ShopTalk Sunday: Prepping the Shop? Woo Notes

We may come to a time of “impact risk this week” and, along with it the possibility of supply chain disruptions looms large.

I speak, of course, about the May Day celebration of International Workers Day and – at least in China – Youth Day on May 4th.  Millions in China will turn this into a week off.

The risk we see is that should marine weather in the Strait be moderate, it’s not a bad window for China to “impose” reunification on Taiwan.

And that gets us to considering what the Future will be like as goods no longer produced in the U.S. are similarly unavailable from Asia.  Because although there is a “non-kinetic” outcome possible (e.g. non-nuclear) there is still risk of “conflict” sans nukes and sans War Declarations.  We’ll know when we get there.

Much to Do, However!

On the surface, humanity is just “along for the ride” as power-driven egomaniacs will make the decisions that could spread “glass puddles and mushrooms” about the planet.  However, even for non-combatants there’s still a lot to be done.

We can divide the tasks this weekend around here into suitable piles and “work ’em as they come.”

Home Maintenance Issues

  • Replace the toilet valve assembly in the main house guest bath.  The kits are cheap on Amazon (like this one) and so we have restocked.  One for each toilet on the property. Also, keep some wax bowl gaskets and spare sets of toilet bolts handy, too. Supply hoses with fresh gaskets.
  • Another one in the plumbing aisle:  We freshened up our supply of PVC glue.  Swear to God, I could write a small book on the ins and outs of PVC joinery, but a small jug of this stuff (let it dry completely) is better than nothing without getting into “hot-set” and all the rest.

As long as we’re shopping, take a look at the Sirocco Dustless table saws.  They haven’t come down in price, but when they do (if…) I’d sure be tempted to pick one up.

Admittedly, there are not too many things we’re going to cut that can’t be handled on two table saws, a chop saw, radial arm saw, plus assorted Sawz-All, band, and jig saws (corded and battery), but the dustless part is very attractive.  No matter how much “zero clearance tape” I use on the table saw, the central vac still doesn’t get everything…  On sale, the zero-clearance tape is less than a buck-a-throw.

Last, but not least, stock up on seeds, filters, and duct tape.  The seeds so you can make a contribution to feeding the country.  The filters so you can cobble up a “positive pressure” system for your house in the event nukes really were to fly, reducing indoor dust and exposure.  The duct tape kinda goes with that along with a 100-pound roll of Visqueen or sheet poly for tarping and taping windows.

Plan – in the worst case – for a Covid-like “lockdown” with everyone inside and filtering air.  Top up the N95’s while you’re at it.

Not being paranoid, but we are prepared.

Prepping in Auto Parts

IF there’s a showdown in Asia, and even without nukes, the U.S. will likely experience supply chain issues because of repurposing for [whatever].

I just installed the new tractor battery Saturday.  10-mm deep socket and a pair of pliers plus every longshore word in the book. Rubber gloves – another checklist item.

Consider: serpentine belt or fan/alternator belts, air filters (but these can be used for eons if you shop vac them).  Wiper blades and washer fluid if you live/drive much in the rain. Oil for a change or two. Tranny fluid (not B-lite).

Tires are getting God-awful expensive.  I bought a new full-sized spare for Elaine’s car this week and it was $179 by the time I got it mounted and balanced, though. Full sized spare.

Drug Store

Absolutely time to have a minimum of 90-days of scrips on hand at all times.

Also, a good stop to pick up some jugs of distilled water. People forget how useful distilled water is: More even results when baking, filling batteries, and even, in our case, filling the CPAP machine humidifiers.

How much propane do you have for emergency cooking?

Don’t forget there’s that odd Nostradamus warning about a May 10 earthquake – the one useful detail is we don’t know which year – but it’s a good time for a few extra cases of water on the list.

Gas Station

Murphy’s which has the franchise at many/most Wal-Mart complexes has blue handle pumps.  These are pumps that are ethanol-free and out here in the woods, the preferred fuel.  If you don’t want to mess with it, TruFuel is great and well-packaged, but as you will see over here, not exactly cheap.  Somewhat less than drilling your own well and building a small cracking tower. Somewhat.

Grocery Store

Plastic baking bags.  Oven bags. Slow cooker bags.  Foil.  These can all reduce the cleaning workload in the kitchen.

Anyone who has ever gone camping will appreciate the bazillion uses of aluminum foil, but we’re not big fans.

Dried pouches of various side dishes might be useful “trading stock” with the neighbors.  You can never go wrong with a full freezer with tons of propane and – in the storage pantry – 20 pounds per person of a good bread flower and a plan for how to bake it all.

