Markets, Amazon, War – All “Past Our Prime”

Before we get into the morning fray, a bit of data has just dropped:

May I present?  Producer Prices!

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.1 percent in June, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices declined 0.4 percent in May and edged up 0.1 percent in April

On an unadjusted basis, the index for final demand advanced 0.1 percent for the 12 months ended in June.

In June, the increase in final demand prices can be traced to a 0.2-percent rise in the index for final demand services. Prices for final demand goods were unchanged.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.1 percent in June after no change in May. For the 12 months ended in June, prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services advanced 2.6 percent.

Everyone with a pen and a sense of financial humor has probably already written this, but the U.S. is locked into a rate of inflation far higher than the Fed’s lofty dream of 2 percent inflation.  Even in this week’s CPI report, the All Items (less fools and energy) was still running 4.8 percent.

So, in our elderberry eyes, looks like a lock on a quarter point and maybe a half.

What we have to deal with right now – in advance – is the conundrum of currencies.  Take a look at the two charts from KitCo which are over on our links page, here.

USD to Euro and gold price charts
We see how the US Dollar is falling like a safe doing a HALO jump When the dollar falls in value vs other settlement forms it TAKES MORE of the nominal made up money to settle Ergo anything priced in dollars goes up Think of gold as a proxy for Galbraiths general level of prices and youll be in the ballpark

What will happen – when holding a U.S. Dollar denominated asset  – after the rate increase in two weeks, is that the Dollar will be less of a “turb sandwich.” Meaning stronger – which will drive gold down a bit, raising the purchasing power of the Dollar, and thus, on the 26th, we can already see the implications of the repricing of assets.  Dollar up, stocks down.  But that’s all OK because?

Are Markets “Past Prime”?

Yes, that’s right Bunkie, past Prime.  We are in (our work) finishing up the final rapturous piece of Wave 2’s finale.  We are going on a last-minute “trend kissing tour” in here, but even a fool (moi) can see what happens when the Big Ugly Wave 2 in Yellow comes to an end.

Our proprietary Aggregate Index chart shows the problem ahead quite clearly.
The obvious good news is that we are above the major trend channel of Wave 2 green lines The bad is we are still in channel light blue lines and only a break above this would start the argument that a New Bull Market is arriving To be convinced we need to get past that overhead horizontal light blue line which is in one sense the bottom of Wave 1 i down But like touchdown points on the runway no two pilots or financial empires will see things exactly the same

Since money is “Only how we keep score” I’ve gambled and lost about $500 trying to get the absolute tippy top TOP of this pig.  The rational mind keeps screaming “Wait for the breakout of Trend Channel!”  But the coffee and a taste for “action” drives me not only to take on too much risk, but to ride bad positions past my own tiny loss rule.  Every time I ignore that, well…

Unemployment Filings

The first number table is of interest to perhaps only retired economics profs: Unemployment filings are somewhat noisy, but their stock-in-trade is applying math to filter gold from noise:

weekly unemployment filing data
Notice there was a small uptick in the initial claims this week But all the rates were unchanged No worry beads needed with this one

The experiential part of the weekly update from Labor is what the individual States were reporting – big movers down in U.I. filers and the big movers up.

states with largest U I filing changes
Notice in the reasons for increasing UI filings that manufacturing layoffs are being cited This could be the leading edge of the long delayed arrival of the Biden Recession Tactically the problem is whether there is time between now and elections to do anything about it Have a recession AND a recovery in 16 months and have time to make TV ads Sounds iffy and scratchy to us

Hopefully, you don’t fall into one of those states with big increases in filers.

Amazon Prime Days

We tried to get an early read on how the online sales went this year. But…

Hi George,

Thanks for reaching out. We don’t have anything to share today but will make sure you’re on our press list when we do have data to share.

A couple of times throughout the day, we will visit Amazon’s PR archive here to see how it went.

Hot Air on Summer

Ure’s “Bitch du jour” has to do with hot weather.  Going for 103F in the Texas Outback today.  So, yes, I can hardly wait for my new (nearly silent) air conditioner to show up.  Should be here via UPS Saturday, says tracking.

Wait – UPS delivering?  SATURDAY?

