will drop the tower this fall and fix everything, but damn, lots of work for 1 guy…

        • “Diana says I am simply crazy and other times Dumber than a box of rocks or Bat Shit Crazy. I think they fall between Nuts and Insane. ”

          Wow great minds must think alike.. my wife says the same thing about me as well.. LOL LOL

  3. Subtle NRG’s Mr.G, subtle..

    mounded gardens – huggel culture in that there are different layers of materials, breaking down 24/7, constantly generating ..heat, electricity??

    ..Please, join me now for a trip in the way way back machine..makes sound of whirrring, arcs arching, sparks sparking, lights flashing.

    -We be in ancient times now – north america – the time of mound builders. many of those mounds were actually orgonne generators – wireless power/nrg generators, before Us moderns even had a cell phone or computer, duh -oooh!

    “Alexa, WTF over?”

    They were/are constructed in alternating LAYERS of Carbon/Conch Shells/Dirt with high quartz content. Ever wonder why ancients wore conch shells covering 3rd eye area between eyebrows? ? Do youse not know the Conch tune ??

    Say what ? I cant hear you, my eye closed, Im so primitive..

  4. In process of constructing 5 cattle panel hoop greenhouse, 22 by 10, and will try to incorporate some electro culture. My flat earth friend has been commenting ’bout this for awhile.
    stay cool

  5. Now I’m thinking of earthing my Kratky hydroponic plants, although I’d use a stainless electrode in the the solution, hmmm. I keep rebuilt spare office chairs on standby, usually acquired from thrift stores or yard sales at a substantial discount. Worked at a Kubota dealership service dept. for a year, was brutal but fun work. Just used up the last of the steel crating angles and flats I absconded with; they would just scrap it.

  6. Yo Jorge, great info this morning (as usual). With Electro-Culture what is old is new again. Latest info to catch my eye is the Dark Journalist and the UFO file (X file). See: The dark journalist provides information based on facts (on the record facts) from many sources going back decades. Sources and methods are impeccable. For me, the interest in the UFO file started with the reading of “Day After Roswell” by Maj. Philip Corso in 1997. If interested, a copy can be read here:
    Book sheds light on the transfer of certain technologies (optical fiber, night vision goggles, computer chips, etc..) to humans.

  7. an interesting question came up.. I was being snoopy at the gas station.. anyway the old geezers… were talking about the reluctance of the directors of the agencies telling congress to kiss their ass.. and one of them said to the other.. why are they answering like that.. the other old guy said.. if they prove that they were in collusion with some family business that was taking money for information and connection.. and this goes to ( I won’t say the word he used.. its the big T crime) T…. then they to would be guilty of aiding and abetting a known T- onist person..
    now my question is.. could that really be a thing.. if they prove the biden family of T.. would the directors be held accountable for aiding their activities..

  8. “The best “quick read in” is my friend Robert A. Nelson’s RexResearch site summary and overview paper here: Electro-Culture: Stimulation of plant growth with electricity, magnetism, sound, &c ( ”

    You know one of the things I do is show the kids the tree…
    I say it often to.. we should set up our grid like the tree.. the tree needs the roots to survive.. to assist the process.. each leaf produces a minute amount of electrical charge to assist the roots..
    plants produce electricity.. they are the most efficient system ever.. I could get into my decades old rant about solar towers greenscaping and putting up co2 filters on every lamp post and airwell’s in arid environments.. but that is the tree..

  9. “drives an aid buggy around a server farm build while carrying an automatic external defibrillator ”

    The one tool you hope you never have to use..
    I have three of them.. one for the shop.. one for the house and one for the car.. as many times as I have had to do cpr it is necessary to have.. the thing to remember is.. the batteries have a count down chip in them….put it in the unit and it will activate and do a self test every thirty days.. during that time just like your television the unit is drawing a minute amount of energy.. I take the batteries out.. then do a self test once a month..
    I have these to.. for every one in the house..
    and of course these to..
    I keep plenty of fire extinguishers around as well.. at least I am trying to think of any possibility.. the thing is.. how far are you from emergency services.. I think back to a bingo game I was at.. there was one lucky sob he just couldn’t be beat.. he was bingoing all night lone.. his pull tabs.. winning there to.. he was so excited.. then the two thousand dollar blackout came up.. he jumps up and says.. BINGO.. then falls to the floor.. to his advantage.. the top trauma ER doctor and Trauma nurse was sitting right next to him.. across the street was the fire department.. nine one one was called.. and those to went to work cpr.. after forty five minutes.. he yells would someone walk across the street and wake those assholes up.. but it was to late..
    they decided to continue on with the blackout.. and the woman next to me leans over and says.. if I get blackout.. you can jump up and yell bingo for me LOL LOL..
    the odds of surviving are greater if you have those on hand.. just like quick clot.. you hope you never need it.. but having a couple on hand just in case sure is a good thing..
    the average heart attack happens mostly on the toilet or after stressing yourself to hard shoveling etc.. a charlie horse of the heart muscle.. so what if it was a loved one.. what if it was you.. an aed should be in every home..
    Here you go.. here is one at a great price..
    the battery may need to be replaced.. the pads are still good..
    My thought is every couple of years they redo the cases so you have to buy a battery.. and then they stop making the batteries.. you can still buy them just not from the manufacturer.. g3 batteries are expensive but not to bad.. he will accept less.. I could have bought one at the 127 offer..

