Huriquakes? Markets Pensive

No, you won’t find “huriquakes” in the O.E.D.

But it was something mentioned Saturday morning to our Peoplenomics subscribers:

  • “What not many are aware of is the problem of Earthquakes that can accompany very low-pressure systems.

The Los Angeles Times mention, as long ago as 1988 that low pressure could be a driver of earthquakes:  Air Patterns May Trigger Earthquakes, Scientist Says – Los Angeles Times (

More recently, J.D. West’s 2015 paper Earthquake Weather: Linking Seismicity to Changes in Barometric Pressure, Earth Tides, and Rainfall – NASA/ADS ( is worth a read.”

We’ve been noodling a bit deeper on this, since the Spidey sense was timely: Magnitude 5.1 earthquake shakes Southern California Sunday as (hurricane) Hilary slams the region.

Let’s bust this up into aspects.  We have storm/low pressure (effects of so-called “land tides”. Then we have the rain-driven factor of fault zone lubricity.

To the literature, then?

To the rainfall first:  Nature World News in January of this year outlined the (possible) rain/earthquake mechanism in Pattern of Earthquakes Following Heavy Rain Raises Concern Over Possible Impending Tremors in California.

However, in a 2019 paper, Can Climate Affect Earthquakes, Or Are the Connections Shaky?, NASA divided more finely into surface weight of water and snow as a loading factor in the short-term.

That paper, in turn, points to a 2017 paper on the flip side of the rain issue: What is the relationship between drought and quakes?  Sierras lost water weight, grew taller during drough,

With hurricane Hilary bearing down on SoCal, not many people are likely to remember, but it has been a long time since any rain has fallen in the Midland-Odessa, Texas area – and only 1.8 inches of precip year to date.  So, when rain resumes, we could get “rewatering” changes out there.

Now, let’s scale up our thinking: What about the drought parched southern Nevada area?  The good news here is Lake Mead might refill a bit…

On the low-pressure systems at the eyes of hurricanes and typhoons, the causative angle is debatable, too: Can Weather Trigger Earthquakes?

The good news (from the research perspective) is Hilary seems to be bringing a grand research period into view.  The bad news?  There’s no opt-out button.

Botching Maui

With well over 100 dead, we see looming danger of having ideologs in positions of power.  Letter | Misguided ‘woke’ ideology about water in Maui. Especially because people had been told to expect sirens if…

Meanwhile, the Hawaii blue state government is in full ass-covering mode, denying press requests according to some reports. Hawaii State Government Attempts Information Blackout On Maui Fire.

Oh, and let’s not lose sight of lefty-woke agendas, here: Hawaii Gov Doubles Down Efforts To Link Climate Change To Tragic Fires > Hawaii Free Press.  Not just woke bureaucrats come into view…

Let’s Run Some Numbers

No doubt you saw Maui $700 aid – Joe Biden’s emergency payments slammed as ‘insulting’ Let’s see how Maui stacks up against Ukraine, shall we?

Population of Ukraine is 36.7 million people.  The number of Russian speakers is about 29.59 percent.  How about 32.577 million native Ukrainian speakers?

Now, how much has the U.S. spent on the war directly?  $66.2 Billion is mentioned in How much U.S. spending is powering Ukraine’s defense – The Washington Post.  However, that doesn’t include the estimated $6 billion the U.S. spent overthrowing the previously elected government in Ukraine some years back.

But let’s use $73 billion (which won’t include additional requested money since Aug. 10) as our proxy.

Population of Maui is about 154,800 people. Rounding off that’s $109.4 million.

We won’t mention the U.S. is spending 673 times more on Ukraine than Maui (so far).  But, we will point out that $700 per capita on Maui is a lot different than Ukraine…

The math, then:

Even if everyone on Maui gets $700 in federal aid, the US per capita native Ukraine spending is about $2,240 per capita.  So, Ukraine is worth (very roughly) 3-times more per person.

And they don’t even vote here.

WTF, globalist/WEF party of America?

Speaking of Woke

We keep reminding you that “equity” and “equality” are different words with different meanings, right?  Well, check out the language lesson in this story: Progressive Insurance Sued Over ‘Patently Unlawful’ Racism For $25K Black-Only Business Grants.

Race – as a decision metric on anything – is racism on its face. Now, up until this point in history (since the Civil War, arguably) that has been illegal.  The woke left is working to change that…

Wet Texas to Follow

It’s called disturbance AL91 and it’s moving west into the Gulf of Mexico:

Tropical disturbance map
Tropical storm Franklin is expected to take a hard right and blow up over the DR and maybe Turks and Caicos but more likely more east of there and out to sea

The Market

Our cowardice over holding weekend short positions has paid off.  Dow futures were up 130 and the S&P up 20-ish.