Just so, partner: UPS to offer Saturday ground deliveries in Texas, but not in Dallas.

But…but…but… I thought UPS was going on strike?

Well, both sides are in “Waiting for the other side to blink” mode, for now.

In fact, UPS moving online goods is so critical to the economic fairytale that the UPS strike could force Biden into another tough union decision.

Prior to the strike, a public thank you to our regular UPS driver.  Who popped in earlier this week to drop off a fresh package of his “Nuclear Cooling Pond with Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky.”  If there’s a strike, he may have time to whip out another batch.  Understand, I’m somewhat biased in my strike outlook. The jerky’s half-life is measured in seconds.

Is a UPS strike the only labor story out there?  No, of course not. Hollywood Actors Poised For Strike After Studio Talks End Without Deal.  Screw ’em. Hollywood is so totally out of touch with Main Street America, it ain’t even funny.  If you haven’t seen this review (by Nerdrotic) click over an enjoy the lines like “Diaper of Destiny” and “Dial of Dementia“… Seems to us like the review is better than the movie.  But, we’ll still buy the DVD for the After Apocalypse party binge watching while the radioactive cloud….

Diaper of Dementia aside, Disney Higher As Board Extends Contract of CEO Bob Iger Until 2026 | The Olympian

The OH, Bomb-Em Wars

The public and the non, follows.  

First, China is making some moves to defuse the Pacific tensions a bit: China and ASEAN agree to try to conclude nonaggression pact on sea feud in 3 years. But that still leaves them ample time to “reunite” Taiwan into their fold.  Speaking of which: PLA heard ordering US P-8A sub-hunter to exit Taiwan Strait.

And with John Kerry out for Chinese food, what could go wrong?  China hackers accused of breaching US government emails | Semafor.

At the same time, neocon thinking goes to the idea that there’s gotta be a media spin in here somewhere.  Presto! China’s Role in Putin’s War Might Be Backfiring.

And in said Putin’s War: today’s spectators are being treated to the upgrade from a Ukraine War to a NATO War. State of war? NATO plan to send 100,000 troops to Poland – Preparations for conflict with Wagner in Western Europe Ukraine and Suwalki Corridor.

Which we’ve all be waiting to pop based on (not kidding here) G.A. Stewart’s work over at the Age of Desolation website.

Looking more and more sketchy on the one-month horizon.  I mean, what could go wrong, right?  Well, besides North Korea conducts test of nuclear-capable ICBM.  You just know those people are sane, patient, and thoughtful…

Now the Non Part

My consigliere and I have been wondering “Why is Biden and his handlers (neocons) so anxious for war?  There are so many theories – boggles the mind. One is that we have a new “secret technology” that we want to show off, can’t do so without Big Pretext.

Along this line comes word that recently the Hidden Government rolled one of its semi-secret projects over into the really secret, black, SCI world. But not the stuff covered on Peoplenomics.  This was “something else.”

We’re reasonably sure that dimension hacking is at the heart of this.  Long, long ago, a former colleague and I were looking at the “Swiss-cheesy” angle of reality in long-range lo0k-aheads.  But it wasn’t until the latest episodes of Beyond Skinwalker Ranch and the tunnel complex that seems to run through the Bradshaw Ranch that things began to click into place for me.

We’re beginning to “stake out” the next level of conflict as bits and pieces of Reality Bending are starting to leak from around the edges of the Skinwalker Ranch series (Amazon video), and the Beyond Skinwalker series (History Channel).

There’s supporting conceptual grounding in stories like the Why Files episode Bending Time: The Successful Time Travel Experiments using Kozyrev Mirrors.  (We did tell you long ago to keep an eye on Why Files, right?).

Now picture a Kozyrev Device – a kind of derivative of the concepts in the Mirrors – being designed and built. Convert to a solid-state platform…

It could easily give birth to non-local technology that would seem to “break all the rules.”  Which is exactly what the neocons may have up their sleeves.  But they can’t just “announce it.”  Because it would totally breakdown modern civilization.

Do keep in mind, I covered a lot of the acoustical aspects of time and space-time in my 2017 book Dimensions Next Door.  Lots of key conceptual stuff in there.