    • Good points LOOB, but in the case of the AED and some other things, they’re worthless if you’re alone working on the ranch somewhere. Some of us lead solitary lives – intentionally or not. When The Dude calls, there’s no real choice.

      Now I need to get back to digging in the trench. It’s Golden Hour and it’s cool enough to work, and light enough to see.

      • True… even in a crowd.. a local Wal-Mart store a few weeks ago.. had an employee that didn’t show up for work.. the ext day either..
        after work one day he left went to his car had a heart attack and died.. it was over a week before anyone even questioned where he was..( in this hot weather)
        back in the eighties a young girl single mom.. didn’t show up for work.. they couldn’t figure out she was always on time never missed work.. the second day they sent me over to check on her..she had died watching tv baby crying and hungry in its crib..if it hadn’t of been from the girls she worked with worrying about her..both would have perished..
        same thing with a man..couldn’t get his military retirement.. over ten years of his military time had been his company being outsourcing to the CIA and it didn’t record of him being in the jungles nothing.. homeless.. had a stroke couldn’t swallow and died alone..

  10. Be cafeful! Stimulating plant growth may have unintended consequences!

    ‘Beginning of the End’ is a 1957 American science fiction film produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon. It stars Peter Graves, Peggie Castle, and Morris Ankrum. An agricultural scientist, played by Graves, successfully grows gigantic vegetables using radiation. Unfortunately, the vegetables are eaten by locusts (the swarming phase of short-horned grasshoppers), which quickly grow to a gigantic size and attack the nearby city of Chicago.

  11. “(for temperature advantaged air flow) it has been a 24-karat snot of a problem keeping the temps under 100F.”

    wet bowl temp is fifty four degrees.. grocery and produce stores use this..
    of course this one doesn’t have the timer on it.. in reviewing hydroponic systems I noticed that there was a news story on one where they had the mister that moved along on rails.. not only cooling the green house but watering the plants.. of course you have to have the ventilation system on to exhaust the air to..

    I haven’t put one up yet but where I have my container garden.. it gets hot there.. dam hot.. and I bought one of those systems to put up.. to keep the temperature down.. I now have a purgula there.. that did the same thing.. the problem with that is.. rain if it rains.. the purgula keeps the moisture from the plants..
    there is a nice video showing what I am trying to say..
    grocery stores have been using this to keep vegitables cold for decades.. long before I was born… putting a misting system on the air conditioner will improve the efficiency of the air conditioner..

  12. for thousands of years.. ancient temples were kept cool by two things water and by air wells.. ..we can do the same thing.. there is a guy in a neighboring state that has a green house.. he has heat tubes.. his air is recirculated through pipes he has buried beneath it.. air comes out on one in.. and sucked in on the other side..
    the greeks during roman times did this to.. to keep the temperatures are a constant livable.. the air wells.. not only harvested water for them but helped in keeping the humidity low and cooling of the structures..
    this was also one of the benefits of the hanging gardens of babylon.. not only did they have the garden but it kept temperatures at a liveable range for the royal class…

  13. George
    The late Art Bell of late night Coast To Coast radio fame was an avid ham radio operator. He lived in Nevada west of Los Vegas on several acres of land.
    He had put up an antenna array consisting of very tall metal poles around the perimeter of his property.
    He commented several times during C2C radio programs that his array generated about 400 volts of electricity on it’s on. He stated that he had to install some type of isolating system so that his ham gear would not get damaged.
    Other people have videos on YouTube about collecting electrical power from the ground.
    There must be something to this, but is it practical for what you have to spend on hardware!

    • Its the free ions.. feels promoted harvesting electricity from the air.. putting g up transmission towers grid we see it microwave towers every twenty miles..

      • Power and energy is all around us.. in various forms..
        imagine for a moment..what mankind could actually accomplish ..IF ..they devoted half of the energy they devote to causing new problems with solving the problems that affect the vast majority of the people..
        hunger , water, diseases, do unto others..
        Mark 12:28-29

        “28 One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”

        29 “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.[a] 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[b] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[c] There is no commandment greater than these.”