Heaping goobers into the spreadsheet trough it comes out looking like this:

Aggregate stock market view
Minor bond sales this morning but overall a really crappy news flow to spark anything exciting Housing will be along next Tuesday but then were into pre holiday week Shot at the top of the major trend channel from now to then Um

Which looks suspiciously like “Come down to the mid-channel trend line of the larger Wave 2 trend channel, bounce up into Labor Day (if we make it that far!) and break out the underside handily around September 25th.:

This is NOT financial advice.  We just toss darts into the air and if they land, we do not care.  Burma something.

I’ve been telling you the Fed should be cutting, not raising (or going 2 points and really scaring people…).  Someone is listening: China Cuts Key Interest Rate To Support Economy (

Slashings and Sloshing’s

Someone has come down with presumptive front-runner disease: Trump confirms won’t join this week’s Republican presidential debates. If he can’t debate, I can’t vote for him, sorry.  (Which whimsically has us wondering if Trump could be elected while in jail, you know, a kind of Mein Trump moment (time to write another book?)  and then pardon himself?”  The mind spins, obviously off-balance from running those Ukraine numbers…)  To which Minnesota Democrat pans ‘weird group of folks’ on GOP debate stage, Has he not looked at the Island of Dr. Moreau cast offs his own party fields?

Someone has a water-retention problem: Japan govt makes final plea to gain fisheries’ understanding for Fukushima plant water release. (filed under fish and shits).

Bitcoin is up to almost $26,000 and we almost expect $28,000 by Labor Day.  But check out Analyst Who Called May 2021 Bear Market, Foresees New Bitcoin (BTC) ATHs. Here’s the Timeline.  Spoiler: 2027 and we may all be dead by then.

And from our “Imitation is the shortest line to Profits” watch:  Billy Bragg Releases “Rich Men Earning North of a Million” in Response to Oliver Anthony.

Around the Ranch: Hot?

Noticed that although the record high for us was 108 F. Sunday, the temp was only there for like 10-minutes.  Then right back down to a cool 106…

I triumphed over my “stay indoors” electronics problem. A highly rated Drake 2B ham radio was saved.  It was a steal on eBay at $100 bucks, but after $60 worth of parts, it’s back to being worth $225 on the used market. Given the time and research to repair, I make about as much fixing classic tube-type radios as I make writing on a per-hour basis.

Other than a routine annual Medicare wellness check,,,

Do you feel safe at home?” 

Is Joe Biden still president? Is the border still open? Is Hunter still free? Is the Energy Dept. still planning to outlaw emergency gas generators?  Is Fauci going to give back any royalty money?  Are Whites and Blacks being treated exactly equally? You tell me if I should feel safe…”

Yes, I need to get out more, I suppose.  But like Elaine figures, maybe it’s better we continue self-isolation for another decade.

Today is National Senior Citizen’s Day, according to this site. But, according to the lunatic writer of this is “Is it Really F*cking Monday, Already Day.”  Yeah, bubba.

ShopTalk Sunday is here if you missed it.

Write when you get rich,

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61 thoughts on “Huriquakes? Markets Pensive”

  1. “No doubt you saw Maui $700 aid – Joe Biden’s emergency payments slammed as ‘insulting’ Let’s see how Maui stacks up against Ukraine, shall we?”

    Apocalypse Now

    “We cut them in half with a machine gun and offer them a band-aid.” – Capt. Willard

    • I remember my niece..
      tornado took out her home.. I told her to gather what she could..her response was ..FEMA said they are here to is going to assess the damage..then a flood washed it all away..the insurance didn’t give them anything and FEMA.. they only helped a few at the top..for everyone else..twenty dollars and a wish you well…
      the engineer at the top of the pile.. Katrina took out all his belongings and home.. then a terrific disaster and a deep water oil drilling platform had a horrible catastrophic explosion.. he was called in to give testimony and then was black balled for telling the truth the insurance companies paid a penny on the dollar..his family abandoned humans he became homeless..
      we would rather spend the money for war than for rebuilding and infrastructure..
      pretty sad huh..

    • My 78th. Happy Birthday to us!

      Meanwhile, George said to the effect if Trump doesn’t debate, he can’t vote for him. I differ a bit on that. I actually heard Brett Baier, one of the moderators, let slip on live TV something to the effect: Wish I knew if Trump was debating or not because we have two sets of questions depending upon whether he is in the debates.

      Trump likely knows the debates are already rigged.

      • They’re also not actual debates, and never have been. They are campaign promos, and are therefore, useless, except to give candidates some facetime in front of a national audience.

        The media (which detests we peasants) could host a dozen debates, and folks would not learn as much about a candidate as from one targeted (REAL, not “softball”) interview. See the interviews by Tucker Carlson of RFK and Ramaswamy as examples ( )

        I’d be willing to bet you won’t see Tucker do a long-form interview with Asa/Chris/Mike this election cycle. They wouldn’t dare let him.