Say Space-Time WHAT?”

OK, go with me here:  Start by asking yourself, “What could a really disruptive technology do to Society?”  For ideas, roll through “Auditing the risks of disruptive technologies” that Deloitte did.  This is the realm of GX – which is generalized disruption/unknown.  Like UX without just U experiencing it.

As the various “Skunks” and “Phantoms” publicly work on obvious (bridge) technologies, remember what Ben Rich said about being able to “take ET Home.” If you don’t know who Ben Rich was, there’s a remedial website out there somewhere just for you.

Naturally, being able to bend space-time radically changes the world.  Teleportation and such is implied. And what do you do with old fashioned airlines for example?  So, it’s a hot mess of Future when reality itself gets bent-up.  But that’s the non-public angle.

Meanwhile (locked here in legacy space-time), could just be that we’re trying to goad Russia into first use (of nukes) which would then allow Israel to use bunker-busting nukes on Iran. Which is still targeting the end of Israel – which could come as early as December of this year.  More as timing rumors swirl.

But there IS a common thread/tech to flying Tic-Tacs, portals in Native kivas, Tibetan stone-lifting, and even in the drive to get rid of expansion joints on Interstate freeways where the thump-thumps of tires on joints might hit the exactly right beat (92 BPS range per the native drummers and FLIR images on a recent Skinwalker) to induce, well, warpage.

Pissed and Parsed

Joe’s Nordic Track (or was it Finlandia?): Watch live as Biden meets with Nordic leaders in Finland after Nato summit.

Oh, the security of Crypto, huh?> U.S. government moves $300 million in Bitcoin seized from Silk Road – Cryptopolitan. Closely related – and we have mentioned this uncountable times: Bitcoin Role In Terrorism Worries US Authorities (

Around the Ranch: Out of Room!

George 2 and visiting firefighter/security type James ran out of room on our 100-meter shooting range.  This was the AR vs. .308.

Luckily, we live in Texas where, a short drive away they found a 1,000-yard range.  Long Range Rifle Range | Shooting Benches | Frankston, TX | 5H Shooting Sports.

May have to get hold of my friend Steve the Barrett 50 instructor. Still, 1,000 yards is likely too short for him, though hitting something more than 1/2-mile out is something of an artform.

For me, I can hit a barn at 100-meters.  Not like these guys who are hitting a one-foot square metal plate at that range and hitting it every other round with their 9 mm pistols. Blam.  Blam-ding, blam, blam-ding. 100-yards, standing, two-hand grip.  In the interest of disclosure: James shoots match and competes in fan-fire revolver, too.

Nope. Not for this old dude.  Just set up a barn out there, and I’ll see what I can do. Younger eyes, steadier hands. I’ll stick with older and more treacherous, thanks.

Write when you get rich,

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George Ure
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74 thoughts on “Markets, Amazon, War – All “Past Our Prime””

  1. George,
    About your section on dimension hacking, the science fiction author John Ringo explored this idea in his 4 title series “The Looking Glass”. Also as you predicted the portal phenomenon did end the airline industry. The books are fun reads.


    we all know about the dual standards of class societies.. its one thing if your an old politician with illegal servers and hundreds of people that committed suicide some by multiple ways..(the last one supposedly hung himself and then blew his head off using 2 different shotguns then hid the guns. nothing to see there) even members of their own security team have passed on mysteriously that objected and threatened to turn them in. this time..they sold out to foreign governments and put the position of the families that control the planets position of control and influence at risk.. and for what to them is mere lunch money..thousands of piece s of evidence for a wide variety of crimes. thousands of video’s of perversions and crimes..
    satanic and pedophile groups harboring and transporting children across the usa.. and it took two and a half years before anyone objected.. strangely just before the campaign season. nothing will be done legally. but.. if their potential crimes knock the people truly running the planet and all the people off of their thousand year perch of authority for what to them is lunch will not go over well..these people have whole civilizations destroyed just to have their way..

      • Isn’t that insane..all the videos associated to the line of questioning the double standards of law in congress by congressmen asking the questions were taken down..