Food Safety

Interesting side story here:  A month, or so, back I did some baking and the next day I was “enthroned” almost a dozen times.  Thought at the time it was just that I hadn’t had wheat for a while and since there’s a weak celiac gene in the family…

Turned out no, it may have actually been related to the baking flour: General Mills recalls some Gold Medal flour over salmonella concerns.  Never heard of such a thing.

I went over and read the Fooled and Drugged announcement here General Mills Recalls Four Gold Medal Unbleached and Bleached All Purpose Flour Varieties Dated March 27, 2024 and March 28, 2024 | FDA but damned if I could find the cause.  That bothers me. Accidental? Or…

So, for this weekend’s baking, I will be using one of the stored 1-kilo bags of Caputo 00 flour.

I could go on for hours:  Inventory and order from Cheaper than Dirt, bush hogging the shootin’ range so we can all re-qualify when G2 get’s back from his “three-tab” buddy’s place.

But you get the idea – this is a damn fine time to have all your prepping ducks in a row.

Two Woo-Woo Notes

This first one deals with “personal receiver tuning” so you can get into the world of vivid dreams – which is only a short snooze away from full-on remote viewing.

A good starting place is to realize that people live along a “dream continuum most of their lives. Few realize it, though.

At the jacked-on coffee end, you are most awake, most alert, and most present for interactions with other humans.  Turning on boring school classes, or repetitive work, and now you’re over into waking-dreams, also known as day-dreaming.  From here, the next slide is into the somnambulistic virtual worlds.  Because, let’s face it, people on social media are not fully present on this planet.

If you are clever and tracking, this is how people stuck on “prison planet” are already trying to “find the exits” and get off the rock.  But without the messiness of dying in the process.

And of course, from there, people go into regular sleep and dreaming, but even here, the topology is odd.

On the way in to sleep it’s easy to zip right past the lucid dream states turn-off and go right to deep non-REM.  After a lot of body work is done, you then “come up” into dream states, and the better practiced then get into lucid dreams.  Which are the sort that are absolutely lifelike in every respect, except for the added being able to fly and hear what other people are thinking parts.

If you want to “see the future” I’ve found that biphasic sleep works best for me.  Have a good six-hour sleep.  Get up and work for 2-4 hours.  Then have a light meal (breakfast is fine) and then go back to sleep. (A bit of pork and strawberry jam seems to help.)

If you nail it, the caffeine with breakfast will keep you from going too deep and you’ll be in lucid land where literally, you can dream entire days worth of Dream Realm Life in an hour or two of Earth time.  It’s really quite enjoyable.

Well, mostly.

Woo-Woo II

As you might have picked up, we have been drinking a lot of distilled water lately.  Often, putting it in the blender for some aeration and also to impart a bit of structure.  Reading list note.

What I’ve been focused on (dialing in supplements to assist) is picking up the skill to get into lucid/remote view spaces without having to get up, work, eat, and go back to bed.  The grounded sheet does seem to help, but do your own research on this one.

When your personal leftovers have been processed from waking life (day residues) you can sometimes “jump” into another person’s view/life.

Overnight, I had the most amazing dream.  Elaine (or a similar) female figure and I had been living along the semi-tidal portion of a slow-flowing river.  Somewhere not in CONUS.  Just a foot or two of tide.  We’d been packing and it was time to “head back to civilization.”

We boarded a train (or convoy) populated by expats and we were winding our way through hills in order to get to a big enough city with an airport so we could continue the journey.

Just as the train was coming up to its final hill before getting to the city outskirts, the train, with a dozen or two expats aboard was set upon by swarthy looking terrorists.

When the scene resumed, I was with the other expats on an upper story of an office building in a town of moderate size. (*Yes, there are “jump cuts” in dreams!)

Terrorist gunmen were holding us all hostage.  One at each end of a long corridor, off to either side of which were offices.  20 by 20 feet each with a couple of desks in them. Big picture windows toward a higher building.

There was occasional gunfire.  From a hotel or high rise building to what (in dream directions) would have been west of our building.  Sharpshooters were trying to shoot the hostage takers, and this went on for an hour, or two.

Eventually, it was decided one of the two leaders of this t-cell would go try to negotiate our release.  While he was gone, though, I decided to make a break for it, running south down the corridor while keeping low so as not to be seen by the sharpshooters.

I didn’t make it.  I was wounded by a blast that seared the back side of my right shoulder.  What was so interesting about the experience was the pain was more a burning than anything else.  Having never been shot before in real life, it’s pretty interesting to be shot in the shoulder in a dream.