        BTW, Trump announced he was going to “skip all the debates.” This is a strategic ploy to see if Soros and the neocons pull their black buckage from the 3 stooges. Trump (NOT the RNC) owns well over 60% of the conservatives’ and constitutionalists’ support. No Republican Presidential candidate can get elected without his support, unless they’re a RINO with broad CCP (Democrat) support.

        What do y’all think? If DJT doesn’t debate, will the fascists pull their shills’ funding? Once the shills are gone, what happens when DJT then joins the sincere candidates on the debate floor? Does anybody (at all) notice, or recognize the shills for what they were?

      • I trust you had a wonderful birthday, Lois. Mine was delightful so long as I didn’t leave the comfort of the air conditioning.
        Thanks to those who conferred birthday greetings!

    • Jim Berkland


      Earthquake prediction sites:

      This crowd also includes those who study animal behavior as EQ prediction. Not sure where the oar fish fits in but they found a large one in (not Japanese) shallow water a few weeks back.

      Anybody know what happened to those Greek academics who developed a system that worked but then disappeared?

  2. Happy Seniors Day George and remember what another famous George (Burns) said.

    “You know you’re getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you’re down there.”

    • Twilight Zone – “Kick The Can” aired on February 9, 1962

      Charles Whitley, a retiree at Sunnyvale Rest Home, thinks he has discovered the secret of youth. He is convinced that if he acts young, he will become young. His oldest and best friend Ben Conroy, whom he has known since childhood, thinks he is going crazy, and is able to persuade the home’s superintendent, Mr. Cox that this is the case. Mr. Cox decides to put Charles in isolation and under observation. Ben tries to convince Charles to act as sedate as the other residents in order to avoid this fate, to no avail. While Ben sees aging as an inescapable fact of life, Charles is convinced that Ben’s thinking of himself as old is what made him old.

      That night, Charles convinces a number of residents to play a game of kick the can with him. He tries to talk Ben into joining them, but Ben refuses. The residents light a firecracker and throw it out a window, the noise drawing the nurse’s attention so they can sneak out the door. Meanwhile, Ben alerts Mr. Cox to what the other residents are up to. They run outside to find a group of children playing kick the can instead. Ben recognizes one of the children as Charles, who has become young again. He begs young Charley for a chance to go with him, but the boy seems not to know him, and dashes away into the darkness. Mr. Cox searches elsewhere for the elderly residents, while Ben walks slowly to the front steps of Sunnyvale and sits there with the can, alone, knowing that Mr. Cox can look all he wants for the residents… and that he will never find them.

  3. “way down south”

    Definitely need to get out more ‘and mix it up”..Ure NRG’s that is.
    4 Always a 2 way exchange/equation in regards Qi.

    Infants-Babies have very special Qi, and it “goes” really well with Parental and Grand Parental Qi.

    Took the Grand baby on road trip yesterday- run across state lines to liquor super store. The place is HUUUGE and Tax free, and have case discounts on wine !
    They offer classes in everything from wine tasting to high end Tequila Nosing.
    ..which is what the BCN was in store for, besides, literally horsing around with my favorite Grand Daughter (only 1 so far) Wanted a bottle of The Tears of Lorrona – but at $330 a pop – out my league at this point in time.
    Ended up purchasing a bottle of EL TESORO – Paradiso tequila extra anejo, Aged 5 years, “hecho en Jalisco” if not – not Tequiila. Also outta of my league, but hey only live a couple of hundred thousand times.
    There are not enough O’s in smooth, to describe my first experience with this supa fine libation. We be talking SUPA FINE.

    *Tasting notes – absolute necessity to drink (SIP) fine Tequilas in stemmed glassware..preferably a champagne flute -imho. Swirling the golden liquid around inside the flute – oh baby is Ure nose in for some TREATS/”Air Sandwiches”. This “nosing” CHANGES in very dynamic ways, the taste experience – not a hot burner of a Shot – to the contrary – far and away more desirable, interesting and pleasant than a fine scotch, in my personal opinion. Its a smokey peat versus a blue agave “floral almost” comparison – keep the smokey peat.. HEAR WE GO – A little story-


    Investing in a little BTC this AM – for the Tears of Lorrona bottle. Gift to Self should the trade be profitable, otherwise another bite in what is left of my ASS, after the last several years WEF’ers merciless chewing on it..evil nazi bastards.