    • The Amish take care of their own. They don’t follow “conventional” medicine, they actually cure what ills them. They don’t eat processed foods like we do and, they’re very active. They’re humble, forgiving and put their faith first and refuse to stress over things.

      Unfortunately, the government it trying to step in to change all that.

  3. UPS striking, huh. Inflation is great for big paychecks.

    50K annually can now be pulled with two part time gigs on drive-thru. Close Taco Bell from 8:00PM to 2:00AM, sleep in the field for a couple hours then open McDonald’s at 5:00AM to 11:00AM. 12 working hours a day/25 ounces gold annually, it’s just that easy.

    Maybe score free/reduced meals.

    Two drive-thrus pulls as much as a retired RR worker.

    “The average age annuity being paid by the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) at the end of fiscal year 2022 to career rail employees was $4,020 a month, and for all retired rail employees the average was $3,210. “

    • Does Taco Bull even hire folks over 70? I hear there are non-monetary benefits of working in the restaurant business – best options regarding waitresses and similar. I’d probably pass on the “food”. If getting SS and not needing too much extra money, it makes sense to limit your hours to stay below the required tax filing threshold!

      • 4 some – that means limiting time spent in your current home state abode. Kept under 6 months total..What State Income Tax ? 4 those that live in States taxing Ure ass for living there.

        Never mind the donothing bureaucrats/pols sucking on special interests teetsalldayeveryday.
        Never mind the Trans agendas aimed at OUR Children.
        Never mind the FORCED Vaccinations…list goes on, and yet THE PEOPLE still PAY for their abuse..

        Anyone got a portable hydrulic press ? vise gripes no longer working, as I cant feel a dam thing..

        • I’m very aware of the six month rule! I’ve not quite figured out how to prove it though. Traveling extensively has its rewards, and its costs.

          I’ve not figured out what to do about the bureaucrats, beyond ignoring them to the extent possible. Any ideas are welcome.

      • Go to McDonald’s and dominate.

        Tell the hiring manager your aunt dated Ray (Kroc) “back in the day” and he told you if you ever needed a job go to nearest restaurant and tell them “Ray sent me” then Ray left and you never saw him again. Now you need the job and you’re here.

        American Beauty Kevin Spacey applies for job drive through

  4. If you ever get the chance, drop in at the Whittington Center at Raton, NM. Their range facilities are fantastic. I went to a Known Distance Appleseed event there a few years ago, and we gradually worked our way up to the 1,123 yd range and the ‘white buffalo’. I was hitting it consistently with a scoped .30-’06 and iron sights with an M-1 Garand.
    Locally, I have shot steel plates at 200 yds with a .22 pistol. My friend who owns that range hit a golf ball hanging on a string at 200 yds with a .22 pistol. Before you scoff, I was there and witnessed it. Of course that was one of those ‘one and done’ deals. He probably couldn’t repeat that.

  5. Geo-Is it 92hz or 192hz? A few weeks ago I believe it was said to be 192hz after someone said 192Mhz? Today 92hz? Just trying to keep up here.

  6. What is the practical use of shooting something at 100 yards with a pistol, other than pissing off the target?

      • Gee, I was just looking at pistols, tonight.

        Specifically a Magnum Research .45-90 snub-nose revolver.

        (BTW nice gun, but I doubt I have the wrists any more…)

    • “What is the practical use of shooting something at 100 yards with a pistol, other than pissing off the target?”

      Anything 9mm or greater velocity will bust out the backside of a 2X6 at 100 yds. While that may piss off the target, it would still make a nice hole.

      Ever been to a $100 bill shoot? While hardly “practical”, it’s a lot of fun. No, not a real $100 bill, just a photocopy of one on a sheet of printer paper. You’d be surprised at how many hits you get.

    • ? 9 mm will crack a engine block.

      Not sure here, can Zombies drive vehicles ?

      It does not matter – as long we dont forget rule #1 of dealing with “zombies”
      – Alwayz dbbl tap.