        32 “Well said, teacher,” the man replied. “You are right in saying that God is one and there is no other but him. 33 To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.”

        34 When Jesus saw that he had answered wisely, he said to him, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” And from then on no one dared ask him any more questions.”

        all through ancient scripts you see the same message..then man steps in and confuses the message with their laws to fit their wants.
        we see this even today in our leaders.. such as the gun law that they conveniently changed so that the golden child would not be faced with having done something illegal..

    • With the expansion of microwave technologies.. the push for for satellites television radio etc. even harp or the harps world may be directed at a spot in the upper atmosphere but the reflection scatters that areas where those high frequency scattered waves pass between television or radio satellite signals In those areas you’ll see or hear that scatter of energy..
      in cities not only are the temperatures higher and elevated CO2 emissions from cars people etc. high but the EMF readings spike..poorly shielded.. that has a huge effect on people. similar to the debate on five g the jury is out on physical effects. but it describes the elevated stress of those in cities.
      there are hints and legends historical stories that suggest we are repeating the failures of our ancestors..

  14. Did a diet last Winter. Special Keto for those over 65 [ protect the liver.] 12 people signed-up for the course and recipes the same week I did. 45 days later of the 13 people in the course, 11 of them dropped an average of 12 pounds – nice steady drop – I ‘gained’ four pounds.

  15. While you’re experimenting, I spoke with a lady some months back while traveling. Just a brief conversation while we were both at a rest stop. It’s sometimes surprising what people talk about with others as they travel …

    Anyway, electro culture came up and she said she has long enclosed beds over the winter. (Indoors) She said she hooked up (low watt – low voltage) solar panels and ran the positive into the beds and the negative was somehow grounded at a distance. (Other end of the bed?) Hell, I can’t remember. But, she said it works.

    I know, even a small stick with copper wire stuck in a potted house plant “works” … but she said “this works better during winter.”

    She’s the only person I’ve ever heard talk about this method. – nothing on the internet.

    All I know is, once you get your gears turning about something, you become the expert. So I thought I’d pass that info on to ya.

    Have a great day, Buddy. :)

    • That’s not all Hank…. I thought they were joking at first…
      screw the citizens that lost so much in the fire..why not get donations from them to help a war in Ukraine..
      how low can they go..


    Labor day watermelon wine…

    1 watermelon
    1 fermentation lock
    1/2 cup of sugar
    1 orange
    1 cup of white grape juice
    1 packet wine yeast
    cut the top off of the watermelon
    scoop out all the watermelon into a bowl
    take a knife and cut a hole in the side towards the bottom put your melon tap in it..
    take a potato masher and mash up the water melon ..take another bowl with cheese cloth or a brewers bag in it and filter the juice out of the mashed melon and seeds..
    take the juice of the orange and the grape juice sugar and mix it together.. pot this I to the melon.. now top it off with water.. on the end piece take a knife and bore a hole just big enough to put the fermentation lock in it..
    oh the melon should be set upright ..take a smaller bowl to use as a stand..
    now make a flour water glue paste put that on the edge of the exposed melon rind .. sprinkle the yeast on top of the melon juice.. and glue the top back on with the fermentation lock on it.. by labor day your watermelon wine should be ready to drink..use the tap you put in it and enjoy.. over ice is the best..
    for redneck melon wine.. enjoy..

  17. I like citrus so almost everything has a lemon or orange in it lol that’s my preference you and take it out if you want..

  18. To add to my above comments:

    Is there a 111 Major War Cycle for Europe?

    Because of the length duration of that cycle it is hard to determine but the War of the Grand Alliance (which actually went on for about 9 years) had as it’s KEY battle the great naval battle between France and England/Low Countries navies in 1692. That war changed the face of Europe and the relationships of the various powers particularly wrt their external affairs.

    111 years later in 1803 there began the Napoleonic Wars began which again change the face of Europe over the many years they continued.

    Finally 111 years later came the beginnings of WW1 which changed both the political faces of Europe, Empires disappeared, new countries began, and the Monarchy system of government, which had dominated Europe for CENTURIES was mostly DESTROYED throughout Europe.

    111 years later will be 2025 … are we again to see a WORLD CONVULSION of War leading to massive political change, a War that again will last on and off for a large number of years? (I have always contended that what we call WW2 was actually just a continuation of WW1 and the change in the political dynamics of how countries are ruled and where the borders of the NEW Europe should be drawn …. remember at the end of WW2 Germany had to give up ALL of Prussia, MILLIONS of acres, the land going to Poland, with 11 million Germans being forced to move from their historic lands on the Baltic that they had occupied for several hundred years!)