    • re: Aqua Vitae


      Speaking of scotch notes, the “Daily Mail” offers a bonnie sup of royal elixir reportage. A kilt-shod King stepped over the threshold of Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and will be spending the anniversary of the late Queen’s passing. It would appear that invitations were extended to the duke of York as well as his divorced Spouse. Such news trumped importance of mention whereas Germany’s “Deutsche Welle” headlined a breaking Royal story. London police have ended their investigation concerning alleged impropriety between a King’s charity and a certain The Much Honoured, The Baron of (in Scotland) CBE FRSA originally from Mecca, and one of the richest men in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      Current media reports note with reticence that allegations by “newspaper reports” prompted the police investigation. Wikipedia references point towards example from “The Independent” newspaper subsidiary to a media entity of Kensington, London address which is registered in the US State of Delaware by an agent established for its Firm a month after Jesse Owens won gold at Berlin. The digital newspaper boasts a Member of the House of Lord’s, a Lord Temporal as primary shareholder. My understanding is that one may offer him address more simply as Baron. It appears his father is a Russian oligarch and former KGB agent. Now then, the second noteworthy shareholder is a Sultan via an investment holding company (perhaps domiciled in the Cayman Islands?). The Sultan acquired favorable results in association with an investment bank owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      Alright, Punters, bottoms up & a rousing cheer –
      God save the King!

  4. Really George, you need Trump to debate? WHY?
    you know where he stands, why should he give anything to Fox News, the want to be’s, have no chance.
    The ‘want to be’ are NOT attacked by the deep state, I wonder why not.
    there is Trump or there is the uniparty, that is reality.
    who ya going to vote for? Bribem, Newsom, Big Mike ,,, that is IF we make to 2024 vote
    if ain’t figured it out yet, ya need to mask back up,, election covid is coming back.
    How many past presidents needed to debate? for a primary
    the only debate needed is the for all the marbles, against what ever the demons put up for 2024

    I still am a GITMO advocate, when it comes to treasonous pedophiles, try them and then hang the guilty
    Military tribunals are necessary when the US GOV has cancer and is unable to operate on her self,,, the orders have been given, it is just a matter of timing, for the collective awareness to reach critical mass. The Biden scandals are getting US closer to the edge
    Biden did NOT get 81 million votes from legal voters, the election was stollen, and Bribes is a thief, supported by a den of thieves, cancerous thieves

  5. My weather station reported 113 deg with 78% humidity at 1600 yesterday. This morning just before sunrise everything was covered with that slimy greasy fog. Hauling water to the stock hiding in the timber is a twice a day chore now. No casualties so far though. Picked up a couple kiddie pools at the dollar store in town for the dogs. They seem to like it enough to lay in it and so do the little goats.
    Last month daughter talked me into taking a couple young Anatolian pups their breeder neighbor had. Their mom got knocked up by a german shephard somehow and he wanted them gone so the price of free was right anyway. These guys are huge already so the dog feed bill has gone up. The vet is stopping by this morning to see them and look at Barney. I took them down to the goat pens a couple weeks ago and they hang out with the boys no problem and have taken to the goats already. The breeder said to bring them back in a couple months and he wold start training them but no cost was mentioned. He sent along instructions on how to socialize them before sending them. They followed Diana up to the mail box Saturday and got in between her and the mailman. She said they just sat in front of her and growled at him. Well he is kind of a dipstick.
    I’m hoping MFJ gets that 50″ telescoping mast here this week.
    Stay safe and cool. 73

    • Was talking last week to some people over on The Goat Spot about losing a goat or more per day and several of them suggested putting electrolytes in the stock trough. Basically it makes “Goaterade” but the cows like it just as well. The temperature around here is still the same but the death rate has gone down noticeably. I’ve been picking up AgriLabs’ Vitamins and Electrolytes packets at the feed store and putting a packet in the trough that most of them congregate around. The trough holds only half as much as the packets are good for but I figure they’re all working on a deficit so this will help those that get it out of their funk. It’s first-come, first-serve unless I come back through the corrales again that day. I’d always thought that the trace mineral blocks would cover this nutritional area but evidently it’s helped plug a hole in the goats’ needs.

      The weatherman was talking about the possibility of rain tomorrow or the next day due to the depression coming on shore in the Gulf but now they’ve taken those chances away giving us only some cloud cover – which means the solar pumps won’t be running and I’m going to be hauling more water than usual. Still working on that other solar well on the other side of the pasture but a family incident cropped up this weekend and put a halt to just about everything. Wish I could afford a small crew to just get me caught up!

      • I hear you. Lucky to have neighbors and we all help each other out. I got some electrolyte mix from the vet. At that price it should be served in crystal wine glasses. She said it’s not gatorade and don’t give that to animals. I saw one of the more sneaky goats out of the fenced area getting into one the cattle mineral tubs. Have to watch that girl to see if it bothers her any. It helps having everybody in the shaded timber but that means hauling 4 300 gallon loads of water twice a day. Still no casualties so far. Hang in there, we’re gonna make it all right.

        • Aaauugh! 4 water trips twice a day? I’ve made 6 before in one day when I had the time and lost the float on the valve in the trough. Happens WAY too often so I keep a close eye on the wire that holds the floats in place. Otherwise I try to keep about 20″ or more in the main tank and if I have time to get it over that it means I usually have time to do something else the next day. 1 hour round trip per load mainly due to the rocky roads. 5 mph can be enough to make the trailer spend most of its time in the air when empty but 2700+ pounds of water in my 325 gallon tank bouncing on that poor old trailer takes it’s toll, too. I’ve replaced the front springs on that axle last year but the part of the hitch that fits over the ball has stress cracks in it you can see through and it’s not an easy replacement. So far the other well’s pump tests good after being submerged for several days now so we’re hoping, praying, that well will be sustainable when we get it all together. It all just takes time and they ain’t making any more of that than they are real estate … unless you want to start a fire somewhere.