    • Folks,

      No sooner had the US Secretary of State jetted off from the NATO summit than the wheels fell off for the remaining Presidential minders when their most important responsibility deviated from the cue cards. The WH transcript of the Biden remarks to the President of Finland at the Nordic leader summit portrays a slow motion train wreck. He referenced the PM of Denmark, Mrs. Mette Fredericksen, as “Fredericksen”. Then he proceeded to add twice over a honorific to her of “Daughter of Ireland” before failing to correct himself on the third try with “Daughter of Iceland”. Clearly there is no love lost between the two leaders with an expanding cold front developing since Mr. Biden was reported to have kiboshed Mrs. Fredericksen’s frontrunner status in the race for the NATO secretary general job.

      The Viking outlook from Denmark’s flagship newspaper, “Berlingske” publishing since 1749, is diplomatically savage. Their front page Nordic Leader/NATO report commences with an amiable image of Mr. Putin(!!) dressed like a funeral director as if extending commiseration and condolences to media reporters gathered before Him. Further down, another image shows the leaders of Denmark and Finland walking in tandem. Mrs. Fredericksen channels a Lady Macbeth moment with a hand upon the shoulder of her sour-looking colleague. President Biden proceeds blithely in front oblivious to the courtly intrigue unfolding behind him. “The Nordic summit did not get off to the rosy start that many had hoped for”, noted the newspaper.

      At least with Friday dawning shortly upon America, the published White House schedule can reflect a return to familiar pattern. The President shall be retiring to Camp David following the Daily Briefing.

      • Folks,

        The UN and msm are noting Sunday’s departure of the last ship under the currently expiring Black Sea grain agreement. Turkish-flagged TQ Samsun is carrying grain from Odessa to the Netherlands.

        The Turkish city of Samsun on the Black Sea south coast apparently featured in Homer’s “Iliad” as Enete. It was on the side of the Trojans.

    • This reassures me )(as the cynic-in-chief)( that the perp was a dem insider. Were it a White supremacist, middle of the roader:? Jail! Lynching!

      • G, et al, you are still out to lunch with the overboard scapegoating of the Bidens. Duh Homer, a tourist visitor left the schedule II substance:
        ‘Cocaine discovered at the White House was left in an area frequently used by visitors on tours — and not while President Joe Biden and his family were on the premises, officials said Wednesday.’

        But if it detracts attention from the nefarious deeds of the Trumpster, then it needs to be discussed ad infinitum by the desparados seeking redemption from their ill conceived villifications.

        • Man is your thinking warped. What does the lies and crimes of the Bidens have to do with Trump? Another “I hate Trump”er. I suppose you would rather have this than the peace and prosperity we had under your obsession(Trump). You seem to relish the idea of his incarceration and you don’t seem to care about the house burning down around you.
          Do you play the fiddle too?
          No way the drugs were Hunter’s, that would be to logical since he’s not on video snorting coke with hookers.
          Some folks stay in bed till the days half over because they don’t want to wake up. Blessings

        • Diamond and Silk did a crack/fact check on your barron propaganda article

          the cocaine was a distraction from the news coming out about the $ the bribe takers recieved from China and Ukraine
          come on c
          cant ya see
          the million in bribes
          the bidens try to hide
          traitors they be
          hang them by a tree

          How the hell do you blame Trump when he is now where near the scene of the crime? and the lame stream news that favors Bribes, like rats are fleeing a sinking ship.

          Hope you find the comfort you need
          But at least Homer had the credits needed to get into a nuclear power plant,,, you won’t get pass the guards at the entrance, while I have stood over the open reactor on the bridge crane repairing said crane during a refueling shut down
          “Duh Homer” ? little miss c, what do you do for contribution to society? as in a living? counsel women into abortions? I don’t know what you contribute. but Barrons article is misinfo and you spread a lot of it.
          I feel bad for you, who whole heartedly accept the lies as truth. Here have an apple.

          Oh ya, public tourist blame game has been as you put it,,, DEBUNKED by former secret security officers
          Bob cracks me up, I shouldn’t read his reply while sipping morning coffee

        • “. You seem to relish the idea of his incarceration and you don’t seem to care about the house burning down around you.
          Do you play the fiddle too?”

          naw steve… but I wonder if Joe Plays the Kazoo

          I am sure C is right.. that those thousands of photos documents videos and bank records.. the release forms of all the confidential materials.. as thoroughly as the security teams search everyone in the most secure building in the USA.(except family and no search people) that Russia snuck in there and had surgical transformed doubles of every member of the family..

          now I can tell you…I never got my package of tic-tacs back..
          when the whole WH blowjob gate happened I refused to believe it happened as tightly secure as that place is and that was pre-9/11
          what’s that smell coming from the Lincoln bedroom.. oh nothing it never happened..

