Jobs Too Strong? Next Week: Reality Arrives

Sometimes, you can’t win for trying.  The Fed (and the Biden administration) are facing a real mess with the Jobs data.  The reason?  If Jobs are too good then the economy overheats.  There are signs of that even now. We’ll begin with a summary of this week’s jobs data. JOLTS: The report out Wednesday showed on the … Read More

“Jellyfish” McCarthy, An Anti-Aging Report

Not exactly a busy weekend.  Sure, the word is a budget deal has been cut, but for now, we’re just waiting to see how the reviews will go on the hill where the Cast of Clowns II takes over.  Where prospects are uncertain.  Debt-Limit Deal Sets Up Tough Battle for Passage in Congress. We are … Read More

String of Data, PsychoSummer’s Here, Side of Woo-Woo

OK, line ’em up! We begin with a slug of reports of modest importance today.  Let’s start with the Durable Goods because this is as much bellwether of future, as anything: It’s an OK report in that it doesn’t look like a recession before lunch. About the same time, here comes the International Trade report … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: An Anti-Alzheimer’s Experimental Build

Yes, we are going to build something (first of 2 parts today) but there is a TON of important background to wrap-around before heading into the shop. So, from the beginning…NONE OF THIS IS MEDICAL ADVICE. You are reading ravings of a crazy man – pure and simple – right? We have, over the years, … Read More

A Senior View of Diets

Mediterranean? Keto? Paleo?  Bewildering choices, We have a few ideas.  Which is well-timed since right after this morning’s post, Elaine and I go in for fasting blood draws. Key to us is the idea of “instrumentation” of senior health. In addition to the electronics of aging – a recording pulse-ox, CPAP data software, and a … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Prepping the Shop? Woo Notes

We may come to a time of “impact risk this week” and, along with it the possibility of supply chain disruptions looms large. I speak, of course, about the May Day celebration of International Workers Day and – at least in China – Youth Day on May 4th.  Millions in China will turn this into … Read More

Mixed Blessings of Anti-Aging Medicine

Economics eyes a new systemic stressor this week.  As though fresh economics warnings, earnings disappointment, recurrent disease outbreaks and expanding war fronts aren’t enough? Today, a few quick thoughts on this anti-aging problem. Plus, a few notes on our upcoming change in appearance as we plan a dramatic shift of styles in the near future.  … Read More

Welcome to 2023 – Personal Notes

A lot going on this week and so no “ShopTalk Sunday” until next week. With the papal passing, we were dealing with our own loss locally.  Our beloved Zeus the Cat passed quietly last night after a long illness.  He was 96 in people years.  A good run for a feral cat lucky enough to find … Read More

America’s “Silver Bullet Syndrome” – Can Santa Save Us?

I don’t know where the idea of the “Silver Bullet” came from.  Perhaps, it was the Lone Ranger in the youth of Boomers. There was a lot of “silver” in that teevee series.  Lemme see: Jay Silver Heels played the BF Tonto. The original masker rode the (high-ho of Hi-Yo, or “Hi ho’”) Silver four-legged vehicle. … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Greenhouse Chinese Diesel Heater Install

Some time back, I told you I was going on a buying binge for inexpensive Chinese “parking heaters.”  These are similar to the Webasto and Espar units that have kept truckers warm for decades.  Thing is, these are about 1/1oth the price. In fact, since my shop is part hardware store, off a compact enough shop to make … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Stair Repair Saturday

A month or two back, Elaine mentioned that a couple of the stair treads on the short stairs (from the BBQ deck down to the shop walkway) were cracked and looking sketchy. This whole BBQ deck was a one-day build 10+ years ago.  And those stairs were built with two risers, not three.  So, maybe … Read More

Are Depressions “Winnable?” CFNAI, Knee Sprain

The ONLY question that matters today is “Will we bounce?” The stock market has been in hard down mode for a while now.  And after the Futures markets became stable (a little after 5 AM Central) our long-term view (which told us a large Wave 3 Down was here) pointed to a nasty open. The … Read More

ShopTalk Sunday: Fall Kick-Off, Side of Woo-Woo

I’m really, really big on lean-to’s.  Don’t know if I ever told you the story of the one on the east side of our “trailer” or not.  But we had this existing wood porch that led to the front door.  And it was made from real treated wood.  The kind you could get “back in the … Read More

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