          Both cows and goats share the same mixing tubs and mineral blocks. Haven’t seen any detrimental effects of sharing on either. Don’t know if you get Hi-Pro feeds up there but their loose mineral bags numbered 13402855 mixed with another 50lb bag of plain salt to extend it has been really good for both of them when I can afford it. That mineral salt jumped $12 last year so I’m just using the blocks plus the electrolyte at $6.60 per packet. It’s just for the hot season. I’ve got calves on the ground that are looking a bit thin so we’ve got to do a little feeding as well. The little shits crap in the water troughs when they’re cooling their hooves. Guess their moms taught ’em.

        • @Bill:

          “the part of the hitch that fits over the ball has stress cracks in it you can see through and it’s not an easy replacement.”

          Try to find one that’s made here (Curt, Draw-Tite, Reese are all Chinesium now.) There’s a hitch fab in Minnesota that’s all American. Their stuff is like 3x-4x the cost, but lasts forever. The stuff the store sells is the stuff everybody else sells (some is top-flight, some generic, a lot is Chinese because, well the CCP has bought everything), and Amazon will beat their price by 30-50% on a lot of it, but their Rigid brand, and the other big-boy brands are reasonable, for what they are. At the very least, it makes for a good shopping guide.


          I’m an amateur WRT animal health, but I am not seeing much difference in mineral salt for cow critters, goats, and horses, other than selenium levels and price (and garlic, I assume for fly control…) ISTM if things get tight, you could use solar salt (water softener salt), and a vitamin pack (plus your mineral pack) and do as well, for less money. Make sure the salt is sodium chloride because some manufacturers are starting to use potassium chloride. Potassium is a necessary electrolyte, but excessive amounts will kill mammals…

    • “I’m hoping MFJ gets that 50? telescoping mast here this week.”

      Oooo, 1908HD? It’s on my list of things to buy (but next month, after the Expedition comes out of the shop…)

  6. Happy Monday, George et al.

    We have some happy news to share here (for a change). We’re expecting our first grandchild due to arrive mid-March. We’re very excited about that, but it does add a layer of worry for the future.

    Now on to other business.

    Over the weekend, I was perusing the various stories about government failures at all levels in Hawaii. It’s not really surprising because once the metric for success in any organization becomes outward displays of belief system behavior and NOT quantifiable performance you are doomed to failure along with those that depend on you. This doesn’t apply to religions, obviously. My personal experience with that began waaaaaay back in the Cold War days of the U.S. Army. The world was very different and the Army was very different. There were no deployments or any real wars to fight. It really wasn’t a bad gig because you knew you were never going to be actually shot at, and you still got to play with some cool toys. There were a lot of guys that, on the surface, appeared to be model soldiers. Their uniforms always looked great and they exuded the ‘hooh-ah’ from every pore. Many were also PT studs…they could do a ton of push ups and sit ups and smoke that 2 mile run every time. They knew all the regulations and standards and could quote chapter and verse. They lived and breathed the military lifestyle and because of that they were also kind of irritating as human beings. But one day a funny thing happened. War broke out and I was lucky enough to observe some interesting things about human behavior. Many of the ‘model soldiers’ turned out not to be so and one of them even went AWOL. No kidding. Trust me, this was one of the lessons about people that I never, ever forgot.

    What I had discovered was the human being known as the ‘Poser’. These are people that don’t have a good sense of self and are chameleon-like becoming the ‘true believer’ in any group. These people can sometimes rise to positions of authority by faking their way to the top. Today, in the military we call them ‘Bro-Vets’. These are the guys that were either once in the military (or never) and they still live and dress in a quasi-military style even years after their service has ended. There’s no ‘them’ in there…it’s just a superficial façade. Frankly, it’s weird.

    So, my point of all this is that Hawaii’s state and local governments are chocked full of these sub-standard human beings. In this case, left-wing fanatics and other various lunatics. Once met with a real-world scenario they completely failed in every observable way because their belief system has no basis in reality. The laws of thermodynamics don’t care about your feelings or equity.

    • Attack! (1953) starring Jack Palance

      “You play the gutless wonder just once more and I lose men because of it, I’ll come back and I’ll get you Cooney. I’ll shove this grenade down your throat and pull the pin.”

    • Congrats on your first Grandbaby. Know that there is no gift worth more. Hold on to every second because before you know it they are grown. I have 10. Wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  7. George,
    About the earthquake question, there is a big problem with the post hoc fallicy when trying to relate rain to earthquakes. I have also seen earthquakes associated with CMEs and cosmic rays. Same post hoc fallicy applies to these ideas.