  7. ? Is it real or is it Memorex ?

    Dam or is dammed? countries severe lack of self awareness , see Hunter metaphor for American Society, . is about to get us all “nuked” “boiled” & “fried”.
    Tried to advise/warn regards geniuses thinking they can “reset” space-time to undo coming retaliatory “offensives”. They bee ignorant and will fail much 4 warning those out of tune with the FlowZ.
    So instead of warning – allow me 2 show you someones’ thoughts regards current threat board..

    “AI is nothing more than the open expression of what Nitzsche called ressentiment, envy, of the genetically defected. I mean really look at those pushing it, the weakest, the stupidist, and the most unfit among us. They should have been exposed at birth as was done in ancient Sparta with specimens like that. RECALL, it was the hunchback from Sparta that sold out the three hundred Spartans. And now it is the mutants from Sillycon valley who are selling out the Hu-man race..”-JH

    BCN’s advises,besides buybuybuy BTC, the ole guerilla truth..The best Defense, is strong Offense (s). BITF – double bagger in under 2 weeks ? cmon man!

    Its that time.. but what can a poor boy do?

  8. They shut down the whitehouse cocaine investigation – the evidence is missing. Seriously – the video went missing – but it would have taken an hour to pull the fingerprints on the bag and identify the perpetrater or just watch the video of hunter taken a bump on the balcony on the 4th. No integrity left in this shithole anymore……

    • lol lol otflmao..
      you can have a thousand people one accidentally sharts then whispers to the wife ..I think I started my underwear do you have any wipes.. they have it on and in a photo lab right now..and they still have test strip of some naked girls I hung up over fifty years ago still hanging where i put them….
      the only ones that could possibly get through with anything is someone beyond being searched..I like tac-tacs and they were confiscated..
      now who was the only one that brags about his drug use and is above the law that was at the white house during that time period..oh hey it was the pedophile lol.. we already know he can whatever he questions asked..
      next time they just won’t say anything..

    • “They shut down the whitehouse cocaine investigation – the evidence is missing. ”

      I am sure it is….lol lol lol

      I’m going to make a wild guess as to where it went lol.. it went back to the owner..or put back on the evidence locker that some agent playing pusher got it from to give to the pedophile..
      more than likely it went back to the owner..can’t let that stuff go to lol

  9. I attended a lecture by the late Gene Roddenberry back in the mid-70s. In it, he recollected walking into his office and being confronted by classic ‘men in black. Turns out they wanted to know where Gene got the idea for time travel, warp drives and transporters. He calmly replied “I’m a science fiction writer!” Just like HG Wells anticipated time travel, space travel and nuke powered subs. So trans dimensional portals might well be a thing.

    • We are being conditioned – space not in space, but between the spaces. Which is why so much focus on trans anything may just be a great big f/u or shaping op – more tomorrow, I promise

      • you know what my ponder today is. i wonder if Earnie the Duck in my back yard is actually the smartest entity on the planet. he just doesnt have lips and doesnt speak english. just wadeling around the back yard eating bugs and chasing the dogs while quantifying the universe, soliving heavy math problemsn with ease. quaking around the ranch with cosmic consciousness
        and nobody is the wiser.

        earnie the cosmic duck.
        smarter and wiser than the entirety of the internet and all the humans on the planet combined. if he only had lips and could speake english.

        as i was having such a ponder,

        i got a notice from a random app on my phone that said, Today is your lucky day! your life has been extended!

        huh. thanks cosmic earnie the duck.

        • Forget the lips and English language, try voice box.

          But, IF YOU practiced your mental telepathy skills, you would find, he’s communicating plain as day.

          Cosmic, Andy.