The injury went from burning to full on pain over several minutes time.

While this was going on, another expat made his break and got to the south stairwell and down the stairs while I tried to keep pace. Tall guy, lanky, light blue shirt.

My escape break didn’t work.  The “terrorist” who was applying pressure to my shoulder escorted me back to the north end of the corridor and after a miserable half-hour, or so, the terrorist leader came back with details of our pending release.

Curiously, as he sat down in the hallway on a low bench, he hauled out some drugs and gave them to his lieutenant who was sitting next to me.

I awoke at this moment, knowing the two terrorists thought they had an “escape deal” worked out, but they were getting ripped on drugs and it was dangerous enough that it was time for me to leave.

I woke up.

I didn’t see anything in the news (yet) that came close enough to “all the elements” to fit this puzzle together.  If it was precognitive, it might be several days surfacing, as events are in this state.

If it doesn’t surface?  No disappointment there.  When you do enough “work” in the dream realms, you come to realize there is more than one time track and each is usually separated by events long ago that caused a referential break in time-space.  In these realms anything that might  happen actually does happen.  It’s just the plane we wake up on may be different than the one we experienced in the lucid dream state.

This kind of adventure has become a once-a-week, or more, sequence for me.  More than anything, it’s been reassuring that when the adventures of “this” (present, shared waking) life are done, there’s a whole Universe of binge-living in our dreams to go through while we all sit around waiting for the Big Ending.

Now, off to replace toilet innards.  And then onto my next experimental bread baking.

Write when you get prepped for everything that could possibly happen…

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28 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Prepping the Shop? Woo Notes”

  1. Shostakovich! Is this some esoteric smoke signal? WE…… we? Fat fingers are signaling something…………….not sure what though??

      • George,
        This is not intended to offend you by sticking my nose into wherever it doesn’t belong. I’m wondering if you have ever before had dreams with pain you actually experienced. I have been in dreams with injuries but not with pain. I knew if it was ‘serious’ but still no recollection of any pain.
        If it were me, I think I’d give the cardiologist a ring just to be on the safer side. If there were something that occurred silently, during your dream sleep, it would be good to know and get treated. If that something did happen with your heart, it would likely leave markers in the blood. Ring up G2 and run it by him for his professional opinion. Don’t be running at your age, even in your dreams… Stick around, life will still be interesting.
        That the pain re-occurred when your shoulder wound was later treated in the dream struck me as odd too.

        • Yeah, thought of that at the time. But it was the right shoulder and as soon as I awoke, a ran pulse ox and NP cuff – all were normal… but a great call and I appreciate it.

        • I hadn’t considered that. One thing the PSAs never tell you is the cardiac pain will be in just a jaw, or shoulder, or forearm, or upper chest, and usually just on one side. The pain corresponds to the artery that’s sustained the blockage. The pain feels like someone is tearing your flesh in two, or like someone is stabbing you slowly, but inexorably, with a butter knife.

          Ed is correct, and his advise is good. We want you around — go getcherass checked please.

  2. “I speak, of course, about the May Day celebration of International Workers Day and – at least in China – Youth Day on May 4th. Millions in China will turn this into a week off.”

    I wonder …why do they celebrate may day..or better known as..Beltane..
    I am pretty sure that the holiday publicly isn’t celebrated the way ancient pagans did..
    what does BLM and the LBGT community have to say about this.. you would think there would be a drive to get it removed as an official holiday..( sure mid solstice, fertility blah blah blah.. I am referring to the pagan side of this holiday)…

    • May Day was a big holiday in the old USSR too. The Communists celebrate it as “International Workers Day” or something like that.

  3. “I went over and read the Fooled and Drugged announcement here General Mills Recalls Four Gold Medal Unbleached and Bleached All Purpose Flour Varieties Dated March 27, 2024 and March 28, 2024 | FDA but damned if I could find the cause. That bothers me. Accidental? Or…”

    hmm.. my thought its like the salad on the chow line and guidelines of patient care.. the rules of..wash your hands to avoid cross contamination.. almost a thousand soldiers caught salmonella and hep..
    what is it..almost half of the wheat we consume comes from the area that the UK sent radioactive shells to.. ( I know it’s the good radioactive material acceptedby the usa and nato. kind of like sunlight full of vitamin D and vital minerals)
    and as supplies are being used from the bottom of the bins.. I believe one or two steps was overlooked.. the washing and heat treating of the grains before its processed into flour…

    • My wheat products come principally from the Dakotas. My pasta is semolina, which is probably grown in Italy or Romania, but I have a full pantry, so haven’t bought any for a while. Grains aren’t nearly the long-distance commodity that things like oil are, because they’re low profit. Rus/Ukr grain goes to Ureup and Africa (and some to India and the near-Orient.) Eastern China, Japan, and SE Asia get their grains from the Americas and Australia…

  4. “Prepped for everything” – say what ?