    I just finished reading John Mcwhorter’s _Woke Racism_. I recommend it very highly. The book should be available at your public library.

    • Not the rain so much as the lubrication. The tectonic plates are held in place by friction. The theory is that anything that contributes to reducing the friction also contributes to the likelihood of a plate shift.

      I’m a big fan of the breathing earth theory, that the earth expands and contracts over time. With all of the heating going on, we’re in an expansion mode. Lube the faults and let the magma core do the rest. Visit and you’ll see there were quite a few unreported 5+ EQ around the Pacific the other day.

      I’m also waiting for Nibiru to come by and drop off the next cadre of Pantheon gods.

    • pay no attention to the SoCal quake just prior to hurricane landfall – none.
      The fact that it was Predicted -dutchsinse- prior to event should not be considered, at all.
      The fact that the earthquake in question struck at the base of the hill housing the Nexrad radar transmission tower is a cowinkydink as well.
      Never mind the massive amounts nrg’s being pumped into atmosphere to steer said hurricane, as coincidental as well.

      Pure coincidence – nothing to see hear, no?

      Seems Ure the “problem” to which U refer.


  8. “Do you feel safe at home?”

    “Is Joe Biden still president? Is the border still open? Is Hunter still free? Is the Energy Dept. still planning to outlaw emergency gas generators? Is Fauci going to give back any royalty money? Are Whites and Blacks being treated exactly equally? You tell me if I should feel safe…”

    considering that… we already know that hunter will always be free.. the crimes buried of the whole family will be sponged from existance. the council investigating the crimes will get a deal through to make sure none of them face any charges for anything the rest of their lives.. Saddam Hussein’s children had that privilege so did kaddafi’s children..
    in the last two and a half years we have seen everything we were taught to be wrong is now to be right.. children are now being taught to question their sexuality..its insane

    • Gee – kinda like JFK plotterZ and the warren commission members, all rewarded throughout their subsequent careers..

      hell Bushies are still living large as hell in Texas -why the “papers” will never be released -aint that right, tRUMP U orange asshole. OWNED by israhell .

      – prove IT wrong..

      U cant, nobody can. bwahahahaha

    • lol lol lol I believe anyone else could win at this point.. look what’s running..
      Rich Men north of Richmond..
      change your name to Noneof the Above and your in like flynn
      with the agencies colluding with individuals selling connections and covering over their activities.. the people are ovserving this world wide..everyone is talking about it all around the globe.. they will walk.. the agencies have already lost any credibility they still had.. congress has just exposed that they are powerless..
      it’s an ugly world right’s twice as hard to regain the faith if the people once they’ve lost it.. and I personally don’t know anyone except Mark and C that think these SH’s have any value whatsoever.. now I don’t like trumps personality .but heck look what running..dumb dumber and SH, the wicked with of the NE

  9. I feel for those of you living in the heat of Texas /Arizona this summer … there is a reason I don’t live there now, it is called HEAT, my body doesn’t like it! (did live in AZ in the past, but it wasn’t nearly as hot as it has been this year).

    Supposed to be HOT HOT HOT this week, ie: 3 days at 90 or above, one day supposed to hit 95 – OMG!!, which will make it the HOTTEST week of the year, may have to turn on the AC … um, wonder if it still works?

    Anyway hope everyone in the HEAT is surviving OK … for Texas though, and all the HOT gulf states, it is still Hurricane Season so you may have to face that issue too before the cool fall season is upon you.

    Stay safe!

    • Try moving furniture and appliances in the heat until you can wring sweat out of every article of clothing you have on. Forget about “water toxicity”, you just can’t get enough. Gatorade helps but …

    • I was just commenting last night on the heat here in Texas. It IS AUGUST, after all. Sixty-four years ago, I was in basic training at Fort Hood, Texas. Yes, it was as hot (or hotter) then as it is now. Our barracks was not air conditioned, and we did the entire basic drill in the sweltering heat, thinking nothing of it. Mainly because air conditioning at the time was only for the wealthy. Us peasants were lucky to have a swamp cooler, so sweating was the normal activity for summer. Air conditioning over the years has removed the backbone of Americans.

      • Now us old folks have too much insulation to stand much heat. My granddaughter hardly sweats at all but eventually it gets to her. I worry about her in band practice now that they’re outside learning to march.

        • There was always a box of salt tablets on the water trailer, and we were instructed to take a tablet every time we refilled our canteen. I still take salt tablets today, though I no longer drink from a canteen. Just a couple of tablets a day when I’m working outside. Helps to keep the nighttime leg cramps down.

