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I have mentioned for a couple of months now that one of my sources, who I call “the doc for the men who stare at goats” fellow was worried about April (mid to second half) about a major “darkness” about to befall Earth.

He (and his sources) weren’t able to put it into more precise words, but “darkness” and “everything stops” and “changes” were the key aspects.

Getting past the bad ju-ju window around April 20, we had thought the main danger was past.

Until a reader today posted this remote viewing note which goes to the same ideas:

But, since we are on the cusp of Monday and since it would be a dandy May Day for non American forces to roll out a new wonderweapon as part of their May Day events, we thought it worth mentioning that “If strange shit” rolls tomorrow, remember it has been out there in “seer spaces” for at least a couple of months.

Oh, and good luck to us all, just in case.

Making it two scoops of woo-woo for this Sunday!


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  1. Is the dark period going to be literal or figurative?

    Speaking of India –

    “Counting millions of people is never an easy task, but the United Nations says its latest calculations show that by the end of this weekend, India will have more people than China, marking an epochal shift in global demographics.”

    – 4/28

    The dark period may begin at Midnight tonight.

  2. April 4 days of note,
    April 18; Dominion settlement Fox News.
    April 19; R Kennedy Jr Democrat primary challenge.
    April 20; Elon Musk’s BFR explosive test launch.
    April 21; Fox News and Tucker …
    I’d say disruptive events …
    Let’s see what May Day time flows …

    • Wasn’t there a prediction of an enormous quake hitting the Salton Sea area wiping out the entire SoCal Agricultural production?

      • With the cluster of small quakes in that area it would be something to watch as Ben at S0 was saying given their magnitude. Another snippet of information came when I was trying to figure out why SJT was falling pretty precipitously far beyond the usual seasonal down tic. One writer over here – https://stocktwits.com/mscp/message/525230994 – said the SoCal pipelines have been closed and no opening date has been given evidently. Don’t know if it’s for maintenance, politics or a measure of caution given the recent seismic events – or all of the above.

  3. Edward Riordan is a long time Remote Viewer with a reputation for considerable accuracy. Not always correct, but recognized as one of the most accurate CIVILIAN Remote Viewers out there.

    As always with Remote Viewing WHAT exactly is he seeing?

    Something up close, which could mean it is just an extremely localized event, say inside one building somewhere, or something of a broad scale – and if so how much broader? a city block? an entire city? an entire region?

    OR could it be something that just pertains to him personally with NO broader implications?

    Interesting based upon the previous postings by George Ure wrt his report coming from the “Stare At Goats” crowd that was very similar and targeted for late April-ISH (timing is always the bitch with Remote Viewing, exact dates are virtually never available)

    Video is worth watching …. but when it comes to both China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine things are on a knife edge now, particularly after the Poles entered the Russian Embassy Grounds in Warsaw last week to seize Embassy equipment INSIDE the fences surrounding those grounds (ie: in the “school” that is on those grounds) .

    • “As always with Remote Viewing WHAT exactly is he seeing?”

      the people that I have seen.. that worked at staring at goats kind of job.. seen cryptic dreams.. or visions.. the feeling of dread etc.. NOW.. I am not one of those guys.. but I do have dreams.. and if I dream of a deer jumping across the road you had better be looking for it.. it is there.. I personally believe everyone has this ability or has those dreams or visions.. just most don’t heed them or pay any attention to them.. which is why I believe that people with severe sleep apnea has the ability to see them.. the conscious and sub conscious are for a moment intertwined in the same place.. and since I have gotten my cpap machine I have way fewer dreams.. where before they were all the time..
      My mother was amazing at her lucid dream state and she had sleep apnea but that was before they came up with cpap machines.my father had the same thing.. and if you go through history you will see that most of the top creative minds of the world have had that physical condition… .. I came home as a surprise to visit when I was in the military.. got home and she said.. what took you so long.. I expected you two hours ago..
      when I have a dream .. such as a deer jumping over the road.. and then there is a dark shadow.. my sister does that to.. called her to wish her a happy birthday.. she said.. I thought you would call sooner..
      Now I had one dream once that a guy was changing a light bulb on a slick stick tower on top of a big building.. his tool bag slipped and instinctively he reached for it.. then the ground.. I called the gentleman that I know that owns a tower company and told him to tell the guys be careful and about the dream I had had.. he had been having concerns over a new employee.. because the guy which was well suited for mile high tower repairs.. was not as cautious as he should be..
      If your curious.. I do know a few of the people in one of the two videos.. a job I couldn’t ever do.. I get on a two foot ladder and I am worried.. I am to dam old and know I could be hurt..those guys do not make enough money in my thinking..
      when I have dreams with the little blonde woman.. with big eyes.. it is always the same.. she wakes me up then takes me into a big room with lots of windows and a curverd staircase.. big kitchen.. and will point our of a window.. to show me something.. then I will be in the place she shows me.. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into someplace and knew everything there was about the place.. what was in drawers behind doors etc..
      So in my way of thinking from those that I have met that do remote viewing.. it is a cryptic image.. kind of like when you go into an area and instantly realize that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time..