    Not seeing a plan for breaking out of Prison Planet Uras/Earth. Whats the point ? Aint no one, nobody coming to save Ure collective mortal asses.
    Suggestion for this Shop talk Sunday – work on Ure mind with movie from Sidney Poitier -Brother John.

    Think of this movie as a Dream that needs to be Interpreted.

    This movie in spite of what rotten tomatoes and wiki say about it, is NOT at all about Racism, Deep South.

    * It is about U and this planet.

    Time 2 UpRise and Shine!

    • Argh! Have u completely missed the point that as soon as you can bilocate lucid or remote you are off the planet. Jeez, haven’t you been paying attention to how this stuff works?

      • hahahahahahahahahahahahah, by the SOURCE!

        really – you really believe that – that Ure “off planet” – bullshit!

        All dreams, all remote viewing R “colored” by personal beliefs, diet, exercise levels – Ure consciousness is entrapped – bounded as it we are by frequency (s) .

        Bilocation is about as rare as it gets – I know of 1 human being currently alive that can do – and Nobody has seen or heard from this person in over 5 Human/Earth years.

        Yes Padre Pio was a practitioner, as was bodhidharma/Damo. Rumored gurdjieff was capable of it, but have not seen credible evidence, just stories and tales.

        Write when you have solid evidence of bilocation, until then big whoop – BS.

        – Directed Neural Engagement is the name of the game. Starts with Awareness, of Futures past.

        Silly Lu^/Mortals

        Write when understand The Sphinx was/is Shesep AnKa – the goddess of Heaven and Earth. Nammu, daughter of Tiamate, granddaughter of Barbaelu.

        Namlu ‘U = primordial Humanity – they split the scence as soonas they first met Enlil &co.

        Y’all still under the “spells”/bible of Setes-Seth/Enlil/Zeuse/Satan/Typhon, and the leader of the brothers of darkness – the murderously felonious annuna/annunaki, “the dominator of Frequencies and hoarder of consciousness” – awakening of the phoenix (Girku chronicles 3).

        Its a PRISON .

  5. I had a strange dream last night. I was at Ure place!

    You asked me to help Elaine pick up small pieces of glass from the ground. As I was doing it, I came across a piece that was attached to a dried out, soft contact lens. I was puzzled by it.

    Can’t remember the rest of the dream.


  6. George et al,

    Fine chill morning. Overnight climate changed (it’s what climate does) and the model shows a chance of sn** on both Monday and Tuesday. Doubt it will make a dent in spring a-popin but, cmon! I am somewhat of a weather geek, probably from, being a sailor boy, keeping a weather eye. It helps that a farmer bud 1.25 miles from my 20, just an 1/8th of a mile off the water, supports a Wunderground node. All weather is local. I use a couple hourly to (10) day models and view source at GOES-East (in several flavors, select from pull down):

    Using Radar Loops is real time visualization akin to using charts to build rationale.

    Preppa: At outset Covid I took a large supply of auto fluids and fix kits then tripled it. I have case(s) of various motor oils, brake fluids, hydraulic, etc. I own these mostly for barter purposes but … am about to oil up the lawn tractor and move on to spring revival the big(ger) Wheel Horse. Oils coordinate with 15-20 pounds of coffee in storage. Grist for giving / swapping. Hope to give it away.

    Ornamental trees are bloomin’ and the ordinary woods are going way green. The Mrs. is puttering around spring cleaning and my TomCat is curled up in a fleece bed. Minnows migrated to the shallows and are in herds scouted by hunter/killer groups of panfish. And Eagles eat the fish. Birds are making chicks or moving north. All good ATL.

    Write when you get another woo,

    ps – like the table saw George. Tempting …

    • Love my Weather Underground. Community center a few blocks down the road has a station for local conditions… except their thermometer is obviously exposed to east morning sun and the temp is high early. I have my own thermometer on the morning shady side of the house for that.
      But the forecasts are custom tailored to my small area and are amazingly accurate.