  10. According to the numbers, The Conference Board, The LEI, the inverted bond market., M2 shrinking., etc – etc., we should enter into a Recession within the next 90 days. We will then have a ‘consumer crisis’ and the inflationary cycle will invert and we will enter a deflationary economy. This will cause the recession to last longer and go deeper then originally predicted. With the recession well underway, the stock market will then sell off, giving a lot more fuel to the recession and unemployment and at this weak-point a “news item” [war?] will force the deepening recession into a depression, supply chains will be restricted/cut and the economy will collapse at that stage, creating one of the worst depressions this country has ever faced. One of the worst – because of the mind-set of the population and the completely dependent population of the large cities.[ and the large city riots won’t help much.]
    The timing on each one of these stages is dependent on the ‘interference’ of the Federal Reserve and just how badly they mess things up. The speed at which consumers stop spending and start saving., the percentage of the stock market sell-off., how fast the bond market rises., who and where the war will start., possibly adding if Trump is convicted and sentenced.,[ that will be a ‘blunt-force-trauma’.]
    However, “according to the numbers” this should all kick-off before Halloween.
    One additional point to make: The Stock Market has never sold-off “before” a recession has been declared. So you still have some time to get your ducks in a row.
    Recession will start.,[ within 90 days] inflation will flip to deflation, recession deepens, stock market sells-off, recession gets nasty, war [or?] and the recession drops head long into a depression. Large cities turn into “crisis zones”.
    All of these phases could easily trigger before the next election – giving some weight to the predictions – that due to internal crisis there will be no election.
    “Stay Frosty !”

  11. Wakey wakey eggs and bacy..

    not ME, not Balkans, not Tieoneon, not siree Bob!

    Much, much closer to Home –

    bigger the object – the longer it takes to make a

    ..”She’s coming around fast Skipper!”


      everyone feels this song… that one song resonates the feelings of a generation..
      the only ones that are offered are scrap wealthy men and women north of richmond..they don’t have a clue can’t see it.. never experiencing what the people are feeling and now a DOJ and agencies telling everyone that they are shift in their eyes the only ones that laws are for is the regular people..
      any politician willing to go against their status and work for the people and look out for their best interests instead of the golden child..will face economic destruction and years in prison..people that release the emails showing their corrupt ways like Julian asange in wiki leaks will spend the rest of their life in prison.. the one turning them over to him..well he died..the same as everyone that was going to give testimony..
      A song that says what everyone is feeling..
      Megan Kelly has a great discussion on this video..

  12. I was wondering if the media is covering hunter ‘s trip down spooner grade to the whore houses . There’s a handful there in Moundhouse. Pedo and the doctor gone for a day visit to Hawaii.

  13. While the data is quite ‘noisy’ as we have plenty of small earthquakes on an almost daily basis as the largest mountain on the planet settles into the crust, I have noticed that during those rare events of a hurricane passing close by the south end of the big island that is is usually accompanied by a moderate earthquake in that area also.
    (How’s THAT for a run-on sentence?)

    Today the remnant low of ‘FERNANDA’ is bringing us all-day rains, and I see two small earthquakes instead of the customary one-only. FWIW

  14. Anyone else notice that (someone) changed “TPTB” to “TPTSB” ?

    The “S” stands for “Shouldn’t”

    Been hearing that a lot lately. Seems to be being added more to our vocabulary, since the many (natural?) disasters lately.

  15. Got an alert on my phone about 20 seconds before the quake. Epicenter was 130 miles away, didn’t feel a thing.
    Got 3″ of rain from Hilary, who says no to rain and a cool down in August especially when its been 105° all week. Did have 30 MPH winds last night which broke a lot of tree branches on the property and knocked over my giant potted bird of paradise on the patio. Destroyed the 300$ pot. I’ll have to quarter out the plant with a saw just to move it, way too big and heavy. Killed a rattlesnake this morning in the chicken coup, a little 3 footer. Last one I killed here was 4 years ago. I’ve never seen one this color though, dark gray and dark purplish and really blended into the wet soil, didn’t see him until I was about 2 feet from it. Got em with a 22 magnum snake shot from my ruger single action pistol.That little gun has killed over 30 rattlers in the past 25 years. The quake must of got them on the move. Unfortunately now I’ll be hunting rattlers everyday until December.

  16. ” expect sirens if…”

    We understand tusmani sirens shouldn’t be used for fire. But what about the “Emergnecy Alert System”?

    Sometimes when watching TV or listening to the radio programming is interrupted…. “This is a test of the National Emergency Alert System…. If this had been an actual emergency an official message would have followed the tone alert you heard at the start of this message. ”

    We are getting scammed.

    Rumor is some countries will start using the BRIC currency tomorrow.

  17. “No doubt you saw Maui $700 aid – Joe Biden’s emergency payments slammed as ‘insulting’”

    Well, -=DUH!=-

    That’s two tanks of gas for your Prius and a Big Mac (without cheese) in Hawaii…

  18. “Ukraine is worth (very roughly) 3-times more per person.

    And they don’t even vote here.”

    Are you sure…?