      • I dont dispute the Bermuda Triangle, I never saw so many River Rats scared when it was announced in the POD. Not much scared that crew (they were more deorated than the old man). But the Traingle did. Not to belabor it, just to say based on my experience, I dont call BS on any Triangle, there’s more than one on the planet. Including the one the runs though the shipping lanes into NY and LI. Think [JFK JR.]. And on that one , back in the day, they scrambled two F-15s to locate us off of Nantucket. Why?, Dont ask me how we got there from off the coast of DE in just an hour of steaming through 100ft visibility fog. Magnetism holds the key IMHO.

      • Desensitized and conditioned…
        MSM programming the youth and people to accept criminal and horrific activities and events as glorified activities to celebrate.

  10. Twilight Zone,,,,,,,,,
    imagine if you will
    that there was no Trump and Hillary won 2016
    the 16 year plan of Obama-Chilton
    we would now be in Killarys 2nd term
    and a Supreme Court packed with Killary’s picks

    the demons are pissed and have come out in their rainbow flavored sherbet, joe is a little cone licker

    orange man was a God send and he ain’t done
    rope a dope, round two, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,,,
    Fed vs BRICs
    hot air vs GOLD
    cant ya see

    love my orange juice, vitamin C, liQuid sunshine
    Golden Orange Juice,,, stay healthy

    • ive never been stung by a bee. had some wasps sting me. but it doesnt really hurt that bad. feels like a little tingle. had like 5 of wasp sting me couple weeks ago. i just knocked them off me and pulled out their stingers and went about my business.

      my friends kid said didnt that hurt? i said not really. just a little sting. plus, they are just defending their turf. cant really fault them for it. they dont really bother me. kinda feel bad they died in the process. its just nature being nature.

  11. “Nuclear Cooling Pond with Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky.”

    Have you considered the potential carcinogenic effects of that asbestos-lined mouth of yours?

    Any sprouting action from ‘Pele’s Peppers’ yet? You really need to get ‘pepper prepped’ and self sufficient with your fire-starters for the mouth.

      • Well at least they sprouted! I don’t know the spec. for thinning them out, but it might not hurt if they are crowded. Papa’s ‘tree’ had plenty of chicken manure fertilizing it in later years.

  12. thanks So Cal Surf dude. noted.

    the last line in the movie Sound of Freedom after the credits roll is.

    Ths Story Teller is Greatest Person in the World.

    He looks directly in the camera and repeats that statement, 3 times.

    The Greatest person in the world is the story teller.

    i have wonder who that is, since. i think id like to meet the greatest person in the world. ive met so many cool people. from all walks of life.


    im sure it will all work itself out. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the seriousness of it all.


    *flips sign.
    *sign reads

    Gone Fishing!

  13. the thing about that is George.

    the man who played Jesus in the Passion of Christ. the most recognized face of Christ because of that movie The Passion, looks in the Camera and says, “The Story Teller is the Greatest person in the world.”

    he doesnt say God is the greatest person in the world. he doesnt say Jesus is the Greatest person in the world.

    he didnt say Peoples true storys are the most powerful thing in this world.

    he says something entirely different. he said,

    The Story Teller is the Greatest Person in the world.


      • hey George, never mind about that last thing i asked for. i just looked and i already have it.

      • you want to hear something funny? i been doing this kinda shit for a long time.

        i took a handful of corn seeds and planted them in the lady of the ranches flower bed. i come outside and she is standing there with her hand on her hip, scrqtching her head. i what is up? she is there is corn growing in my flower bed.

        i said ohhhh. miracle corn. cool.


        i been doing that everywhere i go. hahaha

        • ???- early Fall after my Milkweed plants (Reg. & Swamp var.) have thrown their fat “Wish” filled Pods – I take baggie fulls of “wishes”/seeds with white “tufts” on my daily dog walks in the big Parks in my area.

          Already seeing results this year on our dog walks from last years Sowing. New patches of regular and the swamp varieties are sprouting all along our “paths” taken last year. Should be seeing Monarch Butterflys any day now..already the plants flower clusters are covered in pollinators.. which my 2 lil bitch ass jack russels love to snap at whenever they are given the chance.