    • “when it comes to both China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine things are on a knife edge now, particularly after the Poles entered the Russian Embassy Grounds in Warsaw last week to seize Embassy equipment INSIDE the fences surrounding those grounds (ie: in the “school” that is on those grounds) .”

      what I see going on from what little bit is published in the european news.. is the collapse of modern society in slow motion.. like a building coming down.. we have multiple countries all scurrying away from the US Dollar and the Federal reserve.. no longer the petro dollar.. everything is changing.. but to us.. we don’t see it all we see is that a candy bar that in sixty eight was a nickle is now three dollars and rising.. they don’t disclose the list of countries that are all surrying to place their military in positions for all out war.. we are in that group as well with all the military might going on in the form of war games..ships men arms… its all happening in slow motion.. I believe that is why so much going on is not included in the news.. if the citizens of the USA seen on the scripted news what was really happening.. there would be panic even with the average not being informed.. everyone has the feeling of dread people are spending money they don’t have doing their best to get what they see will hold them over.. banks would close.. when it will hit is as the dollar tanks and we become Zimbabwe with multiple millions of dollars for a loaf of bread..we grow wheat but a fair amount is grown there.. our parts some are made here but a good number are made there.. ninty eight percent of everything that you put in your shopping carts come from ten different companies.. that are owned by.. well you get the picture… we dumbed down our youth.. we should have been a little more proactive in pushing the kids into an affordable education.. most kids from middle or lower class homes cannot afford schooling without gettine a school loan at extremely high interest ratio..our administration is harboring illegals and even being accused of supporting child trafficking and receiving illegal funds from sources we show no concern over the actions and even go out of our way as a country to cover them over and make them look acceptable.. we should be feeling ashamed of ourselves and the leaders of our country should have been a little more concerned over what was going on instead of trying to paint over the big stain on our country… we have neglected our people in medicine to.. let the medical benefits only be offered to the top of the pile and because of that we have one of the worst healthcare systems on the planet today.. so our population is not in a position to take control.. and those at the top could care less about what happens to the everyday joe and jane.. we are screwed royally..
      as with a building going down.. it will speed up till the reality of the situation becomes so obvious that it will be as if a slap in the face reality.. and then they will know that we let someone with severe dementia and greed drive the bus over a cliff even our two most noticable liberal lovers of the mm film star’s will have to admit that letting a blind man drive the bus was not a good thing..
      .. will we survive.. once we hit bottom it will be hard to say.. yea or nae.. all the multi million dollar studies that those that should care refuse to even read.. say the same thing.. and it isn’t a pretty sight.. if they had actually cared enough about the job they were put in charge of.. we wouldn’t be facing this.. Jimmy had the right idea and was thrown over the cliff by the party.. since then we have not done one thing to stop the escalation.. now I believe it is to late to turn the titanic from the ice berg..
      as our congressional leader have been notching away at the tree of the USA.. and now we have someone with obvious signs of dementia taking a little more as the family business back cuts the usa.. the tree cannot with stand it.. the tree will go over.. two hundred years of being proud.. being chopped away by a few greedy asshole..
      Now that is just my opinion..
      Nero used a fiddle.. numb nuts can’t play an instrument or if he can.. he probably forgot how.. so he would need the Kazoo as he watches the world burn..

  4. Media using the word “Dark” in the past 24 hrs. –

    “The Dark Side of Ohio’s Waterways: Deadliest Fish You Need to Know” – from NewsBreak


    Arctic visitors in Irish waters and the dark side of dolphins https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-65390097


    And there are a lot more. Interesting

  5. I tried that video and just couldn’t listen to that guy for more than about a minute, so I turned it off.

  6. The M2 money supply annual growth rate has gone substantially negative in 2023. Last time that happened was 1931 – 1932. This is the most extreme of leading deflationary trends.


    Pension fund cash allocations have come up a bit, but are still at lowest levels since the 1950’s. Before that, I’m not sure the statistic means much of anything.

    I’m not finding anything on mutual fund cash levels- there is a probably a competitive reason for that.

    Commercial real estate price indexes are reading double-digit negative in 2023, year on year.