  19. “Trump confirms won’t join this week’s Republican presidential debates.”

    What Trump is doing is far more hardball than that “debate.” He’s doing an interview with Tucker Carlson. Tucker is not going to give him mushy or ambiguous questions, and he’s not going to take bullshit answers.

    With at least three of the master-debaters placed on that “debate floor” by George Soros and the Lincoln Project, were I Trump, I’d not debate either, until those three were d/q’ed, based on RNC “rules” (meaning whatever Ronna McDaniel wants on any particular day).

    The way the “debate” will play out: The Soros shills will badmouth Trump whenever possible, DeSantis and Ramaswamy will defend Trump against the attacks and try to score points besides, Tim Scott will attempt to stay out of the fray, but will probably end up defending Trump occasionally, also. Nikki Haley is the Lincoln Project’s darling, but I haven’t been able to find out whether they own her, or not.

    Burgham, and Perry Johnson bribed their way into meeting the RNC’s “donor requirement,” and Suarez secured a disproportionate number of “dollar donations” from Little Havana, as did Hurd from certain parts of South Texas.

    Hutchinson, Christie, and Pence can thank Messrs. Kagan and Kristol for their lecterns…

    Oh yeah, the “debate hosts” are the same good little FOX employees who called the Arizona election while the polls were still open.

    The only hardball questions or relevant answers on “debate night” will come from Tucker Carlson’s podcast, and it’s likely also the only place where anything of importance can be gleaned. Everybody on that stage in Milwaukee will be doing the “look at me” show, and on top of that the paid disruptors will be doing their best (worst?) to keep everyone looking at the dogs and ponies.

  20. “Even if everyone on Maui gets $700 in federal aid, the US per capita native Ukraine spending is about $2,240 per capita. So, Ukraine is worth (very roughly) 3-times more per person.”

    It’s actually MUCH worse. Of the roughly 155,000 population of Maui, ONLY those who lost property… roughly around 2500 people… will get those $700 checks. You do the math. I’m too pissed.
    As I write, Biden is standing on Maui, hiding behind the dark aviator sunglasses, head down as he recites the script on the podium. (They didn’t bring the teleprompter) He cites past disasters “he remembers” with all the emotional monotone of one who remembers nothing.

    Last night at Bishop Museum in Honolulu local musicians organized and played concerts and held a telethon to support Lahaina. Aired on local television, and streamed worldwide, they raised north of $500,000 last I saw. Several were wearing
    “Keep Lahaina Lands
    in Lahaina Hands”
    T-shirts to protest the attempted land grabs now going on. Not just Billionaires trying to buy up lands, but they are competing with the State, who apparently has plans to grab the Lahaina area and make a ‘memorial park’ out of most of the area.
    So the losers get their ashes seized by eminent domain and are paid $700 for their lives. Wucking Fonderful.

  21. The Great Texas Heist: Twelve politicians are stealing the Lone Star State from the voters…

    At the moment there are more Republicans than Democrats in the Texas House, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Many Texans say it feels as though Democrats are running the House and thus, the state of Texas. For example, the most aggressive Attorney General in the United States was recently impeached by his fellow Republicans in the Texas House. How could this be happening if Republicans were truly in control? The question is: do the Democrats control Texas?

    The short answer is yes

  22. Vivek Ramaswamy’s Truth

    God is real. There are two genders. Human flourishing requires fossil fuels. Reverse racism is racism. An open border is no border. Parents determine the education of their children. The nuclear family is the greatest form of governance known to mankind. Capitalism lifts people up from poverty. There are three branches of the U.S. government, not four. The U.S. Constitution is the strongest guarantor of freedoms in history.

    “I just wrote down things that are true,” he said flatly. “It took me about 15 minutes.”

  23. Before investigating Hunter Biden, prosecutor worked with brother Beau

    When Delaware’s acting U.S. attorney David C. Weiss celebrated a fraud conviction in 2010, he was joined by a key partner in the case: Beau Biden, the state’s attorney general. Weiss worked with Joe Biden’s eldest son to hash out prosecution strategies.
    Today, that little-known history highlights the deep challenges Weiss faces as he pursues a newly recharged investigation into Beau’s brother, Hunter Biden, in a small state long politically dominated by their father.

  24. And for those with absolutely no life, a treat from two of the few people on the planet about whom I care less than the Kartrashians:

    Meghan Markle Spotted Without Ring, As Divorce Rumors Swirl

    There’s been a ton of chatter about Meghan and Harry hitting a rough patch. These rumors kicked off when that staged car chase went down in NYC, and they’ve been picking up steam, especially after Meghan’s Spotify deal fell flat.

    But these rumors aren’t all hot air – we’re absolutely witnessing the ex-Royal pair showing up together way less. And now, here comes another juicy tidbit that’s bound to set tongues wagging: A snapshot shows Markle grinning with pals, but hey, no CHF 174,990.11 diamond sparkler on her finger!

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