    111 years … umm. BIG TROUBLE on the horizon?

  19. Never heard of electro=culture before today, so I will be interested in results. I think you would have to do two planters side-by-side, one with and one without to really prove anything.
    One question: why not use SS rods in contact with the soil, rather than copper? Copper is rather toxic to roots. I think the stuff you use to treat roots in a septic line is copper-based. The county had someone spraying something similar along the edges of secondary roads to kill the grass this summer. Not that chromium steel is without it’s issues, but I wouldn’t expect it to leach as fast as copper.

    • Copper (Cu) is an essential mineral nutrient for the proper growth and development of plants; it is involved in myriad morphological, physiological, and biochemical processes. Copper acts as a cofactor in various enzymes and performs essential roles in photosynthesis, respiration and the electron transport chain, and is a structural component of defense genes. Excess Cu, however, imparts negative effects on plant growth and productivity. Many studies have summarized the adverse effects of excess Cu on germination, growth, photosynthesis, and antioxidant response in agricultural crops. Its inhibitory influence on mineral nutrition, chlorophyll biosynthesis, and antioxidant enzyme activity has been verified. The current review focuses on the availability and uptake of Cu by plants. The toxic effects of excess Cu on seed germination, plant growth and development, photosynthesis, and antioxidant response in plants.

      • ..O Neg types can/will benefit from liquid Copper supplementation. Where the blu in blue bloods comes from..

        No – do Not ingest pennys for this therapy – modern obummer penny’s are primarily Zinc – so great for protection from viri/virus’s (like covert19) – if taken with an ionophore like CoQ10.

        Modern penny is representative of USA today – “cheap fakes”

        ?Ask Ureselves why – the Chinese so highly value Copper ?

        • I was looking at copper wire last week for a tracking wire.. one was cheaper..after reading it.. it was copper clad aluminum wire..

        • Yeah… ‘CCA’… Copper Clad Aluminum. The stuff is crap. The aluminum corrodes right thru the copper coating. Not good in my tropical climate.

        • @LOOB

          “I was looking at copper wire last week for a tracking wire.. one was cheaper..after reading it.. it was copper clad aluminum wire..”

          Don’t bother. Actual aluminum wire won’t pass the current that copper or silver will pass, but it will last (Use Penetrox on all connections, and get some religion.) Plated aluminum wire gets into dielectric mismatches where one or both corrode to unserviceability or turn to dust. Modern primary automotive wiring is a special case. The wire is Chinese, unannealed copper, and the insulation is PVC made from soy oil (which rodents find to be utterly delicious.) I have had brand new wiring turn to nonconductive dust within two years. This is why I spend the money to buy Mil-Spec wire “ends & pieces” off eBay — It is real copper, properly annealed, sometimes silver or tin plated (no dielectric issue) and encased in PTFE that’s thinner, tougher, and more-flexible than PVC, and the field mice around me tell me it tastes terrible. Oh, and it’s cheaper than the Chinese primary wire that’s sold in the stores, too…

  20. Despite their saying Lahaina is 85% searched now, NO new updates on deaths found today. The “1,000 missing” number is now suspect also, as one official said they were keeping the ‘missing’ number high on purpose so people won’t forget and keep looking…

    The first casualty of (economic) war is information. Brace for the Biden dog & pony show to arrive next, to pat FEMA on the back for giving everyone who lost everything a $700 check.

    And here’s a doozy: “Before flames devastated Lahaina, state ‘reminded’ Maui sirens could be sounded for fire evacuations”
    But… they didn’t.

    • The fire was so hot and moving so fast.. that they may never find those missing..

  21. Been on a diet also … since Easter. Goal was to lose 30# by the end of Labor Day weekend …. or in about 5 months.

    Up through about a month ago was right on target, losing 6# per month or about 1.5# per week.

    I do a LOT of walking or my weight loss exercise, 3 to 4 miles at a time about 4 times a week, sometimes 6 times a week, which I know helps since durational (time wise) constant exercising is MORE important than killing oneself at the gym but with constant breaks.

    Overall goal was 45# +- by Christmas (beginning of ski season), and so far it looks to be on track since I still have 4 months /18 or so weeks to go. I figured weight loss would slow down as the the outside exercise slowed down with the onset of bad weather since it has in the past in my experience.

    For me I am believer that regular exercise of a constant (durational at a time) nature is part of the process of getting the weight off and being able to keep it off. Worked once before in my life and then I was easily able to keep it off for the next 12 years.

    Kicking myself for letting my weight drift UP over the last 6 years but time to get it off, which is making my Doc happy!!

    Keep it up George … and once you lose another 20# YOU will be very happy!!

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