    The credit markets are primed for a catastrophe. They are waiting for the composite knee-jerks to commence, and Wave 3 action to ensue. Maybe there will be a headline that starts a panic, maybe the economic self-immolation just starts spontaneously.

    Small investors will just be along for the ride when pensions and mutual funds start moving in tandem, and the Fed will be in a position similar to what Morgan was in during the ’29 – ’32 period- sucking wind.

    Sell in May and go away could potentially take on a new connotation.

  7. Re: “Lost Horizon”, 1933
    feat. What3Words: safety.smooth.invite


    Doesn’t Mr.Ure have a way with words? Pleasant dreams of Shangri-la backdrops to everyone. Thank goodness MIT turned off the AI psychopath Norman.

    A story that might charm a former goatherder to distraction is current Chinese media spotlights on digging up a 3,000 year old relic. It’s about the finding of the Four-goat Square Zun 95 years ago.

    Okay. Time to take in some deep breaths of refreshing salt air. Here’s DJ Ure in the wheelhouse charting the path of our afternoon New Age programme into blue waters ahead. Secure the hatches.


    • You’ve just now found Ben? Welcome stranger. Some here follow him, others don’t and still others just keep their mouths shut about him. I check him every morning and check back in the afternoon as he’s been posting mid-day videos a lot lately.

  8. the dream I had two months ago.. was that chinese soldiers walk up to the door.. see that I had a sign in the window in chinese.. only love lives here.. the home of the dao.. and they stopped pointed at it turned around and left.. Now was that just a subconcious fear of what the morons in our administration were up to.. or was it a precog.. since if I dream you are drivine and a deer jumps in front of you.. means you better keep an eye out.. I went ahead and ordered the window stickers.. just in case.. and I had a dream about a dandelion coming out of the snow and a mushroom cloud.. a storm coming from the NW.. is it just a dream.. who knows but I wasn’t about to take any chances..

  9. Ben at S0 said the earthquake swarm in Southern CA became notable when it exceeded 4.0 in magnitude. Indeed, it was a 4.5.

    Yellow Stone seems quiet with the latest quake being very minor and occurring two days ago. https://earthquaketrack.com/r/yellowstone-nat-park-wyoming/recent.

    Something has changed, though, as my acquisitiveness toward PMs took a nose dive in either late Fall or mid-Winter and prepping for anything really just seemed to have a background attitude of “it doesn’t really matter” which has made me concentrate on immediate needs rather than projections of what may be in the not-so-distant future.

  10. Recalls filed against entire Green Charter Twp leadership over CCP Gotion project

    All seven members of the Green Charter Township elected leadership are facing recalls after language was filed with Mecosta County Clerk Marcee Purcell Friday afternoon.



    Did I mention the other day that the Michiganders were pissed about being forced into partnership with the CCP?

    Next step should be to recall Gretchen Witless…

    • Ford is LATE to the game!!

      GM is already importing some models of vehicles that are ONLY made in China.

  11. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he opposes biological males competing in women’s sports

    “I am against people participating in women’s sports who are biologically male,” the Democratic presidential candidate said. “I think women have worked too hard to develop women’s sports over the past 30 years. I watched it happen, and I don’t think that’s fair.”


    Junior is a climate-change nut, but many of his stances on other topics align more-closely with typical Democratic voters than the insanity which currently pervades the Party leadership…

  12. NY Dem blames ‘misogyny’ when she’s forced out over handling of staffer’s teen sex sting video

    Westchester County Board of Legislators Chair Catherine Borgia stepped down on Friday under pressure from colleagues who said she failed to act when she was told in December that the staffer was caught on video by a vigilante group that tricked him into thinking he was meeting a 14-year-old.


  13. New York Dems seen with Chinese secret police suspect

    Fox News’ Bryan Llenas reports on New York Mayor Eric Adams and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., rubbing elbows with the man arrested by the FBI for allegedly a running Chinese secret police station.


    • Using foreign operatives to do domestic dirty work seems to be safer than using CIA-ex’s. Regardless, it is popular on the Hill. The D’s seem to be caught doing it more often than the R’s. Makes you wonder exactly what the quid-pro is in this instance. I’m sure the alphabet sweepers will launder the results, so the Public never finds out.

      • The Chinese “police” are CCP clandestine intelligence assets. Their job is to interrogate the kiddies in the colleges, then report back to the Mainland, and revoke the kids’ visas, should they fail to produce their quota of intelligence material.

  14. When I listened to the “Dark Wall” reference this morning I noted that here south of Lexington Kentucky on the first day of May it is about 50dF outside with high wind warning.
    Might the something be a weather weapon of some sort.
    I was thinking if Spring is like this until July we won’t grow very much this year.

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