  7. The frame was killing me yesterday. I was afraid I wouldn’t sleep a wink. Out of desperation, I wrapped a Thermorest camp pad in a sheet, and threw it on top of the mattress topper, for a
    double side-sleeper topper.
    Best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I’m definitely headed for an equipment revamp.
    Along with the sound sleep, I had a long and moderately lucid dream. It was an espionage deal with me involved in some sort of forensic investigation of a major security breach that resulted in casualties. The only conclusions reached was that it was an inside job, there wasn’t a lone actor, and the investigation team was being stalked. Reminds me of one of Ure adventures. It wasn’t unique, but I seemed to have retained more than the usual.

  8. Gunshot wound was probably a graze. Unless it breaks a bone, you don’t feel a bullet wound because of the trauma-shock. It just feels like a horse kicked you — IOW you feel the blow, but not the actual pain, until the adrenaline wears off. Many people don’t know they’ve been shot, until they either see the blood, or it gets to a part of their body that hasn’t been attenuated by adrenaline, and they feel the wetness. I dunno what the unmuted pain of a gunshot wound feels like, but the pain of a graze is as you describe: Burns like hell, then hurts like any other flesh wound once the adrenaline wears off. The burn is worse if you’re sweating…

  9. Dennis Michael Lynch is an honest newsnerd, which is why he no longer works for FOXNews OR NewsMax. The following is a 45 minute podcast from him, which is well-worth listening to, and strongly-recommended:

    DML is interviewed by Kristi Leigh about Tucker Carlson, Fox News and Newsmax, and the upcoming elections.

  10. Of course I like knowing with whom I’m dealing, reading, listening, or whatever, so, since I’d never heard of her…

    Kristi Leigh graduated from Bowling Green 16 years ago, with a degree in broadcast journalism. FOX picked her up (probably from their Toledo affiliate) and stuck her in the field as an investigative journalist (Think Aishah Hasnie, whom they plucked from their Indy affiliate at about the same time…) She walked that beat for several years, then moved on.


    From Ground News (a heavily left-biased “bias-checker.”)

    See all of Kristi Leigh TV’s headline news. Compare how the top news stories are covered by left-wing and right-wing news sources. In total, 18 have been published by Kristi Leigh TV which Ground News has aggregated in the past 3 months.
    Kristi Leigh TV’s media bias is unknown. Ground News is unable to assign a bias rating and does not have ratings available from Ad Fontes Media, All Sides, and Media Bias/Fact Check. Is Kristi Leigh TV credible or reliable? Our Factuality score answers both of those questions. When it comes to Kristi Leigh TV, we’ve assigned a unknown factuality rating. Ratings are assigned by aggregating scores from Ad Fontes Media and Media Bias/Fact Check.


    What is really telling about this is the last sentence. MBFC is Left-biased (not radically, but there’s a definite bias), so these guys take a MBFC “score” and a dump of the ads that’ve run on a website (which they, themselves score), then combine the two with a self-derived formula to determine the political leaning of a website.

    This should be a tell, to anyone who’s seeking to determine the political biases of a source, without doing the actual work, themselves.

    (If’fn yer still not following, it means Salon or The Atlantic could run ads from “My Patriot Supply,” “Berkey,” fascist thumpers like Westboro Baptist “Church,” maybe a couple gun or ammo ads, and end up with a “right-leaning” “bias” from the “fact-checkers…”)

  11. ‘Write when you get prepped for everything that could possibly happen…”

    LOL! I will settle for ‘good enough’. (Or are you trying to cut down on your workload of replies?)
    I’m always concerned when the R/Vers see something disturbing. But I have seen numerous times when it seems they are ‘fed’ something that does not materialize as expected. Is it a timeline jump? Or are larger forces ‘feeding’ info to test our human reaction to the information?

    I had numerous discussions about this with Dick Allgire in the TV newsroom when I worked with him in years past. Dick had some experiences that seemed to indicate that ‘alien forces’ were capable of blocking R/V access to some things, and also capable of feeding false information to the viewer. Several times Dick indicated that ‘they’ were aware of what was being looked at, and once he was confronted and literally ‘kicked out’ of an R/V session.

    So I am always skeptical of ‘catastrophic’ type views. Nailing down a specific time is difficult in R/V also. We shall see tomorrow… or not.

  12. This is the only reason I can think of to go to CA. The snowpack this year is washing out large amounts of placer gold.

    New California Gold Rush Coming As Record Snowpack Melts

    “The Prebalicks, who own California Gold Panning, usually find about an ounce of gold a day when they take guests to pan for nuggets on their claim. The most he and his father have found was 127 ounces in one day.”

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