      • its like going into buisness with life. you plant something to eat, everywhere you go. mother nature does its part and something has something to eat. could be a bird or deer or a little kid or a street bum. who knows?

        that is not my part. my part is putting a couple brocolli seeds couple inches in the dirt or some apple seeds or corjn and life does the rest.

        its a transaction with creation.

  14. Thinking about transporter technology. Recall when the kid wrote the Twitter bot to track Musk’s plane (Dec 2022). Musk made a big deal out of the tracker saying he wanted to “keep “crazy people” from tracking his location”.

    If transporter tech is available Musk would be using the transporter tech and wouldn’t concern himself with a tracker tracking his plane. He may still send the plane as a decoy but plane trackers wouldn’t be on his mind.

    Self landing rockets wouldn’t matter either. Transporter stations would be setup. Transport from an Earth base to a transporter plane. From the transporter plane out to the space station then out to the moon base.

  15. DIY Cheerios

    This version is excellent as a finger food for toddlers. The cereal disintegrates quickly in your mouth, is superb for tossing in the diaper bag, and despite not being highly flavored, is amazingly addictive. This recipe, however, does NOT stand up well in milk for more than a few minutes. * Only the various flours are listed by both weight and volume, as they are the ingredients that can vary considerably in size and weight gives the most consistent results.
    3 ½ cups 325 g oat flour (you can make this by grinding 3 cups rolled oats finely in a blender)
    1 ¼ cups 150 g almond flour (you can make this by grinding 1 cup almonds finely in a blender)
    ½ cup whole wheat or all-purpose flour
    ½ cup brown sugar, see how to make your own brown sugar
    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1 tablespoon cinnamon
    ½ teaspoon sea salt
    2 eggs
    ½ cup whole milk
    ? cup melted butter
    1 ½ tablespoons vanilla extract
    Whisk the dry ingredients together in a large bowl and set aside.
    In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, milk, melted butter, and vanilla until combined and fold into the wet ingredients just until combined. The dough should be very soft and just slightly sticky.
    Set out a piece of parchment paper and place the ball of dough on it. Press into a disc about 1-inch thick and place in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to firm just slightly. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350F.
    When the dough is slightly chilled, decide the shape of your homemade Cheerios…
    FOR SQUARES, place another piece of parchment over the top of the dough and roll until the dough is about 1/4-inch thick, about the thickness of two nickels.
    Using a pizza cutter or a very sharp knife, cut the dough into small squares about 1/2″ x 1/2″.
    Lift the entire piece of parchment paper onto a baking sheet and bake until puffed and just beginning to brown, 10-11 minutes.
    Remove from the oven, reduce heat to 300F, then break the dough into the predefined pieces. Return to the oven for 15-20 minutes, stirring every five minutes, until the pieces are crisp and very dry.
    Let cool and enjoy!
    FOR O’s, preheat the oven to 350F, then place a piece of parchment over the top of the dough disc and roll until the dough is about 1/4-inch thick, about the thickness of two nickels.
    Using whatever tiny circle cookie cutter that you can (I used the top of a small vanilla extract bottle), cut out circles out of the entire section of dough, rerolling the dough if necessary.
    Then, using a wooden skewer or a lollipop stick, poke a hole in the middle of each circle.
    Place a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet and lay the circles on it in a single layer. Bake at 350F for 12-15 minutes, turning once, until they just begin to brown.
    Remove, cool, and enjoy!
    FOR A CRUMBLE, place a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet, then take the chilled disc of dough and crumble it all over the parchment.
    Bake at 350F for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 300F and bake another 10-20 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes, until crisp and very dry.

    now the other way is take your pasta maker.
    put in the macaroni die and crank out little o’s.
    cut them every 1/8 to 1/4 inch ..
    lay them out on your flatsheet and bake. if you want them puffed then place them in your popcorn canon and when it gets to 5 lbs of pressure release them..if you want them crisper dry them at 175 degrees for a few minutes

  16. Thanks for the fascinating video on WF. I have to watch it again. I’m curious what happens if you put a top and bottom of Aluminum on the chamber . those shown did not seem to have a top or bottom??

    • I believe there was a bottom on the original design. No top. There’s good info on Rex Research. Four designs – vertical, horizontal, left and right helixes.

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